“Rediscovering Iran and Russia within the Modern American Mind”

“Rediscovering Iran and Russia within the Modern American Mind"

The Iranian nuclear deal and related discussion is fundamentally not an American-Israeli issue, but an international issue, and must be encircled by the world. So there are two campaigns Iran must wage in the battle for “hearts and minds” in order to win the peace and survive: 1) an International Communication campaign; and 2) an American campaign.

Watch former U.S. Army psychological warfare officer Scott Bennett speak on these issues in this two minute interview with PressTV.


Remember this: there are three core US /AIPAC Propaganda Themes which the world citizens, and particularly Americans, are constantly brainwashed with by the media and politicians who are paid to wage endless war and seek to destabilize Iran and Russia and China.

Those are:
1) Iran is obsessed with the absolute annihilation of Israel, like a body’s biological defense mechanism devoted to destroying an invading parasite, virus, or disease.
2) Therefore, Iran is obsessed with creating a nuclear weapon, and is going to lie, cheat, deceive, in order to do so.
3) Iran will then try and bomb and destroy Israel, then Europe, then the United States.
To combat this, to reverse this negative propaganda, Iran needs to say,
“We applaud President Obama for having the courage to defy the American Congressional war profiteers and defense contractors whose goal is to set on fire the entire Middle East, and send their masses into Europe as refugees. “


The key to peace is enlisting the support and friendship of other nations. These other nations must come alongside Iran and say, “An attack on Iran by any nation, is an attack on all nations, and will be met with an international response….If you behave like a violent, pathological bully, you will be treated like one. You will be ostracized and shamed and treated as you treat others.”
Enlisting other world powers that are don’t fear Iran, and have positive things to say about the country, people, culture, is the key to winning the hearts and minds of Americans, and thereby cause the American “moderate” politicians to distance themselves from war.
Also, revisiting the devastation and waste that has come from the American wars, and showing the masses of Africans and other migrants smuggling/invading European shores, is important to embolden a political uprising in Europe against any future Middle East disruptions or Israeli attacks which may result because it will inevitably increase illegal mass immigration into European countries. Europeans will naturally react to this with a strong Right-Wing disposition and political block (like the United Kingdom, Germany, and others), and demand no action which destabilizes the Middle East further be allowed.

President OBAMA will then side with the International Community and say:
Republicans started the wars in 2001, and are trying to make a war on the Middle East continue endlessly to benefit defense contractors and military war machine Obama wants to end the wars, like he promised. This isn’t constitutional, it isn’t intelligent, and it isn’t humane. In fact it’s illegal, pathological, and evil because it is an attempt to control and enslave people through threats of violence.
President OBAMA inherited the wars, and been trying to end them.
President OBAMA apologizes for not being able to do so faster, but he is hereby trying to secure stability and thaw relations between Iran and the US, similar to Cuba and the US, Venezuela.
This will position President OBAMA as the voice of peace and reason, not discontent, malice and destruction.


Iran has the opportunity to wage a charm campaign, introduce the American people to its friends, and let other countries describe Iran, and redefine it. Iran needs to emphasize itself as the ancient Persian superpower which has existed alongside the Chinese since the dawn of civilization.
Iran needs to emphasize with great celebration and optimism and joy that it is at last joining the Eurasian economic, political and military bloc, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), after sanctions are lifted on the country, therefore Iran needs to develop a narrative and re-invent itself in a way that is embraced and advertised by the SCO nations and the BRICS nations, which will cause Europe to depart from the US Congressional hysteria and leave the US and Israel as the lone voices of malice, discontent, and destruction. These countries include: China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan Egypt India and Pakistan and specifically enlist: Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif (India and Pakistan)
Let Iran define itself as a team player, not a unilateral power looking to dominate the world (which has been the US identity)
As such, as a team player, Iran acknowledges it is accountable to its other team member countries, who also link their national reputation and future to the reputation and future aspirations of Iran. This shows Iran is not in denial (or mentally unstable), nor being disingenuous or deceitful. It creates a fragrance of honesty and a glow of peace, which after a decade of the stench of death and war, the American people desperately desire and sincerely wish.
This dissolves the AIPAC narrative of Iran being a lone wolf, hell-bent on destruction and world dominance.
Iran must engage in a major PR campaign to join the BRICS nations, enlist their support to show a peaceful, friendly disposition, and prove that its vision for the world is peaceful, prosperous, and hopeful (not violent, impoverished/sharia restrictions, and miserable/depressed).
Iran should focus on three ideas, three messages, three dimensions to influence. Focus on three areas to talk about that influence the emotions of people positively: These three areas are: spirituality, sexuality, history. This might sound something like:
1) Iran believes mankind is a spiritual being, on his own path, and does not seek to “convert the world”;
2) Iran believes sexuality and marriage and family is between  men and women, and the family is the most important element of civilization, not the government;
3) and Iran believes history is the story of mankind originating from the Ark of Noah, as a family of four: Noah, Ham, Sham, and Japheth. As such we are all brothers, and should live together in peace.”
This focus on sexuality, spirituality, and history will naturally win the conservative Christian mind in America, for those three elements frame their identity—and harmonizing with each others identity is the key to friendship.
This will also trigger a sense of empathy between the conservative values and core beliefs of the Christian mind, and thereby create a curiosity about “what else do we believe and have in common? Maybe they aren’t what we were told to believe?; etc.”

There is  quote from actor James Mason in the film, “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman” which states:
“Discontentment often finds vent through malice and destruction.”
It seems, from a sociological point of view, it is the deep discontentment in American souls which has allowed wicked and power obsessed men in high places of Washington DC and European banks to wage war in the Middle East.  This discontentment in American souls festers from America’s new popular culture of moral confusion; its insanity of feelings over logic, and political-correctness over truth; its  legal and social deconstruction through the schizophrenia of homosexual marriage, rampant divorce, and transgender society; and chronic mental depression, obesity, autism, and anxiety drugs, along with a reckless money-material-hedonistic lifestyle, has all contributed to create a identity crisis in the American personality, which has robbed Americans of the content and peacefulness which the country’s constitution was written to protect.  To “Ensure the Domestic Tranquility”, as been forgotten and replaced by a mantra of endless war-mongering in the Middle East, Ukraine, and soon to be in Russia and the Pacific.
This seems to be reinforced by the 2015 US Military policy which states the American military strategy is to attack (albeit quietly and secretly) all nations that seek to “revise” the current order of things.  This means all countries associating with BRICS and the SCO will be seen as enemies of the US.
In order for a new beginning in the Iranian relationship with the world, and the US, Iran needs to focus on promoting the fact that it is a peaceful nation, because it is specifically joining the Eurasian economic, political and military bloc, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), after sanctions are lifted on the country.
Therefore Iran needs to develop a narrative and re-invent itself in a way that is embraced and advertised by the SCO nations and the BRICS nations, which will cause Europe to depart from the US hysteria and leave the US and Israel as the lone voices of malice, discontent, and destruction.  These countries include: China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan Egypt  India and PakistanAnd specifically enlist: Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif (India and Pakistan)
By winning the hearts and minds of Europeans, the Americans will follow, and peace will be more attractive—especially to a people and country like America which has suffered the trauma of war for the past decade, with no positive victories achieved.


Source: http://veteranstruthnetwork.com/index.php/usnews/item/342-rediscovering-iran-and-russia-within-the-modern-american-mind

Over 20,000 Take Part in New Rally Against Austerity Measures in Frankfurt, Germany



More than 20,000 people are taking part in anti-austerity protests in Frankfurt, according to the left-wing political group Blockupy.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Over 20,000 people have gathered in Frankfurt for an evening rally organized by the left-wing Blockupy movement to protest against austerity measures imposed by the European Central Bank (ECB), Blockupy said on its Twitter account.

