False flag fatigue

195343924_b1605e64db_bInsincerity, duplicity and madness have obliterated the American dream

by John Kaminski

So, the young Chechen boy is convicted on all counts without ever being allowed to say a word in his own defense. We’re not even sure it was him in that courtroom, but we are sure he did not do what they said he did; he was merely a scarecrow in the polluted garden of demonic fantasy by which the American government seeks to script the lives of everyone in the world according to its own warped compulsions. You must accept the lie you are told to tell or suffer the consequences, which in the case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, once a promising student at an ordinary Massachusetts college, is the death penalty times 17, for each of the specious offenses he is accused of committing.

Of course we knew it would turn out this way. No mention at his trial of the many people who heard over the loudspeakers at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon that a drill was being conducted; no mention of those suspicious men in khaki uniforms carrying black backpacks seeming to coordinate the scene at the finish line; no mention of the bomb being in a black backpack while Dzhokhar carried a white one; no mention that his lawyer utterly failed to defend her client, and made sure that he kept quiet as she gave his life away, as she had done with so many other famous clients who had played their traumatic parts in other sensational government false flag melodramas.

Another bogus show trial comes to an end with the real truth nowhere to be found. All that’s left is the rancid taste of politically correct bullshit that the government continues to jam down our throats, to keep us deaf, dumb and blind, on our knees, and ready for the next false flag atrocity they’re preparing for us.

But this is consistently typical of all the news we receive today from what we used to call our government, but which we now call our torturers, our betrayers, our murderous police, our corrupt child snatching judges and social workers, and our shill broadcasters who arrive at our news networks fresh from CIA and Mossad training sessions.

We can’t get a straight answer about anything anymore. We can’t get a court verdict that we can actually believe anymore. Think about the three mental defectives we arrested for the crime of 9/11, after we removed their brains with psychiatric drugs and grotesque interrogations.

Take the sad case of our latest suspicious plane crash, the one in France that at first the spin machine tried to blame on a despondent faggot co-pilot. I kind of liked the first alternative version that the plane had really been brought down by an errant missile in a U.S. war game meant to impress the Russians of how tough we were.

Judging by the spread of pieces of wreckage on the ground, that plane was demolished in midair, and finally we have received the more sensible analysis from the Anonymous hacking group of Germany that the plane was shot down by the French air force once it was determined the ill-fated Germanwings Airbus was aimed to crash into Europe’s biggest dam. <http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=13680>

Germany’s Anonymous, a network of computer hacktivists, say an analysis of flight data available from Flyradar24 shows the Germanwings Airbus was heading towards Europe’s biggest dam, north of the alleged crash site.

Anonymous suggested that the plane was shot down by French fighter jets after it headed straight for the Barrage de Serre-Ponçon, a 123 meter high earth core dam, which dams waters from the Durance and the Ubaye rivers.

Once again, it was business as usual with plane crashes and the media. We’re still trying to fathom the real story of the Malaysian passenger jet that was shot down over the Ukraine. As the Jewish-owned U.S. press prattles on about how the Russians did it, the consensus of informed opinion has fingered a Ukrainian jet for the callous termination of 300-plus lives. But we’re never really sure about the outcome, and there is never an official pronouncement that anyone can really trust.

The same can be said about the other two Malaysian air crashes. The public never gets a hard and fast answer and is left wondering what really happened, hardening the cognitive dissonance that seems to surround every public spectacle that usually turns out to be some symbolic threatening message to some nation that has offended Israel by doing something noble and honest and not playing ball with the rapacious rabbis who control all the money in the world.

This same uncertainty surrounds all these shooting tragedies that have dominated the headlines over the past few years. James Holmes will certainly never get to tell the public his side of the Aurora, Colorado story, assuming he remembers any of it. This shooting thing, however, is a technique that stretches far back into history. For purposes of relevant examples, however, you only must peer backwards into the Hippie Dippie Sixties and ponder the facts that the official JFK, RFK and MLK assassination stories absolutely did not hold up over time.

Of course, the lies about the murder of world leaders — and especially American presidents — goes back much further than that and includes many names of leaders who at the time were very famous — such as Warren Harding or James Garfield — but made statements that offended the secret powers who run the world. These mysterious powers are now and have always been Jewish powers.

This all came to mind when reading one of my favorite websites, Tomato Bubble, about how Hitler thought FDR was insane. <http://www.tomatobubble.com/id362.html> And I quote:

I will overlook as meaningless the insulting attacks and rude statements by this so-called President against me personally. That he calls me a gangster is particularly meaningless, since this term did not originate in Europe, where such characters are uncommon, but in America. And aside from that, I simply cannot feel insulted by Mr. Roosevelt because I regard him, like his predecessor Woodrow Wilson, as mentally unsound.

We know the power behind Roosevelt. It is the same eternal Jew that believes that his hour has come to impose the same fate on us that we have all seen and experienced with horror in Soviet Russia. We have gotten to know first hand the Jewish paradise on earth. Millions of German soldiers have personally seen the land where this international Jewry has destroyed and annihilated people and property.

President Roosevelt’s steadily expanding policy has been aimed at an unlimited world dictatorship. In pursuing this goal, the United States and Britain have used every means to deny the German, Italian and Japanese nations the prerequisites for their vital natural existence. For this reason, the governments of Britain and the United States have opposed every effort to create a new and better order in the world, for both the present and the future.

Did you catch that? “Mentally unsound!” Do the events in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Libya, etc. etc. back up that assessment or what?

Immediately I began to recall a recent episode where I thought it was Vladimir Putin questioning the mental fitness of Barack Obama, but a quick check of the records revealed it was not Putin, but his deputy, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who said that Obama suffered from “some sort of mental aberration” when he told U.N. members that Russia posed a global threat.

With the catastrophe Obama and his Jewish friends have planted in the Ukraine on Russia’s doorstep, the phrase global threat must have held great meaning for Medvedev.

What agitated me most was the thought of cramming Wilson, Roosevelt, and Obama into the same thought and the same diagnosis — “mentally unsound”! It was a characterization that defined the 20th century, and the decisions of these three men definitely fit the requirements of insanity. It was a grouping that defined American madness at its misanthropic worst.

Painted by mainstream history as three great patriots, Wilson, Roosevelt and Obama are the three most notorious presidents in American history. Wilson, a sexually psychopathic Princeton professor who ran as the Peace Candidate but soon gave us World War I, the Federal Reserve and the income tax, actually admitted in his pathetic later years that he had “unwittingy ruined” his country. Roosevelt, child of privilege, supervised the looting of America’s gold, lengthened America’s tortuous Depression, and created the most diabolical event ever in human history, which was World War 2.

By comparison, our Nobel Peace Prize President Obama has merely signed off on constant wars since he was elected, which is what he was hired to do.

So there are really two kinds of madness that prove Hitler was right and America is insane, or “mentally unsound”.

The first belongs to our leaders, who accept the limitations imposed on their participation. They take the bribe and push the buttons that result in our soldiers being sent home maimed or dead, and utter sincere words of sympathy in hospitals and graveyards. These leaders are only too willing to slaughter innocent women and children far away in order to have the status and the yachts and trophy wives that quiver at the mere mention of precious metals and fine vacations.

But the second kind of madness is much worse, much more intractable, because it belongs to our neighbors, many of whom are our best friends, who think nothing of ignoring the madness and the carnage in order to attend their sports events, do their gambling and conduct their extra marital affairs. It’s a real bummer when you realize we’re trying to save America for them, and that’s when you think maybe the effort’s just not worth it, that even if the neocons are banished straight to hell, there will always be loser class to take over the government and rip off everybody else.

Plane crash lies. Assassination lies. School shooting lies. Go to war lies. And, oh yes, Holocaust lies. We didn’t kill 6 million Jews; actually, the Jews murdered 12 million Germans.

Notice how you don’t hear too much these days about being proud of American history. The mainstream fairy tale has worn thin. When you take a really hard look at American history, it’s not the pretty hero story everybody made it out to be. In fact, it’s a series of ruthless mass murders, with no justification whatsoever, except pure unadulterated demented greed, with a liberal dose of psychotic sadism.

How did it happen that we have come to accept that the people who abuse us, who rob us of our freedom, who poison us, and who regularly betray us, are the very same people who control us? How is it that we don’t rise up and undo this?

The people in charge of our lives commit crimes against us on a daily basis. They steal from us, they lie to us, they act in the best interests of those who are our enemies, and then ask us to vote for them. And sadly, we do.

Worse than all of that, they stage false flag atrocities, often involving the deliberate murder of the very people they are supposed to be protecting, our fellow citizens, to the benefit, not of American citizens, but of the foreign slave owners who have captured America, and put Americans through the wringer of coercion and despondency.

Why do we put up with this? Or is it because we are just like them? Living lives of false flag fakery that are fundamentally insane?

A persistent but feverish fatigue keeps people from clearly seeing their reflection in the dirty window of their dreams. The dreary drudgery of daily duties dulls people’s alertness of the murderous scams being perpetrated in their names. Very few people possess the mental alacrity to fathom that American duplicity has precipitated most of the mayhem in the world. The hero stories in the newspapers reassure them of their innocence, as the world around them dies.

And furthermore . . .

This is the second of two interviews with Sofia Smallstorm. This time the focus is on matters of belief.


And further than that . . .

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US Flexes Military Muscle to Get Rise Out of Russia for Ukraine Invasion


The war party in Washington is making every effort to lure Moscow into a direct invasion of Ukraine: American tanks rolling across Europe, US military maneuvers in Georgia and American troops landing in Ukraine is an all-out campaign by people who want a showdown with Russia, noted Stephen Cohen.

The recent statement made by the former supreme commander of NATO retired Gen. Wesley Clark at the Atlantic Council Monday, urging Washington to provide Ukraine with lethal military aid to counter “Russian aggression,” is a part of an anti-Russia campaign launched by Washington’s “war party,” according to Stephen Cohen, a prominent American historian and professor emeritus at Princeton and NYU.

© AP Photo/ Efrem Lukatsky


US House Passes Resolution to Send Lethal Aid to Ukraine

The expert stressed that last Monday the US House of Representatives adopted a resolution authorizing President Barack Obama to send weapons to the Kiev regime.

“People who either want or don’t recognize the real danger of war with Russia have redoubled their efforts [to aggravate tensions with Moscow],” the expert noted, adding that American tanks rolling across Europe, US military maneuvers in Georgia, a American troops in Ukraine and misinformation about Russia’s preparations for military offensive in Ukraine coming out of many Western and NATO capitals, is “an all-out campaign by the people who want a showdown with Russia.”

Stephen Cohen underscored that the ultimate goal of the US “war party” is to undermine the Minsk ceasefire agreement, which it sees as a major hindrance to its war plan in Ukraine.

The professor pointed out that the Minsk deal that he qualified as “the last best chance to avert wider war,” has borne its fruit and the conflict situation in Ukraine has been gradually deescalating.

© AFP 2015/ Vasily Maximov


Eyes Wide Shut: US Ignores Important Geopolitical Realities in Ukraine

However, the war party is making every effort to sabotage the peace process, pushing the US government to send lethal weapons to the Kiev regime.

The historian noted that the main problem is that the “tiny fragile” peace party in Washington is barely formed.

“Last Monday only 48 members of the House voted against another resolution to send weapons to Kiev,” Stephen Cohen stressed, adding that the previous vote had gotten only ten members of the House. It is astonishing that there is no opposition to the war party, the professor noted.

Referring to the anti-Iraqi war campaign of early 2000s, he pointed out that there were many opponents to the war: in the American Congress, in the media, in public opinion. “Where are the opponents today?” the expert asked. It seems that the demonization of Russia’s President Putin has ultimately obscured the analytical thinking of Americans, he added.

Stephen Cohen considers the recent statement made by the former supreme commander of NATO retired Gen. Wesley Clark at the Atlantic Council about Russia’s forthcoming military offensive in Ukraine (between Orthodox Easter and before V-E Day) a blatant provocation aimed at luring Moscow into an invasion of Ukraine.

At the same time the professor noted that the crumbling Kiev regime is also longing for a war, since a full-scale military campaign might “save” the Ukrainian government from its people’s wrath.

“But one piece of wisdom that prevails in Moscow up until now is that Russia should not be permitted to allow itself to be provoked in some kind of actual invasion and large-scale military operation in Ukraine,” Stephen Cohen concluded.

Source: http://sputniknews.com/analysis/20150403/1020448019.html

Russia Rising

Lasha Darkmoon http://www.darkmoon.me/2014/russia-rising/

Russia is on the way up, America on the way down. Will Washington start a major new war in a desperate attempt to reverse its decline and deal a death blow to its increasingly confident competitor? 


An edited abridgment of Dmitri Orlov’s How to Start a War and Lose An Empirepresented with pictures, captions and comments by Lasha Darkmoon

A year and a half I wrote an essay on how the US chooses to view Russia, titled The Image of the Enemy. I was living in Russia at the time, and, after observing the American anti-Russian rhetoric and the Russian reaction to it, I made some observations that seemed important at the time. It turns out that I managed to spot an important trend, but given the quick pace of developments since then, these observations are now woefully out of date, and so here is an update.

At that time the stakes weren’t very high yet. There was much noise around a fellow named Magnitsky, a corporate lawyer-crook who got caught and died in pretrial custody. He had been holding items for some bigger Western crooks, who were, of course, never apprehended. The Americans chose to treat this as a human rights violation and responded with the so-called “Magnitsky Act” which sanctioned certain Russian individuals who were labeled as human rights violators. Russian legislators responded with the “Dima Yakovlev Bill,” named after a Russian orphan adopted by Americans who killed him by leaving him in a locked car for nine hours. This bill banned American orphan-killing fiends from adopting any more Russian orphans. It all amounted to a silly bit of melodrama.

But what a difference a year and a half has made! Ukraine, which was at that time collapsing at about the same steady pace as it had been ever since its independence two decades ago, is now truly a defunct state, with its economy in free-fall, one region gone and two more in open rebellion, much of the country terrorized by oligarch-funded death squads, and some American-anointed puppets nominally in charge but quaking in their boots about what’s coming next.

Syria and Iraq, which were then at a low simmer, have since erupted into full-blown war, with large parts of both now under the control of the Islamic Caliphate, which was formed with help from the US, was armed with US-made weapons via the Iraqis.

Post-Qaddafi Libya seems to be working on establishing an Islamic Caliphate of its own. Against this backdrop of profound foreign US foreign policy failure, the US recently saw it fit to accuse Russia of having troops “on NATO’s doorstep,” as if this had nothing to do with the fact that NATO has expanded east, all the way to Russia’s borders.

American Military Bases across the globe


Unsurprisingly, US–Russia relations have now reached a point where the Russians saw it fit to issue a stern warning: further Western attempts at blackmailing them may result in a nuclear confrontation.

The American behavior throughout this succession of defeats has been remarkably consistent, with the constant element being their flat refusal to deal with reality in any way, shape or form. Just as before, in Syria the Americans are ever looking for moderate, pro-Western Islamists, who want to do what the Americans want (topple the government of Bashar al Assad) but will stop short of going on to destroy all the infidel invaders they can get their hands on. The fact that such moderate, pro-Western Islamists do not seem to exist does not affect American strategy in the region in any way.

Similarly, in Ukraine, the fact that the heavy American investment in “freedom and democracy,” or “open society,” or what have you, has produced a government dominated by fascists and a civil war is, according to the Americans, just some Russian propaganda. Parading under the banner of Hitler’s Ukrainian SS division and anointing Nazi collaborators as national heroes is just not convincing enough for them.

What do these Nazis have to do to prove that they are Nazis, build some ovens and roast some Jews?

Just massacring people by setting fire to a building, as they did in Odessa, or shooting unarmed civilians in the back and tossing them into mass graves, as they did in Donetsk, doesn’t seem to work. The fact that many people have refused to be ruled by Nazi thugs and have successfully resisted them has caused the Americans to label them as “pro-Russian separatists.” This, in turn, was used to blame the troubles in Ukraine on Russia, and to impose sanctions on Russia. The sanctions would be reviewed if Russia were to withdraw its troops from Ukraine.

Trouble is, there are no Russian troops in Ukraine.

Note that this sort of behavior is nothing new. The Americans invaded Afghanistan because the Taleban would not relinquish Osama Bin Laden (who was a CIA operative) unless Americans produced evidence implicating him in 9/11—which did not exist. Americans invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein would not relinquish his weapons of mass destruction—which did not exist.

They invaded Libya because Muammar Qaddafi would not relinquish official positions—which he did not hold.

They were ready to invade Syria because Bashar al Assad had used chemical weapons against his own people—which he did not do. And now they imposed sanctions on Russia because Russia had destabilized and invaded Ukraine—which it did not do either. (The US did that.)

