Coming Home From The War On Terror

constantine-york-minster-1-667x450I’m a former soldier and veteran of two foreign wars. After my military service I became a private military contractor. I’ve spent more than half of my adult life in third world shitholes having third world shitbags trying to shoot me and blow me up.

I loved being a soldier and I was proud to defend my country and its people. There were some dark, arduous times of course, but the adventures, lifelong friends, and my love for my people made it a pleasure to serve.

A look back

The memory of my service has since been tainted as I realized that I was less defending my nation and its people than serving the interests of a government that not only did not care about me, but has increasingly showed itself to hate me. I came back to a country that I did not recognize as the one that I had set out to defend all those years ago. It more closely resembles the war zones I fought in than the country in which I grew up.

To the present day. Our sons and daughters are growing up without the guidance and protection of their fathers. In the absence of the traditional nuclear family, the modern progressive leviathan has stepped into the role of father. Boys growing up with only the progressive state as a father figure have no real masculine role model and are clueless as to what it is to be a man. They either become mewling simps or violent thugs, neither of which are good for society.

The public school system wishes to sexualize our children at as young an age as possible. Our children are being bullied and raped by gangs of immigrants on a scale one would normally only see following a catastrophic defeat in war. There is an ethnic component to crime which everybody sees but is not allowed to talk about.

Instead of fixing the problems in our own society our warmongering politicians and journalists are trying to sell us wars with Russia (the last great traditional Christian nation left on Earth), Iran, and an enemy in the Middle East that they themselves created.

If we get dragged into a war with Russia it will be unlike anything we have seen. It won’t be like the money-spinning wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where civilians can sit down in front of the television for their evening briefing, replete with columns of burning enemy tanks and talking heads reporting on how fucking great the war is going. There will be no “mission accomplished” for this war.


Should it escalate sufficiently, the combined nuclear arsenals of the combatants involved would be enough to extinguish all human life on earth. Even if it does not get to that stage, it would still be a war that will touch the people back home. Europe is not at a stage where it can defend itself from a concerted strategic bombing campaign from Russia.

The West greatly underestimates the huge material and logistic arsenal of the Russians. A draft would be very likely. Despite my exemplary previous military service, I regret to inform you all I shall not be turning up for this one.

The government and media are pressing for these wars but they have not given much thought as to who it will be that will actually do the fighting on their behalf. It won’t be me, and it won’t be a lot of other right-thinking soldiers, veterans, and draft-eligible men. The men who represent the manifestation of government foreign policy, the armed forces, are beginning to realize the same things as you and I.

They are committing the crime of noticing. They are noticing that the men who do the hard work of holding civilization together are not afforded the same privileges as those who would destroy it. They are noticing that degenerate morals are being promoted at the expense of a healthy society. They are noticing that a disproportionate amount of crime is committed by an imported ethnic underclass. They are noticing that the social justice emperor has no clothes.

Why I will not fight

I will not fight for a government that wants to sexualize our children at as young an age as possible, forcing upon them the dogma of gay marriage and equality, indoctrinating them into unnatural sexual practices without informing them of the very real and frightening rate of HIV infections in the gay community.

And this government would demand I fight against Russia, which moves to protect its children from this sort of degeneracy and preserve the traditional family structure? No chance. Send the gays and tranies to fight because I’m not fighting for them anymore.

I won’t fight for a government which has commodified the women of this nation and convinced them to give up having children so they can burden themselves with debt and become anonymous, minimum wage cogs in a huge multicultural machine that is obsessed with only a person’s financial value and not their social worth.

I won’t fight for a government which has spent years importing filth from every recess of the third world to replace the children we never had because our women were too busy serving two buck coffees to pay off their six-figure student debts. The government sees low maintenance immigrants as the future of this country. Send them to fight for it.

I will not fight for the freedom of speech of people who use it to bully, belittle, and demonize Christians. I will not be lectured on the importance of the right to free speech and then in the next breath criticized for my disapproval of the proliferation of gay marriage and the false idols of equality. If freedom of speech is such a fundamental right to these people then they can take up arms and defend it. But we all know they won’t.

It turned out I was fighting for a government that hated me, and everybody like me. This government liked to show me off as an instrument used to protect free speech, but now that I’m home it doesn’t want to hear my opinion. The government found value in my use as a tool but my opinions are labelled as hatred.

I desire to see people succeed, to love, to grow up in a family, to be valued for more than just their income tax payments and to have their homeland and traditions preserved. And I’m telling you, I am not alone. The government is asking more and more of a military from which they are becoming increasingly ideologically and spiritually divorced.

For some men the red pill makes them eject and go their own way. For others it makes them want to recover what we have lost. I am of the latter. As men our votes are meaningless. However, our influence over a nation which relies on us to serve it is much stronger.

We work the oil rigs and power plants which keep our nation running. We work the farm that keep everybody fed. We drive the trucks and build the roads. We police the streets and protect our borders. The real power of a nation resides within us.

I will not be beholden to people who rely on the rights and privileges that my service provides but who detest me. As a man who took an oath to defend his nation with his life sacrifice I can bear, cuckoldry I cannot.

By: Simon Wolfe, Soldier. Writer. Standing amid a world of ruins. Commander of the Iron Legion

Absurd, Propagandized Jewish Advertizing In Economic Depressed America

*Final Revised Version* 4/17/2013

2012 Catalog

2012 Catalog

Walking to the mailbox when the heat index soars above 100 isn’t on my top ten list of favorite duties, at the moment.  Reaching the mailbox, I was a bit agitated and beginning to perspire due to the high humidity levels.  As I opened the elongated black box to retrieve the suspected junk mail contained within, I was appalled when I suddenly noticed what my left hand was clutching; a sales brochure for Halloween costumes aimed at babies, children and young adults.  Appropriately titled “Wishcraft,” it was from a company named CHASING FIREFLIES.  Per the “about us” link at

We created chasing fireflies to yes, celebrate childhood but also to celebrate parenthood. Do you remember the first time you ever rode a bike? Swam across the pool? Chased fireflies? It’s even more special the second time around when you share your child’s firsts.
We’ve taken great care in selecting magical children’s products that, we hope, will charm, surprise and delight. We love each and every one and sincerely hope you will, too.

The thick, glossy 8″ x 11″ brochure was filled with cute, cuddly fall costumes in the baby/toddler section with endearing titles like “baby spiderina,” “itty-bitty ladybug,” “squiggly piggy,” and “pink poodle.” Most items are a combination of polyester and acrylic materials, although, the construction quality is unknown, nor did the description state whether the materials are flame retardant.  Knowing what I do of the typical, sub-standard costume construction found in stores like Wal-Mart and Target I would be hesitant to pay their exorbitant prices, considering that the cost of a single baby costume is about a third of an average weekly paycheck at minimum wage.  It further dawned that this was a classic example of the current disparity between the “haves,” and the “have-nots,” realizing that there are considerably more wealthy Americans able to patronize this kind of ‘fluff’ business.

CHASING FIREFLIES is housed in a 75,000 square foot distribution center in Tukwila, WA.  The building consists of 67,254 square feet of industrial space and 7,703 square
feet of office space occupying the entire site.  Can anyone fathom this operation?  This company is using over 67K square feet of space for the creation, construction and shipping of Halloween costumes, while the nation continues to fall into economic ruin and moral decay.  In my humble mind, this is the definition of utterly senseless = insanity.  Think about how many homeless individuals and families this one building could feed and shelter?

Glancing further through the catalog there was an array of bright, colorfully sequined costumes for school-age children and pre-teens.  Ranging from fairies and princesses, to flower pots and butterflies, unicorns and cupcakes this costume retailer has it all.  Then I noticed they also carried the darker character costumes; vampires, witches, devils and ghosts, etc.  However, there was one costume that struck an eerie chord not just for what I knew it represented but for the age it targeted.

The “Dark Bride” costume is for girls approximately 7 to 12 years of age.  Here is the description: Here comes the bride, and she has an evil side! No white here — black and gray are favorite colors. Her creepy gown has lace sleeves and a dramatic full skirt with lace peplum and sparkly split-front tulle overlay. Her veil is adorned with a skull embellishment and billows wildly like a madwoman’s. Dark jewelry and a black bouquet compliment her evil-looking outfit. Polyester, nylon-spandex. Imported.  Price: $88.00 plus shipping. 

Dark Bride

This is “in-your-face-screw-the-Gentile” satanic, jewish propaganda aimed at demoralizing one of the most lovely, and sweetest treasures in the human family: little girls.  Externally, the costume is, actually, quite beautiful with lace details and fancy materials in a dress nearly sweeping the floor.  Once a little girl myself I remember how special it was to be in a billowing dress that covered my feet.  It has a princess-like effect on the psyche.  But, this dress is for a bride!

The traditional bride is one of the most cherished, sacred symbols in numerous cultures and a variety of faiths the world over.  In Christianity, the bride is usually adorned in all white representing the morals of virginity and chastity.  Although, there are very few brides today that come to the altar celibate, the illusion of the ‘virgin bride’ before marriage consummately remains in the hearts and minds of most Christians.

I can only hope that Christian parents refrain from purchasing this costume for their little girls as it would be utterly confusing for their daughters.  The propaganda screaming from this costume denigrates the hallowed institution of marriage and the family with subliminal messaging that advocates the lack of decency, basic morals and values, and prepares our daughters for sale to the highest bid demon or even Satan himself, metaphorically speaking.

Earlier, I approved a comment accusing me of not thinking ‘critically’.  Yet, here I was standing in my driveway in the broiling late summer heat ‘critically thinking’ about how absurd and insane the world appears, at times.  The first thought that came to mind was why this company would even have my name on their mailing list?

Relegated to the ranks of the 25% unemployed, I rarely ever purchase anything unless it’s a basic necessity.  Then unfortunately, Wal-Mart is the only game in town and I always pay in cash.  The public record identifies that I received unemployment compensation for the entire previous year and I haven’t bought any big-ticket items in over a decade.

Upon further investigation, I discovered how this company acquired my name on their mailing list, and it was through a partner company, FRONTGATE, part of the $3 billion interactive multi-channel retailer – HSN, Inc.  Mindy Grossman is the Chief Executive Officer, and Judy Schmeling is Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.  Of course, there is no doubt just “whom” owns this billion-dollar multi-level corporate conglomerate.  According to their corporate profile they are:

A leader in transactional innovation, HSN is the only retailer offering live streaming video on three screens – TV, online and mobile. HSN broadcasts live to 96 million households in the US in HD 24/7, and its web site – – is a top 10 most trafficked e-commerce site, featuring more than 25,000 product videos. Mobile applications include HSN apps for iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, and HSN on Demand®.

Cornerstone is comprised of leading home and apparel lifestyle brands, led by Ballard Designs, Frontgate, and Garnet Hill. Over half of Cornerstone’s revenue comes from its eight separate e-commerce sites.

With principal offices in St. Petersburg, FL, HSNi employs approximately 5,100 full-time employees and 1,300 part-time employees.

So, why does it appear obvious that this retailer fails to employ any form of ‘targeted marketing’, which would further increase their sales and instantly reduce a large portion of overhead cost in materials, printing and mailing fees.  Not to mention, that the hundreds of thousands of brochures sent to non-targeted prospects pose an additional threat to the environment in the form of “litter,” and the unnecessary loss of one of our most fragile resources: timber. Is this standard behavior for a ‘green’ company?  Furthermore, why isn’t the federal government fining companies, such as, Chasing Fireflies, and their parent company HSN, Inc., for the over-production of these sales brochures that are usually relegated to the trash bin?

But, I digress….

Stepping out of the ‘matrix’ back into the real world, the idea that I would even receive this high-end sales brochure based on my economic status is bizarrely absurd.  The insanity of this incident reaches far deeper into present-day American society with further tragic consequences.  Our country has been forcibly plunged into economic depravity by the very people operating the corporate conglomerate that sent the brochure.  Why would they think I was a potential sales prospect?

More Americans lose their homes and their livelihood (jobs) with each passing day and no one in government wants to stop this runaway train of unemployment and homelessness.  But they still want our vote, and moreover, our money!  Why, people, do you continue to vote for these criminals?

Approximately, 100 million Americans are out of work, yet, the congressional criminals indicate we’re in a recovery.  This is more absurdity and insanity in a crumbling nation of cowards that refuse to speak the truth.  Food prices have increased exponentially over the past five years and with the 2012 drought expect prices to continue to rise for years to come.  It’s very possible that we could see an epidemic of starvation across the entire nation at this point.  Those not suffering from a complete lack of nourishment could be reduced to the lowly rice and beans as a staple diet.  Without the means and the resources to sustain any quality of life what do you think happens?  Death occurs very rapidly.  Children, the elderly, and the sick and infirm are the most vulnerable.

And I just happen, not of my volition, to fall into that minority.

Yet, a billion dollar corporation is sending me shiny sales brochures hoping that I will eventually purchase a Halloween costume at the start of this year’s holiday season!!



WHEN VICTIMS RULE: Deceiving the Dumb Goyim

Leon Poliakov uses the following story to explain the nature of Talmudic reasoning:

A goy [non-Jew] insisted that a Talmudist explain to him what the Talmud was. The sage finally consented and asked the goy the following question:“Two men climb down a chimney. When they come to the bottom, one has his face covered with soot, the other is spotless. Which of the two will wash himself?”

“The one who is dirty,” answered the goy.

“No, for the one who’s dirty sees the others’ clean face and believes he is clean too. The one who’s clean sees a dirty face and believes his is dirty too.”

“I understand!” the goy exclaimed. “I’m beginning to understand what the Talmud is.”

“No, you have understood nothing at all,” the rabbi interrupted, “for how could two men have come down the same chimney, one dirty and the other clean?”

It is hard to miss the intention of the Talmud, or misinterpret its noble meaning, or pilpul it into something other than what it is, when it says:

Rabbi Shemeul says advantage may be taken of the mistakes of a Gentile. He once bought a gold plate as a copper one of a Gentile for four zouzim, and then cheated him out of one zouzim in the bargain. Rav Cahana purchased a hundred and twenty vessels of wine from a Gentile for a hundred zouzim, and swindled him in the payment out of one of the hundred, and that while the Gentile assured him that he confidently trusted his honesty. Rava once went shares with a Gentile and bought a tree, which was cut up into logs. This done, he bade his servants to go pick out the largest logs, but to be sure to take no more than the proper number, because the Gentile knew how many there were. As Rav Ashi was walking abroad one day he saw some grapes growing in a roadside vineyard, and sent his servant to see whom they belonged to. “If they belong to a Gentile,” he said, “bring some here to me, but if they belong to an Israelite, do not meddle with them.” The owner, who happened to be in the vineyard, overheard the Rabbi’s order and called out, “What? Is it lawful to rob a Gentile?” “Oh, no,” said the Rabbi evasively, “a Gentile might sell, but an Israelite would not” (Bava Kama, Fol. 113, col. 2).

This, we should keep in mind, appears in a Jewish religious text.

Deception in Business

It is a grave sin to practice any kind of deception whatsoever against a Jew. Against a Gentile it is only forbidden to practice direct deception. Indirect deception is allowed, unless it is likely to cause hostility towards Jews or insult to the Jewish religion. The paradigmatic example is mistaken calculation of the price during a purchase. If a Jew makes a mistake unfavorable to himself, it is one’s religious duty to correct him. If a Gentile is spotted making such a mistake, one need not let him know about it, but say “I rely on your calculation,” so as to forestall his hostility in case he subsequently discovers his own mistake.


It is forbidden to defraud a Jew by selling or buying at an unreasonable price. However, “Fraud does not apply to Gentiles, for it is written ‘Do no defraud each man his brother’ [the Halakhah interprets all such idioms as referring exclusively to one’s fellow Jew.]

Theft and Robbery

Robbery of a Gentile by a Jew is not forbidden outright, but only under certain circumstances such as “when the Gentiles are not under our rule,” but is permitted “when they are under our rule.” Rabbinical authorities differ among themselves as to the precise details of the circumstances under which a Jew may rob a Gentile, but the whole debate is concerned only with the relative power of Jews and Gentiles rather than with universal considerations of justice and humanity.

Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Two Thousand Years (London: Pluto Press, 1994), 89-90, 117 n49.

The Jewish Diaspora community in Europe has been formally called to task by Christian authorities a number of times in history to find out exactly what the Jews in their midst believed and where they morally, politically, socially, and religiously stood with regard to Gentiles.

One of the most important accounts of such an occasion was in France in the year 1240. A Jewish apostate named Donin, Christianized to Nicholas de Rupella, well versed in Hebrew as a Talmudic scholar, claimed to Church officials that there were many elements in Jewish teachings that were threatening to non-Jews. A public disputation was held between Donin and Rabbi Yehiel ben Joseph of Paris. As Jeremy Cohen notes about Hebrew records of the event: “Some modern writers have labeled the Hebrew protocol [of the disputation] a prime example of literary polemic, using well-known forensic motifs to reinforce popular Jewish belief rather than actually reporting what occurred.”

The most infamous line in the Talmud — “the best among Gentiles should be slain”– came up for public examination. One can imagine that such a directive in Jewish religious texts, whatever its complex historical context as a part of intra-Jewish argument, exposed to Church leaders in medieval society by a Jewish apostate, was not an easy one for the rabbis to explain away. Even Jacob Katz passes on its essential content, simply alluding to “whatever its meaning may be …” M. K. Harris, in his book on Talmudic literature, mentions an addenda: “Modern editions,” he notes, “qualify this by adding ‘in time of war.'”

The intention of the Church inquiry was, of course, to squeeze out of Jewish religious texts the most self-condemning material. Hence, some of what Katz calls the Talmud’s apparent “picture of extreme hostility on the part of the Jews towards their Christian neighbors” seemed nothing less than indicting:

You have permitted [Jews] to shed the blood of Gentiles. It is permitted to steal and plunder the Gentile’s possessions and (it is allowed) to cheat him. Concerning the lost property of a Gentile, you say that it is forbidden to return it to him. The Gentile is suspected by the Jew of practicing fornication, adultery, and sodomy. The Jew is not allowed to make the Gentile any gift, nor is he even permitted to say, “How handsome this Gentile is”; it is permitted to you to curse and to despise [Christian] idolatry; and we are as despised in your eyes as locusts and flies.

The way the rabbis weaseled out of the grim possibility of extremely serious repercussions for the Jewish community was to argue that such lines — although they truly exist in Jewish sacred texts — applied to Gentiles of antiquity, yes, but that Christians were now an exception. This position, says Katz, was “no more than an ad hoc device to be used in the course of controversy. There is no indication in the Talmud or in the later halakhic sources that such a view was ever held, or even proposed, by an individual halakhist. In fact, evidence to the contrary exists.”

Rabbis even tried to convince Christian interrogators that insults and degradations in the Talmud directed toward Jesus of Nazareth referred to a different Jesus because it was a common name! As Rabbi Yehiel ben Joseph said in defense of the Talmudic texts that defamed Christ, “Not every Louis born in France is the king of France. Has it not happened that two men were born in the same city, had the same name, and died in the same manner? There are many such cases.” “The Jesus of the Talmud,” scholar Jeremy Cohen writes, “… is mentioned as condemned to wallow eternally in boiling excrement … When forced to admit that one talmudic passage mentioning the crimes of Jesus and his execution did indeed apply to the Christian Jesus, Yehiel still emphasized that the Talmud was not responsible for maintaining this opinion among Jews.”

Who Killed Jesus?

According to the Talmud, Jesus was executed by a proper rabbinical court for idolatry, inciting other Jews to idolatry, and contempt of rabbinical authority. All classical Jewish sources which mention his execution are quite happy to take responsibility for it; in the talmudic account the Romans are not even mentioned.

The more popular accounts — which were nevertheless taken quite seriously — such as the notorious Toldot Yeshu are even worse, for in addition to the above crimes they accuse him of witchcraft. The very name “Jesus” was for Jews a symbol of all that is abominable, and this popular tradition still persists. The Gospels are equally detested, and they are not allowed to be quoted (let alone taught) even in modern Israeli Jewish schools.

Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Two Thousand Years (London: Pluto Press, 1994), 97-98.

The Jewish representatives also took great pains to distance themselves from traditional prayers that asked, as the apostate correctly charged, for the end of the “unrighteous kingdom.” Did “unrighteous kingdom” mean the surrounding society in which the Jews currently lived? It did. This has always, as Katz acknowledges, meant to Jews “the whole secular world and its entire political edifice,” but the Jewish defenders managed to convince their inquirers that the prayers alluded to the ancient powers of Biblical eras.

The preceding text is excerpted and edited from When Victims Rule, online at Jewish Tribal Review. The title is editorial; JTR’s in-text citations have been removed. I have added the quotes from Shahak. His invaluable Jewish History, Jewish Religion can be purchased from National Vanguard Books



I’m a Criminal, You’re a Criminal

by Katherine Mangu-Ward

Harvey Silverglate, a Boston-based criminal defense and civil liberties attorney, is the co-founder of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which fights speech codes on college campuses. He is also the author, most recently, of Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent (Encounter Books), a book about “how the United States Department of Justice targets all segments of civil society by means of abusive prosecutions based upon unacceptably vague federal criminal statutes and regulations.”

Senior Editor Katherine Mangu-Ward spoke with Silverglate in November.

Q: When did you notice that people were committing crimes without knowing it?

A: Starting in the mid-1980s, I noticed in my federal criminal cases that people who were being indicted would ask, “What the hell did I do to get myself indicted?” We would read the indictment, and neither I nor my law partners could figure out why the feds considered what this person did to be a crime. We weren’t contesting that the client did what he was charged with, but we couldn’t figure out when what he did had become a federal crime.

This is the same period of time when I started keeping track of what I later realized was a related phenomenon. In universities in the mid-1980s, students were being charged under these incredibly vague speech and harassment codes on campuses when the student was engaging in what the student—and I—considered to be normal college-age behavior: saying things that were provocative, sometimes kind of sharp, sometimes insulting.

I can’t help but think that they’re related, that they have something to do with a decreasing emphasis on language with real meaning, that there is a kind of corruption of the English language that enables these kinds of codes and federal statutes to wreak havoc in the lives of people who would not normally be on notice that they’re doing something that can get them thrown out of school or into federal prison.

Read more here

For more Defending civil liberties videos, click here


America’s downward spiral into a cesspool of crime, corruption, degredation, immorality and psychopathy


The Real Criminals and Terrorists of America


You’re either with the lie or against it.

‘The protests on Wall Street and around the world never mention Jews, which is a sure sign they’re fake.’

By John Kaminski

What IS your country? Is it a representation of your hopes and dreams, fostering liberty and providing a healthy way of life? Does it protect you from harm and nurture you rather than exploit you? Does it treat you fairly? Isn’t that what you voted for? Isn’t that why you love your country?

Or did you vote for endless wars all over the world that don’t actually benefit the American people? Unless you’re a moron, you know if you voted at all you voted for war, then smiled superficially at the vote counters and lied to yourself on the way home.

People all over the world are simultaneously waking up to the fact that all of their authority structures are corrupt control mechanisms of the very rich, who do not allow us to participate in their schemes. These insiders run our plantation planet and are about a hundred years ahead of us. Small wonder we can’t figure anything out. But what we can figure out is exactly what they’re doing. And stop them.

What moral American can truly believe in this sorry sequence of invasion wars meant to reduce the entire Islamic world into smoking rubble and its inhabitants into starving Palestinians? Is this savage panic due to Muslim demographics that will simply overwhelm the white industrial world in a matter of a few years? Is it the frantic last gasp of the formerly alpha ethnicity, whipped up into calls for brown-skinned genocide by totally insane pseudoreligious freaks?

All of America’s wars right now are both criminal and unjustifiable, you must know that by now, all constructed on the false flag pretense of 9/11.

Too bad all of America’s police forces work for the rich, because all major American leaders of the 21st century need to be arrested, tried and convicted for profound crimes against humanity, and most especially against their own people.

Trashing more countries than you know with remote control drones, poisoning its own citizens with demonic medical practices and airborne carcinogens, and lying about everything they do — not for the benefit of the American people — but for the benefit of their masters who suck all the money of the world into the Jewish death machine. Don’t tell me that these guys are not Jewish. You’d be showing the ignorance that is probably going to cost you your life, if it already hasn’t.

They hide the pictures of their slaughter in the same way they won’t let us see the caskets of our soldiers coming home in boxes, while the sobbing population dries their tears with caustic, synthetic flags. Most Americans all cringe in fear at the spectacle of a totally disingenuous government attacking so-called terrorists in all corners of the world that the U.S., Britain and Israel have planted there themselves. Americans don’t dare say what they feel, fearing they will lose everything they have, not knowing they’ve already lost it.

Al-Qaeda is the perfect enemy, one that keeps being reinvented every day as the vehicle for our servitude. We’re all either prisoners or guards now. You get to pick which side you’re on, and swallow hard either way. The money’s with the guards, but the truth is with the prisoners. I think it has always been that way, but never for stakes as high as this.

You’re either with the lie or against it. And it’s surprising who winds up where.

Listening to a wonderful video of retired Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel reminded me that there are decent people in the government and across America who know what’s going on and are afraid to speak the truth. They are, too late, trying to prevent their lives from being ruined. <>

The thing Americans should feel most about America at this time is shame.

I have told many people over time that using pen names and trying to remain anonymous actually sabotages your own credibility, and more importantly, damages the chances for a real, unsabotaged, honorable Jew-free coalition to take the reins from the hands of our pathological perpetrators. We all know there’s only way to do that — by removing their financial hegemony, by vaporizing their financial platform that is the source of, after four hundred years or so, ALL of the world’s social ailments.

When you don’t use your real name to sign what you write, you are telling everyone you don’t believe what you are yourself saying. You can use any kind of excuse to explain why you won’t use your name, but it’s a subliminal message to everyone that you cannot be believed. And shouldn’t be.

We must know they won’t relinquish power. No one who has it ever does. Therefore, what remnant of courageous American men remains in this defiled age must take it from them, with honor and with honesty.

The Judaic philosophy of the strong taking from the weak — and bathing people in blood — is demonstrably insane, yet it guides the world toward its ruination.

That we have been unable to identify this horrific Hidden Hand that has guided all the major political events of our lifetimes and long before is due to the same people committing these colossal crimes have control of all the media by which we orient ourselves to our lives and our society.

I remember my mother in the 1950s getting all her information from the Saturday Evening Post, CBS news and Reader’s Digest that led us all to believe that we lived in a miraculously placid world, except for a few malicious bandits in countries we never heard of. Today it’s an 18-year-old white girl toting a cashew colored baby on a skateboard rolling toward the food stamp office while checking out the world on Twitter and Facebook. Such a long ride into irrelevance that America has taken.

There are no countries anymore. Everybody knows it. There are only financial sectors, geographic markets, and everywhere, casinos masquerading as investment houses, right next to the pizza parlors selling heroin in the back room.

