Judea Declares War On Germany: A Critical Look at WWII


Although there are still questions, this is a staggering video which shows beyond reasonable doubt that no Jews were murdered in gas chambers, simply because there weren’t any. On the contrary, the Germans took good care of their prisoners during the war and fed them well in the concentration camps, let them play sports, they had swimming pools, and they were properly dressed for cold winter days. They were fed 1100 calories/day except during the last few months of the war, when Germany was under heavy bombing attacks from the allies and had no means to keep up with what was going on in the camps.

I know this is hard to believe, and it was for me too, until recently. You be your own judge! Wes Penre, www.illuminati-news.com

Daily Express 1933

his movie is a fair and balanced look at how Jews declared war on Germany in early 1933 (long before any German retaliation began) in an effort to crush Germany.  Germans responded to this by making many of these “traitors” to their cause imprisoned (similar to what America did to the Japanese).  However, despite propaganda conceived by Jewish supremacists in the form of Holocausts movies made weekly (still, even 60 years after the war’s end), there were no homicidal gas chambers.

There were no lampshades made from Jewish skin, and all such talk has been proven to be pure bunk.

There were no bars of soap made from humans, as Jewish propagandists have long argued (despite numerous tests proving them bald-faced liars, and despite even some Jewish historians conceding to this last point–and others).

Most of the stories you hear are simply left-over propaganda conceived by Soviet Jewish master-propagandist Ilya Ehrenberg, which he used to help justify the war.

In fact, according to records from the Red Cross, only about 275,000 Jews died during the course of WWII in lands occupied by Germany.  Those who did die suffered mostly from diseases (such as typhus) and malnutrition (towards the war’s end, when supply lines were cut and even the general public had to ration its food there).

Today, of course, Jewish supremacists are working quickly to suppress anyone who doubts their propaganda.  Take, for example, Ernst Zundel, who was ripped away from his wife Dr. Ingrid Zundel in the hills of Tennessee, when he was sent to Germany for doubting the Holocaust (with a capital “H”).  Similarly, Germar Rudolf was taken from his wife and children in Illinois and deported to Germany, where he stood trial and had to go to prison for doubting the Jewish version of history.

No one is sent to Red China for doubting that they killed millions under communism there, which is a known fact; nor is anyone sent to jail for doubting that about 40 million people were murdered under Stalin and his Bolshevik henchmen.  But doubt Jewish WWII propaganda, and you might next be sent to Europe to stand trial for their thought crime laws–like a modern day Galileo–punished for telling the truth!

(See articles below about this video not being allowed on a cable access channel that says it supports “free speech”–as long as it touts the line, of course, and doesn’t offend Jews only.)

Watch the video here: Video [01:13:00]. This video is not copyrighted and can be distributed freely. To save it to your hard drive, right click the video-icon and click ‘save target as’.


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