The sanctions against Russia have an additional sort of unreality to them, because they “boomerang” and hurt the West while giving the Russian government the impetus to do what it wanted to do all along. The sanctions infringed on the rights of a number of Russian businessmen and officials, who promptly yanked their money out of Western banks, pulled their children out of Western schools and universities, and did everything else they could to demonstrate that they are good patriotic Russians, not American lackeys.

The sanctions affected a number of Russian energy companies, cutting them off from Western sources of technology and financing, but this will primarily hurt the earnings of Western energy companies while helping their Chinese competitors. There were even some threats to cut Russia off from the SWIFT system, which would have made it quite difficult to transfer funds between Russia and the West, but what these threats did instead was to give Russia the impetus to introduce its own RUSSWIFT system, which will include even Iran, neutralizing future American efforts at imposing financial restrictions.

The sanctions were meant to cause economic damage, but Western efforts at inflicting short-term economic damage on Russia are failing. Coupled with a significant drop in the price of oil, all of this was supposed to hurt Russia fiscally, but since the sanctions caused the Ruble to drop in tandem, the net result on Russia’s state finances is a wash. Oil prices are lower, but then, thanks in part to the sanctions, so is the Ruble, and since oil revenues are still largely in dollars, this means that Russia’s tax receipts are at roughly the same level at before. And since Russian oil companies earn dollars abroad but spend rubles domestically, their production budgets remain unaffected.

The Russians also responded by imposing some counter-sanctions, and to take some quick steps to neutralize the effect of the sanctions on them. Russia banned the import of produce from the European Union—to the horror of farmers there. Especially hurt were those EU members who are especially anti-Russian: the Baltic states, which swiftly lost a large fraction of their GDP, along with Poland. An exception is being made for Serbia, which refused to join in the sanctions.

Here, the message is simple: friendships that have lasted many centuries matter; what the Americans want is not what the Americans get; and the EU is a mere piece of paper.

Thus, the counter-sanctions are driving wedges between the US and the EU, and, within the EU, between Eastern Europe (which the sanctions are hurting the most) and Western Europe, and, most importantly, they drive home the simple message that the US is not Europe’s friend.

There is something else going on that is going to become more significant in the long run: Russia has taken the hint and is turning away from the West and toward the East. It is parlaying its open defiance of American attempts at world domination into trade relationships throughout the world, much of which is sick and tired of paying tribute to Washington. Russia is playing a key role in putting together an international banking system that circumvents the US dollar and the US Federal Reserve. In these efforts, over half the world’s territory and population is squarely on Russia’s side and cheering loudly. Thus, the effort to isolate Russia has produced the opposite of the intended result: it is isolating the West from the rest of the world instead.

In other ways, the sanctions are actually being helpful. The import ban on foodstuffs from EU is a positive boon to domestic agriculture while driving home a politically important point: don’t take food from the hands of those who bite you.

Russia is already one of the world’s largest grain exporters, and there is no reason why it can’t become entirely self-sufficient in food.

But this is only the beginning. The Russians seem to have finally realized to what extent the playing field has been slanted against them. They have been forced to play by Washington’s rules in two key ways: by bending to Washington’s will in order to keep their credit ratings high with the three key Western credit rating agencies, in order to secure access to Western credit; and by playing by the Western rule-book when issuing credit of their own, thus keeping domestic interest rates artificially high.

The result was that US companies were able to finance their operations more cheaply, artificially making them more competitive. But now, as Russia works quickly to get out from under the US dollar, shifting trade to bilateral currency arrangements (backed by some amount of gold should trade imbalances develop) it is also looking for ways to turn the printing press to its advantage.

To date, the dictate handed down from Washington has been: “We can print money all we like, but you can’t, or we will destroy you.” But this threat is ringing increasingly hollow, and Russia will no longer be using its dollar revenues to buy up US debt.

One proposal currently on the table is to make it impossible to pay for Russian oil exports with anything other than rubles, by establishing two oil brokerages, one in St. Petersburg, the other, seven time zones away, in Vladivostok.

Foreign oil buyers would then have to earn their petro-rubles the honest way—through bilateral trade—or, if they can’t make enough stuff that the Russians want to import, they could pay for oil with gold (while supplies last). Or the Russians could simply print rubles, and, to make sure such printing does not cause domestic inflation, they could export some inflation by playing with the oil spigot and the oil export tariffs. And if the likes of George Soros decides to attack the ruble in an effort to devalue it, Russia could defend its currency simply by printing fewer rubles for a while—no need to stockpile dollar reserves.

So far, this all seems like typical economic warfare: the Americans want to get everything they want by printing money while bombing into submission or sanctioning anyone who disobeys them, while the rest of the world attempts to resist them.

But early in 2014 the situation changed.

There was a US-instigated coup in Kiev, and instead of rolling over and playing dead like they were supposed to, the Russians mounted a fast and brilliantly successful campaign to regain Crimea, then successfully checkmated the junta in Kiev, preventing it from consolidating control over the remaining former Ukrainian territory by letting volunteers, weapons, equipment and humanitarian aid enter—and hundreds of thousands of refugees exit—through the strictly notional Russian-Ukrainian border, all the while avoiding direct military confrontation with NATO.

Seeing all of this happening on the nightly news has awakened the Russian population from its political slumber, making it sit up and pay attention, and sending Putin’s approval rating through the roof.

Russians remember Russia’s unique historical mission is among the nations of the world:

It is to thwart all other nations’ attempts at world domination, be it Napoleonic France or Hitleresque Germany or Obamaniac America.



Shortly after 9/11, in September 2001, the US embarked on a five-year plan to “take out” seven countries in five years. We have this on the authority of General Wesley Clark. According to Clark, an unnamed senior general at the Pentagon told him:

We’re going to take down seven countries in five years. We’re going to start with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, then Libya, Somalia, Sudan, we’re going to come back and get Iran in five years.”

Well, it looks like the American warmongers are eight years behind schedule. Because if things had worked out, they would have “got” Iran by September 2006.

The Project for the New American Century, or PNAC, was a Washington-based think tank created in 1997. PNAC’s aim? The establishment of a global American empire which brought all other nations into subjugation, under American hegemony.

The central requirement was for the US  “to fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars.” For this they needed a pretext: “a new Pearl Harbor.” This they managed to find, by hook or by crook, in a remarkably short time: the catastrophe of 9/11 that was so convenient for Israel and such a bonanza for the American arms industry.

The entire thrust for world domination had the mark of international Jewry upon it, for it was through their control of America that the Jews sought to control the world.

Apart from a handful of Jewified non-Jews such as Cheney, Rumsfeld and Jeb Bush, the neoconservatives behind PNAC—the animating spirits, so to speak—were almost all Jews: Bernard Lewis, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Elliot Abrams, William Kristol, and the crypto-Jew Rupert Murdoch.

Right now we are at a dangerous cross-roads. If the wrong road is taken, we can expect Armageddon: a Jew-created catastrophe such as the world has never known.

In the chilling words of William Rivers Pitt:

“There will be adverse side effects…. The American economy will be ravaged by the need for increased defense spending, and by [its] constabulary duties in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Former allies will turn on us….As the eagle spreads its wings, our rhetoric and their resistance will become more agitated and dangerous. Many people, of course, will die. They will die from war and from want, from famine and disease. At home, the social fabric will be torn apart in ways that make the Reagan nightmares of crack addiction, homelessness and AIDS seem tame by comparison. This is the price to be paid for empire…”

—  William Rivers Pitt, The Project for the New American Century

Every century or so some nation forgets its history lessons and attacks Russia.

The result is always the same: lots of corpse-studded snowdrifts, and then Russian cavalry galloping into Paris, or Russian tanks rolling into Berlin.

Who knows how it will end this time around? Perhaps it will involve polite, well-armed men in green uniforms without insignia patrolling the streets of Brussels and Washington, DC.

Only time will tell.

You’d think that Obama has already overplayed his hand, and should behave accordingly. His popularity at home is roughly the inverse of Putin’s, which is to say, Obama is still more popular than Ebola, but not by much. He can’t get anything at all done, no matter how pointless or futile, and his efforts to date, at home and abroad, have been pretty much a disaster.

So what does this social worker turned national mascot decide to do? Well, the way the Russians see it, he has decided to declare war on Russia! In case you missed it, look up his speech before the UN General Assembly. It’s up on the White House web site. He placed Russia directly between Ebola and ISIS among the three topmost threats facing the world. Through Russian eyes his speech reads as a declaration of war.

It’s a new, mixed-mode sort of war. It’s not a total war to the death, although the US is being rather incautious by the old Cold War standards in avoiding a nuclear confrontation. It’s an information war—based on lies and unjust vilification; it’s a financial and economic war—using sanctions; it’s a political war—featuring violent overthrow of elected governments and support for hostile regimes on Russia’s borders; and it’s a military war—using ineffectual but nevertheless insulting moves such as stationing a handful of US troops in Estonia.

The goals of this war are clear: it is to undermine Russia economically, destroy it politically, dismember it geographically, and turn it into a pliant vassal state that furnishes natural resources to the West practically free of charge.  But it doesn’t look like any of that is going to happen because, you see, a lot of Russians actually get all that, and will choose leaders who will not win any popularity contests in the West but who will lead them to victory.

Given the realization that the US and Russia are, like it or not, in a state of war, no matter how opaque or muddled, people in Russia are trying to understand why this is and what it means.

Obviously, the US has seen Russia as the enemy since about the time of the Revolution of 1917, if not earlier.

It is known that after the end of World War II America’s military planners were thinking of launching a nuclear strike against the USSR, and the only thing that held them back was the fact that they didn’t have enough bombs, meaning that Russia would have taken over all of Europe before the effects of the nuclear strikes could have deterred them from doing so.



the_american_world.png - b

Hugo Chavez once called Obama “a hostage in the White House,” and he wasn’t too far off. So, why are his advisers so eager to go to war with Russia, right now, this year?

Is it because the US is collapsing more rapidly than most people can imagine? This line of reasoning goes like this: the American scheme of world domination through military aggression and unlimited money-printing is failing before our eyes. The public has no interest in any more “boots on the ground,” bombing campaigns do nothing to reign in militants that Americans themselves helped organize and equip, dollar hegemony is slipping away with each passing day, and the Federal Reserve is fresh out of magic bullets and faces a choice between crashing the stock market and crashing the bond market.

In order to stop, or at least forestall this downward slide into financial/economic/political oblivion, the US must move quickly to undermine every competing economy in the world through whatever means it has left at its disposal, be it a bombing campaign, a revolution or a pandemic (although this last one can be a bit hard to keep under control).

Russia is an obvious target, because it is the only country in the world that has had the gumption to actually show international leadership in confronting the US and wrestling it down; therefore, Russia must be punished first, to keep the others in line.

I don’t disagree with this line of reasoning, but I do want to add something to it.

First, the American offensive against Russia, along with most of the rest of the world, is about things Americans like to call “facts on the ground,” and these take time to create. The world wasn’t made in a day, and it can’t be destroyed in a day (unless you use nuclear weapons, but then there is no winning strategy for anyone, the US included). But the entire financial house of cards can be destroyed rather quickly, and here Russia can achieve a lot while risking little.

Financially, Russia’s position is so solid that even the three Western credit ratings agencies don’t have the gall to downgrade Russia’s rating, sanctions notwithstanding.

This is a country that is aggressively paying down its foreign debt, is running a record-high budget surplus, has a positive balance of payments, is piling up physical gold reserves, and not a month goes by that it doesn’t sign a major international trade deal (that circumvents the US dollar).

In comparison, the US is a dead man walking: unless it can continue rolling over trillions of dollars in short-term debt every month at record-low interest rates, it won’t be able to pay the interest on its debt or its bills.

Good-bye, welfare state, hello riots. Good-bye military contractors and federal law enforcement, hello mayhem and open borders. 

It must be understood that at this point the American ruling elite is almost entirely senile.

Your move America


The Art of War: NATO’s Global Offensive


No holiday this summer for NATO; it’s working overtime. In preparation for the Summit of Heads of State and Government on September 4-5 in Newport, Wales, NATO will set down the blueprint for ‘”strategic adaptation” for military initiatives directed against Russia.

As already announced by U.S. General Philip Breedlove, Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, it “will cost money, time and effort.” The work has already begun.

In Ukraine, while NATO intensifies its training of Kiev’s armed forces — financed by Washington with $33 million — they are reactivating three military airports in the southern region, used by jet fighter-bombers of the alliance. In Poland they have just carried out an exercise of American Polish and Estonian paratroopers, jumping from C-130J troop carrying aircraft that arrived from the German base at Ramstein. In Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania various NATO military operations are going on, with AWACS radar planes, F-16 fighters and warships in the Black Sea.

In Georgia, where NATO was received by a delegation from the Parliamentary Assembly to accelerate Georgia’s entry into the Alliance, U.S. instructors are retraining troops returned from Afghanistan to operate in the Caucasus. In Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Armenia they are training forces chosen because they are operating under command of NATO, in whose headquarters officers of these countries are already present. In Afghanistan, NATO is converting the war, turning it into a series of “covert operations.”

The “North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” after its extension into Eastern Europe (even into the territory of the former Soviet Union) and to Central Asia, is now focusing on other regions.

In the Middle East, NATO, without appearing officially, infiltrated forces to lead a covert military operation against Syria and is preparing for other operations, as evidenced by the shift to Izmir, Turkey, of Landcom, the command of all the land forces of the alliance.

In Africa, after waging a war to demolish Libya in 2011, NATO signed last May in Addis Ababa an agreement that increases military assistance provided to the African Union, in particular the education and training of brigades of the African Standby Force, which also provides “planning and naval air transport.” It thus has a determining voice in decisions on where and how to use them. Another tool is the “anti-piracy” operation Ocean Shield in the Indian Ocean and the strategically important Gulf of Aden.

Italian warships will participate in the operation, conducted in concert with the U.S. Africa Command. Their task is to forge relationships with the armed forces of the seacoast countries: for this purpose the guided missile destroyer Mimbelli made a stopover at Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania from July 13 to 17.

In Latin America, NATO signed a “Security Agreement” in 2013 with Colombia, which was already involved in military programs of the alliance; Colombia may soon become a partner. In this context, the U.S. Southern Command in Colombia is holding an exercise of South and North American Special Forces, with the participation of 700 commandos.

In the Pacific Rimpac 2014 is now taking place. This is the word’s largest maritime exercise, directed against China and Russia. Under U.S. command, 25,000 soldiers from 22 countries with 55 ships and 200 warplanes are participating. NATO is present through the naval forces of the U.S., Canada, Britain, France, the Netherlands and Norway, plus Italy, Germany and Denmark as observers. The “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” has been extended to the Pacific.

Translation from Italian: John Catalinotto

Source: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-art-of-war-natos-global-offensive/5393872

Hamas: No cease-fire until Israeli blockade on Gaza is lifted

Smoke and fire from the explosion of an Israeli air strike rise over Gaza City

Smoke and fire from the explosion of an Israeli air strike rise over Gaza City

At least 100 Palestinians killed overnight in Israeli bombardment that shut down territory’s only power plant

July 29, 2014: ET Updated 4:00PM ET

Hamas has denied agreeing to a 24-hour cease-fire announced Tuesday by the Palestinian Liberation Organization, with the group’s armed wing Al Qassam saying there would be no peace until Israel lifted its blockade on the occupied Gaza Strip.

A senior PLO official had said earlier Tuesday that all Palestinian factions have offered a 24-hour cease-fire in Gaza.

Yasser Abed Rabbo, a PLO executive committee member, said that all Palestinian factions had agreed on the offer and that a unified delegation had been sent to Cairo to talk about the next steps.

But Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri denied that the group agreed to the truce, with the Palestinian news agency Maan quoting him as saying that “Yasser Abed Rabbu’s statement that Hamas agreed to a cease-fire for 24 hours is not true and has nothing to do with the resistance’s stand.”

“We will consider a cease-fire when Israel commits to it with international guarantees,” Abu Zuhri added. Hamas has said its conditions for a truce include Israel’s ending its siege of Gaza and the release of long-serving political prisoners that was agreed to in a 2012 cease-fire but not carried out completely.

Though Israel pulled out its illegal settlements, checkpoints and military from inside Gaza in 2005, it remained in control of the territory’s land borders, air space, and sea — effectively strangling the coastal enclave with a devastating effect on Gaza’s economy and infrastructure.

Israel has said it will not comment until Hamas officially presents the offer. Haaretz, an Israeli news website, reported senior Israeli officials as saying no cease-fire had been agreed upon, though negotiations were taking place in Cairo.

Word of the possible cease-fire came after Israel’s military continued to pound the Gaza Strip overnight, killing at least 100 people in assaults launched from air, land and sea after midnight, according to Palestinian officials.

Five families were almost entirely wiped out in Khan Younis and Rafah, according to reports by Haaretz. For many Gaza residents, it was the heaviest night of bombing since the military offensive against the territory began three weeks ago.

Gaza’s only power plant was shut down overnight because of a large fire caused by Israeli shelling, Palestinian officials said.

