Should be obvious your first gear move is going to be putting together a kit and this kit needs to be carried, or ready to be carried.
Typically this ready to be carried kit is called a Bug-Out-Bag. Need one whether you’re bugging out or not. Its a just in case kit and that’s all I’m going to say about that because its been written about almost to over saturation. As stated in article #1 times are real tough these days financially so lets approach it with that reality in mind.
You need SOMETHING to put your kit in and that something is ultimately an appropriate backpack. Can’t stuff it all in your pockets and can’t carry it in your hands, just won’t work.
What exactly is an appropriate BOB backpack? A lot has been written about that so no need for me to do it again. Start searching around online and reading what packs other people are choosing for their BOB’s but narrow you’re research down to JUST the backpack so its not overwhelming. You will learn and get closer to the goal.
Most people have some kind of back pack stuffed away somewhere in their living space. Chances are its going to be too small and won’t work so set aside for now, we will have another use for it down the road. Maybe you’ll get lucky and its a fair bit larger than you remember. Just go dig it out. Already own it so didn’t cost a thing…. you know what I mean.
Found it.  Completely forgot its bright pink and has a “Hello Kitty” badge sewn on it. Now you’re not stupid and know bright pink is not gonna work. Go to the garage and dig out that earth tone green or earth tone brown spray paint can you remember seeing in there 5 years ago. Don’t have a can? Well, go to the hardware store and spend the $4 on a can of KRYLON green or brown ultra flat camo paint, its a very common item. Both of these KRYLON shades are too dark IMHO but it’s fine for now. It will work. Don’t saturate it, mist it with the paint spray until you lose the pink.
Sorry I just cost you 4 bucks but there’s a reality here and it’s not bright pink.
Don’t have some kind of backpack or the one you have is clearly too small? That’s okay for now…. go dig up that duffel bag from your high school days.
No duffel bag?  I don’t know…. find a really big purse, a 5 gallon bucket. I don’t care for now…..just find SOMETHING to put your kit in. It will become apparent pretty quick if its too small and your gonna have to go digging through the closets again. That’s okay, you will find something.
We are in the beginning stages of the building process. The most important thing is to start.
Place this survival kit carry “thing” in an obvious location. Maybe near the front door. Maybe your car trunk, maybe in your bedroom. Just get used to it being where you can grab it and go. Maybe you’re not bugging out but need its contents for a situation. Just don’t bury it somewhere.
Maybe you have NOTHING to carry the kit your going to build. Not looking hard enough. Find SOMETHING. Even if its just a couple pillow cases (one inside the other for strength) until finding that old backpack you KNOW is somewhere. Its obviously temporary so don’t sweat it.
The game here is you’re going to be “trading up”.
Its just reality, this does not all come together straight off. Its going to take some time so accept this and don’t stress about it. Don’t use the time factor as an excuse to not spend some energy on the problem either. Goes without saying it will never come together if you never begin.
Start regularly hitting the Good Will type store. You will eventually find some kind of inexpensive pack.  Look for larger vs smaller. The Good Will pack find most likely won’t be appropriate either but its better than a couple pillow cases and will cost you next to nothing.
Check out your local Army Surplus store if you’ve never been. Usually they will have something better than the Good Will pack idea for a couple extra dollars even though its not the best choice because you cannot afford the $100+ models. Just make sure the main pack body has no huge hole in it and the shoulder straps are intact. If it has a waist belt even better. If there are a couple exterior pockets on the pack even better again. If the pack has an external or internal frame it makes the job of carrying a load much more comfortably. If there’s any zippers on the pack make sure all they all function.
At the very least you’re getting yourself around this kind of gear. You will start to get a feel for it. Ask some questions but don’t allow yourself to be sold. Just looking at the various designs of backpacks will get you closer to realizing what you need and hopefully inspire you to work towards a goal.
ASSIGNMENT for article #4:
Find SOMETHING to carry the kit you are going to build but know an appropriate backpack is best so start working on finding one. 
START spending a little time online researching what others are choosing for BOB’s…. again, JUST RESEARCH THE BACKPACK. (don’t have to spend hours at this research assignment. Just a little here and there)
That’s it !!
Next onto essays detailing the bottom line reality for gear and skill basics of each survival element.
Even though we could all do without this war, I’m thankful to be on the same side of the fight with all of you. Someday we’ll use our Bug-Out-Bags for the more enjoyable purpose of family camping and reminisce about how we finally turned our history around. How we rebuilt the world the way we know it should have been all along, without any trace of our current psychopathic rulers.
Thanks for reading and preparing.

Courteous opinions welcome

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