Updated: MARTIAL LAW in the USA

WW~Notes: Written just over a year ago in 2012, the NDAA bill has been instituted into law, and there have been three false flag attempts to confiscate the only source of  protection left from this tyrannical government – our guns. 

Also included is an updated list of FEMA Camps across the U.S., and a link for stock-piling food.  

The “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” may very well become the next Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia if current trends continue. The tragic events of September 11th have brought forth a fresh assault on the civil liberties that we Americans hold dear, although the process of crushing the United States under martial law may very well have been in the making decades before that…

Brandon Mayfield was mistakenly linked to the Madrid bombings.

Brandon Mayfield was mistakenly linked to the Madrid bombings.

Brandon Mayfield, native-born American detained for two weeks on false charges of terrorism

Soon after the attacks of September 11th, the unsuitably named USA PATRIOT Act was quietly passed through Congress into law. Supposedly designed to help the government prevent terrorism, the USA PATRIOT Act has been used time and time again for invasive and unconstitutional ends. A 2009 audit by the US Justice Department found that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had “improperly and, in some cases, illegally used the USA PATRIOT Act to secretly obtain personal information” about United States citizens over 1000 times. It has been invoked in investigations which are completely unrelated to terrorism, such as investigations of small-time drug dealers and even copyright infringers on the internet. Brandon Mayfield, an attorney from Oregon, was arrested as a material witness in the Madrid train bombings and held in FBI custody for over two weeks. Provisions in the USA PATRIOT Act made this perfectly legal. Even more worrying is the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (NDAA) This legislation allows the indefinite detention of US citizens suspected of terrorism or belligerent acts against the United States to be held in military custody. But who decides what defines “terrorism”? Organizations such as the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) are now being classified as “terrorist organizations” regardless of the fact that their rules include “to take all necessary precautions against harming any animal, human and non-human” and the aim to only cause economic damage against their opponents. And while the ELF is far from purely innocent, their classification as terrorists is part of a worrying trend of constantly broadening the definition of “terrorism”, as is common in emerging martial law situations. How long before any political action group is on the terrorism list? What about peaceful protesters? And how long will it be before they start going after people who simply disagree with what the government is doing?


Pictured: Your friendly neighborhood police department!

Another alarming progression that suggests the coming of martial law in the USA is the militarization of police departments. Sir Robert Peel, who created the very concept of a police department, once said, “the police are the citizens, and the citizens are the police.” But this is becoming farther and farther from the truth every day. We’ve all seen the harrowing footage of campus police officer John Pike pepper spraying a group of protesters who were doing nothing more than sitting on the sidewalk, and the video of NYPD officer Anthony Bologna spraying mace on two female protesters who were trapped in a plastic tent of some kind. Many small town police departments are forming “tactical response teams” and scooping up surplus military hardware like never before. In Richland County, South Carolina, the sheriff recently purchased a surplus armored personnel carrier with a machine gun mounted on top. The police department of Cobb County, Georgia has acquired an amphibious tank. In Roanoke, Virginia, the police department is currently using a 20,000 pound bullet-proof tank in routine policing. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 prohibits the use of the military for domestic law enforcement. Simply turning the police into the military (in every way except in name) is a convenient loophole for power-hungry politicians who would love to see martial law in the USA. In 1981 Congress passed the Military Cooperation with Law Enforcement Act. This act allows military to give local, state, and federal law enforcement the use of military equipment, research, and training in how to use this equipment. Law enforcement agencies claim that these steps are necessary to protect the lives of the men and women in uniform, even though violence towards police officers is at it’s lowest point since 2001.


Turnstiles at the Beach Grove, Indiana AMTRAK facility.

But perhaps the most unsettling of these developments is the discovery of what appear to be concentration camps run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in various places across the US. One facility in Beach Grove, Indiana is particularly foreboding. Once used as an Amtrak train repair facility, the federal government spent millions of dollars on “renovations” between 2004 and 2006. Among the new features are guard towers, metal turnstiles, and three layers of fencing with barbed wire (angled inwards to keep people in, not out) There are many more locations such as this (see a comprehensive list here) The list includes government and military training facilities which could be converted to civilian detention centers at a moment’s notice, and even renovated WWII P.O.W. camps. Make no mistake that the US government is at least preparing for a mass internment of US citizens in the event of martial law in the USA. Don’t forget that between 100,000 and 120,000 Japanese-Americans, many of them native-born on American soil, were forcibly interned during WWII by their own government, and some of these same internment facilities are being quietly renovated by the federal government. These developments are all very disturbing and point towards a definite goal of implementing martial law in the United States. Due to the USA’s strong tradition of liberty and democracy, it is not likely that it’s citizens will accept this new state of affairs peacefully. There are over 200 million privately owned firearms in the United States, and an armed uprising is likely if the situation becomes extreme. In chaotic times such as these, it is often fatal to think that infrastructure will remain intact and that order will be restored (as we learned with FEMA’s bungling response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans) Your only chance of survival is to be prepared well in advance. Any wise person would take the following steps to ensure the safety of themselves, their family, and their property:

– Hold on to your guns and learn how to use them. An obvious impediment to the implementation of martial law in the United States is the inconvenient ability of US citizens to fight back with weapons of their own. Your constitutional right to bear arms is under constant attack by politicians and anti-gun groups who would like to see every gun in government hands. Never surrender your firearms, especially the ones arbitrarily deemed “assault weapons”. Be aware of and take action against politicians who talk about regulation, registration, or “getting guns off the streets”. Write to your local lawmakers and let them know, in no uncertain terms, that you will not be voting for them if they do not fully support your Second Amendment rights. Don’t forget to buy plenty of ammo… The gun stores will probably not be open when the crap hits the fan!

– Prepare yourself for shortages of just about everything. Stockpile a wide variety of canned and dried foods to ensure that your nutritional needs will be met in the event of food shortages. Store water as well as water purification supplies (filters, iodine tablets, distillation equipment, etc.) Get plenty of batteries for any electronic devices you will need. It may also be a wise choice to buy a dynamo to provide electricity if your batteries are depleted. Build a stockpile of medical supplies, as well. And it certainly couldn’t hurt to learn some basic first aid. The Long Term Food Storage Secrets website has some very good information on stockpiling food ahead of some… Don’t be left standing there staring at an empty supermarket shelf when disaster strikes!

– Learn survival skills. During a martial law situation, you may be safer living “off the grid”. You might also be forced into this situation by the breakdown of infrastructure that often occurs during disasters or wartime. You never know where you will end up, so perform your own survival exercises in various environments (woods, desert, tundra) There is strength in numbers, so make plans to meet up with other survival-minded people in the event of a catastrophe.

These recent world events are indeed worrying, but everything can turn out just fine for you if you watch your lawmakers and elected officials with a hawk’s eye and let them know that you are watching them. Join the Movement to Impeach Barack Obama and elect a president who demonstrates a better understanding of the US Constitution and American values.


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