Fathi al-Sheikh Khalil, deputy head of the power authority in Gaza, said that a shell struck a fuel container and ignited a fire and that another damaged a steam engine in the plant, Maan reported. Gaza residents already faced severe power shortages due to Israel’s years-long blockade of the territory, which has resulted in fuel and spare parts shortages.

Running water and sewage treatment will also be affected by the downed plant, as both services need power to function. Many homes will be without water in addition to electricity, and untreated sewage could run into the Mediterranean Sea.

Since the military offensive began on July 8, more than 1,216 Palestinians — most of them civilians — have died, and more than 6,200 others have been wounded in the Israeli offensive. Israeli fatalities have risen to 55, including two civilians. A Thai foreign worker has also been killed in the violence.

Israeli aircraft fired a rocket at the house of Ismail Haniyeh, Gaza’s senior Hamas leader, before dawn on Tuesday in the Shati refugee camp. No casualties were reported, according to Gaza’s Interior Ministry.

“My house is not dearer than any of the houses of our people,” Haniyeh was quoted as saying on a Hamas website. “The destruction of stones will not break our will, and we will continue our resistance until we gain freedom.”

An Israeli military spokeswoman had no information on the report but was checking for details. Hamas broadcast outlets Al-Aqsa TV and Al-Aqsa Radio were also targeted, and the radio station went silent. The television station continued to broadcast.

Children killed

The overnight strikes came after a day of heavy Hamas-Israeli fighting. The Hamas-run Health Ministry said 10 people, including nine children under the age of 12, were killed and 46 wounded in a blast at a park in the Shati refugee camp on the outskirts of Gaza City. Each side blamed the tragedy on the other.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military said five soldiers died in a gun battle with fighters who crossed into Israel via a tunnel near the community of Nahal Oz, close to the border with the Gaza Strip. Hamas said its forces infiltrated Israel to retaliate for the killing of children in a beach camp.

At least 53 Israeli soldiers have been killed since Israel launched its offensive on Gaza.

In a televised address on Monday night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said any solution to the crisis would require the demilitarization of the Palestinian territory, controlled by Hamas and its allies.

“We will not finish the mission, we will not finish the operation without neutralizing the tunnels, which have the sole purpose of destroying our citizens, killing our children,” he said, adding that it was a “painful day.”

“We need to be prepared for a protracted campaign. We will continue to act with force and discretion until our mission is accomplished,” Netanyahu said.

As he spoke, the Israeli military sent messages to thousands of Palestinians in Shujaiya, Zeitun, Jebaliya, Beit Lahiya and Beit Hanun, urging them to flee their homes and seek shelter in central Gaza City.

The U.N. said on Monday that more than 167,000 displaced Palestinians had taken shelter in its schools and buildings, heeding the Israeli evacuation warnings.

Many Jebaliya residents said they did not dare attempt an escape. Sufian Abed Rabbo said his extended family of 17 took refuge under the stairway in their home.

“God help us. We have nothing to do but pray,” the 27-year-old told The Associated Press by phone. “I don’t know who left and who stayed, but in our street, we are all very scared to move.”

Israeli tanks shelled border areas of Gaza, killing five people, including three children and a 70-year-old woman, and wounding 50 in Jebaliya, the Red Crescent said.

A number of rockets from Gaza were launched toward southern and central Israel, including the Tel Aviv area. At least one rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome system. No casualties or damage were reported.

Pressure builds

An opinion poll broadcast by Israel’s Channel 10 television showed overwhelming public support for continuing the Gaza offensive until Hamas is “disarmed.” However, foreign pressure has been building on Netanyahu to show restraint.

Both President Barack Obama and the U.N. Security Council have called for an immediate cease-fire to allow relief to reach Gaza’s 1.8 million Palestinians, followed by negotiations on a more durable cessation of hostilities.

Israel has said it wants guarantees that Hamas will be stripped of its tunnels and missile stocks. In his television address on Monday night, Netanyahu said any solution to the crisis would need to see Palestinian fighters stripped of their weapons.

“The process of preventing the armament of the terror organization and demilitarization of the Gaza Strip must be part of any solution. And the international community must demand this forcefully,” he said.

Hamas, for its part, has said it wants international guarantees that Israel will abide by the terms of any cease-fire agreed upon, citing Israel’s failure to follow the terms of the last truce in 2012.

Sami Abu Zuhri, Hamas’ spokesman, said, “[Netanyahu’s] threats do not frighten either Hamas or the Palestinian people, and the [Israeli] occupation will pay the price for its massacres against children and civilians.”

Israel launched its offensive on July 8 after escalating a crackdown on Hamas, which began after the group’s unity deal with Fatah during the last round of failed peace talks.

The crackdown was ramped up followed the June killing of three Israeli teenagers who were studying in illegal West Bank settlements. Israel blamed the crime on Hamas, which the group denied. The perpetrators were later found to be unaffiliated with Hamas leadership, instead acting as part of a lone cell, Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told a BBC journalist last week.

On Tuesday, Israeli-Arab Knesset member Haneen Zoabi was barred from parliamentary sessions for six months because of his comments on the murder of three Israeli teens, Haaretz reported.

Zoabi said in an interview on Radio Tel Aviv that the perpetrators of the crime were not terrorists but “people who don’t see any way to change their reality, and they are forced to use these means until Israel will wake up a little, until Israeli citizens and society will wake up and feel the suffering of the other.”

Al Jazeera and wire services

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IsraelistrikescontinueIsraeli strikes continue as Netanyahu warns of prolonged war

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UNseccouncilcallsforgazaceasefireUN Security Council calls for Gaza cease-fire

First UN meeting on ‘killer robots’ opens

362586_Killer-robotsWW~Notes: This is definitely life imitating art.  The robot pictured is from the TERMINATOR films produced by James Cameron in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Anyone who watched these films has to wonder why any government would even think of creating such a thing.  In the films the terminator never, ever stops until the mission is completed, or, the machine is destroyed.  It operates with impunity making it the most effective sci-fi assassin ever created.  

The first United Nations meeting devoted to the issue of the so-called killer robots has opened in Geneva.

The gathering, which opened on Tuesday, has been called to debate the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons and aims to define the limits and responsibilities of so-called lethal autonomous weapons systems.

Michael Moeller, head of the UN Conference on Disarmament, said, “All too often international law only responds to atrocities and suffering once it has happened.”

“You have the opportunity to take pre-emptive action and ensure that the ultimate decision to end life remains firmly under human control,” he told the meeting in Geneva.

That was echoed by the International Committee of the Red Cross, guardian of the Geneva Conventions on warfare.

“There is a sense of deep discomfort with the idea of allowing machines to make life-and-death decisions on the battlefield with little or no human involvement,” said Kathleen Lawand, head of its arms unit.

Moeller said that the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons had been used before to prohibit the use of blinding laser weapons in the 1990s before they were ever deployed on the battlefield, and this “serves as an example to be followed again.”


Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/05/14/362586/1st-un-meeting-on-killer-robots-opens/

MUSIC BREAK: Black Sabbath – War Pigs

We should really revisit some of the original rock songs by some of the biggest bands like Black Sabbath from the 1970s.  I’ve discovered that a lot of their songs were not what most thought, originally.  I was told they were Satanists and devil worshippers.  I don’t know if that was true or not, but this one song, War Pigs, in particular was a worthy endeavor.  The lyrics especially have significant meaning in our war torn world today.

War Pigs are the people who start wars such as politicians, the CIA, and Bankers. In the song Generals gathered in there masses, just like witches at Black Masses is talking about how evil the people are who start wars. This is a song about Vietnam and how it was purely for profit and was fought by the poor man.  The last verse pretty explicitly indicates that the initiators of war will one day have to answer to a higher calling.

The same could be said for the vile injustices the U.S. and its allies have done to Iraq.


Tidbit – Ozzy Osbourne is not a Jew.  He may be married to one now and have Jewish children but that still does not make him one of the chosen.

Lyrics: seems that Ozzy put in a few more lyrics in this particular concert than I’m able to locate.  My Black Sabbath album does not contain these additional lyrics.  Maybe you guys can figure out what else he’s saying in the song. 

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses

In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning

Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerer of death’s construction

Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds

Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait ’til their judgement day comes

Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs at the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees the war pig’s crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings
oh lord yeah!


Secret memo says 1,200+ pardoned criminals sent to terrorize Assad Regime to avoid beheading

The hand-chopping, throat-slitting regime of Saudi Arabia, who still engage in the medieval practice of executing people “by the sword,” pardoned over 1200 death-row inmates and sent them to Syria to join the terrorist insurgency against Assad.

The Assyrian International News Agency (AINA) cited an internal Saudi government memo which says that the regime released the dangerous criminals, pardoned them, and gave stipends to their families in exchange for their services as mercenaries in Syria.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with French President Francois Hollande, who went to the desert kingdom in early November for talks about Syria and Iran.(Photo: Saudi Press Agency/AP)

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia with French President Francois Hollande, who went to the desert kingdom in early November for talks about Syria and Iran.(Photo: Saudi Press Agency/AP)

Report: Saudis sent death-row inmates to fight Syria

Saudi Arabia has sent death-row inmates from several nations to fight against the Syrian government in exchange for commuting their sentences, the Assyrian International News Agency reports.

Citing what it calls a “top secret memo” in April from the Ministry of Interior, AINA says the Saudi offered 1,239 inmates a pardon and a monthly stipend for their families, which were were allowed to stay in the Sunni Arab kingdom. Syrian President Bashar Assad is an Alawite, a minority Shiite sect.

According to an English translation of the memo, besides Saudis, the prisoners included Afghans, Egyptians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Kuwaitis, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Somalis, Sudanese, Syrians and Yemenis. All faced “execution by sword” for murder, rape or drug smuggling.

Russia, which has backed Assad, objected to the bargain and allegedly threatened to bring the issue to the United Nations, said an unidentified former Iraqi member of Parliament who confirmed the memo’s authenticity, says AINA, an independent outlet.

“Initially Saudi Arabia denied the existence of this program. But the testimony of the released prisoners forced the Saudi government to admit, in private circles, its existence,” AINA writes. “The Saudis agreed to stop their clandestine activities and work towards finding a political solution on condition that knowledge of this program would not be made public.”

AINA also published the original Arabic memo.

The report mentions that most of the 23 Iraqi prisoners returned home, as did an unspecified number of Yemenis. But AINA does not indicate the fates of the remaining inmates or how many may have been killed, wounded or captured.

Assyrians, the builders of Mesopotamian civilizations, are a semitic people indigenous to northern Iraq. They are ethnically distinct from Arabs and Jews, and are generally Christians. Assyria dominated the Middle East in the first millennium BCE.


The Zionist Dismembering of the Arab World

by Makram Khoury-Machool

The behaviour of the NATO-aligned, anti-Syrian bloc is now blatant enough for us to better understand what is happening in Syria. On the one hand, we find political operators such the ad-hoc group ‘Friends of Syria’, and on the other, two Arab personalities, both ministers of two Gulf sheikhdoms.

The first group includes NATO-led heads of states, with a barely disguised Israeli master-plan conceived by the likes of Bernard-Henri Lévy. Rather than being the friends of Syria, these personalities are arguably working to secure their own financial interests in, around, and via Syria. The two Arab politicians are the two foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They have declared that those forces acting violently against the Syrian state should be armed and financially supported. In short, these conventions of the so-called ‘Friends of Syria’ are probably no more than a ‘modern’ version of those meetings conducted by Viceroy Lord Curzon, who, in 1903, addressed the ‘Chiefs of the Arab Coast’ on HMS Argonaut in Sharjah (UAE).

The Qataris and Saudis give financial support to the ‘rebels’ for weapons, payments to fighters and mercenaries, and logistical oversight of attacks on Syria. All of this is in addition to their support with telecommunication services, combat tactics, and strategic military advice. Unsurprisingly, the Western military advisors, who operate for the armed groups behind the scenes, do not feature in any media outlets. Neighbouring states also provide geographical assistance to the armed groups, with Jordan providing a passage for mercenaries from Libya, and Turkey acting as the northern military base for operations.

Turkey is involved because of its wish to align itself with the Saudi-Sunni, NATO-backed line and also its fear that a dismembered Syria would lead to the promotion of Kurdish autonomy. In their eyes, this could bring about the eventual union of the Kurds with Iraqi and Syrian Kurds and then lead to civil war with Turkey and the eventual separation of Kurdistan from Turkey and the creation of a Kurdish state.

For its part, Israel has for decades planned, as part of its strategy to dominate the Middle East and the Mediterranean, to weaken Syria in order to continue its occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights and to dominate water sources. Essentially, Israel wants to be the main economic and military power in the region and indeed, Israel may well emerge from the weakening ofSyria as the main winner, if only in the short-term.

Through its orchestrated media campaigns transmitted over the decades to its own public,Israel has constructed a concept of Syria as the major threat to its existence in the Arab world. Arguably, the governmental vacuum that might be created in Syria could be filled by al-Qaeda-like groups giving sufficient justification for Israel’s actions (against Syria and/or Iran) and would also promote the idea of a conflict between ‘civilized-democratic’ Israel and ‘savage’ Islamists.

Despite huge differences between Syria and Libya, Syria’s fate could be similar to that of Libya in terms of direct foreign intervention, were not Russia and China firmly opposed such actions at the UN, where there has been consistent cooperation between the two. Although the origins of Sino-Soviet relations go back to the early days of the 1917 Communist Revolution, it seems that, even two decades after the dismantlement of the Eastern Bloc, the Russian Federation and the Republic of China are, more than ever, following what Mao Tse-tung advised in his ‘Be a True Revolutionary’ address on 23 June 1950. Here, Tse-tung said that ‘in the international sphere we must firmly unite with the Soviet Union’ (see Selected Works of Mao Tsetung, vol. V. p. 39). Shared ideology, world vision, economic interests, and objectives in the field of energy have brought Russia and China ever closer together over the Syrian conflict.

World oil production is headed by Saudi Arabia, with Russia second, the USA third, Iran fourth and China fifth. In terms of oil reserves, we find that the top ten states are:1) Venezuela, 2) Saudi Arabia, 3) Canada, 4) Iran, 5) Iraq, 6) Kuwait, 7) UAE, 8) Russia, 9) Kazakhstan and 10) Libya. Russia is the largest gas producer in the world, with Europe dependent on its gas sourcing. In world gas production, if, because of their geographical distance, we exclude the USA and Canada, Iran comes second and Qatar third. In terms of gas reserves, Russia is number one, with Iran and Qatar in fourth place and Saudi Arabia in sixth. With neighbouring Saudi Arabia as one of the ten leading producers of gas in the world, it is clear why the export interests of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are particularly important and this ranking should give us a clear idea of the alliances that have formed in light of the Syrian conflict.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar (which in different circumstances could have been one state and might yet experience a geographical reshuffle) are both Arab-Muslim-Sunni and both have economic interests. Qatar’s greedy pursuit of marketing contracts for Libyan gas and oil supplies explains its agreement with NATO to attack Libya, its symbolic participation in the air strikes and its support for the rebels to establish a media capability.

Qatar’s aim is to export its gas to Europe, compete with the Russians and gain important political bargaining chips. In order for the export of Qatari gas to Europe to be feasible and competitive, a gas pipe must be laid through Syria. As Russia’s long-standing ally and with the precedents of numerous joint deals dating back to the USSR era, Syria is unlikely to allow anything to threaten the destabilization of Russia’s interests in their last strategic stronghold in the Arab world. This is the main reason why Qatar and Saudi Arabia are supporting the opposition’s struggle to topple the Syrian government.

Syria is fast becoming a Pandora’s box from which all the historical crises of the last 120 years are re-emerging. These begin with the Russo-Turkish war in 1877-8, the Russo-Japanese war in 1904, WWI and WWII and the Cold War. Normally, it takes a superpower 2-3 decades to emerge. It took the USA nearly 25 years to emerge as a superpower from 1890 to the end of WWI. After the death of Lenin in 1924, the USSR was the sick man of Europe. In 1945, after WWII and under Stalin, it emerged as a superpower. After Gorbachev, Russia ceased to be a superpower and seemingly, the Cold War ended. In just over two decades, Putin has ended the unipolar system and a new bipolar world is emerging – as if the Cold War had never ended.

Close examination of the Syrian political system reveals that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is, indeed, a reformist. However, in Syria, as in any other state, factions are intertwined in power-struggles and these and the necessary processes of socialization will take some time to work through. Whilst, as Assad said, it takes just a couple of minutes to sign a new law, it takes much longer to educate people to absorb and participate in the implementation of the new values those laws enshrine. Western ruling elites’ portrayal of these new norms as seemingly growing on trees is an act of disutility and definitely immoral.

