IMMIGRATION: Instrument of Social Engineering and Political Control

By Björn Gwinnett

“Whosoever becomes prince of a city or State, more especially if his position be so insecure that he cannot resort to constitutional government either in the form of a republic or a monarchy, will find that the best way to preserve his princedom is to renew the whole institutions of that State; that is to say, to create new magistracies with new names, confer new powers, and employ new men, and like David when he became king, exalt the humble and depress the great, “filling the hungry with good things, and sending the rich empty away.” Moreover, he must pull down existing towns and rebuild them, removing their inhabitants from one place to another; and, in short, leave nothing in the country as he found it; so that there shall be neither rank, nor condition, nor honor, nor wealth which its possessor can refer to any but to him. And he must take example from Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander, who by means such as these, from being a petty prince became monarch of all Greece; and of whom it was written that he shifted men from province to province as a shepherd moves his flocks from one pasture to another. These indeed are most cruel expedients, contrary not merely to every Christian, but to every civilized rule of conduct, and such as every man should shun, choosing rather to lead a private life than to be a king on terms so hurtful to mankind. But he who will not keep to the fair path of virtue, must to maintain himself enter this path of evil.”– Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli

Niccolo Machiavelli

Over the past 50 years, the USA has been transformed from a Constitutional Democracy into a neo-fascist empire.  Now, in many western countries, neoconservative politicians are copying American politics and steering their nations toward fascism.

In doing so, they have used, and are using, many of the same strategies and techniques that were employed so successfully in America, including assassination of popular leftist leaders, infiltration of political parties, control of the media, and mass immigration.

In the present article, I focus on the latter technique: mass immigration, and discuss how it is being used to socially engineer the rise of fascist states.  Two important mechanisms are involved:

(1) Large numbers of conservative foreigners are injected into a society by mass immigration to increase the number of conservative voters.

(2) The unending stream of immigrants pouring into the country makes native-born citizens feel uncomfortable.

They see large numbers of foreigners living in their communities, wearing exotic clothing, speaking foreign languages, working at jobs needed by unemployed native-born citizens, and otherwise acting as though they are the rightful owners of the land.  Out of fear for the future of their children and culture, native-born citizens leave leftist political parties and switch their political allegiance to neo-fascist candidates who promise to stop immigration.

Immigration and Globalization

Since ancient times, kings and other tyrants have moved peoples to alter demography, pacify unruly peoples, and enrich themselves and their friends, so it should come as no surprise that neoconservative globalists today are also using mass immigration as part of their strategy to destroy successful democratic societies and to consolidate power.  What is amazing is that so many people, including progressives, leftists and even traditional conservatives don’t understand how this tool is being used to rapidly reconfigure the voting demographics of various states and to establish a new world order.  The “sheeple” blindly accept the myth that mass immigration is politically neutral, inherently good, and they enthusiastically support it by condemning its critics as racists and hateful bigots.

Current immigration politics are an integral part of the globalization movement.  As the armies and corporations of America and its allies invade and take over other countries, the people of those countries in turn are moved to western nations in large numbers by immigration.  As Paul Craig Roberts has noted, the new wave of colonization is two way: “As our military invades other countries, their people come here.”

Besides the political advantages mentioned above, mass immigration benefits the ruling class by ensuring that there will always be more job seekers than available jobs.  Creating and maintaining a large, permanent pool of unemployed people enables businesses to keep salaries and benefits low, since desperate job seekers will agree to any terms just to have a job.

Mass immigration also creates housing shortages and windfall profits for landlords because it enables them to drastically increase monthly rental rates much to the chagrin of native-born tenents.

In some countries it also appears that mass immigration is being purposely used to overwhelm and bankrupt public assistance programs for the needy.  The goal seems to be to break and destroy all programs that attempt to mitigate the unfair distribution of wealth between social-economic classes.

The Swedish Experience

Let us now look at one specific nation, Sweden, to see how mass immigration is currently being used by a neoconservative government to move that country to the right politically.

Anna Lindh

Anna Lindh

In 2003, Foreign Minister Anna Lindh was chosen to be Sweden’s next prime minister.  A member of the ruling Social Democrat Party, Lindh was a committed to many of the principles of social democracy and was immensely popular with Swedish voters.

Anna Lindh believed in maintaining Sweden’s traditional neutrality and opposed Swedish membership in NATO.  She was also famous throughout Europe and the world for her frequent and vociferous criticism of George W. Bush and the government of Israel (she was the biggest public critic of both).

Anna Lindh was the protégé of Olof Palme and she emulated her mentor by trying to make life more decent for all Swedes, and for all the world’s peoples.  Photos of Lindh as a teenager show her sitting in her bedroom with pictures of Che Guevara and Karl Marx on the walls.

Obviously, this good woman was unacceptable to President Bush, NATO (which was expanding eastward at the time) and the corrupt government of Israel, so within few days of her being chosen to be Sweden’s next prime minister, Lindh was murdered while shopping for clothes at a Stockholm department store.  Her assassination left the Social Democrats without a popular leader and they therefore lost the next election (2006) to neoconservative Fredrik Reinfeldt and his coalition of center-right parties.