And an array of torpid, preprogrammed mannikins posing as presidential candidates all saying the same thing: “First, we have to pay down the deficit!” The kind of person who takes these goons seriously is the enemy of every human being on the planet.

The answer of the vast majority of Americans would be: “No we don’t,” after which they should query: “We want to know who stole our money.”

The list, starting with the Queen, the World Bank criminals, and Jewish moneylenders now and throughout history, is long. But even today, most people never ask why they never see real stories in the newspaper about real subjects, most notably who controls our lives. You see, all the newspapers are owned by the people who control our lives. And these people are all immune from laws that keep the rest of us in chains.

The protests on Wall Street and around the world never mention Jews, which is a sure sign they’re fake. We can’t fix this system without arresting and punishing the people who set it up.

The leaders of every religion on this planet have utterly failed all of us, because they are the only ones who could stop this continuous carnage, but like so many of the rest of our so-called leaders, they have succumbed — the finances of the Catholic church are controlled by the Rothschilds — to the blandishments of luxury and the poison of perversion, making them the perfectly controllable mass assassins they all turn out to be.

The failure of our religions is especially tragic because it is the element of morality that is most needed in international diplomacy to right the sinking ship of human society. But these religions are sandbagged by their own drive to commercial credibility with a product that is demonstrably unsound (evidenced by the 1700 years of bloodshed it has precipitated and approved of — converting the natives, they called it, but they left most of them to the buzzards).

It is becoming clear to all but the blindest that the morality they preach is a lie. And that’s why we have the world that we do.

There is no international terror threat, except from the Jewish bankers and Western intelligence services who, following Zbigniew Brzezinski’s entree with the Mujaheddin in Afghanistan, manufactured this ubiquitous, worldwide terror threat. How few Americans realize that the notorious Taliban are secret Jews, the notorious fifth column of Islam, offshoot of the sinister Wahhabi sect of Islam which the Saudi royal family hides behind as a smokescreen for their sadistic rule and disgusting deals with the Western oil kingpins?

How can this beautiful world, filled with so many miraculous people, be so ensnared by a colossal financial shell game that now promises to vaporize everything they’ve ever built in vast sheets of nuclear flame and poison air? Is it simply a case of humanity strangling on its own greed?

Where is the disconnect between our highest goals, which are inevitably modeled on the love of our children, and this heartburn soap opera we call our political reality, where we have stupidly traded our fear of the unknown for this continuing multi trillion dollar robbery of everyone without a single lawman ever asking a question (just like they did on 9/11)?

When law and morality collide, you have to choose. Not choosing is choosing the law. Choosing is choosing morality. Most people don’t choose. That’s why both the law, and the world, are immoral.

History is the path of least resistance. Any explanation will suffice to justify crime. I’ve said for years the world is not run by historical events, it’s run by spin — the purposefully false versions of these events. Everyone agrees that mainstream history is patently false in every instance, because it is written by the villains perpetrating the hoaxes.

By not acting to expose these lies you are helping to perpetuate them. And that, my friends, is definitely not in your long term interests.

A real government, the one we thought we had, puts families first. This government we have now, the one completely taken over by the Jews in 1913 and plundered ever since, has spent the last hundred years trying to destroy every family on Earth, and has just about succeeded.

They talk about the human family, and then run the place like a business. No wonder the world is bankrupt. We know what the problem is.

Like I always say, every person on this earth knows the difference between right and wrong. It’s just that not every person can tell the truth.

For an American to tell the truth about America today is risking a possibly endless jail sentence. The only way this threat can be neutralized is for everyone to admit the truth now, before it’s too late, the truth that the greatest threat to peace in the world and life on this planet is this Jewish American war machine, whose endless crimes and debaucheries definitely do not benefit the American people it pretends to serve.

And once you admit the truth, to put these people in jail, where they belong, for all the money they’ve deliberately stolen and the people they’ve deliberately killed.

Source: private email

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From Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Destruction of America

This very long article was written on Sept. 3, 2000, one year and eight days before 9/11.  The irony is that so much of what is written has come to pass.  Many may have already read it but I am posting it again to remind everyone that we have a duty and the responsibility to save our nation and thus our fellow Americans.  It is very long so bear with me.  Also, some of the links may be out of date.  I don’t agree with most of the religious jargon but it is included nonetheless.  We have to find a way to save ourselves and time is running out, the window of opportunity is slowly closing right before our eyes, so I beg you, help me and other patriots find a worthwhile, non-violent solution to this catastrophic event of our time.  WW~




Subject: The Destruction of America!

From: Bob1776″ < >


Sun, 3 Sep 2000 11:25:22 -0400

I received the following “anonymously written” tract via email. Please help me by pointing out any historical or factual errors that you find. I am politically very conservative and I am a Christian and I have never read anything like this before. I have sent this to you to get your take on the information in this tract. Some people have written me back and said that it is essentially accurate as to most of the individual facts presented but that the overall theory of a general conspiracy to establish a One World Government / New World Order, is bogus. Please write me back with your analysis as to the “factual” content of this tract. While I do not agree with everything written herein, I do believe that the information in this tract is worthy of general distribution. Please feel free to circulate this to anyone else you wish, to get their input. Since this is anonymously written document I suppose that there is absolutely no copyright protection and that this tract may be reprinted in whole or in part by anyone for any reason. This tract is loaded with interesting facts and appears to be historically accurate. Is it accurate or not? I recommend that you keep a copy of this tract in your word processor for future reference. Please read the Post Script (sections 42 – 51) to this tract very carefully, since it answers many questions and objections that you may have about the information presented herein. Thanks.


Powerful anonymous tract circulating on Internet

The Destruction of America!

Is it happening by chance…or…Is our nation blindly following the plan of a small but powerful group of wealthy International Bankers who are determined to rule over us as slaves in the coming


After years of study, we have become convinced that there is an internationalist plot to create a one world government and destroy American sovereignty. The Internationalists behind this plot are working in secrecy. Why? Because they know that if too many Americans wake up and learn the truth about what has been happening to our nation, and if a large number of Americans found out who the enemy really is, and if they found out how the enemy is doing his work, then these patriotic Americans would rise up and destroy those who are behind this diabolical plot. – 1

For centuries a small but powerful clique has been working towards the day when they will be able to force the United States and the nations of the world to submit to a one world government. The United Nations is a mere pawn in the arsenal of these conspirators. They are planning for the day when they can compel the American people and the nations of the world to accept a one world monetary system, which they will control, as a precursor to a one world government run by the slave masters in charge of us in the NEW WORLD ORDER. – 2

From the beginning they have known that in order to enslave us they would have to de-christianize America. They have been very successful at eliminating Christianity and the Bible as the moral compass of our nation. They have succeeded by using the federal courts which they ideologically dominate to remove Christianity and Bible study from our schools and all public institutions. It has been their plan to promote a breakdown of our families and our morality and they have been very successful in this regard. How have they done it? They exercise near complete control over Hollywood, Television and nearly all print and publishing media. They continuously produce obscene films and lascivious television shows, intentionally flooding our nation and our minds with pornographic images for the express purpose of destroying the moral fiber of our people. They have used the ACLU to remove every last vestige of God and Christianity from the public arena. – 3

In 1913 International Bankers created our national banking system, better known as the Federal Reserve System. Using banks that they have privately owned for centuries they created the Federal Reserve System as a vehicle by which to steal our nations entire supply of gold and they have left us holding paper money that will ultimately become worthless. They have used the IRS to intimidate us with financial ruin if we dare to resist their tyrannical system of taxation. – 4

U.S. Congressman Charles Lindbergh Senior, said in 1913 regarding the Federal Reserve Act, “This act establishes the most gigantic trust (monopoly) on earth… When the President (Wilson) signs the act, the invisible government by the money power, proven to exist by the Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized… The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation… From now on depression will be scientifically created. The worst legislative crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.” Ignoring warnings from such patriotic men in 1913 President Woodrow Wilson approved the Federal Reserve Act concentrating control of America’s money in the hands of the small group of men who dominate this private corporation. A decade later the former President, Woodrow Wilson, opined, “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial Nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated (centralized). The growth of the Nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world — no longer a Government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men.” Years earlier Woodrow Wilson had said the following; “There’s a power so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so pervasive, so interlocked, that you’d better not speak above your breath when you mention it, in condemnation of it.” – 5

Baron M. A. Rothschild said in the 18th century ” Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes the laws.”

One Hundred Years later President James A. Garfield (who was later assassinated) echoed Baron M.A. Rothschild when he said “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all commerce and industry.”

Those in control of the New World Order have been orchestrating this plan for centuries and they have shrewdly understood that control of the monetary systems of all nations is the key to implementing iron fisted control over the nations of the world. Nobel Prize winning economist, Paul Samuelson wrote in Economics, Fourth Edition.”The Federal Reserve is an omnipotent, benevolent counterfeiter.” We agree with Samuelson that the Fed is an omnipotent counterfeiter, however it is most certainly not “benevolent.” – 6

An integral part of the plan for world domination is the dumbing down of the average American. Those who are behind this push for one world government have used the public schools to indoctrinate our children in anti-Christian ideas and anti-American ideology. The public schools have been their primary weapon in the war to destroy our children’s future, indoctrinating them in liberalism and by intentionally giving them a substandard education. The ability of all Americans to read, to think and to reason clearly is at an all time low. One reason for this is because the public schools refuse to use phonics to teach children how to read. Why? Because colleges of education financed by the Rockefeller foundation do not teach the teachers of tomorrow the phonics method of reading instruction. Instead they use the “Look – Say” method which has proved a dismal failure (just as they planned?). Presently the public schools are more interested in teaching our children about condoms than mathematics. Why? Because those who are in control of the educational establishment know that they must demoralize and “dumb down” America before they can disarm us, suspend the United States Constitution and put us under their absolute control. – 7

boy_math.gif (10574 bytes)

Who are the people behind this powerful push for a One World Government? Generally speaking they are liberals. They are socialists, communists, union leaders, atheists, humanists, feminists, homosexuals, hedonists, bureaucrats and environmental extremists who worship the creation more than the Creator. However, the people at the very top, the movers and shakers, the absolute leaders, the wealthiest and the most influential people who live on the pinnacles of fabulous wealth and exercise real power as agents of the NEW WORLD ORDER in the innermost circles of international politics are bankers, specifically Jewish International Bankers. – 8

Every thing written in this tract is 100% factual. If you will take the time to do the research you can verify it all in your local library. One of the most famous Americans to write extensively about the power of the Jewish Internationalists was the renowned auto maker Henry Ford. He spent millions of dollars paying researchers to investigate the activities and objectives of these International Jews. He wrote a series of newspaper articles in the “Dearborn Independent” in June of 1920 that are timeless and very much worthwhile reading today. Mr. Ford’s book “The International Jew” may still be found in some libraries. – 9

In 1920 Henry Ford, in an article written for the “Dearborn Independent Newspaper”, wrote the following; –

“How does the Jew so habitually and so resistlessly gravitate to the highest places? What puts him there? Why is he put there? What does he do there? What does the fact of his being there mean to the world? That is the Jewish Question in its origin…Fifty years ago, international banking, which was mostly in control of Jews as the money brokers of the world, was on top of business. It exercised the super-control of governments and finance everywhere… the significance of this is that the type does not grow anywhere else than on a Jewish stem. There is no other racial or national type which puts forth this kind of person. It is not merely that there are a few Jews among international financial controllers; it is that these world controllers are exclusively Jews…since world-control is an ambition which has only been achieved by Jews, and not by any of the methods usually adopted by would-be world conquerors, it becomes inevitable that the question should center in that remarkable race.” A few years later Mr. Ford said “It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” In his book “The International Jew” Henry Ford Sr. wrote the following; “When the powerful Jew is at last traced and his hand revealed, then comes the ready cry of persecution and it echoes through the world press. The real cause of the persecution (which is the oppression of the people by the financial practices of the Jews) is never given publicity.” End of Henry Ford Quotes. -10

Due the unhappy convergence of certain circumstances in history regarding the catholic church and unbiblical interpretations regarding the lending of money at interest, Jews have dominated the banking industry for more than one thousand years. Remember when you studied the “Magna Carta” (The Great Charter) in school. The Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede in 1215 by King John, at the demand of his barons. This Great Charter was a landmark for the preservation of the rights of Englishmen. -11

The Magna Carta is said to contain the origins of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Written in Latin, its English translation reveals to Americans the struggle that is not new to our people. In 1215, the struggle against government’s tyranny and oppression was no different than today. –

The main grievance redressed by The Magna Carta was the administration’s policy of extortionate taxation and financial plunder of the citizens. It also addressed the English Freeman’s rights to trial by jury, Habeas Corpus, no arbitrary search and seizure, and equality before the law. –

Articles ten and eleven addressed usury and gave protection against foreclosure by ruthless usurers:

10. If anyone who has borrowed from the JEWS any amount great or small, dies before the debt is repaid, it shall not carry interest as long as the heir is under age, or whomsoever he holds; and if that debt fall into our hands, we will take nothing except the principal sum specified in the bond.

11. And if a man dies owing a debt to the JEWS, his wife may have her dower and pay nothing of that debt; and if he leaves children under age, their needs shall be met in a manner in keeping with the holding of the deceased; and the debt shall be paid out of the residue, saving the service due to the lords. Debts owing to others than Jews shall be dealt with likewise.

Nearly 800 years ago our ancestors warned us about Jewish usury via the Magna Carta. In these two articles excerpted the Magna Carta, we see that there is nothing new under the sun. Banking and usury is synonymous with Jewry. -12

Today, Jewish bankers control the United States Federal Reserve and hence the economy of our nation. According to the renowned Christian economist and author, R.E. McMaster, our Federal Reserve System is owned and run by eight Jewish families. Only three of the eight families in the following list are American; Rothschild’s of London, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Israel-Moses Seif Bank of Italy, Kuhn-Loeb of Germany, Warburg of Hamburg, Lechman Brothers of New York, Goldman-Sachs of New York and the Rockefellers of New York. (Some scholars theorize that J.F.K. was assassinated by agents of the NEW WORLD ORDER because he had defied these International Bankers by issuing an order shortly before his death to print non-Federal Reserve U.S. Treasury Notes. If it is true that JFK indeed ordered the treasury to do this, it would have destroyed the Federal Reserve System. You must remember that JFK’s father was widely reputed to be an outspoken anti-Semite.)

Here are some facts, that you may have been unaware of, about Jews:

Did you know that Jews have always been in the forefront, leading the fight in previous sessions of the United States Congress, to abolish the second amendment of the United States Constitution one step at a time by a process known as gradualism? Liberal Jews are determined to disarm the American people. They want to take away all of the guns, even those of law abiding Americans. Prominent Jewish politicians like Congressman Charles Schumer of New York, Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, Senator Diane Feinstein of California, Senator Barbara Boxer of California and former Senator Howard Metzenbaum of Ohio, are just a few of the numerous liberal Jews who have and who are presently leading the fight in the United States Congress to disarm the American people. -13

Did you know that the head of the ACLU in Michigan, Howard Simon, is a Jew? Did you know that the current national director of the ACLU is a Jewish woman by the name of Nadine Strossen? Did you know that the previous national director of the ACLU, Ira Glasser, is a Jew?

Did you know that Jews outright own or through interlocking directorates exercise complete control over all of the major media outlets, such as US News and World Report, Time magazine, The New York Times, The Washington Post, ABC, NBC, and CBS?

Here is what the former Vice President of the United States Spiro Agnew said on this subject over 20 years ago:

“”The people who own and manage national impact media are Jewish and, with other influential Jews, helped create a disastrous U.S. Mideast policy. All you have to do is check the real policy makers and owners and you find a much higher concentration of Jewish people than you’re going to find in the population. By national impact media I am referring to the major news wire services, pollsters, Time and Newsweek Magazines, the New York Times, Washington Post, and the International Herald Tribune. For example, CBS’ Mr. (William) Paley’s Jewish. Mr. Julian Goodman, who runs NBC, and there’s a Leonard Goldenson at ABC. Mrs. Katherine Graham owns the Washington Post and Mr. Sulzberger the New York Times. They are all Jews!” -14

Did you know that most of the extreme left wing political action groups in America today are run by Jews and/or were founded by Jews? The following list of left wing political action groups were all founded by and or are currently headed by Jews;

“Americans United for Separation of Church and State” (Barry Lynn, founder).

“Act Up” (Larry Kramer, founder), a homosexual activist organization.

ACLU, “American Civil Liberties Union”, an extreme left wing collection of lawyers.

NAACP, “National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” (Joel Spingarn, founder), a left wing civil rights organization,

PAW, “People for the American Way” (Ed Asner, co-founder),

NOW, “National Organization of Women”. The National Organization of Women was primarily founded by a Jewish woman by the name of Betty Friedan. Today the National Organization of Women is presided over by lesbians and feminists like Eleanor Smeal, Judy Goldsmith and Gloria Steinem all of whom are Jewish. -15

Furthermore, most of the prominent authors in the feminist movement are Jewish women. Why? Because Jew’s control the publishing industry and because Jewish women hate the Patriarchy taught in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. They hate the Patriarchy of Abraham and Moses and the Patriarchy of Jesus and the Apostle Paul.

Have you ever noticed that most of the male homosexuals who appear on TV shows are Jewish? Did you know that, in a blatant and blasphemous rejection of God’s Word, there are many Jewish Synagogues that specifically “minister” to and are almost exclusively attended by homosexuals? Did you know that the leader of the militant homosexual activist group “ACT-UP” is an angry Jewish homosexual named Larry Kramer? Did you know that 4 members of “ACT-UP” have started the even worse group “Queer Nation” who gain publicity by engaging in staging radical homosexual “kiss-in’s” at various public events? Another influential Homosexual activist group is “GLAAD.” GLAAD is the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and it was founded by openly gay playwright and actor Harvey Fierstein. Did you know that the Jewish Poet Allan Ginsberg (who the liberal, Jewish controlled media, celebrated as a genius) was a notorious child molester. The infamous poet, Ginsberg, was a pederast who had a preference for little boys? It is demonstrably true that the Jews who control Hollywood love to make films that mock Christianity and undermine religious faith. Why? Because they are vociferously anti-Christ. -16

Another example of Hollywood Jews hatred for America, morality and Christianity can be seen in the take over of Disney movie studios by Michael Eisner. Eisner has sullied the Disney name by releasing a flood of immoral, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian movies in the last few years. This is why the Southern Baptists and most mainstream Christian denominations have voted to boycott Disney movies and Disney theme parks.

Did you know that the C.E.O. of the movie studio that made the blasphemous film “The Last Temptation of Christ” was a Jew by the name of Lew Wasserman? What would the Jews do if a Christian director made a movie mocking the holocaust? The Jews can make movies that viciously mock everything that we hold sacred but if you dare to question the Hollywood version of the holocaust they will do everything in their power to ruin your life. -17

Have you ever noticed that most of the major companies that produce hard core pornographic films and magazines are owned or controlled by Jews? Not only in Hollywood but in the underworld of the Jewish Mafia. Bosses such as the late “Bugsy” Siegel and Meyer Lansky are infamously known for their involvement in both prostitution and the production of pornographic films. Meyer Lansky was known as the “Godfather of the Godfathers” and “The Mafia’s Banker.” Lansky once bragged “We are bigger than U.S. Steel.” “Bugsy” Siegel, a Jew, was the creator of Las Vegas. Las Vegas was completely, absolutely a creation of organized crime syndicates controlled by Jews. Jews have made huge sums of money, hundreds of billions of dollars, in this nation by promoting and profiting from the “gambling industry” in Las Vegas and other cities to which this cancer has spread. They have made billions more trafficking in pornography, illegal liquor, prostitution and drugs. Jews like Samuel Bronfman and his son’s, who are the billionaire owners of the Seagrams Whiskey conglomerate, started out during prohibition selling illegal whiskey in the USA. The truth is, Jews controlled organized crime, not Italians, as Hollywood has told the story. Did you ever notice that Jewish producers and directors dominate the pornographic movie industry? There is no doubt that these liberal atheist Jews are a cancer in Christian America. But the truth of their despicable activities are concealed from the average American citizen. -18

Did you know that it was Jewish bankers in New York City, like Jacob Schiff, et al, who gave the Marxist Leninists Twenty Million Dollars ($500 million in 1998 dollars) to finance a Communist Revolution in Russia in 1917. By this single treacherous act, the Jewish International Bankers involved in this plot have made themselves responsible for the deaths of all the hundreds of millions of innocents slaughtered by Communists around the world? It is a fact that communism was originally known by most people as “Jewish Bolshevism.”

HILAIRE BELLOC, renowned historian in G. K.’s WEEKLY, February 4, 1937 wrote “The propaganda of Communism throughout the world, in organization and direction is in the hands of Jewish agents. As for anyone who does not know that the Bolshevist movement in Russia is Jewish, I can only say that he must be a man who is taken in by the suppression of our deplorable press.”

Did you know that almost all of the major players in the formative years of the communist ideology were Jews? Did you know that Karl Marx and Trotsky were Jews. Lenin’s grandfather was Jewish. In America the leader of the communist party for decades was a Jew by the name of Gus Hall. Jew’s in every nation have been the leaders and financiers of communism throughout the history of the 19th and 20th century.

Here is what the famous journalist and playright Myron Fagon had to say on this subject in a remarkable speech he gave in the 1960’s;

“Now there’s only one question and that is to prove that the communist regime is directly controlled by the American Jacob Schiff and London Rothschild masterminds of the great conspiracy. A little later I will provide that proof that will remove even a remote doubt that the Communist Party, as we know it, was created by those masterminds (capitalists if you will note); that Schiff, the Warburgs, and the Rothschilds planned and financed the entire Russian Revolution, the murder of the Czar and his family, and that Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin took their orders directly from Schiff and the other capitalists whom they supposedly are fighting. -19

In an article written by Winston Churchill and published in the Sunday Herald Newspaper in February 8th, 1920 titled “A struggle for the soul of the Jewish people,” Churchill said the following “Some people like Jews and some do not; but no thoughtful man can doubt the fact that they are beyond all question the most formidable and the most remarkable race which has ever appeared in the world…. And it may well be that this same astounding race may at the present moment be in the actual process of producing another system of morals and philosophy, as malevolent as Christianity was benevolent, which, if not arrested, would shatter irretrievably all that Christianity has rendered possible. It would almost seem as if the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Antichrist were destined to originate among the same people; and that this mystic and mysterious race had been chosen for the supreme manifestations, both of the divine and the diabolical…. In violent opposition to all this sphere of Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all of them, have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt (Ed. Note: He is referring here to Adam Weishaupt the 18th century founder of the Illuminati which infiltrated Free Masonry and eventually fomented the terrifyingly bloody French Revolution.) to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilization and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire. There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part atheistical Jews. It is certainly a very great one; it probably outweighs all others…. the majority of the leading figures are Jews. Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders. Thus, Tchitcherin, a pure Russian, is eclipsed by his nominal subordinate Litvinoff, and the influence of Russians like Bukharin or Lunacharski cannot be compared with the power of Trotsky, or of Zinovieff, the Dictator of the Red Citadel (Petrograd), or of Krasin or Radek–all Jews. In the Soviet institutions the predominance of Jews is even more astonishing. And the prominent, if not indeed the principal, part in the system of terrorism applied by the Extraordinary Commissions for Combating Counter-Revolution has been taken by Jews, and in some notable cases by Jewesses. The same evil prominence was obtained by Jews in the brief period of terror during which Bela Kun ruled in Hungary. The same phenomenon has been presented in Germany (especially in Bavaria), so far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. Although in all these countries there are many non-Jews every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the latter in proportion to their numbers is astonishing…. Needless to say, the most intense passions of revenge have been excited in the breasts of the Russian people…. Wherever General Denikin’s authority could reach, protection was always accorded to the Jewish population, and strenuous efforts were made by his officers to prevent reprisals and to punish those guilty of them…. The fact that in many cases Jewish interests and Jewish places of worship are excepted by the Bolsheviks from their universal hostility has tended more and more to associate the Jewish race in Russia with the villainies which are now being perpetrated.” End of Quote by Winston Churchill. -20

It is a fact that Jewish Internationalists have financed and supported communism around the world. For instance, did you know that during the years Nelson Mandela spent in prison, the defacto leader of the African National Congress was a murderous Jewish Communist butcher named Joe Slovo. Slovo, when he was alive, was Nelson Mandela’s right hand man in the ANC? Did you know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “There is nothing wrong with communists, some of my best friends are communists?” Did you know that FDR’s administration was filled with Jewish communists? Did you know that the chief architect of the evil “Ponzi Scheme” known as the Social Security System was a Jew by the name of DR Robert J. Myers? Did you know that FDR and his Jewish friends in the banking community put America into a state of emergency in 1933. First they closed all of the banks. Then they took the dollar off of the gold standard and they made it illegal for American citizens to own gold. The United States, in Congress assembled, declared bankruptcy in 1933. Later FDR and company greatly increased the income tax and implemented the payroll deduction of taxes including the Social Security tax. In support of that “policy,” congress has enacted provisions for emergency rule whereby the International bankers could be satisfied. However, this satisfaction requires that Americans surrender their sovereignty, freedom, property rights, labor, and even their beloved children to the State, who now manage the “human resources” for the benefit of the New World Order.

Did they teach you any of this in the rotten liberal public school system? NO? Well it all happened in the 1930’s and 1940’s while FDR was President. -21

Did you know that Jewish liberals, Jewish traitors and Jewish spies have been in the forefront of the communist takeover of nations around the world? Did you know that Communist Russia did not have an Atomic Bomb until some “American” Jewish spies named Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sold them the information they required to build a nuclear bomb? Did you know that the Rosenberg’s were executed by the United States government for treason? In April 1951 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, were in court. They were being tried for treason against the United States. The Judge sitting on the bench, Judge Irving Kaufman is recorded to have said “Plain, deliberate, contemplated murder is dwarfed in magnitude by comparison with the crime you have committed,” he told Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, “I believe your conduct in putting into the hands of the Russians the A-bomb…has already caused the Communist aggression in Korea…and who knows but that millions more of innocent people may pay the price of your treason.”

“I have deliberated for hours, days and nights,” said Judge Kaufman. “I have searched my conscience to find some reason for mercy. I am convinced, however, that I would violate the solemn and sacred trust that the people of this land have placed in my hands were I to show leniency…The sentence of the court upon Julius and Ethel Rosenberg is that, for their crime, they are sentenced to death.” End of Quote by Judge Kaufman.

How many millions of people have needlessly died in countries around the world because of that one treasonous act? What if it had taken the Soviets another 10 or 20 years to build a nuclear bomb? Was the communist take over of China inevitable? Absolutely not. If the Russian communists did not have the bomb America would have been more freely able to aggressively fight the advance of communism in China.

