Why Tyranny is Inevitable

April 14, 2016

the-real-new-world-order-bankers-taking-over-the-world.jpgWe have been living in a veiled tyranny for at least a 100 years. The veil is coming off.

Society is built on a fundamental fraud: the medium of exchange (credit, currency) is produced in the form of a debt to a cartel of private satanist families. (The government could easily produce currency, interest and debt-free.)

Our “money” is an IOU to these families.  Everyone is complicit in this fraud in order to function, let alone succeed.

They have us by the short hairs. Government and businesses depend on their banks. We all keep our “money” in their banks. This is why all corporations, education, mass media and banks promote their social engineering. The banking cartel destabilizes society (false flag terror, wars, ISIS, migration, homosexuality) to ensure we never regain monetary independence. The “war on terror” and surveillance state are focused on quelling potential  domestic rebellion. As Eric Karlstrom explains, “counter insurgency” actually refers to an insidious ongoing domestic program of psychological warfare designed to debilitate and subjugate us. 

Below are some pertinent excerpts from 

The CIA, Tavistock institute, and the Global “Intelligence-Police Gestapo” State

by Professor Eric T Karlstrom 

Investigative journalist, Lonnie Wolfe, succinctly tells the story: “The Nazi state was created by the same oligarchical financial and political interests who today control what we call the mass media and television. Forget about whatever stories you have seen on television about how Hitler came to power: His path to power was cleared by the same oligarchs who employ the brainwashers that program your television. Over a period of years, following the First World War, Germany was brutalized by the economic policy of this international (ETK: Jewish) elite. Hitler’s Nazis were funded and promoted as a political option, and then steered into power in 1932-1933.

Once in power, the Nazis maintained their hold through the use of terror as part of mass brainwashing. In many ways it was proper to view the Nazi period as an experiment in methods of mass brainwashing and social control. At the root of the experiment was the desire to create a New World Order based on reversing a fundamental premise of western Christian civilization: that man is created as a higher and distinct species from animals, created in the image of the living God and by Divine grace, imparted the Divine Spark of reason.”


… As much as it may surprise many, Nazi Germany was an experiment in Freudian mass psychology. What it means is that both Freud and the Nazis shared the belief system of man as a sinful beast who is allowed to exist under strictly imposed laws. Man is not made in the image of the living God, says Freud; man has made god in his image, for the purpose of easing the pain of his existence.

In the late 1930’s, the Tavistock Institute developed a symbiotic relationship with the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research. Their collaboration led them to analyze the culture of a population from a neo-Freudian standpoint. Nazism just happened to be one of its patients on the psychiatric couch.

photo-of-Eric-Karlstrom.jpg(Left, Professor Eric T Karlstrom)

In a nutshell, Hitler was the prototype of Jungian man, who surrendered his reason to his unconscious, and who welcomed divine madness as Jung himself advised. (Jung states:) “The impressive thing about the German phenomenon is that one man, who is obviously possessed, has infected the whole nation to such an extent that everything is set in motion and has started rolling on its course towards perdition.” Jung added that “Hitler’s power is not political, it is magic.”

…Both Tavistock and the Frankfurt School paid close attention to Nazi propaganda techniques, which they willingly incorporated into their research. The aim of the project, as stated in (Theodore) Adorno’s “Introduction to the Sociology of Music,” was to “program a mass culture as a form of extensive social control that would steadily degrade its consumers.” The application of their research into human behavior was set to launch a decade later in a major irreversible Cultural Revolution in America….

It is worth repeating here that the Nazi Party was not a political party, as we commonly understand it, but a cult. “Nazi appropriation of the occult was a weird farrago of astrology, Freemasonry, racism rooted in occultism and popular European folklore (the Cathars, the Holy Grail, the Knights Templar, the Arthurian legends). Sinister forces are at work against humanity.

Now, how many people understand this? How many people realize that the majority’s perception of reality, especially in the political arena, is not their own. It is shrewdly manipulated and imposed on them by the Men behind the Curtain. Most certainly don’t and brainwashing has a lot to do with it.


But it must be understood that this network of “respectable” institutions, including think tanks, foundations, universities, etc., has been utilized to create the means of destroying the very pillars upon which western civilization is built: the nation-state, religion, the family, private property, free will, reason, truth, and beauty. And it particularly targets Christianity and Christians for destruction… again, via infiltration, corruption, co-option, etc. 

This post details just how the oligarchic and psychopathic elite has utilized and continues to utilize the principles of “psychological warfare” to impose total control (slavery and genocide) over the “goy” masses, or “beasts.” A prime goal, of course, is to cement “class relationships” in perpetuity, as envisioned in Orwell’s classic, “1984”- by imposing a fascist control system with a “democratic face.” This covert war deploys deception, terror, Satanism, propaganda, mind control, gangstalking (or “intelligence stalking”)- see “Appendix 20. What is Gang Stalking?”), and other forms of psychological warfare on a vast scale.

Counterinsurgency cannot proceed merely on (the basis of synthetic terror events and) horrors; it requires conscious and systematic application by the ruling class, or its dupes” (Menzel, 1974). This was achieved by fusing psychology and psychiatry in the 1930’s.

“The first massive application of psychology as a conscious weapon took place in Nazi Germany, especially in reference to eugenics, which played upon the most backward Aryan illusions held by and imposed on portions of the masses. While the cause and development of Nazi butchery stemmed wholly from the world economic collapse, its specific form, eugenics, was devised by the Nazis’ favorite theoreticians and technicians- the psychiatrists.” (Menzel, 1974).


Since then, the “science of mind,” has been converted into the craft of mind destruction. Legitimate, therapeutic approaches have given way to behavior-modifying pseudo-science in the name of aversion therapy. This conversion of mind science was truly shaped by war- “the war of mental genocide waged by the bourgeoisie … against the working class” (Menzel, 1974). The essential premise of the work of Tavistock is the premise that certain kinds of democratic “institutions represent far more efficient instrumentalities for fascist dictatorship than the traditional, straightforwardly” authoritarian models.

johnrawlingsrees-tavistock.jpg“From the great oil hoax and CIA-style brainwashing, the psychological sciences have followed the route initially outlined in 1945 by (Brigadier General, “Sir”) Dr. John Rawlings Rees, left, grand master of psywar counterinsurgency, in his book, “The Shaping of Psychiatry by War.” Rees called for the development of psychiatric shock troops in order to develop “methods of political control based upon driving the majority of the human population toward psychosis” through procedures of so-called programmed behavioral modification. He proposed this to render the population submissive under the (British-led) post-World War II economic world order.

…. Only a “conspiracy of psychiatrists”- as Rees meant when he spoke of his mission- “could build a society where it is possible for people of every social group to have treatment when they need it, even when they do not wish it, without the necessity to invoke the law.” For Rees, the construction of that cabal became his lifelong “mission.”

As L. Marcus writes in his excellent investigation piece; “Reesian methods rely, completely and consciously, on the destruction of the mental life of world society and a forced march into universal sadism” (Marcus, 1974). Within this lies their affinity- men as mindless beasts whose minds, according to Tavistock, are something to be manipulated and destroyed.

Since then, different methods of psychological warfare developed at Tavistock Institute have been the central features of the activities of a world-wide set of interlocking think tanks in consultative capacity and special commissions, government agencies, and corporation, their developmental studies and pilot projects with the clear-cut objective of shaping political techniques of social control.


Charles Hugh Smith – The Entire Status Quo is a Fraud 

YouTube-  Eric Karlstrom on the Climate Change Hoax

Source: http://henrymakow.com/2016/04/why-tyranny-is-inevitable.html

The Evil State of Jewish Statism

The Jews, for all intensive purposes, control Western Democracies, and everyone can see how degenerate the modern state has become under Jewish rule.  There is a definitive reason for this, the Jew has a corrupt soul, and finds it impossible to treat others fairly.  When the Jew gets political power, his corrupt tendencies are now married to the monopolistic use of force that the state wields, the result has been catastrophic for the Western world.

The Jew is the master of despotism, the use of the state for negative purposes, authoritarian rule.  What is the source of this  obsession with an authoritarian state?  Why do Jews destroy every nation they occupy?  What is to happen to Jewish run Amerika?  What is the original source of state authority and power and how do we overcome the evil of Jewish parasitism?

