AL-QAEDA: Created by the Jewish Agency – Operation under Israeli Mossad


Origins of Al-Qaeda

For about two years after 9/11, whenever the subject of 9/11 or international terrorism came up, the US administration, and the Western Media kept shouting, “Osama, Osama!” Al-Qaeda was given a secondary place. Gradually, the positions were reversed. Now, at every incident of terrorism anywhere in the world, they cried, “Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda!” Osama moved to secondary position. Indeed, to shift the spotlight from Osama, other shadowy fighters, such as, Abu Mossab AlZarqawi, were brought to prominence.

Before Sept 11, 2001, you could hardly find a mention of Al-Qaeda in the US Media. But, immediately after the dramatic attacks both the electronic and print Media began to speak of this hitherto almost unknown entity with such deep knowledge and understanding as if their reporters had been tracking and covering it for years! A classic example of this publicity was the “Special Report” in Time, Nov 12, 2001, that was spread over more than two-thirds of the magazine, whose blazing cover title was, “INSIDE THE AL-QAEDA—Bin Laden’s Web of Terror.”

The report was mum on how Al-Qaeda had so smoothly overcome all the insurmountable odds and so utterly disabled the US national security agencies and authorities, and had hijacked four American airliners and smashed three of them into most high profile buildings in broad daylight! It gave no explanation how Time had gathered such encyclopaedic knowledge of Al-Qaeda so soon after 9/11? The report was silent on many publicly known facts. It hid the fact that it was CIA that had picked up Osama and initiated him (through the Saudi Intelligence) into the anti-Soviet Afghan Jihad.

Time’s report was a bundle of disinformation and fabricated scenarios of past events and anticipated threats. What it said on 9/11, Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and future threat to the West was exactly the same that the US and the British governments and their intelligence agencies were propagating. It was obvious the source of Time’s report was the CIA. The major reports on Osama/Al-Qaeda that appeared around that time in various other news publications had carried the same material—as their source was the same!

Awesome Power Ascribed to Al-Qaeda. The “special report” went to great lengths to project Al-Qaeda as a powerful, resourceful, highly organized, ideologically fired, anti-West worldwide network of scores of “cells” that were centrally guided but operationally autonomous. It ascribed to Al-Qaeda enormous capabilities including use of chemical, biological, and tactical nuclear weapons, and of intricate computer technologies such as steganography (Greek for ‘hidden writing’). This technique allows messages to be slipped into innocuous picture and music files that are impossible to detect with the naked eye as the insertions are very small.

Al-Qaeda had to be shown as having all the power and resources for committing the most terrible acts at the global level. Otherwise, how could it be a big and dreadful enough threat to the World or a worthy enough combatant for the world’s superpower to battle with?

The real mischief is, Al-Qaeda can actually be invested with the alleged great capabilities, because it is a Wing of Mossad! The vast capabilities attributed to Al-Qaeda are those of Mossad, which has worldwide tentacles and can deploy biological, chemical and nuclear weapons. Let the world’s masses, more so the Muslims, and among them especially the religious, comprehend this frightful reality.

Al-Qaeda is Jewish Agency’s Child

The terror gangs that came to be known as Al-Qaeda were formed in the early 1930s by the Jewish Agency (JA) for a dreadful purpose. Established in 1929 in Jerusalem as an arm of WZO, the JA was to function as a ‘government-in- being’ for the future Zionist state. One of its tasks was to expel the Palestinians from Palestine and to compel the large numbers of Jews living in and around the Middle East to immigrate to Palestine to increase its Jewish population.

An idea of how many Jews lived in some of the Muslim Countries in the early 1930s can be formed by the data given in The Jewish Communities of the World, a Zionist publication, although the Zionist records by design show much lower figures than the real numbers.

The data says: Algeria still had 140,000 Jews in 1962 after tens of thousands had been forced to shift to Palestine/Israel. Iran had 85000 in 1978, Tunisia 105,000 in 1949, Iraq 150,000 in 1947, Egypt 75000 in 1948, Libya 38000 in 1948, and Afghanistan had 40,000 Jews in 1875. Nearly 40,000 Turkish Jews had settled in Israel; in 1989, about 20,000 Jews lived in Istanbul alone.