The transition to Fredrik Reinfeldt


Fredrik Reinfeldt

Fredrik Reinfeldt

The historic consequences of this assassination for Sweden cannot be exaggerated.  Lindh was so popular that it is highly doubtful that Reinfeldt and his alliance would have won the 2006 election.

Since becoming prime minister seven years ago, Reinfeldt has made radical changes in Sweden, transferring huge amounts of wealth from the middle class (most Swedes were middle class) to corporations by cutting money to education, healthcare, environmental and workplace protection, and reducing taxes on businesses.  Unfortunately for Swedes, the corporations have responded to these offerings by moving jobs to eastern Europe and Asian countries, so large numbers of Swedes are now unemployed.

Reinfeldt and his party (The Moderates) have notified the Swedish people that their nation will be transformed into what they call a “multi-cultural society” modeled after the USA.   Throughout his rule, and despite the high unemployment figures and drastic housing shortage in the country, Reinfeldt has pushed an aggressive policy of mass immigration to achieve this goal.  He favors increased work immigration as well as refugee immigration.

Most Swedes are only vaguely aware of the American experience of immigration, and so cannot see through the scam in the word “multi-cultural society”.  If America truly had a “multi-cultural society,” then all its various cultures would be valued and preserved including, for example, all of its original American Indian cultures, later immigrant cultures, etc.  In reality, however, most of these cultures decline and fade with time, usually over a period of many generations as descendents eventually choose to live in the dominant, materialist culture rather than the one from which they originated.

Consequently, America would be more accurately characterized as a melting pot (or pressure cooker) rather than a multi-cultural society.  Cynics say there is really only one dominant American culture: the culture of greed and selfishness, and against this materialistic, capitalist culture no other culture can survive unchanged or undiminished for long. The new “multi-cultural society” being created in Sweden is a similar capitalist culture of greed and selfishness that threatens to replace Sweden’s traditional culture of social and environmental responsibility, which is based on the teachings of Lutheran Christianity.

Comparisons of immigration policies

Officially, Sweden admits approximately 100,000 immigrants yearly.  The real immigration numbers are much higher, but even if one accepts the official statistics, one quickly realizes that 100,000 immigrants annually is a large number for Sweden, a nation of only 9.5 million people.  In just ten years, it equals one million immigrants, more than 10% of the population and enough to tip the balance in many elections.

The nations supplying most of the new immigrants include Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Irak and Iran.  The sex ratio is unbalanced:  approximately 60% of immigrants are men while only 40% women.  Consequently, the streets of Sweden are now plagued with large numbers of single, bearded immigrant men from the Mideast and Horn of Africa looking for women.

Immigrants tend to be more conservative than native-born Swedes.  I have heard many of them express hatred for Sweden’s social democratic traditions and culture.  Everyday, Swedes see substantial numbers of these newly-arrived immigrants living in their neighborhoods, wearing foreign clothing, shouting foreign languages into their mobile telephones, and working at jobs needed by unemployed Swede professional.

Since Sweden is one of the most expensive nations to live in, it costs the state enormous amounts of money to import and support foreign refugees until they find work.  Reinfeldt’s solution has been to lay off large numbers of Swedes from state jobs (healthcare professionals, teachers, social workers, scientists) and transfer some of the money formerly used for their salaries and student scholarships to immigrants.  The average welfare check is half a normal salary, so the money formerly used for one state job can be used to support one unemployed immigrant and one unemployed Swede professional.

Resentment and disaffection in Sweden

All this seems designed to make Swedes angry–and its working!  Many Swedes feel that their country is being taken over by foreigners.  Consequently, large numbers have left the Social Democrat Party and joined a neo-fascist party called the Swedish Democrats (note the similarity of names, it is not accidental), which opposes mass immigration and promises to severely reduce it.

Sadly, no left-wing party opposes mass immigration. Instead, they have focused on issues such as homosexual  rights, which seem irrational, because they are bound to repel and alienate the masses of new, conservative immigrants.  Some suspect the reason is that their leaderships have been infiltrated by right-wing agents or intelligence operatives.  In Sweden there has been a long, shameful history of right-wing infiltration and neutralization of left-wing parties.

During World War II, for example, the Swedish Security Police (Säpo) discovered that the leaders of Sweden’s Socialist Party (Hans Flyg, Agaton Blom, etc.) were not the left-wing politicians they claimed to be, but rather agents of Adolf Hitler.  Flyg and Blom received massive amounts of cash from Nazi Germany to finance their activities.  This year, 2013, it was revealed that Stefan Löfven, the current leader of Sweden’s largest left-wing party (the Social Democrats) attends Bilderberg group meetings, and many now fear that he is a puppet of that neoconservative group.

As more and more immigrants pour into the country, support for the Swedish Democrat Party grows, and there are fears that it will someday be one of the largest parties in Sweden.  Already, right-wing politicians are predicting that the Swedish Democrats will someday replace the Social Democrats as one of Sweden two largest parties.  If that happens, they further predict that Reinfeldt (or his successor) will eventually form a coalition government with them to permanently convert Sweden into a neo-fascist state.