Jewish Statism

When discussing the use of state to control by the use of force, the general term statism is used to describe the despotic use of force.  What is statism?  To answer that think about what the state really is:  the state is simply a group with a monopoly on the use of force.   The state is a gang, and when the gang uses force arbitrarily, violating individual rights then that is statism.  According to Ayn Rand, who concretely defined the term, statism is:

“A statist system—whether of a communist, fascist, Nazi, socialist or “welfare” type—is based on the . . . government’s unlimited power, which means: on the rule of brute force. The differences among statist systems are only a matter of time and degree; the principle is the same. Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims.”

We all know that the Jews are an organized crime syndicate, manipulating the political system to commit huge crimes (like 911) against the people, they get away with it because they control the media and the legal system where they do the crimes, in high density Jewish populated areas like New York City.  This Jewish political order, the New World Order as some call it, is Jewish statism.

The Jewess Ayn Rand failed to see the Jewish connection to statism, like most Jews she tended to defend her race and Israel whenever she could.  She never wrote about the religious connection to her outspoken commentary on collectivism – it is the Jew who invented the unlimited state with his imagined overbearing God Yahweh.  All must obey my God, the only God, and those who are not of my God must be wiped out.  Statism is sourced in the Old Testament, theological fascism caused by monotheistic belief.

Think about the tale of the flood myth in Genesis, Yahweh kills everyone except his chosen one Noah and his family.  This exclusionism is the essential theme of the Old Testament.  Obey my God or die.  The Jews took the world with that meme, because they got you to believe it.  The problem is the Jew is a tyrant and his myth false, no god destroyed the world with the flood, it absolutely did not happen.  The myth has been disproven by scientific research, but the bloodlust of Yahweh remains.


The Jew invented the concept of the state, because in order to control you, he first had to occupy your mind. This became a big problem for the world, along came Ayn Rand, a Jew immigrant from Russia, her parents carrying a Rand typewriter.  Fate.  The brilliant atheist Miss Rand informed us in no uncertain terms all about statism and it’s true nature, she championed the individual.  But she failed to name the Jew as the source of the problem, probably couldn’t come to grips that her race was the very source of the statist problem she railed against.

Ayn Rand wrote extensively about Capitalism as an ideal and statism as a trend in the Rockefeller Building where she maintained an office.  She hated Communism, as the ultimate form of collective force, but in the subset of all collectivistic states.   She pointed out that the individual that invents, not the group or the collective, that only individuals have rights, not states.  What she said was true but she left out the obvious Jewish connection to the statist problem.

Perhaps she was right in the middle of Jew Ape central she could theorize Jew tribalism right in her backyard without actually letting on that she was talking about Jews.  Her language makes one believe that she was talking about the tribe:

“The ideological root of statism (or collectivism) is the tribal premise of primordial savages who, unable to conceive of individual rights, believed that the tribe is a supreme, omnipotent ruler, that it owns the lives of its members and may sacrifice them whenever it pleases to whatever it deems to be its own “good.” Unable to conceive of any social principles, save the rule of brute force, they believed that the tribe’s wishes are limited only by its physical power and that other tribes are its natural prey, to be conquered, looted, enslaved, or annihilated. The history of all primitive peoples is a succession of tribal wars and intertribal slaughter. That this savage ideology now rules nations armed with nuclear weapons, should give pause to anyone concerned with mankind’s survival.

Statism is a system of institutionalized violence and perpetual civil war. It leaves men no choice but to fight to seize political power—to rob or be robbed, to kill or be killed. When brute force is the only criterion of social conduct, and unresisting surrender to destruction is the only alternative, even the lowest of men, even an animal—even a cornered rat—will fight. There can be no peace within an enslaved nation.”

Ayn Rand didn’t say specifically who the primordial savages were (Jews), but looking at Netanyahu and his tribe of Jew Apes we can see Israeli Jew Ape statism on full display.  The primordial savages wrecking this planet with statism is Jewry and their hell state of Israel.  Nuclear weapons are not the problem, it is the Jew Ape with access to nukes that is the problem.   So who is Ms. Rand talking about if not Jews.  The Jews are the primitives claiming divinity, now that is a real laugh!

Most humans are peaceful and sane and have no lust to use weapons of mass destruction on other people minding their own business.  Not the Jew.  The idea of mass destruction is all throughout the Torah, wiping everything out is the modus operandi of Yahweh.  So we have a source for the crazy idea of wiping everything out – the Jew holy books.  Who else behaves like the Jew?  The concept of total warfare was never practiced by any other tribe.

Israel is currently using nuclear weapons in Syria and elsewhere.  That is a problem.  The Jews have a state and they have nukes, that is a big problem for the whole world.  Just take a look at what Jew run USA is doing to Ukraine, lust to kill many with cluster bombs, shooting jet liners out of the sky and blaming Russia.  Jewish state craft, Jewish statism, despotic rule without morals or justice.

Jews love to kill with weapons of mass destruction while crying wolf about the other guy that lost the ones they gave them, like the WMD’s given to Saddam but never found when they needed to frame him.  So we can see why the Jews love to illegally spread illegal weapons around the globe, the Jew needs cover for his own despicable predatory behavior, no one else even thinks of killing everyone of his neighbors – only the Jew is at war with everyone.

The Jew predator is on the prowl, many are dying as the Jew takes more and more real estate and control of the world’s resources.  The Jew is never satisfied, the Jew must have it all, all for the Jew and none for you, that is how the Jew thinks a and acts.  This is why the Jew can never be allowed to rule, they are unfair by their nature, and unfairness leads to conflict, so with Jews in charge their will always be conflict.

The New Dark Age of the Jewish World DisOrder

The West is now careening into a new Dark Age under Jewish supremacist rule, this is generally called the New World Order by cowardly Christians who can’t come to grips with the evil of Jewry, they are to busy worshipping a Jewish savior god and are completely beholden to the chosen ones because of the Jewish written myth that they wholly subscribe.

evil jew murdoch

Most Christians have yet to realize that the chosen status of the Jews is a self chosen status, since they wrote the myth making them superior to all.  That’s pretty convenient.  When you believe it, it becomes true, when you believe the Jew superior, he becomes your superior.  Since most of the slaves call citizens subscribe to Christianity, they have voluntarily submitted to Jewish rule because of their faith.  Christianity is how you hand the Jew your authority, give Jewry your power, and self destruct.

This slavery of the West is voluntary, or at least is was voluntary until now, when it is now mandatory under the Jew total state.  Try not paying your taxes to the Jewish owned IRS.  So what Christians have done is an unpardonable sin, they have delivered all the Western nations into the clutches of the Jew World Order.  For this they deserve death, for the penalty of treason to the human soul is death.  By agreeing to the Jewish evil projection of Yahweh as love, the Christians have destroyed their very souls and the nations they inhabit.

Many Christian patriots think they are separate from Judaism, but nothing is further from the truth.  Christians are Gentiles converted to Judaism.  Christians study and memorize Jewish history (fabricated and plagiarized documents) and know nothing of their own racial identity.  This is pervasive throughout the West. Christians are completely clueless as to their own history of how their past was erased and Jewish history substituted as their history!  Gentiles identity with Jews with the Christian myth, completely forgetting their own past, even despising their own history in favor of the Bible fairy tale.

Take for instance the Nativity scene, universally recognized and promoted by Christians everywhere.  Never mind it never happened, never mind what the nation did the entire year leading up to Christmas.  All year long Amerika reigns down slaughter on hapless villagers in far off lands and the Christian assembles mangers with farm animals celebrating the birth of the Lord that never was.  They spend all Christmas singing carols to the birth of their Jewish savior, the one invented by the Jew Josephus Flavian.  Way to go morons!

The Birth of Jesus Never Happened

This New World of disorder should really be called the Jewish World Dis-Order, a world thrown into chaos as the Predator Jewish Race attacks everyone and everything in a state of total narcissistic madness of getting total political power over every living thing.  Meanwhile, idiot Christians sing hymns to the Lord of Hosts while the Jew wrecks the world.  Very soon Christians everywhere will be reminded me that it’s Christmas, the best time of the year, for he was born – not.  I am surrounded by morans, how about you?

