Personal message from Whitewraithe – This really is the end.

Dear visitors and readers,

Unfortunately, with sad and profound trepidation I am informing everyone that my 10 year collaboration and friendship with Northerntruthseeker seems to be at an end.

It’s been a wonderful experience knowing this intelligent and passionate man from afar as we’ve never met since he lives in Canada.  However, over the past 18-months my life has taken a turn for the worse with a series of many unfortunate events that I’m still striving to overcome and attempt to move on.  Under these conditions it’s extremely difficult to stay positive when it’s down to life and death.

However, NT lives in a different world, a world where it’s very difficult for him to understand that some people live with terminal problems where life is constantly falling apart.  NT was blessed with superior intellect which provided the long-term position he’s held with a telecommunications company for over 35 years.  He’s ready to retire and once again I am attempting to rebuild my life at nearly 59.

Due to these differences we’ve had to go our separate ways because what brought us together as a team fighting political injustice no longer exists as I am basically out of the game.  I can no longer read and study the horrors of the world because it’s broken my psyche into a million pieces.  I’ve also recently learned that I am a highly sensitive individual and I feel the weight of the world pressing down on me constantly.  Therefore, I’ve had to turn my back on all that I have accomplished in nine years with this blog.   What I have accomplished though will stand on it’s own for the sake of posterity.

Right now, I’m getting ready to return to work and the real world once again and sincerely hope the situation will be a long lasting one until I can no longer work.

I would like to leave you with a video from one of the greatest super arena rock bands of all time – QUEEN.  The song is called Innuendo and here is a link to the lyrics and explanation of the song.  It was recorded toward the end of Freddie Mercury’s tragic short life, who was taken too soon from this world.   I still greatly miss his charisma as an entertainer and a very generous human being.

I will occasionaly look at comments and respond.

Signing off (for now.)


16 thoughts on “Personal message from Whitewraithe – This really is the end.

  1. I’m sorry for all your troubles..I hope and pray that you can find some needed relief from the troubles and feel like it’s all going to be ok…blessings to you.

    • Thank you. If I’ve opened just one mind to the truth of this world and the Jewish agenda then the past nine years was worth any danger to myself.

      Luckily, just today I have discovered I have a brand new purpose in life which may take me right to the heart of the enemy in Washington. It’s a personal cause but one that many millions of my era (the baby boomers) are now suffering from – ageism or age discrimination.

      I’ve been up all day and night researching how to plan a rally, rent a large building for one night to inform, educate and make more of my small community aware of this problem. And I will be taking our agenda to the local media and maybe it might even go national.

      Employers start weeding out potential employees over 45 now and earning potenital drops 9% every 10 years. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness never had a date stamped on the Bill of Rights when it should end. Dating sites are pushing people to get back out there and find relationships over 50, yet employers don’t want to employee most people over that age. Talk about a huge conundrum……

      I will also be creating a new website on WordPress to address this issue and set up a GOFUNDME account to raise funds to fight this discriminating, unfair age barrier in a society that is suppose to be free. Yeah, right – huh!

      So, stay tuned. I think I’m back unless I get hassled with a whole lot of road blocks. But like many have said I am a “warrior” since I’m descended from from Viking/Anglo-Saxon ancestors. Therefore, I will persevere, regardless.

      Maybe this time I can really make a difference.

  2. Hmmm! here we go again! … true or the ever returning boxer !?
    so… if this is true!? would it not be clever to make sure the site with its exact looks and name would be passed on to someone-else so that the exposing of the FILTHY JOO CRIMINALs continues on an established Brand!? (Pragmatic Witness!)
    One should not quit, rather pass the torch!

  3. This heartfelt post has touched me. I am sorry to see you leave but am more than happy you’ve found work. I hope it is steady and pays you enough to help your dear mother and you to at least, hang on to what you’ve got.

    The world has always been exploding into pieces and filled with shady characters who wish us harm, but we must not let it define ourselves.

    I was going to leave you with a simple quote about life but I feel all of these you would like.

    Keep us posted and remember, always fly into the sun and live a life on fire.


    • Thanks, Cartier. I haven’t found work yet but I’m doing my best to become secure. That’s part of my problem. I hate being poor.

      I don’t know if you liked Queen but listen to that video. It’s quite revealing and telling of the world we live in.

      I have a lot of healing and studying to do regarding who I am, so maybe I’ll be back someday. I have to learn not to let the world use me as a punching bag. You know those emotional vampires and narcissists.

      Peace out.

      • I’m sorry, I misunderstood your post, I thought you said you were going to work, not still looking. I know you’ll find something soon.

        I love Queen, I have their Greatest Hits double album. Freddie’s death is a loss still being felt, considering the whining trash out there now.

  4. Whitewraithe,

    “‘I wish it need not have happened in my time,’ said Frodo.

    ‘So do I,’ said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.'”

    (J.R.R. Tolkien, The Shadow of the Past, The Fellowship of the Ring)

    — Pat

      • Me too — crying is an important bodily function, nothing to be ashamed of.

        BTW, a few years ago I went to Finland for a few weeks — beautiful country & people, but I had the worst allergies of my life, non-stop, while I was there. Finns said it was a particularly bad year for those with allergies, maybe from a common tree there (I think birch trees but I don’t remember for sure). Anyway, as soon as I got back to California I was OK again.

        I dunno, maybe a change of location would help you. It might be worth going somewhere else for a week or 2 (if you can), and see if it helps. If you can’t leave now it still might help you to know if at some future time you could move.

        Best wishes,
        — Pat

  5. I wish it could be any other way than it is White Wraith. I wish i could help. It’s bad all over… it seems. It is time to take it easier on yourself. There is only so much we can do. I would say it’s in god’s hands but, no… this is a free will environment. Religion brings out the worst in (most) people. Thank you for all you’ve done and the great sacrifice i know that you’ve made. I hope it’s all for something… i hope it matters. I hate to think of this place turning into perpetual hell. .It has been nice knowing you all these years. Fare well… much love and respect. Wanda

    • Thank you Wanda. You’ve been a great support of my efforts and I’ve always appreciated it and you.

      So, being a Marine’s daughter I shall just say “Fair winds and following seas.”

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