911 False Flag – American Traitors & Mossad

From Ken O’Keefe –

This is the updated version (as of December 2014) of my 911 production originally broadcast on The Peoples Voice in January 2014. It has extra footage and commentary, improved graphics and is a direct response to David Cameron’s ridiculous speech at the UN General Assembly in 2014.

MUSIC BREAK: Dokken – “Empire” released 2012

Final Update: 4/16/15 WW~ well, I can’t seem to get anything right today, so let me attempt to correct my errors – again.

Okay, I’m off The Cult kick for awhile and turned to another one of my favorite bands from the 80’s and 90’s, DOKKEN.  If you’ve never heard of them I’m not surprised, the only way I heard about them in the early days was through underground radio stations in Memphis.

The original lineup of Dokken circa 1986, Don is second from the right. Original members from the left are Mick Brown-drums, Jeff Pilson-bass, Don Dokken-vocals/guitar, George Lynch-lead guitar.

Dokken is one of those bands that the Jewish oligarchy has to destroy regarding the WASPs.  Don Dokken is a Gentile first and foremost, however, I believe some of the members of his initial band were Jewish, like lead guitarist George Lynch, and they had a Jewish manager (what else is new in the music business.)  Anyway, they got a small chance in Germany, then returned to America and did pretty well, but they were overshadowed by other mega-groups like VanHalen, etc. and the other big greats of the era.  They definitely did not get their due because they were too rock melodic which produced some beautiful love songs.  They weren’t just hard driving heavy metal.

Anyway, Don wrote or co-wrote most of the songs which reflected the love between a man and a woman.  Well, we know the Jews in the music industry had to crush that notion, which is the main reason they destroyed heavy metal because it was definitely a reflection of white masculinity in every respect.  Listen to some of the songs on any of the Dokken albums and you’ll always find a beautiful, respectful love song about a woman.

For now, I want to present a song I just discovered about what’s happening in the world.  You know these older heavy metal musicians are not stupid idiots; they see what’s happening to our world and in their small way since they get no radio air play or MTV exposure they still manage to get the message out for those willing to listen.

Dokken circa 2009-2012, original members Mick Brown and Don Dokken are in the middle.

Dokken circa 2009-2012, original members Mick Brown and Don Dokken are in the middle.

This song EMPIRE (I know reminiscent of Queensryche but not related) from their 2012 album BROKEN BONES jumped out at me because I knew the meaning of the song.  Don was 59 when this album was recorded and like many greats of that era in music history he keeps rocking on.  I for one, commend him.


I Stood Alone And Watched Below
As They Burned Their Cities Down
The Fire And The Rage I See
A Prophet Never Found
A Thousand Years- Still Nothing Learned
The Prophets Speak Their Words
Now Nothin Left
But Ashes On The Ground
What Will You Rule In The End
A Burnin Empire
Do You Believe When Blood Is Lost
That It Justifies The Means?
A Child Only Sees The Gun
As The Trigger Of Disease

A Thousand Years Still Nothin Learned
The Prophets Speak Their Words
Now Nothing Left
But Ashes On The Ground
What Will You Rule In The End
A Burnin Empire

A few thoughts: whose Don speaking to?  Is it spiritual in fact?  Which empire will be in ruins in the end?  WW~

DOKKEN web site: http://dokkencentral.com/


Voting for Hillary? You May Want to Recall the Clinton Body Count

Voting for Hillary in 2016?

If you or anyone you know is thinking about doing such a thing, you may want to read a little further and learn some more about the Clintons. The Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign is now official, so America will be faced with the horrendous prospect next year of having to choose between continuing a Clinton Dynasty or a Bush Dynasty. If indeed Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush become the presidential candidates for their respective parties, and get elected for 2 terms, do you realize what that would mean? In that scenario, we would have had a Clinton or Bush in the White House from 1980 to 2024! That would be 44 straight years of a Clinton or Bush (remembering that George Bush Sr. was VP under Reagan and that Hillary worked, and still works, under Obama)! Could it be any more obvious that the US is not a Republic or democracy but rather an oligarchy of the rich and powerful? A bloodline aristocracy may be a better term, since all of the 44 US Presidents have been part of European royal bloodlines, despite having different last names.

A Brief Recap of the Clinton’s Criminal Past

Both the video embedded above and The Clinton Chronicles offer a good recap of the Clinton’s criminal history. The fact that they are still around after so many murders and scandals is tribute to their power and ruthlessness, to the fact they have very rich backers, and to the fact that the American public is under a shocking spell of amnesia. This brief list of their scandals comes from the video above:

– The Whitewater Scandal: Bill used the power of office of Governor of Arkansas to build public roads to the Clintons’ private land. They made money with real estate contracts for Whitewater property that included harsh clauses. This resulted in elderly buyers defaulting on land payments and repossessions.

– Hillary’s Magical Trade: Hillary invested $1000 and turned it into $100,000 through insider trading, entering and exiting the markets at the exact right time. According to economists at Auburn and Nth Florida University, 1995, who concluded in their study in the Journal of Economics and Statistics, the probability of Hillary’s trade being genuine and not an insider trade was 1 in 250,000,000! The broker involved was given a 3 year suspension.

– The Clintons appoint Patsy Thomison who eliminated random drug testing at the White House.

– Vincent Foster, who knows Rose Law Firm (Hillary’s old law firm) and the Clintons’ financial secrets very well, dies under highly mysterious circumstances. The day before, on 7/14/93, Bill fired FBI chief William Sessions out of the blue. Bill called a second time and commands that Sessions leave the building immediately. The next day Foster is found dead. Normally this would have fallen under FBI jurisdiction, but the local Park Service took control of the investigation, and were inadequate for the job. A suicide note was mysteriously found 4 days later, allegedly written by Foster, but experts say it is a fake. The official autopsy leaves out wound on neck. The entire scene where the body is found looks fake and set up; Foster had no fingerprints on the gun, no soil on his shoes, and his hands were neatly by his side. Patsy Thomison breaks into Foster’s safe before the body is widely known to have been found. Bill pretends on live TV at 9pm he doesn’t know about Foster’s death, despite being told earlier. Assistant Attorney General Webster Hubbell on July 20th, 1993, concludes: “Don’t believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn’t have been …”

– Jerry Parks collected a dossier of photos on Bill Clinton, as ordered by Vince Foster. Foster was ordering Parks to conduct surveillance on Bill, allegedly for Hillary, to see how vulnerable her husband would be if he ran for President. Foster gave files to Hillary. 2 days later Foster was dead. Later Parks is shot and the files allegedly taken from his home.

– Kathleen Willey’s second husband, Edward E. Willey Jr., committed suicide on November 29, 1993 — the day she claimed Clinton’s sexual misconduct against her took place.

– Mary Caitrin Mahoney, a former White House intern, is found shot.

– Johnny Franklin Lawhon, who found cashier’s check to Clinton in car worth $27,000, later died mysteriously.

– Department of Commerce worker Ron Brown dies in a plane crash, after voicing displeasure at Clinton’s White House perverting point of energy swaps. Nico Josic was the ground investigator and was shot to death. It was ruled a suicide before he could be questioned.

– FileGate: Bill Clintons misused more than 1000 FBI files with sensitive information of average American citizens to make a “Compilations of Enemies” list. Congressman Bob Barr comments:

“Clearly what the Clinton Administration is trying to do is an orchestrated systematic effort to thwart justice, to thwart the rule of law, to thwart legitimate investigations by the Congress, whether it is impeachment proceedings or regular oversight … to derail investigations (and) derail prosecutions.”

– The China Connection: Clinton (and Gore) take money from rich Chinese donors who ran prostitution rings.

– Prison Population Explosion: The total prison population increased by 673,000 people under Clinton’s tenure or by 235,000 more than it did under President Ronald Reagan, according to a study by the Justice Policy Institute.

– The Clintons ties to human rights abuses in Colombia.