While in the deep trance of faith, Christian nations were assimilated into a Jewish monolith of power.  Now it’s to late to reverse course, we are fully cooked boiled frogs, the pot the Jew is cooking us is at a roiling boil and we still are duped!  We are already dead but don’t know it yet, so we watch Zombie flicks and pretend to be against those dead Zombies when it is a metaphor for us!

tribal jew ape with american made gun

The Jew is currently letting loose the Apocalyptic Horseman of plagues and war onto the world, all the while Evangelist tell themselves prophecy is being fulfilled, their faith renewed by the disaster of Jewish rule.  Evangelists are completely insane!  Self fullfilling prophecy of doom is coming true because Christians are making sure it does come true to prove to everyone that they are not really insane.  But they are, we create our reality and what Christians are really doing is playing a game of willful ignorance while everything goes to pot.

The Jew is a menace to the world, and Christians are their little demon helpers.  America helps Israel because the voting base is 80% Christian, who worship Israel.  Many nations have banned Jews from the political process or even from voting, since after hosting the parasite for awhile they learned the hard lesson that every nation learns, never let even one Jew through the door, never let any Jews into your nation because it will be your downfall.

You absolutely can not let the Jew into your political system, the result is chaos as the Jew only works to further the interest of his tribe to the detriment of the citizens.  The Jews are their own nation, their loyalty is to the tribe even more so than Israel.  Jews can flee Israeli madness but they will always be part of the wandering tribe.

The Narcissitic Self Chosen Ones

The self obsessed Jew, in love with his own image cast upon the fictional deity Yahweh, is selfish in his chosenness, self absorbed into his own victimhood of the Holocaust Myth.  The Jew takes this Jew bashing seriously because it is how he gets power over you, you are taught that the Jew is a victim and his persecution is unjustified, the Jew is taught that he is persecuted for disobeying Yahweh and that his endless persecution is proof that his Holy Books are true, the Jews are God’s representative on earth and their persecution comes from the eternal wickedness of men.

The exact opposite is the reality, the Jew is eternally wicked but can’t see it because of his narcissism.  Jews manage to invert reality to their benefit, their persecution, completely justified by their behavior is turned into a faith enhancing concept.  Is that total lunacy? You bet, the Jew is completely looney tunes with his self chosen status, Holocaust fakery, 911, false flags, genocide, telling of the Big Lie.  The Jew has run the gamut, used every bit of trickery and deceit while waxing hate on the world.

No one believes the Jew anymore, the poor Jew has cried wolf to many times. Even though the Holocaust construct is held high by Abe Foxman and his team of Jew henchmen at the ADL, no one cares or is sympathetic to the imagined Jewish suffering. Not after what they have done to Palestine.


The New Age concept of self caused fate is generally accepted now, we all create our own reality, and Jewish persecution is caused by the actions of the Jew.  The Jews are justly reaping their own Karmic acts of aggression against the Goyim.  They can’t stop, because the Jew is taught only how to be a parasite and survives by predation on the productive.

So the fate of Amerika is grim, the Jew is starting the big Bolshevik like crackdown, and he will continue destroying and wrecking America until someone organizes the people to kill the Jews.  You have to understand the Jew can not stop what he is doing, you must pick up a gun and stop these criminals.

With the Jew You Lose Everything

All the wealth of the great inventors and artists are absorb by the Jewish financiers, they chose that profession as a way to legally steal the wealth of those creative souls.  The inventors of electrical generation die penniless while the Jew ends up with the majority of stock of the utility company in a tax free trust.


Take Edison for example, the greatest inventor of all time, now all of his inventions are owned by the Jew and being used to enslave you.  The analog Watt-hour meter turned Jew spy device.  Every one of our inventions has been turned against us because of the Jew!  Now the Jew is using every bit of social media to spy and build huge databases on his Goyim cattle, electricity is now the enemy.


Simple concept, you create, you invent, you work hard and the Jew gets all the reward.  With the Jew you lose.  First you lose your copyright, then your patent, then the profits, then the stock, then the technology is turned on you and at the end of the Goyim enslavement, you loose your life as everything civilized turns barbaric as we claw our way into survival of the Jew World Order.

Jewish Theology is Statism

What you must realize that the “state” is a mental construct of the Jew.  The idea of the collective making laws that all must follow is a very Jewish concept that goes way back to antiquity, where educated Jews formed theocracy based on religious law.  In order to sell this state-law concept, they adopted-invented the Moses story-myth in which you are taught that God-Yahweh handed to the Jew-Moses the Law-Authority.


Moses didn’t exist anymore than Yahweh or Jesus.  These are fictional characters in a story that gets you to voluntarily submit to external authority and rule by those that oppose your very breath.  With God, the Jew got Authority to rule over you. So it is true, “god” gave the Jew the wealth of the world.  But that is not the honest way of saying it, it should be said that with the “god concept” the Jew was able to swindle the world.

Individual Sovereignty

You are taught that God is sovereign and you are to obey God.  This is the great ruse of the state, getting your obedience with the god meme.  With “God” the Jews took the world, they were able to take control of the political process and kill your sons in foreign wars of Jewish aggression.  No one doubts that now, Israel did 911, New York Jews covered it up, the Gulf Wars were Jewish Wars on Muslims fought by Americans.

How many more years of Middle East wars are you willing to endure for the Jew.  How many more sons of Liberty must die for Israel?  They will never stop killing Arabs, so what we must do is start killing Jews.  The solution to the Jew problem is obvious, the solution is the final solution, all Jews must be locked up or killed.

Kill Yahweh and Get Freedom From Jewish Control

If you want to be free of Jewish control you must doff the myth and put those that teach the myth to the sword, burn the holy books, destroy the temples in which the mental poison is taught.  It’s very simple, all Jews and their whores must die.  In order to be free of the Jew, and forever grant freedom to your offspring, then you must kill Yahweh.  Yahweh is the enemy of all that breathes, all that with a pulse, all that lusts for living is the eternal enemy of the Jew God.

Yahweh is Fiction

The biggest mistake of Christendoom, is that they went along with the idea that this Jewish war-destroyer god was somehow on par with the Creator.  Yahweh is NOT a creator god, he is a killer of life, and in the Jewish Holy Bible Yahweh kills 2.3 million vs. the antigod Satan who only kills 10 people.  So who is the evil god of the Bible?  Yahweh or Satan?  You worship the evil deity, now ain’t that special!  Neither are real, so it doesn’t matter which one is most evil.  The Bible is evil, the deities fictions, your belief creates chaos.  What does matter is that the real evil are the Jews who wrote the myth.

The most important concept to fully realize is how the theist uses the god concept to justify the criminal behavior of state.  God is the Jew’s primary weapon, they wrote their holy books to say that God gave the Jew the wealth of the world.  There’s no God giving Jews anything or doing anything else claimed in the Bible, like floods or punishment.  Those concepts are primitive superstitions of minds awaking in the matrix and searching for causality for natural phenomenon.

The Jewish God Yahweh is a fictional character, but the effects on society of this concept are devastating. The Jew can legally rob entire nations with his god meme. The Jew can rule with his god meme. The Jew can get your voluntary compliance with his god meme. The Jew can legally get you to fight his wars with his god meme and the authority is grants.  God is the greatest tool in the belt of Jewish despotism and crime schemes.  No other meme has ever been so useful for the tribe.

Many patriots are puzzled about why most Jews are atheists.  Jews secretly know their god is fiction, your problem is that you actually believe the holy crap of the con artist theists.  So freedom fighters listen up, the solution to this problem is very simple, Yahweh must be destroyed, every Jew holy book, every synagogue, every temple to Yahweh must be raised and all those that profess his name, like the ADL run Christian Identity cults, put to the sword.


Christians have been tricked into worshipping the very thing that is destroying them, Christians are mistakenly praising Yahweh as the Jew destroys their society and culture and race.  Christianity is collective suicide of the West.  There is no getting around this fact and there is no separating Christianity from Judaism.  Without the angry Old Testament Jew sky god to fear you simply don’t need the salvation of the New Testament god.  Without a psycho afterlife judging jerkoff God no one needs a savior.  Jesus is only a meme that puts your mind into a deep trance.

