Status of Whitewraithe

Well, greetings everyone… And welcome to Pragmatic Witness….

Whitewraithe has indeed now taken a ‘leave of absence’ from this site,and for the time being, I will try to do my best to keep her fine material here, and bring forward some great new material from time to time…

I already have my own site available over at Northerntruthseeker ( and you can check out new and constantly updated material there as well…

I will do my best to hopefully keep up the fine standards that Whitewraithe brought to this blog’s articles….. I am also hoping that Whitewraithe will return soon and will be putting up her own material here as well..

Welcome, and as usual

More to come



3 thoughts on “Status of Whitewraithe

  1. Hi NTS.

    I was reading Whitewraithe’s posts and viewing her videos. It’s unfortunate she’s gone off line again. Her views are very similar to mine…uncanny, really. We even have the same JFK quote on our front page. But blogging is a difficult and generally thankless avocation. It is very hard, some days, to get up the energy to maintain a blog. It’s like running a newspaper all on your own. Of course, there are some benefits to making all the decisions. Basically, it’s like having a child…If you think you’re going to be appreciated by the child…forget it! The child is self-centered, by nature of its being. So you have to learn to get your satisfaction from keeping up your own standards, being professional…appreciating all the little surprises you get from readers along the way…but knowing they are surprises…don’t depend on them! Most of all…you can derive satisfaction from having a voice…from knowing you’re not just another sheeple. That you will let the PTB that someone is “out there” watching them and knowing what they’re up to.

    Now you have to keep up TWO blogs, NTS.. All the best. I will keep in touch and hopefully, Whitewraithe will come back and take over again and pace herself. She does have some valuable contributions to make to the blogosphere. I was going to tell her that…but now it might be too late this time around.



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