FRACKING – What is it and why it’s harmful to the planet?

Revised 7/2/14 – Included additional image of the fracking operation in South Africa.  The original image was incorrect. WW~

Why are they FRACKING?

”The technique is very common in wells for shale gas, tight gas, tight oil, and coal seam gas and hard rock wells. This well stimulation is usually conducted once in the life of the well and greatly enhances fluid removal and well productivity, but there has been an increasing trend towards multiple hydraulic fracturing as production declines”… Hydraulic fracturing

The first, experimental use of hydraulic fracturing was in 1947, and the first, commercially successful applications of fracking were in 1949. Worldwide, as of 2012, 2.5 million hydraulic fracturing jobs have been performed on oil and gas wells; more than one million jobs were performed in the U.S.

While there has been a lot of reporting about  a procedure officially known as “slick water hydraulic fracturing”, aka “FRACKING”, I had not commented much on it because it seemed to me to be an issue that was disturbing to the “Environmentalist’s”, and I agreed with their concerns. Then we started hearing about the possibility of fracturing causing earthquake’s. And I could only comment that this development would be in line with the HARRP “program”, and so I say, “what else is new”.

And now, near my home in Louisiana,  near the town of LaCombe, there is a proposal for a fracking operation, and listening to the local news reports I learned something that was so shocking, and unbelievable.  I am sorry I did not investigate this further when this became an issue about three years ago. Locally it was reported that Helis Oil & Gas, out of New Orleans, submitted a public hearing request late last month for its project to the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources, which controls permits for this kind of work. And in that report, it was said to be a “NEW WELL”. That combined “Directional Drilling” with hydraulic fracturing. This was the first time I have ever heard of this drilling technique being used for a new well. What also was disturbing was that report said that Helis Oil & Gas was not certain of finding any oil or natural gas.

I first heard about “FRACKING” in the 1970’s while working in the Oil Fields of the Gulf of Mexico. As you may remember, that was when we first started being told about ‘fuel shortages’.  But I have first hand knowledge that was caused through the manipulations of Big Oil. I was working on one of the larger “Production Platforms” (at that time) in the Gulf called ” West Delta (block) Conoco 45 C.Q.”

During one of the contrived oil shortage’s, the platform was “Shut-In” (not producing, not sending oil to shore.) I asked the production superintendent, HENRY SHORT, why we were shut-in, and with a straight face he told me that “We are producing to much”. I had just got off the phone with my mother in Ohio, and she was talking about the lines at the gas pumps.

I learned a lot about the oil field after working there for ten years. When I left, I was a certified N.D.T. Technician (Non Destructive Testing), performing X-Ray and Ultra-Sound etc. examinations of various steel components in the oil field as well as Electric Power Plants, both Conventional and Nuclear.  Testing welding and thickness for erosion, in both areas of operation.

Back to the topic at hand. I was able to spend a good bit of time talking to the old ‘Drillers’ and ‘Pushers’ and learned a lot about the oil field operations. When I learned about Fracking, Directional Drilling etc., it was explained by men that knew what they were talking about from many years of on hands experience. I was told that Fracking was developed for extracting oil and gas from “old well’s” that had stopped producing or were “under producing, and that Fracking was an affordable procedure because of the amount of product that was still available was offset by the cost of a NEW WELL. It was never said to be used as the method for establishing a new well.

With your standard oil well, there is no need for Fracking or Directional Drilling. Those techniques were developed for very specific applications. For example, drilling into an oil reservoir from different angles, allows for multiple “DRAW POINTS” from the same reservoir, and the same drilling rig, with out requiring the rig to be moved.

directional_drilling draw points_2Click image for article

Another aspect of well drilling is the initial “bore hole”. Every hole that is drilled must be “CASED” and cemented to provide and maintain structural integrity to the bore. It prevents a collapse of the bore hole, and is a process that is repeated through out every hole, in predetermined segments or distance’s.