The Jews, for all intensive purposes, control Western Democracies, and everyone can see how degenerate the modern state has become under Jewish rule.  There is a definitive reason for this, the Jew has a corrupt soul, and finds it impossible to treat others fairly.  When the Jew gets political power, his corrupt tendencies are now married to the monopolistic use of force that the state wields, the result has been catastrophic for the Western world.

The Jew is the master of despotism, the use of the state for negative purposes, authoritarian rule.  What is the source of this  obsession with an authoritarian state?  Why do Jews destroy every nation they occupy?  What is to happen to Jewish run Amerika?  What is the original source of state authority and power and how do we overcome the evil of Jewish parasitism?

The entire Bible myth rests on the premise of Yahweh being real, but he is not real, and it is easy to scientifically prove so by examining the first book of the Bible, Genesis.  If Genesis is wrong then no rational minded person need fear Yahweh.  So how far off was Genesis?  Completely wrong, Darwin’s big idea of Natural Selection is exactly opposite of the Origin Myth.  This is why the ADL is fronting the extremist Yahweh cults like Christian Identity, they are desperate in keeping their god alive in your mind, because once you come out of the god delusion trance, you will see the Jew and put him to the sword.

Debunking Genesis the Key to Disproving Yahweh

What you must intellectually grasp is that a holy book must address origin.  Humans are using the god meme as causality for all that exists.  Religious power rests on its ability to explain our origin, our place, amongst all the ‘creation’.  Who are we and how did we get here are eternal questions, whoever can answer that convincingly rules.

Adam and Eve used to be the plausible explanation of how we got here. Virtually everyone fully believed the tale of God plopping down the first two humans, who then populated the earth.  Who knew otherwise?  No one until Darwin.  But Adam and Eve couldn’t have existed, and we know so from studying the genetics, no one couple could have ever been. Humans evolved as a population of many individuals.


Nor do talking snakes exist who got the first woman to cause the downfall of man.  Women didn’t cause our fall because humans are evolving upward and consciousness is expanding outwards toward infinity.  The vector of our specie, as depicted in Genesis, is off by 180 degrees.  Humans are growing bigger brains as the fossil record shows, we are not devolving from Adam as the Bible theist claims.

This Judeo-Christian myth is a simple fairy tale, those that believe it literal are loons, none of it is real yet most adults in Amerika think it is their reality.  The result has been catastrophic, the experiment in freedom and liberty has subcomed to Jewry and now is in a century long death spiral.  The origin depicted in Genesis is thoroughly disproven, yet the Judeo myth hangs on, dark days await this nation possessed by the Jew vampire religion.

So you can see the trend of the Jew myth ending right when Jews are currently at the peak of their power.  The Jew is literally going war crazy, attacking dozens of nations with drones, bombing all the states around Israel into rubble.  No doubt we are near the end of the trend, because the world is waking up fast about the true nature of Israel.

End the Jew and Terminate the Darkness

The solution to the downfall of civilization is to recognize the Jew as the problem, then organize to get rid of him and his books.  Simple concept, but hard to do when so many believe in Christianity.  We need a new vision, a world without Jews, a world free of Jewish influence and thinking, a world where no one reads or believes in the Bible.  Christianity has to go too.

Ayn Rand was the authority on statism, being Jewish, she forgot to mention the Jew as causal.  She led the intellectuals into the cul-de-sac of Objectivism while Jews took control of the nation and her movement.  Her ideal of Capitalism was subverted by the Jew, now we have a Welfare-Warfare state.  She was right, we must reject collectivism, but we must also reject the cause of collectivism – Jewish tribalism.  But freedom and liberty beg us to rise up against this Jewish race and completely eradicate them from America!

New vision road sign

Source: http://therebel.org/en/yukonjack/805740-the-evil-state-of-jewish-statism

Guatemalan town expels 30 Jews at local residents’ request

“Their customs aren’t like ours.”

Guatemalan town uses Nazi-inspired tactics to expel Jews

Over 30 Jews being evicted from San Juan La Laguna at local residents’ request. ‘Their customs aren’t like ours,’ mayor says.

The mayor of a Guatemalan town has made a “Jew registry,” and ordered two Jewish families to leave. “Their customs aren’t like ours,” he insists.

The incident occurs on the heels of an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) poll revealing that anti-Semitism is a worldwide phenomenon.

Even though a focus on anti-Semitism has started in Europe and in the Middle East, at least one group of Jews in Guatemala was brave enough to speak of their own plight in the Central American press.

Misael Santos, a convert to Judaism from San Juan La Laguna, told Prensa Libre that his family first moved to the area because they “wanted a clean, quiet, peaceful and friendly place for our children to grow into adults.”

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Trouble really began after Santos began a synagogue, drawing Israelis and Jewish tourists alike to the Guatemalan heartland. This Jewish increase has caused the townspeople of San Juan La Laguna to feel uneasy by the difference of another group of people with different beliefs from their own.

They’ve since started a petition for the small Jewish community to be evicted.

The Nazi tactics that were employed on the small Jewish community occurred when the mayor ordered “Jewish registry” to be drawn up listing the town’s Jewish residents. The move was apparently to keep note of tourism in the small town, but the Jewish community became wary and it began a turn from incitement to anti-Semitic violence in a matter of weeks.

Santos states that “They uploaded photos of (Adolf) Hitler to a website about the Jews in town, saying they will put us in cremation ovens,” he said. “Fifteen days ago, a group of teenagers who has read the website came up to us and began throwing stones at us.”

A few days later, several children began stoning a group of women in the Jewish community, shouting “You killed Jesus!” and then one of them threw an amateur explosive device.

Santos stated, “If I go to America, I must adopt the ways of the gringo.” The small Jewish community of San Juan La Laguna is not causing any problems for anyone and is just expressing their beliefs that are not hindering the lives of others.

However, the increase of a Jewish population has made the community uneasy and brought around a Nazi-like expulsion idea of the small Jewish population.

Reprinted with permission from Shalom Life .

Source: YnetNews



The truth behind ISIS and the capture of Mosul – 2 part article

Ayad Jamal Al-Din: Al-Maliki Should Be Tried for High Treason Following ISIS Capture of Mosul (Source: MEMRI TV)

This man is telling the truth about Maliki’s failures as a leader, the U.S. role in supporting ISIS in Syria, and channels like Al-Jazeera deceiving their viewers about the nature of ISIS and their takeover of Mosul. He should be the next Prime Minister of Iraq. Watch the full interview below. Here are some key excerpts:

“The war in Syria and the war in Iraq are one and the same. Both in Syria and in Iraq it is a war against ISIS. The US strives to weaken the Syrian regime, and this benefits ISIS. But in Baghdad it supports the regime against ISIS. This is suspicious and perplexing to tell you the truth.”

“As for the collapse of the Iraqi army in Mosul – the army is a reflection of its commander. It is Nouri Al-Maliki, the prime minister and general commander of the armed forces, who should be placed on trial for high treason. The military personnel are not responsible for the collapse in Mosul and elsewhere. It is the general commander who should be held accountable and stand trial.”

“It is inappropriate to justify ISIS. In the past two hours, I’ve heard several commentators here on Al-Arabiya TV saying that the Iraqi Sunnis are persecuted and are denied their rights and that is why ISIS has managed to gain a foothold in the country. ISIS is composed of the same terrorists who are fighting in Libya, in Somalia, in Syria, in Afghanistan, in Nigeria, and elsewhere. The names of the organizations may vary, but their terrorism is one and the same. Commentators should avoid justifying this terrorism. Terrorism is terrorism, and its confrontation should be the same everywhere.”

“It is PM Nouri Al-Maliki himself who should be held accountable. I believe that if there was a parliament of decent human beings in Iraq, Al-Maliki would be voted out of office and would face trial for high treason, for bringing about this military collapse.”

“I welcome it (Washington’s offer to help resolve the crisis). We await this support, but it must extend to all the areas where ISIS may be found. The pressure on the Syrian regime, which is fighting ISIS, must be lifted. They should not try to strengthen the feeble Free Syrian Army (FSA). There is no FSA. There is ISIS in Syria and Iraq. You cannot fight ISIS in Iraq, yet support it in Syria. There is one war, and one enemy. The US should give up its hypocrisy. People are not brainless.”

“An hour ago, when I entered this studio, Al-Jazeera TV was still calling ISIS “the tribal rebels.” This is a deception, a lie. These are no tribal rebels. The tribal rebels have fled to Kurdistan. The Sunnis were vanquished by ISIS. These are criminals, murderers, and terrorists.”