Syria was the last secular, socially-cohesive Arab state based on a top-down secular ideology. Despite its volatile, geopolitical surroundings (Lebanon, Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Iraq), Syrian citizens lived securely under this Arab secularism. Syria encompasses a particular type of pluralism and multiculturalism, embedded with religious tolerance and a pluralist existence. This is demonstrated by the toleration of a church, a mosque, a bar and the equal coexistence of both secular and veiled women. In fact, the reform process begun in Syria is more advanced than any similar process in any other Arab state. It includes the removal of emergency laws, the implementation of party laws, election laws, a key media law, and the approval of a new constitution including the removal of the article on the sole leadership of the al-Ba’ath party. Such reforms are part of a genuine political process that will take time. However, this reform process has been totally and intentionally undermined by forces, including Western governments acting against the Syrian state. In the last decades, and particularly since 9/11, the West has continually propagated the notion that Islamist terrorists have been threatening the secular way of life. However, Sunnis, technically the religious majority in Syria, contain large segments, and are no less secular than any other Western society.

So, despite Syrians’ clear right to defend the secularity of their way of life, the aim of the West is to dismantle the Syrian state, alter the power structure, and create new demo-geographic entities such as a confederation of the Syrian and Iraqi Kurds, which at present, is Turkey’s nightmare. Specific areas might also be depopulated, which might then be used, as has been done with the Druze, to repopulate with Syrian Christians and perhaps with Christians from Lebanon. Other Christians would leave the Levant altogether. The Alawites would then have another state, linked perhaps, with Iran.

The plan is to destroy the modern Arab state of Syria that emerged after WWI and in the 1940s, and, where possible, to establish new religious states (similar to the Jewish state of Israel). In this way, Arab power and along with it, the Pan-Arab ideology of Michel Aflaq and Antun Sa’ade (both Arab Christians) and Nasser of Egypt, would disappear. This process began when, in 1978-9 under Sadat, Egypt signed its peace treaty with Israel, and was followed by the destruction of Lebanon in 1982, the second Intifada in 1987, and the economic takeover of Iraq in 2003. It was then followed in Libya with the seizing of oil and gas in 2011. Therefore, in order to keep the US-Rael (US-Israel) hegemony, the West needs to align states along sectarian lines (Sunni-Shiite) rather than on Pan-Arabism. Indeed, this process was boosted after the occupation of Iraq and the toppling of the Ba’ath party.

In practice, what is now happening in the Arab world is a ‘correction’ of the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement, when the main colonial powers, Britain and France, carved out the boundaries of the current Arab states and installed their own Arab agents. These ongoing, neo-colonial plans include provision for any two or more Arab parties to fight the Syrian regime and to keep them fighting until such time as each state is dismembered and fractured into 2-3 states, based on sectarian lines. Then colonial elites can continue to scoop up the wealth because, after all, the imperial mentality has hardly changed.

Since Western powers cannot achieve this on their own, they need agents such as Qatar in Libya and Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others in Syria. These agents, preferably self-serving, undemocratic Arab-Muslim-Sunni monarchies, will use Sunni-Islam to promote fanaticism against other Arabs, Muslims and non-Muslims (e.g., Arab Christians, Shiites and Druze). Those Arabs with access to the (economic) global elite (for example, the Royal Saudi family and the Qataris with the Americans and other European elites) are, by and large, the ruling elites in the Arab Gulf or their protégés. It is they who are driving a wedge between the various sects and magnifying and exploiting the playing of the Sunni card with non-Arab Muslim Sunni Turkey against Syria. It would hardly be a surprise either if they were in cahoots with Israel-serving Western powers. Otherwise, it would remain fairly difficult to explain why the most authoritarian regime on earth, Saudi Arabia, is acting against Syria and trying to teach it lessons in democracy, something that Saudi Arabia is not very keen to know much about.

The negative, orientalist, propaganda campaigns conducted against Syria in the past year with the financial backing of some Gulf countries have intentionally obscured elements within Syria, such as Syria’s secularism – something with which Western societies would naturally identify. So, the importance of Syria’s largely secular Ba’ath Party ideology, which guaranteed at least private liberties, has been kept hidden. This is for example in addition to the fact that Daoud Rajhah, the assassinated Syrian Minister of Defence, was a Christian, as was Dr Nabil Zughaib, the recently assassinated (along with his family) head of the Syrian missile programme.

The above examples of a deliberate elimination of facts are arguably due to Syria’s alliance with Russia, which is the ‘wrong’ camp. This close relationship between Syria and Russia has lasted for over five decades. Furthermore, Syria is the soft (Alawaite/Shiite-secular) underbelly between NATO refusnik (Shiite) Iran and Shiite HizboAllah in Lebanon. Whilst in Israel’s short-term eyes, the main opposition to its domination is Iran (as well as HizboAllah, Syria, and formerly, Hamas), Syria is now, therefore, the target. As such, Syria is now taking the punishment, so that the whole metaphoric body will eventually be dismembered.

But what is the relevance of Hamas Here? Until it democratically won the elections in 2006 (nearly two years after the assassination of Yasser Arafat), and then a year later staged a coup against the Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip, Hamas was a resistance movement supported by Iran, Damascus, and HizboAllah. If Iran is the metaphoric ‘head’ and HizboAllah and Hamas the two legs, Syria has been the ‘belly’ or the ‘heart’ and ‘lungs’ of this ‘body’ of resistance. But since Hamas has run the Gaza Strip, it has largely ceased to be a resistance movement and has become institutionalized. Here, Israel (and Sharon in particular) won a tactical victory. At hardly any cost, Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip, while keeping it under siege, attacking it at will and giving the keys to the prisoners (Hamas) to run for them the largest open-air prison on earth. And all this was done without Hamas even realizing what was going on. Perhaps someone thought that the name could be beautified and, instead of prison, it might turn into an EmiRison (Emirate and prison).

In the first half of 2012, Hamas’ leaders left Damascus, where their headquarters were, and are now keeping publicly quiet and refraining from supporting the Syrian government – a government, which has supported them for more than two decades. With the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia and Egypt, and their rise in Libya, Hamas now seems to have new and powerful patrons, and in countries where it can operate from a much more powerful position. Hamas’ leadership (both in the Diaspora and in the Gaza Strip) has been invited by the newly elected Egyptian president, to join, the Muslim Brotherhood (their mother organization) as equals. What seemed until yesterday to be a resistance movement (though some may argue that they were never revolutionary, unlike other leftist Palestinian factions, such as the PFLP, DFLP, etc.), is now woven into the embroidery of a Sunni-Muslim alliance which has started to act under the wing of NATO.

Western orientalists like to imagine what needs to happen for their interests in the Orient to be served. They begin by labeling the Arab world the ‘Middle East’, as if it were just a geographical marker placed only in relation to where they themselves are. In order to secure their planned thievery, they invent terms to obfuscate and justify their covert or overt military actions. However, their security/intelligence services always fail to predict developments in the Arab world such as the Intifada of 1987 and the Hamas coup in 2007. Still, their superficial and ignorant power-elites never cease to manufacture new names and processes, the latest of which is the naming of whatever started in Tunisia as the ‘Arab Spring’.

What is happening in some Arab states and in the Arab world is no ‘Spring’: it is a reactionary process which will bounce back, as the USA experienced in Afghanistan, where the US both created and supported the same jihadists they later fought against. So, the US-Israel has been trying to cut deals with the Islamists in power so that they may control the masses. Indeed, this is not the first time that political strategists have tried to use religion to avoid chaos and defend their economic interests. This is similar to what Machiavelli described (based on the account of the Roman historian Titus Livius (Livy) Patavinus (59 BC-17 AD), who wrote Books from the Foundation of the City) and referred to in Discourses on Livy, when he sub-headed a chapter as: ‘How the Romans made religion serve to reorder the city and carry out their enterprise to stop tumults’.

So, Western propaganda campaigns against Syria seek to convince the public (the ‘plebs’) to fear religion rather than obey their current Arab leaders. This is why, despite the censored protests in the three Arab kingdoms (KSA, Morocco and Jordan), the world has hardly (because of censorship, gate-keeping and lack of Western media attention) seen any substantial protests compared to those in other Arab republics. One of the reasons was that there was hardly anyone to promote any special well-funded media campaigns and to pay the huge sums required. (This is perhaps with the exception of Bahrain, and the possible influence of Iran). However, there is no guarantee that a counter-hegemonic campaign would still succeed in these Arab monarchies.

After defeating the rival al-Rashid clan in 1921, the al-Saud family currently rules in most of the historical Arabian Peninsula. Its regional prominence is also due to control of the holy sites of Mekka and Medina and its alliance with, and use of, Wahabism as well as its oil and mineral resources. These resources subsidize its related cultural (media) industry. Nevertheless, religious and economic factors are evidently complex, interwoven and involve a large social network. This combination may be expressed in what I call ‘The Saudi ethic, the spiritual buck’ – somewhat similar to Weber’s ‘Protestant Ethic thesis’ which stood behind the accumulation of wealth in northernEurope.

Through the accumulation of capital in theGulf statesin the 1970s (controlled by Anglo-American protection through treaties that brought large numbers of Arabs to be either economically dependent (through employment in the Gulf), or spiritually dependent through control of Arab media), the oil boom created a new social stratification in the Arab world. As a result, some Arab societies have been dependent on and accepting of the authority of the ruling Saudi family and its clans. These elites are part of the ruling economic elites who own some of the most valuable energy projects, valuable assets and properties in the West, including Harrods, football teams, property on the Champs Élysées and partnerships with Rupert Murdoch, to mention but a few.

The recent discovery that Arabs want their freedom is chiefly promoted by some Arab and Western media institutions which are themselves an extension of policy makers who have their own economic objectives, strategies and tactics. The media campaigns that are being conducted by neo-conservative capitalist, Zionists such as Bernard-Henri Lévy, who aggressively serves Israel, and who has a strong affinity to fundamentalist Judaism, aim only to separate Arabs from their wealth and resources, whilst, at the same time, deceiving them.

This is done through the dual strategy of manufacturing a separate narrative for two separate segments of the population. To the religious, corruption is associated with faithlessness, while to the entire Arab nation they sell the very appealing dream of freedom, justice, and liberty. Naturally, each individual will interpret this according to his or her own upbringing, socialization, politicization, norms and values. So, whilst all might meet in the ‘square’, the Islamists will believe Islamic scripts to be the solution, liberals will recall Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the ‘separation of powers’ of Montesquieu and the French Revolution, Marxists will think of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and class struggle and the Maoists will think of the Cultural Revolution of Mao Tse-Tung or Nasserism (after all, when a group of Egyptian army officers conducted a coup and a revolution in 1952, Mao Tse-Tung declared that ‘the struggle against corruption and waste is a major issue which concerns the whole party’ (30 November, 1951) and it therefore fits the bill of fighting corrupt Arab regimes). Meanwhile, those who dream of Castro and Che Guevara will run to the ‘barricades’ in the squares in a stand off against the state security forces.

In fact, all of these values are just non-starters in the Arab world and Zio-Liberals know this. The reality is that, because of social control and the way Arab societies have been socialized in the last century (including the impact of colonial heritage) and because of the wealth Wahabi Islam (and modern Salafis) have enjoyed from oil revenues, except for the Islamic faction, the other ideologies will make little progress but rather will simply ensure the victory of the religious movements.

True, the Arab world has been heterogeneous, though only mildly. Religion has prevailed even in states like Jordan where, for decades, Islamists controlled most school curricula. Thus, in every Arab state that has had unrest, and particularly so in Egypt, there is a fierce power struggle over the constitution. The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis won the majority of seats in the parliamentary elections, and the first democratically elected president, Muhammad Mursi (elected only by quarter of citizens), is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Major powers are working towards promulgating a constitution based on a relevant interpretation of Sharia laws. In his ‘Morphology of the State’, Aristotle suggests that there is a need to ‘consider not only which constitution is best, but also which is practicable and most easily within reach’ (p. 103). In the eyes of the religious fundamentalists, this can be the Sharia laws, whilst a solution for the Western ruling elites is in place.

As they have secured their economic interests through religious-elite controlled media institutions, they will in turn benefit from their own social, economic and political centres of power, and a new niche of businessmen will emerge from the circles/classes of the religious elites. Religious groups will also increase their economic participation alongside political participation. Since it will benefit their political jihad, some will see this as halal whether inside or outside the framework of Islamic banking. Social division will, however, remain or widen and the only difference is that the names have changed. Instead of a ‘Mubarak’, it will be someone else (but this time, someone with a beard) and these apparent ‘changes’ will simply maintain political control.

The affected populations are those defined as ‘minorities’ – mainly Arab Christians (around 30 million of them in the Arab world), secular (Sunni and Shiite) Muslims and others. In Egypt, Mohammad Zawahiri (the brother of al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri) has already declared that Egyptian Christians should pay a tax as Dhimmi’s (infidels) or else leave Egypt. And if they refuse, he has suggested they be confronted and coerced.

An example of mobilizing the population through religion in the media has been adopted by the Saudi monarch himself. During Ramadan 2012, Abdallah of Saudi Arabia and his heir launched a fundraising campaign supposedly in aid of the Syrian people – or so the slogan said. This campaign was based on Islamic moral norms and sense of community, especially those emphasized during the holy month of Ramadan. Whilst selling his people messages of community and compassion, these campaigns are used for both local and regional political purposes. A similar campaign launched by Syria for the liberation of Saudi Arabian women, and the need for them to drive, is unimaginable.

Besuited, Goebbels-like liberals who stand alongside those chiefs of sheikhdoms, have so far, attempted to deceive part of Arab public opinion and to manufacture a consensus against the Syrian government, and so diverted from themselves the heat of their own ‘streets’. Whilst they themselves adhere to the most archaic norms and beliefs regarding freedom and democracy, they instigate mass deception against Syria that is, in terms of its social norms, such as women’s freedoms, religious minorities’ rights, equal opportunities and personal liberties, etc., much closer to liberal Western countries. In much the same way as the Arab regimes would like to rally domestic public opinion in support of Palestinians, Gulf regimes are using the false argument that they are against the oppression of Syrians by their own government to rally their ‘streets’ against Syria. And this despite the fact that they themselves are light years behindSyriain terms of freedom and democracy.

Western governments are no friends of liberal democracy in the Third World. They inevitably deal with those governments with the worst records of human rights and then only when it is of financial benefit to them. Just as in July 2008, when Nicolas Sarkozy and current archenemy of Syria, the Emir of Qatar, formed, with the Syrian leadership, the ‘Union of the Mediterranean’, some European governments think they also might benefit financially from the crisis in the Arab world. This is particularly so when they have the support of rich Gulf States and believe they can somehow reduce the economic crises they are facing.

In some parts of Syria personal security has diminished since March 2011 and central government has not been always notable for its moral conduct. However, as part of a strategic political campaign, the media are intentionally lying about the situation in Syria. They instill fear in the Syrian public and affect exaggerated concern for casualties and loss of life. Thus, they construct a narrative, which facilitates and justifies increased assistance to the armed groups, separatists, terrorists, and mercenaries. The same media also portray the Syrian government as solely responsible for the violence, when in fact, those who recruit, pay and supply weapons to easily malleable, unemployed and cash-hungry individuals are themselves really responsible.

There are two main culprits for the increase in casualties: lying and the silencing of any opposing voice. With their Arab allies, NATO switched off the signal for the satellite connection of the Syrian al-Dunia satellite channel. Other acts of satellite ‘terror’ arguably included the CIA’s hijacking of al-Dunia’s Twitter account, so as to disseminate disinformation about the Syrian army’s false retreat. The same Arab satellite that Syria helped found after the loss of the second part ofPalestinein 1967, is now being used against it by those formerArab Gulf sheikhdoms.

This satellite is now being used in the conflict in Syria – but against Syria – and includes disinformation chiefly by Gulf-owned channels that promote fear and panic about economic instability in Syria. The media are being used and manipulated as a cover for the incitement of terrorist action by the Syrian opposition and also to garner economic aid, and this same media then present the sanitized, ‘heroic’ achievements of the ‘rebels’ and, when necessary, depict any losses they encounter as ‘massacres’.

By and large, Western and mainstream Arab media are left with nearly only one option: to swallow disinformation from unreliable ‘spin’ bodies, which they then pump out to the public. Stories of massacres by the Syrian government are, for propaganda purposes, broadcast to justify foreign intervention, and the prevailing image is that of the noble West coming to save an incapable, oppressed Third World nation from the tyranny of a chauvinist male oppressor. This is exactly what happened in Libya. Nonetheless, a minority of Arab media is opposing the master plan and another minority are sitting on the fence. The Arab media are mostly, either directly or indirectly, in the hands of Gulf States, while any other journalists either operate discreetly on the payroll of those forces or are totally deluded and find it impossible to grasp the tragic ramifications of what is taking place in the Arab world. The anti-war values of Bertolt Brecht’s Mother Courage are most probably not high on the agenda in some oil rich states, since they might expose the dichotomy between religion and war economy even further.