The Clinton Body Count

The Clinton body count is quite a long one, full of suicides, car accidents, plane crashes or explosions, people dying of gun shot wounds and people dying from falling out of high apartment buildings. Since the overwhelming majority were officially ruled as suicide, the Clintons enjoy plausible deniability, which the elite regularly use as a legal shield behind which to hide their horrendous crimes. Here is a partial list of those who knew or were close to the Clintons:

July 1978: Susan Coleman is shot in the back of the head after allegedly becoming pregnant to Bill Clinton. Verdict: “suicide”.

August 1991: Danny Cassolaro is found dead in bathtub after investigating corruption including the Clintons. Verdict: “suicide”.

July 1992: C. Victor Raiser II (and son Montgomery) die in a plane crash/explosion, and Herschel Friday dies in a separate plane crash/explosion, both deemed “accidents”.

September 1992: Paul Tulley dies to unknown causes.

December 1992: Paula Gober, speechwriter for Clinton, dies in a car accident.

December 1992: Jim Wilhite dies in a skiing accident.

January 1993: Ed Cauley, former Clinton Arkansa campaign manger, dies.

May 1993: John Wilson, former DC city councilman with inside knowledge of Whitewater, is found hanged in his room. Verdict: “suicide”.

July 1993: Paul Wilcher, an attorney, wrote a 105 page letter to then attorney general Janet Reno, describing knowledge of the Mena, Arkansas gun-running and drug-dealing activity. He is found dead in his apartment. The coroner did not rule on the cause of death.

August 1993: Jon Walker, a senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation, looking for source of a suspicious $50 million transfer related to $40 million embezzlement scheme involving Whitewater and the Clintons, falls to his death from a high apartment building. Verdict: “suicide”.

September 1993: Dr. Stanley Heard and Attorney Steve Dickson, family doctor for the Clintons, are killed in 2 plane crashes.

March 1994: Dr. Donald Rogers, family dentist of the Clintons, is killed in plane crash, ruled an “accident”.

May 1994: Gandy Baugh, attorney, commits “suicide” by jumping out of an apartment building.

June 1994: Stanley Huggins, a partner in Memphis law firm investigating the Madison loan, is found dead of viral pneumonia.

July 1994: Calvin Walraven dies of a gun wound to head. Verdict: “suicide”.

October 1994: Florence Martin, who had the PIN to bank account of $1.46 million set up for Barry Seal, is found dead of gun shot wounds to the head.

November 1996: Barbara Wise, worker at the Department of Commerce, is found dead.

Finally, here is a quote from Aldrich who worked in the White House as a FBI agent:

“My name would be mud, my FBI career would be over, and I might even be in danger, if the stories coming from Little Rock were true – about how so many enemies of the Clintons ended up having fatal accidents.”

– Gary Aldrich, special FBI agent assigned to the White House

The Clintons and Mind Controlled Sex Slaves

The account of Cathy O’Brien in regards to the Clintons is very revealing (I wrote about this in the article Hillary Clinton 2016). O’Brien is a former mind control victim who suffered horrific SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) at the hands of her handlers, who programmed her to become a sex slave. You can read her story in her book Trance-Formation of America. She explicitly mentions being abused and repeatedly raped by many high-ranking politicians including George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.

Still Thinking About Voting for Hillary in 2016?

Hopefully not, but many will, despite the availability of information out there which shows us that the Clintons are power-hungry psychopaths ready to eliminate anything in their way. Even if you are not familiar with all of the above details in this article, just the recent Benghazi and emails scandals alone are enough to show us that Clinton was involved in gun-running to terrorists in Libya, and flagrant in her disregard of the law by hiding emails, using her personal meal and wiping them all clean when she came under scrutiny.

Wake up America. Time to say no to the Clinton Dynasty.


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Source: http://freedom-articles.toolsforfreedom.com/voting-for-hillary-clinton-body-count/

NATO led by U.S. pushing for WWIII – not Russia

Everyone Is Preparing For War Except Clueless American Sheep

ww3-usa-china-russia(Susan Duclos)  The war drums are beating louder and louder every day now with the mainstream media pushing a set, orchestrated storyline, which comes down to  four words they are drumming into the minds of Americans….. RUSSIA IS TO BLAME!

The world is preparing for a world war  as evidenced with news that civilians in Poland, such as doctors, shopkeepers, lawmakers and others are receiving military training to prepare for an “invasion”  by Russia. Accusations are flying from Washington that Russia hacked into the White House computer systems, NORAD is reportedly claiming that Russia is sending a “message” with their long-range bomber fleets.

Those are just a tiny sample of recent headlines all geared toward telling Americans that Russia is the bad guy, so they are to blame when war breaks out.

There are pockets of the media that are showing the truth and they deserve kudos for doing so, such as International Business Times, which reports that it isn’t Russia pushing this world war, but NATO, the west, led by the US, who are poking at Russia and inciting war, so when they retaliate the west can claim they were the aggressors.

Stroking fears in Russia that NATO will attack its citizens is not in anyone’s interest, Finland’s Foreign Minister Erki Tuomioja said Tuesday. He warned that beefing up NATO’s military presence at the Russian-Finnish border was not a good idea because it could prompt Russia to retaliate.

“The border between Finland and Russia is one of the most stable and calm in the world, there are no problems there. Russia thinks the same. And there are no reasons for Russia to want any problems there [in the border area]. However, NATO’s presence at this border may have such effect. I personally do not think that NATO plans to attack [Russia], but such an opinion exists in Russia, and we should take it into account. We don’t want any difficulties,” Tuomioja said.

NORAD is correct, Russia is sending a message, and it is being heard by the US military, but not the American people…. the message is clear, if Russia is pushed into all-out war, they will make sure it is felt on US soil…. yet Americans watch the headlines which are telling them to ignore the reality of a potential active war in America.

Stefan Stanford at ANP recently pointed out that Russia is “going hot” as the buildup to WW3 continues, with a massive new military drill with over 20,000 troops involved using over 7,000 ‘units’ of weapons, that will also consist of more than 4,000 military exercises across the country in 2015. (READ THAT HERE)

The LA Times recently ran an article which manages to mix some cold hard truth with very deliberate outright lies, where we see that “U.S. F-22 fighter jets scrambled about 10 times last year — twice as often as in 2013 — to monitor and photograph Russian Tu-95 “Bear” bombers and MiG-31 fighter jets that flew over the Bering Sea without communicating with U.S. air controllers or turning on radio transponders, which emit identifying signals.”

They continue to provide this disturbing trend with more figures, such as “In all, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization says its jets scrambled to monitor Russian warplanes around Europe more than 100 times last year, about three times as many as in 2013.”

Then we get to the untruths, the deliberate distortion of reality to keep Americans cluesless with one simple statement by Air Force Col. Frank Flores, who states “They’re obviously messaging us. We still don’t know their intent.”

Really? Either Flores is blind, deaf and dumb, or he thinks the American people are….. the “intent” is they are preparing for war… the message is they will bring it to us if we continue to push for it.

Those that read Alternative Media understand there is a good chance that Russia already has container missile systems that have been distributed inside the US. We also know that Russia is seeding military trained people inside of the US as reported by Breitbart Texas, who obtained leaked information “on the Iraqi man who was apprehended while illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border into Texas on February 12, 2015.”

The Border Patrol agent responsible for interviewing the subject initially expressed concerns that the Iraqi was sent by Russia, largely due to the Iraqi man’s history as a military trainer, his speaking several languages, including Russian, and his having lived in Crimea, according to one of the leaked documents. Breitbart Texas was provided with two documents by a federal agent who works under the umbrella of Customs and Border Protection (CBP). The agent insisted on remaining anonymous.


Revisiting the Fox News article linked above, we know Poland is preparing their civilian population for possible war. We also know that Russia never stopped building their underground bunkers, and over the last few years have built thousands of emergency bombshelters for their citizens. We know, as of this morning’s ANP report that NORAD is also moving equipment to “to the cold-war era Cheyenne Mountain bunker.

