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Update – December 5, 2012

Much to my dismay, I made the decision to remove my personal bio since it seems to garner a little too much attention. On occasion, it gets more hits than other more important articles. I’ve also been branded as being too self-important. Nothing could be further from the actual truth, though. Originally, the intent in publishing my bio was to share my life-story, although in condensed form, with the readers. I felt it would put readers at ease knowing that I was no different than any other ordinary American. However, in more ways than I care to admit, I am not like most Americans. I don’t follow the status quo that “keeps up with the Kardashians,” or, parrots the idiocy running rampant in the City of Washington. I’m not someone who hangs around the watercooler at work gossiping about co-workers or better, the boss. I tend to stay out of the fray and mind my own business. Truthfully, and it may come as a surprise to most, I no longer have the urge to eavesdrop on others, or, satisfy a curious streak in an attempt to gain private information on friends, colleagues, or even strangers. Frankly, I have no interest in people’s private lives which may or may not include their beliefs and/or unethical practices. But, back to the issue here, I do not want to be the focus of my blog instead my message should be the primary aim of all visitors and subscribers. For those that never read my bio, but wish to know more about me, there is a small paragraph containing most of the pivotal information of my former bio at the end of each blog post. In the grand scheme, my personal life is not the issue and never should have been, but the information and knowledge I contribute and share with the world most assuredly is.

Be courageous and always honorable,


“What we do in life echoes in eternity.”  GLADIATOR – 2000


Historical Notes: The American’s Creed was a result of a nationwide contest for writing a National Creed, which would be a brief summary of the American political faith founded upon things fundamental in American history and tradition. The contest was the idea of Henry Sterling Chapin, Commissioner of Education of New York State. Over three thousand entries were received, and William Tyler Page was declared to be the winner. James H. Preston, the mayor of Baltimore, presented an award to Page in the House of Representatives Office Building on April 3, 1918. The Speaker of the House of Representatives and the commissioner of education of the state of New York accepted the Creed for the United States, and the proceedings relating to the award were printed in the Congressional Record of April 13, 1918. It was a time when patriotic sentiments were very much in vogue. The United States had been a participant in World War I only a little over a year at the time the Creed was adopted.

The author of the American’s Creed, William Tyler Page, was a descendant of John Page, who had come to America in1650 and had settled in Williamsburg, Virginia. Another ancestor, Carter Braxton , had signed the Declaration of Independence. Still another ancestor, John Tyler, was the tenth president of the United States. William Tyler Page had come to Washington at the age of thirteen to serve as a Capitol Page. Later he became an employee of the Capitol building and served in that capacity for almost sixty-one years. In 1919 he was elected clerk of the House. Thirteen years later, when the Democrats again became a majority party, they created for Page the office of minority clerk of the House of Representatives. He held this position for the remainder of his life.

Referring to the Creed, Page said: “It is the summary of the fundamental principles of the American political faith as set forth in its greatest documents, its worthiest traditions, and its greatest leaders.” His wording of the Creed used passages and phrases from the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, and Daniel Webster’s reply to Robert Y. Hayne in the Senate in 1830.

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  1. Hello Whitewraithe,
    Am a truck driver from Australia and am currently listening to your radio programmes with Northerntruthseeker , could you help me find Guliano from Truth Hurts radio? Alink , on itunes? Thanks

  2. Crap, that’s awful. Bastards. I am so sorry. I guess you have no legal recourse with them in order to force payment. I wish with all my heart you could get out of town and start fresh somewhere else.

    Chin up, girl, despite our differences, I am on your side.

  3. A good point, however, who owns most of the real estate in NY, etc. That’s right, jews. So he used his own jew money to campaign. And how do you know he didn’t received jew contributions?? Are you privy to his finances? All politicians lie. He is no exception.

    I will never understand how such intelligent and savvy people can believe Thumper got away with the election. Hillary is a washed up old hag, she probly would have keeled over in office. Thumper is to Whites that Obuma was to coons. The jews know and planned for this. Too bad you people think that this was a natural, White process. That’s what they’re counting on.

    Other then this, how are you? Did you find the work you were looking for? How’s your mom?

    • Well, I prefer to have a little faith and hope where Trump is concerned. Misguided, maybe, we’ll see soon enough.

      My mother is not well and the job I had hoped I would have a long time turned out just like the rest of the shit jobs in Jackson. They screwed me, didn’t pay me for my last days work or my 2 small commissions.

      I hate this town!

  4. WW, I admire your hope but I see none at this point. Jews PLACED Thump in office to further their agenda. He has already back tracked on several of his promises. This “great White hope” is the bone thrown to us like Obama was the bone thrown to blacks. We need to keep looking at the big picture, our coming extermination.

    “No one tells him what to do??” Hahahaha! Do you really think the stinking jews will put someone in office that will oppose them and their 3,000 yrs of work?

    “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.”
    ― Mark Twain

  5. “Freedom for the Palestinians” EQUALS letting them move back to the many surrounding Islamic lands where THEIR ancestors came from, vs extinguishing the INE JEWISH STATE IN THE WORLD.

    Because that’s what ignorant sales of jihad (“kampf” like you wish for.
    You want no Jews in America, and you wish for no Jewish state, hence you wish for no Jews.

