The psychopaths (I didn’t chose that word flippantly because by definition that’s EXACTLY what they are) who control our world have completely messed it up. Should be very obvious to you its time to do a little preparation. If you haven’t noticed all the obvious writing on the wall….. you’re most likely not reading this anyway. And that’s a shame because people who depend on you are going to suffer dearly for it.

Have to admit the various approaches to the prepper, survivalist and even the survival talk of militia and military types often frustrates me for a couple of reasons.

First off its often fear based and usually with a lot of urgency (realize I contradicted my opening paragraph). Don’t get me wrong, there are real reasons for most to be afraid and there certainly is a need for urgency (contradicted myself again). No need to rehash all the reasons, instead lets get to few things out of the way and move into the start of getting your prepping together.

Secondly the approach often forgets that people just don’t have much if any extra money these days and often little time since our lives have essentially been reduced to wage slavery. It also tends to forget some people have never camped, hiked, fished, hunted etc. Its just completely new to many of you.

Having said that, all the various sub-communities of survival have validity and something of real value to offer. Its just time to sort it all out and make it accessible to the average inexperienced and possibly broke family. Its also time to narrow down the unavoidable realities. Just spell them out so we can overcome them instead of allow ourselves to be beaten into submission by those same realities.

Now that the little bit of fear based “inspiration” is mostly out of the way, the target audience of this series of articles is the person who has not done a thing to prepare for survival. Know you should do some prepping but you don’t know where to start and don’t have much money. Maybe you’ve searched some survivalist/prepper sites yet it looked and felt so overwhelming all it did was cause inaction and even more fear !

That’s okay, can’t blame you because most of it is not geared toward people like yourself and that’s MY inspiration for this series. I want EVERYONE to do SOMETHING. But what? How do you START to realistically get a grip on this topic?

We are going to make most of this so within your reach there is no reason for any of you reading not to do as much of it as possible.

We know why you’re afraid so lets ignore that completely and spend a few moments on why you’re overwhelmed into inaction.

If you have spent any time thinking about prepping and finally intent on starting you probably have gone to a survival website, or prepper site, or homesteading site, maybe a build a BOB site (bug out bag – we’ll cover it), maybe a guerrilla warfare site etc. ……your quickly bombarded with “lists”.

Usually the gear to purchase list is so long it quickly becomes obvious there is no way you could begin to afford it, especially in today’s economic reality. It would obviously take a very long time to assemble, how do you know this guys list is the one to follow vs that guys list, you have no clue what half of it actually is and have no idea where you would even get much of the stuff, let alone what to do with it.

The next list you quickly discover is the necessary skills list. Okay, your done. NO WAY you could ever get all that stuff down. NO WAY…… Okay, MAYBE you could light a fire because you happen to be a smoker. Don’t be too confident in that thought as you will see.

That is a long introduction and you may also have noticed far too many survival/prepper articles are too long in general to grasp. We are going to avoid that trend as much as possible in future articles but I ask you to bear with me a little on this introductory one.

Those who know me know I’m into facing the harsh reality of things head on. Survival is a bunch of harsh realities. Especially if your new to it. Again, this series of articles is meant to be REALISTIC so lets start with just that. There are some very realistic things to face regarding survival prepping so lets get it out of the way in the first article.
(get ready for another list… sometimes its unavoidable….. but this one will be short and in the future we will do our best to make sure its not over whelming)

#1. NEVER let anyone convince you that you can survive without appropriate gear

#2. NEVER convince yourself you can just survive without doing some practice

#3. NEVER let yourself be convinced you can just run out the door without a plan of where you are going

#4. NEVER let anyone convince you that you can survive without caching key necessary items in various locations

#5. NEVER allow yourself to believe your survival plan can be stealing from others

#6. NEVER allow yourself to be OVER confident with your abilities to survive

#7. NEVER allow yourself to be convinced that you will NOT survive if you do not have an extensively well stocked, well hidden “retreat” home hidden in the middle of nowhere

#8. NEVER allow yourself to believe you can survive on the charity of others

#9. NEVER be so foolish to believe your “government” will take care of you, even a little

#10. NEVER quit, NEVER give up.


It should be obvious but whether you like it or not surviving is ultimately about NOT dying.
Work on getting your head around the above list. That’s the harsh reality of it. I could make it a lot longer but there’s no need. Start with thinking about that stuff.

Don’t jump off a bridge just yet because I overwhelmed you and its unrealistic again. However it would be irresponsible of me not to be completely truthful with you. The above list is the harsh reality, but so what? There are many harsh realities in life you have already overcome and just because its new to you doesn’t mean you can not over come this. You can and you will……. but you have to DO some stuff. Again, so what? There’s all kinds of stuff you have to do in life, this is just different stuff than you have done before. Also, much of it is nowhere near as difficult as some of the stuff you do in your life currently.

Now I’m going to expand just a little on the above list as a prep for the next article. There’s no need to write long essays on each point.

#1. Primitive survival is flat out completely unrealistic to just about everyone short of hardcore experts. Just in case you don’t know, the “average prepper or survivalist is NOT a hardcore expert. They’re exactly like you !! Just at various stages down the path ahead of you.

