Liberal Alabama Blogger Illegally Imprisoned in huge Free Speech case!

Roger Shuler

Roger Shuler

Liberal blogger Roger Shuler, known as “Legal Schnauzer” of Alabama has been illegally and unconstitutionally thrown in prison since October 23, 2013 because of his beliefs.

The Alabama judge Claud Neilson, used “prior restraint” of Shuler’s blog postings to throw him in jail. In a completely unconstitutional act and a trashing of free speech the judge ordered Shuler to remove a blog post BEFORE there had been any trial as to whether it was libelous or defamatory. This is blatant “in-your-face” censorship by a crooked judge at the behest of Alabama Republicans!!

This is a MAJOR ASSAULT ON FREE SPEECH and it must be stopped in its tracks immediately with the release of Roger Shuler from his unlawful political imprisonment.

Please PUBLICIZE this case far and wide. Lobby Alabama to release Roger Shuler from his political imprisonment.

Robert Morrow   512-306-1510

Roger Shuler’s wife Carol can be reached at

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          Roger Shuler is a liberal blogger in Alabama who has driven Alabama Republicans absolutely insane by his exposing their criminality, sexual hypocrisies and all manner of dirt on them. For example, Shuler wrote about Rob Riley’s (the son of former religious right governor Bob Riley) adultery with a lobbyist Liberty Duke, the resulting pregnancy and Rob Riley and other Republicans facilitating and ABORTION for Liberty Duke, who by the way was married at the time and got a quickie divorce from her husband.

          This type of stuff is extremely embarrassing to certain parties, even more so if it is true. Rob Riley wants to be a Republican congressman from Alabama and this revelation probably nuke his chances at that. Adultery and abortion are not good issues for religious right candidates to campaign on.

          Roger Shuler has also posted a picture of U.S. Circuit Court Judge William Pryor posing for a gay magazine while naked and with a hard on. Pryor is the former Republican Attorney General of Alabama and a very anti-gay politician. The religious right has a huge influence on Alabama GOP politics and this type of material is anathema to them.

          Roger Shuler also blogged about a supposed gay affair between Karl Rove and a blogger named Ali Akbar. I don’t know if I believe this one but I had someone who I respect told me recently that Karl Rove and Grover Norquist in the past had been homosexual lovers. Remember the phony journalist Jeff Gannon, aka Jeff Guckert, was running loose in the George W. Bush White House like a stray cat. Jeff Gannon turned out to be a totally phony reporter but a real live gay prostitute. If that is true about Karl Rove and Grover Norquist, then Grover might be the most expensive call boy in America. Karl Rove’s dad “turned gay” when Karl was a teenager.

          Obviously these types of exposes make the Republicans go ballistic, whether the charges are true or not. Most of them probably are in fact true.

          Roger Shuler has also done extensive reporting on the Don Seigelman case. Shuler claims Don Seigelman, the former Democratic governor of Alabama, was framed and thrown in jail for political reasons:

          The bottom line is that liberal blogger Roger Shuler has driven both Alabama and national Republicans absolutely insane with his exposures of them. I think a lot of what Shuler posts is in fact true – maybe not all of it – but the vast majority of it. Have you ever seen Linda Blair in The Exorcist – remember the part when she is shrieking profanity, then her head does a 360 degree turn, then she vomits? That is what Alabama Republicans feel about Roger Shuler. Here is what I have learned in political activism:


Because there is no defense for the truth.

          It is critically important that activists and citizens publicize the case of Roger Shuler and work to get him released from jail immediately. His imprisonment is a MAJOR assault on freedom of speech in America. The judge used “prior restraint” in the case to illegally and unconstitutionally silence Shuler and he threw Shuler in jail with absolutely NO justifiable legal reason. Do you know how many millions of people would just love to imprison unpopular bloggers and journalists.

          Publicize this case, protect your God-given right to free speech and get Roger Shuler out of jail.


Robert Morrow   512-306-1510

Remember, a man was thrown in jail in the USA for something he wrote, before there was any trial for libel or defamation. That alone is an absolute torching of the First Amendment and all of our free speech rights.


                Shuler has been incarcerated in the Shelby County Jail since Oct. 23 after Riley filed a lawsuit seeking removal of posts about Riley’s extramarital affair with lobbyist Liberty Duke. Some 230 years of first amendment law in the United States says that it’s unlawful to restrict publication prior to a final judgement that the report is false and defamatory. There has been no such finding in the Riley lawsuit and in fact has not even been any discovery and yet Shuler has been in jail for almost two full months.

Legal Schnauzer Discusses his First Amendment Case and Bizarre Nov. 14 Court Hearing from Jail

This is Carol, Roger’s wife. On Friday, we provided a brief update on the Nov. 14 hearing on “permanent injunctions” in the Legal Schnauzer first amendment case. And not surprisingly, it was indeed a kangaroo court, though possibly even worse than we had anticipated.

We reported that Shelby County Courthouse officials turned away the majority of the people who attempted to appear at the mysterious and strange proceedings by claiming it was closed to the public. However, some supporters were able to gain access to the previously undisclosed location.

I was not present at this hearing, but I did interview Roger Shuler by phone who revealed some alarming details. Some key highlights are as follows:

  1. Roger Shuler–shackled at the ankles, waist and wrist–was led by four sheriff deputies from the jail to the courthouse. Once in the courtroom, he remained shackled throughout the duration of the hearing even when speaking and attempting to question the opposing counsel who was under oath.
  2. The court and the other side were livid about the widespread media coverage of their unconstitutional courtroom circus and shenanigans. Apparently, they believe they have total control of the press all over the entire world and not just here at Legal Schnauzer. They should be free to break the law with reckless abandon and trample the U.S. Constitution without shame and all global media outlets should simply turn a blind eye to their misdeeds.
  3. The court and the other side blamed me, Mrs. Schnauzer, for the media coverage and threatened me with arrest.
  4. Roger Shuler told the court he had no way to remove anything from the blog while still in jail in order to comply with their unconstitutional injunction. The court simply said that was his problem and in essence that he would be in jail indefinitely.
  5. The court and the other side threatened us with monetary sanctions.
  6. The other side never requested a struck jury upon the filing of the underlying alleged “defamation” case. This means it is a bench trial and the final outcome will be decided by the judge only.
  7. The other side filed a motion to remove the seal on the underlying alleged “defamation” case.

Source: Yahoo email

WW~Postscript:  While searching for a picture of Mr. Shuler, I came across this website Legal Schnauzer ExposedIt is rife with ridiculous rules that if you’re not a trained journalist then you have no business writing about things you know nothing about.  Well, that’s like saying that if you’re not imaginative enough don’t bother writing a novel.  So what will the U.S. police jack-boots do next; lock up every blogger that is not a college educated journalist?  Post 9/11 America has gone completely and utterly insane with a manic-depressive/bi-polar slant in almost every area of our society.  Some areas are safer than others as well as the inhabitants, but then bloggers like Roger Schuler who write the truth about public figures are thrown in jail basically with the key tossed away.

This kind of treatment toward ordinary Americans must STOP!


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