Would there have been a Korean war if China had never been taken over by the communists? Absolutely not. Would there have been a war in Vietnam if communism would have been crushed in it’s infancy? Absolutely not! Would four million Cambodians have been murdered by the “Red Army” if China had never gone communist? Absolutely not. What about the dozens of deadly communist slaughters in nations around the world, do you think that these wars would have taken place if these Jewish traitors, the Rosenbergs and others, had never given the secrets of the atomic bomb to the communists? The answer is NO. It is very likely that none of these wars, none of these communist takeovers, none of the mass slaughters of innocent Christians in communist nations around the world, none of these atrocities would have happened if America would have maintained unilateral nuclear superiority and if Russia had never been taken over by the Jewish Bolsheviks or if Russia had not gotten the bomb so early in the cold war. -22

Did you know that even the so called father of the Atom Bomb, an American Jew named Robert Oppenheimer, in 1954 had his security clearance revoked because he had been judged to be a security risk? An Israeli Jew by the name of Victor Ostrovsky who was formerly an agent of the Israeli (Top Secret spy/security agency) Mossad wrote in his bestselling book “By Way of Deception” that the motto of the Mossad is “By way of deception shalt thou do war.” The Israeli government tried to ban the publication of this book because it shows just how corrupt this Jewish security agency has become. In his book Victor Ostrovsky explained that Jews in all nations have a double allegiance. Their first allegiance is to the Jewish people and Israel. Their second allegiance is to the nation wherein they live. Ostrovsky left the Mossad after being thoroughly disgusted by the immorality of the agency. -23

David Horowitz is an American Jew who was very liberal in the 1960’s and is now, politically speaking, very conservative. In his book “Destructive Generation” he relates that both of his parents were communists. Furthermore Horowitz states that United States Senator Joseph McCarthy was 100% right when he said that our government was rife with communists. Senator McCarthy later died under very suspicious circumstances after the Jewish media had defamed and discredited him. The main thesis of the Horowitz book is that the 1960’s were very destructive to all that is good and right in America. Horowitz relates that one of the primary goals of the communists in the 1960’s was to promote a breakdown of sexual morality. Why? Because they saw that as the quickest way to weaken the supporting pillars of the Republic of America. The pillars of “Faith in God” and “Strong Families headed by monogamous patriarchs” were seen as the major obstacles to the implementation of communism. Most of the Jews in power today are still pursuing this very same course of action by producing TV shows, movies and books that mock Christianity and undermine traditional morality.

All this instructs us, that just as Victor Ostrovsky wrote in his book that there are innumerable Jews in the nations of the world who will spy on their own governments or commit other nefarious acts in the service of the Israeli Mossad, and that therefore, generally speaking, Jews should not, indeed, cannot be regarded as American patriots who are worthy of our trust and high security clearances. Are there exceptions to this rule? Absolutely. However, as a general rule Jews are not, first and foremost, American patriots. They serve two masters. They have a double allegiance. They are Jewish first and American second. Their first concern is the well being of their fellow Jews in the nation of Israel and international Jewry as a whole and then in a distant second is their loyalty to the land of their birth, America.

Did you know that the most infamous spies in the history of America, have been Jews? Did you know that the traitorous American spy Jonathan Pollard, was another in a long list of untrustworthy Jews who have a greater allegiance to Israel than they do to their home land of America? What about the traitorous American spy Alger Hiss, who was convicted of being an American member of the Communist Party and was also one of the principal founders of the United Nations, was he a Jew? Yes. Alger Hiss was the number two man in President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration and a leader in formulating and administering both our foreign policy and relations with the Soviet Union. Alger Hiss was the principal author of the United Nations Charter. He was the UN’s first Secretary General in April 1945. In February of 1945 at the Yalta Conference when the United States conceded Eastern Europe to the nightmare of communist control, Alger Hiss was the chief aide to Secretary of State Edward Stettinius who was second only to FDR himself. -24

Have you ever noticed that a large percentage of the comedians who do the most shocking, filthy and degrading humor are Jews? Did you know that the so called radio shock jock Howard Stern is a Jew? Did you know that “Dr. Ruth” Westheimer, the nationally known “sex therapist”, is a Jew? She is another example in an endless list of Jew’s who are actively engaged in the destruction of Christian moral values. She is despised in conservative Christian churches because she endlessly espouses the so called “safe sex” concept for teenage children. -25

Have you noticed that the assault, via television, on moral values in America has become an overwhelming barrage? The attack is being led by “Comedy Shows” and TV “Talk Shows” which feature deranged persons as guests describing every perversion imaginable. These shows are almost exclusively directed, produced and or hosted by Jews. Watch for their names when the credits roll at the end of the show. Did you know that Roseanne Barr, Ricky Lake, Maury Povich and Jerry Springer are all Jews?

Did you know that Jews were the leading slave traders in the 17 and 18th centuries? We are sure that your high school history teacher must have told you about this. They captured and sold hundreds of thousands of African slaves in early America? But now the Jew pretends to be the friend of black Americans. In the 20th century the Jews have cynically used black Americans to advance their socialist New World Order agenda. In so doing the Jews have facilitated the destruction of the majority of black American families. Liberal Jews have led the battle to force welfare programs through Congress. These welfare programs seem to have been intentionally designed to weaken the black family rather than help them. Jewish liberals have intentionally promoted the sexual debauchery rampant in the black community through many of the different avenues already listed here. Why did they do this? For the obscene profits they have made popularizing vice? Yes. But they also did it for the purpose of undermining America’s Christian moral values and for the purpose of advancing their socialist agenda. The decay of black families in America has been intentionally propagated because it functioned as a part of their plan to further the implementation of the NEW WORLD ORDER. For decades now the Jews in control of our media have encouraged the epidemic of crack cocaine usage in the inner cities. How? By producing movies, television shows, and publishing books and magazines glamorizing drug usage, making it appear fun and socially acceptable. -26

Have you ever heard of the Jews Holy book known as the Talmud? The Jews consider the Talmud to be an authoritative compendium of Jewish oral law. Jewish Rabbi’s consider the Talmud to be on an equal footing with the Old Testament scriptures. Some of the things that are written in the Talmud are so shocking to the ordinary person that you will scarcely believe these excerpts to be true teachings from the Talmud which are both believed and followed by the Jews. However, if you will take the time to investigate, you will find that we have accurately quoted the Talmud. In the Talmud there are a thousand

reminders to the Jew that he is absolutely superior to all other life forms:

Vayikra Rabba 36 “Heaven and earth were created only for the sake of the Jews.”

Baba Mezia 114a-114b. Only Jews are human (” Only ye are designated men” ).

“The Jews are human beings, but the goyim are not human beings; they are only beasts.”

Menahoth 43b-44a . A Jewish man is obligated to say the following prayer every day: Thank you God for not making me a Gentile, a woman or a slave.

Kethuboth 11b . ” When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing.”

Sanhedrin 106a . Says “Jesus mother was a whore.”

Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (Gentile) hits a Jew, the Gentile must be killed. Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God.

Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a Gentile (” Cuthean” ) the wages owed him for work.

Baba Mezia 24a . If a Jew finds an object lost by a Gentile (” heathen” ) it does not have to be returned.

Midrash Talpioth 225 “Yahweh created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form and is condemned to serve the Jew day and night.”

So much for Jewish egalitarianism. Jewish compassion for Blacks in America today is as much a fraud as was the claim of Jewish sympathy for the poor people in Russia on the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution.

Unfortunately, due to the abysmal ignorance of our day, the widespread Christian notion is that the Old Testament is the supreme book of Judaism. But this is not so. The Pharisees teach for doctrine the commandments of rabbis, not God; the Talmudic commentary on the Bible is their supreme law and not the Bible itself. That commentary does indeed, as Jesus said, void the laws of God, not uphold them. Britains Jewish Chronicle of March 26, 1993 states that in religious school (yeshiva), Jews are ” devoted to the Talmud to the exclusion of everything else.” The Scribes claim the Talmud is partly a collection of traditions Moses gave them in oral form. These had not yet been written down in Jesus time. Christ condemned the traditions of the Mishnah (early Talmud) and those who taught it (Scribes and Pharisees), because it nullified Biblical teachings. -27

Another way Jews have contributed to the drug epidemic and the general decay of our nation is through their obvious perversion of our legal system. Jewish lawyers, judges and other liberals have used our courts to tie the hands of law enforcement personnel, giving criminals more rights than the victims of crime. The next time you hear about a vicious criminal being found not guilty of some brutal rape or murder because of the claim of “Temporary Insanity,” you can thank the liberal Jewish Psychiatrists who invented this unjust, demented, twisted piece of courtroom psycho-babble. In the warped thinking of these psychiatrists, guilt or innocence is irrelevant. In the warped philosophy of these Jewish psycho-babblers, they insist that we should “baby the guilty killers” and on the other hand they promote the abortion holocaust telling women that they should “kill their innocent babies.” What in God’s name is wrong with people who think like this?

You must learn and remember that Jews hate Christianity. Why? Because of the pogroms they have endured through the centuries in Europe at the hands of unchristian religious men. But today the primary reason is that they claim, and they actually seem to believe, that Hitler was a Christian. However, you can be sure that 99% of the people who will read this tract have never been told that Hitler was substantially financed by wealthy Jewish Internationalists such as the Rothchild’s. -28

Myron Fagon, the famous playwright and journalist said in a speech given circa 1965 that these internationalists had plans for 3 world wars. Regarding the International Bankers plans for World War II he said the following;

“…let it be noted that Hitler was financed by Krupp, the Warburgs, the Rothschilds, and other internationalist bankers and that the slaughter of the supposed 600,000 Jews by Hitler didn’t bother the Jewish internationalist bankers at all. That slaughter was necessary in order to create worldwide hatred of the German people and thus bring about war against them. In short; this second world war was to be fought to destroy nazism and increase the power of political zionism so that the state of Israel could be established in Palestine.”

Why did these super wealthy Jews financially back Adolf Hitler? Because these Jewish International Bankers are driven by an insatiable lust for power.

In their cruel, but well-calculated plan to enslave the world, these wealthy International Bankers, the Rothchild’s, et al, were apparently woefully incognizant of Hitler’s potential for evil, (even though it was plainly evident in his autobiography “Mein Kampf”), or else it seems that they evidently were willing to sacrifice some of their less fortunate Jewish brethren in the pursuit of profit and world domination. If the latter is true, if they were aware of Hitler’s evil potential as spelled out in his book “Mein Kampf”, then they must have cynically judged that if Hitler tried to carry out his plans against the Jews then he would not get very far. Or perhaps they may have reasoned that if Hitler was successful in conducting a little persecution against some less fortunate Jews, that this persecution would yield a great benefit in that it would allow their race to further solidify their claim on the much coveted title of “victim” which would enable them to forcefully demand the creation of a homeland in Palestine for the Jews. Today, it is the incessant plaintive Jewish cry of holocaust victimization that has licensed them to make endless Hollywood movies about the Nazi’s murder of European Jews while ignoring the hundreds of millions of victims, many of whom were Christians, of Jewish backed communism around the world. As Pat Buchanan wrote in his autobiography “Once Hitler was dead, Hitlerism was dead. Communism, however, did not die with Lenin or Stalin. Wherever it triumphed, churches have been gutted, priests massacred, and children indoctrinated in Communist lies; the family has been subordinated to the state, and the betrayal of friends has become a matter of duty.” End of Pat Buchanan Quote. -29

Hitler[1].jpg (2553 bytes)

The Jews method of propagandizing the American public has been so effective that many people who read this tract find themselves becoming angry without fully understanding why. Many good honest people will be surprised to find themselves almost automatically reacting irrationally with strong feelings of hostility towards the information presented here, even though they are unable to deny the truth of the information presented in this tract. If that describes the way you feel now, we ask you to consider the possibility that your inability to calmly give rational reasons explaining what you believe are the factual errors presented herein and your inability to explain why you are angry, strongly indicates that you have been the subject of an indoctrination program or a propaganda campaign.

After reading this tract some have urged us to use the term “Illuminati” instead of the term “Jew.” We wrote them back and told them that the Illuminati was founded by a Jew and financed by the Rothchilds who are powerful Jewish international bankers.

Here is what the famous journalist and playright Myron Fagon had to say on this subject in a famous speech he gave in the 1960’s; “this satanic plot (New World Order/One World Government) was launched back in the 1760’s when it first came into existence under the name “Illuminati.”

allseeingeye.jpg (2204 bytes)

This Illuminati was organized by one Adam Weishaupt, born a Jew, who was “converted” to Catholicism and became a Catholic priest, and then, at the behest of the then newly organized House of Rothschild, defected and organized the Illuminati. Naturally the Rothschilds financed that operation, and every war since then beginning with the French Revolution has been promoted by the Illuminati operating under various names and guises. I say under various names and guises because after the Illuminati was exposed and became notorious, Weishaupt and his co-conspirators began to operate under various other names. In the United States, immediately after World War I, they set up what they called the “Council on foreign Relations,” commonly referred to as the CFR, and this CFR is actually the Illuminati in the United States and its hierarchy.” This speech by Myron Fagon was recorded and sold millions of copies in the USA during the 1960’s. The entire speech can be both read and heard on the Internet at the following web site;

Myron Fagan audio files as these files are “irreplaceable” and their existence on this Web Page cannot be guaranteed.

  Myron Fagan – Part I    Time = 24 min,  42 sec.
  Myron Fagan – Part II   Time = 23 min,  50 sec.
  Myron Fagan – Part III   Time = 22 min,  30 sec.
  Myron Fagan – Part IV   Time = 26 min,  10 sec.
  Myron Fagan – Part V   Time = 27 min,  13 sec.
  Myron Fagan – Part VI   Time = 26 min,  59 sec.
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. -30

Attention Christians; please stop and consider the fact that Jews get sick to their stomach every time a prayer is offered “in the name of Jesus.” Why? Because they regard such prayers as blasphemous. Remember, Jews teach their children that Jesus was a liar, his mother was a whore and that the resurrection of Christ was a fraud. This is the primary reason Jews are strongly anti-Christ. Jews are compelled, perhaps even unconsciously, to lead the drive to expunge the name of Christ from our schools, our courtrooms, our government and every public arena. They are “specially anti-Christ” in a way that ordinary pagans and sinners are not and never will be.

Another reason that Jews are “specially anti-Christ” and immutably hate Christianity is because they blame Christians for the persecutions they have endured through the centuries. Because of their collective memories of pogroms they have suffered in the past, the Jewish people have an unconscious (and sometimes conscious) desire and a publicly unspoken mission to destroy Christianity in America. In an article written by Nationally syndicated columnist Joseph Sobran in September 1995, Mr Sobran wrote; “Not only persecution of Jews but any critical mention of Jewish power in the media and politics is roundly condemned as “anti-semitism.” But there isn’t even a term of opprobrium for participation in the mass murder of Christians. Liberals still don’t censure the Communist attempt to extirpate Christianity from Soviet Russia and its empire, and for good reason – liberals themselves, particularly Jewish liberals, are still trying to uproot Christianity from America.” End Of Joseph Sobran Quote. A.N. FIELD, in his essay “Today’s Greatest Problem” said “Once the Jewishness of Bolshevism is understood, its otherwise puzzling features become understandable. Hatred of Christianity, for instance, is not a Russian characteristic; it is a Jewish one.”

The Christian church was not always so blind to Jewish malevolence toward their faith. But Christianity and Protestant Christianity has been intentionally “Judiaized” by those such as Darby and Scofield who advanced the heresy of Pre-Millenialism within the church (To understand more about this subject see the PS (Post Script) written to Christians at the end of this tract and read the book “Last Days Madness” by author Gary Demar.). It has gotten so bad that many churches nearly worship the state of Israel and fear cursing Jews more than they fear God. But it was not always this way in the body of Christ. Here are four quotes by the renowned 16th century Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, an eminent Theologian who was a leading patriarch in the Protestant Reformation.

“Know, O adored Christ, and make no mistake, that aside from the Devil, you have no enemy more venemous, more desperate, more bitter than a true Jew who truly seeks to be a Jew…A Jew, a Jewish heart, are hard as wood, as stone, as iron, as the Devil himself. In short, they are children of the Devil, condemned to the flames of hell.”

“Do not their Talmud and rabbis write that it is no sin to kill if a Jew kills a heathen, but it is a sin if he kills a brother in Israel? It is no sin if he does not keep his oath to a heathen. Therefore, to steal and rob (as they do with their money lending) from a heathen, is a divine service… And they are the masters of the world and we are their servants – yea, their cattle!”

“Now what are we going to do with these rejected, condemned Jewish people?… Let us apply the ordinary wisdom of other nations like France, Spain, Bohemia, et al., who made them give an account of what they had stolen through usury, and divided it evenly; but expelled them from their country”

“They are our public enemies and incessantly blaspheme our Lord Jesus Christ, they call our Blessed Virgin Mary a harlot and her Holy Son a bastard and to us they give the epithet of changelings and abortions.”

Today Martin Luther is being denounced for anti-semitism. If he were alive in the 20th century and said these very same things, he would be silenced and excoriated in spite of the fact that he would be telling the truth. Everything he said in the four quotes above is still 100% true. -31

Sadly, in most American Churches, Catholic and Protestant, the Priests and the Pastors have forgotten the importance of teaching and reminding Christians that Jew’s by their very nature, due to their religion and upbringing, are virulently, relentlessly “specially anti-Christ.” Tragically the American church has been intimidated into silence by the IRS. Conspiracy theorists allege that the IRS is a mere branch of the Federal Reserve System and is not a Federal agency at all. We have looked at the evidence and we have concluded that it does seem to indicate that the IRS is indeed a private non-governmental corporation. Jewish control of the Federal Reserve System is indisputable and if these theorists are correct then Jews also control the IRS. This needs to be investigated in depth to determine the truth.

Fear of the IRS is so pervasive in America today that churches are now afraid to even discuss, let alone protest, the blatantly anti-Christian activities that the American Jewish community now runs, funds and supports. Jews are giving millions of dollars to numerous maliciously anti-Christian organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (A.C.L.U.), Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, People for the American Way (P.A.W.) and the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.). Conservative Christian churches now have good cause to be afraid of speaking about these things because the Jewish controlled American Bar Association is now giving seminars, teaching lawyers how to bring successful lawsuits against churches. In the next few years you will see Jewish owned law firms bringing many more patently ridiculous lawsuits against Christian churches in a further attempt to destroy them. Did you notice that both of President Clinton’s appointments to the Supreme court were far left wing, God hating, pro-abortion, anti-Christ Jews? -32

Friends, it has gone so far now, that the Jews, in the “Holocaust Lobby” at the “Simon Wiesenthal Center” and the “ADL”, intent on nurturing their posture as holocaust victims, have been successful in getting laws passed in the states of Florida and New Jersey, requiring children to take classes to study about the “Jewish Holocaust” and ignore the numerous Jewish inspired “Christian Holocausts.” Ironically, at the same time there are now more and more “Revisionist” scholars coming forward and saying that the history of the holocaust as presented by Hollywood is rife with fraudulent claims and exceedingly phony exaggerations. Due to the courage, hard work and scholarly investigation of these “Revisionists,” many of the so called “atrocities” supposedly committed by the German people during “the holocaust” have been shown to be outright lies. For instance, those who once claimed that Jews were made into soap and lampshades by the Nazi’s have now been silenced because it has been incontrovertibly proven that this was a complete fabrication made up by the Jewish holocaust lobby. “Revisionist” scholars insist that less than 600,000 Jews died in Nazi’s camps in World War II, not six million as is claimed in fictional movies produced by Hollywood Jews. This is not the first time in history that Jews have made false claims regarding persecution. The Jewish Talmud contains false claims of genocide by the Roman empire against Jews. For instance the Talmud book makes the following allegations;

Gittin 57b . Claims that four billion Jews were killed by the Romans in the city of Bethar.

Gittin 58a claims that 16 million Jewish

children were wrapped in scrolls and burned alive by the Romans.

Ancient demography indicates that there were not 16 million Jews in the entire world at that time, much less 16 million Jewish children or four billion Jews.

Related to this topic of ancient Jewish Talmudic exaggerations of persecution is the fact that revisionist scholars have pointed out that the Jewish population in Europe was higher at the end of W.W.II than it was in the beginning of the war. The Revisionists say this proves that there was no holocaust of the proportions claimed by Hollywood propagandists. All Historians acknowledge that many of the Jews killed by the Germans were communists who were sworn enemies of the German state.

Revisionists also say they have proven that many of the Jews who died in the camps were not executed, but rather they died from exposure to infectious diseases such as typhus and the harsh conditions of camp life. Remember, during WWII, Germany was a nation engaged in an all out war for it’s very survival and the majority of it’s resources were going to support the war effort. Furthermore, you should never forget that worldwide more than 25 million non-Jews lost their lives in W.W.II. More than 100 million people around the world have been killed, in the last 80 years, by communists who have been financed and supported in large part by a strong Jewish presence in the worldwide communist movement. Any honest historian can tell you that tens of millions of innocent Christian people, were slaughtered by the communists in nations around the world. In every nation that they conquered, the communists systematically murdered thousands and millions of Christians. If this is true, and it is, do you think that the German people should continue to suffer having guilt heaped upon them over the comparatively small number of Jews who were killed in World War II? Definitely not. Why? Because Jews seem intent on ignoring the fact that tens of millions of Christians were murdered in Russia and the Ukraine and other nations that were ruled by Jewish Bolshevism, again more commonly known as communism. Have the Jews in Hollywood made even one movie or documentary telling the truth about the communist holocaust against Christians? No! They don’t want you to remember or even know about the numerous Christian Holocausts that took place in this bloody 20th century. -33

British Historian Paul Johnson in his book “Modern Times,” says that in the 1920’s the Jews did to Germany what the Jews are doing in America today, I.E., flooding it with perversion via the theaters and corrupting the nation with liberalism. Just as they did in Germany, American Jews are wrongly using our courts and institutions of higher learning to force a type of anti-Christian liberalism upon our nation. In the 1920’s, by their own actions, the Jews made themselves a stench in the nostrils of the average German citizen. Hitler, being an evil genius, capitalized on the deep seated frustration of the German people with the filth that the Jews had wrought in their nation. This is one of the principal reasons Hitler was able to perpetrate his evil upon the Jews and upon the nation of Germany. Please, stop and think about the “facts” you are reading. Are the facts we are presenting in this tract TRUE, or, are they LIES? We promise that they are 100% true as you will find out in the next few years as you begin to open your eyes and behold the manifold ways that liberal Jews are corrupting America. -34

It is almost impossible now for many American business’s to remain competitive in the international market place due to the imposition of endless slip and fall lawsuits, manufacturer’s liability lawsuits and other types of nuisance lawsuits initiated by lawyers advertising on TV and encouraging everyone to join the lawsuit lottery. The worst of these lawyers are those like Sam Bernstein, who rapaciously use our courtrooms as their own personal arena of “legal” plunder. Because of this many American industries have left the country and some such as small airplane manufacturing, have been completely driven out of business by these greedy lawsuit mad attorneys. The lawyers who use the courts in this manner are worse than parasites. They are virtually draining the life blood from our society as they line their bank accounts with the money they have stolen from the pockets of millions of honest, hardworking American men and women by pushing insurance costs through the roof.

Did you know that in the early American colonies Jews were prohibited from holding office because they were rightly recognized as being anti-Christ and therefore anti-American? Yes, we strongly agree with President George Washington who said, that “anyone who is intentionally anti-Christ, is and should be, regarded as anti-American.” There is no disputing that Jews have proven themselves to be strongly anti-Christ and by extension anti-American according to the proclamation of our first President as quoted above. During the War for Independence General Washington spoke further regarding the Jews when he said: “They (the Jews) work more effectively against us, than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in… It is much to be lamented that each state, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.” -35

Because our public education system is doing such a poor job of educating children most Americans do not know that America was founded as a Christian Nation. Most Americans are unaware of the fact that in the original thirteen colonies Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and atheists, were not allowed to vote or hold elected office. Only those who took a Trinitarian oath could vote, run for, and hold office. It is important to remember that each of the original 13 colonies in America, after the War for Independence was won, were sovereign states. Each of the 13 colonies were in actuality 100% sovereign nations. Most Americans are unaware of the fact that Nine of the original Thirteen colonies had “State Churches” at the time of the signing of the US Constitution in 1787, from this fact alone you can clearly see that the founding fathers did not write a separation of church and state into the US Constitution to be applied to the states or forced upon the states by the federal government. The doctrine of “Separation of church and state” as it is currently interpreted by the US Supreme Court is an invention of liberals who hate Christianity. Furthermore, every one of the original thirteen colonies had very strong sanctions against blasphemy, against the taking of the name of the Father, the Son or the Holy Spirits name in vain. America was a Christian nation before the liberals rewrote history and de-christianized America. These Christ hating liberals are very close to absolutely destroying the peace and prosperity that we once enjoyed in America. -36

Have you ever noticed that almost all of the Jews heard on radio and TV support the drive for government controlled health care, i.e., socialized medicine in America? Have you ever noticed that the Jewish radio talk show host Dr. Dean Edell is constantly beating the drum for socialized medicine (when he is not talking about some sexual perversion)? Have you ever noticed that, almost without exception, all prominent Jewish doctors defend and promote the abortion holocaust? These Jewish doctors say “While I am personally opposed to abortion, I believe that it must be left up to the woman to choose”… whether or not to kill her baby. Why do they take this position? Because International Jewry and their fellow travelers, the liberal elite’s who are advancing One World Government in the name of a New World Order, are very concerned about population control and they are especially concerned with controlling the birth rate of those whom they regard as inferior races. Most Jews, especially those who are well known to the general public via the media, are vehemently pro-abortion. In fact, we are not aware of the name of even one Jew who is both pro-life and prominently featured as a frequent guest in the media or on the national talk shows. Do you know even one prominent pro-life Jew? At the time of this writing we do not know of even one Jew who is “prominent” in the national media who is conspicuously pro-life. -37

Every American President for the last 80 years has been subservient to the “Shadow government.” The “shadow government” is another name for those who control our government from behind the scenes. The shadow government in America is the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve System. Congressman Louis McFadden, House Committee on Banking and Currency Chairman from 1920 to 1931 stated: “When the Federal Reserve Act was passed, the people of these United States did not perceive that a world banking system was being set up here. A super-state controlled by international bankers and industrialists…acting together to enslave the world…Every effort has been made by the Fed to conceal its powers but the truth is–the Fed has usurped the government.” Rep. McFadden testified in Congress (1933). There were at least two attempts on his life by gunfire. He died of suspected poisoning after attending a banquet.

Following are three more quotes by Congressman McFadden.

“The Federal Reserve [Banks] are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my voice who does not know that this Nation is run by the International Bankers.”

