Not Zionism, not Judaism, Jewishness is the real threat

“But we ARE superior!”, thinks the Jew, looking at us with the innocent eyes of a butcher about to slaughter a lamb

Here I say it. I really don’t like Jews. In fact, I hate them. What is there not to hate about them?! They represent everything that is wrong with mankind. They are hypocritical. They are a fraud. They lie. They cheat. They rape. They exploit. They are genocidal manic-depressed psychopaths. They are scum.

Most fellow anti-Zionists are so obsessed with fending off the label of anti-Semitism that they embrace any Jew that criticises Israel. See, see, they say, the Jews say it themselves. Fools they are. They are like doctors trying to heel cancer with pain killers. Zionism is not the disease we need to eradicate. Zionism is only a symptom of a much more deadly pest: Jewishness.

Fair enough, some Jews seem like decent human beings. But more often than not, that’s just a facade. Take the Neturei Karta . These PR obsessed curlies never miss an opportunity to express their opposition to Zionism. I don’t care for what twisted reason they do. Most likely it’s just another Jewish fraud, like their self-chosen label of ‘Torah Jews’. The intention is to fool us into believing that they are rejecting the ‘Babylonian Talmud’. What they are omitting to tell us is that their definition of ‘Torah’ includes the Talmud. Clever, isn’t? The Jews have been using this deceptive-labelling tactic for centuries, whenever the Gentiles got a sniff of the odious nature of the rabbis’ ‘holiest’ book and pornography classic.

Quite frankly, I wouldn’t believe any Jew who doesn’t publicly renounce Talmudism. But don’t simply take their word for it. After all, Talmudism is a license to lie, in fact a license to commit any crime as long as it’s “good for the Jews”. I would go even further than the Spaniards in 1492, who demanded that the former collaborators with the Moorish occupants provide evidence for their claimed conversion to Christianity by eating the now famous pork and seafood stew. I would demand that any Jew claiming to renounce Talmudism literally pisses on that mother of all hate literature.

Rejecting Talmudism is not enough

Rejecting Talmudism is not enough though. Not all Jews are religious, in fact most of them are outright atheists. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop them from remaining stuck in the supremacist Judaic tradition of feeling superior to non-Jews.

You just need to read some of their ‘for Jewish eyes only’ blogs and discussion forums. The bragging about Jewish achievements, Nobel prizes[1] , higher IQs[2] , successful Jew here, successful Jew there is sickening. All they are looking for – when not busy stealing, cheating, robbing, prostituting, enslaving, or cross-promoting each other – is proof for the superiority of Jews, and of course, proof for ‘everybody hates us’. Gee, I wonder, whether those Gentile ill feelings towards Jews have anything to do with how they are treated by them.

Personally, I only trust a handful of Jews. For this to happen they must piss on the Talmud, they must piss on that robber’s hideout built on stolen Palestinian land, and they must piss on that Jewish miracle weapon that – for the past 65 years – allowed them to get away with just about anything, the Judeo-Bolshevik concoction of the Jewish HolocaustTM .

Footnotes :
[1] The Nobel prize is all about white-washing the memory of one of the biggest mass murderers in human history, the Swedish inventor and manufacturer of dynamite, Alfred Nobel. To do so, Nobel prizes are awarded to those candidates whose selection creates the highest ‘feel good’ effect. All the over-representation of Jews amongst Nobel prize winners proves is that academia and media are occupied Jewish territory.
[2] It is no surprise that IQ tests, who have been developed by the Jewish voodoo fraternity of  shrinks, are designed to make Jews look good.

This editorial was first published on the Rebel News site on 22 July 2010.

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