Greetings from Whitewraithe~

I returned home last Friday from a two week training course for my new career.  It was grueling and tiring, but I feel very positive that this venture will support me for the remainder of my time on this earth hopefully in a peaceful, but frugal existence.  And yes, as long as the government doesn’t decide to dip their greedy fingers in my pie.

Now, I have to build a customer base, make a gazillion phone calls and convince people that what I have to offer is beneficial and necessary in their lives.  I’ll talk a bit more about what I’m actually doing another time.

I haven’t looked at alternative news sites in two weeks and will make an effort to catch up.  Of course, visit for all the latest on just about everything.

Hopefully, I’ll have some articles up in the near future.  But with nearly 2400 articles on my site you shouldn’t be bored, there is always something to read and learn.

And thanks for still dropping by in my absence.


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