We have seen ample evidence to lead us to believe that the US “elite” have “doomsday lairs” and command centers set up, fully stocked and ready for a major catastrophe.

Who is missing?

The American people…. no one has prepared them for war on US soil, which brings us back to our headline “Everyone is preparing for war except the clueless American sheep.”

Turbulent Times on-air tomorrow night 4/10/15 @ 7:30 CST

turbulenttimesbannerThere have been some very significant current events in the past week that North and I will be discussing on the next show.

Then in the last hour we are presenting our report and commentary on the documentary THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD about Adolf Hitler and his presence in the first two world wars.

Mainstream history overseen by Jewish academics the world over has purposely obscured Hitler so that the world would hopefully never realize that he was the only person in living memory who had a pro-active agenda to end the threat of Jewish world domination.

It’s akin to the lies about the official version of 9/11; well, the official version of just who Adolf Hitler was and what he represented to the benefit of humanity has also been a ginormous perpetual lie of such tremendous magnitude so elaborately orchestrated by the tribe that it was believed their treacherous planning and obfuscation of their involvement would ensure that the world would never become aware of the actual truth.

Thankfully, in those days there still was honest journalism and honor among men, which is the reason mankind is extremely fortunate that ethical interpretation of the actual historical events remains available for the opportunity to learn the truth about the turbulent years of the first and second world wars.

Take the time to watch the video then tune in to the show or better yet call in to share your opinion.  We would love to hear from you.

The guest call in number is (347) 857-2203.

More to come and stay frosty,


LINK TO LIVE STREAM: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/turbulenttimes/2015/04/11/turbulent-times-41015-episode-12

4th Grader Slams COMMON CORE educational system

WW~Notes: BRAVO to this intelligent young lady for her bold decision to tell her local school board exactly what she thought about the foul education platform Common Core.

From Mad World: Sydney Smoot might look like your average 4th grade girl, but she has taken such a bold stand against Common Core that she received a standing ovation from adults at least three times her age.

The spunky student from Brooksville Elementary in Florida could barely reach the podium when she stood before the Hernando County School Board this month, but her presence could not have been clearer.

Immediately addressing school officials, little Sydney never muddled her words as she described the dangerous impact that state standardized testing is having on students.

“This testing looks at me as a number. One test defines me as either a failure or a success through a numbered rubric. One test at the end of the year that the teacher or myself will not even see the grade until after the school year is already over. I do not feel that all this FSA testing is accurate to tell how successful I am. It doesn’t take in account all of my knowledge and abilities, just a small percentage.”

Sydney asked one question that addressed the obvious flaw with exhaustively testing students at the end of a school year.

“Why am I being forced to take a test that hasn’t even been tested on students here in Florida, so how can it be valid and accurate on what I know?”

However, Sydney didn’t merely complain of the problem without providing a feasible solution. Instead, she suggested that the painstaking test be divided up into three smaller tests to determine how students are fairing throughout the year.

“Why should we have so much stress about one test when we should be learning and having fun at school?” she asked.

Perhaps the most startling moment in Sydney’s speech was her revealing of a secret contract that students must sign, preventing them from speaking with their parents about the test.

“I do not feel good about a form in the FSA that you have to sign ensuring that you can’t even discuss the test with your parents. I am not comfortable signing something like this. I have the right to talk to my parents about any and everything related to school and my education.”

Sydney told Upworthy that she owes her courage to her mother, but that it was all her idea to address the school about the issue.

What inspired me to speak all started one day when I came home. My mom asked me how the testing went, and I told her I was told not to speak about the test to anyone. I had not felt comfortable signing something in the test. I had concerns about this test because there was a lot of stress put on students and myself. I was a little nervous before the speech, but when I was called up to the podium, I did not feel nervous because I knew this speech was going to help a lot of people.”

Sydney is living proof that even though the government has failed our public education system, they cannot smother the desire to learn, as long as we continue to teach our children that they must stand up for what’s right, especially when it means standing against what’s wrong.

Source: http://madworldnews.com/common-core-question/

Vikings Revenge: Iceland Takes Back Power To Create Its Own Money

21st Century Wire says…

The Vikings revenge. Iceland is taking the money back from the clutches of the private fractional reserve lending cartel.

It’s happened before in history, and with great success, but it has also prompted a violent backlash from the elites…

Back in 1914, the Bradbury Pound was introduced by the UK government as an ‘emergency measure’ to bolster a failing economy. It was a huge success. The banking elite were unhappy, however and panicked – before managing to wrestle control of the money supply afterwards.

President John F. Kennedy also introduced a similar ‘Greenback’ in 1961, and again, the banking elite were very unhappy about being pushed out, and losing control of the issuance of money as debt. JFK did not survive past 1963.

Then there was Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya who, in 2009 announced a new gold-backed dinar, issued by Libya’s state-owned public central bank, and with further plans – negotiating with the other African nations for the creation of an all-African currency to compete with the Euro and the Dollar. Gaddafi did not survive past 2011.

Raúl Ilargi Meijer
Automatic Earth

Who knew that the revolution would start with those radical Icelanders?

One Frosti Sigurjonsson, a lawmaker from the ruling Progress Party, issued a report today that suggests taking the power to create money away from commercial banks, and hand it to the central bank and, ultimately, Parliament.

Can’t see commercial banks in the western world be too happy with this. They must be contemplating wiping the island nation off the map. If accepted in the Iceland parliament , the plan would change the game in a very radical way. It would be successful too, because there is no bigger scourge on our economies than commercial banks creating money and then securitizing and selling off the loans they just created the money (credit) with.

Everyone, with the possible exception of Paul Krugman, understands why this is a very sound idea. Agence France Presse reports:

Iceland Looks At Ending Boom And Bust With Radical Money Plan

Iceland’s government is considering a revolutionary monetary proposal – removing the power of commercial banks to create money and handing it to the central bank. The proposal, which would be a turnaround in the history of modern finance, was part of a report written by a lawmaker from the ruling centrist Progress Party, Frosti Sigurjonsson, entitled “A better monetary system for Iceland”.

“The findings will be an important contribution to the upcoming discussion, here and elsewhere, on money creation and monetary policy,” Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson said. The report, commissioned by the premier, is aimed at putting an end to a monetary system in place through a slew of financial crises, including the latest one in 2008.

According to a study by four central bankers, the country has had “over 20 instances of financial crises of different types” since 1875, with “six serious multiple financial crisis episodes occurring every 15 years on average”. Mr Sigurjonsson said the problem each time arose from ballooning credit during a strong economic cycle.

He argued the central bank was unable to contain the credit boom, allowing inflation to rise and sparking exaggerated risk-taking and speculation, the threat of bank collapse and costly state interventions. In Iceland, as in other modern market economies, the central bank controls the creation of banknotes and coins but not the creation of all money, which occurs as soon as a commercial bank offers a line of credit. The central bank can only try to influence the money supply with its monetary policy tools.

Under the so-called Sovereign Money proposal, the country’s central bank would become the only creator of money. “Crucially, the power to create money is kept separate from the power to decide how that new money is used,” Mr Sigurjonsson wrote in the proposal. “As with the state budget, the parliament will debate the government’s proposal for allocation of new money,” he wrote.

Banks would continue to manage accounts and payments, and would serve as intermediaries between savers and lenders. Mr Sigurjonsson, a businessman and economist, was one of the masterminds behind Iceland’s household debt relief programme launched in May 2014 and aimed at helping the many Icelanders whose finances were strangled by inflation-indexed mortgages signed before the 2008 financial crisis.