Dr Makram Khoury-Machool is a Palestinian scholar, based in Cambridge, UK


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The Zionist Plan to divide the Arab states into smaller digestible morsels
In 1982 the Hebrew-language magazine Kivunim (Directions), the official organ of the World Zionist Organization published an important article about the Zionist Plan to divide the Arab states


The Kosher Way

If Russia and Red China Are Controlled by the Jews, Then Why Would They Ever Oppose Israel or the USA?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Imagine, if you will, a courtroom in America where a young indigent black male stands accused of murdering a pro-White politician. The judge is a Jew. The prosecutor is a Jew. The jury are all Jews. The real murderer is a rabbi.

Now, who would the Jews want defending this innocent man, a sincere, talented and successful lawyer who will do his or her best to free the falsely accused family man, or a corrupt Jew public defender who will deliberately subvert the defense? Of course, the Jews who murdered the politician will seek to have one of their own representing the man whom they have chosen as a patsy.

This is how the Jews operate in international politics. When they want to destroy a nation, they pour arms into the country, arming at least two factions to the teeth, so that the People of that country have the means to slaughter themselves and weaken the country. The Jews instigate a “revolution” and initiate strikes and terrorist attacks to destroy the economy and turn the People against their own State.

This is why the Jewish controlled superpowers must appear to be in opposition to one another. The USA will arm one side while China and Russia arm the other side. The USA will support one side in the UN while China and Russia support the other side.

But the support, including the international media support, is always greater for the team that the Jews want to win. In this way, the People of the target nation are forced to turn to their enemies, the Jewish controlled superpowers, for help, and they always get screwed. They always grow weaker and only obtain assistance which enables them to kill one another or justify a massive military attack by the superpowers. It is easier for America or Russia to annihilate a nation without international public opinion turning against them, if the target nation offers at least a minimum of military resistence, so one side or the other ensures that the arms are there, often antiquated or down right obsolete arms.

So when Putin and Obama appear to be at odds with one another, odds are they were setting up some country to suffer for the Jews’ sake. It is good cop, bad cop, and the accused always falls prey to both sides. Consider how the Jews pitted a People against itself with “revolution” and “civil war” in such countries as Vietnam and Korea. . . and the USA. Note that the Jews had Koreans slaughtering Koreans, Vietnamese slaughtering Vietnamese and Americans slaughtering Americans, all for the benefit and profit of the Jews. Instead of fighting the Jews, the Goyim genocide their own, just as the Jews tell them to do.

Now consider why it is that the crypto-Jews in the “alternative media” are constantly promoting revolution in America; promoting false saviors including Jesus, Ron Paul, Ahmadinejad, Putin, Erdogan, etc.; never organize an authentic counter-attack against the Jews; and deliberately subvert American morale by announcing that America is already destroyed and that the only hope is to look to supernatural forces or America’s enemies for help. And almost always, these crypto-Jews tell us to buy gold and silver, and guns! They are setting us up for the slaughter. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I am not opposed to gun ownership, per se. I am opposed to gun ownership for the purpose of slaughtering fellow Americans.

I wrote about this two years ago in the following article, back when the crypto-Jews were broadly smearing me for exposing Ron Paul and his Jewish agenda:

Would You Cut Your Own Throat to Cure Strep? December 05, 2010

“I am beginning to wonder about the Russian psychological war being waged on the ‘patriot movement’ and its ties to the gold and silver cartel. Why are so many featured in anti-American, pro-Chinese and pro-Russian, Russian television propaganda? Didn’t David Duke have a Russian girlfriend? What is going on?Why is the ‘patriot movement’ trying to make it cool to hate America? Why are they promoting China and Russia? All of this reminds me of the Jewish subversives during the Vietnam war who used it, a war the Jews manufactured and perpetuated, as a means to promote anti-Americanism. Why would American ‘patriots’ cheer the demise of America and the rise of China and Russia?

We should not gargle acid to cure strep, nor should we move about in the night to ward off Jewish vampires. We should instead release their fangs from our throat and celebrate, rather than denigrate, ourselves. We should seek to bolster our economy, not destroy it.

Beware Jews in Christian and Muslim clothing who tell you to literally surrender your life to the Jewish god, and to Putin, and to the Communist Chinese. Surely, they are not your friends. They are Jews and it is in their blood to betray you.

Masters of the Universe Descend on Chantilly for Annual Confab

Bilderberg 2012: the technocrats are rising at this year’s annual conference

Our man at Bilderberg is back for a fourth year and has touched down in Chantilly for the 2012 gathering. The shadowy elite leaders’ conference starts tomorrow, so what’s on the agenda?

Dutch Queen Beatrix arrives at the 2010 Bilderberg conference in Sitges, Spain. Photograph: Nero Angelo

It’s all change at Bilderberg this year, with a new chairman, new media and Occupy Bilderberg knocking at the gates.

Everything’s set. The hotel is being primped and hoovered, the security is arriving, the press is nowhere to be seen, and I just had a really boring crab salad. It’s shaping up to be a vintage Bilderberg.

We were lunching in the Palm Court restaurant of the Westfields Marriott hotel, in Chantilly, Virginia. A few days from now, this hotel will be dripping with billionaires and bankers, industry CEOs and finance ministers, here for the annual Bilderberg summit. “The leaders of the world are coming to our hotel”, beams one member of staff. “Are you here for the brunch?”

We are. Most of the other guests have left by now. The hotel is edging towards lockdown. All that’s left is a team of nervy conference organizer who start filming us with their iPhones, several dozen security operatives, me, my wife and a really rather boring ‘spook’, brunching on an adjacent table.

He droned on for the full length of a crab salad about his “internal and external drivers”, about how “I got a panel of three-star admirals together” to secure a “$30m contract” and how “CACI excels in capture management”.

He talked fondly of CACI International Inc (a giant defense contractor), although more recently he’s had “a nice success rate with Booz Allen” (another giant defense contractor). His world was the deathly dull blur between the federal government and private defense corporations. The grim feeding trough of “systems solutions”, “security logistics” and “mission assurance”. My crab ended just as he was declaring, wisely: “When you leave the navy and you go to a contractor, you say: what’s my mission?”

His mission for the next week or so is to keep the queen of the Netherlands, the chairman of Barclays, and the chairman, vice-chairman and CEO of Shell Oil safe and sound for a three-day conference. The hotel is encircled by the offices of the world’s largest arms’ manufacturers, 15 minutes up the road from the headquarters of the CIA. I suspect they’ll be OK.

Chantilly, site of the 2012 Bilderberg conference

Welcome to Chantilly: a little bit of paradise on earth. Photograph: Charlie Skelton for the Guardian

The Bilderberg conference was last here in Chantilly, at the exact same godforsaken spot, back in 2008 – which, like 2012, was a US election year, and the moment the current economic woes really started hitting the fan. You might remember, it was the year when then-senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton paid a flying visit to Bilderberg (aka ‘an event in northern Virginia’), after shaking off the press pack during the Democratic presidential campaign. AP had the story:

“Reporters travelling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair might when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane.”

You can watch the hilarious footage of Robert Gibbs, Obama’s press secretary, trying (and failing) to placate a furious press corp, who found themselves tricked aboard a flight to Chicago. “Others had a desire to meet with him in a private way,” he explains. This is an extraordinary admission from Gibbs – “others” clicked their fingers, and Obama came running, with Hillary in tow.

Bill Clinton was introduced to the political big league at Bilderberg 1991. The man who introduced him was Vernon Jackson, a lawyer, civil rights activist and currently board member of Lazard investment bank. Speaking last year about the occasion, Jackson recalls:

“In 1991, I took Bill Clinton to the Bilderberg meetings in Baden Baden, Germany. Bilderberg meetings have been going on since 1954, sort of the North-American / European Alliance.”

Later, after Clinton won the election:

“The steering committee of Bilderberg came to Washington in January, and I called the president up and I said ‘Mr President, they’re here’ – and he came to the Four Seasons hotel, and the Europeans felt like they owned him because they met him when he was totally unknown.”

That’s interesting: a meeting of the Bilderberg steering committee at the Four Seasons in Washington? In January? But according to Bilderberg’s official website, “Bilderberg’s only activity is its annual conference”.

As for this year’s election, rumours are already circulating about Bilderberg and presidential running mates, sparked off by a Washington Post report back in April on the matter of Republican senator Marco Rubio’s speech at the Summit of the Americas:

“[John] Edwards gave a speech in June 2004 at the Bilderberg conference that was widely credited as one reason John Kerry chose him.”

Aside from the US presidency, the big debate of Bilderberg 2012 is likely to be: what in Hades do we do about Greece? The Eurozone is Bilderberg’s biggest project, but it’s been looking distinctly shaky of late. What’s to be done? You can feel the unwillingness of Bilderberg to countenance a ‘Grexit’ in the stern words of Bilderberg spokesperson, the UK member of parliament for Rushcliffe, Kenneth Clarke. To leave the Euro, says Clarke, would be “disastrous” for the Greeks. “If they get a hopeless lot of rather cranky extremists elected at the next election then they will default on their debt.” Clarke took the time to brand eurosceptic British MPs “right-wing nationalists”, and euroscepticism itself “irresponsible”.

Clarke’s most telling remark is that: “It’s going to take a crisis, an absolute crisis, to make Europe’s leaders act.” This week’s Economist magazine agrees: “For the past six decades, steps forward to greater European union have taken place at moments of incipient crisis.”

“A consensus is slowly emerging that, whether a Greek exit is to be averted or weathered, there will have to be a greater level of integration in the euro zone, with tighter constraints on the freedom of national governments.”

This message, that out of the struggle will come a new strength, seems to be the Bilderbergian line. For example, EU Commissioner Joaquin Almunia (whom we spotted at Bilderberg 2010) says we need now to “reinforce the European Parliament’s role” which “will also strengthen the role of the [EU] Commission”. So his solution to the crisis: “I need a bigger office.”

The Economist says that if the “elite venture” of Europe is to survive and thrive, “Europe’s elites” have got their work cut out. It ventures to give the elites some “unashamedly technocratic” advice on how to forge their closer union, but it needn’t worry, the technocrats of Bilderberg seems to have the matter in hand. Mario Monti (unelected Italian PM, Bilderberg steering committee) said this week: “Europe can have euro bonds soon.”

But we’re not in Europe now, we’re in Chantilly, and the CIA is just up the road from the conference venue, so protestors had better stay on their best behaviour. And we’re expecting plenty of them – gathering under the activist umbrella: “Occupy Bilderberg”

What a difference a year makes. Occupy Bilderberg? I love it. The Occupy movement seems finally to have realised that the problem isn’t the 1%, it’s the 0.001%. It’s the guys and gals and whatever David Rockefeller is who are meeting in Chantilly, Virginia, at the end of the week. Many hundreds of protestors have pledged to show up. And who knows, they may just manage to drag the mainstream news media with them.

Historically, one of the biggest problems people have had with Occupy is that its aims and demands have been a little, shall we say, “diffuse”. Not the case with Occupy Bilderberg. That’s the nail getting hit squarely on the head. Occupy Bilderberg is keyhole activism. Picking the exact right spot and sticking the scissors in.

“We refuse to pay for the banks’ crisis” was the cry from OccupyLSX back in the autumn. They demanded an end to “our democracy representing corporations instead of the people.” What Bilderberg represents is the fact that our democracy IS our corporations. And politics is just the wake behind a shark fin.

Time to go fishing.


VIDEO: Is this our future?

If we allow this tribe (Jews) to continue on its hopeless journey, then we are placing humanity in dire jeopardy the likes of which none in this country have ever seen. 


Everything We’ve Been Taught Were Lies!

golden era of radio microphone

Northerntruthseeker alerted me to this incredibly informative talk show LIVE FREE OR DIE with Lee Rogers and Charles Giuliani from Oracle Broadcasting.  This is three hours of uninterrupted conversation between the two alternative hosts discussing some of the true problems facing America and the planet today.

Here are some of the topics:

History: Robbing humanity of its heritage

Religion: A Jewish Creation?

Monetary System and Usury

Assassinations and Wars: How the “chosen ones” establish central banks.

The Jewish Problem

Illegal Immigration


The Illuminati Structure

The Illuminati Structure


The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the “Pindar”. The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for “Pinnacle of the Draco”, also known as the “Penis of the Dragon”. Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth.

Recently, there are reports that the Marquis de Libeaux is the Pindar, but this is disinformation. The true current Pindar is the head of the Rothschild family, as has been for several hundred years. He is based in Germany near Frankfurt. In the late 1970s, he oversaw the sister project to Montauk, called M.A.L.D.A. is an anagram for Montauk-Alsace-Lorraine Dimensional Activation. This project was located near the city of Strasbourg, France, historically once part of Germany.

Interestingly, there is a winery on the east end of Long Island, not far from Montauk Point, called Pindar Vineyards. This wine is growing in popularity, gaining international accolades. This fits nicely into the plan, as this area will be a part of the capital district of the Earth/United Nations in the Empire State! Red wine is symbolic of the blood ingested by the Reptilians. The wine can become sanctified as it did in the Roman Catholic Church, a patsy for the Reptilians. In the Catholic Church, wine replaced the blood in ceremony.

The Illuminati here on Earth have established a pyramid structure of control identical to the system that exists in the Draco Empire. The pyramid with the Reptilian eye, located on the American one-dollar bill, is symbolic of this control structure. The eye is the cap on the pyramid, thus explaining why the original surface of the Great Pyramid in Egypt was capped in solid gold.

The Pindar is represented by the gold cap on the pyramid. The next layer, or “eye”, on the pyramid represents the 13 ruling families. They are as follows:

  1. Rothschild (Bauer or Bower) – Pindar
  2. Bruce
  3. Cavendish (Kennedy)
  4. De Medici
  5. Hanover
  6. Hapsburg
  7. Krupp
  8. Plantagenet
  9. Rockefeller
  10. Romanov
  11. Sinclair (St. Clair)
  12. Warburg (del Banco)
  13. Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gothe)
  14. Each of the 13 ruling families is given an area of the Earth and/or a particular function to fulfill on the Earth. These particular functions include global finances, military technology/development, mind-control, religion, and media.
  15.  They also know that there are really 13 Zodiac signs, not the commonly acknowledged 12. They have kept the 13th hidden for centuries because it is the sign of the Dragon. They keep the qualities and traits of this sign secret to avoid giving away clues to the Reptilian mind-pattern.

The next layer is the second-in-command families who do the support work for the Pindar and 13 ruling families. While all of the 13 ruling family members are shape-shifters, all members of the 300 supporting families are not. They do, however, all have a high percentage of Reptilian DNA.They are known as the “Committee of 300″.These families include such notable names as Agnelli, Balliol, Beale, Bell, Bouvier, Bush, Cameron, Campbell, Carnegie, Carrington, Coolidge, Delano, Douglas, Ford, Gardner, Graham, Hamilton, Harriman, Heinz, Kuhn, Lindsay, Loeb, Mellon, Montgomery, Morgan, Norman, Oppenheimer, Rhodes, Roosevelt, Russell, Savoy, Schiff, Seton, Spencer, Stewart/Stuart, Taft, and Wilson. There are many others.The Committee of 300 use many well-known institutions to accomplish their goals, including the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderburgers, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Mafia, CIA, NSA, Mossad, Secret Service, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, Internal Revenue Service, and Interpol, to name a few. All of these are private organizations or corporations set up as public service devices, but this is far from the truth.

The Illuminati structure also creates artificial countries to further their goals. Examples of these are the United States, Switzerland, Kuwait, the Soviet Union, Panama, Israel, Italy, Yugoslavia, the United Kingdom, most of Black Africa, all of the Arab countries, and all of Central and South America. These nations were created to amass wealth for the ruling families and their supporters, to hide or keep their wealth, and to create unstable conditions necessary to start wars or increase military budgets.

Switzerland was created as a neutral banking centre so that Illuminati families would have a safe place to keep their funds without fear of destruction from wars and prying eyes.

The United States was established with 13 colonies, one for each of the Illuminati families. The original flag had 13 stars, and still has 13 stripes. The eagle, the symbol of the United States, holds 13 arrows in its talons. The United States is actually a corporate asset of the Virginia Company that was established in 1604 in England with direct involvement of the Rothschilds. The finances of the Rothschilds were necessary to fund the exploration and exploitation of the North American continent.

The assets of the Virginia Company, including the United States, are owned by the Holy Roman Empire via the Vatican. This occurred in 1213 when King James gave all English assets to the Reptilian Pope. Executorship remains with the British royal family, but actual ownership lies with the Roman Catholic Church.

The United States of America is not named after Amerigo Verspucci, as you learned in school. The Illuminati would never name a continent, actually two continents, after an Italian mapmaker. The name is actually a combination of words. “Am” is the Hebrew word for “people”. “Ame” is also the command form of the Spanish/Latin verb “to love”. “Eri” or “ari” is a Hebrew term for “lion”. “Rica” is the feminine form of the Spanish word for “rich”. “Ka” is the ancient Egyptian word for soul, or spirit force within a body.