The current demonstration began at 5 p.m. local time (16:00 GMT).

The protesters reached Alter Oper opera house in the city center, singing in German, Italian, French and Spanish, the group said.

Meanwhile, Frankfurt police said that the crowd were pelting stones at police officers in several streets, and lit smoking torches.

This is the second wave of protests organized by the Blockupy movement.

On Wednesday morning, aBlockupyspokesman claimed that at least 6,000 people had gathered in central Frankfurt and surrounded the European Central Bank building protesting against the bank’s austerity policies, primarily toward Greece.More than 90 police officers were wounded and over 100 protesters were affected by tear gas during the morning rally, according to various sources.

A spokesman for the Blockupy movement said that the protests staged by the group are “European” and added that half of the participants came from abroad.

Source: http://sputniknews.com/europe/20150318/1019690226.html

Files of the Absurd & Bizarre: Kevin O’Leary says 3.5 billion people living in poverty is ‘fantastic news’

Kevin O’Leary

Born 9 July 1954 (age 59)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Alma mater University of Waterloo
University of Western Ontario
Occupation Founder of SoftKey
Co-investor and Director of Storage Now
Co-founder and Chairman of O’Leary Funds
Co-investor and Venture capitalist in Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank
Co-host of The Lang and O’Leary Exchange
Author of the Cold Hard Truth
Net worth US$ 300 million[1]
Official website

Source: Wikipedia

Author: Matt Hudson

Americans Are Being Prepared For Full Spectrum Tyranny

Brandon Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

Totalitarian governments, like persistent forms of cancer, have latched onto the long history of man, falling and then reemerging from the deep recesses of our cultural biology to wreak havoc upon one unlucky generation to the next. The assumption by most is that these unfortunate empires are the product of bureaucracies gone awry; overtaken by the chaotic maddening hunger for wealth and power, and usually manipulated by the singular ambitions of a mesmerizing dictator. For those of us in the Liberty Movement who are actually educated on the less acknowledged details of history, oligarchy and globalized centralism is much less random than this, and a far more deliberate and devious process than the general unaware public is willing consider.

Unfortunately, the final truth is very complex, even for us…

One cannot place the blame of despotism entirely on the shoulders of globalists. Sadly, the crimes of elites are only possible with a certain amount of complicity from subsections of the populace. Without our penchant for apathy and fear, there can be no control. That is to say, there is no power over us but that which we give away. We pave the road to our own catastrophes.

In the end, a tyrant’s primary job is not to crush the masses and rule out of malevolence, but to obtain the voluntary consent of the citizenry, usually through trickery and deceit. Without the permission of the people, subconscious or otherwise, no tyranny can survive.

As with the oppressive regimes of the past, America has undergone a dramatic transformation, heavy with fear and ignorance. Our tradition of elections has been corrupted and negated by the false left/right paradigm, and the leaderships of both defunct parties now seek only to elevate a select minority of men bent on globalization. Our Constitutional liberties have been dismantled by legal chicanery. Our principles have been diluted by intellectual games of rationalism and moral relativism. Our country is ripe for conquest.

Americans battle over whose side is most to blame; Democrat or Republican, while ironically being disenchanted with both entities. For some people, the thought of holding each party equally accountable, or accepting that they are essentially the same animal, never crosses their minds.

While this irrelevant farce of a debate rages on, the true culprits plotting the demise of our Republic gain momentum, and implement policy initiatives that the public should and must take note of. In the past year alone, many blatant steps towards the Orwellian gulag have been openly administered. A carnival of peddlers and freaks and greasy popcorn overwhelms our senses, but the stench of this cheap circus still tickles our noses, and if we use our eyes for even a moment, certain dangerous trends reveal themselves. Here are just a few recent events that bear a dire warning; the ultimate assault on freedom in this nation grows near…

Acclimation To Subservience

Every totalitarian state worth its salt has its own goon squad. The Nazi’s had the “Brownshirts”, the Soviets had the “Militsiya” and the “Voluntary People’s Brigade”, the Communist Chinese have the “Chengguan”, etc. In America, however, all tyrannical measures are given innocuous bureaucratic labels to mislead and distract the masses. In this country, we have the Transportation Security Administration…

The TSA has become the most hated alphabet agency in the U.S. in perhaps the fastest time on record. It has violated the personal rights of more people on a daily basis in my view than the IRS, DEA, and the ATF combined. Clearly, this slobbering demon child of the Department of Homeland Security is being molded for something quite terrible and grand.

When confronted by the public on the use of irradiating and intrusive naked body scanner technology, the agency responded by allowing their blue handed ghoul army with to molest our nether-regions. When confronted by state and local governments on their absurd tactics, the TSA threatened economic blockades and airport shutdowns. The organization then began expanding its jurisdiction to bus and train stations and even our highways when it introduced the VIPR program and implemented random roadside checkpoints in Tennessee last year. But, this behavior is nothing compared to what is next on the horizon: a compromise…

Beware of government agencies bearing gifts. The TSA along with the International Air Transport Association has announced a new methodology of “less intrusive” passenger screening measures, in order to address the concerns of the public over pat downs and irradiating naked body scanners. This SOUNDS like a step in the right direction, and a proper response to the grievances of the citizenry. Instead, it turns out to be a refined example of totalitarianism in motion, and a perfect lesson in how the masses can be duped into handing over their inherent freedoms.

Revamped security protocols call for biometric data collection, including fingerprint and retina scans, and a tunnel which combines multiple detection systems into one area (who knows how radioactive this will end up being):


The mainstream article above makes this development sound like a win/win scenario for everyone, painting biometric data collection as a matter of convenience, but it also reveals the true design of the system; to illicit voluntary subservience:

“The key to speeding up checkpoints and making security less intrusive will be to identify and assess travelers according to the risks they pose to safety in the skies. The so-called riskiest or unknown passengers would face the toughest scrutiny, including questioning and more sensitive electronic screening. Those who voluntarily provide more information about themselves to the government would be rewarded with faster passage…”

They enforce destructive anti-personal rights policies then pretend to acquiesce by replacing them with a technocratic nightmare grid which requires the cataloging of our very genetic essence in order to function. The only remaining injustice left would be to apply this grid to the rest of the country outside of the airports and train stations, which I assure you, they plan to do.


Last week, I covered the disturbing use of armored vehicles (APC’s or urban tanks) in open training regiments on the streets of St. Louis by the U.S Army, despite the fact that all of their exercises could have easily been accomplished on any number of military bases across the country. The action is an obvious attempt to condition the American populace to the sight of military units operating in a policing capacity:


I received multiple letters from current serving military who stated that in all their years in the armed forces they had never seen such a brash mishandling of public relations or an overstepping of bounds when it came to the restrictions of Posse Comitatus. It was encouraging to hear from military men and women who did not agree with or condone this kind of psyop activity on the part of our government.

Though the St. Louis event is not isolated, I believe it does represent an escalation.

Remember the controversy over the Mayor of Toledo and his refusal to allow 200 Marines to conduct urban combat drills on the public streets of his city in 2008? The media clamored to crucify this public official; one of the few who had any sense whatsoever in his head:


Or the tactical exercises using helicopters and combat troops over LA and Chicago early this year?



During each one of these events, city officials and local media attempted to inoculate the public with claims that they were “simply exercises”. This argument misses the point entirely. Whether or not these are “exercises” is not the issue. The issue is that this training could be done ON BASE. Using public streets and running drills within cities is absolutely unnecessary given the vast resources already available to the military, unless, of course, the goal is to BE SEEN by the public and to influence them to view the sight of armed troops around them as “normal”.