“The Federal Reserve Bank of New York is eager to enter into close relationship with the Bank for International Settlements….The conclusion is impossible to escape that the State and Treasury Departments are willing to pool the banking system of Europe and America, setting up a world financial power independent of and above the Government of the United States.” (Rep. Louis McFadden – Chairman of the House Committee on Banking and Currency quoted in the New York Times June 1930)

Speaking on the subject of the Stock Market Crash and the resulting depression in the 1930’s Louis McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking Committee declared: “It was not accidental. It was a carefully contrived occurrence…The international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so that they might emerge as rulers of us all.”

Curtis Dall, son-in-law of FDR and a syndicate manager for Lehman Brothers, an investment firm, was on the N.Y. Stock Exchange floor the day of the crash. In his book, FDR: My Exploited Father-In-Law, he states: “…it was the calculated ‘shearing’ of the public by the World-Money powers triggered by the planned sudden shortage of call money in the New York Market.”-38

Through their control of the Federal Reserve System, Jews like Alan Greenspan, who is presently the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, control the interest rates in the nations banks and thereby they exercise complete control over the American economy. By their control of the economy they can make or break any American President. President James A. Madison warned “History shows that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain control over governments by controlling the money and the issuance of it.”

President Thomas Jefferson once said “I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid posterity under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale” and “The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our Constitution. I am an enemy to all banks, discounting bills or notes for anything but coin. If the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent that their fathers conquered.” End of Jefferson Quotes. Thomas Jefferson was prophetic when he spoke these words. America is now mortgaged to the hilt and when it all collapses, the Jewish International Bankers will end up owning everything. They gave us paper “money” and we gave them everything, our labor, our inventions, our land and our possessions. If we do not stop this crime from continuing we will end up very much like serfs from the middle ages who had to rent land from the Land-Lords. President Abraham Lincoln also warned us of these dangerous International bankers when he said “The money power preys upon the nation in times of peace & conspires against it in times of war. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as public enemies, all who even question its methods or throw light upon its crimes. I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me & the financial institutions at the rear, the latter is my greatest foe.” -39

Benjamin Disraeli who was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1874 until 1880 “became” a Christian in 1817 although both of his parents were Jews. Prior to 1858, Jews were excluded from the English Parliament. It is recorded that the first time he tried to make a speech in the House of Commons, the other members ridiculed him. He shouted, “I shall sit down now, but the time is coming when you will hear me.” Disraeli’s threat came to pass in 1868 when he first served as Prime Minister for 1 year. Disraeli is known as the “father” of British imperialism. Once in a moment of unguarded candor he said “The world is governed by far different personages than what is imagined by those not behind the scenes.

The Jews who control the United States Federal Reserve System, also control the Council on Foreign Relations, the C.F.R. No matter who we elect as President their administrations are always filled with C.F.R. members and that is why no matter who we elect nothing ever really seems to change.-40

Have you ever noticed that an overwhelming percentage of all of the experts that the news media go to for the so called “objective” quote from an authority, are liberal Jews? It doesn’t matter whether they are lawyers or judges, doctors or psychiatrists, actors or directors, journalists or reporters, politicians or highly placed governmental officials, if you will watch your TV closely, you’ll see for yourself the endless parade of liberals with Jewish names, such as those from this abbreviated list, from A through Z…

Abramowitz, Ackerman, Actenberg, Adler, Albright, Alter, Asner, Abzug, Asimov, Axelrod, Bader, Baumberger, Berkowitz, Berliner, Berman, Bernstein, Blaustein, Bloom, Blum, Blumberg, Blumenthal, Boschwitz, Boxer, Brandeis, Brenner, Breyer, Broder, Bronfman, Buber, Cantor, Chaffee, Chomsky, Cohen, Danowitz, Dershowitz, Diamond, Edell, Ehrlich, Eickmeyer, Einstein, Eisner, Engel, Epstein, Feder, Feigenbaum, Feiger, Feingold, Feinstein, Feldman, Foxman, Frank, Friedan, Friedman, Freud, Gershwin, Ginsberg, Gladstone, Glasser, Glickman, Goetz, Goldman, Goldbaum, Goldfarb, Goldstein, Goldwyn, Gottlieb, Greenspan, Grossman, Grunwald, Hackney, Halberstam, Hefner, Heller, Hentoff, Hertzberg, Herzog, Himmelfarb, Hirsch, Hiss, Hoffman, Horowitz, Hyatt, Hymowitz, Isaacson, Isenberg, Jacobs, Jacobowitz, Janowsky, Janowitz, Kahn, Kalb, Kaplan, Kassebaum, Katz, Katzenbach, Kauffman, Kessler, King, Kinsley, Klein, Kleinman, Koch, Koestler, Kohl, Kopelwitz, Kramer, Kristol, Kuhn, Kunstler, Kurtz, Landau, Lansky, Lautenberg, Lear, Leavitt, Lehman, Lehrer, Lerner, Levin, Levine, Levy, Lewis, Lieberman, Lipshitz, Loeb, Lowenstein, Magaziner, Mahler, Marx, Metzenbaum, Meyer, Murray, Nader, Nathanson, Neas, Neuman, Nussbaum, Oppenheimer, Ornstein, Pensler, Perlman, Perlstein, Plotkin, Pollard, Posner, Pulitzer, Rabinowitz, Radner, Ratner, Reisch, Rivlin, Rosenberg, Rosenblatt, Rosenfeld, Rosenthal, Roth, Rothenberg, Rothschild, Rothstein, Rockefeller, Rubin, Rudman, Sachs, Safire, Salomon,Salzberg, Salzman, Saperstein, Schiff, Schindler, Schneerson, Schoenberg, Schorr, Schott, Schumer, Schuster, Schwartzenfeld, Seagal, Seinfeld, Seligman, Shapiro, Siegel, Silverman, Simon, Slovo, Solarz, Soros, Specter, Spock, Spielberg, Steinberg, Steinem, Strauss, Streisand, Strossen, Tarnoff, Teller, Totenberg, Trotsky, Ungren, Vogel, Volker, Wasserman, Waxman, Weinberg, Weinblatt, Weinstein, Wellstone, Weiss, Weisskopf, Weissman, Wertheimer, Westheimer, Wiesel, Wolf, Wolpe, Yachim, Youngman, Zimmer, Zinn, Zoellner, Zuckerman… Etc. -41

“Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names”…John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

Please try to remember these names and various other spellings and combinations of these names because these are the names of the leading anti-Christian liberals, the liberal Jews who are deliberately and or unconsciously destroying America. We have written this anonymously because the Jews are now so powerful that they can destroy anyone who even breathes a word of the truth that this letter exposes. They exercise complete control over the world banking community. They control 90% of the worlds gold and diamond markets. People with names like Goldstein, Silverstein, Perlstein and Rubinstein dominate the highest levels of the international “Jew-elry” business. They completely control Hollywood and most of the major media outlets in this nation. They exercise powerful influence over the governments and nations of the earth by means of the fantastic wealth which these international Jews control. They truly can and will use their power, wealth and influence to destroy their enemies. It is time for all American’s who love freedom to wake up and fight the Federal Reserve System, the C.F.R, the Eastern Establishment, the International Bankers, the United Nations and Washington D.C. all of which are controlled either directly or indirectly by powerful liberal Jews! God Bless You, God Bless America and may God open the eyes of the Jews and save them from their blind rejection of Jesus Christ the Messiah of Israel, the Lamb of God and the Savior of all who call upon His name for salvation. For God So Loved the World that He gave His Only begotten Son that whosoever believes on him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16. -42

PS – (This Post Script was specifically written to inform Christians of both what is a proper attitude and what their duty is, regarding the information presented herein.) Everything written herein is inspired by Love. A love of the truth. A love of liberty. A love of God. A love for mankind and especially a love for the Jewish people. May we always remember that the Jews were God’s chosen people. May we always remember that they were chosen by God to deliver unto us the Ten Commandments, and the perfect and beautiful Mosaic law contained in the Pentateuch. Let us always remember that Israel was chosen by God to deliver unto us our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Attention, this is perhaps the most important paragraph in this tract so please carefully read and take note of the following points. We all should pray that God Will Save and Bless the Jews. Let us pray that God will open their eyes. This tract was not written to inspire a hatred for Jews as some may assert. Rather this tract is written in the hope that with the knowledge presented in this tract Christians will be empowered to bring things back into balance. It is our prayer that all Christians will love Jews as we ought and hate only the deeds of those who are pawns of satan. It is our prayer that all Christians will hold the Jews in a place of proper esteem. It is our prayer that no one and especially Christians would never unlawfully or un-righteously oppress the Jewish people. God grant us the wisdom to confront them and the wickedness they are doing with out hating them, remembering that Jesus commanded us to “Overcome evil with good” and to “Love our enemies as ourselves.”

Christians, you absolutely must show this to your priest, your minister or your pastor to get their opinion on this tract. Ask them if there are any historical or factual errors in this tract. If they acknowledge, (as they should), that it is both error free and Biblical, then you should implore them to make the members of your church aware of the facts presented herein. Urge your Pastor or Priest to actively join the battle against these anti-Christ liberal Jews and help to preserve America as a Christian nation. -43

The primary reason that America is in such terrible condition is that the church has failed to do God’s will. There are many ways in which the church has failed to obey God. Here are three examples for your consideration.

First, The Priests and Pastors of this nation have failed to be “Watchmen on the wall.” (See Ezekiel 33:1-7). They have failed to warn the church of the evils of socialism and big government. They have failed to teach Biblical principles of government to the flock and they have failed to obey the great commission to “Make Disciples of The Nations.” They have failed to understand that Jesus commanded us to teach all Governments (nations) to obey the Laws of God and wholly submit to the teachings of Christ in the Bible.

Second, The Priests and Pastors of this nation have failed to teach their flock how to apply the principles found in scripture to issues of Public Policy. The average Christian is woefully ignorant of how to apply Biblical principles to such questions as; what type of monetary system a nation should have; or how to Biblically determine what the legitimate responsibilities of civil government are; or how to determine what kind of education system is Biblical and how it should be financed? There is not one Christian in a hundred who could give a well reasoned answer and a Biblical defense for his answer, to these types of questions. Why is the average Christian so ignorant? Because their Priests and Pastors have failed to teach them the whole counsel of God’s Word and how to apply Biblical Principles to issues of public policy.

Third and perhaps most importantly the Priests and Pastors of this nation have failed in their God appointed mission to follow the model of the Apostle Paul, evangelizing the Jew’s first and then turning to the gentiles. In the book of Roman’s 1:16, 2:9 and 2:10 the Apostle Paul used the phrase “to the Jew first” three times. Indeed “to the Jew first” was the model the Apostle Paul consistently followed in his ministry. The Apostle Paul always went to the Synagogue first when he entered a new city, he always went “to the Jew first.” We are making the argument that this should be the model for the church as a whole. We are making the argument that the church has been negligent in evangelizing the Jew. We are making the argument that it is the fault of the church that the Jews now have so much power and are using it for evil. We are making the argument if the church had focused on evangelizing the Jews first that we would have been highly successful and that therefore we would never have reached the point of extreme enmity that exists between Jews and Christians in America today. “To the Jew First” must once again become the model for the church to follow in drawing up evangelization plans and designing missions programs. -44

Are you aware that even the highly respected Reverend Billy Graham has been widely quoted as acknowledging that there are “Satanic Jews.” In Revelations 2:9 Jesus says “… I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” In Revelations 3:9 Jesus says “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; I will make them to come and worship before thy feet and to know that I have loved thee.” Unfortunately, most Christian ministers fearfully avoid this topic. They are afraid to even mention the destruction that these Satanic Jews are doing in our nation. Furthermore, due to the influence of relatively recent eschatological inventions that unduly exalt the modern day secular state of Israel in history, our Priests and Pastors have failed to warn us that these satanic Jews are bitter enemies of the gospel of Jesus Christ (Speaking of these satanic Jews, Romans 11:28 says “Concerning the gospel, they are enemies…”). Most churchmen now fear to preach from scriptures such as Revelation 2:9 & 3:9 where Christ plainly tells us that there are Jews who claim they are Jews, but in actuality they are not Jews. They are phony Jews. They are actually members of the “Synagogue of Satan.” They are Satanic Jews, Talmudic Jews who hate not only Jesus, but also Moses and even the Torah itself. Jesus told these Satanic Jews in John 8:44 “You are of your father the Devil, and the lusts of your father, ye will do.” Christ told these Satanic Talmudic Jews (John 5:45-47) that they don’t even believe in Moses and that they are certainly not going to believe in Him if they don’t even believe in Moses. In Matthew Chapter 23:37-39 Jesus tells us that He longed to draw Israel unto Himself, unto salvation, but they were not willing. Jesus said, in Matthew 24:2 that as a result the nation of Israel would be so utterly destroyed that not one stone of the temple would be left standing. Romans Chapter 11:20 clearly teaches that Israel was cut off because of unbelief. Romans 11:15 states that the “casting away of” Israel shall result in the “reconciling of the world.” Because of the sacrifice of the Son of God on the cruel cross of crucifixion, Whosoever calls upon the name of Jesus shall be saved, and whosoever refuses to call upon the name of Jesus for salvation, including the Jew, is damned to hell forever. The Jews are no longer God’s chosen people. Now, there is a New Covenant. The Old Covenant was perfectly fulfilled in Christ and by Christ (Hebrews 8:6-13). The Old Covenant was absolutely and completely replaced by the New Covenant. In the New Covenant there is a New Israel, a spiritual Israel, an Israel of God (Galatians 6:16), which is the church, the body of Christ. Galatians chapter 6 verses 15 & 16 states “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision, nor uncircumcision avails anything, but a new creation. And as many as walk according to this rule, peace and mercy be upon them, and upon the Israel of God.” These verses clearly tell us that it does not matter if you are a Jew (Circumcision) or if you are a gentile (Uncircumcision). What matters is this; Are you a new “Creation?” Are you a born again Christian? If you are a “new creature in Christ” then you are a constituent of the “Israel of God.” Christians, do you understand that Galatians 6:16 implies that there is an “Israel of God” and an “Israel that is not of God?” It is essential for you to understand that the church, the body of Christ has replaced the stiff necked and stubborn Pharisee’s, the “Israel that is not of God.” All of the promises made to Israel under the Old Covenant now belong to the Church under the New Covenant (Ephesians 2:11-22). The believer in Christ by faith, and not the Jew, is now the seed of Abraham. Now, under the New Covenant, the believer in Christ, not the Jew, is under the blessing (Galatians 3:13-29) of the Abrahamic Covenant. And the Jewish people who currently live in the land, of the nation now known as Israel, and the Jews who live throughout the nations of the world, now have to come to God just like any other nation, through faith in Christ (Romans 9:30-10:4). The Old Covenant requirements for atonement were fulfilled by Christ and have passed away (Heb 8:13, 2 Cor 3:6-14). There is no other way for Jews or anyone else, to be saved or blessed by God, except through faith in Christ (Acts 4:10-12). Biblically speaking, this means that not only are Jews enemies of the Gospel of Christ (Romans 11:28), they are going to hell forever if they continue in their stiff-necked rebellion against Christ (Acts 7:51-60). Jesus rebuked these Satanic phony Jews very harshly in the 23rd Chapter of the book of Matthew. I recommend that you read all of these scripture references and you will plainly see the truth of what is being taught here, that the modern secular atheist liberal socialist internationalist Jews of our day, are vicious satanic enemies of Christ and His bride spiritual Israel, the Israel of God which is clearly none other than ALL Christians or the whole Christian Church. In the book of Acts 3:13-15 Peter plainly states that it was these very Jews who “killed the prince of Life” and they are still trying to kill Him and his followers today. -45

Many Pre-Millennial Christians point to the wealth and success of the Jews as a sign of God’s continued blessing through the Abrahamic Covenant. But the truth is that these wealthy Jews are nearly without exception atheist enemies of God and most of the Orthodox Jews of the world are much poorer than their wealthy brethren and they are also societal outcasts for the sake of their religion. >From this you should realize that it is not God who is blessing these satanic Jews, because God would be blessing the Orthodox Jews, the religious Jews, not the atheist Jews. Instead we see the rich blessings of God bestowed on the western Christian nations and especially the United States, the most thoroughly Christian nation yet seen in all history. Pre-Millennial Christians also mistakenly think that the rebirth of the nation of Israel was a work of God and a sign of the end times. The truth is that the Body of Christ, the Church, has replaced the nation state of Israel as God’s instrument of salvation and that the modern nation state of Israel was birthed by a satanic Zionist Jewish/Illuminati plot rather than by God. The current nation state of Israel is irrelevant to what God is doing in the earth. Pre-Millennialism is nearly dead, intellectually speaking. In 50 years very few theologians in the body of Christ will still be Pre-Millennial. Then the church will grow up and reject her childish fantasies of flying away, in a rapture, from this terrible world without having to do the work of fulfilling Christ’s command in the Great Commission; making disciples of the nations (See Matthew 28:19). The second advent of Christ will not occur until the church of Christ rules the nations of the world by ruling in the hearts of men and not by ruling through force of government as the church has mistakenly done in the past. Just as it is true that a tiny minority of Jews now rule nearly all the governments of the world by control of their monetary systems, it is possible that in the future a tiny minority of mature Christians in positions of freely elected leadership will rule the nations of the world for King Jesus and His glory. Then shall Christ return to receive a mature bride who is without spot or wrinkle. -46

It is very, very important to remember that in spite of being fiercely anti-Christ most Jews are unaware of the plans of these International Bankers and they consider themselves to be nothing more than “well meaning liberals.” It is also very important to remember that there are a growing number of Orthodox Jews who love the law of Moses, they love their Bible and they do their best to obey God. These Jews, politically speaking, are friends of Conservative Christian Americans. Rabbi Daniel Lapin is an example of a very conservative Jew who is also a friend of conservative Christians. We plead with you to read Rabbi Lapin’s book “America’s Real War” because in this book Rabbi Lapin verifies nearly every claim made in this tract. There are also a growing number of Jews who have received Christ as their Savior. They call themselves Messianic Jews and they are also friends of those who are fighting for a conservative Christian America. There are also a growing number of Jews who are disillusioned with liberalism and although they are not religious they have become political conservatives. It is very, very important to remember that these groups of Jews, politically speaking, are not the bitter, adamant, arch enemies of a Conservative Christian America as are the Jews of the “synagogue of satan.” Therefore it is important to note that not all Jews should not be regarded as enemies of Christ and or enemies of a Christian America. -47

Remember Christians, God is Love and we, the children of God, should be known by our Love, but we should also be known by what we hate. The modern church has been feminized and liberalized to the point where we have forgotten that “Love” and “Hate” are opposite sides of the same coin. For instance, if you proclaim a love for the truth, then you are necessarily proclaiming a hatred for lies. Hate is good if it is motivated by love for Christ and if it is controlled by the Holy Spirit. A Christian who only “loves” and does not “hate” is an impotent, weakened, powerless disciple of Christ. Do you remember what Christ told us in the book of Luke 14:26? He told us that we are to love Him so much that we should “hate” those who would try to take us away from following Him even if it is our parents, spouse, children, brothers or sisters. In the book of Matthew 5:13 Christ commands us to be salt and warns us that if we lose our “saltiness” that we will be cast out and trodden under the feet of men. This is what has happened to the church in America today. The church has lost it’s “saltiness.” You must remember that for thousands of years salt has been used both as a preservative of food and as a medicinal antiseptic when it was poured into wounds. Christ was telling us in the scripture above that if we as Christians refuse to pour our stinging words of rebuke into society in an effort to preserve that society then the result will be that Christians will be persecuted, mocked, alienated and generally “trodden under the feet of men.” The church and Christians in general are no longer willing or able to be salt in this wicked, corrupt society that liberals have created. If you are a “genuine” Christian you will have a proper balance of both love and hate. If you have only mushy ambiguous feelings of “love” toward sinners and society as a whole then you are useless to Christ and useless in reforming culture towards Biblical values. If you are only filled with bitter, angry feelings of “hatred” toward sinners, liberals and society as a whole then you are equally useless to Christ. Remember love and hate are positively two sides of the same coin. They are both positively necessary in the heart of a Christian if he is going to fully follow Christ in both love and truth. As Christians we are commanded to “hate that which is evil and cling to that which is good (Romans 12:9).” We are commanded to hate the evil works of the enemies of God (Psalms 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil). There is a false teaching in the church today that says we should “hate the sin,” but we are told that “we should love the sinner.” In stark contradiction to this philosophy Psalm 5:5 tells us “the Lord hates all the workers of iniquity.” If you want to be like your Father in Heaven you likewise should “hate all the workers of iniquity.” Yes, God is love and God hates the workers of iniquity. Psalm 139:21-22 asks “Do not I hate them, Oh Lord, that hate thee?… I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.” Do you hate those who hate God? Do you count those who hate God as your “enemies?” In Matthew chapter 7 verses 16 through 20 Christ plainly tells us there is no difference between the sinner and his sin. Christ says “by their fruit you shall know them.” In the Gospel of Matthew 12:34-35 Christ says to the Satanic Jews from the synagogue of Satan “Oh generation of Vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bring forth evil things.” In this scripture Christ plainly taught that you shall know a man by the good or evil actions that he does and that these evil actions come from his heart. Christ did not teach us to “love the sinner” and “hate the sin.” Christ taught that the man and his sin are one and that we need to command sinners to repent and warn them that they will go to hell forever if they refuse to repent. That, my friends, is true love. As the scripture proclaims “Open rebuke is better than secret love. Proverbs 27:5″ -48

Friends, scripture commands us not only to pray for the Jews, but also to boldly witness to them and tell them the truth about going to Hell forever if they reject their Messiah Jesus Christ. They should be presented with the information in this tract and warned against joining forces with these Satanic Socialist Jews who are working for world government.

The evil plan of these Internationalists, both the Jewish International Bankers and their fellow secular atheist liberal fellow travelers, has now gone so far that there may be no turning it back. We may have to suffer under their monstrously evil plan for world domination until it collapses under the weight of it’s own folly just as the USSR collapsed. If the American people are going to remain free we are going to have to make a stand against the forces of evil. We are going to have to fight for our freedom. We are going to have to destroy the New World Order, the Federal Reserve System and the United Nations or one day, we may find ourselves fighting foreign troops on our own soil. We must restore a constitutional hard currency monetary system in our nation and dissolve the Federal Reserve Banking system and refuse to repay the national debt to the international parasites who now control the monetary system in the United States. This can be done by forgiving all debt and making the Bankers suffer the cost of this “year of Jubilee.” The former candidate for the Presidency of the United States and America’s most highly decorated Green Beret Commander Colonel Bo Gritz says that when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913 that there was and still is a clause that gives the U.S. government the option to buy back all shares in the Federal Reserve Bank for $144,000,000.00. Currently the U.S. government spends $144 Million dollars every 18 seconds. (Taken from Pg 6 of Gritz campaign “White Paper” titled “Truth or Consequences in 1996.”) If this is true, then this is exactly what the US government should do, id est, buy back the Federal Reserve System and put our nation back on a thoroughly Constitutional Gold backed monetary system. -49

WARNING: You must arm yourself NOW, before they make it impossible to buy the guns and ammunition that will be necessary for self defense. The future plans of the Internationalists for America are to disarm us, collapse the economy, issue national identification cards and print new money to move us closer to their ultimate goal, a one world currency as a precursor to one world government.

They plan to suspend the United States Constitution and the Bill of rights, declare martial law, create a one world monetary system, centralize all power in a world government and make us slaves in their New World Order! We plan to restore America to a Constitutional Republic of limited government with very low taxes, decentralized power and a monetary system that is based upon hard currency. We will abolish both fiat/paper currencies and fractional reserve monetary/banking systems. We plan to abolish the United Nations and every agency associated with world government. -50

IMPORTANT: If you love America, please make hundreds of copies of this letter and distribute it anonymously in shopping malls, airports, bathrooms, bus stations, truck stops, parking lots, churches, schools, emailing it to hundreds and thousands of people, faxing it to everyone you know and by posting it to the Internet and local BBS’s in your home town.

Tell, – No, Warn your Jewish friends that they if they continue to use their wealth and power to destroy Christianity, that they are destroying the very foundation of the tolerance they formerly enjoyed in America. Tell them to read Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s book “America’s Real War” because that is exactly what Rabbi Lapin’s book was written to do, id est, warn Jews that if they destroy the Christian foundation of America that they will be cutting their own throats and preparing the ground for future pograms. Forewarn your Jewish friends that if they are successful in destroying Christianity in America that history will likely repeat itself and that they will be held responsible for laying the ground work for a holocaust more serious than any they have yet suffered.

Remind your Jewish friends that it was the atheists, the Communists, the Nazis and irreligious pagans, not Christians, who have been responsible for every instance of genocide in the 20th century. Remind your Jewish friends that all of the persecutions and pogroms of past centuries that they endured under Monarchs and so called “Christian” governments pale in comparison to what Hitler and Stalin and other pagan atheist leaders have done. The future of our nation may rest on whether the truth reaches the American people in time to stop these infernal bankers who are planning to rule over us in a one world government. You can help us to stop these God hating anti-Christ allies of Satan who are intent on building a one world government. You can help us stop the New World Order, destroy the United Nations, stop the drive towards One World Government and and help preserve America as a Christian nation by making copies of this tract and circulating it widely. ” Be strong and of good courage and do it. Fear not, nor be dismayed; for the Lord God…will be with you.” 1Chronicles 28:20

(Disclaimer – We would not intentionally pass on false information. The source and credibility of the “facts” reported in this tract have been painstakingly researched for accuracy but the reader is urged to do his own research to verify the information reported in this tract. At the time of this writing we have not received notice of any “errors of fact” from anyone, not even from our Jewish antagonists on the Internet where this tract is being widely disseminated. As of this writing we believe this tract to be 100% error free. Furthermore we welcome, nay we plead for all who read this to correct any errors of fact or history reported in this tract before passing it on.) -51
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WHEN? WHEN are “all of you” on this email list going to realize that there is only ONE GROUP in this country that has the power to stop these kind of abuses from occurring?

There is only ONE GROUP in this country who controls our nation through direct and indirect pressure.

There is only ONE GROUP of individuals that we must engage and persuade that it is in their best interest to stop this so called New World Order.

This single GROUP of individuals has the power to stop the advance of the United Nations, Homo-loving, Baby Killing and Gun grabbing One World Socialist-Communist Government.

There is only ONE GROUP of influential people who have the power to change the direction that our socialist Federal government is headed.

If we can help them understand that it will not be in their best interest, that it will not be healthy for them to continue to force us down this road of socialist totalitarian government, then they can and will change both their political inclinations and thus the dangerous political direction that they have been taking America towards.