There are two layers of meanings. The Ancient Hebrew/Egyptian translates to say, “the people of the lion with spirit force”. Hence, the pyramid and all-seeing eye on the one-dollar bill. The Latinized version translates to say, “love riches”, in a feminized/physical reality way. This gives an idea of what they had in mind.

Take this a step further, and one sees the mixture of the feminine Latin/eagle ideas with the masculine Hebrew/lion ideas. The symbolic statement of America is that it is a combination of Lemuria and Atlantis; a blend of the human/Lyrae with Reptilian/Draco. Perhaps the anagram LSD, an Illuminati created drug, has a hidden meaning as well:

Lyrae-Sirius-Draco! The combination of these three civilizations would produce the most powerful, technological Empire ever known!

In 1776, the creation of the United States as an independent nation coincided with the declaration into public existence of the official Illuminati organization by member Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria. Publicly, Mr. Weishaupt appeared to be determined to create an organization comprised of the European elite that would uplift mankind.

Of course, this was part of an Illuminati global ceremony. The creation for the United States and the Illuminati global ceremony. The creation of the United States and the Illuminati organization were artificial beginnings for public consumption. The United States was the device to be used to bring the Illuminati into public acceptance. Current Illuminati members believe that Adam Weishaupt was a look-alike for George Washington, and it is actually Weishaupts image that appears on the one-dollar bill.

George Washington was a wealthy slave and plantation owner. He is known to have raped some of his female slaves and used some of the male slaves in ritualistic ceremony. There are many people of the Black race who can literally trace their genetics to the founding fathers. George Washington also ordered the building of the Montauk Lighthouse in 1796. This lighthouse included an underground area for supply storage in case of a British coastline invasion. If he had only known what that area would become – or did he?

The 13 ruling Illuminati families constantly vie for control amongst themselves. During this time period, the Spanish, British, and French Illuminati all fought to win control over North and South America. The Rothschilds kept these Illuminati factions in line by sending Hessian troops to monitor the situation. The leaders enjoyed these war games, pitting one against the other to see who would win. The hundreds of thousands of lives lost were meaningless to them.

The Manifest Destiny of the United States was created to expand the territory of the Aryans at the expense of the native populations. As always, the Illuminati seek to destroy native peoples and their cultures. This is an attempt to destroy their knowledge of God-Mind, as well as the possibility that the natives will impart this information on to others. Especially important is their need to eliminate native cultures with ancient knowledge of Atlantis and Lyrae.

The natives that gave them the most problem were the Cherokee Indians because this tribe retained most of their Atlantean knowledge, even accessing the Bear/Bigfoot frequency for information. For this reason, these people were uprooted from their homeland in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and forcibly marched to Oklahoma on what is now known as The Trail of Tears. Many died along the way. Only a remnant remained in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. In the north, the vast Iroquois/ Mohawk nation was disbanded. The Montauk, direct descendents of the Atlanteans who call their leader Pharaoh, were systematically eliminated.

The Rothschilds were aggressively involved with the slave trade from Africa, importing slaves to North and South America as well as the Caribbean. They were very careful not to import Blacks from the eastern areas of Ethiopia or Sudan where the descendents of Solomon were located, instead concentrating on western and central Africa for the slave populations. These areas had the pure mixture of Annunnakki and simian genetics, and the programming desirable for the Illuminati agenda.

The Rothschilds decided that splitting the United States colonies would double their profits. So they politically created, and financially supported, the Civil War. The Civil War was actually a global ceremonial ritual to bring slavery to its next level. This war allowed the North to win, and publicly abolish slavery. The best slaves are the ones who do not realize that they are slaves. This alleviates rebellion and resistance. This was the status immediately following the Civil War. Blacks in the South are still slaves. There is still segregation, even in the North. The Illuminati still consider Blacks to be second or third class citizens. Only now the slavery is subtle and masked.

Since the Civil War, there have been other staged wars that entrenched the trend toward globalization. The Spanish-American War of 1898-1899 acquired more land for the American Illuminati, placing a greater portion of the Earth’s surface under American jurisdiction. World War I was designed to change the map of Europe as well as test germ and chemical warfare technology for future use. This coincided with the worldwide influenza outbreak designed to reduce the global population, making control easier. World War I also laid the foundation for the German role in the next war.

World War II was a test of the final globalization and extermination projects. It was also designed to test mind-control machinations; to test the use of fluoride which deadens brain activity and slows resistance to authority; to experiment with slave labor camps and study the development of resistance; and to teach the masses to spy and report on one another.

World War II brought three primary goals of the Illuminati to fruition. The first was that hidden Illuminati symbolism was brought to public attention from the underground strongholds in Tibet and Egypt, such as the Swastika and the ankh. The second was the creation of the State of Israel as a foundation for the New World Religion. The last was the creation of nuclear weapons as part of the Illuminati global ceremony.

During World War II, the Germans helped to perfect “sex-slaves” as a means of transmitting information amongst the elite. Sex-slaves can be either male or female, who are sexually programmed using Wilhelm Reich procedures, which are illegal in the United States, but used by the Illuminati and government.

These sex-slaves deliver messages and keep programmed sleepers in line. The sex-slave is downloaded with a message or function through various sexual acts and drugs, which can only be released by repeating the same sexual act with the target, or person, to be activated. They are trained to know their target’s trigger words and trigger events to activate, delete, or change programming.

In recent years, several women have come forward claiming to be the sex-slaves of globally recognized political figures. Many were used as information couriers between high-level male Illuminati. Usually, lookalikes of the political figures are used in the incipient programming as a focal point for the sex-slave. The slave is put through a desensitizing process, so there is no pleasure in the sexual act; it is merely a duty to be performed. Many times the slave becomes sexually promiscuous, repeatedly having sex with people who look like the intended target. It is a sad life.

By the end of World War II, one of the three major Illuminati global rituals was accomplished. This was the nuclear explosion that took place in 1945 at the 33rd parallel as a test for the nuclear attack on Japan. This explosion was symbolic, representing the simultaneous creation and destruction of matter and energy. The year was symbolic as well. In numerology, 1 + 9 = 10, representing the 10 aspects of God-Mind. The number 10 further breaks down to 1 + 0 = 1, representing a new beginning. Continuing, 4 + 5 =  9, representing the end of a cycle. Symbolically, the entire event represented the end of a cycle to prepare for a new beginning using the new creation of God-Mind out of destruction.

Additionally, a cylinder containing material still not explained by the government was trucked into the nuclear explosion testing. This cylinder was made from pure steel and allegedly was the same physical dimensions as the Kabala describes for the creation of Golems. Kabala is ancient Hebrew metaphysics that has been a staple for the Illuminati for millennia. Golems are artificial beings that are used as a slave force. It is highly probable that this was a symbolic ritual for the creation of the society of Golems.

World War II also allowed the European/American Illuminati to destroy the Japanese Illuminati desires of global domination. The Japanese royal family, represented by Emperor Hirohito, have always been ostracized as non-legitimate by the ruling 13 families. The Japanese claim to be direct descendents of Lemurian purebred Reptilians.

The European/American Illuminati claim that the Japanese Illuminati are descendents from a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. This lower species is considered a worker class without any political clout or influence. The European/American Illuminati also claim that East Indians are a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. The 13 ruling families consider light skin and hair to be an elite characteristic.

On January 17, 1994, Japan sent a seismic event to California. Exactly one year later on January 17, 1995, the city of Kobe, Japan was seismically destroyed. Kobe was the home of the Japanese electromagnetic weaponry centres. The European/American Illuminati will not tolerate thorns in their sides. The destruction of Japan and its royal family will continue in the coming months.

Every year, the Illuminati hold meetings to plan the events of the coming year to accomplish their main objective formulated millennia ago of global control and domination. In the 1850s, they pinpointed their target date for complete domination with an agenda called Plan 2000. This has since been revised to 2003. The fiasco election of George W. Bush Jr. to office is a key sign that they are on target. The public lesson of the United States presidential “election” of 2000 is that the citizens do not vote for anyone! Even the Illuminati are now finding it increasingly difficult to conceal their plans.

WW~Notes: Whether or not any of this is true I thought it quite fascinating and an interesting read.  Also, lets not forget that David Icke described them as shape-shifters 20 years ago.

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Our Troops do NOT Protect Our Freedom and We Should Stop Thanking Them for Doing So

Let’s make one thing crystal clear, no member of the US military contributes in any way whatsoever to protecting the freedoms of the American people. As a matter of fact, they are more likely to turn their weapons on you than they are to defend your Constitutional rights.

The only people on this planet Earth who can affect your freedom are members of Congress, local legislators and the members of enforcement institutions who will blindly follow the rulers who sign their paychecks. And, while your beloved troops are murdering people around the globe, yes, I said murdering, your Congress and local legislators are eliminating your freedoms, en masse, without any intervention by our so-called protectors in the armed forces.

To understand the REAL mission of the US military, and the real impact the US has on DESTROYING democracy and freedom around the world…listen to this confession of a US economic hit man…link.

There is no honor in volunteering to go anywhere in the world and kill anybody you are told to, without question, without historical background and without verifying the stated reasons for doing so. In this modern age of information we now know that time and time again our military have been deployed into battle, to kill and be killed, for reasons that in no way shape or form resemble the reasons for which they, or we were told at the time. This is no secret, although many Americans refuse to take off the flag that is wrapped around their eyes and see American history as it really happened.  They blindly believe what was told to them by the people who have a vested interest in maintaining myths and misconceptions.

The US military, not once but twice, committed the single largest mass murders in history by dropping nuclear weapons on civilian populations, including of course, on women and children.  Say what you want about how it helped end the war….the bottom line is the US could have exploded these devices over uninhabited territory with the same effect of scaring the heck out of the Japanese. But they followed orders that were lies and murdered almost 300,000 people, without question. As a human being I find it hard to honor such “patriotism.”

From the Gulf of Tonkin to the first and second invasions of Iraq, history now teaches us that lies have led our troops to military intervention more often than not. As a matter of fact, it is hard to find an American military intervention in modern history in which the cover story ends up matching the actual events. A little research will show you this. It will also show you how the same people are usually behind funding both sides of military conflictand those doing the funding and instigating have almost always been, how should I say this, the ‘good guys.’ Yep, westerners on the popular side of conflict are the ones funding the ‘bad guys’ before they ever are labeled the bad guys.

Prescott Bush, the father and grandfather of George H.W. and George W. respectively, made his fortune by funding the Nazis and Hitler’s rise to power. This is the same clan who went after Saddam Hussein in Iraq after they put him in power and armed him in the first place. But why pay attention to details if it interferes with our troop worship and flag waving?

Time and time again we see that the people who make decisions to send troops to war are the very people who profit financially from such wars. Today’s troops can see this. It is part of the public record,  yet they still do not question their missions. They join the military with a promise never to question orders. Taking history into account, I see no pride in this kind of service.

Recent history provides a very clear lesson for our troops and those who cheer their missions. You have never seen a more clear and egregious example of questionable motivations for military intervention than during the Bush/Cheney administration. A virtual ‘who’s who’ of defense contractors comprised not only the Defense Policy Board, but the office of Vice President. Not to mention that a significant portion of these men signed a document noting that that a ‘new Peal Harbor’ would be useful in getting public support for their agenda (to increase military spending and activity), and then – just such an attack –  the first Pearl Harbor in 60 years took place on 9/11…what a nice coincidence.

Gee, what are the odds of the only ‘Pearl Harbor’ in 60 years taking place while the men responsible for preventing one (and in positions to create/allow one) were the same men who wrote about benefiting from one. But according to most Americans, it is crazy to suspect them of anything…simply because they are Americans. If  Dick Cheney had been a Muslim he would have been hanged 9 years ago.

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans have neither the intellectual curiosity to actually learn about historical events nor the intelligence to actually think about claims made by their leaders or pop-journalism-gate keeping-icons.

For example: Americans have swallowed whole the concept of our troops “protecting our freedom” without ever once asking “how, how does killing foreigners in Iraq or Afghanistan protect our freedom?” Maybe if they asked that question just once and really waited for an answer, a real answer that actually really made sense to them, they would realize there is no answer  – because troops killing foreigners have no impact on the freedoms of the American people, and they never will.

Here is another question Americans have not asked, “How can an Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghan or Islamic fundamentalist in other nations take away our freedom?” The answer to this question is of course…by becoming a member of the US Congress.

It is sad that I will be lambasted for speaking the truth about this sensitive subject, but someone has to. The saddest truth however, is that the members of the US military serve today with no honor. They are dangerous and a threat to all free people, here and abroad. In plain terms –  they volunteer to kill at the behest of people who have lied to them for generations about why they are being sent to kill. Generations of lies be dammed, they still follow orders, and kill, without question. I repeat – as a human being I see no honor in this.

While it is true that the existence of our military acts to deter nations from invading our shores, credit really should go more to our nuclear arsenal and military technology than to National Guardsman who find themselves shooting at Iraqis in their own homeland. I don’t think that it is a deterrent to have private American “security firms” torture, for fun, the “enemies” who are in their own country, in their own neighborhoods, near their own families, and who dare to fight the American military personnel who obliterated their homes, killed their brothers, sisters, children, mothers and fathers, and occupy their soil. The nerve of them!

In the meantime, your freedoms and protections are being systematically eliminated while government protected rights for corporations are expanding beyond your wildest dreams. If this nation had a legitimate mainstream news media you would know this and you would probably take to the streets and revolt because you would realize what some of us already know, your rights, health and wealth have been under assault while you are distracted by bogey men in foreign nations who are supposedly going to take your freedom away!!!

So how free are you and who exactly are the terrorists.  Here is how free you are in your own home in your own country. These are just a few examples – off the top of my head. – there are more…but to start…

  1. You are not allowed to drink raw milk, no matter how healthy it is, because under certain rare conditions may cause health issues), but you do have the right to smoke chemically addicting cigarettes that when used as directed WILL KILL YOU!
  2. You don’t have the right to stop your food supply from being contaminated and genetically manipulated, leaving you with no alternative.
  3. You don’t have the right to collect rain water or grow your own vegetables to feed your family.
  4. You have no right to stop corporations from poisoning your air and water.
  5. You have no right to treat your ailments naturally because your government has declared that the only way to become healthy is by medications and treatments that will produce big profits for corporations. Healthy food can not benefit your health and if it does the FDA will classify it as a drug.
  6. You have no right to raise your child without injecting toxins and dangerous chemicals directly into their blood streams.
  7. During the Bush/Cheney administration you had no right to free speech. Special zones called “free speech” zones were created and kept far from Bush and Cheney where those who wanted to speak as free Americans could gather.
  8. You are not free to exchange goods and services on your own terms. You must use Federal Reserve Notes, which is NOT U.S. CURRENCY. It is a system of money created and maintained, unconstitutionally, by a cadre of private banks.
  9. You are not free to feed homeless people and if you are homeless you are not free to be fed by your fellow citizens.
  10. We are not free to know about or have any say about secret activities in which our rulers partake. For example what terrible weapons they create, what biological or chemical programs that may accidentally or purposely destroy us all, how they set up and instigate wars and conflict as well as events that justify actions for which they want to take but have no legitimate justifications.

America is not yet a totalitarian dictatorship, but it is clearly on the way to becoming one. And our beloved troops are doing nothing at all to stop this. What is worse is that some day they may actually be the ones to stop you from doing anything about it. They are already practicing to do so.

So if you want to thank people for protecting your freedom…thank journalists…real ones, not establishment hacks, who try to inform you about what is taking place while you are distracted by nonsense.  Thank civil liberty lawyers and staff who don’t use their education to make it rich charging criminally high fees for their services. Thank whistle blowers. Thank people who risk a backlash of threats and worse to finally speak the truth to people who simply don’t want to know there is a truth beyond the myths that have comforted them throughout their lives. And while you do this I’ll thank you for at least listening to these uncomfortable words. Reality is not pretty, but if we all open our eyes to reality maybe we can stop those who make it so ugly.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be proud of my country for real reasons, not mythical ones.

Think about it. Jesse Richard – Founder, TvNewsLIES.org


Blaming the “chosen” for war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc.

  • They collaborated with the Arab conquerors, helping them conquer and rule their medivial empire. No wonder the Arabs treated them well.
  • They dominated the slave trade and still dominate today human trafficking and sex slavery.
  • They were in fact involved in bloody Passover sacrifices of Christian children as proven by an Israeli History professor in his book ‘Bloody Passover‘.
  • Jewish bankers financed and thus made possible centuries of wars.
  • They created Communism, the biggest theft in world history, and supported the Bolsheviks with billions of dollars in today’s money.
  • They created and own the parasitical U.S. Federal Reserve.
  • They were behind the Armenian and the Ukrainian genocide.
  • They brought Hitler into power to create conditions that will enable the foundation of a Jewish state in Palestine.
  • They created the Holocult as a propaganda weapon for the creation and continued existence of their 19th century style social-Darwinist, colonialist entity in Palestine and ethnically cleansed the country.
  • They keep depriving the Palestinians of their rights: the right to their land, their right of return, their right to resist the brutal occupation, their right not to be tortured and extra-judicially killed, their right not to have their homes and fields seized to make land for more Jewish settlers and occupation soldiers, their right not to be discriminated against by the government forced upon them, their right not to have their water stolen.
  • They are behind most terrorist acts committed for the past 100+ years including 9/11 and 7/7.
  • They created the atomic bomb, a weapon clearly directed against civilians. 