    I have wasted a few hours on your site, mostly checking the quotes and allegations you have posed, finding all them sourced back to the same 1/2 dozen Nazi and communist and jihadi sites, along its the blood libels gong back centuries. Amazing how you share the fervor for Jewish blood with the same communist and jihadi scum who would gleefully stick your head on a pike and defecate down your wrinkled throat as they would to all Americans.

    I’m an American who happens to be Jewish, and when I am done helping REAL CONSTITUTION LOVING AND GOD FEARING AMERICANS rid the world of communists and jihadis, we will take care of Nazis like you just like our fathers did in WW2.

  6. Everybody knows…..
    “Jews are fundamentaly liars. They lie mercilessly even to themselves. Jews lie about everything. Meaning by everything literally “every single thing”. You can’t have a simple truth from a Jew. Even or the most insignificant thing. I guess there must be some psychiatric, anthropological and sociological explanations for that lying compulsive behavior. There’s no more racist and disgusting slogan than “the chosen people.” It looks like derived from that slogan, they are taught and trained in the synagogues not to try and do anything but oppress peoples. For that purpose they lie again and again. Jews give God a bad name”
    Stay alert….
    Stay alive.
    Excellent site.

    • Here’s the story, stating all “Jews” is sort of antisemitic. I am not a Jew or a sympathiser but before you can say “all” you need to back it up your work by siting your statements, even the top academics who are Zionist which are mostly Israeli Jews and Christian Zionist (clearly the terrorist) can clearly corroborate their work, because that means their thesis or theory has some weight, yours does but then again it doesn’t. Although I find your site here useful its also a bit tasteless because proof is essential in any argument aka evidence. For all we now, you could be CIA and posting this stuff up as 95 percent truth while the other 5 is highly questionable or unreliable, which would serve as a disinformation campaign, which is CIA. Also, since you omit the Words Jewish “Israeli Zionist” you may in fact be Mossad or CIA? Because if a person knows this much but at the same time Omits the Russell Tribunal (found on utube) you have to disclose who are what you are. Lastly, The whole rant about if you are a criminal speech you should face justice FUK U. Who are you talking about people who forge checks because their government fuks them over to the brink of bad behaviour? If you had isolated or qualified that remark then I’d be willing to read more, but as it stands you sound more like you engendering hate, for example so that every juror that finds himself serving jury duty should immediately convict because everyone else here including Rothschild is fuking you or us over! In fact, it is highly suspect that you do engender hate. So Fuk you just in case! Site your work, don’t be a dumbfuking traitor or well find out who you are on “Whois” Google then trace you right back to the Pentagon!.

    • Here’s the story, stating all “Jews” is sort of antisemitic. I am not a Jew or a sympathiser but before you can say “all” you need to back it up your work by siting your statements, even the top academics who are Zionist which are mostly Israeli Jews and Christian Zionist (clearly the terrorist) can clearly corroborate their work, because that means their thesis or theory has some weight, yours does but then again it doesn’t. Although I find your site here useful its also a bit tasteless because proof is essential in any argument aka evidence. For all we now, you could be CIA and posting this stuff up as 95 percent truth while the other 5 is highly questionable or unreliable, which would serve as a disinformation campaign, which is CIA. Also, since you omit the Words Jewish “Israeli Zionist” you may in fact be Mossad or CIA? Because if a person knows this much but at the same time Omits the Russell Tribunal (found on utube) you have to disclose who are what you are. Lastly, The whole rant about if you are a criminal speech you should face justice F UK U. Who are you talking about people who forge checks because their government fuk s them over to the brink of bad behaviour? If you had isolated or qualified that remark then I’d be willing to read more, but as it stands you sound more like you engendering hate, for example so that every juror that finds himself serving jury duty should immediately convict because everyone else here including Rothschild is fu king you or us over! In fact, it is highly suspect that you do engender hate. So F uk you just in case! Site your work, don’t be a du mbfu king traitor or well find out who you are on “Whois” Google then trace you right back to the Pentagon!.

  7. Hello WW,

    This is my site:


    I am in the midst of reading Chris’s The Manufacture and Sale of St Einstein, which I quoted from page 84. Also several of Benjamin Freedman’s works. My posting of Chris’s Dire Warnings leads my readers to your excellent site. Keep up the good work.

    I have 3 close friends, one of whom understands what the Jews are up to but refuses to believe the time table of 5776 (2016). I have endlessly pointed out that the Russian Bolshevik “revolution” is the blueprint for us. I have endlessly said that we don’t have to fight the jews but our own people who refuse to “get it.”

    Take good care, we need all like you.


    • Thanks, Cartier,

      Sometimes I wonder how much good my seven years of hard work making this site one of the best on the net is doing.

      Your note is all I need to know that I have done some good.

      Blessings to you, peace and prosperity in 2015.

    • Cartier,

      You’re correct about the Bolshevik revolution, of course. I have been hammering home the same point, seemingly endlessly, to folks for years now. Usually it’s an exercise in futility. They can’t seem to accept that it was actually planned, funded, and launched from — yep — right here in the U.S…. and that those responsible were JEWS. Jacob Schiff and Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) are of course the first to mind.

      (That’s a helluva black eye on New York City, I will add.)

      I *have* made some progress, however. As I’m sure you have, too. And my hat is definitely off to Whitewraithe. We’re clearly making progress. The tide is turning. Please persevere. If we lose, the WORLD LOSES.

      Thank You all.

