Russian ambassador to Turkey dies after gun attack in Ankara – Foreign Ministry

The perpetrator, who was wearing a suit and a tie, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is great’ in Arabic) during the attack.

Following the shooting of Karlov, the assailant shouted: “Don’t forget Aleppo! Don’t forget Syria!”

“Only death can take me away from here. Whoever has a role in this cruelty, they will pay for it one by one. They will,” the man went on to say. Since last year, Russia has been providing Syrian government forces with air support in their fight against terror groups and rebels.

Turkish NTV broadcaster says that three other people were also injured in the attack on the ambassador.

The attacker himself has been killed by Turkish Special Forces in a shoot out that followed.

The gunman was a police officer, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu confirmed.

Previously Interfax, citing a source in the Turkish military, reported that the perpetrator had presented a police ID as he entered the exhibition.

Meanwhile, a picture allegedly showing the perpetrator’s personal file, apparently proving he was indeed a police officer, was posted on social media.

The Russian ambassador to Turkey has died after being shot by a gunman in Ankara, where he was attending a photo exhibition, the Russian Foreign Ministry has confirmed.

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“This is a tragic day in the history of Russian diplomacy. Today, Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey Karlov died after being shot at during a public event in Ankara,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Monday evening.

The assault on the Russian ambassador is an “act of terrorism,” she added.

“We are in touch with Turkish officials, who assured us that there will be a thorough and comprehensive investigation [into the case],” Zakharova said.

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The ambassador, Andrey Karlov, was shot as he was delivering a speech on the opening of the exhibition “Russia in the eyes of Turks.”

The attack on the ambassador might be an attempt to jeopardize relations between Moscow and Ankara, Russian MP and member of the International Relations Committee, Elena Panina said.

I believe that this is a provocation to disrupt improved dialogue between Russia and Turkey. Moreover, we know that [Turkish President] Erdogan is due to visit the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is a pure provocation,” Panina told RIA Novosti news agency.

Speaking to RT, Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights Konstantin Dolgov said that the death of Karlov was a huge loss.

“He [Karlov] was a very talented diplomat, very experienced diplomat. It’s a very big loss for all of us.”

“All those, who planned this attack, those who participated in perpetrating this terrorist act, in carrying it out, will be brought to justice, there is no doubt about that,” Dolgov emphasized. The diplomat also noted that “there is no justification whatsoever for such a terrorist act and there is no justification for terrorism as a whole.”


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  1. The assassin was obviously not a real Muslim. ha ha. I see that even ‘real’ Muslims these days are increasingly being taken in by donmeh, wahhabi type fake Muslim/ISIS types, there is not much of a dividing line between ISIS/Al Qaeda and mainstream Islam, and more of this will occur.

    Remember, all general Saudi Arabian Muslims are not crypto-Jews, nor those Muslims in Turkey, but their leaders are crypto-Jews supporting ISIS whilst pretending to be real Muslims. This is how the Jews work, they will take over all Islam if they can, and without being seen to be Jews doing all the damage, they will pose as Muslims and get everyone to slaughter each other. It is coming.

    I have met many decent sounding Muslims, and I have not met a single one who says to me that ISIS is anything else but a Jewish-controlled psyop, but… when someone takes leadership of a country, like the Jews who do that in the West, using various kinds of deception and corruption, just look what happens, and the same thing happens to the Muslims as well.

    Jewish agents invented Islam, precisely to use it in this very fashion.

  2. Here’s a video they released on the shooting… it doesn’t need the “graphic warning”… there’s nothing graphic about it… no blood. All the world’s a stage. They are ramping up the propaganda to bring us into WWIII. They want to trigger us to react emotionally… that’s how they got us to do all their dirty deeds… the best thing to do is remain calm and call it for the fraud it is.

    • I’m as suspicious as you are, however, we don’t know all the details yet and it will be awhile before we do – if ever.

      He may have been dead already and the shooting was the final solution to make sure he never got up again.

      Who knows. There are so many ways people can be assassinated now anything is up for option.

  3. I’ve looked at the photos so far available and everything looks staged; no blood on the Ambassador’s body, no security camera shots which are usually located near the ceiling. Did he have body guards and where were they when the shooter was standing around pointing and shouting??

  4. I’ve looked at all the photos so far released. Everything looks posed. No blood on Ambassador. What do you think? Who’s taking all those pictures, doesn’t look like security cameras, which would be near the ceiling.

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