Add to this the fact that many of these military training exercises are being conducted in tandem with local police department, and you have a recipe for the utter militarization of our society, turning peace officers into combat soldiers, and combat soldiers into law enforcement mechanisms; a juxtaposition that will soon lead to unmitigated disaster.

Arms Race Against the People?

When a country is quietly preparing for war, the first signs are usually revealed by a disclosure of armaments. If stockpiling is taking place without a warranted threat present from a legitimate enemy, there is a considerable likelihood of aggression on the part of that nation. America has gone well beyond the psychological process of militarization and has begun the extensive arming of particular agencies whose primary purpose revolves around the domestic.

The DHS, for instance, placed an order for over 450 million rounds of hollowpoint .40 cal ammunition in April of this year:


And it placed an order for over 7000 new semi-automatic combat rifles chambered in .223 (5.56 by 45mm NATO) immediately after:


While local police through federal programs (like the 1033 Program) are being given millions of dollars in free military equipment, including body armor, night vision equipment, APC’s, aircraft, first aid supplies, weapons, surveillance equipment, Kevlar helmets, gas masks and filters, vehicles, etc.:



All of this equipment, though issued to state agencies, is still heavily tracked and regulated by the federal government, making it clear that these “gifts” come with strings attached:


And finally, new FAA regulations will soon allow the dispersion of tens of thousands of predator drones with armament capability in the skies of the U.S. over the course of the next few years:



Now, anyone with any logic would ask who it is that the government is arming itself and local police to fight against? Al Qaeda? Let’s not be naïve…

The passage of the NDAA and its provisions for the indefinite detainment of ANY person, even an American citizen, under the laws of war has ended the debate over government intent in terms of domestic action. FBI Director Robert Mueller’s admission that he “did not know” if assassination programs would be used against American citizens also heaped evidence on the matter. The bottom line? Our government wishes to label and treat citizens as enemy combatants. Of course they would then organize armaments to follow through on their policy.

Pulling The Trigger

All despotic systems have another distinct similarity; they each began with a series of trigger events which opened the door to tighter controls over the population. The most immediate trigger event for the U.S. is the looming peril of a collapsing economy followed by inevitable civil unrest. With the EU currently in debt shambles, global markets are on the verge of a considerable breakdown. The Federal Reserve response will be predictable; QE3 and massive stimulus all around to mitigate the crisis. This time, though, the go-to Keynesian quick fix will not work in the slightest. In fact, it will make matters more untenable by placing the world reserve status of the dollar at risk.

Everything that has happened so far in the markets this year has been easy to foresee. Alt-Market predicted the economic slowdown around the world and the collapse of overall demand using the Baltic Dry Index as a gauge back in January:


We also predicted the accelerated turmoil in the EU in light of the recent election results in France and Greece:


If alternative economic analysts can predict these developments despite the manipulated statistics spewed out by the government every month, then I think the government and our central bank has a tremendously transparent view of what is coming down the road in terms of financial distress. I believe the establishment is very well aware of a potential crisis event, economic or otherwise, that is barreling down upon the U.S. I believe the evidence shows that they are preparing for this eventuality in a command and control fashion, without alerting the public to the coming implosion. I believe they will use the despair that flows forth from the fiscal wreckage as an excuse to institute martial law.

Call it “crazy”. Call it “conspiracy theory”. Call it “coincidence”. Call it “fear mongering”. Whatever you like. I find it far more insane to shrug off the strange and twisted behavior of our power structure, and simply hope that it’s all irrelevant to the future. Whenever I run into starry eyed historical romanticists who look back in astonishment at the tyrannies of the past and wonder out loud, “How could those people have not known where their country was headed?!!”, I think of where we are today…

Brandon Smith is the founder of Alt-Market is an organization designed to help you find like-minded activists and preppers in your local area so that you can network and construct communities for mutual aid and defense. Join Alt-Market.com today and learn what it means to step away from the system and build something better or contribute to their Safe Haven Project. You can contact Brandon Smith at: brandon@alt-market.com

The Collective Dream of Reality

Princess Aurora in Disney’s SLEEPING BEAUTY

The government beast to the people: sleep now, little child. Everything is going to be alright. Mommy and I are not going to let anyone hurt you.


10 Reasons Why the World Remains Asleep

The Western media is keeping mainstream Western consciousness in a state of sleep. It is doing this in order to suppress public awareness of massive crimes against humanity by financial, media, and political leaders in the U.S., England, and Israel.

2. Time is speeding up, and leaving little time for reflection and thinking. The world is changing at a pace that exceeds our ability to grasp what the changes mean for us as individuals and for our collective destiny as a species. The overwhelming sense of lost time is too much to bear for a lot of people, so they get depressed, disengage from the real world, and escape into their fantasy worlds.

3. Everything we are led to believe about official reality and official history by society’s institutions is a lie. A sense of meaning to our lives has been lost, and we are desperately looking for answers. Some of us get trapped in the maze of information, and give up our personal quest for understanding. And some of us continue to slog on through the darkness, night in, night out, because we are never satisfied with our current level of knowledge.

4. On 9/11, we witnessed the Orwellian leaders of the U.S. and Israel destroy reality and reason, and replace them with illusion and irrationality. Their political use of terrorism to mentally condition the people of the West into believing that the threat of terrorism demands their vigilance and sacrifice to the state has created societies of sheep that instinctively react against truth-telling and anti-conformist speech.

5. The politicization of news has created a culture of disinformation, distraction, and deception. 24-hour “News” is the most dangerous and lethal thing in the world. Television is a cancer on the mind. Since 9/11, television has been utilized as an instrument of psychological warfare against the people in America, Canada, and other Western countries.

6. Esoteric-minded individuals in government, media, secret societies, and Hollywood are pursuing a secret political and religious agenda. Deception and secrecy are instrumental to their demonic mission. Their commitment to suppressing historical facts and objective reality is total and absolute.

7. Movies are more than entertainment, they are a subversive and successful form of mass programming. Hollywood is a dream factory, and its dreams become reference points for people, media, and politicians. On 9/11, responders and survivors said that they felt like they were in a movie. There are so many more examples of this social, cultural, and psychological phenomenon.

8. Seeing life as a dream is a trick of the mind. For the criminals of the world, especially those who control governments and financial companies, being separated from reality allows them to engage in illegal activities with an exaggerated sense of confidence. The state terrorists who did 9/11 feel untouchable because their absurd lie has been mindlessly accepted as an objective fact by the majority of the world, rather than as an evil deception. They are the masters of reality, and they know it, which is why they are not afraid to stage another false flag event in the West to justify another criminal war.

9. Consensus reality under a system of dictatorship is reached at through the use of terror and systematic propaganda. How do we arrive at a consensus on public policy and government spending programs in a democracy? Idealistically, through intense debate, political dialogue, public education, and public discussion. But that is not what happened in the days and weeks after 9/11.

Western nations arrived at a consensus about the threat of terrorism after the shadow governments of the United States and Israel committed the biggest act of terror in history. The consensus reality we have lived under since 9/11 is a collective spell, and a long nightmare. The social fruits of this collective spell are death, poverty, and misery.

The propagandists who work for Washington, London, and Tel Aviv are masters at devising an “international consensus” on political and military objectives, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Syria, or Iran. But they don’t use logic and reason to win over the world, instead, they use big lies and false flag terrorism to intimidate nations into accepting their twisted version of reality.

10. Regimes of terror and fraud create a collective dream state to limit the consciousness of the people so they do not wake up and realize the magnitude of the crimes that have been committed against them while they slept. The propagandists of totalitarian regimes of terror are constantly engaged in a war on collective memory. Their target is the collective psyche of the society. And they use all kinds of psychological, military, and scientific techniques to realize their goal of creating a dispirited, unconscious, ignorant, fearful, and psychologically traumatized population.