      • We all do what we can, however, I feel the time for talk is at an end. Blood is going to be flowing soon and maybe Trump’s win will put it off for a while, but he is totally jew controlled so I see no hope at this point.

      • If I may drop in for a minute on this conversation; blood is flowing now all through the middle east and our own country.

        Yes, Trump will be Jew controlled and he does have Jewish grandchildren, but he might have a surprise in store for the Jews if I’m reading him right.

        No one tells this guy what to do, period. I think he’s going to make a lot of his own decisions. However, if he doesn’t follow up with his promises I’m going to be as pissed as the next guy.

        But remember Trump is a business mogul of several global corporations, if anyone can put America back together he has the experience and knowledge to do so.

  8. Hi Whitewraithe.I’m Michael and I’m a Muslim.I just read some of your articles.The first one is about Al-Qaeda.I think you are sincere.And I think it is a great thing when more people like you stand up for the truth.I just want to share a few things.Firstly,the Jews have been a problem since their exodus from Egypt to Jerusalem around 3000 years ago.They have distorted the true teachings of Prophet Moses.They have followed the Kabbalah magic which they learned during the time of Prophet Solomon(yes,he is a Prophet not a master magician like most of the Masons believe) and they also learned it during the captivity by Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon and it was made into Talmud.The Kabbalah and the Talmud are the teachings that they follow and it has become the basis of all secret societies.Secondly,Jesus message had become a threat to the Rabbis(the Jewish money-changers) and the Roman Empire.That’s why they try to kill him.Thirdly,the Jews invented Christianity.Their main agent was Paul of Tarsus.He introduced the concept of Trinity and Original Sin to name a few,thus corrupting the original message of Jesus which is to worship only One God and as a result,have led billions of people astray from the truth.The Jews have deviated many times but God keep on sending them prophets to correct them but still they continue to rebel,killing most of the prophets.I can go on and on.Enough said.Anyway,I just have a few questions,what is your religion and do you believe in God?And is your e-mail;oubliette@rock.com still works?I would like to share my knowledge with you and hopefully I also can learn from you.Thank you.Sincerely,Michael.

    • I just have a few questions; what is your religion and do you believe in God?

      For many years I was a devout Christian being raised in the strictest of the Lutheran religions; the Missouri Synod. But it wasn’t until 9/11 then in earnest studying the scientific data behind that day, did I realize that the slaves had been under some form of mind-control and indoctrination for decades now, through water fluoridation, vaccines and organized religion.

      And I no longer believe in the ‘god’ of the bible. I believe that there is a source entity in the universe somewhere that is responsible for complex life on earth, but an omnipotent being that is going to judge me based on a sin I wasn’t responsible for (original sin)……NO, I don’t believe the mythology of religion today. Organized religion was created as a way to control large groups of people in general, pacify them, and instil fear.

      And is your e-mail;oubliette@rock.com still works?

      No. Rock.com went to “paid” email so I no longer use the account.

      Just use the passionatepragmatist@gmail.com address, which is attached to my blog.

      Thank you for the appreciative comments.

    • I’ve some bad news for you too and only by reading Anacalypsis and the Celtic Druids can you understand the full scope. (Higgins)

      Here are references that explain the TOP secret Jewish/Muslim Jewish/Vatican alliances:
      1) Jew as Ally of the Muslim:Medieval Roots of Antisemitism.

      2) Mohamed was a Jew.

      3) Romans were Jews who betrayed the Etruscans using their wealth and white women/children to start the Roman Empire.
      (See Etruscan numbers, ‘Chimera Lion’ and their ‘lost culture’. Hint: The Jews of the Serpent, be they of Zion or Sion,[zAyin/sAyin; see Ayin 26 Qabala], lose NOTHING; the Chimera’s Louvre residence, [clearly depicting the M.O. of the s-erpent sect of Judaism], proves this fact!)

      My latest vain attempt to get so-called “law enforcement” to move on these qabalist pedophile child/organ selling bastards from hell that are our cali-whacker senators/governors!
      You think I’m joking? See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5OkxW2mLN5M#t=23m44s
      (Senator Pelosi Demands California dissident’s children as collateral for a ONE-WAY (JFK?) passport to Dallas!)

      (International Google (pronounced Joo-Gall) Racketeering, Pedophile and Theft Ring!)

      Love/Regards from Cal/USA,

      ps:This work is rather unpopular with the JewsKingPhu, if the audio is messed with, or the blog/ channel are deleted by Joogall the videos and PDFs of the pages can be downloaded from my cloud. See “Ides of November” folder here: http://tinyurl.com/CensoredByracistJews

    • How about an Historical Mind-blower…. The “Jews” we’re a quarrelsome, warlike tribe of Arabs from The Yemen. They raided the incense and spice routes which enriched Nebuchadnezzar. He got somewhat annoyed, swooped into Yemen and hauled the entire tribe into capitivity in Bablyon. Took the Jews 50 years to bring down an empire…… From there, they migrated back home, and into modern day Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. The Jews were never in captivity in Eygpt. Eygpt never had Pharoahs, only Kings. Jewish academics who try with all their might to use archaeology to prove the exodus from Eygpt to the Promised Land story and can’t, cause the evidence does not exist, get murdered. The entire archaeology of Jerusalem and biblical stories match the Yemen, not Palestine. 70 Jewish rabbis translated the Hebrew Bible into Greek and changed the narrative to suit themselves. Jesus was an Israelite NOT A JEW! In the meantime, Iraq, Syria and theYemen are being bombed to hell to destroy the truth of the origins of the Arab tribe of Jews…… Oh….. According to the World Alamanc…. There were 9,494,368 Jews worldwide in 1933 and 9,372,666 Jews worldwide in 1948. A difference of 121,702….. Wherefore art thou alleged six million gassed to death by Germany? And if you want to vomit your brains out try The Protocols of the Elders of Zion for a little light reading over breakfast!