The Good Cop/Bad Cop Strategy

The strategy being used here is a good cop/ bad cop strategy.  Reinfeldt and his Moderate Party play the good cop, welcoming as many immigrants as possible to Sweden, and thereby creating more conservative voters.  Jimmy Åkesson (leader of the Swedish Democrats) play the bad cop, promising to severely reduce mass immigration and thereby winning the support of Swedes who believe that there has been too much immigration.  Together, the good cop and bad cop are increasing electoral support for neoconservatism and moving Sweden to the far right.

And as neo-fascist parties and alliances gain strength in Europe, Israel’s influence in European politics grows.  Independent Journalist Wayne Madsen reports that, since World War II, the leadership of all fascist political groups in Europe has been infiltrated and taken over by the Israeli Mossad, which has quietly transformed them from anti-Jewish groups into anti-Moslem groups.

According to Madsen, the reason why Israel has devoted immense time, energy and resources to taking over the leadership of these groups is that it wants to prevent any future repeat of Hitler’s mass genocide of the Jews during World War II.  That is a commendable motive, one that we can sympathize with.  But while we should support Israel’s efforts to prevent another Holocaust, we should not therefore also support its efforts to take over and control European nations–especially when its current government is corrupt and ruled by criminal mafias.  We would do well to remember Madsen’s revelation whenever we hear news reports of the activities of European neo-fascist leaders and their groups.  If he is correct, then these groups and their leaders are mainly puppets and part of a well-orchestrated strategy of tension.

Björn Söder: Party Secretary of the Swedish Democrats

While writing this paper, I visited the website of the Swedish Democrats to make sure that I accurately reported the facts about this party.  While there, I found two new articles posted that merit mentioning.  Both were editorials written by Party Secretary Björn Söder, who has also been elected to the Swedish Riksdag (Congress).  The first article argued that “Sweden should not take part in the boycott of Israeli companies proposed by the EU.”

It was accompanied by a beautiful photograph of the Israeli flag, which also appeared conspicuously on the very first page of the website (the day that I visited). The second argued that “Sweden should end all aid to the Palestinian Authority.”  In light of Wayne Madsen’s allegations, it is not at all surprising to see such articles on the website of the Swedish Democrats.

Tolerating the intolerable

In other countries (USA, UK, Israel) mass immigration has been used much longer to social engineer populations.  So long in fact that many citizens in those countries now erroneously view mass immigration and its many negative consequences as completely normal.

In those countries, the daily experience of meeting so many new immigrants that look, speak and behave so different from oneself has broken down many peoples’ sense of belonging to a community and led them to accept Margaret Thatcher’s claim that “there is no such thing as society: there only are individual men and women and there are families.”  Once this idea is accepted, it becomes hard to preserve the sense of responsibility for others that is such an important part of traditional communities and social democracies.

An important point to remember is that mass immigration is usually greater than official statistics show, and there are sometimes even larger numbers of illegal immigrants in a country than legal immigrants.  For example, in the USA during a given year, there are often millions of illegal immigrants.  Many suspect that this is not an accident, but rather is planned as a mechanism for increasing mass immigration.

The US Government frequently grants amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants it permits to enter and work in America.  Each time it grants such an amnesty, it promises American citizens that this will be the last such amnesty, and that from now on the government will enforce the law.   However, this promise, like the treaties the same government made with various American Indian tribes, is never kept and ten or twenty years later another amnesty is granted to the millions of illegal aliens that have settled the country since the last amnesty.  Amazingly, American citizens continue to vote for politicians who betray them in this way.

How do we know for sure that our leaders are using mass immigration to socially engineer our communities? Because no matter how high unemployment is, no matter how great housing shortages become, no matter how stressful the disruption to our lives caused by mass immigration, the government continues to annually import thousands and millions more immigrants. Furthermore, in the corporate media, there is almost never any discussion about the ethics of immigrants destroying jobs and raising rents for native-born citizens.

Over the years, I have heard many right-wing politicians give speeches against immigration. While they acquire many votes this way, they seldom, if ever, do anything significant to stop it. And the neoconservatives, who normally protest spending any money on social programs, now argue passionately that vast sums should be expended to finance mass immigration–and pay for the needs of the individual immigrants! Does that not sound suspicious?

No matter who much far-right politicians say they oppose immigration, no matter how much they attack it and promise to end it, mass immigration continues unabated. Their speeches are just rhetoric, a smoke-screen, a scam to get our votes. This is because, as I pointed out earlier, neoconservative politicians benefit enormously from mass immigration and the social engineering it produces. They’re not going to stop what for them and their allies is a very productive enterprise. In coming years, they plan to bring in even more immigrants than before, at rates that will make today’s mass immigration rates look mild in comparison.

Björn Gwinnett, Ph.D., formerly worked for the US Department of State.  He is a dual citizen of Sweden and the USA.


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