How much more evil does any one group of people have to commit before we are allowed to call them criminal, evil and societally harmful?

The Jews claim to have first rights on Palestinian land for religious reasons and because of the Holocaust. I think both reasons don’t make sense.  I’m more than happy to discuss my views on those issues. Unfortunately my critics rather revert to insults or simply refuse to continue the debate whenever they realise that they are losing the argument.

I don’t ignore – as i’m sometimes accused – the acts of violence committed by the likes of Hamas and Hezbollah. However, they are evils by Israel’s making. Even, if my suspicion was wrong that Hamas and Hezbollah were created and financed by CIA/Mossad to create excuses for more ethnic cleansing and more genocide, Hamas and Hezbollah wouldn’t have any membership, if it wasn’t for the sins of Israel. They are acting in as much legitimate self-defence as the ‘resistance’ against German occupation during WWII.

But why, I’m sometimes asked, do I attack all Jews if I honestly only hate those Jews who do evil. Well, it’s only their skinner-box like reaction that makes them feel that way. If Jews weren’t conditioned – through over 1900 years of Talmudian indoctrination and the horror stories of the Holocult – to blindly jump to the defence of any fellow Jew – no matter how bad their sins – there would be far less reason to suspect that those evil actions had anything to do with their Jewish background.  The recent debate on the illegal party donations in Britain is a good example. How do the Jewish media react to those reports? Instead of criticising the donations as criminal acts and blaming the donors for giving Jews a bad name, the majority of Jewish media criticise the reports as being motivated by and causal to more anti-Semitism.

Not every Jew subscribes to Talmudic teachings such as that Gentiles are animals in human form, created by God to serve and enrich Jews, and that the 10 commandments therefore do not apply to them. However, the way Jews have been treating Gentiles throughout history goes to show that there is a prevalent attitude – conscious or not – that Jewish tribal interests are more important than the rights of Gentiles. And I consider the Talmud and – to a lesser extent – the Torah to be the source of this attitude. 

The obvious question then is why the Gentiles don’t rebel against the Jews. In fact some of them do.  But due to the power Jews are wielding over governments, finance, universities and media, knowledge of Jewish supremacism and Jewish evil is in short supply. The information is available, not just in private conversations, but in books and on the Internet. But how can your search for something that you don’t know that it exists? Most people only find out when it is too late. They are busy getting ahead in their jobs and providing for their loved ones. As a means of coping most of them close their eyes and tell themselves it would be anti-Semitic to do otherwise. The few that do rebel, are silenced very quickly. They get ridiculed, smeared, isolated and even imprisoned.

Maybe things have to get much worse first before they can get better. But maybe by then it’s already far too late. I don’t have all the answer, but one thing I know for sure; if we all wait for someone else to make corrections, nothing will ever be done.

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Andrew Winkler is the editor/publisher of Sydney based dissident blog and online encyclopedia ZioPedia.org and founder of ‘Jews Anonymous ‘. You can find more of his writings in the Editorial section of the ZioPedia.org site.

Editorial from December 2007

The Secret You Never Get To Hear

by John Kaminski

(But in your heart, you already know)


The gods keep mankind ignorant of the ways of living, else one would do enough in a day to last for a year. — Hesiod, c. 700 BC

My thoughts keep returning to the strange similarity between the way religions and the government do business. Always some secret reason — something too holy for us uppity slaves to appreciate, or some piece of information too sensitive for us ignorant citizens to be trusted with.

A priest might say, “at the discretion of the holy father”. A politician would use the words “national security”.

What is wrong with this picture? Why are we ruled by secrets we cannot be told? There can be only one answer. All these secrets are lies and deceptions.

The famous Biblical story of Yahweh talking with his cronies about confounding the speech of all humanity “so they won’t become like us” clearly bespeaks the sense of superior men deceiving gullible savages, who simply did not understand what was being done to them and ascribed all these events to magical beings to be worshipped in trembling fear and wonder.

God, in ancient parlance, was an absolute synonym for king. Dead kings, through the clever voices of priests, became gods.

Today we have the mysterious banditos called Al-Qaeda miraculously turning up in every war zone on Earth fighting first on their side, then on ours, but, after ten years of histrionic chest thumping by righteous American politicians, we have not been able to capture and prosecute a single credible perpetrator of the 9/11 attack, which is the linchpin of the Al-Qaeda terrorist pedigree.

Realizing Al-Qaeda is fake means you realize all the ensuing wars are fake. Realizing the Christian liturgy is an exact copy of the Osiris legend means you realize Christianity is fake, invented by the Alexandrian Jews to sabotage and exterminate the Roman Empire.

Somehow our thought process cripples us — is designed to fail — when we attempt to apply critical thinking to our religious beliefs. We are advised not to look too deeply into these matters by our holy men, lest we offend the great power in the sky who rules over us all. The list of dire consequences for offending said entity is endless and absurd.

You can make your own comparisons about the behavior of your own government, selling guns to every available criminal who works for them, but taking them from everyone who it plans on robbing and killing.

But don’t despair. Just because we’re not immortal doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. In fact, you see the dude a lot clearer when you understand you don’t have much time — only one lifetime; it goes fast — to accomplish it. Be grateful for the chance.

The temptation to keep valuable knowledge secret goes way back before the time of religions as we know them today. But the science of politics, by far a more consistent discipline than religion, has never changed at all. It has forever been ‘get it while you can by any means necessary, then paint a noble, self-serving picture of it’.

The notion about who might get hurt in all this manipulative tinkering has always been and remains today a distant afterthought in the human thought process. That so many of us humans now are seriously feeling the effects of this tendency to make humane concerns of compassion and understanding of lesser priority is a direct result of this practice.

We are suffering because we have, throughout our history, ignored — not to mention exacerbated and reveled in — the suffering of others. What we’re experiencing is simple karmic justice. We definitely deserve what we’re getting — simply by being less informed than the people exploiting us.

And at the center of this exploitation is blind religious belief, molding the populace to accept without question the dictates of the ruling authority, which is kept in place by brute force masked by righteous rhetoric, the theme of which is always ‘we are better than them, so that gives us the God-given right to rob them’.

Could there be a better description of the behavior of your country and its comatose populace, deluded by centuries of misleading information?

As I have written elsewhere, the gods of the Bible, often called the Elohim, were actually members of a worldwide seafaring civilization in the Bronze Age, whose voyages account for all the Great White Father myths — Sargon, Osiris, Jehovah, Jupiter, Deuce, Thor, Viracocha, and Quetzalcoatl were all members of this same worldwide fraternity, imparting knowledge and establishing communities as they fleeced the uncouth local yokels in every corner of the world.

William Blake's 1795 oil painting "Elohim Creates Adam"

If you think the same thing is going on today, you’d be right.

This ancient mystery people left relics around the world including the pyramids, Stonehenge and the roots of our own language. They later morphed into the Phoenicians, whom you may remember invented the alphabet you use today, and who were bulldozed out of existence at Carthage c. 200 BC, although rumor has it they regrouped in Venice and are prominently represented on Wall Street today.

In my own rather acerbic Biblical studies I have come to understand that Yahweh, who was apparently an ancient tribal leader, resisted the takeover of this worldwide seafaring culture, who judging by the available descriptions, were simply not a very nice bunch of slave gathering white giants.

Can you resist the comparison to events happening now?

This hard attitude about infidels and usurpers is reflected in the bloodthirsty certitude of the Old Testament, a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude that permeates human logic today. Previously I thought this tough attitude was unnecessarily harsh on the unenlightened and uninformed of the world; then I read Comyns Beaumont’s description of what the very large and very shrewd invaders of all these cultures were really like — a social picture of prehistoric humans that we are — and should be — afraid to confront.

An “ungainly, misshapen and violent race of ogres whose last king, named Balor, of the Evil Eye, slew his enemies with a flash of his fiery orb” is the way he described the Fomorians who first colonized Ireland and were among many tribes of the world erased from history by the Early Iron Age comet-caused great flood that apparently ended the last Ice Age and caused worldwide destruction, worst of all in North America. (The “fiery orb” reference reveals prehistoric knowledge of firearms and explosives, one of the major aspects of history that is totally covered up.)

But these are all names lost to history in a cataclysm. Some survived. Thoth brought the religion of his lost nation to Egypt. Comyns Beaumont insists this pre-flood worldwide seafaring culture (the ships in 10,000 BC were much larger than in 500 AD) seeded all known civilizations.

Comyns Beaumont’s synopsis of the Book of Enoch’s account of the Early Iron Age catastrophe that began civilization as we know it today goes like this.

1. The Giants, sometimes called the Satans, lived in the Age of Saturn . . . the flood and the hurling of the Giants under rocks marked the end of that age.

2. Their references to women are respectful . . . the surest sign of the culture of a race.

3. They worked in iron before anyone.

4. They manufactured weapons of war for all the world . . .

5. They possessed a considerable knowledge of astronomy and their seers, represented by Enoch and Noah, had watched the heavens and thus acquired prior knowledge of some impending catastrophe. It is portrayed as something falling on the earth, a great commotion, and the earth sinking down into the void, that is drowning.

6. All these events happened in the far north Atlantic, but affected the whole planet in varying degrees.

I couldn’t help but remember Clif High’s Expando planet theory in which earlier forms of animals were much larger because the planet was much smaller, lending credence to the so-called myth of the giants of old, which is confirmed by Comyns Beaumont.

Legends of giant red haired invaders exist from all over the world. Herodotus, for instance, mentioned that the son of Agamemnon, named Orestes, was 12 feet tall.

“In the OT we read of the sons of Anak, or Giant, so immense that the spies sent out by Moses described themselves as “mere grasshoppers in their sight,” implying that the Anakim towered over them.”

Comyns Beaumont insists the pre-flood history of the world is contained in the Book of Enoch. “It describes in dramatic terms the materialism of the age and the growing decadence of the time, of freed, of ambitions on the part of rulers, of the feverish manufacture of munitions of war, and the final collapse of an advanced civilization.”

In the holy books, all these momentous events have been transmogrified into divine intervention by angelic beings. The real history kept from us (most likely in the Vatican Library) is that these were real people, unusually large and possessed of technology unknown to most of the world, and who ran a pattern of exploitation and control over the unenlightened masses.

It has always been the Cult of the Sun vs. the Cult of the Serpent. Now, both are being supplanted by the Cult of the Universal Vibe, which acknowledges its own end as part of the plan and the real secret of eternal life. The only way to attain immortality is to be a part of all life, which as far as we know, has never and will never end.

The lesson we need to learn about is to learn how to help others. Only then are we truly alive. All the rest is just misinterpreted death ritual.

If we don’t take care of each other, we’re not really taking care of ourselves.

Like life itself, today’s crises are something we have to get through, not deny! (Yes, you are being fatally irradiated.)

We have to stop destroying each other in a frantic quest to achieve something that cannot be achieved, and help each other understand that the only thing we ever keep is what we give away. Only then can we be really loving. Anything else is just a self-delusive pose.

Oddly enough, to continue to search for eternal life guarantees our extinction and irrelevance.

Oh, and that secret you never get to hear? There’s only one thing we know for certain. It’s a lie.

Would you give your life for God? Don’t worry. You will.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA. http://johnkaminski.info/


Comyns Beaumont: The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain

Henry Binkley Stein: Priesthood of the Illes


9/11: The Day After the 10 Year Anniversary

Gutwrenching Memorials, Touching Commentary and Shared Experience Brings US Citizens Together for One Moment

But like Building 7, Freedom and Liberty are Still Forgotten and Ignoring That 800lb Gorilla in the Room Makes Us Look Like Fools at the Trough of Stupidity

by Johnny Punish

Yesterday we memorialized the fallen of 9/11.  It was a sad important day filled with gutwrenching memorials, touching stories, and considerate support for all who empathize.

The NFL had an amazing ceremony before each game with players holding a huge field size flag together in unity with members of the community.  Heck, President Obama visited Ground Zero commemorating the day and held our collective national hand in remberance.  It was a good day for all who suffered that terrible event.

More, Americans everywhere celebrated by waving their flags proudly.  Mainstream TV played personal stories putting faces to the suffering of 9/11;  completely appropriate and respectful indeed.

What was NOT featured were the real causes of 9/11 or the millions of people lost due to this global event.  But as my wife says, it would be an inappropriate day to bring that sore subject up while everyday peoples and families mourn the fallen.  She’d be right and so I write this article on Septempber 12, the next day, the day after.

As it stands, the massive loss of life notwithstanding, we are still stuck with the reality that, in hindsight over 10 years, what really happened that terrible day has NEVER been fully explained or investigated backed with evidence and truth.

Instead, we’ve had to endure 10 years of wars, millions dead, and trillions in profits for war propheteers as the US economy ended up in massive debt with millions of lost jobs and opportunity for everyday Americans whilst our freedoms and liberties were mangled beyond recognition.

What is going on?

Well, when one slowly thinks about it, the winners of 9/11 were the global elite a.k.a. (Jewish Bankers-WW~). They made trillions off the wars and were able to rake in the bucks off the backs of Americans during the wall street rape and pillage.

The losers were the global populations including but not limited to those civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and yes, the USA.  In fact, the biggest losers, one may argue, are the U.S. citizenry.  While innocent Iraqi’s and Afghani’s lost millions, their collective societies were NOT swimming in freedom and enjoying liberty.  They were living under oppression.

In the USA, pre-9/11, while the federal government at Foggy Bottom had been encroaching on civil liberties it was being done over many years, slowly, so slowly that most Americans never noticed.  It was a mission creep.  On 9/11, it just became a creep on steroids.  Immediately after 9/11, the global elite rammed through the U.S. Patriot Act destroying any semblance of civil liberty, freedom, making a mockery of the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution.  It was game, set, and match.  The days of freedom and liberty were over.

Unfortunately, the U.S. popluation did NOT see it coming and, to this day, most seem not to notice that the government has taken over their freedom and liberty in that the U.S. citizenry now lives at the pleasure of their global government posing as a government of the people by the people.

Clearly, this fall from the liberty freedom tree was the longest fall, the most painful, and sad.

Once the great envy of the world, the USA has been relegated to just another country.  As the representative of the global elite, George W. Bush thumbed his nose at the peoples of the world unilaterally going into Afghanistan and Iraq making money for his assigns while utilizing torture, renditions, and secret prisons at his leisure without criminal consequence.

During this rampage, the American people lost their collective integrity and now have to endure the fact that they own torture and oppression once previously reserved for banana republics and clowns in military dictator suits.
YouTube – Veterans Today –

And so, here we are.  Now what?

Well, as Americans suffer for their fallen yesterday and the billions worldwide continue to suffer from the global elite rape and pillage, we are left to wonder what the heck happened?  And how did we get here?  And what can we do about it now?

Or maybe, like Building 7 falling after no plane hit it on 9/11, freedom and liberty may be forgotten and no longer discussed as we embrace our idiocracy and continue to live as the farmed livestock on the global elite plantation.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Johnny Punish is a musician, artist, entertainer, businessman, investor, life coach, and syndicated columnist. Educated at University of Nevada Las Vegas, his articles appear in Veterans Today, MunKNEE and his Johnny Punish blog. His art music is promoted by Peapolz Media Records and played on net radio at Last.fm , EarBits and more.


The 9/11 Decade and the Decline of U.S. Democracy

by Vincent Warren

Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Rights


In response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, George W. Bush shredded the U.S. Constitution, trampled on the Bill of Rights, discarded the Geneva Conventions, and heaped scorn on the domestic torture statute and the U.N. Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

As we mark the 10th anniversary of the terrible events of September 11, 2001, none of us has any desire to play down the horrors of that day, but two wrongs do not make a right, and, in response to the attacks, the Bush administration engineered and presided over the most sustained period of constitutional decay in our history.

Moreover, although George W. Bush entered the first decade of the 21st century by dismantling the rights that are fundamental to the identity of the United States and the security of its people, Barack Obama ended the decade by failing to fully reinstate those rights. Through his own indecision, or through ferocious opposition in Congress, he has been unable to close the infamous prison at Guantánamo Bay, as promised, and has also refused to even contemplate holding anyone in the Bush administration accountable for their crimes.