This one small but extremely powerful group of people is the atheist liberal JEWS who control Hollywood, most of the news media, and liberal organizations such as the ACLU, the National Abortion Rights Action League and the National Organization of Women.

I am not saying that these Jews are the only group that is in control, I am merely saying that if we can convince them that they have been taking the country in a direction that will be harmful to them as a people, then they might wake up and help us to stop this madness.

The Jews are extremely powerful in the United States today. Some people believe that they exercise near complete control over our government. I concur with that opinion. Read both the letter above and the anonymous tract below (write me and request the anonymous tract if you have not received it yet) carefully and write me and tell me what you think.

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Fritz Springmeier

The 13 Illuminati Bloodlines – Video


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John Kaminski does it again with this brilliant essay: THE CORRECT ANSWER

Why does everyone remain blind to the obvious?

By John Kaminski

When you’re asking the wrong question, you never get the right answer. The question is not “who and what is Al-Qaida?” The question is — who hired them.

If you live long enough, you see the same stories, generation after generation — credit manipulation causes depression and starvation, followed by war and weapons based economic recovery; the names may change but the situations and scams do not, from the French Revolution forward to today.

And if you look hard enough, you discover that the people really running the world are not the familiar names you read in the newspapers. You also realize that stories about those famous names are really endless and irrelevant distractions from the more important question that needs to be asked:

Who is responsible for all this confusion? All they talk about is peace. And all we get is war. Is this the human paradigm? Is that why nothing ever gets fixed in the world?

Yes, it’s because the real questions are never asked. The real criminals are never identified.

Why are they never identified? Because the real criminals own the media. Every story you ever read is what good guys they are, and not about what colossal crimes they have committed. The same is so very true about Americans, who believe they are benevolent heroes, when in reality they have accounted for more unjust murders of innocent people than any other country in history. All in the name of freedom and democracy. How did this happen?

The answer is simple. You know what it is. The people we have been taught not to mention in polite company control every aspect of our lives, and if we mention them in a derogatory way, our lives are then destroyed . . . economically, socially, and in other ways that are worse.

Even the best reporters on the Internet maintain the fiction that it is countries which actually run the world, when for at least the last hundred years those really in charge have been the international money lenders, who have owned and ruled every king and president who has reigned during this period. But this is not reported on, not even by our best reporters, who either know what they have to do to keep their jobs, or they lose their jobs.

I can phrase this question in an even more vivid way. Name me one company, one industry, one profession . . . that is not owned outright or totally manipulated from behind the scenes by Jews? The Catholic church joined the club hundreds of years ago when it let the Rothschilds manage their money. Dupont? Monsanto? Bill Gates? Larry Page? All Jews.

Ezra Pound’s words resonate louder than ever.

“Since the Civil War, It has been useless to speak of the United States as an autonomous entity.”

Anybody who still draws a paycheck from a Jewish source (and that would include the U.S. government, certainly a Jewish source) better realize that by this very act they are no part of any solution, but part of the problem that is well on the way to destroying everything we ever loved or hoped to build.

Two things we must remember now in our political thinking.

1. The wrong side won World War II. Three Jewish countries got together to destroy the one country in world history that openly opposed this Jewish financial hammerlock on the world. These false pretext invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and a multitude of other countries would not have happened but for the result of World War II. At least they wouldn’t have happened driven by the U.S. military working for Israel.

2. Anyone who calls themselves a Jew subscribes to the philosophy that they have a right — no, a religious duty — to rob and kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world. This is clearly a pathology that is kept secret by the very commercial interests that are ruled by the insanity of this very philosophy. So when some liberal do-gooder with a degree from Jewish-controlled Harvard University tells you she’s acting in your best interests — and this applies to schools, medicine and practically every category there is — you better think again.

The vast majority of Internet writers who tiptoe around use of the world “Jew” are actually complicit in the coverup of Jewish control of the world by their play-it-safe don’t-want-to-jeopardize that ad-revenue-stream timidity.

“It’s just business,” they chirp, not realizing that each time they fail to call a Jew a Jew, it puts another nail in the collective coffin of humanity, which tries to remain, though comatose, decidedly and happily non Jewish.

So the answer to all of the world’s pressing problems — assuming that most of them can be fixed by the proper application of money — are directly hooked into this Jewish problem, which is control of reality from behind the scenes and by sophisticated technological media manipulation that keeps people locked into their trivialities and oblivious to the colossal murder plot now being executed throughout the world by the same families that have been doing essentially the same thing for hundreds of years.

And exactly what are they doing?

Well, think about what you have left. All that other stuff you used to have, they already took that. Your future earnings? They’ve already taken most of that, not to mention stolen most of the industries from your country that you might have worked for. What they are doing is what they have always done. They’re about to take the rest of what you have, and when they have that, what do you think they’ll do to you?

So now you have the answer. BFD. What are you going to do about it? Let them etch it on your tombstone?

It’s also very important to mention that this is not the problem of one country, or a few countries. It’s the problem of all countries. The countries who refuse to go along with these demonic world bankers, at least those nations which have not already been obliterated, remain under constant threat of sabotage and destabilization.

Always a pack of savage beasts since the Jewish whiskey sellers doused the blankets for the Pequot tribe with smallpox in 1639, Americans have become much better killers since the Jews took over completely, don’t you think?

I’m still trying to decide on the greatest Jewish achievement in American history. There is no shortage of nominees. So you get to decide. Was it:

1. The sabotaging of the U.S. Constitution by allowing the bankers who funded the Revolutionary War to retain control of U.S. currency? Or was it . . .

2. Fomenting the Civil War by first flooding the land with slaves at a high price, then destroying the fabric of fledgling America by insisting the slaves be free. (This destabilization plan is still in operation with unbridled immigration.)

3. Inventing the atomic bomb. Oh Fukushima.

4. Putting cancer-viruses in the polio vaccine.

5. Hiding Tesla’s discoveries, a decision which precipitated all of the petroleum wars of the 20th century and changed the course of world history for the far worse.

6. Killing Royal Rife. 100 percent success rate curing cancer with vibrational medicine in the 1930s. Think of the people who have been needlessly robbed and killed by Jewish doctors prescribing radiation and chemotherapy.

7. Television.

8. Fluoride.

9. The World Wars, totally unnecessary.

10. Ruination, prostitution and debauchment of all arts and sciences with the ulterior motive of making Jews superior when they clearly are not, can’t be because of their philosophy. That’s why they buy their Nobel Prizes.

Feel free to write in your own nomination. There is no shortage of evidence. It should eliminate the possibility of you ever asking the wrong question again. This will greatly increase the probability that you will finally, despite massive forces arrayed against you, acquire the correct answer.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida preaching the message that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he’s saying and know what it means. 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA

PS — Don’t miss this important radio interview of Bruce Campbell by Carolyn Yeager

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Christian fundamentalists – the peculiar emergence of a second-string of psychopaths

Ann Coulter



By David Schwartz

June 05, 2011 “Common Dreams” — The great writer Kurt Vonnegut titled his final book A Man without a Country. He was the man; the country was the United States of America. Vonnegut felt that his country had disappeared right under his – and the Constitution’s – feet, through what he called “the sleaziest, low-comedy Keystone Cops-style coup d’état imaginable.” He was talking about the Bush administration. Were Vonnegut still alive in the post-Bush era, he would not have felt that his country had returned.

How had our country disappeared? Vonnegut proposed that among the contributing factors was that it had been invaded – as if by the Martians – by people with a particularly frightening mental illness. People with this illness were termed psychopaths. (The term nowadays is anti-social personality disorder.) These are terms for people who are smart, personable, and engaging, but who have no consciences. They are not guided by a sense of right or wrong. They seem to be unaffected by the feelings of others, including feelings of distress caused by their actions. Straying from a decent way of treating people, or violating ethical codes causes no anxiety, the anxiety which is what causes the rest of us to moderate our more greedy impulses. If most children feel anxiety when they are pilfering the forbidden cookie jar, psychopaths feel just fine. They can devour the cookies, shatter the jar as evidence and stuff it in the trash can. When accused, they can argue with apparent sincerity that the cookie jar has been missing for at least a week. There suffer no remorse, no guilt, no shame. They are free to do anything, no matter how harmful.

Psychopaths can be very tricky to recognize. As psychiatrist Dr. Hervey Cleckly wrote in his classic The Mask of Sanity in 1941, psychopaths are not technically insane. They don’t have a psychosis, like schizophrenia. They are experts in appearing normal. They can act the role of a caring, concerned executive, even though they actually do not seem to experience such feelings. If they hurt somebody, they don’t modify their behavior.

The United States corporate and government spheres have become, Vonnegut suggested, a perfect habitat for psychopaths. What has allowed so many psychopaths to rise so high in corporations, and then government, he wrote, “is that they are so decisive. They are going to do something every fuckin’ day and they are not afraid. Unlike normal people, they are never filled with doubts, for the simple reason that they don’t give a fuck what happens next. Simply can’t. Do this! Do that! Mobilize the reserves! Privatize the public schools! Attack Iraq! Cut health care! Tap everybody’s telephone! Cut taxes on the rich!

In a country in which much of human culture has been rendered into machines for the manufacture of money, psychopaths are the ideal leaders. They are very focused. They are outcome oriented. They are frequently charming, and usually very bright and able. They can lay off thousands of people, or deny people health care, or have them waterboarded, and it does not disturb their sleep. They can be impressively confident. Psychopaths can be dynamic leaders of enterprises, but are handicapped by their lack of feelings for relationships. They may be accomplished captains of industry, or senators, or surgeons, but their families are frequently abused and miserable. Most psychotherapists have seen the wives or husband or children of such accomplished people.

Since psychopaths are usually very smart, they can be quite competent at impersonating regular human beings in positions of power. Since they don’t care how their actions affect people, they can rise to great height in enterprises dealing with power and money. They can manufacture bombs or run hospitals. Whatever the undertaking, it is all the same to them. It’s just business.

The economic system that remains after the destruction of American local cultures has created an excellent employment picture for psychopaths. But the opportunities open to them are now so vast that there is apparently now an actual labor shortage. At least that is the only explanation I can find for the rise of a cadre of psychopathic leaders who resemble the usual type in all ways but one: they’re simply not that smart. One has only to look at right-wing not-so-Christian fundamentalists to see the peculiar emergence of a second-string of psychopaths.

The US has been endowed with abundant resources, and there have always been a more than sufficient supply of psychopaths of the first intellectual grade to supply corporate suites and their subsidiary, the Congress. Why is there now a downgrade to the dumb ones, like the lowering of standards for military recruits to deal with a shortage of cannon fodder?

It is no secret that the Koch brothers and others of the super-rich seem to have undertaken a final push to consolidate control through the conversion of a marginally democratic to an essentially fascist state; extreme right-wing, authoritarian, and demagogic. This kind of government is ideal for control of a populace by the moneyed elite. To carry this out requires the employment of many ‘kept’ politicians to excite and misdirect scared and angry – and ignorant – voters. Lest the citizenry realize who stole their money and storm their castles with torches, the rapacious elite need politicians who will carry out the work of re-directing anger at teachers, or labor unions, or the poor. I can only conclude that the people who now own the country couldn’t find any first-rate psychopaths to carry out their work. Or maybe the smart ones were all occupied. So they had to go to second-stringers, people who could actually believe what they were told to say.

We are a country who has become second-best, even in the quality of our psychopaths.

David B. Schwartz, Ph.D practices psychotherapy in Ithaca, NY. His books include Who Cares? Rediscovering Community and the forthcoming The Sidewalk Psychotherapist.


National Television Network ABC Finally Steps Over the Line with “GOOD CHRISTIAN BITCHES”!

Jewish Robert Iger’s ABC has announced a new TV series next fall, Good Christian B*tches, which will feature Southern girls who “are taught to love Jesus, but just because we’re Christians doesn’t mean we are perfect.” So says author of the book by that title, Kim Gatlin. On its cover the “h” in “b*tches” has Satan’s forked tail hanging from it, contrasting to a halo around the “d” in “good.” The message couldn’t be clearer: Christians are hypocrites; Christian girls are very possibly b*tches.

Gatlin’s book, about malicious southern Christian gossip and hypocrisy, provides plenty of abuse of Christianity. Leave it to heavyweight Jewish media moguls Iger and homosexual/Jewish producer Darren Star to pick up her story and vent their animus against Christians on prime-time TV. Recent Disney pro-homosexuality, even at their theme parks, is legendary. Star is a veteran of trashing Christian sexual morality, having created “Melrose Place” and “Sex in the City.”

Of course, in Canada, under the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s hate laws, if a Christian uttered the phrase “good Jewish b*tch” in public, he could face a minimum fine of $5000 and more than $150,000 in legal fees. In America he could easily be fined and perhaps jailed by local governing bodies influenced by ADL.

But when superpowerful Jews create a television series kicking Christianity and Christian women in their moral solar plexus, no alarm is raised by the American Jewish community, especially ADL. ADL seems conveniently distracted at this time, loudly preaching “tolerance,” “respect for diversity” and “civility” elsewhere.

Jewish Media: Sordid Record of Christian Bashing

In 1988, the Jews of MCA in Hollywood did their best to destroy the reputation of Jesus in their film The Last Temptation of Christ. Christians feebly protested through ineffectual petitions to MCA and boycotts.

Only the National Prayer Network, in a powerful flyer sent to 192,000 pastors in America, clearly identified MCA as Jewish with a Talmudically oriented antichristian bias. (See ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ An Unnecessary Disaster in Christian-Jewish Relations) As a result, years later, a national Jewish authority admitted regretfully that The Last Temptation had become “the greatest disaster in Jewish-Christian relations in the 20 th century.” No more films as vile as The Last Temptation have been made by Hollywood.

Yet, around 2006 the Jewish media tried again, massively promoting The Da Vinci Code, the Gnostic Gospels, The Book of Daniel, and other aspersions against the Founder of Christianity. NPN very widely pointed out the Jewish origins of such sacrilege. Again, the Jewish media largely retreated. (See The Jews Behind Da Vinci Code, Who’s Behind NBC’s ‘Book of Daniel’? and Judas: Historic Jewish Hero)

But now, having seen how easily “Christians” like Glenn Beck and other New Right leaders can be intimidated, with none daring to utter the forbidden “J” word, Hollywood insiders are again moving boldly to do what apostate Jews have specialized in for centuries: revile Christ and His followers. They know they have little to fear from evangelicals except petitions and boycotts.

In an action alert the Parents Television Council writes, “ABC has not even attempted to veil its hostility toward women and Christians. The bigotry is right up front in the title of the program and will be reinforced with every commercial, every advertisement, every billboard they pay for to promote the show.”

What is the Christian community’s response to this latest assault? Will it go so far as to charge, as did Orthodox rabbi Daniel Lapin, that liberal secular Judaism “is in relentless attack on evangelical Christianity”? (See Rabbi Lapin: Christians Under ‘Relentless Attack’ by ‘Secular Judaism’)

WorldNetDaily reports, “Both the PTC [Parents Television Council] and AFA [American Family Association] have launched signature drives to petition ABC not to produce Good Christian B*tches as well as encouraging a boycott of advertising on ABC.”

Yet this predictable, pathetic and ineffectual response by evangelical leadership need not be the pattern for you and me! Let’s take every opportunity, especially on the internet, talk radio, etc., to remind Americans that big media is Jewish and dedicated to destroying Christian civilization in order to hasten its own Judaic new world order.

Here’s some practical ammo in your fight against Iger and ABC: Link to my article “Jews Confirm Big Media Is Jewish” and distribute as widely as possible. Purchase copies of my book Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma and videos The Other Israel and Zionism and Christianity: Unholy Alliance. These extensively documented works powerfully expose Jewish control of the media. Share and show them widely (available online at for $24.90 postage paid; or at NPN, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015; or by calling at 503-631-3808).

Clearly, if defending the country, our families, and now our young Christian women were left to Christian/conservative leadership, America’s defeat before Jewish supremacism would be assured. Yet NPN has shown repeatedly that if the people receive the whole truth and speak out, exposing Jewish supremacist origins of media blasphemies, the medial moguls, like rats in a garbage dump suddenly exposed to a searchlight, will dive for cover.

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For all the “ignorant” Christian Zionists of America – this blog is for YOU!

After being out of the loop for some weeks due to family illness, today I have returned perusing the internet for informative articles that may have an impact on the American lemmings, especially Christian Zionists.  How Christians can align themselves with Talmudic Jews who are the absolute antithesis of Christ’s (as yet to be proved existence) message and meaning on earth is mind-boggling.  At this point, why not just snuggle up to Satan himself because you’ve already sold your precious souls to the devil.

Sifting through emails and alternative news sites I come across a very revealing paragraph from one of your sacred Jewish authors, Philip Roth, from his 1993 book Operation Shylock: A Confession.  This repugnant, narcissistic discourse is literally overflowing with typical Talmudic Jewish supremacist smugness.  If reading the following excerpt does not open more than a few Christian Zionist eyes and minds, then there is little hope that anything will ever change regarding Jewish control of America and the world.

From Culture Wars website article – White Christmas Subversion:

In Operation Shylock: A Confession, which won a 1994 PEN/Faulkner Award, writer Philip Roth provided still deeper insight:

The radio was playing ‘Easter Parade’ and I thought, But this is Jewish genius on a par with the Ten Commandments. God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and then He gave to Irving Berlin ‘Easter Parade’ and ‘White Christmas.’ The two holidays that celebrate the divinity of Christ – the divinity that’s the very heart of the Jewish rejection of Christianity – and what does Irving Berlin brilliantly do? He de-Christs them both!

Easter he turns into a fashion show and Christmas into a holiday about snow.

Gone is the gore and the murder of Christ – down with the crucifix and up with the bonnet! He turns their religion into schlock. But nicely! Nicely! So nicely the goyim don’t even know what hit ‘em. They love it. Everybody loves it. The Jews especially. Jews loathe Jesus.  People always tell me Jesus is Jewish. I never believe them. It’s like when people used to tell me Cary Grant was Jewish. Bullshit. Jews don’t want to hear about Jesus. And can you blame them? So – Bing Crosby replaces Jesus as the beloved Son of God, and the Jews, the Jews, go around whistling about Easter! And is that so disgraceful a means of defusing the enmity of centuries? Is anyone really dishonored by this? If schlockified Christianity is Christianity cleansed of Jew hatred, then three cheers for schlock. If supplanting Jesus Christ with snow can enable my people to cozy up to Christmas, then let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Is it not yet crystal clear that Roth is lauding his tribe’s cunning stealth, and malevolent ability at usurping the Christian faith while reeling in its followers to glorify the Jews as their equals, their brothers?  This immoral, malicious tribe are not your brothers!  They never have been – never will be.  They are, in fact, fattening up the Christian Zionist goyim cattle for the diabolical slaughter to ensue in the very near future.  Yet, Christian Zionists and their brethren are too blinded by the light of IS-RA-EL to realize the threat of you and your family’s eventual physical and spiritual destruction.  And it will not be pretty in the least.  It will be agonizing, painful, beyond belief and you will take your last breath screaming for release from these wicked aliens of mankind.

These crafty, lying Jews hate you, they hate your children, your spouses, the very earth you walk on, which according to them is theirs for the taking; you’re only meant to remain to serve these vile warlords while they rape your wives and daughters and sexually abuse you and your offspring even infant children.  You may even be subjected to the Blood Libel ritual of an innocent child culminating in human sacrifice.

This is the real, authentic yet cleverly hidden truth of the present-day Jewish tribe; their hatred for all humanity not born of Jewish blood; their disrespect and contempt of all human beings due to Jewish supremacist attitudes carried down through the centuries.  The Christian Zionist population and all other non-Jewish faiths are slaves of the Jews according to Talmudic Law.  And it gets worse – this has already been written into the United States Judicial Legislature in 1993.  Conveniently, they failed to inform the American people, but now, it’s about to be revealed probably very soon.  Anyone who fails to conform to the Jewish Noahide Laws will be beheaded, meaning you must rescind your Christian faith and your belief in Jesus Christ.  Christian Zionists especially will not be immune from this horror.

As a Christian Zionist, Israel firster, is this the kind of America you want to see unfold – beheading in the streets for the sake of the Jews?!

You have been lied to by every fundamentalist brother, pastor and preacher through all the charismatic faiths in America.  The Israeli Jews have judaized Christianity to further themselves as “victims” of humanity, when it is THEY themselves who have victimized humanity in more ways than I could list in one blog.  Their heinous atrocities have occurred the world over ever since the United States admitted them into this country.  Nearly 300 years of forcing usury upon an unsuspecting populace, stealthily gaining enormous wealth and power, buying up real-estate and politicians alike.  It does not matter to them.  When you blackmail, cajole and threaten a nation’s leaders then you have the power to do any damn thing you want and with impunity.

As I’ve stated many times just open your eyes and look at what is happening in Gaza in the modern 21st century.  It is unspeakable horror the actions taken against just the women and children in that region alone.  When IDF soldiers purposely aim their weapons at a defenseless, innocent child playing in their own yard – and then fire – there is something very, very wrong in that culture and society.  When a well-known auto manufacturer condones running over innocent children in an advertising campaign doesn’t that raise an eyebrow or two in your own mind?  Can you imagine this happening in America – especially to a child of a minority or an immigrant?  The general population would go ballistic and the mainstream news media would castrate, (metaphorically), the perpetrator so long as he or she wasn’t an Israeli Jew.  If a Jew were involved I guarantee the story would never see the light  of day.

Combining the words Christian + Zionist is an oxymoron.

So, what is an “oxymoron”?

According to

ox·y·mor·ons. Rhetoric .  a figure of speech by which a locution produces an incongruous, seemingly self-contradictory effect, as in “cruel kindness” or “to make haste slowly.”

What is a “Christian”? 

a person who believes in Jesus Christ;  adherent of Christianity, a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ

What is “Zionism”?

a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.

What is “Judaism”?

the monotheistic religion of the Jews, having its ethical, ceremonial, and legal foundation in the precepts of the Old Testament and in the teachings and commentaries of the rabbis as found chiefly in the Talmud. Compare Conservative Jew, Orthodox Jew, Reform Jew; belief in and conformity to this religion, its practices, and ceremonies; this religion considered as forming the basis of the cultural and social identity of the Jews: He called assimilation a threat to American Judaism.

By way of reason and logic does anyone notice that being a Christian and a Zionist are complete polar opposits?  You are either a Christian or a Zionist; one cannot be both.

However, there is another very apparent reason one cannot be a Christian + Zionist, which is found in the New Testament of the original King James Version Bible, and before they are all completely eradicated to hide the truth I suggest you procure one and consider it a treasure trove of religious, yet not clearly validated, truth.  Christianity as we all know from Sunday school rose directly from Jesus Christ’s presence on earth and is God’s new covenant with his people culminating from Christ’s death on the cross saving us from eternal sin.  The Old Testament covenant with the Hebrew/Israelites was null and void once God sent his only son, the true Messiah.  The new covenant with the Christians still stands today as the only contract between God and man.  The Hebrew/Israelites were sent into exile and were ordered to remain until such time when Christ would again return to earth heralded as the “second coming” in New Testament lore.

Present-day Jews are NOT descended from the lost tribes of Israel.  Even the word *Jew* did not appear in mainstream English language until around 300 years ago.  See here.

The information presented here is public knowledge and can be found in a variety of internet databases, university libraries and still possibly public libraries.  My purpose is to help you realize that you have been duped by your religious leaders and maybe even your peers to believe in an ideology that is morally and ethically wrong, not to mention, evil and dangerous to the welfare of mankind, but fundamentally, it is your soul that is in dire jeopardy.  I can assure you that God himself, were he to appear on earth, would bring down his wrath upon you and your ilk for condoning and supporting these imposter Hebrew/Israelites who call themselves the Jews, the Chosen People.  Jesus referred to this tribe as the synagogue of Satan.  In recalling the two covenants made with man; remember God’s covenant with the Hebrews was an eye for an eye, yet Christ’s covenant with man is defined by turning the other cheek.  The Hebrew covenant was based on vengeance whereas Jesus’ covenant is about forgiveness and love of one’s fellow-man.

If you define yourself as a Christian and a Zionist then you are in direct opposition to God and to Jesus Christ and your soul is forever lost according to authentic Christian theology, and I am not referring to the party line sermons spewing out of fundamentalist pulpits every time the church doors open.  If you consider yourself a true Christian then it is your duty and utmost responsibility to renounce Zionism and pray for God’s forgiveness through your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Ultimately, if you still believe that being a Christian Zionist is the proper route then educate yourself in the evil you’ve enslaved yourself and your soul – read the Talmud!

As the old saying goes: ignorance can be forgiven but stupidity can be fatal.

by Whitewraithe~

How can a country exist in two completely different forms?


the original united states of America!

Well, folks, the united states does and I’m going to show you how it was done and how it continues to this day.

This blogger has posted at least three pages on this very important information.

By now, thousands should have already read them but that hasn’t happened.

By God, people, if you want your country back you are going to have to DO SOMETHING; like circulating this blog post to friends, family and colleagues.

What I am about to post explains on one page what has happened to this country, in plain sight, without any regular citizen even suspecting that anything was wrong.

Listed are some of those reasons:

Why an illegal President sits in the oval office;

Why congress is nearly strangled to the point of having no power whatsoever;

Why your elected officials don’t give a damn about what you think, what is right, or, what they as elected officials should be doing for US;

This is also why we have a private Federal Reserve that prints OUR money then sells it back to the government with interest that can never be repaid;

Open borders with special conditions and rights for illegals but none for natural born citizens;

The military openly and illegally engages in pre-emptive strikes and wars of aggression against countries that are no threat to the United States;

A para-military police force that does not “protect and serve” American citizens, yet, are allowed to treat us with disrespect and brutality with little or no reprimand;

3000 to 4000 battle hardened soldiers returned from Iraq ready to be deployed to American streets mainly for the institution of martial law;

Torture and rendition;

Arresting and imprisoning those who attempt to engage in their first amendment rights;

The continuation of more Draconian laws written every day to the point that now the present UNITED STATES is under a condition called “overcriminalization.”

Inevitably, the list could go on and on:

outsourced jobs,

corporate bailouts,

corporate de-regulations under the Reagan administration which began this downward spiral,

NAFTA, GATT, with only a few corporate empires that now control everything on the planet from our food sources, to media and entertainment, education, religion and most importantly our livelihood if we are or not employable, etc……..

This is only a small sampling of the issues that confront every ordinary American citizen daily.

There is more, much more, which in time will be revealed only to our detriment unless we make a concerted effort to peacefully and vigilantly fight the enemy in our path.

Under the original constitution none of these situations were allowable because that hallowed “piece of paper” protected the sovereigns not the government nor its elected officials.

Please read the document below very carefully, then read it again and I implore you, please, circulate it to everyone you know including friends at church and colleagues at work if you are fortunate to be employed.