  9. May I ask what the significance is behind the fact that there are so many Jews in these higher ranking positions? In America, possibly more than anywhere else in the world, being Jewish is a matter of ancestry and ethnicity. It does not inform one’s political, economic, or social compass–it does not weigh into the way in which he or she decides to govern his or her business. Do you think that the CEOs of major companies consult their religion, their conception of “God”, or their lineage prior to making key decisions in the future of their companies? Would they not be more concerned with intrinsic aspects of the company, with stocks, estates, management, etc? Why does religion matter in the sphere of Industry and Business?

    • Rather than attempting to answer your questions, which would no doubt be extremely lengthy; I suggest you educate yourself and read these two online books.

      HAROLD ROSENTHAL INTERVIEW: http://www.iamthewitness.com/news/2009.04.14-Rosenthal.html

      THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION: http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm

      You owe it to yourself and your loved ones if you want to understand the Jews’ true nature and why they are and will always be a threat to every other race on Earth.

      • But you said “nor do i hate any ethnic group based on religious beliefs, skin color, origin or any other common attribute”. So why are you speaking in absolutes? You just said “the Jews’ true nature” and “they are”. There is no “some Jews’ ” or “sometimes” in there. You are including every person who associates with that group. And for that matter, some Jews’ probably are a threat. But so are some Christians. Some Muslims. Heck, there are radical Buddhists out there too! That’s why I just generalize it and say “some people are a threat to other people”. Therefore you can cover all your bases! All around a more accurate statement.

      • I state facts based on observations.

        So, why are you attempting to interrupt this process by making it a “personal” issue?

        It sounds like you’re trying to pick at everything in order to start a confrontation which you will not achieve on this blog.

    • Why does religion matter in the sphere of Infustry and Business?

      The current scoio-political state of the world’s economy has been completely dominated by the Torah”s commandment that Jew’s not lend money at interest to his fellow Jew but should charge intetest to everyone else, using it to support whatever they are involved in, so that they posess whatever land they go into….. This is not Israel, Jews are supposed to “utterly destroy and show no mercy” to the people there. One of the basic reasons Jews started the Christians…. other than the main Jewish precept of “one God and one Law for everyone, Jew and stranger alike…. and the need to get Christians to do the dirty work of killing gay men , witches, adulterers, etc; dirty work conceived by Jews that gets in the way of making money and is besy handled by Christians…. is the little recognized reason that the Bible forbids Christians from lending money at intetest to his brother….. and Christian faith sees all men as brothers, in fact, Jesus said what every you do to the lowest person , that you are doing to me. So lending money at interest is like loansharking Jesus…. and the only time Jesus lost his cool was when he was dealing with money lenders. This had the effect of allowing Jews to corner the market on the savings and loan industry, which from previous ecperience in Persia, on the Silk Road, in India and Alexandia meant serious money and, as Rothschilds put it, IT IS NOT THE LEGISLATURE THAT CONTROLS A COUNTRY, IT IS THE PEOPLE THAT CONTROL THE MONEY. The Federal Reserve Bank has five main governors, all of them have been Jews for about 15 years now and international bankers like Schiff, Warburg , Oppenheimer, Goldman-Sachs and Rothschild have used their money and influence to start wars and cold wars in which hundreds of millions of people have died and suffered….. while the Military Industrial Complex gives them a handsome rewsrd on their investment…. and while their may be a substantial penalty for early withdraw, they will pull their money out of the markets and cause a depression if the spoiled brats don’t get their way. Chew on this for awhile…. Plenty more…. Slumlord Billionaire Jew Donald Sterling made a billion dollars by being a racist, forced to sell his sub billion dollar badketball team for more that twice the market value FOR BEING A GODDAMN RACIST JEW but the Curse of Ham is a topic for another discussion. Selah.

      • Here’s the story, stating all “Jews” is sort of antisemitic. I am not a Jew or a sympathiser but before you can say “all” you need to back it up your work by siting your statements, even the top academics who are Zionist which are mostly Israeli Jews and Christian Zionist (clearly the terrorist) can clearly corroborate their work, because that means their thesis or theory has some weight, yours does but then again it doesn’t. Although I find your site here useful its also a bit tasteless because proof is essential in any argument aka evidence. For all we now, you could be CIA and posting this stuff up as 95 percent truth while the other 5 is highly questionable or unreliable, which would serve as a disinformation campaign, which is CIA. Also, since you omit the Words Jewish “Israeli Zionist” you may in fact be Mossad or CIA? Because if a person knows this much but at the same time Omits the Russell Tribunal (found on utube) you have to disclose who are what you are. Lastly, The whole rant about if you are a criminal speech you should face justice FUK U. Who are you talking about people who forge checks because their government fuks them over to the brink of bad behaviour? If you had isolated or qualified that remark then I’d be willing to read more, but as it stands you sound more like you engendering hate, for example so that every juror that finds himself serving jury duty should immediately convict because everyone else here including Rothschild is fuking you or us over! In fact, it is highly suspect that you do engender hate. So Fuk you just in case! Site your work, don’t be a dumbfuking traitor or well find out who you are “Whois” Google then trace you right back to the Pentagon!.