Video Title: Ayad Jamal Al-Din: Al-Maliki Should Be Tried for High Treason Following ISIS Capture of Mosul. Source: MEMRI TV.

Source: http://disquietreservations.blogspot.com/2014/06/ayad-jamal-al-din-al-maliki-should-be.html





The fall of Mosul. Who benefits and who does not?

So, I’m reading on the events in Iraq this morning. The fall of Mosul. Yes, the fall of Mosul!
Why? Why now? How?

Mosul, Iraq. Bordered by the Tigris, located between Turkey, Iran and of course Syria.

So, a good location if one is planning to attack or further destabilize several nations.

Oil rich. Always a benefit. Always a concern to those who wish to control resources globally NATO.

Be aware or beware, we’re going long and while ambling through the brambles we will meet up with a familiar face.

Who benefits?- US, Israel, NATO

Who does not benefit?- Syria, Iraq, Iran.

 Let’s read some commentary from the area


“What really happened? Why was the road so clear for all these mercenaries to march in?… How did the group reach the outskirts of the city, then its very heart, without having been at least intercepted by the armed forces? Why was air power not used to deter or to paralyse them, if not to eliminate them altogether?”

Just throwing it out there Maliki is weak, Iraq is divided. This no doubt creates a problem for acting in much needed unified manner? Thinking about the control of some of the area by Kurdish groups? Necessitating  considering that some of the more duplicitous players in Iraq, amongst the Kurds, may cleared the way for ISIS. Keep in mind some of the Kurdish groups are very chummy and heavily involved with Israel.

Update 1:  Flashback…way back to 2011Kurdish leader assassinated etc- Israel in Iraq’s Kurdistan
Of course there is more but that relink should suffice

Israel’s presence in northern Iraq is widely acknowledged in the United States intelligence community.

One must consider President Barzani as a person of interest? He has certainly been making the rounds as of late. Meeting all the right people. In all the right places. Keep President Barzani and Israeli Kurdish connections in your mind somewhere safe.

Barzani and Pope Francis


President Barzani Meets Italian Foreign Minister in Rome
President Barzani Meets French President Hollande in Paris
Kurdistan Region President Barzani Visits Europe
President Barzani Holds Meeting with Kurdish Political Parties
President Barzani Meets Gorran Movement Leader
President Barzani Meets U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Brett McGurk
President Barzani Meets PUK Leadership
Europe Day Observed in Erbil
Kurdistan Region President Meets Iraq Parliament Speaker
President Barzani Meets Special Representative of UN Secretary-General for Iraq

The UN. NATO nation leadership. The Iraqi Parliament Speaker. The high holy banker…

Continuing with commentary from the neighbourhood…………

“The Iraqi prime minister’s endeavours to cling to power at any cost are nothing new… For his top commanders to flee the clashes and to refrain from protecting civilians in Mosul suggests two things: restlessness, or a desire to shuffle the cards – which is far worse. Paving the way for ISIS to establish control over the Sunni city of Mosul arouses suspicion.

The Saudis sullying Maliki-typical. Think Wahhabi vs Shiite.

“With bloody extreme-Islamist developments sweeping Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and other countries, the Arab street, the elite in particular, and intellectuals across the world are now convinced that Arabs will have no stability while the Saudi royal family exists.”

Syria, considering what is going on, pointing at the Saudis for their usual dealings credible

“Despite the loud noise they make about the fight against terrorism, US and European governments not only meet Daesh terrorists, but they provide them with weapons and financial support… When the US and European governments fail to adopt a position on all these terrorist crimes committed in Iraq, it clearly shows that they support the terrorists and Daesh is their tool.”

Iran going big and pointing out all the NATO connectivity to terrorists-
Providing weapons- check!
Financing- check!
Meeting with terrorists- check!

“The ISIS threat and the probability of an expansionist Salafist state reaching from Syria to Iraq require Turkey to reconsider its strategic priorities. And unexpectedly, Ankara finds itself on the same side against al-Qaeda as Iraqi Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in Turkey, the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki, whom it does not like at all.”

When MB became demonized, salafists were exalted, definitely lots of busy-ness all around

 Mosul falls: US asked to intervene

US asked to intervene? Could that be any more advantageous to the US, Israel and NATO in general?
Could that be even more detrimental to Iraq and it’s continuing survival as a nation state?

Mosul – Iraq’s stability took another blow today as insurgents seized control of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. By early Tuesday morning, a group of fighters with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) had taken over the west bank of the city.

With government authority crumbling, the fall of Mosul follows on the heels of the taking of Fallujah in January by the ISIS. Many people are saying that while it has been more than three years since American troops withdrew from Iraq, ISIS’s gains are proving that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has failed to make any headway in healing the dissention caused by the sectarian civil war.

It is being said that U.S.-trained government troops have fled the city, many of them **stripping off their uniforms so as to not be identified.** Iraq’s speaker of parliament, Osama Nujaifi, said the city is now entirely under the control of the insurgents. “When the battle got tough in the city of Mosul, the troops dropped their weapons and abandoned their posts, making it an easy prey for the terrorists,” he told a televised news conference in Baghdad.

“US trained government troop”s? Troops loyal to which government? Being US trained? Who paid them? Who supplied these troops? Exactly who were these people that the US trained?
All we know is that they are US trained government troops – See Israeli/Kurdish cooperation.

“Stripping off their uniforms” 
And changing into what? camouflage clothing? Like we see below?
“So as not to be identified”
You should not assume this is to avoid being targeted by ISIS. If these were plants, they would have stripped off their uniforms, changed into clothing pictured below and would became easily identifiable to their cohorts. In ISIS. This also explains the ease with which ISIS took Mosul.

Police, military and security officials said  the insurgents, armed with anti-aircraft weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, had taken over almost all police and army checkpoints in and around the Mosul
The insurgents, armed with anti-aircraft weapons and rocket-propelled grenades, had taken over almost all police and army checkpoints in and around the Mosul

Cause if you strip off your uniform you would be left in your underwear, correct? Didn’t catch any reports of near nude men?  I think the most likely scenario is the one being alluded to. From one costume to another. The players were unmasked or in this case, undressed and  reclothed/recostumed into their starring roles. ISIS.

According to CBS, the primary goal of ISIS may have been to free more than 2,000 prisoners being held by the government in Mosul. Secondly, the taking of the city puts the insurgents one step closer to Bagdad. But Nujaifi says he thinks the insurgents have their sights set on Salahuddin, a province north of Bagdad. “They have already seized the Shergat air base in Salahuddin,” Nujaifi said. He added that the insurgents already have seized weapon depots, heavy equipment and helicopters from the army bases in Mosul.

Are you taking away the idea that the fall of Mosul was planned as part of a strategy that has been ongoing for months now? Take a strategic location. Free 2000 prisoners we have seen that on a number of occasions. Where are they heading? Moving northward towards Salahuddin where they have already seized an airbase. Thereby unifying or connecting two areas, Large city and an airbase? Are they expecting supplies via air? Prepping for a no fly zone? Clearing the way for an Israeli attack on Iran?

Update 2: Flashback, again!- Worrisome scenarios? You got’em!
 “the optimum route for Israel to attack Iran, along the Syrian -Turkish border”

Thankfully, for Israel, ISIS captured an airfield in Northern Iraq, right?

So many thoughts to entertain?

Nujaifi said he has spoken to U.S. Ambassador Lukman Faily, asking the United States to use military intervention to repel the terrorist’s based on the Joint Cooperation Agreement that exists between the two nations.

Why is Nujaifi, (who met with President Barzani) the speaker of Iraqi parliament on television deriding the troops who may have questionable loyalty anyway? Would that type of talk be a unifying act? Or a divisive act? And why is the speaker of the Parliament talking to the US Ambassador asking for intervention?