As a result, the democratic principles which we hold dear have suffered a massive blow in the first ten years of the 21st century, although that is not the main problem. The deep erosion of our civil liberties is to be lamented, and should be resisted, however difficult the political climate, but the most painful truth about the last decade is that it marks an undoing of democracy so severe that without concerted and deliberate action by the people in this country — and, one hopes, by their elected leaders — the values which defined us, before the events of 9/11 allowed the Bush administration to reshape our perception of executive power, may never be regained.

This decade of constitutional decay didn’t happen overnight, although much of it was hidden from view. We were kept largely in the dark about how the government took steps to dismantle our rights, which were undertaken in a fog of secrecy, subterfuge and, in some cases, outright lies.

A well functioning democracy in this country relies on the three branches of government – the executive, Congress and the judiciary – checking each other to prevent overreach or constitutional misdeeds.

In this system, which has prevailed throughout most of our history, the executive is responsible for executing (and therefore abiding by) the laws of the republic. Congress creates laws, which, in some circumstances, circumscribe the power of the executive branch, and when Congress doesn’t approve of what the president is doing, it can change the laws, conduct inquires and hearings, and in certain circumstances, investigate potential wrong doing. The judiciary reviews the laws and presidential actions to ensure that they comport with the Constitution and justice.

In this system, no one is above the law. Illegal action initiated by the president can be stopped by the courts and congress; unjust laws initiated by Congress can be stopped by the president and the courts; and the Constitution prohibits the courts from making new law or policies or otherwise undertaking the powers of “the political branches” — Congress and the executive. Thus, regardless of the threat, the checks and balances we’ve built into our democracy are supposed to uphold the power of the fourth branch of government — that made up of the people who live in this country.

However, as we now know, a decade into the 21st century, the system upon which we all stake our liberty and democratic power as people has operated more like a scientific hypothesis than a bedrock of democratic principles. And just like any hypothesis, its true test is determined by the way it functions under pressure, and not how it works in theory. One need look no further than the last ten years to understand that the constitutional hypothesis has failed under the last two administrations. Our constitutional and democratic principles collapsed as breathtakingly as those same principles rose in the context of North Africa earlier this year. The overarching development over the last ten years is that we have witnessed perhaps the single most demonstrable destruction of our democracy in U.S. history. The rights that used to belong solely to us as people living in this country have been severely curtailed. We have fewer rights — and the president more power — in September 2011 than in September 2001. And any diminution of our rights, regardless of the justification of the day, is an elimination of our ability to define the country that we want to live in and shape it around the values that are crucial to our survival as a society run by and accountable to the people.

The undoing of Democracy — The “War” Paradigm

Ask a high school freshman in the U.S. who the most powerful person in the world is and she will most likely say the president of the United States. That is not a change since 9/11, certainly. However, ask that same student who is more powerful in the U.S. government, the president, Congress or the Supreme Court, and she’ll still say it’s the president. That reflects a significant change in the American psyche over the last decade with respect to the balance of powers in our government as outlined by the United States Constitution, which will turn 224 on September 17, 2011.

Most people now recognize that President Bush claimed more power than any previous president. He claimed the power to kill, capture or detain anyone, anywhere in the world. The Justice Department, under George W. Bush, said that the law simply doesn’t apply to the president when he’s acting as commander in chief. So the lawyers gathered around him, and around Vice President Dick Cheney, counseled him that he could ignore the fact that Congress had passed a law saying that torture was illegal or that the government can’t wiretap without a warrant.

Going further, the Bush administration claimed the power to send citizens to third countries to be tortured, to create secret “black sites” run by the CIA to detain and torture people, and of course, to detain men at Guantánamo Bay. Bush also claimed the authority to declare unilaterally that people it captured and placed in these prisons were neither subject to the Geneva Conventions nor the protections of the U.S. Constitution.

The Bush Administration created the “war on terror” paradigm not to protect us from future attack, although that was what they claimed, but rather to put in place a radical expansion of power that sought to place the president outside domestic and international law. According to a leaked Justice Department memo from December 2001, Guantánamo Bay was specifically chosen for the purpose of detaining the prisoners of the U.S. military because the Bush administration believed it would be beyond the reach of U.S. courts. Existing outside the law and in complete secrecy, it was an ideal place to conduct interrogations of a significant number of prisoners in isolation from all outside human contact. Its selection demonstrates that, from the very beginning, the Bush administration planned to engage in activities that are illegal under domestic law and in violation of international treaties. And that is precisely what they did.

The U.S. government and the highest levels of the Bush administration constructed a secret international network for arbitrary and extrajudicial detention for the purpose of using torture as an interrogation method, and engaged in a program of extraordinary rendition that outsourced torture when the U.S. didn’t want to do it itself. The Bush administration set into place a framework that attempted to justify an unjustifiable act: torture. A high level Executive Branch group called the “Principals Committee,” which included Vice President Dick Cheney, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Secretary of State Colin Powell, CIA Director George Tenet and national security advisor Condoleezza Rice, authorized the use of torture, including waterboarding. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld also signed off on similar techniques for use in Guantánamo in December 2002, which later migrated to Iraq, and to Abu Ghraib. Moreover, administration lawyers, such as David Addington, John Yoo, Alberto Gonzales and Jim Haynes, constructed fallacious legal rationales to support and justify the torture and abuse program.

Despite the rampant and brazen illegality put into place in the last 10 years, the courts have rarely called the administration to account for the crimes. The separation of powers concept used to function to circumscribe governmental power. In the last ten years, however, it has functioned to enable the amassing of presidential power. The courts have largely deferred to the president by uncritically accepting the wartime paradigm and giving him free rein to do as he sees fit — even though what he seeks to do is illegal. As a result, no torture victim has ever received a court ruling that the torture they suffered was illegal and most have been denied their day in court. Not one has received a dime in compensation for their injuries or even so much as an apology from either administration. To date, 171 men remain in Guantánamo and, after a decade of the “worst of the worst” rhetoric, more detainees have died in that prison than have been charged with a crime.

On three occasions, in 2004, 2006 and 2008, the Supreme Court issued serious, but not mortal, blows to the overreach and illegality of the Bush administration. The rulings in 2004 and 2008 granted the Guantánamo prisoners habeas corpus rights; in other words, the right not to be held in a legal black hole, and to ask an impartial judge why they were being held, if, as many of them claimed, they had been seized by mistake. The 2006 ruling, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, involved the Court not only ruling that the trials at Guantánamo (the military commissions) were illegal, but also telling the government that all its prisoners have the protection of Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, which prohibits cruel treatment, torture, and humiliating and degrading treatment.

Sadly, Congress has also played a major part in allowing the president to do whatever he says is necessary, even if it is illegal. Congress passed the dangerously open-ended Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) the week after the 9/11 attacks, which has been used by both Bush and Obama to justify the detention of “war on terror” prisoners, and to hold them neither as prisoners of war nor as criminal suspects, but as what the Bush administration called “enemy combatants.” Moreover, Congress pulled the rug out from under the landmark Supreme Court decisions, seeking to repeal the prisoners’ habeas corpus rights, and reviving the military commissions.

Under Obama, all three branches of government – the executive, Congress and the courts – have largely refused to tackle Bush’s dreadful legacy. Obama has dedicated himself to looking forward and not back when it comes to the accountability of Bush administration officials and lawyers for authorizing the use of torture, and courts throughout the land have endorsed his position, and he has also revived the military commissions, in the face of opposition to federal court trials for terrorists, despite the latter being the appropriate venue for terrorist trials. He has also endorsed indefinite detention for 46 of the 171 men still held at Guantánamo, and has, in some cases, expanded Bush’s programs, declaring, for example, that he has the right to assassinate U.S. citizens abroad, without any form of legal process.

In addition, the Supreme Court has failed to act as the court of appeals in Washington D.C. has undermined the Guantánamo prisoners’ habeas corpus rights, effectively gutting habeas of all meaning, and Congress has launched an all-out assault on the president’s ability to close Guantánamo, preventing him from bringing prisoners to the U.S. mainland, and interfering in his right to release prisoners as he sees fit.

Beyond pure policy and legal considerations, the results have been devastating for the victims and survivors of these practices and policies. The men in Guantánamo, and the “black sites” have endured a decade of arbitrary detention without charge or trial, and suffered torture, abuse and cruel, degrading treatment as alleged “enemy combatants.” The “black sites” may now be part of the past, along with Abu Ghraib, but the U.S. under Obama maintains prisons in Afghanistan, including Bagram, where there have been allegations of the use of secret prisons, and where, in addition, the Geneva Conventions have not been reinstated.

Moreover, those that have been released continue to face mental anguish, suspicion and stigma, as well as the loss, in some cases, of family ties. These social costs will continue to extend far beyond the immediate victims. They affect entire families, communities, societies and even nations that have been subjected to forced engagement with the effects of the “war on terror” paradigm.

Illegal Surveillance . . . Again

The government used to need a warrant before spying on us, but those days are long gone. Thirty years ago, President Nixon’s warrantless wiretapping scandalized the nation. And although that administration used “national security” as a justification for the illegal acts, Congress and the Supreme Court insisted that the law had to govern all intelligence and counterintelligence gathering by the government, even when it was undertaken to protect against terrorism.

The Bush Administration discarded the U.S. Constitution, again using the war and national security paradigms as justification. Bush and his advisors simply ignored the rules and wiretapped Americans and others without warrants or judicial oversight. Restoring the constitutional protections against government spying, uncovering the full extent of illegal surveillance programs, ending immunity for telecommunications companies and prosecuting those responsible for violating the law are essential to reclaiming our democratic power — our rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, and our expectation that the constitutional system will function to protect those rights, are essential elements of restoring democracy.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) had been the fundamental tool to regulate government surveillance. It properly involved Congress and the courts in issues deemed to be of concern to national security and established accountability frameworks for surveillance programs. That all changed radically after September 11, 2001. Congress joined forces to pass new laws, justified on “national security” grounds, that granted more power to surveillance and intelligence agencies. The Bush administration, however, not only pushed for these laws, but made up its own secret plan, through an executive order to the NSA, for reviving the kinds of programs explicitly deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court (in a 1972 Center for constitutional Rights case) and prohibited by FISA. These Bush programs existed outside of the law and included wiretapping us and foreign individuals without a warrant from any court and subject to no judicial oversight. The details were largely kept secret from Congress and the public until exposed, years later, by whistleblowers and the press.

In 2001, when the Authorization for the Use of Military Force and the Patriot Act were passed, the Bush administration never asked Congress for expanded surveillance authority including the right to spy on attorney-client communications, or to amend FISA to accommodate wiretapping unchecked by the FISA Court. As Attorney General Alberto Gonzales would admit years later, the administration did not try to amend FISA to authorize the NSA spying program because “it was not something we could likely get.” Don’t ask, don’t tell.

In November 2001, following the Bush administration’s call for an all-out “war on terror,” the USA PATRIOT Act was passed by wide margins in both houses of Congress. The Patriot Act included unprecedented expansions of government surveillance powers, including spying and government involvement in political and associational activity. It made extensive changes to FISA, eliminating many of the safeguards against surveillance abuse, and ramped up existing legislation such as the 1996 Anti-terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, which created new “material support” laws that defined political activity as criminal.

Although the current program of warrantless wiretapping and surveillance of Americans’ telephone calls that blatantly violated FISA began in the Bush Administration, the Obama administration has not renounced the power that Bush claimed. Moreover, the Obama administration has fought relentlessly in court to preserve these abuses of power.

Repression of Dissent

“Terrorism” is a word that has been used by the executive branch repeatedly since 9/11 to provide rationale for going to war, maintaining those wars, and cracking down on protest and dissent domestically in violation of the Constitution and international law. In doing so, Bush and Obama have ushered in a new era of repression,enabling law enforcement agencies to abuse their powers by targeting, detaining and silencing political activists. While this type of repression is far from a new exercise for the government, given the capitulation of Congress and the courts to the president, the people of this country will once again find themselves nose to nose with government crackdown on their protest of unjust government action.

A key question for us to ask is what effect will U.S. war making foreign policy continue to have on our protest of that policy? Unless and until the United States stops its current policy of declaring war on anyone in the world in the name of combating terrorism, people will continue to organize themselves to oppose it. And as long as people oppose “war on terrorism” policies, the government will use its power to label the dissenters themselves as terrorists.

While the stakes for defending dissent couldn’t be higher today, the obstacles are more difficult and more complicated than they were even ten years ago. Much of the organizing these days occurs online and by mobile phone and computer. This makes organizing more effective for the activists, but it also makes it easier for law enforcement to spy on and disrupt the activists’ plans. For example, law enforcement has established “Joint Terrorism Task Forces,” which bring together federal, state and local law enforcement and other agencies into “fusion centers.” State governments are even contracting out their illegal surveillance to private companies, as was done recently in Pennsylvania, when state homeland security director, James Powers, hired a private company to research and distribute information about groups engaged in lawful activity.

The nature of whistleblowing has changed in the last decade as well. In the current digital age, evidence of government wrongdoing is likely to come in the form of data dumps which can be distributed widely and quickly as in the case of WikiLeaks. And when the government pushes corporations to shut down public access to that information, the counter activism can take the form of hacking, as with Anonymous. In addition, an enormous change has occurred in how whistleblowers are treated. Despite a move prior to 2001 to protect whistleblowers, the Obama administration has taken on the mantle of prosecuting them — as terrorists.

In the last decade, the truth has become either a state secret or treason. With respect to WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, Sarah Palin calls Assange an “anti-American operative with blood on his hands” and wants him hunted down like an Al-Qaeda chief, Rick Santorum and Peter King want him prosecuted as a “terrorist,” and Joe Lieberman suggests that the five news outlets that published the leaked State Department cables should be investigated for espionage. Exposing the facts — especially those concerning illegal government conduct and abuse — has become a serious crime.

Moreover, activists today run the very real risk of being arrested and prosecuted for their First Amendment activity. A ruling in a recent CCR case, Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project (HLP), highlights why dissent must be defended at all costs, even while the Supreme Court turns the First Amendment and “material support for terrorism” on its head. CCR argued HLP in the Supreme Court and challenged the “material support” statues, including a portion of the USA PATRIOT Act, which makes it a crime to provide support, including humanitarian aid, literature distribution and peaceful political advocacy, to any entity that the government has designated as a “terrorist” group. The Court ruled that human rights advocates, providing training and assistance in the nonviolent resolution of disputes, can be prosecuted as terrorists. As a result, the Court has criminalized speech and polished the hammer with which the Obama government can now prosecute peace activists and human rights organizations who engage with groups on the government’s terrorist list even to support lawful goals.

Endless War

Finally, it is unacceptable that George Bush marched us into Iraq and Afghanistan illegally and under false pretenses, while Barack Obama has almost tripled the number of wars we are fighting. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan alone, and millions have been displaced. Over 6,000 U.S. military service members have been killed, and more than 50,000 wounded in wars that have cost the American people trillions of dollars.

It’s not just where these wars are happening, but it’s also how. We are conducting drone strikes in Pakistan, Libya, and Yemen, countries on which Congress has not declared war. To the extent that Bush and his advisors ignored the law to justify torture, Obama and his advisors ignore the law to justify warfare. Currently, his advisors are going so far as argue that the President can bypass the War Powers Resolution’s restrictions on unilateral, executive warmaking simply by using high-tech weaponry like drones, which don’t require the presence of troops on the ground.

Conclusion – bringing power back to the people

Ten years on from the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, at the end of the distressing decade defined by those attacks, we find ourselves in a position where the president has claimed more power than ever and the people have conceded more power than ever. Ten years ago, federal trials were the norm for alleged criminal terroristic activity; now, the default method is military show trials that include the death penalty or indefinite or preventive detention. Ten years on from 9/11, more illegal wars are being fought today than under Bush, more laws are subverted in the name of national security, more people are being deported than at any point in our history, and the executive branch has seized or accrued more power than it has ever had.

In the end, the test of our democracy is to look at the actions that have been done in our name and under our watch – the wars, the repression, the extra-judicial detention and killings, the torture, the profiling – and ask ourselves: are we in a better position now to stop the acts that continue, to ensure that they don’t happen in the future, to ensure that the officials are held accountable, and to put the presidency back in the constitutional box than we were 10 years ago?

The answer to that is yes, to the extent that we are able to demand that our government end the lawlessness, stop stockpiling constitutional power and move back towards a path of lawful, democratic action, but the restoration of the values that we hold dear requires concerted action by many people.

The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is a painful anniversary, but let us also make it the occasion when, en masse, we say to the government, “Enough is enough,” and demand an end to the ongoing injustices, and the return of our values.



UPDATE: Gerald Celente trends news from 3/22/2011 – A MUST WATCH TO WAKE UP!!!

**Missing video updated** 8/19/2012

WW~Notes: Received this from a friend at J-Tube and it was worth interrupting studying to share with all my readers.

“Gerald Celente has not been wrong in just about every prediction and assessment I have witnessed. I have never seen him blow off the handle like this. This is dire warning for sure that if the American Sheep do not wake up and stand up for themselves we are going to be in trouble.”