Also, there are a few things along the way that take appropriate equipment to be effective but it does not always equate into expensive, often doesn’t need to be. Improvisational skills are always necessary in life but often it just won’t work for us regular folks unless your one of the few hardcore experts. There will be some appropriate gear needed whether you like it or not.

#2. Do I really need to explain #2.? And no, I’m not going to encourage you to sign up for expensive and intense boot camp courses that even many soldiers barely suffer through. Lets be realistic though. Most things in life you just have to spend some time messing with to get a handle on. That also does not mean you have to make a heavy regiment out of it either.

#3. I shouldn’t have to explain #3., however from experience with far too many people I obviously do.

Our psychopathic organized gang controlled culture have purposely bred out of us any real clue how to take care of ourselves. Whether you realize the harsh reality of this point or not trust me, you do not ever want to end up being a refugee, and certainly not thrown into a FEMA camp. This ties in with points #1 and #2.. Be real, you just can’t survive with no appropriate gear and no basic skills. So it stands to reason you also just can’t be wandering around aimlessly. If your plan is only a BOB (bug out bag) with no particular place to go, its a death sentence for most whether you like it or not, whether you realize it or not. (We will expand on the where to go and why part as well as what to have waiting for you in a future article).

#4. You have all heard the saying NEVER put all your eggs in one basket. Yet most of us do. Its very important to change this practice. Need I say more to that?

#5. No, I did not make this point from some morality based prospective. I’m also not down playing the “sometimes you just gotta do what you just gotta do” thing but let me make this perfectly clear to you…………are you ready for the very very harsh reality?
DO YOU REALLY THINK PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF HAVEN”T PLANED AND TRAINED HARD IN FULL KNOWLEDGE THAT SOME PEOPLE”S PLAN IS KILLING AND STEALING TO SURVIVE? Don’t you think that even if someone is not hardcore and trained they won’t just do what is necessary to defend themselves and their much needed stuff? If this is your plan you will not live for very long, I guarantee it. You will be killed SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. Think about that real hard for a few moments. Not long enough….. let it sink in just a little bit further.

#6. Unrealistic over confidence in this arena is very dangerous. No reason to expand upon save to say …… I suspect the majority of the survival series TV shows of recent years were intentionally presented to us for this very reason. Many will have watched this stuff for entertainment, or even information and falsely gained confidence you can “just do it”. I suspect this was part of our psycho controllers plan for depopulation. Lull many of us life long dependents into thinking we can suddenly be survivalists.  (this is not at all meant to take anything away from the excellent show “stars” like Ray Mears, Dave Canterbury etc. I highly respect all of you…. BUT YOU AIN’T THEM). Got it?

#7. Somewhat fear mongering whether intentional or not. However, having a direction is something we cannot ignore. That’s another article.

#8. Simply naive and unrealistic. Pretend charity does not exist.

#9. Not even going to post an expanded comment to #9 because you’re wise now to what our psycho government actually is ……. our literal enemy.

#10. When you’re more physically exhausted than you have ever been, when your more mentally drained than you even thought possible and just cannot go on any longer… simply have no choice. You must find that one last cell in your body, or one last cell in your brain, or one last cell in your heart with the reserve energy you never knew you had. Giving up at this point has a finality to it making quitting not an option. This is the moment to think about the people you love who are depending on you for their survival. Think about the people you love and must see again at all costs. Make it your anger to crush the psychopaths for what they have done to our lives if need be. Whatever it is that congers up that last cell of energy simply find it. You do have a reason to live don’t you? Then hold onto that reason at all costs.

You MUST burn this understanding into your fiber. If nothing else know that I will be mad at you for making me write all this stuff out. Make that the reason if need be, just find it and hold on for dear life.

Point #10. is one half of the most important thing to understand in this entire series. (Come on, you knew I was going to leave the other half of the most important thing to understand for the second article). Gotta have a reason to go on right? Just in case you have not fully realized it yet this is a war you are surviving. If you’ve lost your reason to live we lost one warrior in this fight and we need you all.

One final harsh reality thought that must be said:


I promise you I will do everything in my power and experience to keep your prepping expenses as low as possible, and your practice time as realistically low as possible. However, if you choose to purchase for example; a case of beer (for you men) or a new purse (for you women) over an inexpensive yet necessary survival gear item you will eventually pay harshly for those decisions and so will those who depend on you. If you decide not to take a few moments out of your entertainment schedule to mentally get your head around the points of understanding here you will equally pay for it as if you didn’t have the correct piece of gear for the job and basic skill to use it.

All of the above had to be said before we get going.

Okay, from here on out as little harsh realities and fear inducing inaction as possible.

Also know this, preparing is resistance, And if your wise to our psycho enemies you gotta resist right?

Your first DOING assignment is to get your mind active to the 10 point list above to help inspire you for the upcoming stuff you CAN do to prepare. Next article will be along shortly.

Even though we could all do without this war, I’m thankful to be on the same side of the fight with all of you. Someday we’ll use our Bug-Out-Bags for the more enjoyable purpose of family camping and reminisce about how we finally turned our history around. How we rebuilt the world the way we know it should have been all along without any trace of our current psychopathic rulers.

Thanks for reading and preparing.

Courteous opinions welcome

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