1871 - Republic of the united states ends

The United States exists in two forms:

1. The original United States that was in operation until 1860; a collection of sovereign Republics in the union. Under the original Constitution the States controlled the Federal Government; the Federal Government did not control the States and had very little authority.

2. The original United States has been usurped by a separate and different UNITED STATES formed in 1871, which only controls the District of Columbia and it’s territories, and which is actually a corporation (the UNITED STATES CORPORATION) that acts as our current government. The United States Corporation operates under Corporate/Commercial/Public Law rather than Common/Private Law.

The original Constitution was never removed; it has simply been dormant since 1871. It is still intact to this day. This fact was made clear by Supreme Court Justice Marshall Harlan (Downes v. Bidwell, 182, U.S. 244 1901) by giving the following dissenting opinion: “Two national governments exist; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside and Independently of that Instrument.”

The Restore America Plan reclaimed the De Jure institutions of government of the 50 State Republics in order to restore Common Law that represents the voice of the people and ends Corporate Law that ignores the voice of the people while operating under Maritime/Admiralty/International Law. This occurred when warrants were delivered to all 50 Governors on March 30, 2010.

The rewritten Constitution of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION bypasses the original Constitution for the United States of America, which explains why our Congressmen and Senators don’t abide by it, and the President can write Executive Orders to do whatever he/she wants. They are following corporate laws that completely strip sovereigns of their God given unalienable rights. Corporate/Commercial/Public Law is not sovereign (private), as it is an agreement between two or more parties under contract. Common Law (which sovereigns operate under) is not Commercial Law; it is personal and private.

To understand this document, you need to understand some basic terms. Visit for complete understanding. The basic terms are:

De Jure – Existing by right or according to law; original, lawful. Common Law operates under De Jure terms.

De Facto – In practice but not necessarily ordained by law; in fact, in reality. Corporate Law operates under De Facto terms.

Sovereign – A real person. Sovereigns can own property while Citizens/Subjects cannot. According to the original Constitution, all government comes from the Sovereign Individual. Without the Sovereign Individual, there is no government.

U.S. Citizen/Subject – A corporate fictitious entity that merely represents the real person. It acts as a “strawman.” [To call oneself a “sovereign citizen” or “sovereign subject” is an oxymoron, since “sovereign” and “citizen/subject” are mutually exclusive of each other.] When asked if you are a “U.S. Citizen” on corporate legal documents, if you check “yes,” you agree to the terms of Corporate Law and unknowingly relinquish your sovereign status and transfer all of your rights to the UNITED STATES CORPORATION since you are now under contract.

Corporation – A non-human, fictitious entity. Corporate fictitious entities are denoted in all caps. This includes the names of Citizens/Subjects. Your fictitious “strawman” entity is addressed in all caps, i.e. JOHN SMITH, rather than John Smith.

Common Law – God’s law. Common Law and the system of De Jure Juries apply to sovereigns in disputes. In Common Law, contracts must be entered into knowingly, voluntarily, and intentionally.

Admiralty/Maritime Law/International Law – The King’s law. Deals with criminal acts that only apply to international contracts. Under this law, the people are no longer sovereign. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) that the United States practices is based on Admiralty Law. Under the UCC, contracts do not have to be entered into knowingly. Simple agreements can be binding, and as long as you exercise the benefits of that “agreement,” you must meet the obligations associated with those benefits. If you accept the benefit offered by the government, then you MUST follow, to the letter,
each and every statute involved with that benefit. That “benefit” is the Federal Reserve Notes (U.S. dollars). By paying for things with U.S. dollars you are unknowingly giving up all of your Constitutional rights and are legally obligated to follow all of the UCC statues. But you were NEVER told this.

Lawful – A term used in Common Law.

Legal – A term used in the UCC which applies to Corporate Law.


(note by Panama Legal: These are the basic premises adhered to by the people in the movement and the people in the Sovereign movement. The Government is a Corporation actually functioning as the Federal Government. Thus it does not have to follow the constitution. Also it does not matter if Obama is not a natural born citizen since it is a corporation he is the head of. The corporation gets the permission of the people to reign over them by deceit. This is done by wording in the Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, driving Licenses, IRS forms, Marriage Licenses and other documents. They always refer to the “person” in all capital letters. This means the name represents a corporate entity. This is how the corporation courts get jurisdiction over you. Their courts do not fly the “reaL” American flag. They use the military or admiralty flag. For a discourse on this try this website:

What the theory is goes like this. When you enter a US Courtroom there is a military or admiralty flag flying. The US Military does not have the protection of the constitution, neither does this apply to admiralty laws with ships at sea. When you enter a court room and cross through that little wooden gate they have and go to the area where the plaintiff (prosecutor) and defendant sit along with judge, court reporter, you are entering a “ship” or a foreign country as evidenced by the admiralty or military flag flying thus the constitution has no applicability and you are under equity law not common law. The flaw with their scheme is that there is no full disclosure to the people about any of this. This is brief over simplified synopsis of the scam run by the federal corporation. End of our comment.)

In 1788 (January 1), The United States was officially bankrupt.

In 1790 (August 4), Article One of the U.S. Statutes at Large, pages 138-178, abolished the States of the Republic and created Federal Districts. In the same year, the former States of the Republic reorganized as Corporations and their legislatures wrote new State Constitutions, absent defined boundaries, which they presented to the people of each state for a vote…the new State Constitutions fraudulently made the people “Citizens” of the new Corporate States. A Citizen is also defined as a “corporate fiction.”

In 1845, Congress passed legislation that would ultimately allow Common Law to be usurped by Admiralty Law. Treason in Government! Admiralty on Land!! explains this change. The yellow fringe placed at the bottom of court flags shows this is still true. Before 1845, Americans were considered sovereign individuals who governed themselves under Common Law.

In 1860 – Congress was adjourned Sine Die – Lincoln could not legally reconvene Congress.

In 1861, President Lincoln declared a National Emergency and Martial Law, which gave the President unprecedented powers and removed it from the other branches. This has NEVER been reversed.

In 1863, the Lieber Code was established taking away your property and your rights.

From 1864-1867, Several Reconstruction Acts were passed forcing the states to ratify the 14th Amendment, which made everyone slaves.

In 1865, the capital was moved to Washington, D.C., a separate country – not a part of the United States of America.

In 1871, The United States became a Corporation with a new constitution and a new corporate government, and the original constitutional government was vacated to become dormant, but it was never terminated. The new constitution had to be ratified by the people according to the original constitution, but it never was. The whole process occurred behind closed doors. The people are the source of financing for this new government.

In 1917, the Trading with the Enemy Act (TWEA) was passed. This insightful video from [link to] states the following: “This act was implemented to deal with the countries we were at war with during World War I. It gave the President and the Alien Property Custodian the right to seize the assets of the people included in this act and if they wanted to do business in this country they could apply for a license to do so. By 1921, the Federal Reserve Bank (the trustee for the Alien Property Custodian) held over $700,000,000 in trust.” Understand that this trust was based on our assets, not theirs.

In 1933, 48 Stat 1, of the TWEA was amended to include the United States Person because they wanted to take our gold away. Executive Order 6102 was created to make it illegal for a U.S. Citizen to own gold. In order for the Government to take our gold away and violate our Constitutional rights, we were reclassified as ENEMY COMBATANTS.”

In 1933, there was a second United States bankruptcy. In the first bankruptcy the United States collateralized all public lands. In the 1933 bankruptcy, the U.S. government collateralized the private lands of the people (a lien) – they borrowed money against our private lands. They were then mortgaged. That is why we pay property taxes.

From a speech in Congress in The Bankruptcy of the United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993, Vol. 33, page H-1303, Speaker Representative James Trafficant Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House states:

…It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent. H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933 – Joint Resolution To Suspend The Gold Standard and Abrogate The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only.

The receivers of the United States Bankruptcy are the International Bankers, via the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. All United States Offices, Officials, and Departments are now operating within a de facto status in name only under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of Government now dissolved, the receivers of the Bankruptcy have adopted a new form of government for the United States. This new form of government is known as a Democracy, being an established Socialist/Communist order under a new governor for America. This act was instituted and established by transferring and/or placing the Office of the Secretary of Treasury to that of the Governor of the International Monetary Fund. Public Law 94-564, page 8, Section H.R. 13955 reads in part: “The U.S. Secretary of Treasury receives no compensation for representing the United States…

Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens of mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913) “Hypothecated” all property within the Federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. Citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a “beneficiary” of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the Federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets, and labor of their “subjects,” the 14th Amendment U.S. Citizen to the Federal Reserve System. In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federal United States Corporation all of the credit “money substitute” it needed.

Like any debtor, the Federal United States government had to assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the Federal United States didn’t have any assets, they assigned the private property of their “economic slaves,” the U.S. Citizens, as collateral against the federal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks, forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations as collateral against the federal debt. All has already been transferred as payment to the international bankers.

Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution feudal roots whereby all land is held by a sovereign and the common people had no rights to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the People have exchanged one master for another.”

In 1944, Washington D.C. was deeded to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) by the Breton Woods Agreement. The IMF is made up of wealthy people that own most of the banking industries of the world. It is an organized group of bankers that have taken control of most governments of the world so the bankers run the world. Congress, the IRS, and the President work for the IMF. The IRS is not a U.S. government agency. It is an agency of the IMF. (Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.)


The Supreme Court has said the De Jure Government offices still exist but the people have failed to occupy them.

Remember Downs v. Bidwell and the dissenting opinion of Justice Marshall Harlan? He said that two national governments exist; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions. This is one that We the people need to force our elected public officials to occupy – De Jure rule.

We need to change that by organizing Grand Juries and putting our officials back under De jure rule and out of the Corporate (or Military) Rule that they are currently operating under.

Our elected officials will then have to operate under the limits of their Oath of office to uphold the U.S. and State Constitutions, circa 1860. When they violate the Oath it’s a capital crime.

The reason we go back to 1860 is because that is the last time we had lawful laws in this country.

Where do the people get their power to convene a Grand Jury? The Magna Carta, 1215.

Our Founding Fathers looked back to history for precedent when they decided they wanted to change their government. What they found was the Magna Carta Liberatum, the Great Charter of Freedoms. It set a precedent that changed the face of England forever, by establishing that the King was not above the law.

King John of England signed the Magna Carta after immense pressure from the Church and his barons (the people). The King often lived above the law, violating both Feudal and Common Law, and was heavily criticized for his foreign policy and actions in England. The Barons, with the support of the Church, pressured King John to spell out a list of their rights and guarantee that those rights would be enforced. The Barons provided a draft, and after some negotiation, King John put his seal to the Magna Carta in Runnymede, in June of 1215.

Section 61 set rules for establishing the Grand Jury. It states: Since we have granted all these things for God, for the better ordering of our kingdom, and to allay the discord that has arisen between us and our barons (people), and since we desire that they shall be enjoyed in their entirety, with lasting strength, forever, we give and grant to the barons the following security: The barons shall elect twenty-five of their number to keep, and cause to be observed with all their might, the peace and liberties granted and confirmed to them by this charter. If we, our chief justice, our officials, or any of our servants offend in any respect against any man, or transgress any of the articles of the peace or of this security, and the offense is made known to four of the said twenty-five barons, they shall come to us.”


Then please go to this website,, read and study it at least twice.  Are they sincere?  Write a contact and wait for a response.  We all are patriots in this fight everyone of us no matter your ethnic heritage, color, class, or creed.  If you are an American it is your duty to stand up and fight in the face of tyranny and it is the honor of every man to do so.  Precious little time remains to change what has happened.  Educate yourself, then educate others in your city, town, village or hamlet, etc.  In the light of truth these enemies of mankind will have to stand down, so please do not be afraid any longer.

Be blessed~WW~

Robert Edmondson “Testified Against the Jews”


Dr. Henry Makow

A measure of Zionist subversion is when a nation’s defenders are defamed and forgotten, while its traitors are rewarded and honored. Other 1930’s patriots tarred as “anti-Semites” include Charles Lindbergh. Henry Ford, Charles Coughlin, William Pelley, Louis McFadden and Huey Long.

Their fate proves that despite what Americans think, the US is a colony of the London-based Masonic Jewish central banking cartel and its leaders are traitors. Americans haven’t been “free” for a very long time.

In 1936, Edmondson wrote in his defense, “I am not against Jews because of their religion, as a race, a people or as individuals, but because Jewish leadership [i.e. the bankers] is actively anti-American, is attempting to jettison the American political philosophy and take over the Country, and that I would continue to be anti-Jewish until Jewry repudiated such subversion. Were the offender any other than the Jewish minority, my attitude would be precisely the same. This problem is the biggest and most acute thing in the world today….

“Knowing that…pitiless publicity is the only cure for public evils, in 1934 I started on a campaign to expose Jewish Anti-Americanism and Talmudic Communism which has been called the “Code of Hell”: a “Rabbi Racket” that victimizes its own followers; an international “Satanic System” subverting France, Britain, Germany and Russia, causing the present depression and moving to take over the United States through the Jewish Radical administration [of FDR.] ”

We are all victims of brainwashing which equates defending our freedom, family and values with Nazi bigotry and genocide. We are under merciless hate-filled attack from the bankers, yet we are  accused of “hatred” when we identify the source. It’s a pathetic disingenuous ruse.  Remember the little boy who said the Emperor has no clothes? The Zionists put him in jail.

Jewish Leadership Aggression

The majority of Jews are not aware of the Jewish leadership’s secret agenda, which meshes with that of the central banking cartel. Yet the security of ordinary Jews is jeopardized by this centuries-old plan for world government now reaching fruition. Unless they oppose it, they will be blamed for it. If they defend it, they are part of it.

In 1954, Edmondson published a collection of his bulletins entitled  “I Testify Against the Jews.”

He quotes rare documents such as a letter published in the 1880 Review of Jewish Studies financed by James de Rothschild. The letter, dating from 1489, is from the head of the Grand Sanhedrin in Constantinople to a rabbi in Arles France who asked how to counter anti-Semitism. He was advised to infiltrate gentile society.

The advice of the Grand Satraps and Rabbis was to convert to Christianity as the French King demands but “keep the Law of Moses in your hearts;” make your sons merchants “that they may despoil Christians of their [property]; doctors that “they may take away Christian lives.”

“Make your sons canons and clerics that they may destroy the churches…..Arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix themselves up with affairs of state in order that by putting Christians under your yoke, you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.” (71)


Robert Edmondson 1872-195?

Edmondson also quotes a May 11 1933 address to the Hebrew University by the famous Jewish poet N.H. Bialik which confirms a Jewish agenda few Jews are aware of. He says Jews have undermined Christianity by “deliberate Jewish conniving…it has been effected in great measure by cyrpto Jews (Secret Jews) who have permeated Christianity and spoken through the mouth of Christianity.”  (51)

He says these crypto Jews are also the creators of “the Renaissance, of Liberalism, of Democracy, of Socialism, and of Communism.” (151)

Remember he was speaking in 1933: “The Gentiles have at last realized this secret–that Judaism has gradually penetrated and permeated them like a drug. The Gentile nature is in revolt, and is trying to organize the final battle…They would ‘smoke us out’ of all the cracks and crannies where we have hidden. They would exterminate us like bacilli and be rid of us.” (152)

This is proof that millions of innocent Jews, including my grandparents, died partly because of the demented megalomania of the Jewish leadership, and ironically the Nazis were financed by the Jewish bankers as a way of forcing Jews to support Zionism.


Judaism is a conspiracy against Christian Western civilization which has succeeded to such an extent that it cannot even be mentioned. It has inspired the bankers to recast society so there will be no families, no marriages, no private property and no freedom.

It has divorced society from God, who is synonymous with absolute truth and justice. It has inundated us in pornography and trivia, poisoned the well of gender and debased relations between men and women. We live in a decadent, superficial, hypocritical society where people sell their souls for jobs, and where mass media and education are devoted to propaganda and indoctrination. We are denied the truth, and kept in a state of arrested development, befitting children or “cattle.”

We can be as politically correct as long as we want, but we can’t escape the fact that mankind is in the thrall of a Satanic force which is enslaving us.

Dr. Henry Makow


WW Notes~Apparently, no one in America seems to learn from history’s past mistakes.  While I had heard of Benjamin Freedman, Lindberg and Ford’s warning of the Jews, I had not heard of Mr. Edmondson until today when I stumbled onto this article.  Why haven’t decent Americans stood up to this tyranny long before the 21st century?  It’s becoming more obvious with each passing day that America is overrun with wimps and what we really need is a wolf pack.

In Brief: The Protocols

For those not actually convinced that America and the world has been hijacked by a corrupt, greedy tribe of people I suggest that you watch these videos, then research the claims and decide for yourself.

The narrator is the now deceased William Pierce, a staunch racist and anti-semite, was the leader of the white nationalist National Alliance organization.  Unfortunately, he provided the ammunition that consequently gave American nationalism a bad name by associating it with Nazism, antisemitism and race hatred.

In retrospect, though, the information he dramatically provides is relatively true from his viewpoint.

WW Notes: The mention and use of the word “Jews” as collectively responsible for the world’s crisis is not actual reality.  That would be like saying that all Christians were responsible for the Inquisition five centuries earlier.  Be reminded that the word “Jew” was not even part of the English lexicon until approximately 300 years ago.  The tribe were usually described as Hebrews, Israelites or The Children of Israel.  The “Jews” who are directly responsible for the current situation in America and the world are not god-fearing humans, if they are human, but that’s another discussion altogether.  This corrupt, lascivious group are hiding behind the Judaic religion to profit from the current overwhelming and unimpeded power of the Jewish state.  Once they achieve their aims the Jews of the world will also be in peril.  As I have said many times – no one will be spared.


This is the wake-up call. – A brief history of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a Jewish plan to take over Western civilization and establish a one-world government.

The Purpose of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is to establish Satan as the Lord of this World, exactly as the Bible says he is. But, at this End of the Age, the Protocols intends to establish Satan as the replacement of God on the throne of the world, to be worshipped and obeyed as God!

No other document in the past 2,000 years has continually set the world on fire more than the Protocols of Zion. Yet, a majority of people consider this Illuminati blueprint to be fraudulent. Marquis shall prove that, while the Protocols is NOT a Jewish conspiracy, it is an Illuminati conspiracy to take over the world for their Masonic Christ.

The Protocols has already set the world on fire many times: 1) Fomented and directed the Great French Revolution (1789-1799); 2) Created the great Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 that established Communism; 3) In 1870, planned Three (3) World Wars to stage Antichrist on the world scene. World Wars I & II were precisely carried out. World War III is being set up exactly as The Protocols envisioned, and will be the most bloody war ever; 4) Planned the attacks of 9/11; 5) Planned the global terrorism campaign now underway; 6) Planned economic collapse; 7) Planned the most murderous, most severe global dictatorship history has ever seen. 8) Marquis will reveal other bloody plans.

You will never look at the news the same way again!

Glossary: Goyim (or simply Goy) and Gentile means “non-Jewish” or a non-Jew

911 was a false flag terror attack masterminded by the global elite.

They are building a New World Order where they have complete control over everyone and they will own everything. They control the world’s media and own the central banks in almost every country. They use these central banks to create paper money from nothing and lend it to governments and individuals and charge interest on the new money they created.

They are the masterminds behind Zionism and the state of Israel and all the major wars of the last 100 years. 911 will help secure Israel and give them control of most of the world’s energy. They will use “Peak Oil” as an excuse to raise energy prices and make themselves even richer.

911 is part of an century’s old plot to replace all the worlds monarchy’s with various Zionist Occupied Governments that are controlled with the power of money and subjected to the same central command as in the Protocols of the learned elders of Zion.

Rothschilds created a banking system where they create money from nothing and lend it governments and individuals.

They have created central banks in almost every country and we all owe them interest on money they created from nothing.

The net worth of the Rothschild banking family is about $500,000,000,000,000. More than half of the wealth of the entire world!

1 World $ 54,310,000,000,000
2 United States $ 12,250,000,000,000
3 United Kingdom $ 10,450,000,000,000
4 Germany $ 4,489,000,000,000
5 France $ 4,396,000,000,000

Total America Debt (the sum of all recognized debt of federal, state & local governments, international, private households, business and domestic financial sectors, including federal debt to trust funds). Total Debt in America is now $53 Trillion, or $175,154 per man, woman and child.

During times of war (war on terror) the central banks (Federal Reserve) creates large amounts of money from nothing to pay for the war and lend it to the (U.S.) government. The drawback is that the more money they create the more the current money that’s already in circulation goes down in value.

If the U.S. government has to borrow a trillion dollars to fight the never ending War on Terror the central bank can create this money from nothing and lend it to the government and charge them interest. The interest will be paid for by the people’s taxes.

YOUR TAXES make these central bankers rich.

Five percent interest on a trillion dollars is 50 Billion dollars per year. This is by far the biggest motive anyone would have for the 911 attacks.

ADL member Larry Silverstein made 7.1 billion from the largest insurance claim ever for a terrorist attack.

What is a greater motive $50,000,000,000 per year OR “They hate our freedom”?

The ADL ruthlessly leans on governments throughout the world to pass hate crimes legislation, as they are scared that the criminal cabal that is Israel and the Rothschilds is being exposed more and more on a daily basis, predominantly on the internet.

Their job is to protect this criminal network and what better way to do it than by passing laws in which anyone who exposes a NWO criminal becomes a criminal.

Jewish Propagation of America’s Cultural and Moral Destruction

WW~Notes: For semantic purposes in the article below the word “Jew” does not refer to the Israelites or Judeans of ancient times, nor does it define the demi-God Jesus Christ since he was neither Jew nor Israelite.  The word “Jew” first appeared in modern literature about 300 years ago and therefore does not in any way connote to the lost tribes of Israel and the Hebrew people.  The word “Jew” describes an alien being of Indo-Turkish Mongolian descent devoid of normal human responses to others unless and only if the recipient is a fellow Jew.  They are a racist, segregationist, supremacist species that believes they are exclusive from all other human beings in the grand scheme.  They believe that the one true God only hears their voices and ignores all others.  They also believe that the Earth was created for them and that the rest of humanity should be wiped from the face of the planet.  They are the “Abomination of Desolation Sitting in the Holy Place” that Christ warned of during the End Times.

Grim Reaper

America is surrounded concurrently by a deviant, poisonous enemy that is drowning our once vibrant culture suffocating society in a sea of moral depravity.  We are a lost nation of groping sheep roaming aimlessly and endlessly in a plethora of sexual promiscuity, violence (both real and imagined), pornography, character assassination and decadence.

This hidden cultural conditioning of the past 50 years is in its final stages preparing us for the neo-Marxist Communistic society that will finally enslave our souls in a mortal ‘Minority Report’ hell.  I cannot think of a better time for Americans to finally wake-up and notice the Jewish, Zionist supremacist influence that is insidiously weaving its way into every facet of our lives.

To put this accusation into perspective; in the modern literary world there is a most formidable enemy of the human condition.  So corrupt, vile and evil is this villain that he is referred to as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.”  Of course, I speak of the Lord Voldemort character from the wildly successful and popular Harry Potter books.  Author J.K. Rowling describes this arch-nemesis as “the most evil wizard for hundreds and hundreds of years”.  A “raging psychopath, devoid of the normal human responses to other people’s suffering”.He feels no desire or need for human companionship or friendship, and cannot comprehend love or affection for another. He believes he is superior to everyone around him, is “incredibly power-hungry and Racist.”

Lord Voldemort

At times I feel exactly like Harry as he tries in vain to convince his closest friends and Professor Dumbledore that Voldemort has, indeed, returned, yet, the lack of definitive proof of the Dark Lord’s existence does not deter Harry from his ultimate mission, which is to stop this evil villain of the magical and muggle world by any means necessary even if it means certain death.

The Jewish-Zionist supremacist 800 hundred pound elephant in the living room is humanity’s ultimate arch-nemesis of all time.  There is no greater threat, no single issue more important than exposing this racist, hate-filled ideology for what it is; a vile, evil, corrupt poisonous way of life that is the antithesis of decent, moral behavior and rational thought with its partner in crime, anti-Semitism, more feared than the Dementers.

Unlike Harry’s magical world, we in the real world are blinded by this enemy even when it is right upon us discarding our civil liberties, dumbing-down our education, or, aborting the unborn all in the name of multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness.  The rules of the cultural battlefield changed before anyone knew what really happened and we are still struggling to catch up to an enemy that knows us far better than we know ourselves.

This enemy soon realized that humanity is a weak, pleasure-seeking species and they use that to their advantage and to our peril.  For all of its pitfalls true Christianity is still one of the best spiritual disciplines to combat humanity’s weaknesses; not the religious Christianity of organized faith, but the teachings and wisdom of the Christ.  Jesus’ words to the people are filled with hope, peace, love, forgiveness and charity, which are all in direct opposition to Judaism and Zionism.  Yet today in America we hear little to nothing about Christ’s inspirational messages because the culture is inundated with decadence and debauchery on a scale we haven’t seen in modern times.

My Bible history tells me that God’s covenant is no longer with the The Children of Israel but instead with Jesus and his followers according to the New Testament.  So why are Christian Zionists and Israel’s Jews (Hebrew/Israelite impostors) desperately trying to convince the world otherwise?  Only someone with something to hide goes to extraordinary lengths to cover their tracks as we are witnessing in America and Israel.  Destroying a nation (Iraq) and murdering over 1.5 million indigenous human beings is a blatant example of Israel trying to cover its lies and deception about the origins of the Semitic people, which are clearly not the Israelis.  Most Israelis are from Indo-Turkish descent and look nothing like true genetic Semites.

Consequently, we are slowly inching toward a Roman-like society that was overflowing with sexual depravity among the Caesars and wealthy patricians, psychopathic sadism and torture throughout the military and the routine buying and selling of human beings as chattel in everyday Plebian life.  Americans are being routinely programmed, cataloged, drug tested and ordered around in all areas of civil life.  Stand here; get in line there; start, stop, go, yield, merge, caution, just say no, don’t drink and drive, stop smoking are now the iconic warning signs of a controlled society, and it’s very plausible at this point that our masters have already begun gathering our DNA unbeknownst to anyone to further catalog and categorize us.  The thought of the God Zeus caressing a human statuette before placing it in his vast collection (from the 1980 version of Clash of the Titans) comes to mind and is a sobering thought not to be taken lightly.

This parasite infests and corrupts everything it touches.  For one – our educational system and collective history is being re-written as we speak.  America’s early beginnings were far from perfect, however, the imperfect union that resulted from the minds of mostly moral men was the very best place in the world until the millennium year 2001.  I have often referred to that year as the event that delivered our country into the arms of the New World Order with the tragic advent of 9/11.  That pivotal day is the threshold of our current dilemma and is the ultimate key to understanding the events occurring in our world.  Had there not been a “9/11″ we would still be stumbling in the dark going about our mediocre lives without any knowledge of an enemy in our midst.