Casing Cutaway Diagram. Well casing is steel pipe that is inserted into a drilled section of a borehole and cemented in place.

Casing Cutaway Diagram. Well casing is steel pipe that is inserted into a drilled section of a borehole and cemented in place.

Also required for every drilling operation, is drilling “mud” or fluids. The MUD is a water based mud, until the well has reached the oil, and then the mud is changed to an oil based fluid. NOTE that this process is ALSO required for the drilling of these NEW Fracture Wells,( “IF” they were to reach any oil.)

Workers stand outside the pump room where water is separated from drilling mud at one of Chesapeake Energy's water treatment facilities.

Workers stand outside the pump room where water is separated from drilling mud at one of Chesapeake Energy’s water treatment facilities.

Prior to “Completion” of the oil well,  a “Blow Out Preventer” is installed… “WHY CLASS”? … BECAUSE ALL OIL WELLS ARE UNDER EXTREME PRESSURE! Just watch “The Beverly Hillbilly’s” and you will see that “BUBBLING CRUDE”! AND just think back to April 2010. Wasn’t the “Blow out preventer” blamed for the Gulf “OIL SPILL”? That is except of course, for the NEW FACTURING WELLS. Those NEW wells will apparently NOT, for some as yet explained reason, have the need for a Blow out preventer, because, again, FOR some as yet, explained reason, those Fracturing Wells will be APPLYING EXTREME PRESSURE! They will also require additional HAZARDOUS FLUIDS, not for the Drilling process, but for the extraction of “OIL”(?)

Can anyone tell me how in the world these Fracture Wells are justified, after we consider the additional cost’s and hazards? Does any one believe that there is not enough oil, accessible through the tried and true, PROVEN SAFE methods?

WHY, IN HELL AND CREATION, has no one exposed these issues yet?

I talked to a “DRILLING Consultant” today, that I have known for 34 years, and he told me that I was correct! He also told me that the only offshore Fracking operations that he knew of in the Gulf of Mexico, was off the coast of Mexico. He did not understand why. But we should know why. It is more expensive to truck those added materials and then transport them by boat to the location.  That would be just one reason.

About six months after the B.P “blow out’ on April 20th 2010, there was a few advertisement campaigns that promoted the safety, and technological abilities of Oil Company’s, and one  said that there had been a new discovery called “Directional Drilling”. Again, I knew about that from working in the oil fields. It was developed in 1920. Fracking was developed in 1946, and perfected by 1949.

ALL of this seems to leave us with a very big “WHY”?

Below are LINKS, and quotes from those links. . ALSO NOTE the use of terms describing the use in an “EXISTING WELL”

EDOMS THORN does not do “NEWS” articles, mainly because they are only reporting the “SYMPTOMS” of the Disease that has infected the western world! The fact that I do not “NAME” them here, is not to be mistaken for “FEAR OF” that evil.

This picture is of A Production Platform off of South Africa. It is a monster. In the center you will note what is called a “Work Over Rig” performing maintenance and safety test’s.

FA Platform Photo taken 2 Sept 2005 by a good friend. One of the hottest platforms out there. The one and only drilling production platforms offshore South Africa.

FA Platform
Photo taken 2 Sept 2005 by a good friend.
One of the hottest platforms out there. The one and only drilling production platforms offshore South Africa.

This is a regular Fracking Operation.

FRACKING OPERATIONDirectional drilling has been an integral part of the oil and gas industry since the 1920s.
Many prerequisites enabled this suite of technologies to become productive. Probably, the first requirement was the realization that oil wells, or water wells, are not necessarily vertical. This realization was quite slow, and did not really grasp the attention of the oil industry until the late 1920s when there were several lawsuits alleging that wells drilled from a rig on one property had crossed the boundary and were penetrating a reservoir on an adjacent property.

Some additional images of Directional Drilling:


Directional drilling involves drilling a pilot hole with a precision-guided drilling rig, then pulling the new pipe back through the hole. Not all ground conditions are suitable, and not all pipe materials can be used. Only two small pits are required, one at each end of the section of pipe that is being replaced.