The JA raised two types of Jewish terrorists, to operate under three principal terror gangs: the Haganah, Stern Gang, and the Irgun. One type consisted of Ashkenazi Polish/Russian or “Western” Jews. They terrorized Palestinian villages, burning houses and crops, massacring innocent people, forcing Palestinians to flee. “Irgun massacred 241 Arabs in the village of Deir Yasin on the outskirts of Jerusalem in 1948.” 7

They also targeted the British Mandatory Authority in Palestine to make it submit to various Zionist demands. “In July 1946, the Irgun, led by Menahem Begin, blew up a wing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, seat of the British civilian administration. The casualties, which included some of the most senior British civil servants, totalled 91 dead and 45 injured.” 8

The second type of gangs consisted of Sephardim or “Eastern” Jews from Middle East/Muslim Countries, i.e., Iraq, Iran, Central Asian Republics, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc. They were to uproot the Jews settled in these countries and force them to shift to Israel, a move that these Jews were loathe to make as they had been living peacefully and prosperously in the Muslim Countries for centuries.

Disguised as Muslims and operating with extreme secrecy, these gangs of Eastern Jews subjected selected Jewish communities in each country to frightful psychological propaganda and shocking acts of terrorism including burning their synagogues and homes and slaughtering the Jewish people to make them believe they could no longer live safely among the Muslims. These gangs were to later form the core elements of the body named as Al-Qaeda.

After Israel came into being, the terror gangs were taken over by Mossad. The perfidious operations continued. “In 1950-51, in the face of the reticence of the Jews of Iraq to emigrate to Israel, the Israeli secret services threw bombs at them so as to convince the Jews that they were in danger.” 9

New Role for the Eastern Jews

The first half of its 100-year Plot having been completed with the creation of Israel in May 1948, Zinjry turned its evil efforts to the next schemes, in which the Eastern Jewish terrorists would play a key role under Mossad’s direction. Working through the Western Governments and the International Media, Zinjry projected in early 1950s a daunting “Communist Threat” to a number of major Muslim Countries, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. They were told US intelligence assistance was indispensable to them. This enabled CIA (and Mossad) to penetrate the intelligence agencies of these countries. Mossad’s Eastern Jewish operatives under CIA cover gained direct deep access into the secret agencies of all the pro-US Middle Eastern states, and indirect access into the others.

The Cloak of Anti-Communist Mujaheddin

On 27 December 1979 Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in accordance with the Zionist Global Plot. Mossad was ready for the next deployment of its Eastern Jewish operatives. They had been trained to look, act and live like dedicated Muslim Mujahideen. Many Tajik, Uzbek, Afghani Jews, as well as Jews from Pakistan’s Tribal Areas were added to their ranks.

The Eastern Jews became Mujahideen, and joined the parties/groups of all the major Mujahideen leaders, Gulbadin Hikmatyar, Burhanuddin Rabbani, Ahmad Shah Masud, Abdul Rasool Sayyaf, Maulavi Yunus Khalis, etc. Throughout the Soviet-Afghan War, Mossad remained the main supplier of arms and equipment to the Mujahideen on behalf of CIA, which controlled the overall policy and direction of the war while Pakistan’s ISI conducted it at the tactical/operational level.

When Mossad/CIA inducted Osama into the Afghan Jihad, the Arabian Jews as anti-Communism specialists had already established a firm footing in the Saudi intelligence service. While Osama kept the records of recruits, logistics and accounts (of the funds provided by CIA) for the Jihad in the computer folder (labelled Al-Qaeda), the induction, training and deployment of new recruits, especially those from the Middle East, was handled by the Arabian Jews positioned close to Osama. Mossad kept an up-to-date picture of the entire Jihad operations and the affairs of the Mujahideen and their leaders. It manipulated events and personalities to shape the situation as required by the Zionist schemes.

The Cloak of Taliban

After the Soviet withdrawal in May 1989 and fall of the puppet regime in Kabul, the Mossad agents manipulated the Mujahideen to fight with each other. This created hostility and distrust among their major groups, and the coalition government they belatedly set up in Kabul was unworkable from the start. In early 1990s the Taliban headed by Mullah Omar but guided by Afghani Jews, who were posing as Taliban, made their appearance in Kandahar, as programmed in the Zionist scheme.

Within a short period the Taliban marched on to Kabul unopposed. The world was amazed! People had no idea that most of the Afghan leaders and the so-called warlords were mere pawns in the game; the game’s players in the field were all Afghani Jews. To get the Mujahideen fighters out of the way of the advancing Taliban, Zinjry used Money, Dollars—irresistible to the Afghans—that it wheedled out of UAE and Saudi Arabia!

