Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Truth Hertz: Christopher Bjerknes & More (2-3-16)


Charles speaks to Christopher Bjerknes from Jewish Racism about the jewish war on Whites, jewish supremacy, and more. Charles also discusses related topics on his own.

One thought on “Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz interviews Christopher Jon Bjerknes

  1. Nope. I’m not buying it. The internal inconsistencies contained in his thesis between what Bjerknes is suggesting to be true and what can be actually observed about the turmoil in Ukraine, it’s relation to Zionist globalist banksters, and of the relations between the US and Israel and Russia verses Israel contradict his proposals about Putin and cause his thesis to fall apart.
    For starters, one can hardly blame the Russians for trying to maintain control of the ports of Crimea, Russia’s only access to westward seas. Besides, Crimea has always been a part of Russia.
    viz Should we concede the southeastern US to Mexico?

    You will recall the conflict which Putin had with the former Russian oligarch, Boris Beresovsky which led to his exile and to his early demise; hardly an indicator of any cozy relation with Jewish oligarchs.
    Everything which Putin has done so far indicates that he is an ardent RUSSIAN nationalist, ie not a “Russian” as defined by the former Jewish Bolshevist created USSR, but a nationalist, as in putting Russia first; an attitude which we in the US might benefit from if it weren’t for the Zionist overlords who are riding our nations back into insolvency and fascist control .

    There is much more which can be pointed out to refute the idea that the Zionists control Putin and that our mid-east entanglements involving “allies” like Turkey, to whom we are obliged to defend in the event they provoke Russia under NATO, regardless of their reckless behavior. The proposition is absurd on the face of it.

    In light of our US flagging economy, which can be attributed primarily to the handiwork of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and the rest of the tribe, and in view of the Zionist desire to clear the books on that account while establishing a solid front for greater Israel in the coming “Mashianic” Age, I would say that the preponderance of evidence indicates that it is the ZIONIST WAR MONGERS who are trying to incite WWIII among other things, the same way they have wanted the US to attack Iran for so long. Putin may be ex-KGB, but he’s certainly not so stupid that he could not see what a disaster that would be for Russia.

    Clearly, US policy is already under Zionist control. If Russian policy were also, where would be the conflict?
    If Zionist gangsters absolutely controlled every nation, there would be no impediment left to the establishment of the Sanhedrin in Jerusalem as the capitol of the world. The cat would be in the bag already, which it is not.

    That is why we should all continue to EXPOSE and vocally OPPOSE it!

    If Zionist control in the US were absolute, there would be little hope and therefore little point in trying to resist it further. It could be stopped WITHOUT the need for VIOLENCE of any kind, if only the people could be informed of the WHOLE TRUTH, and IF they have enough moral fiber left to will it.

    So the idea that Israel pulls Putin’s strings is, at least for the time being, frankly ridiculous. Who knows? Things change. Every man has his price they say. Jews have always depended on it.

    I am a US citizen. What happens to this country effects me. Being an American, it is in my interest to put America first. Something which Zionists do not do.
    This does not imply that I should endorse attempts to undermine the interests of other nations or that I should believe that such actions are always beneficial to the US.

    I do not ascribe to the philosophy that what is bad for my neighbor is good for me. I do not believe that it is necessary for one power to dominate or subdue every other power in order to achieve a peace which can be prosperous to both. But it takes two to tango.
    If a conflict with Russia should be unavoidable, naturally I would be forced to take the part of my own country.
    In the same way, in questions of contests between my own racial and religious brethren and those who seek to subjugate or destroy them, I am likewise bound to take the side of those with whom I am associated.
    I don’t blame others if they do the same. SO LONG AS they are willing to treat me with at least as much respect as I offer them!

    This does NOT mean, nor should it imply, ill intent, or malignant designs towards members of other groups of people who are not members of my own. Nor should any loyalty to my own kinsmen be construed to indicate any animosity towards “outsiders” or taken to mean that I endorse malicious actions against them on the part of own kinsmen.( I do not!)

    My opposition to Zionist hegemony exists for the same reason that my opposition would exist to any potential tyrant, usurper, or interloper. I have no desire to become the thing which I detest.

    Indeed, the incessant charge of “anti-Semitism” is based upon this CANARD of ZIONIST PROPAGANDA> which I totally, unequivocally repudiate!

    There are better ways to improve living conditions on earth than to attempt to reduce the world’s population through annihilation and conquest.

    All that would take is for the majority of people to be determined that such a plan should be conducted according to rules such as “Do not trespass against your neighbor” , “Do not lie” , “Do not steal”, “Do not KILL”, etc and above all ….

    “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    To bad the world at large seems determined to destroy the rationale which serves as it’s foundation.

    I should remind you that JUDAISM does not abide by this last principle despite the appearances they attempt to maintain.

    Tragically, for them, and unfortunately, for the people they exploit and abuse, they reject the cornerstone, as does the majority of the world, including a great many who take his name in vain.

    Nevertheless, I am not required by MY faith, to abandon them in favor of Machiavellian philosophy, Neo-con ambitions, or Straussean politics, even though the whole world stubbornly refuses to mend it’s ways.

    LEAVE RUSSIA THE HELL ALONE, and STOP TRYING TO RULE THE WHOLE WORLD> They are bound to resent the hell out of it and will not consent willingly to any kind of chains, economic or otherwise.
    If you don’t like being ripped off, then don’t go around ripping everyone else off.

    Someone once said something to the effect that “Man is determined to live WITHOUT faith if at all possible.” I can’t recall who at the moment, so I will leave you with one which can be identified.

    “Faith is the strength of life. If a man lives he believes in something. If he did not believe that one must live for something, he would not live. If he does not see and recognize the illusory nature of the finite, he believes in the finite; if he understands the illusory nature of the finite, he must believe in the infinite. Without faith he cannot live.”

    ― Leo Tolstoy, A Confession

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