Directional drilling involves drilling a pilot hole with a precision-guided drilling rig, then pulling the new pipe back through the hole. Not all ground conditions are suitable, and not all pipe materials can be used. Only two small pits are required, one at each end of the section of pipe that is being replaced.

Wells are drilled directionally for several purposes:

Increasing the exposed section length through the reservoir by drilling through the reservoir at an angle.  Drilling into the reservoir where vertical access is difficult or not possible. For instance an oilfield under a town, under a lake, or underneath a difficult-to-drill formation
Allowing more wellheads to be grouped together on one surface location can allow fewer rig moves, less surface area disturbance, and make it easier and cheaper to complete and produce the wells. For instance, on an oil platform or jacket offshore, 40 or more wells can be grouped together. The wells will fan out from the platform into the reservoir(s) below. This concept is being applied to land wells, allowing multiple subsurface locations to be reached from one pad, reducing costs.

Drilling along the underside of a reservoir-constraining fault allows multiple productive sands to be completed at the highest stratigraphic points.

lm-frackingDrilling a “relief well” to relieve the pressure of a well producing without restraint (a “blowout”). In this scenario, another well could be drilled starting at a safe distance away from the blowout, but intersecting the troubled wellbore. Then, heavy fluid (kill fluid) is pumped into the relief wellbore to suppress the high pressure in the original wellbore causing the blowout.

This form of drilling can also reduce the environmental cost and scarring of the landscape. Previously, long lengths of landscape where required to be removed from the surface which is no longer required with this form of drilling.

Induced hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracturing, also commonly known as fracking or fraccing) is a mining technique in which a liquid (in most cases water) is mixed with sand and chemicals and the resultant mixture injected at high pressure into a wellbore. This creates small fractures in the deep rock formations, typically less than 1mm wide, along which gas, petroleum and brine may migrate to the well. Hydraulic pressure is removed from the well, then small grains of propane (sand or aluminium oxide) hold these fractures open once the rock achieves equilibrium.

The first experimental use of hydraulic fracturing was in 1947, and the first commercially successful applications were in 1949. As of 2012, 2.5 million hydraulic fracturing jobs have been performed on oil and gas wells worldwide, more than one million of them in the United States.

Illustrations of Fracking Operations in the United States


Fracturing in rocks at depth tends to be suppressed by the confining pressure, due to the immense load caused by the overlying rock strata and the cementation of the formation. This is particularly so in the case of “tensile” (Mode 1) fractures, which require the walls of the fracture to move apart, working against this confining pressure. Hydraulic fracturing occurs when the effective stress is overcome sufficiently by an increase in the pressure of fluids within the rock, such that the minimum principal stress becomes tensile and exceeds the tensile strength of the material. Fractures formed in this way will in the main be oriented in the plane perpendicular to the minimum principal stress and for this reason induced hydraulic fractures in well bores are sometimes used to determine the orientation of stresses. In natural examples, such as dikes or vein-filled fractures, the orientations can be used to infer past states of stress.

How Fracking Works

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

“As prior blog posts and reports have detailed, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) has been occurring onshore in California for decades, yet without full disclosure to the public or state regulatory agencies.  Recently, new reports of offshore fracking in both California and federal waters have surfaced, showing that fracking has also been underway off the coast for many years, including in California’s most biologically sensitive areas”.

“Yet the California Coastal Commission, which is tasked with protecting California’s marine environment, was not notified about new fracking activity within its jurisdiction, and issued no coastal development permits to allow it”.

“While California has long had a ban on new drilling offshore, this ban does not prohibit drilling from existing or “grandfathered” platforms in state waters. California’s Department of Oil, Gas & Geothermal Resources (DOGGR), which regulates oil and gas development in the state, has approved individual well drilling plans for at least four such “grandfathered” platforms and five oil and gas producing islands in state waters. And it did so apparently without communicating with the Coastal Commission about this activity. As such, the Coastal Commission never had the opportunity to assess the potential harm to coastal waters from these operations”.

