EARLY RED ALERT WARNING – Is War on the Horizon?


Remember the back channel communications censorship I talked about? I bet this is why!

America suddenly stopped all fuel supplies to Mexico, and it has created a crisis. This would be done in a run up to an ENORMOUS WAR.

Mexico suddenly ran out of gas this evening. There was no warning. Due to government policies, Mexico decided to remain dependent on American oil and gasoline. Pemex does not do much (if anything at all) with actually getting oil out of the ground. So Mexico is dependent completely on foreign oil and TODAY, WITHOUT WARNING, EVERY SINGLE GAS STATION SUDDENLY RAN COMPLETELY OUT OF GAS. THIS WOULD HAPPEN IF AMERICA SUDDENLY STOPPED SELLING OIL TO MEXICO TO BUILD UP SUPPLIES IN AMERICA FOR A HUGE WAR AND THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT SAID NOTHING ABOUT IT. SINCE WORD ON THE STREET IS THAT THE NEXT GAS WILL COME FROM CHINA AND THEY HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE, THAT SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY POSSIBILITY.

In the city I am in, Claudia and I went from station to station and arrived just as each station ran out of gas. And then panic set in, people started freaking out and mobbing whatever gas stations had any left. So I figured the neighboring state might have some, and have an old Fiat that sips gas like a mosquito (seriously, it is amazing) and had enough gas to drive into the neighboring state and back and still drive for a while if we found none. And it was obvious we were leading the pack out of town in a panic to find gas elsewhere.

I got to the first station in the neighboring state, and it had gas. So we topped it off totally. And then I drove into a medium sized city, bought 10 liter water bottles, found another station there AND GOT THE LAST GAS OUT OF THAT STATION. The pump was blowing air bubbles into the last bottle but we managed to get enough gas to drive at least 1500 KM. Then all the stations ran out of gas there too. We got word from that station that there will be no more gas until next year for the entire country.


AMERICA STOPPED SELLING GAS TO MEXICO ALL OF A SUDDEN AND MEXICO NOW HAS TO WAIT FOR TOTALLY UNSCHEDULED TANKERS TO ARRIVE FROM CHINA BEFORE THERE WILL BE ANY MORE GAS. There were street explanations made by common people, such as one of the refineries is having a problem but I know what refinery it is they were talking about and it has numerous cracking facilities and there is no way it could just go down. So that story is B.S.

Mexicans are also tweeting everywhere that it is just a game the government is playing and that they want to get the gas from China because it will be cheaper and the government will sell it for more and make a pile of cash. But that does not wash AT ALL because you don’t just suddenly hang a country with zero fuel. THE FIRST CARS WERE ALREADY STALLED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD WHEN WE WERE COMING BACK. People are ALREADY running out of gas because you can’t buy it anywhere. Mexico is heading straight into an enormous crisis.

COLD HARD FACT WITH ALL OF THIS: This is a total hairbinger of war on the horizon. You could not get a better early indicator of an impending war than this, because absent the need to keep all the gas in preparation for war, why on earth would America just suddenly cut off the supply? War is the only plausible answer. WAR TO KEEP TRUMP FROM TAKING OFFICE. THIS IS YOUR EARLY WARNING, GET READY NOW.

Final comments (for now)

I just spoke to other Mexicans, and they said this has never happened before EVER. There have been times when individual stations ran out of a particular grade of gas, but not all gas, and NEVER at all stations. This is a totally unique situation that has NEVER happened before EVER. Trolls will hit this topic and poke fun at Mexico and they will tell you to ignore this. DO NOT IGNORE THIS, it is a HUGE situation and a genuinely unique occurrence. Even taxi cabs are stalled now, this is HUGE.

It is like someone just suddenly pulled the plug without warning, family in another city tweeted they could not get gas, so we checked where we live and stations were closing left and right as their pumps suddenly ran dry (because the ones that still had gas were getting mobbed and drained) and then we drove out of state and the stations there were running out of gas also. We got the last of it out of the second station we got gas from (fortunately) right when we maxed out what we could get. We’re set for months with careful driving because that Fiat eats so little gas, and no, I feel lucky, not selfish because though for us it was a lot of gas, we only got enough to top off a large SUV. our gas is not just going to blow out a 4 inch exhaust pipe.

I am worried, because if gas really is going to take as long to arrive as they say, people are going to FREAK OUT. It might be dangerous to have a car that is still going.

Then this just in from West Texas – WW~

Mysterious gas shortage in northern Mexico is causing a rush on the pumps in West Texas


PRESIDIO, Texas — On Tuesday afternoon, dozens of cars, many with Mexican license plates, spilled out from the Exxon gas station onto the shoulder of the road as drivers waited in the sun to fill up on gas before returning home.

They’re not crossing the border to save a few bucks at the pump, but because frontier towns like Presidio are the only places where the Mexicans from Chihuahua can buy gas in recent days.

A mysterious gas shortage in the Mexican border state, home to some 4.8 million people, is pushing many Chihuahuenses to make the tedious cross-border journey into Texas to fill their tanks.

A line of vehicles snakes across Presidio waiting for their turn to fill up the tank at the gas stationSasha von Oldershausen

A line of vehicles snakes across Presidio waiting for their turn to fill up the tank at the gas station

But Presidio, a town of 6,000 people and just three gas stations, wasn’t prepared to receive the long line of empty-tanked vehicles snaking up from Mexico.

The temporary gas crisis in Mexico, which has turned into a temporary boon for gas station owners in Presidio, shows how neighboring border communities lean on each other in hard times. ‘Cause that’s what neighbors are for.