  10. This is AMERICA!!! I want some Freedom Fries with all this websites freedom. Keep blogging Whitewraithe. Your perspective is the correct perspective on what the Jew elitist are doing; I have no clue what that guy’s problem is with the truth.

  11. Thank you for a great blog site. I am a subscriber and receive your updates. My blog is:

    As a 55 year old man, father, husband, third generation Californian now in New Zealand, I am watching not only of the death of our country but also the death of our culture.

    It seems that everyone I know between 51+ and 65+ seems to be on to this.

    Keep up the great work. I’ll be heading bak to California in 2013, it will be a trip to see what is left of the place.

    Right now I produce a radio show out of New Zealand heard through American Freedom Radio called The Vinny Eastwood Show.

    Take care now.

    • Thank you so much, Vinny.

      I believe that we have corresponded on previous occasions because that is how I know about your internet broadcast, which is great by the way.

      I know few people in our age group that are aware of these issues, but that may have something to do with living in the American bible belt. People are clueless down here.

      And I also read your blog and include posts from time to time on Pragmatic Witness.

      You be safe too on your journey back to the states.

      Be blessed, my friend,


      • Hi, the After America blog is maintained by me (Mitch), I am Vinny’s radio producer. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been outside of the USA for over 5 years and have watched as they have turned little NZ into another America with it’s global corporate policies. God bless you and take care now.

      • Sorry about that, Mitch.

        I made the assumption that you were Vinny.

        If I were you, I don’t know that I would even bother to come back to this rotting country.

        However, if you still have loved ones here I can understand.

        I feel sorry for the folks in New Zealand though; what they’ve done to that tiny nation is inconceivable.

        Watch your back and I continue to pray for your safety along with others who are taking enormous risks like you, Mitch.

        God speed,


      • No worries. Can you please tell me where you are located in America? Yes, I have family there, have been in New Zealand for five years and immigration rejected my recent application. Since I have never met my own grandchildren….my inner voice is telling me it is time to go home. Of course on the other hand, I would be returning to California which is probably one of the worst places to be during the collapse….but it is still my home. God bless you.

      • I’m in West Tennessee smack dab in the middle of the “bible” belt surrounded by Christian Zionists en masse.

        Oh my god, you’ve never met your grandchildren. How sad. I sincerely hope that the opportunity to meet them will be provided.

        Agreed, California is one of the places I wouldn’t want to be in right now.

    • I am a new to all this..i am currently just a keyboard activist. My oldest son lost both his legs above the knee in Afghanistan in 2012. I have always been interested in what is going on around the world, now, however, I find myself drawn to it! I respect your writing and I follow your viewpoint. Do you still blog?

  12. Hi Whitewraithe, this is Ivan Martin (real name) in Australia. I have just discovered your site after my daughter in Europe forwarded your post of Jim Stone’s ‘back flipping’ piece.
    After browsing the site, and reading your ‘about the author’ and the comments, and your responses, I must let you know how much I appreciate your integrity, balance, and pursuit of truth. I have mentally classified you up with Gordon Duff as one of the best bloggers I have found.
    But I’m probably biased because, so far, I’ve found your positions identical with my own – unusual.
    My awakening began in the 80s when I heard cassettes of Myron Fagan, and I saw through 9/11 fairly easily because of an aptitude for physics.
    I wish you the best in employment, and a good mate, and security through TPTB’s ‘Hunger Games’ future (if they succeed), and in the meantime enjoy those grandsons!

    • Thank you so very much, Ivan!

      I hope you will continue to visit Pragmatic Witness.

      Updates are on their way.

      Ironically, both grandsons have been with me since Wednesday, which is the reason for the lack of posts.

      And I have a telephone job interview tonight.

      Again, thank you for taking the time to comment. It’s nice to know that I’m reaching people and there are others who feel as I do.

  13. Hello Whitewraithe,

    I’ve just spent some time looking around your site. I believe I was here a while ago, when I was in my early “waking up” stage and was exploring so many different websites. I am glad I rediscovered you. Everything I’ve looked at seems to be right on the money. Thank you for your efforts at sharing truthful information. I’ll be back often.


  14. Whitewraithe- Thank God for you. You are more right than you even know. Be afraid, Be VERY afraid. THEY are everywhere. They control the thoughts, minds and actions of almost EVERYONE. THEY have electro-magnetic radio waves that can affect our brains and modify our thoughts. They have subliminal level whispered voices implanting words and thoughts in our minds from covert speakers. THEY have added XKS-5 and 6 to our water supply, rendering us either flacid and impotent, or sex-crazed and obsessed, depending upon one’s age, disposition and physical constitution. THEY control virtually all schools, retail stores and business, post offices, medical establishment, and public and private groups. THEY are almost ALL the so-called “Christian ministers” in the US. THEY are almost all the police officers in the US. THEY are probably 85+% of the US military. THEY are probably the overwhelming majority of all “Conservative”, “Christian”, Republican”, “Patriot” and other such similar individuals in the US. I fear that we are crushed. We have already lost. We are dust and our stupidity, confusion and ineptitude may have ultimately been the cause of or the result of our kind, beneficent nature. I am not saying that you- or we- should commit suicide at the present moment. But I would be extremely wary. Trust NO ONE outside of the select trusted few. Keep a low profile. Watch for cameras, microphones, suspicion men wearing hats (or even without hats in some cases), odd looking automobiles, aircraft the owners of which you do not personally know and dogs and cats with implanted microchips. God bless. You are Joan of Arc for the 21st Century.