“The term hydrofracking comes from a procedure officially known as slick water hydraulic fracturing. This process is used to obtain natural gases concealed below the Earth’s surface. Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” was created by Halliburton Inc., Schlumberger Inc. and Messina Inc. It was first used in the 1940s to unlock substantial amounts of oil and clean-burning natural gas, which is extracted from dense deposits of shale. This is different from conventional natural gas drilling and makes mining in dense shale economically possible”.

This is a BIG part of the Georgia Guide Stones/AGENDA 21 ‘plot’.  In short, it seems that FRACKING” has been packaged as a combination of NEW technologies that are good for us. That are safe. And necessary for our energy needs. From my understanding, in light of these facts, it is none of those things. Also it appears that there is no justification for Fracking from an Economic or an Environmental view point. It looks like a scam. It needs to be halted until they can answer these points.

And consider this; in the mid 90’s, I think on William Cooper, on Short Wave Radio, there was a good bit of talk about a ‘future plan’ to poison the water aquifers that was “leaked”. At that time I did not make the connection to Fracturing/Fracking, but I was sure that that would be an understandable method to further control the population.

ALL of this seems to leave us with a very big “WHY”? Facts are “FACTS” and this is no “THEORY”. We need this information to get out in the eye of the public.


…”The risks presented by hydraulic fracturing include potential contamination of ground and surface waters from well casing failure”…

Many Law suites have been filed because of underhand “back door” tactics that have skirted the Laws in various states. As of today 05-14-14 one was just reported in Ohio…

Written by Edoms Thorn

Edited and images added by Whitewraithe~

3 thoughts on “FRACKING – What is it and why it’s harmful to the planet?

  1. Hello WW.

    I have to report that my initial assessment was correct. They are establishing the infrastructure to poison the water supply of those of us that live in the urban areas. “THEY” are INSISTING to establish FRACKING operations above fresh Water Aquifers across the Nation. As I told you on the phone, my friend that lives in western Nebraska, are fighting the same FRACKING thing! IT is all across the Nation, but WHY ARE THEY FRACKING? We have an abundance of available OIL that is easily accessible through “Conventional Drilling Techniques”(CDT) yet they claim they Hydrolic Fracturing is the “OUR” answer to our petroleum needs! That is B.S. and we know it. The reason that CDT is being impeded is because of Regulations and FAKE ass environmental concerns. But they want to FRACK, when FRACKING has been proven to be dangerous to the environment, and as I have proven, is not economically sound for the production of Oil!

    On 11-12 2014 we were given (what may be) our final opportunity to express our concerns about the proposed Fracking operation near my home in Slidell Louisiana. Our lawyers were not provided with Helis Oils arguments until the start of that hearing (They did make known their objections, and concerns that it was another TACTIC to force their will upon us) and I was “armed for bear” as I was taking notes, and revising my intended comments, based on their “presentation”. IT was full of contradictions and actually was a display of their ARROGANCE, and intentions of forcing their will upon us. But for some reason my name was removed from the list of concerned citizens that wanted to speak. There were others that were moved to the front of the line that were cherry picked based on their status in the community i.e. one Hollywood JEW boy that lives here, and the Mayor of a near-by town, and a bunch of those that were supposedly in opposition to Fracking, that would not even consider having a conversation with me, after I had presented the FRACKING FACTS!

    All in all, it was nothing more than a “FILIBUSTER” . The ENEMY spent nearly three hours repeating the same crap we had been hearing for months, (most of which had been proven, through our witnesses, to be propaganda and lies months ago). WE ARE FRACKED!!!!