But there is a way out of our collective nightmare. We can reject the terror-based consensus reality that has been constructed by the tricksters behind the 9/11 events. We can dream a new dream.


Under empires of thought, reality is not based on facts, but on unscientific beliefs that are systematically driven into the heads of the people from sunrise to sundown. Examples: The Catholic Church of the Middle Ages, and the American Empire of the early 21st century. Facts have no place in the ideologies of large and powerful empires. The Church rammed its ideology down people’s throats from the Pulpit, and Washington does it through television. Only the technology has changed, not human psychology.

Terence McKenna said in one of his talks, I forgot which one, something to the effect that, “Reality is what we all agree to call reality.” In the middle ages, reality was what the Church said it was. End of discussion. If you dissented against the Church’s “sacred” opinions, you were burned at the stake and tortured in horrible ways until you confessed to seeing the “light” and consented to being a slave.

The same is true in 2012, under the American Empire and the Empire of Zionism. If you dissent against Washington’s “sacred” opinions or cast doubt on Tel Aviv’s myths, you are smeared with the “conspiracy theorist” label and bullied into submission with torture, terror, and secret assassinations via drone strikes.

For more on the religious dimension of political power in Washington and Tel Aviv, check out, “The Anti-Truther Bible: The Ten Commandments,” and, “The Anti-Truther Bible: The King Bibi Version.”

Knowledge and myth are blurred in a society that is dominated by a hierarchical, totalitarian, and ultra-secretive state that prides itself on being in an endless state of war. It is hard to separate knowledge from myth, and reality from fantasy, because Washington’s corporate empire has dedicated its incredible military, political, and media resources to blurring the line between the real world and the dream world.

Barack Obama is practically on his knees, begging the masters of propaganda and magicians in Hollywood to make jaw-dropping epic movies about his mythic escapades and leadership credentials that everyone with a brain knows are bullshit.

Obama wants America and the world to continue to live in the dream world, and think of him as the magnificent slayer of the Dragon-Devil Osama Bin Laden who was falsely charged with attacking New York City and Washington D.C. on September 11, 2001.

But who the hell wants to watch a movie where President Obama is the hero? JFK was the last presidential hero in America. The coward Obama does not have the guts, independent-mindedness, and vision to even walk in the shadows of JFK’s footsteps, let alone continue his heroic legacy and mark out his own territory in history.

The “normal” and “mainstream” consciousness in any given age is sterile and lagging behind the pace of history. Those who advance beyond the boundaries of this constraining and limiting consciousness begin to see the weird, fanciful, and dreamy side of life and the world.

In our insane times, everything that was once held true and sacred is breaking down and evaporating into dust. James Wyckoff, the author of the biography on Franz Mesmer, the founder of hypnotism, called, “Franz Anton Mesmer: Between God and Devil,” wrote:

“Today, not only is our interpretation of history being challenged, but our view of reality is open to question. The evidence of this questioning appears in the proliferation of esoteric teachings, body techniques, occult sciences, and “ways” and methods of enlightenment with or without drugs that are saturating some of the less congealed areas of our society.” – James Wyckoff. “Franz Anton Mesmer: Between God and Devil.” 1975. Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J. Preface: viii.

Wyckoff’s remark that, “our view of reality is open to question,” applies to spiritual, scientific, and political realities. We are inside an abyss. Our collective understanding of the world is going through a transformation. As many others have said, we have been put in a trance. The 9/11 events had the psychological effect of throwing us into an alternate universe, where the planet is full of terror and the world is filled with anti-American monsters because they have nothing better to do besides hate America.

But inside this cosmic abyss, life’s mysterious nature is bubbling up to the surface. People have a lot of questions, and want answers. The new world order “gurus” and gurus of every stripe and persuasion are seeking to exploit this mentally fragile environment in mankind’s spiritual existence to advance their own private interests, views, and agenda.

Remaining skeptical of all gurus, scriptures, gods, creeds, states, religions, media, leaders, political parties, prophets, and angels is the most important thing in the world. To unquestioningly and uncritically follow any one leader in this darkness amounts to individual suicide.

Reality is science fiction. Mankind’s creation is science fiction. Human history is science fiction. It is all science fiction.

Journalist Jeremy Scahill alluded to the science fiction nature of the war on terror on MSNBC on June 2nd when he was talking about Obama’s drone murders and said, “We have jumped into Minority Report pre-crime territory with these so-called signature strikes.” Others have made a similar observation. The whole war on terror has its origins in fiction. The official 9/11 story is science fiction.

Reality has been crushed to pieces. There is a global crisis of overpropagandization. Government propaganda is killing civil society and human freedom worldwide. Official lies are polluting our minds, suppressing our individual will, and eating away at our souls.

In a dream state, everything is turned upside down. The most immediate and astonishing fact that hits our consciousness upon waking up from the collective sleep called consensus reality is this: the world is a weird, creepy, and spooky place.

But the world didn’t get that way overnight. And it didn’t get weird on 9/11. The world has been weird since the beginning of time. Weird is what us humans are best at. It is in our DNA. We should have the word weird tattooed on our souls. We are a weird species.

The majority of people do weird stuff like follow mass murderers obediently, worship cult leaders blindly, and take reality at face value. The world is full of weak minded people who put all their faith in government cult leaders or religious cult leaders, and follow their masters to the grave.

Cult members (the majority of humanity) don’t know that their reality is a dream. Or maybe they do on some level but they don’t want to leave the dream because its so sweet so they discount the dark facts as “conspiracy theories” or use some other socially popular term and stick to the myths that reaffirm their delusions about the world they live in.

Living in the dream state can be very satisfying and fruitful. It has its benefits. Some people wish they never woke up and discovered that 9/11 was an inside job, and that JFK was assassinated by the CIA.

I envy the sleeping children a little bit because it’s fun to live in a world of green pastures and gold bunnies. The devil offers a pretty sweet deal for his conscious companions and unconscious slaves. But all is rotten under the surface of his sweet deal. And in the end, the devil delivers death, not the deal he promised.

But sleeping in Satan’s arms is very comforting and pleasurable. It only gets nasty when you finally wake up and realize to your amazement that you’re being choked to death.

Leaving the collective dream state is hard at first, but it gets better because you gradually regain your independence and consciousness. Waking up comes down to a simple choice: remain a child and believe all the propaganda out of Washington, or grow up and start asking basic questions about what we’ve been led to believe about “reality.”

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It makes me sad..

“Tears are the symbol of the inability of the soul to restrain its emotion and retain its self command.”

It makes me sad that your tribe has infiltrated and corrupted my government at every level; executive, judicial and legislative.

It makes me sad that your tribe coerces our elected officials to do its bidding through blackmail, bribery and murder.

It makes me sad that your tribe is directly responsible for the pre-meditated destruction of the united states of America, which occured in 1871 when it became a corporation.

It makes me sad that your tribe has usurped my country and now control and rule with an iron hand every single aspect of society.

It makes me sad that your tribe uses pornography, drugs, and other vice through entertainment to subdue and destroy our young people.

It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the usury system through the Federal Reserve and it’s enforcement arm the Internal Revenue Service, which has drained America of the last vestiges of its wealth thereby destroying all future prosperity.

It makes me sad that your tribe is directly responsible for the harassement at America’s once great airports through the installment of the licentious, pedophilic TSA all courtesy of the phony “war on terror.”

It makes me sad that your tribe dumbed-down our educational system that was once the best in the world offering every class of Americans literacy and knowledge that would enlighten and sustain them throughout life.