Still, it’s one thing to borrow a cup of sugar, and another thing to ask for 8,000 gallons of gasoline.

Tom’s Service Station, an affiliate of Texaco, ran out of gas just two hours after it opened on Tuesday morning.

“We sold about 1,000 gallons of gas between 8:30 and 10:30,” said Norberto Ornelas, the owner of the service station.

Norberto Ornelas, owner of Tom's Service Station, can't believe how fast he's selling gas these days.Sasha von Oldershausen

Norberto Ornelas, owner of Tom’s Service Station, can’t believe how fast he’s selling gas these days.

He says on an average day he sells about 400 gallons, and usually orders new shipments of petroleum every 10 days. But due to the unexpected lineup of vehicles from Mexico, Ornelas had to place an emergency order for a next-day delivery.

The town’s Exxon station also ran out of gas, and by the time a new shipment arrived late Tuesday morning a long queue of thirsty cars was already lining the sidewalk, while the town’s constable directed traffic at the entrance. A couple hours after the tanker truck arrived to refuel the Exxon station with 8,000 gallons, the pumps had already drained more than one-third of it into the waiting cars.

Javier Parada, a Kentucky resident, said he had been vacationing in Chihuahua before he had to cut his trip short due to the gas shortages there. Parada yelled irritably at the man in the car before him, who stalled briefly after he’d finished pumping gas.

“I’ve been waiting for one-and-a-half hours,” Parada told me when he finally got his turn. “There’s no gas in all of Chihuahua.”

This small Texas town is experiencing a rush on the pumpsSasha von Oldershausen

This small Texas town is experiencing a rush on the pumps

“It’s a huge problem,” said Rigo Saenz, who drove over from Ojinaga, a Mexican city of 22,000 just across the border from Presidio. He says local media outlets in Chihuahua are reporting that the state would be without gas until Friday.

But it could be longer than that. Ernesto Laphond, president of the union that represents some of the biggest gas stations in Mexico, said his group expects gas supplies won’t return to normal until Sunday.

Laphond says the gas shortage is due to a number of factors, including technical problems at a Mexican gas refinery, followed by a “panic buying” —a sudden rush on the pumps that doubled the normal demand for gas.

Adding to the problem, he said, was the untimely closing of 20 local gas stations due to an ongoing internal legal dispute.

The gas lines started early at Valero gas stationSasha von Oldershausen

The gas lines started early at Valero gas station

But there might be something else going on as well. Mexican news outlets claim state oil company Pemex has pinched Chihuahua’s gas supplies by half since early June. And some people suspect dirty politics is at play.

Several Mexicans who made the trip to Presidio to buy gas on Tuesday said they suspect the choke in their local gas line is due to political frictions caused by Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which recently lost the governor’s seat there to its chief political rival, the National Action Party (PAN).

But whatever the case is in Mexico, the gas station owners in the struggling city of Presidio are enjoying the endless line up of people waiting to hand them money.

“This thing was surprising,” said Ornelas, rotating a tire at his service station. “It’s good for business.”

Source: http://fusion.net/story/317640/mysterious-gas-shortage-in-northern-mexico-is-causing-a-rush-on-the-pumps-in-south-texas/

Is Trump walking into a hornet’s nest of warmongers itching for WWIII?  WW~

This is an older report from Jim Stone –

Now it is time to worry about scenario 2

I have been accused of avoiding scenario 2 in the message box because of the election steal in progress in Penn, and it is ANOTHER BIG ONE. Here it is:

In every sense of the word, Trump is a righteous cop walking into a drug snorting money laundering child gang rape scene complete with organ trafficking and many other absolutely enormous crimes. And almost ALL of the top billionaires and trillionaires are at that party. And every last one of them is armed. Their weapons are not the usual weapons. What are they?

1. The ability to wreak financial armageddon at will.
2. The ability to spark wars at will.
3. The ability to raise mayhem, such as cutting communications and power at will.
4. A completely scamming press.
5. Ownership of a huge portion of America’s intelligence apparatus.
6. The Samson option.
7. The ability to just cancel oil deliveries.
8. The ability to modify the weather and create natural disasters.
9. The ability to credibly threaten Trump’s life.
10. The ability to stage false flags and ram them down our throats.
There are many other things that I can’t even think to itemize.

So, if Trump just walked in on their party, and they have all these weapons, do you think they will shoot? I’d say that is probable, even with an election win that is solidified by the electoral college actually voting. We still need to pray for Trump and for the saving of this nation.

Figure this: Let’s just talk about ONE (1) of their crimes: Intentionally sabotaged vaccines. Trump knows about that, and is not going to play ball. What could happen? All of the pharmaceutical companies that intentionally manufactured that crap and destroyed millions of children ON PURPOSE are going to pay the piper, and it is going to trickle all the way up to Soros, Rothchild and probably Rockefeller who had this done to soften the population and make it easier to manage in a new world order. Do you think they want to be held accountable for that? Would they try to stop it? Would they be safe ANYWHERE ON EARTH after they destroyed children in every corner of the globe? Answer: OBVIOUSLY NO. So will they go down in flames, or will they use one or more of the 10 weapons mentioned above to avoid being called to account? They intentionally wiped out countless children, would they go a step further and maim the globe? YOU GUESS.

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  1. I see nothing but repetitive post of Stone’s site and no original research on this. I find nothing but conspiracy sites spreading this around. Stone has been called out on his BS before. He’s nothing but a scare monger. Just because it sounds good, doesn’t mean it is. He never gives his sources, probly because he just makes them up.

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