Now, let’s meet for the first time ever, a beneficiary &possible participant in the attack on Mosul
Just kidding!  Readers here met this man quite some time ago
Remember? Meet the Rebel Commander in Syria That Assad, Russia and the U.S. All Fear

Tarkhan Batirashvili- I have the strangest feeling, going by “the gut” here,  we are going to be hearing and reading more about this man in the near future. “An ethnic Chechen who learned all his war skills in the US funded Georgian Army” but we are supposed to believe he is deeply at odds with the more mainstream rebels (there are no mainstream rebels) Tarkhan Batirashvili or Umar al-Shishani

Tarkhan Batirashvili better known or rebranded/ reoutfitted/recostumed as Umar al-Shishani

Tarkhan Batirashvili rebranded as Umar al Shishani

When I expressed suspicion we would all be hearing or reading more about this man, I had know idea just what that would involve. Just knew he was getting the star treatment for some reason.

-He served in an intelligence unit of the Georgian army
He distinguished himself as master of various weaponry and maps, said Mr. Topuria, his former commander, who recruited him into a special reconnaissance group.
He views the (Syrian) war as a chance to strike a blow against one of the Kremlin’s allies-putting him firmly in league with NATO
He hails from Pankisi Gorge

Mr Umar al Shishani is through and through US/ NATO’s boy-  
Check out the grinnin’ Mr Shishani yesterday in either Mosul, Iraq  or Syria (not clear) as he inspects the conveniently captured US Humvees

 Militants Parade Captured US-Supplied Humvees in Syria

Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (Isis) insurgents are transporting US-supplied Humvees across the border into war-torn Syria after capturing Iraq’s second city of Mosul.

Militants were seen riding in the vehicles around Mosul and other areas under their control but photos have emerged on social media outlets of the military vehicles being inspected by senior Isis commander Umar al Shishani in Syria.

Shishani, who was born in Georgia and acts as commander of the northern sector of Isis in Syria, is considered one of the most influential leaders of the Syrian opposition after a series of assaults on military bases near Aleppo.

It was so good of the US to supply Shishani and ISIS with Humvees, no?

ISIS Syria Iraq
Isis commander Umar al Shishani appears thrilled with a captured US Humvee.


ISIS Iraq Syria
Love those American Humvees


Isis Syria Iraq
Why is this face hidden?


The US State Department has released a statement saying that it is “deeply concerned” by the Islamist militants’ siege of Mosul.

“deeply concerned” wondering why it is that a bunch of US Humvees were left for the ISIS crew when it should have been obvious that they were on the move

“The situation remains extremely serious. Senior U.S. officials in both Washington and Baghdad are tracking events closely in coordination with the Government of Iraq,” the statement read.

US officials in Baghdad?

“The United States stands with the Iraqi people,” it continued.

The US has never stood with the Iraqi people. The US destroyed Iraq and quite naturally the Iraqi Peoples lives

More Updates-

Islamist fighters capture Saddam Hussein’s hometown, move on key oil refinery

 “Social media accounts associated with the Islamic State also triumphantly announced the end of the Sykes-Picot Agreement, the demarcation of modern Middle East borders”

Remaking the middle east….. Greater Israel?

Of course the US stands ‘ready to help’ Iraq

Source: http://pennyforyourthoughts2.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-fall-of-mosul-and-who-benefits.html

Written in 1543 – THE JEWS AND THEIR LIES

Dr. Martin Luther

Dr. Martin Luther

In 1948 the first English translation of Martin Luther’s study and interaction with the tribe during the medieval period was published in America.

Even then, the Introduction basically contained a warning to the reader of the book’s sensationalism and negative opinions regarding the Jews.  Attached is the .pdf.







Transhumanism: From MK-Ultra to Google

transhumanismDespite Google’s dictum of “Don’t Be Evil,” the company has suspiciously aligned itself with the grand ambitions of American imperialism, with its executive chairman Eric Schmidt  attending the infamous Bilderberg conference in 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2013. Schmidt  also has a listed membership with the Trilateral Commission.

Far more disturbing, however, is Google participation in what appears to be a totalitarian ambition to create a New World Order under a superconscious computer likened to God. While it may sound like science fiction, Google execs have been advancing the cause of “technological singularity,” and the advent of superhuman intelligence, known as “transhumanism.”

These delusional ambitions have their origin in the CIA-sponsored Cybernetics Group, formed about the Macy Conferences of the 40s and 50s. They were inheritors of the mad scientists of the Frankfurt School, a group of neo-Freudians who manufactured the foundations of American popular culture. Beginning with the 60s counterculture, it fostered the rise of the “personal computer,” which grew out of the CIA”s MK-Ultra program for the proliferation of LSD.

It would be through the aid of powerful psychedelics that the transhumanists would be aided in developing a delusional wonderment with this completely implausible scenario of a conscious computer. Henry Makow provides a revealing account from his meeting with the aging MK-Ultra evangelist, Timothy Leary, in 1990. As Makow reports:

Unfortunately, Leary was fixated on the benefits of what was then called the ‘information superhighway.’ Pioneer of LSD, his pantry table was crammed with bottles of alcohol.

He told me his “vision of God” was depicted in the last scene in William Gibson’s book “Neuromancer.”

At the end of the world, all the information stored in all the computers will rise up into Cyberspace and mingle together.” he said. “That’s God.”

These aspirations are outgrowths of the Kabbalah, according to which human intellectual history is that of man evolving to become God. From its origins with Isaac Luria in the sixteenth century, the idea has now evolved so that it is proposed that humans will become gods, by achieving the ultimate divine feat, creating intelligent life, in the form of a supercomputer.

The technological singularity, or simply the singularity, is a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature. Because the capabilities of such an intelligence may be difficult for a human to comprehend, the technological singularity is often seen as an occurrence beyond which the future course of human history is unpredictable or even unfathomable.

The use of the term “transhuman” goes back to Jesuit priest, philosopher and paleontologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin., the “Catholic Darwin,” who through his postulation that man would create the Noosphere, a supreme consciousness, is often regarded as the patron saint of the internet.

Teilhard applied the scientific concept of evolution to the Christian notion of spiritual rapture, believing that technology would bring about the ultimate spiritual evolution of mankind.  According to him, this is the work of Christ. Teilhard’s beliefs also reconciled panpsychism, the idea that all matter is intelligent. He developed the Omega Point Theory, which posits that all the organisms on Earth will reach a higher evolutionary point by merging into one “planetized spirit.”

However, humans would have to merge their collective intelligence into one super-mind through computer technology, as a necessary first step in the collective evolution of the universe. Teilhard was unapologetic about the eugenic basis of his theory:

So far we have certainly allowed our race to develop at random, and we have given too little thought to the question of what medical and moral factors must replace the crude forces of natural selection should we suppress them. In the course of the coming centuries it is indispensable that a nobly human form of eugenics, on a standard worthy of our personalities, should be discovered and developed.  Eugenics applied to individuals leads to eugenics applied to society.[1]

The first use of the term “singularity” in this context was by mathematician John von Neumann, one of the leaders of the Cybernetics Group. According to Jeffrey Steinberg, in From Cybernetics to Littleton,

For John von Neumann and Norbert Wiener, the core of the Cybernetics Group project was the development of computers, and the prospect of combining high-speed computers with so-called Artificial Intelligence, to literally “program” the human race. Underlying all of these efforts was the unshakable, albeit preposterous conviction, most avidly presented by von Neumann, that there was nothing sacred about the human mind, and that the human brain was a machine, whose functioning could be replicated, and eventually surpassed, by computers.

The biologist and eugenicist Julian Huxley, who was once head of UNESCO and whose brother Aldous was one of the leading architects of MK-Ultra, popularizing the use of psychedelics, is generally regarded as the founder of “transhumanism.” Julian also wrote the introduction to Teilhard de Chardin’s The Phenomenon of Man. In 1957 he wrote:

IUp till now human life has generally been, as Hobbes described it, ‘nasty, brutish and short’; the great majority of human beings (if they have not already died young) have been afflicted with misery… we can justifiably hold the belief that these lands of possibility exist, and that the present limitations and miserable frustrations of our existence could be in large measure surmounted… The human species can, if it wishes, transcend itself —- not just sporadically, an individual here in one way, an individual there in another way, but in its entirety, as humanity.[2]

Computer scientist Marvin Minsky wrote on relationships between human and artificial intelligence beginning in the 1960s. Over the succeeding decades, this field continued to generate influential thinkers, such as Hans Moravec and Raymond Kurzweil. The coalescence of an identifiable transhumanist movement began in the last decades of the 20th century. In 1966, FM-2030 (formerly F.M. Esfandiary), a futurist who taught “new concepts of the Human” at The New School in New York, began to identify people who adopt technologies, lifestyles and world views transitional to “posthumanity” as “transhuman.”