Learn more about public-issued currency by watch this short film produced by the UK Column, about England’s Bradbury Pound:

READ MORE ICELAND NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Iceland Files

A bit of entertainment news: THE X-FILES is Returning to Fox

WW~Notes: The x-files was the very first television series to enlighten and further awaken me to plausible facts that the American government was hiding more than we ever knew.  And of course, who can forget The Lone Gunmen spinoff that included the episode about planes hitting the World Trade Center four months before it actually happened.  So, here is the news from a few sources below.

From Buzzfeed –

x-files-logo-featuredMore than a decade after going off the air, Fox has ordered another chapter of the Emmy-winning show The X-Files. The new six-episode event series, which was announced on Tuesday, will be created and produced by Chris Carter, who also created the original series. It will also see David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their roles as FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, respectively. Production is set to begin this summer with an air date yet to be announced.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson then around 1994.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson then around 1994.

“I think of it as a 13-year commercial break,” Carter said in a statement. “The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

The highly popular X-Files ran for nine seasons on Fox, from 1993 to 2002, touching on sci-fi elements and government conspiracy theories as Scully and Mulder tried to solve unexplainable cases. The show shot over 200 episodes, had more than 19 million viewers during its peak, earned 16 Emmys over its run, and sparked a spin-off, The Lone Gunmen, which was created by Carter along with The X-Files writers Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, and Frank Spotnitz.

“We had the privilege of working with Chris on all nine seasons of The X-Files — one of the most rewarding creative experiences of our careers — and we couldn’t be more excited to explore that incredible world with him again,” Dana Walden and Gary Newman, chairmen and CEOs of Fox Television Group, said in a statement. “The X-Files was not only a seminal show for both the studio and the network, it was a worldwide phenomenon that shaped pop culture — yet remained a true gem for the legions of fans who embraced it from the beginning. Few shows on television have drawn such dedicated fans as The X-Files, and we’re ecstatic to give them the next thrilling chapter of Mulder and Scully they’ve been waiting for.”

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny at the most recent Comic Con 2014.

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny at the most recent Comic Con 2014.

I am thrilled that the show is coming back even only for six episodes.  And yeah, Duchovny is Jewish, but I don’t give one hoot because at that time Hollywood never used the Fox Mulder character to throw his Judaic weight around nor did Mulder ever scoff at the fact that Scully was a Catholic Gentile.  The characters respected and protected each other, even had a child together and I would love to know if they will include anything about their son William in these six episodes.

Yep, I’m an x-files nerd and lived for Friday nights every week for nine years.


A little treat – this was my favorite tune from the first x-files film – Fight the Future.

Christopher Bollyn 2015 “Solving 911 Ends the War”

In the name of 9/11, “wars have been waged, governments overthrown, and an untold number of lives sacrificed.” Yet 9/11 is an unsolved crime of terrorism and mass murder, with no trial and no serious investigation. This elaborately planned criminal deception was carried out “with the intention that the public would be deceived with a false explanation blaming the atrocity on Osama Bin Laden and Al Quaida….”

Christopher Bollyn states he has written “Solving 9-11: the Deception that Changed the World” because he could not remain indifferent and silent…”as the lies about 9/11 were used to wage wars of aggression and transform American into a police state.”

An investigative journalist from Illinois, Bollyn sojourned in Europe and the Middle East before studying languages, history and journalism at UC Davis and Santa Cruz. His degree in history focused on the Israeli occupation of Palestine. He has written in-depth articles about the Middle East, electronic vote fraud, the dangers of depleted uranium, and the history and geo-political background of 9/11.

In 2007, Bollyn and his family moved to Sweden when his research into 9/11 brought about his being attacked by undercover police and then charged with assaulting them. He began writing this book and has been touring in the US with the hope of raising the consciousness of the American public and exposing the true culprits.

Readers of his book have said it is “the top-notch work of the 9/11 collection and …the work of a brave genius…information we can use to reformulate our worldview….gives me hope that truth and liberty can ultimately prevail.”

More information at http://www.bollyn.com.

Tags: 911, Christopher Bollyn, Solving 911, Jewish Lightning, Sayanim, Agents, Assets

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Message from Whitewraithe

wraithe532487118_Ghost_pottermore_xlargeI should be back next week after I recover and accept this recent tragedy.

The post I put up yesterday was deleted because a long time reader thought I should not have mentioned certain situations that I am experiencing, and maybe he was right – I don’t know. 

It doesn’t really matter, to those of you who really care, I thank you, but most people couldn’t care less what others are going through personally or professionally.

What has happened in this country when people no longer care.  I guess if I were lying dead on the street most people would just walk over me.

Oh, well, and so it goes.  Have a nice week.


I’ll leave you with a video from Ninja Tracks.  If you like their music check it out on YouTube.

MUSIC BREAK: Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot 1974

Sundown is music the way it used to be.  Just listen to the lyrics and that unforgettable melody.  Gordon Lightfoot was one of my very favorite performers and I carried that tune in my head for years in the 1970s. 

My other favorite was The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald which really happened on Lake Gitche Gumee in 1976, I believe.  The storm gale that swept this huge freighter filled to the brim with iron ore under the waves was called the “witch of November.”  WW~ 

History behind the wreck of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald

The ship's bell was recovered from the wreck on July 4, 1995.  Today, the bell from the Fitzgerald on display at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.

The ship’s bell was recovered from the wreck on July 4, 1995. Today, the bell from the Fitzgerald on display at the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum.


WW~Notes: Understand that most of these high-powered bankers are Jews/Zionists.  But Mike Rivero’s history is solid and true even though I don’t think he mentions who the bankers actually are.  Everyone should download this video for posterity.  Zane you did a great job!

Jewish newspaper calls on Israel to nuke Iran and Germany

Sourced from this article
With pictures, captions and commentary by Lasha Darkmoon

democracyLD: An Israeli publication has suggested that nuclear bombs should be launched at Iran and Germany—wiping out Tehran, Isfahan, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, and Dortmund. “Twenty to thirty bombs,” Jewish writer Ben-Eliyahu raves, “will get the job done.”

Times of Israel. — Right-wing media outlet Israel National News published an opinion piece Tuesday calling on Israel to launch nuclear bombs at Iran and Germany, only days after the outlet came under fire for publishing a piece accusing a war widow of killing her husband over her pro-peace views.

In the opinion article published Tuesday, the author claims that only through nuclear annihilation of Iran and Germany, with 20 or 30 nuclear bombs each, can Israelis prevent the state’s destruction.

“If Israel does not walk in the ways of God’s Bible,” author Chen Ben-Eliyahu wrote in Hebrew, “it will receive a heavy punishment of near complete destruction and doom and only a few will be saved.”

One of Israel’s missions is to remember the crimes of Amalek, a tribe representative of pure evil in the Bible, whom Jews are commanded to obliterate. Among those descended from the band, the author writes, are Iranian leaders Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and current President Hassan Rouhani.

“They don’t miss an opportunity to discuss the need for the annihilation of Israel,” he wrote.

To combat this Israel must respond in kind, Ben-Eliyahu declared.

“To an existential threat we must respond with an existential threat,” he wrote, “not with speeches in Congress. We must make it clear to the Iranians that Israel will wipe out their nuclear program and Tehran and Isfahan as well.”

“If an enemy rises up to destroy you, rise earlier to destroy him: twenty, thirty nuclear bombs will do to assure the job gets done,” he continued.

He also called on Israel to remember its near destruction at the hands of the Nazis and exact revenge on Germany, now a staunch ally of Israel.

When the Messiah comes, Ben-Eliyahu wrote, Israel will reverse the Final Solution.

“Twenty to thirty atomic bombs on Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dresden, Dortmund and so on will assure the job gets done.” he said.  “And the land will then be quiet for a thousand years.”

Israel National News refused to comment on the website’s decision to run the op-ed.

Lasha Darkmoon comments

Don’t let them deceive you into believing that these sort of extremist sentiments do not represent the sentiments of the Israeli public at large. Bombing German cities and reducing them to rubble is, I am told, is a very common Jewish revenge fantasy. If and when the Samson Option comes to be implemented, the first European city to be obliterated by Israel will probably be Berlin, followed by Hamburg and Frankfurt. Dresden will have to go also, if only to fulfil Winston Churchill’s homicidal wet dream of destroying all that was noblest and best in Germany.