It makes me sad that your tribe infiltrated all aspects of Christianity, perverted Christ’s teachings thereby destroying Christianity’s true message of hope and forgiveness.

It makes me sad that your tribe insidiously oppresses the Palestinian people day after day with horrific crimes against humanity because Israeli Jews believe they are the only ones who have the right to exist in that region.

It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the destruction of America’s once great medical institutions that provided optimum healthcare for everyone.

It makes me sad that your tribe infiltrated our legal system, perverted the equitable system of common law in the land, and instituted Maritime Admiralty law instead which implies guilt before innocence.

It makes me sad that your tribe has perverted the civil right of innocence before guilt in the minds of our domestic police force where instead of police officers being respected they are feared.

It makes me sad that your tribe has proselytized our military schools and the entire military force in believing that their only allegiance is to a foreign racist state.

It makes me sad that your tribe is responsible for the regression of humanity’s great accomplishments in obtaining liberty, equality and freedom for all men through the creation of the Magna Carta in 1215 A.D. We now live in a less free society than our ancestors did nearly 800 years ago.

It makes me sad that your tribe with all its wealth and power and control are not yet done, you want more because of your insatiable greed and vengence against the Gentile.

It makes me sad that your tribe persists in its pursuit to rob and rape America until nothing of value is left according to Israel’s supreme leader who recently stated, “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

It makes me sad that your tribe has destroyed any worthy future for my grandchildren.

It makes me sad that I grew up in the freest nation on earth harboring no ill will toward any one race or religion until I discovered that a different tribe of religious people hated me because I was not like them.

This statue has the inscription “Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live For Ever On Your Knees”, to remember the 21,000 men and women who went to Spain to fight facism from 1936-1939. It stands in Glasgow, Scotland.

What makes me really happy is now I know why, and hope endures that one day your tribe will suffer the defeat it so justly deserves.  


20 Signs That Society Is Breaking Down And That America Has Been Overrun By Psychos **WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT**

In order for a society to function successfully, people need to be able to trust one another.  Unfortunately, we are rapidly getting to the point where it is very difficult to trust anyone and society is breaking down.  Just think about it.  Do you trust most politicians?  Do you trust most lawyers?  Do you trust most bankers?  Do you trust the police?  As you will read about below, even doctors are going absolutely bonkers these days.  So if the “upper crust” of society cannot even be trusted, then what about everyone else?  Sadly, the truth is that America has been overrun by psychos.  Most people look somewhat “normal” when you meet them, but unfortunately very few people have pure motives these days.  You never know when someone is going to stab you in the back (literally or figuratively).  These days, most people simply do whatever is right in their own eyes, and that makes society a very unpredictable place.  As the economy continues to fall apart in future years, people are going to become even more desperate, and that is going to cause all of this craziness to get even worse.

Almost everywhere you look, there are signs of societal decay.  During an interview last year, trends researcher Gerald Celente made the following statement….

“Society is breaking down on every level: socially, economically, politically and it’s not just the U.S. It’s worldwide.”

Sadly, he hit the nail right on the head.  There is not a single segment of society that the rot of social decay has not touched.  A lot of people want to put all of the blame on “the politicians” or “the bankers”, but the truth is that many of us are just as corrupt as they are.  Instead of pointing fingers, many of us need to look in the mirror.

You might find some of the examples in the list below to be a bit humorous, but a very serious point is being made here.

America is being fundamentally changed, and not for the better.

The following are 20 signs that society is breaking down and that America has been overrun by psychos….

#1 Cannibalism is alive and well in America apparently.  Down in Miami the other day, police shot a man who was literally eating the face off of another man….

“The guy was, like, tearing him to pieces with his mouth, so I told him, ‘Get off!'” Vega said. “The guy just kept eating the other guy away, like, ripping his skin.”

Vega flagged down a Miami police officer, who he said repeatedly ordered the attacker to get off the victim. The attacker just picked his head up and growled at the officer, Vega said.

As the attack continued, Vega said the officer shot the attacker, who continued chewing the victim’s face. The officer fired again, killing the attacker.

It is being reported that the victim in this crime has lost about 75% of his face.

#2 Down in Florida recently, a crazed doctor spit a mouthful of blood on state troopers during a DUI arrest.  It is quite frightening when even doctors are displaying this kind of psychotic behavior….

Bird had $40,000 in his pockets and another $14,000 — along with two handguns, some pills and a small vial of liquid — in his BMW, troopers said.

The crazed doc repeatedly smashed his head against a partition until blood began gushing down the front of his face.

“Hey! Blood, blood, blood, blood all over! Take me to the hospital! Take me to the hospital!” Bird raves in the video, as he uses his head to smear blood all over the car.

#3 A lot of people get on my case for picking on Detroit, but can you really blame me?  So much bizarre material keeps coming out of the city.  For example, just check out what recently happened to a 22-year-old pregnant woman….

A 22-year-old pregnant woman survived after being bound, driven to Detroit, set on fire and shot early Saturday morning.

The woman, who was nine-months pregnant, had returned from a movie with her boyfriend and dropped him off at his house in Warren when she was approached from behind, Warren police Sgt. Dave Geffert said.

The woman’s hands, feet and eyes were bound with duct tape. She was then forced into her car and driven to an unknown place in Detroit where she was doused with lighter fluid, set on fire and shot once in the upper back, he said.

#4 Even famous preachers get carjacked in Detroit.  Just ask Pastor Marvin Winans….

Pastor Marvin Winans’ SUV remains missing as of Thursday morning and so do the men who punched, kicked and robbed the famous gospel singer.

Winans was pumping gas Wednesday afternoon at a Detroit Citgo station on the corner of Linwood and Davison when at least two men ambushed him.

#5 Would you like to have your lips stapled shut and then be tortured with a power tool?  Well, that is exactly what happened to one man in Utah recently.

#6 A 26-year-old high school teacher in Minnesota has been charged with sending naked photos of herself to the phone of a 17-year-old male student.  Did she really expect to get away with that?

#7 For some teachers, one student simply is not enough.  A 33-year-old art teacher in Arizona was recently charged with having sex with four of her male students.

#8 Many of our major cities are turning into war zones.  According to WGN, a total of 25 people were shot in a single night in Chicago recently.

#9 These days, most people do not seem to care if you are pregnant.  Up in Seattle, police tasered a pregnant woman three times after she refused to sign a ticket for a traffic violation.

#10 Down in Georgia, a police officer recently kicked a woman who was nine months pregnant directly in the stomach.  His superiors in the local police department defended his actions.

#11 After reading how police are behaving these days it is hard to have much confidence in them.  For example, just check out what one police officer is charged with doing in Philadelphia….

A Philadelphia cop was arrested over allegations that he abducted a 14-year-old girl, sexually assaulted her and made her watch him have sex with a prostitute.

Police found Anthony Dattilo, 36, at a motel in the Bensalem area of the city Wednesday while responding to a possible abduction, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

Dattilo, a 12-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, is reportedly in custody at the Bucks County prison on $500,000 bail.

#12 The sexual abuse that happens to children in homes all over America each night is absolutely unspeakable.  The following is one recent example from California….

A Superior Court judge sentenced a man to 40 years and 8 months to life in state prison Friday for sexually assaulting an 8-year-old female relative on Christmas Eve while family members slept in other rooms, calling his conduct “depraved.”Jorge Miguel Gallegos, 38, of Santa Ana, was convicted in April of six felony counts, including sexual assault, lewd acts on a child under 14, and dissuading a witness from reporting a crime.