The New School had become affiliated with the Frankfurt School when, following Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, its members left Germany for Geneva before moving to New York in 1935. There, they became affiliated with the University in Exile, which the New School had founded in 1933, with financial contributions from the Rockefeller Foundation, to be a haven for scholars dismissed from teaching positions by the Italian fascists or Nazi Germany.

These ideas were glamorized in Hollywood, such as Kubrik’s version of 2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke, the Terminator series, Blade Runner based on LSD-influenced author Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. Dick was also inspired by Teilhard de Chardin. Philip K Dick was also associated with Ira Einhorn, known as “The Unicorn,” a prominent figure in the New Age counterculture of the late sixties and seventies. through The Whole Earth Review, a by-product of Stewart Brand’s Catalogue, where they initiated discussion of Soviet psychotronics and mind control. Shortly afterwards, Einhorn’s girlfriend’s body parts were discovered in a trunk in his Philadelphia apartment, and Einhorn charged with her murder.

Other movies following the transhumanist trends have been the anime classic The Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix, the remake of Robocop, and more recently Her with Joachin Phoenix, and Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp.

Ray Kurzweil, now a director of engineering at Google, cited von Neumann’s use of the term “singularity” in a foreword to von Neumann’s classic The Computer and the Brain. Kurzweil received the 1999 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, America’s highest honor in technology, from President Clinton in a White House ceremony. And in 2002 he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, established by the U.S. Patent Office. He has received nineteen honorary doctorates, and honors from three U.S. presidents. Kurzweil has been described as a “restless genius” by The Wall Street Journal and “the ultimate thinking machine” by Forbes. PBS included Kurzweil as one of 16 “revolutionaries who made America” along with other inventors of the past two centuries. Inc. magazine ranked him #8 among the “most fascinating” entrepreneurs in the United States and called him “Edison’s rightful heir.”

Kurzweil has authored seven books, five of which have been national bestsellers. The Age of Spiritual Machines, about artificial intelligence and the future course of humanity, has been translated into 9 languages and was the #1 best-selling book on Amazon in science. Kurzweil believes evolution provides evidence that humans will one day create machines more intelligent than they are. Kurzweil predicts the machines “will appear to have their own free will” and even “spiritual experiences”.

Kurzweil’s book The Singularity Is Near was a New York Times bestseller, says this will lead to a technological singularity in the year 2045, a point where progress is so rapid it outstrips humans’ ability to comprehend it. Once the Singularity has been reached, Kurzweil predicts machine intelligence will be infinitely more powerful than all human intelligence combined. Afterwards, Kurzweil says, intelligence will radiate outward from the planet until it saturates the universe.

Kurzweil’s standing as a futurist and transhumanist has led to his involvement in several singularity-themed organizations. Kurzweil is also among the founders of the Singularity Summit, the annual conference of the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence, in 2006 at Stanford University. SIAI was founded to “help humanity prepare for the moment when machine intelligence exceeded human intelligence.”

A leading evangelist for Kurweil’s ideas is Jason Silva, is a television personality and “performance philosopher,” who quotes Teilhard de Chardin to substantiate his pronostications. Silva started out as a presenter on Al Gore’s cable channel, Current TV. In September 2012, he appeared at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, where he presented a speech entitled “We Are The Gods Now.”

Silva also promotes the ideas of David Pearce, a leading figure in the Transhumanism movement. Pearce owns a series of websites that feature biographies and information about MK-Ultra personalities like Chilean psychiatrist Claudio Naranjo and Aldous Huxley. In The Hedonistic Imperative, Pearce calls for liberation from our natural biochemistry, what he refers to as the “sick psycho-chemical ghetto bequeathed by our genetic past” and the beginning of an era of “paradise engineering.” With the help of psychedelics, he writes, we´ll be able to chemically enhance our dopaminergic systems so that “undiluted existential happiness will infuse every second of waking and dreaming existence.”[3]

The Atlantic describes Silva as “A Timothy Leary of the Viral Video Age.”[4] Silva, who is also described as “a part-time filmmaker and full-time walking, talking TEDTalk,” is completely giddy with wild possibilities about transcendence. Continuing the MK-Ultra tradition of drugs and computers, Silva says of himself that he is “fascinated by the relationship between psychedelics and technology…”[5]

[1] Aaron Franz, “The Jesuit Priest who influenced Transhumanism,” The Age of Transitions, Friday May 1, 2009

[2] Huxley, Julian (1957). Transhumanism. Retrieved 2006-02-24

[3] James Vlahos, “Will Drugs Make Us Smarter and Happier?Popular Science, July 31, 2005.

[4]  “A Timothy Leary for the Viral Video Age“. The Atlantic. Retrieved 17 August 2012.

On Kosher Statistics

israeli-Brain-PowerBy Gilad Atzmon

The Jewish ADL (Anti Defamation League) revealed this week that more than ‘one in four adults are ‘anti-Semitic.’

Of Some 53,100 adults in 102 countries and territories around the world surveyed for the ADL Global 100: An Index of Anti-Semitism, 26% were found to be ‘deeply infected’ with ‘anti-Semitic attitudes.’

Personally, I find both the ADL and its polls quite amusing.  Can you think of another people on this planet who spend so much time and energy measuring how much they are loved or hated? Do the Brits measure how despised they are in Moldovia? Do the Palestinians question people all over the world to see how much they love those indigenous people of Palestine? Well, the Jews do and it’s for a reason. Abe Foxman, ADL’s National Director, must by now have grasped the immense destructive global power of Jewish politics, so naturally he wants to measure the reaction. But rather than reflecting on the results and then turning to his own people in the hope of re-educating them, Foxman always blames the rest of humanity. And why? Because in the Judeo-centric cosmos, the Jew is always innocent and the Goy is always to blame.

ADL discovered that the least anti-Semitic country at 0.2% of the adult population ‘hating Jews.’ is ……..Laos! But what does that mean? Should the ADL start to shlep Jews to Laos? Maybe, rather than Palestine, it is Laos that is the promised land. Trouble is, once the Jews start to immigrate to Laos, anti Semitic attitudes will sharply rise. ADL is yet to resolve this Jewish dilemma yet.

Apparently, according to the ADL, the territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip had the highest ‘anti-Semitic’ attitudes at 93%. But is it really ‘anti Semitic’ to oppose those who plundered your home and murdered your family? No Abe, this is not anti-Semitism, this is resistance.

The questions of the survey were also very interesting. Respondents were asked a series of 11 questions about Jews, Jewish power, Jewish tribalism, Jews and money and Jewish behaviour. Those who responded affirmatively to six or more negative statements about Jews were considered to hold ‘anti-Semitic’ attitudes. But I beg to differ. I’d think that those who answered affirmatively were simply authentic, honest folk who were better informed about the state of the world. Now, if I am correct here, it means that about a quarter of world’s population is authentic, honest and informed – a most positive and encouraging bit of information.

But back to the results of the survey. It seems that 74% of respondents indicated that they had never met a Jew and yet, of those, 25% still harboured anti-Semitic attitudes. Also, of the overall 26% overall of people who did harbour anti-Semitic attitudes, some 70% of them had never met a Jew.  But you know, most people have never met a Nazi either and yet Nazis are also pretty unpopular these days. It’s all a matter of reputation.

All in all, it seems that AIPAC, The Jewish State, CFI, CRIF, ADL  and Bernard Henri Levy have been investing an awful lot of energy giving Jews a bad name.

Source: http://www.gilad.co.uk/writings/on-kosher-statistics.html

Excerpt: The Zionist Conspiracy – Chapter 1


Chapter 1
The New Racist Elite

David Brooks is the most popular columnist of the most influential newspaper on Earth, The New York Times. Just after the release of a book called The Chosen, by James Karabel, Brooks wrote a column about it titled, “The Chosen: Getting In.” In the first paragraph he writes these words:

A woman came up to me after one of my book talks and said, “You realize what you’re talking about is the Jews taking over America.”