  15. This blog is jaw-droppingly ignorant and misleading. It makes me wonder, among other things, why thousands of Americans gave their lives in Europe and the Pacific to defeat fascism, only to have armchair conspiracy theorists revive Nazi propaganda and deny even the existence of gas chambers.
    A fascist regime might wake you up, only on second thoughts I suspect that you would probably be part of it.

    • You are an idiot, sir.

      America is already in a fascist regime.

      FYI, a jewish investigator by the name of David Cole proved there were no gas chambers, but his own people have since muzzled him.

      You are the one who is displaying your ignorance just by your comment.

      WWI and WWII were not faught for the reasons the whole world was given. They were false flags like every other war America has been involved in, but people like you are not capable of seeing beyond the pale. You can only understand what is tangible.

      Plus you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • You are an idiot or you have an axe to grind, Perhaps you are waiting for a cheque from a country in Europa for your stay in a concentration camp that never was? YOu are part of the problem this world faces and I pray for your extinction sooner than later.

  16. What a great site!
    You have the courage of a dragon slayer! One little woman standing in the face of EVIL without fear! But what choice do we have? WE must ALL stand!

    The evil that is Zionism is the worlds greatest enemy, and the Zionist’s (Edomites) have stacked the deck and created an illusion that they hide behind all the while committing their crimes of terrorism, economic slavery, and the never ending wars to further their goal of Global Despotism!

    I am always trying to get the sheeple to open their eyes and SEE that the Babylonian Talmud is magnified by The Protocols of the Learned Elders of ZION, which is the stated program for the Economic, Social, and Moral destruction of “WE” the GOYIM!

    Thank You! I will ALWAYS be EDOMS THORN and your friend!

    P.S. It looks like I will be very busy for a while giving what your site deserves! A LOOOONG LOOK!

    • Many thanks for the kind words.

      I’ve been working seven years to try and wake up this country along with many others who slay over their keyboards day end and day out. Okay, so we’re what I was once called a “keyboard commando.” Yes, and that’s all I’ll ever be until something more appropriate is revealed.

      • Gentiles are denied the opportunities and the education required to obtain a decent paying job. You can call my achievements poor but with the very little I had to work with I am quite proud of the things I’ve accomplished plus my entire career has been helping people – all people, Gentile and Jew alike.

  17. Dear Whitewraithe

    Thank you for all your sterling efforts. Such a powerfully inspiring site.

    I heard you for the first time on Mark’s show the other day. I resonated with your thoughts and sense of urgency. It worked well with Brian.

    I saw your excellent recent post on NTS/Brian’s site. I agree entitely with your sentiments.

    I could not find an e-mail contact on your site. How could I write to you?

    I hope you soon overcome the pain of losing Frank. I understand totally, they come into our lives, we build such strong bonds and they leave us. You have done the ethical thing, considering his condition.

    In support


    • Thank you so much for your kindness and support. I truly appreciate it.

      You also have an excellent site, which I only discovered the other day. I will be adding it to my Blogroll.

      You can email me at whitewraithe2012@yahoo.com.

      I would like very much to hear from you.

      Strength and honor,

  18. Excellent!, this is how we will win this battle, by awakening one sheep at a time, your efforts and those of many others whose voices carry on the internet are making a difference. It is unbelievable to me that there are still people out there who think Al Queda did 9/11 and they can’t see anything suspicious in the way “Bin Laden” if it was him was disposed of.
    I have found the following people to be very interessting.
    Brother Nathanael Kapner and his reazionistnews website, David Cole, Doctor Alan Sabrosky, Fred Leuchter, Lt Gen Jack Mohr, Ezra Pound, Eustice Mullins, Jack Otto, Benjamin Freedman, David Irving, Germar Rudolf and two of my most favourite Pastor Bertrand Comparet and Pastor Peter J Peters of (Scriptures for America) unfortunately he died in 2011. (Comparet if you have not heard of him has excellent videos on Youtube)
    This of course is all about their master Satan/Lucifer and leading people away from God the Father, this is echoed in the (Protocols of the learned elders of zion) which states how the idea of God must me ripped out of the hearts and minds of the people.

    In the future they will try to force us all to worship Satan through the one religion world they are building.
    Pastor Peters, before he died he made a fantastic video it’s on Google video, called (DC street sorcery)
    I recomend sending this great little ten minute video to doubting family and friends, narrated by the late Doctor William Pierce.