#13 Everyone knew that sickos and perverts were going to flock to the TSA so that they could legally touch people, but this is ridiculous.  It was recently discovered that a Catholic priest that left the ministry because of allegations of sexual abuse has been hired by the TSA and works as a supervisor at an airport in Philadelphia.

#14 One recent study found that 5.3 percent of all inmates in state prisons have had a sexual encounter with prison staff.

#15 Down in Arizona, authorities recently removed dozens of cats from the home of an elderly woman for the third time.  This time, there were 64 cats living with her.  In the past, authorities had discovered that the woman would make a “feline stew concoction” with any of the cats that ended up dying.

#16 You know that things are getting bad when people are stealing from ambulances….

Spotsylvania County emergency officials are working to secure drug compartments in ambulances following a recent string of thefts.

Since April, two thefts have occurred at one rescue station and a third at another station. Morphine and other drugs were taken from locked ambulance compartments.

#17 Flash mobs continue to rob convenience stores all over the country.  The following is one recent example from Baltimore….

“They went in, they started going everywhere in the store, grabbing things and then they just run out. And I knew that they didn’t buy it because they just run out,” Kendra Mellerson said. “They ran that way and they ran that way. And the guy was trying to come out and stop them but they couldn’t because there was so many.”

After some kids ran away, a store manager blocked the door to keep the rest of the kids from leaving. But those kids got so mad that the door was blocked, they started punching the store manager.

“Yes, they really started hitting that guy and he couldn’t keep getting beat on so he eventually let them out. And then they just ran,” Mellerson said.

#18 It isn’t just people on the street that are behaving like psychos.  In fact, a series of seven scientific studies has found that “upper class people” behave more unethically than “lower class people” do.

#19 As society is breaking down, more Americans than ever are taking pills to dull the pain.  In fact, it is being reported that Americans take 80 percent of all the pain pills that are sold in the world each year.  Sadly, many of these pain pills are extremely addictive and cause people to want to commit crimes so that they can finance their pain pill habits.

#20 In 2008, a majority of American voters chose to send a radical Marxist con man who endlessly smoked marijuana during his early adult years to the White House.  In fact, according to author David Maraniss, Obama and his friends smoked so much weed that they were known as “the Choom Gang”….

As a member of the Choom Gang, Barry Obama was known for starting a few pot-smoking trends. The first was called “TA,” short for “total absorption.” To place this in the physical and political context of another young man who would grow up to be president, TA was the antithesis of Bill Clinton’s claim that as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford he smoked dope but never inhaled.

According to Maraniss, Obama took his weed smoking very seriously….

Along with TA, Barry popularized the concept of “roof hits”: when they were chooming in the car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.

After reading the list above, do you still have any doubt that society is breaking down?

If things continue along this path, what do you think is going to happen someday when our economy fails and millions upon millions of Americans are hungry and desperate?

These are still the good times.  Even though our economy has declined somewhat, we are still experiencing rip-roaring prosperity.

So if this is how Americans will act when the leaves on the tree are green, what is going to happen when really hard times arrive?

That is something to think about.


WW~Notes:  On the surface this author is mostly correct, however, there is an underlying current of evil and subjugation happening within society.  This was not by accident.  The moral denigration of America was planned with insidious intent and cunning skill by the enemy in the only document that specifically outlines their plans. 

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Economic Alert: If You’re Not Worried Yet…You Should Be

“Economic Alert:
 If You’re Not Worried Yet…You Should Be”
by Brandon Smith

“For the past four years I have been covering the progression of the global economic crisis with an emphasis on the debilitating effects it has had on the American financial system. Only once before have I ever issued an economic alert, and this was at the onset of the very first credit downgrade in U.S. history by S&P. I do not take the word “alert” lightly. Since 2008 we have seen a cycle of events that have severely weakened our country’s foundation, but each event has then been followed by a lull, sometimes 4 to 6 months at a stretch, which seems to disarm the public, drawing them back into apathy and complacency. The calm moments before each passing storm give Americans a false sense of hope that our capsized fiscal vessel will somehow right itself if we just hold on a little longer…

I don’t have to tell most people within the Liberty Movement that this is not going to happen. Unfortunately, there are many out there who do not share our awareness of the situation. Debt implosions and currency devaluation NEVER simply “fade away”; they are always followed by extreme social and political strife that tends to sully the doorsteps of almost every individual and family. The notion that we can coast through such a tempest unscathed is an insane idea, filled with a dangerous potential for sour regrets.

There are some people who also believe that the private Federal Reserve with the Treasury in tow has the ability to prolong the worst symptoms of the collapse indefinitely, or at least, until they have long since kicked the bucket and don’t have to worry about it anymore (the ‘pay-it forward to our grandkids’ crowd) . I can say with 100% certainty that most of us will live to see the climax of the breakdown, and that this breakdown is about to enter a more precarious state before the end of this year. You can only stretch a sun-boiled rubber band so far before it snaps completely, and America’s financial elasticity has long been melted away.

A pummeling hailstorm of news items and international developments have made the first half of 2012 almost impossible to track and analyze. The frequency at which negative information has surfaced is almost dizzying. However, a pattern and a recognizable motion are beginning to take shape, and, I believe, a loose timeline is beginning to form.

At the end of January, I covered the incredible nosedive of the Baltic Dry Index (a measure of global shipping rates that signals a fall in global demand) to historic lows. I pointed out the tendency of stocks and the general economy to crash around 8 months (sometimes a little longer) after the BDI makes such a dramatic downturn. Mainstream analysts, of course, attributed the fall to an “overproduction of ships”, which is the same exact excuse they used when the BDI collapsed back in 2008 just before the derivatives bubble burst. It would seem that the cable TV talking heads were wrong yet again, as the international market facade quickly evaporates right in line with the BDI’s almost prophetic knack for calling an economic derailment in advance. Here are some of the most important reasons why every American should be prepared for much harder days, especially before the end of 2012:

The European Union Is Officially Dead In The Water: Stick a fork in er’, the EU is done! We are talking about full scale dismantlement, likely followed by a reformation of core nations and multiple collapse scenarios of peripheral countries. The writing is all over the wall in the wake of the latest election results in Greece and France, where, as alternative researchers have been predicting for some time, the battle between the government spending crowd and proponents of austerity has reached a fever pitch.

The Greeks and the French are royally pissed over draconian cuts in public programs and the destruction of pensions which have been a mainstay of their economies for quite some time. They are also furious over being sold off like collateral to the IMF and World Bank. Rightly so. Like the American taxpayer, the taxpayers of floundering EU nations are wrongly being held responsible for the financial mismanagement and fraud of their governments and global banks which have remained untouched and unpunished for their trespasses. The problem is, the voters of both countries are signing on to the socialist/quasi-communist bandwagon in response. In Greece, the Left Coalition Party, a splinter group of the traditional communist party, has now taken a primary position of power: In France, voters have elected socialist Francois Hollande (a Bilderberg attendee), whose latest promise is to spend France into recovery through his “pro-growth agenda”: I have no doubt that the elections of the EU are as manipulated by elitists as they are here in the U.S., and I’m sure false paradigms abound. Have Europeans forgotten that it was overt government spending that set them on the path to calamity in the first place? Or, are they like Americans; just desperate for any change in the ranks of leadership? One would think that they would take note of the problems here in our country and realize that electing a socialist to replace another socialist is no way out of economic hardship.

Former officials like Nicolas Sarkozy may have claimed to be distanced from the socialist ideal, but, as with all globalist puppets, their actions did not match their rhetoric, and they have always supported policies of centralization and big government. The French and the Greeks have essentially replaced closet collectivists with outspoken collectivists, and will see NO relief from the crisis in the Euro-zone as a result of the political reordering. In fact, the stage has now been set for a volatile chain of dominos. Germany, which is the only economy left holding the EU together, has been unyielding on austerity cuts. A conflict between France and Germany is now inevitable. Neither will compromise their position, and I can see no other eventual result than a reexamination and perhaps abandonment of the EU charter.