Remember, too, in case some politically correct idiot tries to persuade you that most Israelis are paragons of moderation who would throw up their hands in horror at the mere idea of reducing Germany and Iran to rubble, that public support among Israeli Jews for the 2014 military bloodbath in Gaza had been overwhelming throughout its 24-day duration, with an opinion poll showing that 95% of respondents believed the war was justified.

The more Palestinians who could be killed, like fish in a barrel, the more the Israelis loved it.

Atrocity tourists from Tel Aviv and elsewhere flocked to the Gaza district in huge numbers—with picnic lunches, binoculars and armchairs—so that they could enjoy the carnage at leisure. Take a look at this controversial cartoon pic, showing you the typical Israeli atrocity tourist reclining on a sofa and enjoying the spectacle of death.

One Israeli woman, an IDF soldier, even admitted that the thought of Palestinian children being butchered and burned alive almost gave her an orgasm. Here she is, stuffing her mouth with food:


People like this would have no problem voting for the total destruction of every single city in Germany and Iran.

If you have time, watch this 2-minute video of an Israeli settler. It shows you, again, the true face of Israel and its brutal occupation of Palestine. You have probably seen the video before, but see it again. It is six years old, but it never ceases to amaze me that such mentally deranged individuals as featured in this video are actually the norm in Israel.

You will meet them on every street corner, cursing and swearing and foaming at the mouth with psychotic rage.

Source: http://www.darkmoon.me/2015/jewish-newspaper-calls-on-israel-to-nuke-iran-and-germany/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter

Turbulent Times Christmas Day 2014 podcast posted at YouTube

Why are we still celebrating a Christian holiday and tradition known to be pagan? Also, comments on the state of the country.



A Call To The Invisible Army For The Restoration Of Liberty

americanrepublicmain1“Now is the time for every good man and woman to come to the aid of this republic”

By Lt. Col. Roy Potter – http://www.youtube.com/roypotterqa

Posted June 13, 2013

WW~Notes:  Lt. Col. Potter as you can tell is obviously guarded and somewhat naive in what he says about the government, since he doesn’t mention the tribe, but it’s clear “who” the real enemy is.  I thought his speech was moving and heartfelt and I hope he will continue to inspire those inside the invisible army to come to the people’s aid when the government finally declares all out war against its citizens.   

Source: InformationClearingHouse

UPDATED!!!! A treat for readers and visitors to Pragmatic Witness – 5 books every concerned citizen should read

Books on Generic Tablet Computer - Digital Library ConceptWW~Notes:  Thanks to my unofficial source in the intelligence community I have been provided with five .pdf files that are not in the mainstream.  I urge everyone to study these files to further understand the state of the world. 

CIA – Book Of Dirty Tricks[Team Nanban][TPB]

Dark Alliance_ The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion – Gary Webb(1)

Flow – Psychology of Optimal Experience. Csikszentmihalyi

Howard Bloom – The Lucifer Principle


Postscript from RR’s secretary in France –
Good eve Mlle. Whitewraithe;

RR gave those books to share with Your allies and readers as You wish.

The important thing is to get it to people so they can learn and be educated.

We did what we did to leave it for posterity and nothing more. We made a mistake getting involved with the Truther Movement and Alternative News that took us from our course being flooded by them with inquiries and more.

That will done differently on the new website and there will be no comments space nor contact page. We do not desire contact with them and the Domain is paid years ahead to be left and perhaps updated for the future that will have many seeking answers and what they diss now will be sought when the hand of the fates falls on them all.

When the website goes into effect 2015, we will remove ourselves and there will be NO contact point left. The door closes and disappears.

To answer Your question, I will give You something about RR to watch and consider…

You know his life changed after the Karen Silkwood case in 1979.

All the people on the Silkwood team were blacklisted from the nuclear industry, and pursued for years by Kerr-McGee whose main crime was black marketing nuclear material to nations via MI6/CIA/Mossad to spread nuclear armaments. The Silkwood case effectively closed the nuclear industry in America where Three Mile Island did not.

Two men on the Silkwood team died after the case and it was murder.

RR went on to become an activist against nukes like Rocky Flats in Colorado.

He was pursued and this led to his martial arts teachers, and his two cousins were Green Berets and SEALS in Vietnam respectively. They saw the thug attacks of Kerr McGee and gave RR warcraft like XXXXXXX did with him… finally he left the USA in flight and disappeared and this part was NOT given to Alternative News goons…

It was a five year contract. New name there. The REAL expendables. As I write they are in at least 6 hot spots the media will never see or report.

This was part of RR’s French connection past his allies and friends and one teacher he had in Paris.

Still after it, he was found and set up and his IDOC times. His enemies did not what they had created and he survived it all and was seen as asset by agencies when he left USA in 1992 after the last Bush Sr. crime at Ruby Ridge.

RR missed all the Clinton years to 1999 in the United States. He was in places all over globally. His adopted mother XXXX had long opened Japanese ties for him in one sect of the Ninja also seeing him pursued by Kerr-McGee.

In essence, there is the Military and Civilian Sector, and Intel is either the office personnel and actual field operatives.

His work in music was often a useful stratagem for other activities.

Most people think of UK MI5/MI6 of FBI/CIA and always KGB and Mossad now. But it’s far more complex that that and even US Secret Service is not considered Intel out of the 17 agencies in America.

Enjoy the video. It’s quite accurate and informative.

You’ll know more about RR than all the Alternative News characters that crossed paths in their folly and deception.

Take care and have a nice Holiday Season.

MUSIC BREAK: My pissed-off music for the day by Revolution VIVID

WW~Notes: These four instrumental tunes should get your blood boiling, so thought I would share.






P.S. the videos are showing up black with no screen picture, although they will play.  Don’t know what is up with that.

Catching up on news you may have missed in the last month –

Sweden officially recognizes Palestinian state, Israel recalls ambassador

palestinian-state-sweden-recognition_siSweden recognizes Palestinian state, Israel recalls ambassador

… from Russia Today,  Moscow

PutinRIAN_02516645.HR_.ru-_1_Putin Exposes Criminal Global Order

Russian President Vladimir Putin, before an international audience, exposed an international order capitalizing on the end of the Cold War to reshape the world according to its own interests, sidelining concepts such as basic international relations, international laws, systems of checks and balances, and even the very concept of national sovereignty itself. Amid President Putin’s speech, he would condemn the United States’ support for neo-fascists, terrorists, and its contempt for national sovereignty around the world.

The West’s Rebuttal 

Curious language accompanied the New York Times’ account of the Valdai International Club discussion in the Black Sea coastal region of Sochi, Russia in front of which President Putin spoke. In an article titled, “Putin Accuses U.S. of Backing ‘Neo-Fascists’ and ‘Islamic Radicals’,” the NYT attempts to portray President Putin’s statements about US support for neo-fascists and terrorists as merely baseless accusations.

The NYT claims, “instead of supporting democracy and sovereign states, Mr. Putin said during a three-hour appearance at the conference, the United States supports “dubious” groups ranging from “open neo-fascists to Islamic radicals.”” The NYT would also report, ““Why do they support such people,” he asked the annual gathering known as the Valdai Club, which met this year in the southern resort town of Sochi. “They do this because they decide to use them as instruments along the way in achieving their goals, but then burn their fingers and recoil.””

It is difficult to understand why the NYT attempts to portray this statement as particularly controversial, or as a “diatribe,” as the Times puts it, rather than a factual, timely, and necessary observation.

The NYT would also state, “Russia is often accused of provoking the crisis in Ukraine by annexing Crimea, and of prolonging the agony in Syria by helping to crush a popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, Moscow’s last major Arab ally. Some analysts have suggested that Mr. Putin seeks to restore the lost power and influence of the Soviet Union, or even the Russian Empire, in a bid to prolong his own rule.”