    I was so angry that I was not allowed to speak, and disgusted, that the supposed “opposition” would not even consider the FACTS concerning FRACKING, that I now believe, (as is the case with many platforms that resist EVIL) that the opposition to fracking is CONTROLLED> I AM NOT FRACKING STUPID! GOD will not help AMERICA! It is full of self-impressed FOOLS and TRAITORS that love the lies of DEMONS!

    EDOMS THORN can not be refuted! ALL I have presented are the result of over 44 years of PRAYER, Research and SOUND OBSERVATIONS!

    When you have put all of this together in these articles, this is the only thing that makes sense.
    “Why don’t these scriptures fit the so called “Gods Chosen”?
    “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”

    HERE are who MOST JEWS™ really are
    “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”

    I laugh at the self impressed! Always seeking, and never finding! Rejecting FACTS for FABLES!

    • This utilization of FRACHING in NEW Oil Wells IS NEW! It has not occurred until the last four or five years, when WE first started hearing about FRACKING! They ARE bringing about the tools that will bring about the Georgia Guide Stones and A BRAVE NEW WORLD!

      I missed the link but here it is >>>

      HERE are who MOST JEWS™ really are
      “EDOM: The Story Of Jacob And Esau Is Not Just A Story”

  2. 10 Stars Ms. Whitewrathe!
    Great article and tight facts.

    This was no small feat to compile this information and most Americans and citizens who have never worked in the oil game don’t know these things.

    This is also WHY they bought the LIE in 80’s Reaganomics about “limited reserves” where the nation was forced to buy foreign oil from OPEC and the Bush Clan’s cronies and that was where outsourcing really got started in a toxic way.

    Listen, out west in the oil basins there are countless holes capped where not just rigs but working pumps were at until it all died end of 1983.

    I can attest having been there that You can drop a drill bit just about anyplace in the Dakotas/Wyoming/Montana and oil comes up… it’s way MORE oil than the Middle East has and one of the biggest LIES foisted on people then and NOW.

    Also there is so much crude oil out there, they NEVER needed offshore oil rigs nor fracking shale to get crude oil, It’s really more like some Jed Clampett shit out there but people who were never in the oilfield won’t know this as it has been diss-information a long time.

    Crude hits the cat-cracker in refineries a HUGE multi-level distillation unit to go from tar for asphalt up to light glycols to make nasty PET plastic used in beverage and food containers.

    I know because my hometown in Wyoming was the oil hub city out there with THREE then huge oil refineries Standard=AMOCO, Texaco, Sinclair built on the North Platte river, dumping carcinogenic sludge in the river flowing into Nebraska to the Mississippi and this is also WHY the Farm Belt in the Dust Bowl era happened was eco-balance disruption that killed the Farm Belt with all the oil refineries and industrial energy industry building facilities built on rivers flowing through there.

    The stench of H2S was like a nasty outhouse odor out there for decades 24/7 until Reaganomics killed the Energy Industry out west and caused a 30’s style Depression out there while the rest of Amerika got cloned off NeoCon images like Top Gun shit, or MTV plastic rebel crapola.

    By end of 1983 it was DEAD, and the Nation was LIED to for those OPEC outsourced sand-niggaz’ who were butt-slutt buddies with the Bush Clan… hell You can see photos of “W” kissing and holding hands with those rag head skeikh freaks also pals of ZOG.

    I’m telling You and Your readers, America does NOT need to offshore drill and does NOT need to frack. The region out west has far more oil than OPEC nations there is NO comparison and any decent geologists out there and men who test oil core on drilling rigs can tell You this fact too.

    I worked in the Energy Industry up to its death in 83.

    Now out west there is a small revival of uncapping the holes and putting up both drilling rigs and working pumps because shit in the Middle East did not work out so good for those Elite SCUM who started this bullshit in the 80’s.

    Yeah Truthers… outsourcing? Talk Reaganomics and OPEC in bed with each other. That’s where it began bigtime. Amerika was BETRAYED by SCUM BUSH Sr. and his puppet Ronnie the Bohemian Grove Bonzo beastiality boy with jelly beans lust.

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