How does this affect America? Being that international banks and corporations have forced our countries into interdependency through the engineered chicanery of globalization, any collapse in Europe is going to strike hard around the world, but the worst will hit the U.S. and China. Which is probably why China is disengaging trade away from the U.S. and the EU and focusing on other developing nations: If you thought the Greek rollercoaster was a pain in the neck for investment markets, just wait until the whole of the EU is in a shambles!

Spain is next in line, with a 25% official unemployment rate and a massive black market economy forming. As I have been saying for years now, when governments disrupt the financial survival of the people, they WILL form their own alternatives, including black markets and barter markets. It is about survival. The Spanish government does not care much for these alternatives, though, and has now banned cash transaction over 2500 euros in a futile attempt to squeeze taxes out of the populace through digitally tracked payment methods: Another major concern for Americans is the fact that Europeans are inching towards an abandonment of the dollar. Francois Hollande has openly called for an end to the dollar’s world reserve status, and with a majority backing of the French people, he could easily make this happen, at least where France is concerned. All it takes is for a few key countries to publically and completely drop the Greenback and the dollar’s reputation as a safe haven investment will be quashed. This could very well happen before 2012 is over.

QE3 Is The End: Here is the bottom line; U.S. growth is a theater of shadows. There has been no progress, no recovery, only the misrepresentation of statistics. Millions of Americans have fallen off unemployment rolls because they have been jobless for too long, which lowers the unemployment rate, but does not change the fact that they are still without work. Durable goods orders are dropping like an avalanche. U.S. credit has been lowered yet again by rating agency Egan-Jones. With China making bilateral trade deals in numerous countries on the condition that the dollar be dropped as the primary purchasing mechanism, and with the EU turning to economic mulch, the currency’s safety is nonexistent. Traditional investors who cling to the idea that a falling Euro spells dollar strength will be sorely disappointed when the currency is suddenly being rejected in international currency markets.

The Federal Reserve has already stated that any signs of “relapse” into recession (the recession that we never left) will be met with all options on the table, including QE3: I believe that QE3 will probably be announced this year (due in large part to trauma from Europe), and, that this will trigger a mass movement by foreign nations to drop the dollar as the world reserve. QE3 will be the straw that broke the camel. How exactly this will play out socially and politically, I do not know (I could take a good guess though). But, the technical results are predictable. The Fed will respond to the lack of treasury purchases by ramping up fiat printing in order to cover the ever increasing costs of the government machine. The Greenback will immediately lose a large portion of its value, at least in terms of imported goods, causing inflation in prices. Oil and energy prices will skyrocket if OPEC follows suit (which they will, though the Saudis may still honor dollars for a time). Doing any traditional business will become nearly impossible, and price inflation will dominate the lives and the minds of average unprepared citizens.

The amount of time that it will take for these difficulties to unfold is also not clear. We are operating in uncharted territory, and dealing with a collapse scenario on a truly planetary scale. My best advice is to assume that the avalanche will move fast. While markets in our country have seen only mild disruptions so far this year, their solidity is predicated on a host of props and costume pieces, any one of which could pull the rug out from under America’s suspension of disbelief if it strays but a little from the illusion. As long as the dollar holds, stocks can be infused with bailout juice through major banks. So can major companies and even desperate state governments on the verge of bankruptcy. The Dow will remain relatively friendly, and day traders and the public will remain happy. As soon as the dollar comes into question, all bets are off…

Does This Mean Doom, Or Just Another Bad Day? The real beginning of today’s collapse is tied to the events of 2008. The pace of it has been deceptive, but also, in a way, it is a gift. Over the past four years, I have personally seen the awakening of thousands of people that may have never had the chance if the system had gone into full spectrum breakdown right away. The question now is, how much longer can the U.S. wobble along on one wheel? In my view, and from the evidence I see in markets at the moment, not much longer.

It is hard to set aside any expectations that the next leg down will be easy to digest for the populace. The reality of our predicament is starting to hit home. All the tax return checks have been spent. The credit cards have been maxed. The new cars have been sold off and traded in for ghetto-mobiles. The good jobs have been replaced with Taco Bell slavery. A trip to see The Avengers is now the family vacation. And, the distractions of reality TV just aren’t buttering our bread anymore. It’s the little things at first that really signal the financial mood of a society, as well as reveal the more vital and looming issues just over the horizon.

All indicators suggest that this year will be unlike any other before. In 2008, we saw the first trigger events for the collapse. In 2008/2009, we saw the creation of the bailout culture, setting the stage for inflation and dollar disintegration. In 2010, we saw the first bilateral trade deal cutting out the dollar between China and Russia, which is now the template for trade deals all over the globe. In 2011, we saw the first downgrade of the U.S. credit rating and the crisis in the EU become epidemic. In 2012, I see not just another difficulty to add to the mountain, but a culmination of all these detriments to produce something entirely new; a vast and subversive realignment forcing many of us to take a more aggressive stance in the fight for an economically and socially free America.

Financial disasters have always been a convenient catalyst for a host of even more frightening obstacles, including civil unrest, and blatant totalitarianism. This is the cusp. It is one of those moments that people of later generations read about in awe, and sometimes horror. The “doom” is not in the event, but in the response. What we make of the days approaching determines the darkness that they cast upon the future. It is a test. It is not something to be dreaded. It is something to be seized upon, and dealt with, as great men and women before us have done. At the very least, we know that it is coming. That, in itself, could well seal our success…”

You can contact Brandon Smith at: brandon@alt-market.com

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A Message From Whitewraithe~

My apologies for this long absence.  I have been so disturbed by what I’ve been hearing and reading about the present state of affairs inside the U.S. I thought to delete this blog and say to hell with it.  Who am I really reaching?  Obviously, I have reached some people by the few responses I’ve received over the years, so I persevere.

I have since discovered that many rumors are now truth, i.e., the FEMA Red and Blue Lists.  This was very disturbing to find out since I am probably on one of these lists.  The Red List is for people who will be exterminated before martial law is implemented.  The Blue List people will be rounded up after martial law for re-education.  Even though I’ve read about these lists for years I had hoped that it was just hype, but when you hear someone talking about it with sincere confirmation that they are indeed a reality it’s another matter.  Just this past week Alex Jones featured several articles on the government’s plans for re-education of political prisoners.


I also stumbled upon news that at least a dozen high-profile individuals associated with the Gulf Oil Spill have disappeared, died under mysterious circumstances, or, were falsely imprisoned.  Nothing about this was random and the people involved had several letters behind their names.


What is happening to us and our nation?

The TSA continues to run amok and it was reported a few weeks ago that they are “taking names” on who’s naughty and not nice for their own list.  Anyone that shows the least bit of contempt for these traitors is immediately written down and if it goes to the courts the fine is over $10,000.  How preposterous that any American is subjected to this treasonous action.

Unemployment in America is far worse than we ever imagined.  Last week I read where 100 million Americans of working age do not go to work everyday.  That is a third of the population!  I am one of those people, myself.

On another front I listened to several interviews with Pastor Russ Dizdar on YouTube over the weekend.  I can honestly state that if anything he says has an ounce of truth we are in big trouble.  Apparently, he’s known mostly for his studies in Spiritual Warfare and Satanic Ritual Abuse.  He also works with local police departments around the country and some of the information he disclosed was incredible and frightening especially on demons.  In a talk with Steve Quayle they discussed the end times and both believe that we are in the seven year tribulation mentioned in Revelations.  I gave up on “God” years ago and came to the conclusion that religion was a tool invented by the rulers of the world to manipulate and control humanity.  Now I’m wondering if I was a bit too hasty.  I’ve prayed but so far – no miracles.