Technically speaking, Russia is regularly accused of all of this, though the NYT fails to fill in for readers how ridiculous each and every one of these accusations are.

To begin with, the Ukrainian crisis began when neo-fascists violently overthrew the elected government of Ukraine in late 2013, early 2014 with the United States’ full backing. The political order that seized power constituted overtly fascist political parties including Svoboda and the “Fatherland Party,” and was openly backed by flagrantly Neo-Nazi armed groups such as Right Sector. It was only then that eastern Ukrainians began to flee into the arms of Russia who in turn oversaw a referendum returning Crimea to Russian sovereignty.

Likewise regarding Syria, there is no question today that the conflict Damascus is fighting is not a “popular uprising against President Bashar al-Assad,” but rather a proxy war being fought against Damascus using sectarian extremists ranging from various Al Qaeda affiliates, to the newly christened “Islamic State,” all of which constitute terrorist fronts and in no way equate to a “popular uprising.”

As far as the NYT’s claims that President Putin seeks to “restore the lost power and influence of the Soviet Union, or even the Russian Empire,” readers may be left confused when considering that the Soviet Union and Russian Empire represent two diametrically opposed political orders, and still, neither aspired toward nor achieved the global hegemony Western military and economic expansion has reached.

The US is its Own Worst Enemy  

President Putin’s comments about the United States using various proxies as “instruments” toward achieving their goals, but with which they”burn their fingers and recoil” in the process could best be exemplified in the US’ arming of Al Qaeda and other militant groups in Afghanistan during the 1980’s. Al Qaeda would go on to become a global scourge the US claims it must now wage an equally global war to extinguish, of course with no apparent success.

Part of the United States’ growing problem upon the global stage, a problem where it is irredeemably losing respect and legitimacy it had once commanded, is its own mass media and its utter failure to hold accountable poor policy driven by corrupt, criminal special interests. Leaving it to Russian President Vladimir Putin to point out the sorry state of American foreign policy grants Russia the respect and legitimacy the US would have otherwise held onto were it capable of putting its own house in order. The inability of America’s media to serve public interests is in itself a symptom of America’s greater malaise.

Of course as with all nations, Russia does what is in Russia’s own best interests. Occasionally, however, these interests converge with public interests and in this case, global interests. The United States’ foreign policy has become a global menace to all, not just a menace to Russia. However, because US foreign policy is a menace to Russia as well, Russia by necessity must protest it at venues like the Valdai International Club.Because of this, President Putin’s words strike with a popular resonance.

From Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Syria, to Ukraine and now ironically back to Iraq again, the United States has left a trail of catastrophe behind all that it has done overseas. Nations so far spared such catastrophe are most likely considering what happens if they’re next. It is not the Kremlin’s ability to sway the minds of the world that has turned the tables on America causing it to slink away into irrelevancy and general disdain, but its own actions it refuses to address or reform.

When America’s Agenda Becomes the “World’s” Agenda…

President Putin would continue with comments stating, “it looks like the so-called ‘winners’ of the Cold War are determined to have it all and reshape the world into a place that could better serve their interests alone.” He would also state, “in a world dominated by one country and a group of its satellites, the process of ‘global decision-making’ often boils down to pushing through their own recipes under the guise of a universal proposal. This group has in fact become so ambitious that its solutions are now passed off as decisions made by the entire global community.”It is difficult to disagree. With the rise of the BRICS highlighting just how “global” America’s “recipes” are not, President Putin’s “diatribe” will soon become painfully obvious facts understood widely around the world and only further hinder the West as it tries to manufacturing legitimacy and authority out of thinner and thinner air. Indeed, as President Putin suggests, there is nothing truly “international” about what is often called “international consensus.” Instead, it is a collection of “satellites” around the United States, and often even states strong-armed into lending their “consensus.” When nations a billion strong refuse to sign onto the US’ agenda, or an entire continent rejects the authority of America’s so-called “international” institutions, can they truly be called “international?”

Such tactics however, resemble those of tyrannies, in fact, the very tyrannies the United States had once been thought of as the champion against. Ironic that it has become what it had once fought, from its inception to the pinnacle of its power, influence and respect. The tides will change when President Putin’s message becomes better understood and the true global consensus develops the power and resources to have its voice heard over the manufactured “consent” the US wields upon the world’s stage. While it is possible that the US might alternatively right itself before this happens, it is unlikely. As the NYT proves, those charged with holding the United States’ special interests accountable have clearly committed themselves to doing precisely the opposite. 

Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”
First appeared:

Truthers as Terrorists: Who are the terrorists today?

by Jim Fetzer

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media”–attributed to William Colby, its former Director

Canadian Jihad terrorist
A Canadian reporter has introduced a new phrase, “terrorist truthers”, as the initial stage in creating a new semantic club to use against critics of government ops and of false flag attacks.

The reporter, Brian Lilley, has used the occasion of the alleged attack on the Canadian Parliament–almost certainly itself an arranged event–to assail those who do not condemn it as “terrorism”.

While that sounds like typical politics, where right-wingers are eager to politicize such events and left-wingers more cautious and hesitant, a bit more appears to be going on here than that.

Joshua Blakeney, for example, has observed that this event appears tailor-made to be used as a justification to silence critics of Israel. And it also looks as though the phrase, once introduced, will then gradually be extended in meaning to include 9/11 Truthers and 7/7 Truthers, as David Cameron, the UK PM, recently proposed.

In a bizarre performance, Cameron recommended that those who are skeptical of the “official accounts” of 9/11 and of 7/7 should be dealt with has harshly as members of ISIS, which seems rather extreme, considering that ISIS is being bombed and strafed by US and British fighters and bombers. It conjures up the image of having these intellectuals being lined up against the wall and shot for the “thought crimes” of questioning stories the public has been fed by their own governments that are unable to withstand critical scrutiny. So, are we now required to accept fanciful theories that are provably false just because the government supports them or face a firing squad?

The Canadian government tends to regard any criticism of Israel as “terrorism” and is contemplating new laws to affect even internet discussions. When George Galloway went to Gaza and gave donations to unpaid nurses in the hospitals there, he was labelled by the government as a “member of a banned terrorist organization”. Ian Macdonald of the Foreign Service and John McMurtry, a distinguished philosopher, are speaking out about these draconian forms of censorship and violations of freedom of speech, but the situation is appalling.

The Ottawa deception

The proper definition of terrorism is of acts of violence that are intended to instill feat into a target population to make it more amenable to political manipulation. The element of fear is enhanced by the murder of innocent women and especially children, which is why the Sandy Hook hoax has been so effective. Once people are convinced an atrocity has occurred, it becomes extremely difficult to correct false initial impressions. As Mark Twain observed,”It’s easier to fool people that it is to convince them they have been fooled.”

Click here to watch, “Terrorist Truthers: Prime Time”

This is not the first time that the Ottawa Sun has been used to convey the message of rejecting the skeptics and depend upon your government. On 27 June 2014, for example, it published “Beware terrorists, not the government”, in which its author, Charles Adler, suggests that its purely “paranoia” to be concerned about the NSA’s surveillance of our phone calls, email messages and financial and medical records. “Osama Bin Laden is dead,” he writes, “but his criminally insane ideology is very much alive.” According to Adler, the problem is not the government, which is there to protect us, but leakers like Edward Snowden, who reveal what’s going on.

As Joshua Blakeney has recently observed, “Israel’s puppet regime in Ottawa wants to use Canadian dollars and the country’s military to help Israel implement the Oded Yinon plan in the Middle East. Ordinary Canadians are waking up to the fact that it is not in Canada’s national interest to be expending her blood and treasure to destroy countries like Iraq and Syria on behalf of Israel. Hence a series of emotive ‘incidents’ were enabled by pro-Zionist actors to a) evoke jingoism among a sufficient number of Canadians so as to make Canadian involvement in the further destruction of Iraq and Syria more tenable and b) enable Orwellian ‘anti-radicalization’ policies to be implemented so the most accurate analysts of Canadian foreign policy can be criminalized for ‘preaching radicalism’ and ‘proselytizing for terrorism’.”