    • Wow, I love it when great minds thing alike, I have heard of every single one of the people you recommended and I like every one of them, I also would add Jared Taylor , albeit he does not mention the jews in his work, and like the man said, ‘ If you dont mention the jew, the message isn’t true’. Also a man from my country by the name Of Paul Fromme, the creator of Council of Conservative Citizens Paul Watson, James Edwards to a lesser extent and one of the men I look up to who lives in my general area is Harold Covington, the one behind the Northwest front

      • http://christogenea.org/
        This is the one true religion that I have found and finally come to trust, despite over five decades of one church after the other a comrade told me about white people being the lost israelites and at first I was sceptical but after considerable research it was the only thing that made sense and also connected all the dots. here is another important list of traits that helped to convince me.
        I have had numerous experiences of the Holy Spirit that defy all logic and explanations. I guess some would call them miracles.

      • I’m still very skeptical about Caucasians descending from the ancient Israelites and will definitely need a lot more proof to convince me.

      • Jared Taylor who runs American Renaissance is married to a Jewess, however, the website is usually spot on concerning the world as it really is.

        I’m a great admirer of Paul Fromme and I correspond with him on occasion.

        I receive CoCC in the mail every three months. I was a member at one time.

        I met James Edwards in his early days. He was very dynamic even then and I contributed to his radio program for a while. He is one of the very few men in America that will come out on national radio and tell it like it is. He doesn’t give a damn if people can’t accept the truth and he can back up everything he says. He’s very passionate like me.

    • I recall reading that the same time the jews harped on how the POTLEOZ were forgeries the govt of the USA, dept of armed forces in 1919 thought enough of them to not only investigate them but found them to be a genuine threat and danger to the country. I believe that was just prior to Woodie Wilson signing the Fed into the official banking money system after the meeting at Jekyll Island tho my knowledge of american history isn’t the greatest as european history.

      May I point out that you are a woman whose vast knowledge and your strong convictions in this time of deceit and treachery makes you a very attractive personindeed. If I may speak so boldly.

      • Thanks, Jim, but my passionate convictions and vast knowledge that I shout loudly might be keeping me from employment according to Mr. Fromme. And I am almost certain that I’m on either the red or blue FEMA lists when Martial Law is enacted. The jack-boot thugs will be at my door step at 4 a.m. but I’ve always said I will force them to kill me because I won’t be taken alive. No way!

        On The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion when they say they are a “forgery” think about that a minute.

        What is a forgery? It’s a copy of an original, authentic document.

        But most people are not that astute.

        They are a copy, but a real copy from the original.

      • Dear WW, yes I think they are building up their little black books with names of “troublemakers” don’t worry I’m sure mine is on there too.
        There is a nice little video about this on Youtube by Brother Nathanael Kapner on the link. We never defeated communism I’m afraid, those mass killings of the soviet union I fear will be done to the white christian populations of the west until every last spark of disent is crushed.

      • I reported on this bill when it happened, but no matter, they will have to do a lot more to shut me up. The constitution provided the citizens of this nation with free speech because it is first a “God-given” right to be able to speak one’s own free will. The Jewish Zionist puppets in DC are so afraid that common people might encourage too much dissent that they felt the need to write a bill to discourage it. That shows me how fearful they really are, not to mention, that they also are at a prime moment to be removed from office.

    • Thank you Germaniajim, I think if all the awakend little sheep like me start to do all they can to promote those great men and woman who have been so brave in doing such incredible research work and fought so many good fights then we can turn the tide. I like making use of the Yahoo news comments sections and just start talking about those people, I know I am reaching raw brainwashed Goyim sheep and I am prepared for a lot of pre-programed abuse back at me, usual stuff like Nazi, holocaust denier etc. Love to all, keep up the good work WW.

      • Thanks, also to you Jim,

        You’re so right, we have to open our mouths if we want change.

        I admire your courage.

      • No, Jesus was not a Jew because the word did not exist during his time. Jesus was no more related to your tribe than I am.

        Jesus was a Nazarene, Israelite, Judean, or Hebrew.

        Today’s Jews are imposters of the ancient Hebrews.

  19. Hello WW,
    It is an honor to make your acquaintance if only through this cyberspace format. My awakening came after seeing my first David Irving video. Since then I know there were no gas chambers, that 9/11 was not done by Arabs with box cutters living in caves, Bin Laden died ten years ago approx. and not by Obongos paid assassins, the USS Liberty was a failed false flag attempt conducted by the psychopath LBJ and his jewish counterparts and the present Trayvon Martin affair is an attempt to control Americas gun owners and to start a race war so Obongo can declare martial law, cancel the elections in November and declare himself, Supreme Ruler of the American land mass. This all leads to one world govt and all of us being chipped like Nelson Rockefeller once boasted. The only good news I have heard recently is the demise of Leopold de Rothschild who is now playing strip poker with Satan, Stalin and Saddam Hussein. (note:Satan never loses a game.)
    Please keep up the good works as we need all the people we can muster to wake the brainwashed sheeple. Sometimes, I think we should say to hell with them, and let them be slaughtered in their sleep while dreaming of the next American Idol winner. Damn, I’m glad I don’t have a TV anymore.

    • Thanks, Jim, if I may address you in that manner.

      You are so correct on all points.

      I am ashamed to be an American today and that is so foreign to my upbringing as a patriot, but patriots are not so revered when their need is so great. I seem to be an endangered species in a land where its people have turned their backs on liberty, equality and freedom.

      I remember the phrase, “in tyranny lies only failure.”

      Keep coming back, there’s definitely more to come.