Mullah Omar, programmed for his role and surrounded by disguised Afghani Jews as his ministers and advisers, was invested with the image of an intolerant extremist Islamist, a mentor of Osama Bin Laden and a foe of the West. Simultaneously, Osama and his senior disciples, who had previously been programmed to oppose the Soviets, were now cultivated and programmed to speak and act as ‘enemies’ of the United States.

Cells Set up by Mossad

Mossad and CIA had already been setting up Al-Qaeda cells in the Muslim World and in other countries, such as, US, Canada, Britain, Germany, Spain, France, Kenya, the Philippines, to suit their schemes of engineering acts of terrorism before and after 9/11, to create the bogus threat of worldwide terrorism. It was not surprising that within a few weeks of 9/11, CIA produced a map of Al-Qaeda cells located in over 40 countries!10

A team of Mossad agents who can merge with the local people controls each cell. They decide the target, the timing and scope of each major operation, and they arrange for the required finances, technology, equipment, intelligence and hideouts. The cell’s militants may be local or foreign brainwashed, disposable minions, who have no idea of their controllers or of the real aims of the terror acts they are asked to undertake. Zionist stool pigeons go about recruiting emotion-charged volunteers for the cells in the name of Osama and Jihad against America and its allies/satellites. In the environment that depicts America as the biggest rogue, the protector of the hated Israel, and an enemy of Muslims, there is no dearth of such volunteers.

This is the origin and the character of Al-Qaeda—raised, supplied, deployed and directed by Israel’s Mossad, in the role of Zionism’s most effective weapon against the World of Islam. This is why every terror operation, said to be by Al-Qaeda, in its real consequences and effects has been a severe blow to Islam, the Muslim Countries and the Muslims living all over the world.

Al-Qaeda’s Mask Falls

Nature has its own ways to uncover the real character of the masked agencies and individuals who are engaged in causing turmoil in society. Al-Qaeda’s uncovering key is ensconced in its very name! It is an unbefitting and undesirable name that genuine Muslim Mujahideen will never use for their fighting organization.

We know from published records how the name, Al-Qaeda, meaning ‘the Base,’ originated. It was the title of the computer folder in which Osama Bin Laden, employed by CIA through the Saudi Intelligence in December 1979, began to keep the data of the Mujahideen, recruited and trained by CIA and Mossad for Afghan Jihad. The name went with the body of the Arabian Mujahideen that operated in Afghanistan and was later headed by Osama.

The use of the word Al-Qaeda in its meaning as ‘the base or foundation or basic code of principles,’ etc, is legitimate in modern Arabic. However, its use as a name for a body of fighting men is highly inappropriate, as its meaning is totally against the spirit of fighting and action. Its root word Qa’ada means, ‘to sit, to sit idly,’ etc. One of its derivatives, Qa’ad, means, ‘people who stay at home at the time of fighting;’ another derivative Qu’ood, means, ‘one who just sits, a lazy person;’ in plural form the words used are Qaedoon or Qaedeen. No sensible Muslim commander would want to name his fighting outfit as AlQaeda.

There is a compelling reason, indeed a prohibition, in view of which a Muslim commander will never use the name Al-Qaeda for his fighting group. In the eyes of Allah, the members of Al-Qaeda, i.e., Qaedoon and Qaedeen are those who shirk from fighting or striving in His way and are undesirable.11 The Qur’an says: “When a Surah comes down enjoining them to believe in Allah and to strive and fight along with His Apostle, those with wealth and influence among them ask thee for exemption, and say: ‘Leave us behind; we would be with those who sit at home’ (Al-Qaedeen).” (9:86).

“Such of the believers as remain passive (Al-Qaedoon)—other than the disabled—cannot be deemed equal to those who strive hard in God’s cause with their possessions and their lives…” (4:95).

“They said: ‘Moses! While they [the defenders] remain there, never shall we be able to enter, to the end of time. Go thou, and thy Lord, and fight ye two, while we sit here (Inna Hahuna Qaedoon).” (5:24).

Indeed, Al-Qaedoon or Al-Qaedeen is the antithesis, the opposite, of Al-Mujahideen. The Mujahideen are those who fight or strive hard in Allah’s cause. The Qaedeen stay away from fighting or striving hard in Allah’s cause. A body of genuine Muslim Mujahideen will never operate under the name Al-Qaeda, because if they did they would be associating themselves with those terms, Al-Qaedoon and Al-Qaedeen, which are disliked by Allah. And if some one else had given them this name they would immediately reject it publicly.