The threat of an Ebola pandemic

There are many reasons to believe that this latest Ebola outbreak is another attempt to instill fear into the American people, possibly with the ultimate objective of using the necessity of maintaining quarantines to impose martial law upon the United States. There are many indications of fakery, including documentaries that show a young man simply lying down and being described as having Ebola, while his father walks away with a handful of cash; after a while, the young man gets up and walks away himself. Or loading an Ebola patient aboard a plane, where the official in charge, who is not wearing a Hazmat suit, sets down a cup of coffee where it could easily be contaminated if the patient were infected. Here is one study of what appears to be going on:

Without taking a definitive stand, Mike Adams of NaturalNews offers a summary of reasons why an Ebola scare could be effective and all-too-easily contrived:

There’s no way for us to really know for sure whether Ebola has been intentionally released anywhere as a weapon, but here are some important things we do know which might be valuable clues:

• Ebola would be ridiculously easy to harvest right now and deploy as a bioterrorism weapon. There’s almost no chance that a person intentionally carrying Ebola would be detected at U.S. entry points unless they were highly symptomatic.

• Ebola is the “perfect” weapon for evil-minded terrorists because it is untraceable, self-replicating and it does not damage the infrastructure of society. (It kills people but doesn’t destroy refineries and bridges, in other words…) It also causes a very large psychological change in society, driving some people into a state of fear and others into a state of preparedness.

• There are many parties that would benefit enormously from an Ebola bioterrorism event. You can probably figure out all the usual suspects yourself, but the list would likely include vaccine companies, population control zealots and anyone in government that wanted to declare medical martial law and benefit from the concentration of power into the hands of the few.

• There is also a reasonable argument circulating now that says the banksters need a scapegoat for the massive market crash (and debt implosion) they’ve been staving off for years with the Fed’s desperate cash pumping. If Ebola gets released, they can allow the crash to unravel while nullifying all financial contract claims because a viral pandemic would be deemed an “act of God.” (There is specific language in nearly all contracts that provide a no-fault out for any such “act of God.”)

• It’s crystal clear right now that the White House is dictating the national media’s downplaying of Ebola news. There might be multiple Ebola infections happening right now at hospitals across America, but news of those outbreaks might be censored in order to prevent the public from losing faith in government right before the mid-term elections. Once the elections are over, it will be interesting to see if there’s an uptick in Ebola coverage.

If you don’t think such a media blackout can occur in a nation with a supposed “free press,” check out the recent nationwide media blackout on the CDC vaccine whistleblower story, which received absolutely zero coverage in the establishment media even though it was one of the largest medical stories of the decade. Make no mistake: When the media is ordered to censor a news story, they censor it across the board and immediately distract the public with something else, usually a juicy celebrity scandal of some kind.

And I have advanced reflections on why Obama might be sending troops into West Africa, as though a virus could be killed by a bullet:

Ebola virus and martial law in the USClick here to watch, “Ebola hoax to justify imposing martial law”

A new “Ebola Warning” suggests that the virus is being deliberately introduced into the United States for the sake of promoting a political agenda, which may have to do with oil prices, the stock market or the coming elections. Killing miners to get them back to work is tried and true, but corporations need new cover stories to conceal their exploits to enhance their profits. It is being used to justify sending troops to Sierra Leone and other West African countries, where there is a strike by miners which those troops could bring to an end to promote the owner’s profits. But the aim may also be to create a justification for imposing martial law in the USA.

American treachery in the Middle East

That the world is being bamboozled is clear. American treachery has never been more blatant. As Alan Sabrosky has reported, the US has been targeting Syria’s infrastructure, nor ISIS (to weaken Assad), which has been confirmed by other reports. The US is taking out oil refineries and grain silos, where  even the EU ambassador to Iraq admits that the EU is buying oil from ISIS. ISIS is being advised by a US General Vallely (ret.); and where the US is spending $200 million every week both supporting and attacking the threat. The latest report is that Obama is considering attacking its oil pipelines:

Even the beheadings are fake, but still good enough to dupe a gullible American public. Perhaps most telling of all is that a new terrorist entity, the Khorasan group, has been invented out of thin air in order to claim that it poses an “imminent threat” to the United States in order to justify American strikes in another nation without securing the permission of the UN Security Council, because one nation may attack another under the Charter of the United Nations only if it has permission from the Security Council “unless it confronts an ‘imminent threat’”. So between David Cameron and Barack Obama, we see the depths of depravity to which the West will sink to attack Syria.

And all of this is being done to promote the agenda of the Project for the New American Century, which needed a new Pearl Harbor to reverse US foreign policy from one in which we never attacked any nation that had not attacked us first to one in which we have become the greatest aggressor nation the world has ever seen and are undertaking one war after another on behalf of Israel by dismantling every Arab nation that served as a counterbalance to its domination of the Middle East, which it aspires to control from the Tigris-Euphrates to the Nile, which is why we are still there. The Neo-Con agenda is alive and well in the Middle East today.

The Assassination of JFK

Anyone who has ever believed in the United States as the moral leader of the world must be appalled at the gross abuse of its power, where instead of treating other nations with respect, the US is adhering to the principle that “might makes right”, which is the most corrupt of all. Since the Bush/Cheney administration, there has been a precipitous decline in the quality of American leadership in the world. But many of us believe that it traces back much further to the assassination of our 35th President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, by force, an event that was carefully orchestrated by the most powerful special interests in the country and meticulously covered up.

As I explained most recently during the Santa Barbara Conference, “JFK at 50: The Assassination of America” (2013), the most appropriate framework for understanding this event requires drawn a three-level distinction between THE SPONSORS (the CIA, the Joint Chiefs, the anti-Castro Cubans, the Mafia, the Eastern bankers associated with the FED, the Texas oil men and Israel), THE MECHANICS (the shooters who took him out and their supervisors and coordinators), and THE FACILITATORS (LBJ for the assassination, J. Edgar Hoover for the cover-up), where stunning new evidence has emerged blowing apart the alteration of the Zapruder film:

We now know have confirmation from the escort officers, whom the Warren Commission never called, of the bullet hole in the windshield, of the limo stop (where one of the officers ran in between the limos to get to the north side of Elm Street) and of the conduct of the Secret Service at the time (where three agents climbed out and covered the left side of the Lincoln and two others the right, where one of them retrieved a piece of JFK’s skull and tossed it into the back seat of the limo with the body of the dead president). None of this is in the film.

It looks as though the phrase, “truther terrorist”, has been designed to join the ranks of other semantic clubs that have been wielded for political purposes, such that anyone who has been critical of the actions or policies of the government of Israel is therefore “anti-Semitic”, or anyone who challenges the “official account” of World War II and its gas chambers using Zyklon-B to exterminate 6,000,000 Jews is therefore a “Holocaust denier” or that anyone who doubts that Lee Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK is therefore a “conspiracy theorist”, regardless of consideration for logic, evidence and proof. There are terrorists among us, but they are not those who are seeking the truth.

WW~Notes:   These three informative articles should keep you busy for a while.  More to come later today so long as there are no interruptions.  Stay frosty.

ANCIENT BLACK-OPS: The Ghost Warriors

WW~Notes:  I mentioned this great documentary on ancient weapon tech in my last video.