  20. It is so uplifting to come across people who really think with their own minds and use their GOD given common sense, and actually Want to know the truth. You would not believe the depths of human depravity I have discovered in my research…it is Very disheartening. I do not trust Anything I read in papers, or see on tv or movies. I was raised being told that other countries communications were censored and the U.S. citizens were well informed. Well, we were informed…with lies. The majority of the people don’t want to know what I’ve discovered. The only truth I’ve seen on tv was when Jack Nicholson declared, referring to the general public, “You can’t handle the truth!” I’ve come to believe that statement to be true. I just now came across your website and I too live in the south. I’ve not read much here, so I do not know what you’ve discovered about the Christiain religion. I believe in GOD and Christ. But, the whole of Christianity has been deceived as well. There is not one church on the face of this earth, that I know of, that teaches the truth. People should start reading the BIBLE for themselves and not leave it up to pastors and such to Tell them what the Bible says. Pray that GOD will reveal the truth in the Bible and allow them to understand HIS word. Religion is BIG business and has been bought off and dictated to by the elitist. For starters read 1 Timothy 4:10. Read it over and over till you get it. Did you ever hear that scripture in church? Also, anyone calling themselves a Jew who lives by or studies the talmud, is NOT living for GOD our Creator. Their god is the “father of lies” as Jesus said Himself.
    I will be coming back to your site.

    • Thank you, Jane, for your comments.

      It is refreshing to see someone that finally “gets it.” If you know my meaning.

      You are most welcome anytime.

      Peace be with you,

  21. If you have not already read the blog post I no longer am affiliated with Google and their spies. My YouTube account was deleted, my blog NO ONE HAS JURISDICTION OVER THE TRUTH was also deleted because Google owns Blogger. And I no longer have my “ladyhope” Gmail account.

    I can be contacted at oubliette@rock.com.

  22. I just found you blog a few days ago and wanted to thank you. I also found 911 to be my wake up call, but it has been a long road wading through all the “truths” out there. Conditioning from youth and the controlled american media didn’t help either. I am very impressed so far from you writings, there is none of the racism that is found on many other so called “anti-zionist” sites.

    I yearn to speak the truth also, and with the clarity and love that you do.

    • Thank you so very much, Don. I believe your comment is the most respectful and truthful one I’ve yet to receive.

      Most people would disagree with you though. I’ve been called a racist, when in fact I’m not. I just report the facts and the truth.

      Actually, a racist in today’s America is anyone of no color, meaning white.

      Regardless, I try to respect all people even if they are rabid Zionists. Insults and intimidation will not get one anywhere; it will only inflame an already volatile situation. And it does not cost a dime to be nice, but it does take patience. Most anti-Zionist sites have no patience with these poor misled people.

      Again, thank you for the kind compliment and please share my blog.

      Bless you,

    • You are entitled to your opinion as am I.

      Discussing how the elitist Jews operate is not anti-semitic. Remember that now, I said “elitist” Jews not the average Jewish American.

      On the other hand I find the Talmud the most hateful book ever written. Jews are allowed to to speak about killing the goyim, sexually assaulting young children and no one raises an eyebrow and you have the gaul to tell me that my facts about Jews are appalling!

      Your priorities about right and wrong are severely misconstrued.

    • Then what the hell would you call the jews who own Hollywood, the banks, the media and our government? A club? You have to be one of the hook nosed kikenvermin , sons of satan, khazarian jews who do not have a single drop of semitic blood in them.

  23. your article about Occupy Wall Street is Bogus was forwarded to me, and i excitedly started reading. I agree with you 100% about not believing ANYTHING MSM says. anyone who does is a fool, after the gigantic lies we’ve been fed over the years. I had strong suspicious that OWS was bogus, but when I saw Keith Olberman reading the demands, I knew for sure. Where was the demand for a new investigation of 911? How about chemtrails? Vaccines? They are demanding health care for all, but never mention freedom of choice in health care. GMO foods? So much more that was not addressed. The sad part of it is, even if there was a grass-roots generic movement by the people to rise up against the ruling elite, the people are so disinformed, misinformed, and they don’t really understand accurate history so they can’t see how to get out of this mess. People don’t understand money, and there is so much disinformation about how our money system should be. I am going to check out the rest of your blog. Thanks!

    • Thanks, lily’s mom.

      I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been lambasted over this article because it was so well staged.

      Yet, no one seemed to raise an eyebrow when 9/11 happened. We were not educated at that time.

      I’ve studied false flag operations, how they are organized, the people they use, and why there needs to be one in the first place.

      Just wait when Project Blue Beam hits and you will see these idiots en masse believing Christ, Mohammad and Yeshua have returned to earth. I’ll be arguing with those people too.

      Actually, I came across the article in question over at VATIC PROJECT and decided to share it with my own readers.

      I’m just the Messenger but they want to shoot me nonetheless.

      My suggestion is that they take grievances to the author of the article.

      Again, thank you so much for your inspiring words. They were a refreshment today.

  24. Is there any affiliation of “Whitewraithe” with Barbara Aho of “Watch Unto Prayer” or Peter Ruckmann?

    • No, I am not affiliated with either of these people, although, I am aware of them.

      I’m not the only person on the internet that uses this particular pen name.

    • Bless you, Reenie,

      I have to say that everyone that commented truly inspired me and I finally realized that there are people really looking at this blog, like you!

      But for some reason I got few to no comments.

      I hope now that you and hundreds of others will comment because it will only improve the blog.

      I changed the look again – how do you like it?

      God bless,


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