My eyes bugged out, but then I realized that she was Jewish and she knew I was, too, and between us we could acknowledge there’s a lot of truth in that statement. For the Jews were the vanguard of a social movement that over the course of the 20th century transformed the American university system and the nature of the American elite.

Any non-Jewish academic or columnist who would dare to speak about a “Jewish takeover of America does so with trepidation. The media lays down the usages and nuances of our words. Yet, when the word “Jew” or “Jewish” is uttered in an unusual context by a member of “The Chosen,” perhaps the hard truth becomes more tenable. In the Roman Empire a Roman could say more truthful but disquieting things about the Romans that no subject or slave would dare say.

Brooks proudly boasts about “the Jews taking over America.” Of course, Gentiles are forbidden to even point out the fact that this tribe has pervasive organization and power in America in relentless pursuit of its agenda. To dare to suggest that within organized Jewry there are powerful elements of classic racism or ethnocentrism is the modern equivalent to medieval heresy. Such openly spoken thoughts could well send the speaker down a one-way road to media demonization.

The media’s modern equivalent to the Inquisition is ready at all times to make life miserable for the heretic and to make him recant. Even if the offender does recant, unlike the Inquisition, he will not find salvation.

Popular CNN anchorman Rick Sanchez in some off-hand comments on a radio program implied that Jews dominate CNN and major media and that they may harbor an ethnic bias. His response came after the interviewer suggested that Jews were in effect a relatively powerless minority similar to the Hispanic background of Sanchez.

Sanchez: And a lot of people who run the other networks are a lot like Stewart and to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority? Yeah.

Sanchez had pointed out that Jews dominate the media and are certainly not a suppressed minority in America. For those casual and truthful comments he was quickly fired. After recanting his mild, off-hand comments that intimated Jewish control of the media, and begging for forgiveness, Sanchez has found no redemption from the media. His career is destroyed.

Perhaps the positive lesson from this is how it reveals the pettiness and ultimate weakness of the new racist oligarchs. They know their power is based on illusion and deceit and they are so deathly afraid of people exposing their con, that they must suppress even the softest voices announcing that the Emperor has no clothes.

It is far better for the ethnic heretic to quote from the new self-chosen gods themselves such as David Brooks. The unawakened have a greater chance to awaken when they hear the Chosen’s own words boasting about their takeover of America. A psychological window opens to bring in the light of reality and give one the sharp focus needed to see the complete picture.

So much easier is the task when one only has to connect the threads of reality that shape the web of our modern world. Once the dots are clear, connecting those dots is quite simple. All that one requires is the faculty of reason wedded with a consistent and truly universal concept of human rights. However, any real concept of human rights must come without special exemption for any form of ethnic racism, no matter what the excuse or what the explanation for their violation.

Every Palestinian and every Zionist leader knows that Israel could not get away with ethnically cleansing, torturing, murdering, and suppressing the Palestinian people without flashing the “Holocaust” Get out of Human Rights Charges Free card. That is why the Holocaust is so often invoked by Zionist leaders when accused of human rights violations.

Only in a Zionist media world could one of the world’s most notorious terrorists, Menachem Begin, be given the Nobel Peace Prize.  Elie Wiesel, another Zionist Nobel Peace Prize winner and high priest of the Holocaust, subsequently defended the Israeli massacre of 1200 men, women and children in Gaza.

Only crimes against the Chosen matter, for even when they kill great numbers of children with white phosphorus dropped from planes decorated with Jewish symbols, and even when they commit mass murder they can only be victim and never the “terrorist.” According to the media which they dominate, they are always the eternal victim and never the predator.

The same hypocrisy holds true for Jewish racism and discrimination. No matter how powerful the evidence, Jews can’t be racists.

Or, can they be?

Perhaps it is asking a lot to expect people to have the mental courage to oppose racism, discrimination or oppression wherever it leads, even if racism leads to the doorstep of their own sacred cows?

So this author asks your indulgence, your dedication to free inquiry and open mindedness. These pages challenge some of the most incredible hypocrisies of our time. The ugly body of the world’s most extreme and intense racism is covered up and clothed in silk. But it is time for honest men to open their eyes and see that the emperor has no clothes.

Even more strangely, in America we find that the greatest racial/ethnic victims of racism are portrayed as the benefactors of racism and privilege, while the most extreme racist supremacists of all are portrayed as holy victims.

Offered in the pages ahead are the words of the new fake elite’s unrestrained chutzpah and hubris, for which this historian is very thankful.

They can speak the realities, and they can help lead us to enlightenment by saying things that their supposed servants can’t. In these pages are found the new rulers’ own words, and hopefully both the words seen in a new context.

Source: http://www.davidduke.com/mp3/TheZionistConspiracyChapter01.pdf

The new Jewish haven – CHINA

The Chinese and the Jews. By a Jew

Over the past couple of decades the Chinese have become more interested in the Jews. Of late the Chinese regime has been bringing Jewish scholars and theologians to the People’s Republic to discuss Torah, Talmud, Mishnah and even some of the more mystical tracts.


It’s no surprise that China-Israel trade is increasing, nor that the China-Israel relationship has grown and deepened. Israel may well be the most dynamic country in the world, bursting at the seams with high-tech startups, dazzling inventions–especially in military and medical technologies–and highly educated and talented people.

But I’m not talking about Israel here. This is about the Chinese fascination with the Jews and Judaism, the religion and the People of the Book.

I’ve got a theory. It’s based on some real history, some anecdotes from participants in those ongoing conversations, and my own views of how the Chinese think about the world. Some of it will likely turn out to be fanciful, but it’s an important subject and it behooves us to ponder it. David Goldman has done some first-class pondering already, as is his wont, and I’m hoping to add some context.

Back when the country’s greatest modern man, Deng Xiaoping, converted the PRC economy to capitalism, Chinese “social scientists” went to work trying to figure out what makes capitalists tick. They were quickly baffled. They kept running into problems; that “knack” we’ve got somehow eluded their new system. After a while, they figured out that the capitalists’ success couldn’t be entirely explained by the nuts and bolts of the marketplace, or by institutions like private property, important though they were. Yes, it would have been easier just to read Michael Novak’s magnum opus, but they got to his end place: religion is an essential part of successful capitalism.

In their amazing way of organizing most anything, the Chinese launched churches, and of course millions upon millions of them attended Christian (mostly Catholic) services. To be sure, the Party kept a suspicious eye wide open, and some of the churches were deemed too dangerous, even in the cause of Communism. But on they went, convinced they were on the right path. If anyone doubted it, they had mountains of research and even Tocqueville to justify the turn to religion.

After a couple of decades of this, there were still problems, and their social scientists took another look. This time around, they found–surprise!–lots of Jews involved in capitalist enterprises, from banks to stock exchanges to corporations. Indeed, the Jews had a history of doing it. Maybe the Jews knew something the others didn’t? Well, look at Israel…or New York…

And so they’re talking to Jews, not about capitalism but about Judaism. State radio now broadcasts in Hebrew. The Jewish experts who are brought to China find themselves speaking Hebrew with their Chinese interlocutors. Chinese students can now learn Hebrew, and immerse themselves in Jewish studies (maybe they’ll give Ayaan Hirsi Ali an honorary degree sometime soon?).

If you grew up when I did, this will all remind you of jokes that used to be told in New York City. I can’t repeat them here because political correctness forbids it, but they’re about Chinese people in New York who only speak Yiddish.

I wish them well, and I have a bit of advice for the Chinese quest for the secret of capitalist success. First, the Jews do well at lots of things because Judaism is a quest for the right questions, not a canon of correct answers. The constant questioning, and the resultant playfulness of Jewish culture, are central to our success. This is hard for the leaders of the PRC to absorb, and dangerous to their political enterprise, even though in the long run it’s the only way they’re going to get away from the folly of attempting to maintain political control over a “free” economy.

Meanwhile, I have no doubt the Chinese have noticed that the world’s oldest man is a Jew living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He drifted away from the faith for a long time, but has recently reembraced it. He’s a scientist, he thinks the soul outlives the body, and he’s still asking questions.

With such evidence, I think the Chinese are going to continue their Jewish studies. Maybe Shanghai will reestablish the thriving Jewish community for which it was known for so long…and if there start to be mass conversions to Judaism in China, it will be great fun to watch the response of the Jew-haters, won’t it?

Faster, please.



Source: Hardons Blog