Germanic Ghost Warrior

The Ghost Warriors, also known as Night Raiders, got their name due to their skills at night raiding. When performing a raid they would paint everything on their body and all their weapons black. This served both to hide them in the dark and to keep any metal weapons from catching any light so as not to give away their positions. The only time an opponent would realise where they where was when they got right into their face and the whites of their eyes could be seen, adding more to the idea that actual spirits were attacking them. Germanic Ghost Warriors were famous for night raids on Roman armies and camps, they got their name as “Ghosts” because their painted bodies and weapons black, so they were virtually invisible. Generally speaking they weren’t fighting in open battles but function as guerrilla fighters disrupting the enemy movements in an area. There were reportedly extremely capable with throw projectiles like Darts and Even Stones, and Roman even reported the Germanic Warriors could Throw a dart or spear as far as a bow could shot and arrow, although there is a reasonable explanation for this, small strands of leather or rope can be used like a small atlas, allowing for darts to be thrown farther. Germanic Warriors were, as a general rule excellent spear fighters. Unlike other warriors, such as the Greeks, who generally used spears in formation fighting, the warriors of Germania used spears is single combat. Rather than straight forward thrusting, the Germans used large swing circular motions, spinning them around their head, while slowly letting the spear slide further down their hand. This gives them the advantage of catching the enemy off guard by allowing the spear to strike further out than than they originally thought. In addition to their spear German warriors carried large oak shields to protect their body. While an effective companion with their spear, it works well with the Germanic short sword, which was basically a slightly larger version of the seax. This sword had a thick back allowing for a sturdier blade, bit also a very fine point, allow for stabs into armor gaps. Because of the blade short length when used the Germanic shield. Their shields were so effective that even the Romans tried to copy their shields. Germanic Warriors were trained at the youngest possible age, similar to Spartans, Samurai, and other warrior cultures. Their clubs were hardened in such away that they could not be cut in half, not at all.


  1. Battle vs. Ninja (by Swg66)
    1. Expert’s Opinion
  2. Battle vs. Hashashin (by Tomahawk23)
    1. Expert’s Opinion
Ghost Warrior
Weapons Germanic Long sword, Spear, Dart, Double Handed Axe, Framea and Fire hardened club
Origin Germania
Activities Fighting and Raiding
Service 6th-9th century
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Jews conspire to use the spread of Ebola as a pretext to open the gates of the FEMA death camps

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You yourselves perfectly well know that to produce the possibility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations it is indispensable to trouble in all countries the peoples’ relations with their governments so as to utterly exhaust humanity with dissension, hatred, struggle, envy and even by the use of torture, by starvation. BY THE INOCULATION OF DISEASES, by want, so that the goyim see no other issue than to take refuge in our complete sovereignty in money and all else —— Jewry’s high cabal’s protocols for world control


The Jews have of course set up an apartheid crime haven in the Middle East, that militantly opposes the immigration of what they call black African “infiltrators”; and the religious Jews have been segregated in their antichristian, anti-Gentile gated communities in their host nations worldwide for some time now. So they’ve understandably felt safer than most from the spread of a contagion like Ebola, and, admittedly somewhat reluctantly, been willing to accept Jewry’s high cabal’s plot to use the Ebola pandemic as a pretext to open the gates of the Jew run FEMA death camps in the US, as a precursor to a Soviet style lockdown of the nation and mass deportation of ‘selected individuals’ to the Jews’ new ‘gulag camps’.

ABC News’ Dr. Richard Besser visited the slums of Monrovia in Liberia, where thousands of low-life Africans are dying of Ebola and decent white Christian European doctors are risking their lives to save them …

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Ebola Patients & Exposed Persons to be Sent to Death Camps According to HHS Documents

When Ebola strikes America in force, it will set into motion a cascade of catastrophic events. This article has a very narrow focus in that it will subsequently focus on how Ebola will impact the healthcare system once the nation moves beyond the condition of having only a few victims and attempts at isolation will quickly turn to quarantine. This article is a combination of repeating what I was told by a key insider source and the partial collaboration of this data through the results of what I have found as a result of my own research

Mandatory Vaccinations

In the early days of an Ebola outbreak, mandatory vaccinations, similar to what was reported on in yesterday’s article, will be instituted. My sources tell me that they believe that about 90% of the nation will be vaccinated in less than a week. As I pointed out yesterday, there is legislation sweeping the country making vaccinations of all kinds mandatory to hold a job or to even avoid being quarantined as a precautionary procedure.

My sources tell me that Federal authorities believe that about 65% will voluntarily show up to various public venues, such as schools, and willingly take the vaccines. DHS estimates that about 35% of the country will resist taking the coming vaccines and that enforcement mechanisms (e.g. vaccine roadblocks will be instituted). The “vaccine police” will be present at all gatherings of people in which vaccination ID cards must be shown in order to attend an event.

I have been made privy to the fact that Federal authorities believe that they can vaccinate 90% of the population, while 10% of non-vaccinated people will remain at large until the outbreak of pandemic conditions reaches the level of declared martial law.


Healthcare Will Collapse

The spread of Ebola will devastate the healthcare system. And the healthcare system, attempting to avoid complete devastation by being overwhelmed by the Ebola pandemic, will move into survival mode and attempt to preserve its own shelf life. The healthcare’s industry self-protective move will have devastating consequences on the American people.

If one Ebola patient shows up at a hospital emergency room, that one patient potentially has the ability to get the entire hospital shut down and quarantined due to the spread of the virus. I have been told that Ebola care will quickly try and prevent Ebola victims from coming to the hospital.

Ebola care will quickly come to consist of phoning in your symptoms and that very soon after the pandemic outbreak, hospitals will be closed to random walk-in traffic. This is designed to turn away Ebola patients. If a patient has Ebola-type symptoms, the hospital will order the patient to stay home and take comfort medication in as much as it is available. And as I have learned. proxy forces under the control of HHS will show up at a residence and transport both the Ebola sufferer and their presumably infected family members to a FEMA camp type of facility.

If someone presents with no Ebola symptoms (e.g. tonsillitis), they will be instructed to come to the hospital and enter through a make shift bio-hazard zone, where they will be screened for the virus before being allowed to proceed into the hospital for treatment.

Changes In Health Care Protocols

When Ebola is out in the open and there is no denying that it has spread to every state and threatens the very existence of this country, the American people will begin to take notice of some very sobering policy shifts.

The Legal Authority to Send Ebola Patients to FEMA Camps


Before one can “legally” transport Ebola patients to “death camps” and await the inevitable, the public must be reassured that the rule of law is being followed.

When Ebola strikes, the changes in the handling of Ebola patients have already been planned for through a series of legal actions, most of them are Executive Orders. For example, the Executive Order, entitled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Executive Order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals”, and Ebola is specifically mentioned. Obama’s executive order, entitled, Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends Bush’s Executive Order 13295, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.”

Even though President Bush specifically mentioned Ebola as an illness which would permit the authorities to utilized forced quarantines, Obama takes this portion of the Executive Order to a whole new level. Obama has granted his administration the authority to detain, in any manner deemed necessary, any person who demonstrates any degree of respiratory distress. This means people with noninfectious asthma could be detained.

When the forced transport of Ebola patients begins to occur, relatively healthy people will be joining them in this death parade march. The operational details will be covered later in this article.


Ebola Pandemic Will Bring About a Change In Operational Authority

In the event of a pandemic, the Secretary of HHS will assume operational control of Federal emergency public health and medical response.

In the event of a pandemic outbreak the HHS will order the quarantining of Ebola sufferers and the transport of the same to detainment camps. The mass transport of Ebola victims to quarantine camps is referred to “ambulance services”, and it is a euphemism for transporting sick people to a death camp.


******(use caution and critical thinking while watching this video from Infowars – remember they are “gatekeeper No.1″)

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The Liberian Daily Observer, which is the largest newspaper in Liberia, just published an article on their front page with the headline, “Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?” The article basically accuses the US of manufacturing this Ebola outbreak in what they call an American Military-Medical-Industry scheme to use Africa as a testing ground for bio-weapons. The Resident discusses …

Source: http://firstlightforum.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/jews-conspire-to-use-spread-of-ebola-as-pretext-to-open-the-gates-of-the-fema-death-camps/