The most important weapon in our arsenal is educating the masses with the truth about the viral Jewish establishment killing our nation.  Author Mark Dankof advises all Americans to do three things:

1.  Look at the Washington Report on Middle Eastern Affairs

2.  Study Hugh Galford’s information on the political PACS funding American politicians

3.  Watch the recent Charles Schumer video where as guardian of Israel he pledges his undying loyalty to a foreign power on national radio committing treason in plain sight!  Unfortunately, I don’t have a link to the video.

With no mention of wild Jewish conspiracy theories in the aforementioned material you will come to the logical conclusion that there is a powerful Jewish oligarchy controlling the fate of our country!

Watch this recent video from Dr. David Duke on Schumer and the vile state of Israel as it “gets away with everything.”

Dankof emphatically states that these are the days of the ‘Big Lie’, that demonic forces are working through these people and the money trail indicates a vast percentage of Washington politicians are on the Israel Lobby’s payroll.

We are way beyond George Orwell at this juncture.

In 2000 the academy award winning motion picture Gladiator was released in May and became an instant success.  The film was about the story of a brilliant Roman general in 180 A.D. who becomes a slave, then became a gladiator to defy an Emperor loosely based on the lives of Caesar Marcus Aurelius, his insane son Commodus (who eventually becomes Caesar) and daughter Lucilla.  In an early scene we find Commodus with his sister Lucilla just after they arrived home from the frontier.  Commodus being the spoiled, narcissistic Emperor fails to understand the need for the Senate.  Lucilla patiently attempts to soothe her brother’s imperial troubles by explaining that what the people care about is their traditions and the greatness of Rome.

“It’s an idea–greatness; greatness is a vision,” says Lucilla.

Then Commodus retorts, “I will give the people a vision of Rome, and they will love me for it.  And they’ll soon forget the tedious sermonizing of a few dry old men.”

We are witnessing the identical propagandist ideology in today’s Judaic-Zionist culture in America.  Faux President, Barry Soetero, provides a well spoken Utopian vision of America for the rest of the world, while he and his minions covertly teach the very young to worship and serve the state with the glorification of illegal wars for a foreign nation.  The people are further encouraged through political correctness to support the troops regardless of their actions.  With the revelation of Abu Ghraib and the wholesale mass murder of over 100,000 citizens in Faluga, Iraq why would anyone support this military?  Because we are a nation that no longer thinks rationally.  The military has been demoralized, conditioned and brainwashed into soulless soldiers that will eventually arrive home and when the time comes will perpetrate the same heinous acts on Americans that they were ordered to do on the Iraqis.  The only difference that separates the present day military from ancient barbarians is the uniform otherwise they are one in the same nasty adversary.

Be a witness to current society in Judaic-Zionist style. 

To calm and tame the multitude our babies are introduced to fluoridated water shortly after leaving the safety of the womb.  Desensitization to violence starts early with mind-numbing television, then our teenagers are introduced to drugs, alcohol and a variety of ways to fornicate with each other, which further robs them of their divine humanity and the ability to create a lasting, stable relationship with another human being.

If one manages to survive to middle age in one piece, then you have to be concerned with staying healthy and God forbid if you get really sick.  The majority of Americans already ingest a cornucopia of antidepressants and other toxic medications in an effort to combat the effects of our poisoned environment.  You soon realize that this nauseating, feeble reality is coming at you from all directions and there is no escape; either find a way to survive or allow yourself to be consumed.

In today’s America if you are, basically, a decent human being, in actuality, you are an enemy of the state.  Good people who are Christian, Pro-Life, oppose the homosexual agenda, the New World Order, globalism, empire building, foreign aid and an out-sourced economy are being marginalized and demonized in the halls of Washington and the judicial system.  According to author Mark Dankof, with the Marxist Homeland Security Agency behind them the Jewish Lobby conveys to the American public that anyone with an ounce of morality or humanity is a criminal or potential criminal and eventually you will see that these innocent people will be subjected to the same status as political prisoners – meaning torture.

Isn’t it more than apparent that this government no longer represents the people.  It’s been usurped by a ruthless pack of sadistic, psychopaths hell-bent on bringing down America. Now, the deception is so vast and so great that those responsible for the plot lie complacent in their wealthy estates basking in an omniscient glory with the belief that they will never be brought to justice for their crimes.  This precipice is nearly upon the whole of the human race.  Humanity’s mortal enemy won the first round, and the coming war will be largely fought on a mass mental battlefield surrounded by the perversion of Judaic philosophy and racist, apartheid Zionist idealism, which will subsequently carve out a nightmarish, blood soaked reality with a substantial shock value more gruesome than the goriest horror movie ever made unless humanity steps up to the plate and knocks this evil cabal out of the ballpark.



We are not witnessing a decline, but an engineered destruction of everything Americans used to hold very dear.

Written three years ago in 2007, Rayburn’s opinions were, ironically, a foreshadowing of things to come.   WW~

“Don’t tell me I am wrong, you must first endeavor to prove it! Don’t simply disagree with me, show me why I am wrong, and for God’s sake move it. For if you cannot prove that I am wrong, I must assume I’m right, but if you can prove to me that I am wrong, I’ll for once get to sleep at night.”

W.P. Rayburn, BA, Anthropology, JD

America is in decline. And the world knows it. Yet it is still difficult for Americans to grasp that we are declining. After all, we have a 12 trillion dollar gross domestic product, by far the strongest economy in the world. We have a low rate of unemployment. We have the most technologically advanced military in the world, with the ability to project raw power anywhere on the globe. Our per capita standard of living is the highest of any country in the world and on and on and on, ad infinitum. So how could we be in decline? What are the other nations of the world observing to which we Americans are apparently blind? And what, if anything, can we do about it?

Among many of my fellow countrymen there is a general sense of anxiety about the future. A sort of low grade dread that not only are their lives as Americans not improving, but for reasons they just can’t put their finger on, are indeed getting worse. I almost haven’t the heart to tell them, but they’re right. What is happening in America is inexorable decline. And civilizations in decline have historically been characterized by a host of disparate problems that seem unrelated, but in fact, in the aggregate, are part of a discernible mosaic of doom. The anxiety and uncertainty felt by most Americans is a result of the social fallout from this mosaic. The decline of nations manifest in numerous ways, many of which we are viewing everyday in the news, or in our pocketbooks, or perhaps in our own feelings of isolation, emptiness or marginalization. But don’t despair my fellow countrymen, for at the very least, you aren’t alone. As a matter of fact, you are a member of a growing group of concerned citizens who are refusing to bury their heads in the sand any longer and are mad as hell and ready to fight. So how you may ask, is America declining? What are some of the signs and symptoms of this decline, and is it possible to turn it around? While this essay is by no means an exhaustive list of the problems facing America, it will illustrate some of the reasons why many of us are as concerned as we are.

To start with, our most sacred institution, the family, is in tatters. The breakdown of the nuclear family is an epidemic in America. This breakdown has occurred in the historical blink of an eye. In the 1950’s the nuclear family was relatively intact with low overall divorce rates and high numbers of stay at home moms who were able to love and guide their children, to teach them right from wrong. Just over 50 years later the institution of family is a desolate wasteland. Divorce rates are over 50%. Illegitimacy rates have soared by 500%. Over 50% of children are raised in single parent homes. In nuclear families that are left over 60% of families with children younger than ten have working mothers and fathers. Very little is left at the end of the day for investing in the future generations.

At the root of almost all of our social problems, the breakdown of the family is ubiquitous. The prospects for a healthy nuclear family are so bleak that a whole generation of young men and women are choosing empty “careers” over family. There is an entire generation of young adults who are simply choosing to not marry and have children. This is a tragedy, for not only are these men and women generally unhappy and unfulfilled (money doesn’t kiss you back), but among white Americans, they are contributing to a birth rate crisis that is a greater threat to white Western man’s existence than the Plague, World War 1 and World War 2 combined. If these trends continue then the future is indeed bleak. We must endeavor to save the family with the utmost haste.

Economically, America is a model of un-sustainability in practically every conceivable way. We are currently in debt to foreign nations in the trillions and counting. Our annual trade deficits with other nations are running at almost 1 trillion dollars annually. In layman’s terms we are consuming more than we produce. This can’t go on indefinitely without a painful readjustment. Imagine a family farm producing 100 bushels of corn annually but consuming 1 million bushels of corn annually. It doesn’t take Adam Smith to figure out that this family will not survive for very long. America is doing exactly what our farm family is doing. How can we do this? We do it by amassing debt, debt, and more debt. Already Americans are working two months out of the year just to service the U.S debt, and another two months to pay off their own escalating debt. How did this come about, when throughout most of our history we have been an entirely self sufficient nation? Traitorous politicians who are owned by the large global corporations, that’s how. Our insane “free trade” policies have gutted almost all of the major industries of our country and decimated the wages of millions of American workers. No longer can a man get a job at the local union plant and support a wife and a family with 3 young children. We may have low unemployment, but the majority of all job creation is now in the service sector. Service jobs are inferior to manufacturing jobs in salary and benefits. We are going from a nation of producers to a nation of janitors and bartenders. Free trade is a silly utopian vision at best and at worst is a sham. Such trade agreements as NAFTA and GATT began the nailing of the lid on the coffin of what was a great nation. And how does free trade benefit the global corporations at our expense? Simple: Nike can pull up stakes in America, laying off thousands of workers, relocate in Cambodia or China, pay their workers .31 cents an hour(as opposed to $9.50 an hour for an American) produce their product at near slave wages and sell their shoes and apparel back to Americans with virtually no foreign tariffs to pay. It’s that diabolically simple.

The newly globalized companies start to reap the benefits of global “free trade” while the former American employees of these companies feel lucky to get a job at Wal-Mart. As you can imagine this creates a staggering profit for companies that relocate. Those workers left behind will not be as thrilled about the fruits of globalism, or as Pat Buchanan calls it “Globaloney.” The notion that this helps the American people in the form of cheaper consumer goods is an absurd lie. Free trade is a zero sum game. Corporations win, American workers lose, period. One of our first questions is therefore answered. The economies health is gauged primarily by the volume of business conducted and profit made by a handful of companies who are making obscene profits at the expense of your average American. We appear to have a bustling economy, but there is a catch. There is more wealth, but in fewer hands. People are working longer and harder, for an ever decreasing piece of the financial pie, and all the while are being told by the corrupt mass media that the economy is “booming.” Our corrupt leaders in Washington have forgotten that a nation is more than an economy. The economy of a nation is meant to serve the people, not the other way around. This degradation of our working class because of the immoral money grubbing of the elite class is a major cause of our decline.

Our economy is a veritable house of cards. It could collapse at any time. Our unsustainable consumption and massive debt are signaling the nations of the world that America is not as safe a bet as she used to be. The dollar is declining in value relative to almost every major currency. Some countries are even discussing trading in Euros instead of dollars. When foreign drug dealers are arrested with Euros (which many are), it is not a good sign. The recent surge in the value of gold and other precious metals is another sign that the dollar is not inspiring as much confidence as it once did. As the dollar declines in value and concomitant exchange rates, those cheap free trade consumer products won’t be as cheap anymore. Although heavily tied to trade and debt, the declining value of our currency is evolving from a symptom into a cause of our decline.

The mainstreaming of moral degeneracy and decadence is one of the most telltale signs of a nation in decline. And if you haven’t noticed, 21st century America makes the ancient Romans and Greeks look like Puritans. Civilizations historically seem to pass through three stages, each with its own different ethos. The first stage, or the ascendancy of a civilization, is marked by discipline, social conservatism (as opposed to self expression), struggle against man, nature and self, and a relatively homogenous population with a strong group identity. Ascending civilizations possess a world view that emphasizes scarcity and the need to sacrifice individual needs for group needs. This first stage was most evident in America in its first 200 years. Americans were mostly rural folk with a strong sense of discipline, a willingness to sacrifice for family and country and strong traditional religious values. Selfishness and self centeredness were mortal sins. The early Americans who possessed these traditional values settled the entire continent, conquered all the great powers of the world, and built a veritable empire. Not a bad record for a people who, by today’s standards, would be considered unenlightened, narrow minded, right wing extremists (and probably racist, sexist, nativist, or any other of the liberal epithets).

At its peak, a civilization will transition into its second stage, a period similar to the golden age of Greece. America’s golden age seemed to be at the end of World War 2.

After centuries of toil and conflict we Americans were reaping the rewards of our well earned prosperity. Optimism was rampant as birthrates boomed and incomes grew. We were not ashamed to celebrate our success and superiority. In schools, entertainment, and literature our culture was permeated by our optimism and our greatness. During the two decades from 1945-1965 we prospered as a nation like never before. Unfortunately, our golden age didn’t last as long as it did for the Greeks, for with this prosperity came material excess, not just to the elite, but to almost everyone. With material excess came social excess, and the seeds of our eventual decline. The third and final stage of great civilizations was quick to follow.

The final stage of great civilizations can be described as decadence and decline. By the 1960’s we Americans were richer than ever before. There was an entire generation of children who were given so much and had to work so little that unemployed teenagers, for the first time in history, were able to develop their own culture and their own consumer block. With this material excess came an almost instantaneous shift in the ethos of America. Conservatism, hard work and sacrifice were no longer necessary. Hedonism, rebellion and self expression became the rage. Material excess made a worldview of scarcity unnecessary, and with it the conservative values that made us a great nation were officially “out.” The abundance created by our conservatism and hard work and sacrifice had provided excess in both material wealth and in leisure time (the proverbial devil’s workshop.) Every great civilization seems to descend into degeneracy when it starts to create excess. Excess diminishes the need to adhere to a system of morals that evolved as a result of scarcity and imminent peril. So called traditional values reflect the kind of discipline required to survive such threats as a crop failure, or a protracted military conflict. Why adhere to stuffy traditional values when our excess makes such threats unlikely? By the mid-60’s, America was in need of some new, more “progressive” values.

In America our material excess is currently guaranteed by our unrivaled military. As no foreign power is yet capable of depriving us of the fruits of our excess, we are guaranteed our freedom to live decadent lives. The entire nation is in the grips of a mass media that promotes every conceivable form of filth and degenerate activity. Daily we are shown images of transvestites parading down our streets. We have television shows that feature loveable homosexuals teaching “straight” men how to primp like women and we glamorize the lives of single 30 something women who live like whores. Our American culture now promotes the most abject forms of promiscuity among the young and the degradation of females as fungible sex objects. Our first Amendment used to be a brilliant bulwark against tyranny as we were able to freely engage in any variety of political discourse with impunity.  Now the first Amendment is used to tear down conservative religious symbols, legalize flag burning, legalize pornography, protect the rights of pedophiles, and promote educational programs that teach grade school children to put condoms on cucumbers. I could go on and on and on, but I think the message is clear (besides, I deal with the poison of modern liberalism in another essay.)

So what have the new “progressive” values brought us in the last 30 to 40 years? A 50% divorce rate and the virtual destruction of the family, a 500% increase in illegitimacy rates, a drug epidemic of staggering proportions, an exploding prison population, the elevation of absurd political correctness to a religion, whose heretics are branded with such labels as racist, sexist, etc. (so much for freedom of speech), high school dropouts by the millions, social programs that transfer the wealth of the most productive members of society to the most unproductive members of society, the demonization of our national heroes because they were slave owners, white guilt, ethnic divisions……..need I go on? You name the social malady and we have it. One can understand the revival of evangelical Christianity as a reaction against the sickness we see all around us. Humans need a strong sense of right and wrong, a strong sense of identity and shared purpose with their fellow man, none of which are provided by our society today. The “Brotherhood of Man” our elites have been shoving down our throats for decades is a failure, just like it was in the Soviet Union, because a worldview emphasizing brotherhood with everyone means that people are close or connected to no one. Imperfect as they are, churches have become one of the last mainstream institutions that give Americans any sense of order, community, and a higher sense of purpose, as well as an anchor to hold us down to Earth in this insane nation of ours. We are a sick, twisted nation. We live in nation where wrong is right and right is wrong. Perhaps humans are not highly evolved enough to handle free time and disposable income. I really have no idea. What I do know is that our systemic moral degeneracy has weakened us almost to the point of no return, and is a major symptom of our decline.

One of the most lethal threats to the American nation is the shrinking of America’s white majority. The browning of America, as it is called, is transforming us from a racially homogenous nation into a third world polyglot cesspool, and more than any aforementioned reason for decline, this is the most serious. America used to be a white nation. It was founded as a white nation and was intended by the founding fathers to remain a white nation. When immigrants were allowed to immigrate in the 19th and early 20th century they were “white only” for a reason. White Europeans came to America from a variety of European countries to live the American dream: Freedom, prosperity and limitless possibilities awaited many of Europe’s best and brightest. And oh to what heights they soared when given the opportunity. Whites from all over Europe eventually peopled America from coast to coast, forever casting off the yoke of the oppressive monarchic regimes of the old continent. Within two generations, most newly arrived European immigrants had ceased to be German, Irish, Polish or Italian. They were now simply Americans. We were able to surmount the language barriers that existed between us by widespread instruction in English and a shared sense of purpose. Soon we were playing baseball, eating apple pie and marching off to war together. We were white Americans, period. We had a deep sense of national and racial pride that was a healthy manifestation of our success, prosperity and sense of oneness with our racial brethren. This was the great melting pot theory at its best. The melting pot is not universal though. It has only worked when blending together people with a distinct racial identity. The only obstacles to such people amalgamating were language (solved by one generation of public schooling), and forgetting archaic national antipathies. The latter would prove to be the most challenging as ethnic politics remained divisive among whites until about the end of the First World War. Sixty years after World War 2 whites in America are simply American. I may be of Irish extraction, but I simply can’t remember why I am supposed to hate the English. And seeing as I couldn’t tell one if I saw one, I don’t really care.

For the last forty years America has been transformed from a white nation into an increasingly brown assemblage of competing ethnicities. The Immigration Act of 1965 opened the door for millions of non-whites to immigrate to America. Unlike European immigrants of old, the new non-white immigrants are mostly not assimilating, but instead are forming ethnic enclaves that retain the national characteristics of the third world from whence they came. As a result of our immigration policies the white majority of America has drastically declined. The sense of nationalism the original white Americans had helped to make this the greatest nation on Earth. As white America shrinks in proportion to the non-white hordes, America has become an abstraction to many white Americans. These disillusioned whites no longer feel a sense of oneness with their fellow countrymen, who don’t look, speak, act, or think as they do, and who possess a completely different history and heritage than white Americans. If whites become a minority in America, what will we have to be loyal to, other than our own ethnic group? The displacement of the white population by throngs of third world non-whites is another major reason for America’s decline.

Finally, the rampant corruption of our government and our major institutions is both a symptom and a reason for our decline. As Lord Acton once said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Never has this been truer than in America, where it seems everyone is on the take, even our churches. Our wealth as a nation has turned money into a new pagan god. Anyone and everyone it seems, is for sale. Here are a few of our institutions that have been so thoroughly corrupted by money that they are virtually useless to us in any real sense, and are as follows.


For most of our history our government has been small and functioned to serve our needs, not perpetuate itself. Since the 1930’s our government has grown into a bloated juggernaut, with around three trillion (with a T) dollars a year of OUR money at its disposal. Politicians are up for sale to the highest bidder. Legalized bribery in the form of Lobbies and PAC’s puts the needs of the few ahead of the needs of the masses. If the welfare of a contributing Political Action Committee is in conflict with the welfare of the American people, guess whose welfare is paramount? The ruling elite in Washington are out of touch with the masses to the point that it staggers the imagination. The American people are so disillusioned with our corrupt government that most Americans of voting age don’t even bother to vote because they know it is pointless. Our government will continue to spend OUR money however it sees fit. We no longer have a constitutional republic, but indeed are subjects of a federal dictatorship. What else can you call it when unelected judicial activists routinely act in contravention of the constitution and the will of the people by interpreting the constitution in any way they see fit while making a habit of overturning referendums approved by a majority of a state’s citizens, ( see Cal. Prop. 187.) The sooner we declare independence from these federal judges and corrupt politicians, the sooner we may hail,”Sic Semper Tyrranus.”

The legitimacy of our system of civil and criminal law is highly questionable when money seems to thwart justice in so many cases, and racial considerations keep juries from convicting criminals who are guilty as hell (O.J. ring a bell.) More disturbing than this is the tendency of the criminal justice system to use the system to selectively prosecute dissenters and thought criminals. The so called “Hate Crime” laws at the local level are used almost exclusively to prosecute whites accused of violating political correctness. According to the politically correct orthodoxy, racial minorities can’t be “racist” and therefore can’t commit a hate crime. This double standard is of course absurd and perpetuates the notion that the courts authority is arbitrary and illegitimate, and used as a tool of tyranny against whites who are fed up with minorities getting special treatment virtually everywhere. The truth is, according to the FBI, blacks commit virtually ALL hate crimes against whites, Asians, and hispanics! This is another well known fact that is never mentioned in the politically correct media. Yet blacks are virtually never charged with hate crimes. This is wrong and indicates that so called “prosecutorial discretion” is a euphemism for selective prosecution.

A perfect example is the current case of the Duke Lacrosse players, who are accused of raping a black woman. This has become a political media circus. Why, I ask, is so much attention being focused on this case (which is of spurious merit), when most interracial rape cases are black on white. The truth will shock you. There are over 20,000 reported black on white rapes annually in America! That’s right, according to the NCIS, 20,000 reported black on white rapes. That is approximately 55 per day! Would you like to know how many white on black rapes are reported each year? Approximately 100. That’s right, 100 (with two zeros.) You see then, that there is an agenda at work here. A virtual holocaust of rape is occurring against white women, and the media chooses to focus on the Duke rape case. You decide.

I will deal strictly with colleges and universities as secondary education has been irrevocably destroyed by liberal policies and the reader needs no explanation. Our institutions of higher learning used to be open forums of ideas in the true Socratic tradition. If ever there was an open marketplace of ideas and a forum for utilizing our 1st Amendment right to free speech it should be (and used to be) our colleges and universities. Unfortunately most of our most sacred institutions of higher learning have become as repressive as a Puritan church. Political correctness is the new religion that is practiced across our country in almost every college and university in the land. Its heretics and dissenters are figuratively burned at the stake, constantly, for expressing any view contrary to the politically correct canon. Campus speech codes enforce the new religion of higher learning by suspending and expelling any heretic.

Who are these heretics? You can usually tell them by the color of their skin. They are traditionally white, Christian, conservative, and they dare even question the liberal dogma being taught in higher education. Even bringing up such anathema as gender- differences, or the IQ differences between the races, or the black/white/Asian crime differential can get you suspended from school. Students with any different point of view other than that preached by the high priests and priestesses of liberalism and political correctness have quickly learned to keep their mouths shut. The institutions of higher learning are nothing more than incubators for socially engineered zombies, who may not know where Australia is on a map, but by damn, they have the right attitudes! There is a major agenda at play here and it has corrupted our centers of higher learning. Where is the corruption you ask? It’s in the transfer of billions of dollars to universities, public and private, from the big foundations (Ford, Rockefeller, et. al), as well as the federal government, all of whom are pushing their liberal agenda and political correctness on America. Professors are hired and fired according to their views. Professors are given grants and tenure by fitting in with the liberal social engineers designs. Political correctness is more than just the language of liberal philosophy, it is a mandate.

Once the last bastion of sanity and community in this crazy nation of ours, churches are becoming corrupted and agendized by money. Smaller churches are shutting down in droves while the “Mega Churches” are taking over. These mega churches are sprouting up from coast to coast. Some resemble small cities with all the accompanying amenities. Some of these churches bring in tens of millions of dollars annually and are run like corporations. If you look at their list of donors you will invariably find massive amounts of money coming in from big business, foreign nations, and the globalist controlled charitable foundations. Any church that doesn’t conform to the agenda of their biggest donors will find itself with empty coffers. This inevitably leads to corruption. Churches used to lead their communities. Now many are just one more pawn of the globalist agenda. In many cases where churches desperately need to lead, they stand mute. Such corruption is abhorrent in that churches are the one place where people come to be led in a spirit of faith and trust, and there is nothing more insidious than the heartless exploitation of the power that trust brings.

This one is pretty damn obvious. Anyone who controls public opinion (e.g. controls people’s minds and thoughts) will be made a tool of the world’s financial elite by any means necessary. You can rest assured, it already is. The mainstream media is nothing more than a pavlovian tool of the global elite and their social engineers. Just as in academia, the media allows no dissent from its agenda’s orthodoxy. And don’t count on your favorite talk radio show host to be honest about important issues either. As long as they pretend to be advocates of one party, they are implying that the other party is actually different, which it isn’t. Talk radio, especially conservative talk radio, is nothing more than a valve for disaffected conservatives to let off steam. In all actuality talk radio rarely deviates from the government line and keeps people ignorant of some of the most important issues of the day. It’s just bread and circuses for the masses.

“Groups with big money have to have big organizations and far reaching agendas. This is not a conspiracy, but simply human nature.”

So who are the globalists we all keep hearing about, whom we can thank for our declining nation. What is the globalist agenda? The term “globalist” is an umbrella term for the men who represent the organizations that encompass all of the giants of banking, industry, the media and just about any representative of any of the most powerful financial cartels in the world. Like any other group of people with similar interests, they get together to discuss ways to further their business agenda. There is no conspiracy. It is simply the age old ability of those who have to rule over those who have not. Their agenda is a global economy. Their tools are multiculturalism and equalitarianism. These ideologies are used to acclimate all of us to the global free market they envision. Such “divisive” concepts as race and nationalism are enemy #1 to the globalists. Sounds simple you say? It is simple. It is as simple as I have described.


(1) Elite globalists collude to develop policies that best suit their agreed upon interests (2) These globalists organizations represent the financial giants of the world and use their money, through donations to their “not for profit” foundations to spread their tax free trillions to virtually every conceivable mainstream institution on Earth. These “donations” create dependencies among their beneficiaries and invariably corrupt the institutions and make them susceptible to control, and all the while these institutions claim to be on the side of the every day people they represent. This duplicity and hypocrisy is the essence of corruption.

As I have shown, our once great nation is in deep, deep trouble. We are declining as a nation. Our problems (or in classic Orwellian doublespeak, “Challenges”) are systemic and pervasive. It is important to understand this if we are going to try to salvage what is left, but the hour is late and the time is now. What is going on in our once great nation is disturbing to an increasingly large number of my fellow citizens, and for good reason. I have attempted to outline a few of the major problems we are facing to let my fellow nationals know that they are not alone in their consternation, but this is also a call to action. What is going on is a war. Not a war fought with guns and armies, but a war of ideas, a war for the hearts and minds of white Americans. The ideas which are being fought over are nationalism versus globalism, our sovereignty versus a one world government, liberal insanity versus conservative values, racial and ethnic oneness versus destabilizing multiculturalism, and family versus money worship. We cannot afford to hide any longer. We must commit ourselves to fight in this, the greatest existential battle ever waged against Western man. White America seems to have been marked for extinction. I, for one, am not going to take this lying down. For as Winston Churchhill once said, “It is better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.” As earlier stated, we in a war for the hearts and minds of the greatest people ever to walk the face of the Earth, white Americans. Our weapons are information. Our battlefield is the forum of public opinion. As white America awakens to its plight, let us pray that truth will prevail and we will free ourselves from the yoke that our enemies have placed on us. And may God be with us.