The mask falls from the face of Al-Qaeda, and you can see Osama and his so-called fighters and allies such as Ayman Zawahri, Abu Mossab Al-Zarqawi and Mullah Omar in their real shape. This only confirms what I have shown already of Al-Qaeda’s real identity—that it is an arm of Mossad.

Al-Qaeda is a Zionist Weapon Against Islam

Most of the Muslims rightly perceive the so-called West’s War on Terrorism as a War Against Islam. But, do they realize that Osama and his band, and his followers among Muslims, are actually the most valuable allies of the West in this War Against Islam!

Osama and Al-Qaeda are the greatest threat to the Muslims, not to the Western people. Has it not been proved already by the ugly events of the past four years since 9/11? To overcome this confounding threat, the leaders in all the Muslim Countries and Communities have to comprehend the complexities and the realities of the Zionist Game, and have to show the world the real character of Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

Tariq Majeed is a defence analyst and authored “MASTERMINDS of AIR MASSACRES’ published August 2006


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11. This point was brought to my notice first by a scholar in Arabic language and Qur’anic studies at the Islamic University, Islamabad.


How Israel Created The Myth of Al-Qaeda Seymour Hirsh, New Yorker



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  5. In addition to what you have mentioned, Saul an enemy of Jesus commenced and propagated the trinity. Approximately one million Unitarian Christians were killed in the process. Abdullulah ibn saba (a jew) started the Shiite religion. Communism was propagated by jews like Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and/or Leon Trotsky. Don’t let me start with the Azkhenazi Jews in control of the US.

    • You doesn’t know anything about Paul the apostle. He preached only one God…. Romans 3:30 — Seeing it is one God, which shall justify the circumcision by faith, and uncircumcised through faith.
      1 Corinthians 8:4-6 — As concerning therefore the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one
      But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.
      Galatians 3:20 — Now a mediator is not a mediator of one, but God is one
      Ephesians 4:6 — One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.
      1 Timothy 1:17 — Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen.
      1 Timothy 2:5 — For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus

      Just study the bible don’t make arguments blindly ……

  6. As a Muslim, I agree with everything you said. I am impressed by your knowledge of politics and religion. Mossad uses the following motto is, “by way of deception we shall wage war”. Along with the CIA the create Al Qaida to fight the Russians, then Northern Alliance to fight Al Qaida. They support Saddam and his sunni army against Iran and Shiites then the remove Saddam and his Sunni army to support and train the Shiites. The list goes on and on. Now we have a Frankenstein (ISIS) that has attacked Sunni and Shiite and prevented the overthrow of Assad.

    I pray that you continue your good work. May Allah protect you and provide you with strength, guidance, courage, patience and wisdom.

    • Thank you so much, sir.

      It took a very long time to see through the veil of lies about my own government.

      When I was a child the Russians were the enemy, and for the past 20 + years it’s been the Muslims and Islam. America always needs an enemy to fight for the sake of their jewish masters.

      That’s why after seven years my partner, Northerntruthseeker, and I are doing all we can to expose the real enemy.

      Blessings upon you.

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  9. Blame everything on the Jews!!! haha. Muhammed was the messenger of the Devil, and he was the father of terror as the verses of the Quran plainly show. Muhammed was a murderer, a coward fighter who assassinated any one who voiced an opinion against him by the most cowardly means. i.e4 assasinating Um Kurfeh, a woman over 100 years old, and raping her dauhter afterward, or by assassinating Assmaa’e bent Marwan in the most disgusting manner while she was breast feeding her infant and was sitting with her 4 other children. Muhammed killed the Jews of Bani Nadeer evethough they had surrendered to him, and they became his prisonners, and he raped Safiah Bent Huyaee, the 17 years old wife of the Bani Nadeer’s chief in the same day he killed her husband, and all of her family, and he proclaimed her as his wife.

    • Which only proves that organized religion is a threat to the individual as well as humanity in general.

      This blog does not necessarily approve of or advocate Islam either. If you were a daily reader then you would know that.

      The leaders of Islam are no better than the Jewish pharisees when it comes to the creation of their respective religions.

      But back to the topic, if anyone needs further convincing that the Jews are responsible for the creation of Al-Qaeda read on:

      How Israel Created The Myth of Al-Qaeda

    • Jewish lies as usual. The Jews were kicked out of Medina after the repetitively broke treaties, tried to poison the Prophet and repetitively supported the Pagans. They were given many chances, advice and arguments which have been preserved in Chapter 2 of the Quran (surah Al Baqarah) but their arrogance, devious nature prevented them from accepting the truth.