Frankly, I’m scared to death and worry constantly so much so that I can’t think sometimes.  Gerald Celente confirmed on Rense this week that America has become a full-blown police state and I will be posting an article later about a National Guard unit training in a Minnesota neighborhood.

So, what now?  Is everyone waiting to be slaughtered or sent to internment camps?

The U.S.’s only ally, Israel, is stirring a boiling pot of trouble just itching to start WWIII with Iran.  I read where 22 reserve battalions were sent to the borders of Egypt and Syria the latter part of April over growing instability in the two countries making it necessary to be ready for external security threats.  The only security threats Israel has are the ones that they orchestrate and carry out.  What ever they’re planning America will be there to catch them before they fall.  Just once I would like to see this parasitical country fall on its head.

Yet, the U.S. still provides Israel with billions every year while Americans suffer because they lack quality health care, are exorbitantly taxed, and policed to the max.  Our children are subjected to forced, legal molestation every time they are taken into an airport by their dumb-downed parents/caretakers and no one voices an opinion not even for the sake of a child.  How can this be happening?  It is quite obvious that we have been sprayed excessively in the past decade and over fluoridated.  This is the only answer that I can deduce to explain the irrational behavior on today’s issues where a subservient, stupefied populace walks around under a grey cloud.

I guess all we can do is hold our breath and hope for the best.  I’ve preached, cajoled and pleaded for change, or at least, intervention – all to no avail.  We are on a runaway train headed for hell, folks.  Are you prepared for the inevitable?



Groundbreaking new research has linked sodium fluoride to cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death worldwide. Researchers found that fluoride consumption directly stimulates the hardening of your arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis that is highly correlatedwith the #1 killer. Sodium fluoride is currently added to the water supply of many cities worldwide, despite extreme opposition from health professionals and previous studies linking it to decreased IQ and infertility.

In their research, scientists examined the relationship between fluoride intake and the hardening (calcification) of the arteries. Studying more than 60 patients, the researchers found a significant correlation between fluoride consumption and the calcification of your arteries. Published in the January edition of the journal Nuclear Medicine Communications, the research highlights the fact that mass fluoride exposure may be to blame for the cardiovascular disease epidemic that takes more lives each year than cancer. In 2008, cardiovascular killed 17 million people.

According to the authors of the study:

“The coronary fluoride uptake value in patients with cardiovascular events was significantly higher than in patients without cardiovascular events.”

Amazingly, this is not the first report to come out on the dangers of water fluoridation, however the United States government along with other nations have allowed for the continued fluoridation of the public water supply despite these key findings. In fact, the U.S. government has even gone on record stating that a reduction in water fluoridation needs to occur following the results of a massive study that found water fluoridation affected cognitive function to the point of lowering the IQ of children. It turns out that the announcement was little more than a public relations stunt to curtail the massive wave of activism that followed the findings.

Government Admits Dangers Yet Continues to Pump Fluoride Into Your Water Supply

Over 24 other studies have unanimously concluded that fluoride negatively impacts cognitive function. In addition to these 24 studies focusing on cognition, over 100 animal studies have linked fluoride to an increase in male infertility, diabetes, and a whole host of other health problems. In the latest study on cognition, it was found that that 28% of the children who lived in an area where fluoride levels were low achieved the highest test scores. This means that the children exposed to less fluoride scored normal or advanced, while only 8% of fluoridated children did the same.

In fact, the safety precautions regarding sodium fluoride are quite telling themselves:

Risk and Safety Phrases.

  • R25 – Toxic if swallowed.
  • R32 – Contact with acid liberates very toxic gas.
  • R36/38 – Irritating to skin and eyes.
  • S1/2 – Keep locked up and out of reach of children.
  • S22 – Do not breathe dust.
  • S36 – Wear suitable protective clothing.
  • S45 – In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately (show the label whenever possible.)

But what about cavity prevention?

Since 1962 the government has recommended fluoride levels between 0.7 and 1.2 milligrams per liter in the nations drinking water. Toted as an excellent cavity blocker, fluoride has been praised for its alleged power to prevent tooth decay and boost oral health.

Research has now revealed that fluoride, the very substance that is supposed to prevent tooth decay, actually does nothing to prevent against cavities.

In fact, vitamin D has been found to be significantly more effective in cavity prevention without the extreme side effects. Instead of damaging your body, vitamin D slashes your risk of just about everything fluoride consumption causes.

According to the latest numbers, over 72 percent of Americans drink water treated with fluoride. Is it any wonder that cardiovascular disease rates are off the charts? Perhaps most concerning is the fact that fluoride does not even prevent cavities, which is the very reason legislators have pushed to keep it in the public water supply despite the links to deadly disease. Even if fluoride was found to prevent cavities, would it be worth the adverse effects?

Fluoride should be completely removed from the international water supply as it is a threat to public health. Until the proper legislation is passed, acquiring a high-quality water filter that removes fluoride is vital for the health perseverance of you and your family.

Source: TruthTheory.com


Poor Man’s Water Purifier

If you read the “Consumer Confidence Report” that comes from your water company…. it may have the following information on it:

“Some people may be more vulnerable to contaminants in drinking water than the general population. Immune-compromised persons such as persons with cancer undergoing chemotherapy, persons who have undergone organ transplants, people with HIV/AIDS or other immune system disorders, some elderly, and infants can be particularly at risk from infection. These people should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers.”

I’d say that we have a problem. We start out with water that “immune-compromised” persons and babies should not drink and the water becomes acidic as it flows through the city’s pipes. Acidic water flowing through pipes picks up lead and other contaminants directly from the pipes it runs through. So the water that we started with might have been adequately safe for the general public, but now what about the water that actually comes out of the faucet?

The following cheap, home treatment that improves the taste. I cannot prove that it does anything else. I think it may be healthier based on the following:

“Dr. Earp-Thomas added a handful of wheatgrass to fluoridated water for several minutes. When the grass was removed and the water tested, no fluorine was traceable. Later, an official of the Water Department of New York City tested fluoridated water in which a small sprig of wheatgrass had been swished. He could find no trace of fluorine. Evidently, the presence of wheat grass in fluoridated water renders the inorganic chemicals harmless. Dr. Earp-Thomas found that an ounce of grass in a gallon of fluoridated water would turn the fluorine into harmless calcium-phosphate-fluoride compounds. Alfalfa seeds will not grow in treated water [means city-treated water not wheatgrass-treated water- bfg] but will merely rot in treated tap water. One-half ounce of wheatgrass, added each morning to ordinary tap water, softens it and makes it positive….

“Dr. Earp-Thomas further discovered that fruits and vegetables contaminated by sprays were thoroughly cleansed and the negative food transformed by wash water with a wisp of wheatgrass placed in the water. In pasteurized milk, baby foods, pet foods, etc. wheatgrass changes the toxic orbit of electrons to positive. Wheatgrass placed in the drinking water of pets and cut up over their food helps prevent ailments in your pets.”

From pages 43-45 Be Your Own Doctor by Ann Wigmore, D.D., N.D.

I keep a quart jar of sprouts on my kitchen sink. I have either alfalfa sprouts or wheat sprouts. Whenever I need water, I take the quart jar with sprouts, fill it with water, swish it around slightly and pour the water into a glass or other container. The water tastes much better! In order to always have sprouts, I keep two jars going. Sometimes I also add baking soda to make the water more alkaline and use a “stirwand” to break up the water molecules.