In conclusion, you may ask what you can do as one person. The short answer is: plenty. Don’t despair your relative lack of power. As Margaret Meade observed, the only thing that has ever changed the world are small committed groups of citizens. What you can do, is to read about and study the issues in America that you find the most troubling. Draw your own conclusions and don’t rely on so called “authorities.” The media’s talking heads are almost all corrupt these days. Listen to your heart. Your gut feelings are usually right on the money, pay heed to them. Realize you have been being relentlessly conditioned by our corrupt institutions to respond to issues in whatever way they want you to. Free yourself from their mind control. Find like minded people and discuss these issues. You should research organizations that seem to share your beliefs, and if they seem legitimate, join them. Stand against lies and falsehood wherever you find them. You don’t have to rant or rave, but show your disapproval, even if it’s just in your facial expressions (if that’s all that seems appropriate.) But don’t allow lies and anti-white propaganda to go unchecked. You would be amazed at how many people share your views and are simply waiting for someone to show them how to stand up for the truth. Be a leader, and people will follow you. If only 10% of you who get this message begin to stand up, we will create a critical mass in the collective consciousness of the silent majority of white Americans who agree, but have been cowed into silence by the yapping, name calling, liberal lap dogs of the corrupt establishment. Remember the old Chinese proverb: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Take that step, however small, and you will change the world. And as always, I wish you peace, strength, and good luck.

W. Peter Rayburn


Too Late For Trust

By John Kaminski

Why no Jewish writer can be believed

22nd February 2010


“I don’t want my data base polluted by their deliberate disinformation.”

Periodically, even the most sincere of my trusty email correspondents send me supposedly revealing pieces about weighty topics of current interest that have been written by Jewish writers.

Some of them are pretty good. In fact, you might say Jews reveal far more about themselves than any gentile investigator can. This is true not only of current news but also of the canons of the genre, the classic insider Jewish warnings by Benjamin Freedman, Harold Rosenthal, Mordecai Vanunu, Arthur Koestler and the like. Perhaps it’s the inside information they have, their history of simply being a Jew all their lives, and apparently seeing life differently than the rest of the people on the planet, but their revelations about their own tribe often appear more realistic than some of the clammy invective thrown at the Jews in general by many of their aggravated gentile critics.

There are two notable features in the category of Jewish-Gentile relations. The first is that gentiles are encouraged every moment of all their lives to feel sorry for Jews, supposedly because these poor people have endured such hard lives throughout all their history. The Holocaust hoopla that began 20 years after World War II has been a public relations campaign to confirm that perception in the minds of everyone in the world, and has worked in spades, due to the ubiquitous power of Jewish media. In many countries today, you can be sent to jail for not feeling sorry for the Jews.

And the shadow of the monster takes form in your mind.

The second feature is, in case you haven’t noticed, Jewish control of practically every government and every major business in the world, and I’m not just talking national governments, but state, local and community bureaucracies and professions as well. Zoning boards. Hospital support groups. All the major corporations. 9/11 skeptics groups.

Notice how they always blur the focus, in every instance. I guess it’s what they’re programmed to do.

So too Jewish writers. Noam Chomsky led a shrinking generation of young American rebels into comprehending the predations of a mad U.S. military, but failed to illuminate the engine of the beast, which was and is of course the center of Jewish money, which is not so coincidentally the center of the world’s money.

Israel, Chomsky once said, is just another country, one of the world’s great understatements that totally evaporates Chomsky’s cachet as a philosopher. But that didn’t top his Jewish cohort Howard Zinn’s infamous line just before he died: “Who did 9/11 doesn’t matter.” Spoken like a Jew, Howard.

I’m guessing their success is an indicator of how unconscious most Americans are, whose minds are shaped by media — at every age and every level — owned by Jews, sending the profitmaking screw-your-neighbor philosophy throughout the world at warp speed.

How this Jewish money was accumulated that enables a small group of rich Jews to determine the fate of the world is the tale.

And now this tale — a totally fabricated reality that makes us cheer our troops in Afghanistan as they gather up young boys for future use by Neocons and others of that stripe — is going to be sorted out for you by Jewish writers, who may rail against the obvious debaucheries by Israelis spouting sacred nonsense, but never — not in a single instance — do they shine their supposedly penetrating reportorial light on the real heart of the beast.

Which is their cursed clan.

They have to lie to you in order to appear like normal human beings. If they really behaved as they wished to behave, and as they have been taught to behave in synagogues, you’d either be dead or getting them coffee.

And that’s the way it’s been for thousands of years, the real deal, as they say.

To defend Judaism is to admit you are a criminal, sworn to take the lives of others simply because you have declared that you can.

This in my opinion is not a human being. Jews are fond of claiming they are the Chosen, but are so embarrassed to admit that their vaunted holy book contains orders to kill or enslave all the non-Jews of the world that they will tell any lie to keep you from knowing it.

Is this something a healthy parent would ever want to teach his children? No, no healthy parent.

And so we get to the nub of the secret all Jewish writers try to keep, even though they may brandish tantalizing tidbits of the most insane conspiracy of all time — that only one ancient tribe is holy, and it deserves the whole world filled with a small number of others who will be allowed to serve them.

Signs of the Times

Their own science — psychology — defines this as narcissistic homicidal megalomania. And we read The New York Times, the quintessential Jewish media outlet, and think we are properly informed.

This eulogy began as a letter to Dirk Chardet, a nice young man who puts together a compelling new digest with many of the latest breaking stories from around the real world. A majority of his forwards are by lately popular Jewish writers such as the trenchant Israeli critic Gilad Atzmon, and I am writing specifically to ask not to be included in his digest, because I don’t want to associate with Jewish writers, simply because they can’t and don’t tell the truth, in all instances.

They give you a tantalizing part of the truth, but their ingrained ulterior motive always makes them hold something back. I call it the Alex Jones Formula, where he fries up 95 percent of the truth, and then discombobulates into vague nonsense about the mysterious Illuminati. People love it. Most people I know think he’s really working for us.

Plus, there is the biggest reason of all.

Three thousand years of Jewish lies have gotten us where we are today. Why would I want a Jew to try to tell me how to get out of the fix Jews have put us in? No normally functioning human being would make that choice.

How many more Jews posing as something other than a Jew will I have to listen to in this lifetime?

This warning especially applies to those Jews like Henry Makow and Brother Nathanael who have converted to Christianity. It’s like a waltz. Christianity was invented by a Jew. They titillate you with revelations and insights into esoteric adventures, but the heart of the beast remains intact, feeding on itself, unwilling to reveal the basic mind control crime of all the monotheisms but in particular the nastiest one of all, the Talmud, which is nothing but a license to murder anyone you like and then lie about it.

And that’s what they do.

Jewish writers don’t write about that. They write about petitioning our congresspeople, and I want to wretch, because our congresspeople, each and every one, is guilty of multiple counts of treason, accessory to mass murder and . . . obstruction of justice has become a way of life in Jewish America.

I have always considered my writing to be independent of any group or label. I happen to be one of the few former lefties around who actually saw through the Jewish mindlock, and once you do, reality changes. We are being totally manipulated. It’s time to wake up.

Jewish writers aren’t going to tell us how to do that. They’re going to tell us about some interesting issue that is going to capture our attention so that we will devote our time to it and ultimately not see what it was we were looking for. We have our objectives changed when they are passed through a Jewish filter.

That’s what Eustace Mullins meant when he said, “Because of the presence of the Jew, you will not achieve your dreams.”

Jewish writers inevitably blur and twist the contours of any argument to invariably shape it into advantage for only themselves. I don’t want to be saddled with that taint. Think of the Boer War, where Brits and Dutch died in droves but the Jews wound up with all the diamond mines. That’s what happens every time.

And I don’t want to read political stories written by Jews and have to sort out the bias by which the story is always twisted to favor the Jews. I don’t want my data base polluted by this deliberate disinformation.

If Jews want to do stories on their own depredations, they should focus on Untermeyer who bought Woodrow Wilson and destroyed the American republic, or how Jewish robots like Foxman and Dershowitz have actually destroyed much of American history with their psychotic hatemongering. Or maybe how the concept of cannibalism relates to how they regard themselves.

Jewish New Agers should weigh in on what human properties, what human connections to God and the universe, are cut off by the Jewish practice of circumcision, and why does Judaism so desire to deface everything it touches?

Most importantly, I’d like to hear stories by Jews focusing on how they are going to decertify the Jewish power kings, and work for an equitable world, rather the fetid plantation they have created. Or how they have overcome the xenophobia they inflict upon the world.

We are so far behind comprehending what Jews have done to us, it would be absolutely ridiculous for me to ever trust anything said by a Jew about any topic.

Did you hear that Israel now has a fleet of 747 jumbo jet drones that can deliver any number of its 1200 nuclear warheads anywhere on Earth?

The Jews are the Chosen all right, chosen to lead us straight to hell. You know how you can tell. We’re already there. Look at the label.

It’s all around you.

Look at the hoaxes they have perpetrated upon us.

Osama bin Laden. Saddam Hussein. Swine flu. Atomic energy. Fluoride. Fair elections. AIDS. The Federal Reserve. The income tax. The Civil War. You know the list. Good music. Gardasil. It’s 360 degree attempted murder, as far as I can see.

Eustace Mullins told me this tale twice, several years apart. When he lived in Washington D.C. and was regularly visiting the imprisoned poet Ezra Pound, he also lunched regularly with the legendary Benjamin Freedman, whom, Mullins noted, was an executive of the notorious Anti-Defamation League, one of the many Jewish gestapo groups.

When I expressed to Mullins that it seemed that Freedman, for all his seemingly enlightened invective, was merely putting us on to prove that Jews could appear to be human, Mullins looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and raised one eyebrow.

So now you know why I never want to be grouped with (and seldom want to even read) Jewish writers, because it’s guaranteed you’ll get the wrong story, and, worse, the data base by which you make all the decisions that affect your life will be polluted by deliberately false information. Often, the effects of that disinfo are irreversible.


Trick Questions

What do Christopher Columbus’s crew, the chief fixer of the 1919 World Series, and the principal saboteurs of the 9/11 skeptics movement have in common?

Hmm? Can’t get it? OK, how about an easier question.

What do Saul of Tarsus, Sigmund Freud, and Bob Dylan have in common?

Sorry, only two of them were musicians.

How about this one?

What do the 13 principal advisers to King George who counseled him on how to crush the American revolution, as well as the two top contributors to George Washington’s Continental Army, and the man who leased the Twin Towers three months before they were turned into a pile of radioactive rubble have in common?

Got a clue?

Sheesh! Let’s try one more. What do eleven popes, seven presidents, and the entire current White House staff have in common? What do the president of every TV network, the men who were the secret power behind the thrones of U.S. presidents throughout the 20th century, and  the Hollywood movie moguls have in common? What do the Bolsheviks (killers of 66 million Russians), the Jacobins (who got the French to kill their friends by the hundreds of thousands), and the men who pay the media to say Muslims did 9/11 have in common?

If you haven’t correctly answered this first question by now, then stop reading, go to the hospital and get your swine flu shot. Don’t write home.

If you don’t understand what’s going on in the world by now – and most people don’t because they think the people on TV are objective – then you have no hope of answering the remaining questions on this test. As a result, you will never have any understanding of what’s going on in the world without answering this question.

What do literary classics that are changed ever so slightly to alter their meanings, industrial poisons that are turned into medicine endorsed by doctors who are paid to say they are safe, and laws commanding people to pay for money that is already theirs have in common?

What do global warming, NAFTA, and worldwide Judea declaring war on Germany in 1933, then working for eight years to create a conflagration in which 60 million people died all across Europe have in common?

What do AIDS, Ebola, and what the Talmud says about why certain of their devotees should practice medicine have in common?

What do movie reviewers who insist people really want to see slasher horror movies, newscasters who can sincerely say U.S. presidents work hard for peace, and journalists who say the Catholic church is behind all the horror in the world have in common?

What do people who say their dual Israeli citizenship has no effect on their feelings of patriotism about the United States (I’m sure of that!), liberal columnists who manage to swallow the line that the Palestinians are a danger to Talmudic peace of mind, and American parents who bury their children after they were fragged by their friends as part of a twisted American quota system have in common.

What do anyone who dares to defend the twisted tenets of the Talmud, psychotic aphasiacs who believe their G-d encourages them to maim and destroy all those who are not like them and have agreed to lie to everyone, and those have no clue about doing something nice for someone for no particular reason with no ulterior motive other than that’s the best way to live have in common?

And lastly, what do those who have already taken all of your money far into the future, those who are about to waste your life on something stupid, and the Homeland Security department, which protects only the financial predator class but not us hoodwinked Holsteins, have in common?

Your apprehension in answering this question loudly and clearly is exactly the mindlock that has the world spiraling toward its doom.

Congratulations to those who passed this first Skylax University Surprise Quickie Quiz. If there never is another one, at least you’ll have the pleasure of knowing that at least you knew who it was that finally turned your lights out for good.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida in a state of continuous amazement that people don’t see that the diseased and artificial entity formerly known as the United States of America has devolved into a kind of junior Bulgaria, where what one person thinks is simply not accepted unless validated by a large media poll in which no one really understands either the question or the vote counting procedures.


The State of the Nation: I am afraid

By John W. White­head
Pres­i­dent, The Ruther­ford Institute

“As I look at America today, I am not afraid to say that I am afraid.” – Bertram Gross, Friendly Fas­cism: The New Face of Power in America

Some of our collective problems – WW~

Over taxation is an arduous burden for most Americans.

Americans booed Obama's plans for their healthcare

Government is attacking our heritage and our collective history

Americans are losing their homes at an alarming rate and end up in tent cities.

Illegals and their racist propaganda - white Americans now strangers in own country

Paramilitarized Police Units enforce unconstitutional laws - they no longer serve the people.

This one is the biggie!  If we can't criticize Israel, then there is no further discussion on the influence of the Israel Lobby, Jewish control over media, corporations, academia, healthcare and just about everything that matters!

This problem effectively muzzles free speech!

Omi­nous devel­op­ments in America have been a long time coming, in part pre­cip­i­tated by “we the people” – a cit­i­zenry that has been asleep at the wheel for too long. And while there have been wake-up calls, we have failed to heed the warnings.

Just con­sider the state of our nation:

We’re encased in what some are calling an elec­tronic con­cen­tra­tion camp. The gov­ern­ment con­tinues to amass data files on more and more Amer­i­cans. Every­where we go, we are watched: at the banks, at the gro­cery store, at the mall, crossing the street. This loss of pri­vacy is symp­to­matic of the growing sur­veil­lance being car­ried out on average Amer­i­cans. Such sur­veil­lance grad­u­ally poi­sons the soul of a nation, trans­forming us from one in which we’re pre­sumed inno­cent until proven guilty to one in which everyone is a sus­pect and pre­sumed guilty. Thus, the ques­tion that must be asked is: can freedom in the United States flourish in an age when the phys­ical move­ments, indi­vidual pur­chases, con­ver­sa­tions and meet­ings of every cit­izen are under con­stant sur­veil­lance by pri­vate com­pa­nies and gov­ern­ment agencies?

We are meta­mor­phosing into a police state. Gov­ern­mental ten­ta­cles now invade vir­tu­ally every facet of our lives, with agents of the gov­ern­ment lis­tening in on our tele­phone calls and reading our emails. Tech­nology, which has devel­oped at a rapid pace, offers those in power more inva­sive, awe­some tools than ever before. Fusion cen­ters – data col­lecting agen­cies spread throughout the country, aided by the National Secu­rity Agency – con­stantly mon­itor our com­mu­ni­ca­tions, every­thing from our internet activity and web searches to text mes­sages, phone calls and emails. This data is then fed to gov­ern­ment agen­cies, which are now inter­con­nected – the CIA to the FBI, the FBI to local police – a rela­tion­ship which will make a tran­si­tion to mar­tial law that much easier.

We may very well be one ter­rorist attack away from seeing armed forces on our streets – and the Amer­ican people may not put up much resis­tance. According to a recent study, a greater per­centage of Amer­i­cans are now willing to sac­ri­fice their civil lib­er­ties in order to feel safer in the wake of the failed crotch bomber’s attack on Christmas Day.

We are plagued by a fal­tering economy and a mon­strous finan­cial deficit that threatens to bank­rupt us. Our national debt is more than $12 tril­lion (which trans­lates to more than $110,000 per tax­payer), and is expected to nearly double to $20 tril­lion by 2015. The unem­ploy­ment rate is over 10% and growing, with more than 15 mil­lion Amer­i­cans out of work and many more forced to sub­sist on low-paying or part-time jobs. The number of U.S. house­holds on the verge of losing their homes soared by nearly 15% in the first half of last year alone. The number of chil­dren living in poverty is on the rise (18% in 2007).

As his­tory illus­trates, author­i­tarian regimes assume more and more power in trou­bled finan­cial times.

Our rep­re­sen­ta­tives in the White House and Con­gress bear little resem­blance to those they have been elected to rep­re­sent. Many of our politi­cians live like kings. Chauf­feured around in lim­ou­sines, flying in pri­vate jets and eating gourmet meals, all paid for by the Amer­ican tax­payer, they are far removed from those they rep­re­sent. What’s more, they con­tinue to spend money we don’t have on pork-laden stim­ulus pack­ages while run­ning up a huge deficit and leaving the Amer­ican tax­payers to foot the bill. And while our rep­re­sen­ta­tives may engage in a show of par­tisan bick­ering, the Wash­ington elite – that is, the Pres­i­dent and Con­gress – moves for­ward with what­ever it wants, paying little heed to the will of the people.

We are embroiled in global wars against ene­mies that seem to attack from nowhere. Our armed forces are pushed to their limit, spread around the globe and under con­stant fire. The amount of money spent on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq is nearing $1 tril­lion and is esti­mated to total some­where in the vicinity of $3 tril­lion before it’s all over. That does not take into account the rav­aged coun­tries that we occupy, the thou­sands of inno­cent civil­ians killed (including women and chil­dren), or the thou­sands of Amer­ican sol­diers who have been killed or irreparably injured or who are com­mit­ting sui­cide at an alarming rate. Nor does it take into account the fam­i­lies of the 1.8 mil­lion Amer­i­cans who have served or are cur­rently serving tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

America’s place in the world is also under­going a drastic shift, with China slated to emerge as the top economy over the next decade. Given the extent to which we are finan­cially beholden to China, their influ­ence over how our gov­ern­ment car­ries out its affairs, as well as how it deals with its cit­i­zens, cannot be dis­counted. As of July 2009, China owned $800.5 bil­lion of our debt – that’s 45% of our total (for­eign) debt – making them the largest for­eign holder of U.S. for­eign debt. Little wonder, then, that the Obama admin­is­tra­tion has kow­towed to China, hes­i­tant to overtly chal­lenge them on crit­ical issues such as human rights. The most recent example of this can be seen in the Obama administration’s ini­tial reluc­tance to con­front the Chi­nese gov­ern­ment over its reported cyber­at­tacks on Google and other Amer­ican tech­nology companies.

As national bor­ders dis­solve in the face of spreading glob­al­iza­tion, the like­li­hood increases that our Con­sti­tu­tion, which is the supreme law of America, will be sub­verted in favor of inter­na­tional laws. What that means is that our Con­sti­tu­tion will come increas­ingly under attack.

The cor­po­rate media, increas­ingly acting as a mouth­piece for gov­ern­mental pro­pa­ganda, no longer serves a pri­mary func­tion as watch­dogs, guarding against encroach­ments of our rights. Instead, much of the main­stream media has given itself over to mind­less, celebrity-driven news, which bodes ill for our country. It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about tabloid news, enter­tain­ment news or legit­i­mate news shows, there’s very little dif­fer­ence between them any­more. Unfor­tu­nately, most Amer­i­cans have bought into the notion that what­ever the media hap­pens to report is impor­tant and rel­e­vant.

In the process, Amer­i­cans have largely lost the ability to ask ques­tions and think ana­lyt­i­cally. Indeed, most cit­i­zens have little, if any, knowl­edge about their rights or how their gov­ern­ment even works. For example, a national poll found that less than one per­cent of adults could name the five free­doms pro­tected in the First Amendment.

Finally, I have never seen a country more spir­i­tu­ally beaten down than the United States. We have lost our moral com­pass. A growing number of our young people now see no meaning or pur­pose in life. And we no longer have a sense of right and wrong or a way to hold the gov­ern­ment account­able. We have for­gotten that the essen­tial premise of the Amer­ican gov­ern­mental scheme, as set forth in the Dec­la­ra­tion of Inde­pen­dence, is that if the gov­ern­ment will not be account­able to the people, then it must cer­tainly be account­able to the “Creator.”

But what if the gov­ern­ment is not account­able to the people or the Creator?

As Thomas Jef­ferson writes in the Dec­la­ra­tion, it is then the right of “the People to alter or abolish it” and form a new government.

Con­sti­tu­tional attorney and author John W. White­head is founder
and pres­i­dent of The Ruther­ford Insti­tute. He can be con­tacted at Infor­ma­tion about the Insti­tute is avail­able


New Book Exposes “Occult Indoctrination” Posing as an Introduction to Christianity

The Church is no longer a safe haven for you or your children, so beware.  WW~

Book Exposes Illuminati “Alpha Course”

December 30, 2009

by Nancy Thomson

A book available online“The Hidden Secrets of the Alpha Course” by New Zealander John D. Christian exposes the insidious Illuminati Alpha Course as occult indoctrination posing as an introduction to Christianity.

“Alpha” is being used in over 150 countries encompassing 49 different languages.  It has infiltrated the homes, schools, universities, business, hospitals, prisons, churches and even the military.

Since London is known to be the headquarters of the occult, it is not surprising that the Alpha originated there.  In 1970 an English cleric, Charles Marnham, devised a four- week series of lessons for non-churchgoers and new Christians. In 1981, Nicky Gumbel, a former barrister of Holy Trinity Brompton, extended the course to 8 weeks.  This is how the fastest growing ecumenical evangelization program in world history began.

Alpha presents itself as a “new beginning” and its course structure became a tool for church growth and indoctrination.  Videos and tapes, specially produced by the speakers are based on the book titled Questions of Life. This book sets out the structure and content of Alpha.

Group sessions included weekly suppers and discussions, culminating in a “Holy Spirit Weekend Away.” Hailed as a means to bring people to a personal salvation, the Alpha course does this without preaching the Gospel.

The Holy Spirit Weekend Away, which is mandatory, is actually a thinly disguised devil worship experience. Alpha’s Questions of Life book, the basis of the whole course, is the structure used to pervert the Gospel.  In addition to the “Holy Spirit Weekend,” the Alpha Course  uses mind-control encapsulated and propaganda to sway the innocents.


In just over 20 years, the Alpha system is growing like wildfire in Protestant and Catholic churches.  Marriage courses, Alpha in the Workplace, and 80 percent of all prisons and universities in the UK now run Alpha.  There were 8,142 Alpha courses running in over 7,300 all denomination churches in the UK alone.  The number of churches in the U.S. using Alpha is growing faster than any other country.

Growth is a very important factor in this system.  It’s not surprising therefore that our mega-churches such as Rick Warren’s PURPOSE-DRIVEN Saddleback Church are involved.  The true purpose behind the PURPOSE DRIVEN CHURCH AND LIFE is the establishment of a final One World Religion.  Key advisers from all over America gathered in London in 2003 to report on their plans to implement Alpha into the U.S. churches.

The congregation and friends of Holy Trinity Brompton financed the Alpha development, and resource courses were sold at a profit.  Since the goal was to involve the whole world in their project, Alpha International was founded in 2001.  Capitol investment became worldwide, and was headed by a Jewish banker, Ken Costa, Chairman of Alpha Partners.

This banker just happened to be Vice Chairman of UBS -Warburg, London.  UBS stands for Union Bank of Switzerland-Warburg.  The banking firm of Walburg has long been linked to the giant international Marxist Rothschild banking conglomerate based in the City of London.  Isn’t it strange that Warburg would be running a Christian organization?


The book contains extensive information about the Illuminati bankers and their Satanic predilections.

Our Federal Reserve System had as its prime mover the late Mr Paul Warburg whose brother was involved with the international banking house of Kuhn, Loeb that included Jacob Schiff .  The Schiff’s are the oldest contemporary Jewish family dating back to 1370.  These men, besides implementing our Federal Reserve System, helped found the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland that is scheduled to become the World Bank. The huge Rockefeller Manhattan Bank united with the Chase Bank controlled by Kuhn, Loeb.  Then the Rothchild/Warburg took over control of this bank.

Many are under the false impression that banking conglomerates J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller are American.  They are not.  Rockefellers owned a small portion of their bank and J.P. Morgan was founded in London. “British” control of our banking system dates back to the original founding of the Virginia Company.

Books authored by the Warburgs contain communist propaganda.  James Warburg was a member of Franklin Roosevelt’s Brain Trust, masterminded Eisenhower’s presidential campaign, and was chief financier of the United World Federalist World Government movement.

Communism is the end product of apostate Christendom-both Catholic and Protestant. All “New Age” Bibles were produced by 2 English professors who were Communists and Christian Socialists.

Bibles promoted by the Alpha library are these: The Bible for Today, The Contemporary English Version and the NIV. These are actually Communist versions based on corrupt text.  Fabian Socialism is linked to a “Christian Socialist” organization.  The “war on terrorism” is a classic British Fabian Socialist strategy.  Inflict a series of “terrorist attacks” against a targeted population, use reaction from the attacks to justify the solution–i.e. to implement a police state over the region.  Fabians acknowledge the principal tenet of Marxism, the abolition of private property.

On August 15th 1995, Russia and Boeing signed a contract to develop the first module of the new Alpha International Space Station. Massive sums of money by the U.S., Russia and the European Space Agency have been spent. Scheduled for completion in 2006, we are told the International Station is just “a scientific space laboratory.”

Alpha MIRCAL lasers were being developed at White Sands Missile Base in 1985.  Some speculate that the Alpha MIRCAL lasers could be used for mind control purposes in connection with the International Space Station.

Thanks to VM for sending this information.

John D. Christian’s latest book is ‘The Green Prince and the 4th Horse of the Apocalypse':
Another critique of Alpha Course and another