      The Jews were again allowed into Jerusalem by Umar, the third caliph, for the first time in many centuries. They followed the Muslims to every corner of the world as the Muslims were more tolerant of them than other countries. Now they have the upper hand, we can see how they behave. it is no wonder they are referred to in the bible as a “synagogue of satan”. Fake jews, who used a fake holocaust to justify a fake claim on a land inhabited by Palestinians for thousands of years based on fake scriptures and the Thalmud they fabricated and wrote with their own hands.

    • joseph, all you had being reading it`s all wrong! you need to read more than the old quran, and go back to babilonia, and Mesopotamia times. you must be another jew tah
      t lies all the time.

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  11. Why do you persist in spreading lies about Jews? None of this crap is true, or, at best, are half truths.;antisemitism goes back to before the time of Jesus. Even the Koran has antisemitic verses in it, from what little I have read of it. It makes me really sad. Did you know the first mosque built in New York City was financed by sympathetic Jews. Google it. Then please, stop this hate! The Elders of Zion is a forgery sponsered by the Czar of Russia.

    • Obviously, you are the one who is misinformed.

      If you wish to refer to truth as hate and anti-semitism that is your perogative, but, please explain why your tribe was expelled from over 100 countries over hundreds of years.

      At best, your argument is illogical.

      The Protocols have only been called out as a forgery, yet, no one ever claimed that they were not authentic.

      But a bit of truth makes you sad; well, let me tell you what makes me sad, not that you care to know. What I write now is for my benefit.


      It makes me sad that your tribe has infiltrated and corrupted my government at every level; executive, judicial and legislative.

      It makes me sad that your tribe is directly responsible for the pre-meditated destruction of the united states of America, which by the way, occured in 1871 when it became a corporation.

      It makes me sad that your tribe has usurped my country and now control and rule with an iron hand every single aspect of society.

      It makes me sad that your tribe uses pornography, drugs, and other vice through entertainment to subdue and destroy our young people.

      It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the usury system through the Federal Reserve and it’s enforcement arm the Internal Revenue Service, which has drained the American people of the last remainders of its wealth thereby destroying all prosperity.

      It makes me sad that your tribe is directly responsible for the harassement at America’s once great airports through the installment of the licentious, pedophilic TSA all courtesy of the phony “war on terror.”

      It makes me sad that your tribe dumbed-down our educational system that was once the best in the world offering every class of Americans literacy and knowledge that would enlighten and sustain them throughout life.

      It makes me sad that your tribe infiltrated all aspects of Christianity, perverted Christ’s teachings thereby destroying Christianity’s true message of hope and forgiveness.

      It makes me sad that your tribe insidiously oppresses the Palestinian people day after day with horrific crimes against humanity because Israeli Jews believe they are the only ones who have the right to exist in that region.

      It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the destruction of America’s once great medical institutions that provided optimum healthcare for everyone.

      It makes me sad that your tribe infiltrated our legal system, perverted the equitable system of common law in the land, and instituted Maritime Admiralty law instead which implies guilt before innocence.

      It makes me sad that your tribe with all its wealth and power and control are not yet done, you want more because of your insatiable greed and vengence against the Gentile.

      It makes me sad that your tribe has destroyed any worthy future for my grandchildren.

      It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the regression of humanity’s great accomplishments in obtaining liberty, equality and freedom for all men through the creation of the Magna Carta in 1215 A.D. We now live in a less free society than our ancestors did 800 years ago.

      It makes me sad that I grew up in the freest nation on earth harboring no ill will toward any one race or religion until I discovered that a different tribe of religious people hated me because I was not like them.

      What makes me really happy is now I know why.

    • It is a shame that they call themselves Jews and that people believe them. (Rev 2:9, 3:9)

      People’s ignorance and belief in their lie make them blame that “tribe” when it has nothing to do with Judah.

      Most modern Jews are foreign converts, a FACT. But they call themselves “Jews” and people believe them… THEY CAN SPOT THEIR OTHER LIES, BUT NBOT THIS ONE. Interesting…

      Certain nations were to be wiped out or kept out of the promised land. Israel didn’t listen and let those foreigners in. Now, their “tribe” gets the blame for what these foreigners do because they call themselves “Israel”,

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