Survival Essay #2 by BDC – MENTAL PREPARATION

The introductory article pointed out one half of the the most important thing to understand regarding survival. That is NEVER quit, NEVER give up. The few notes regarding this in the introduction is all that really needs to be said. Besides, you have been thinking about this realization and building on it since article one right? We also covered the harsh realizations of survival.
As promised this article is the second half of that all important realization. Reason I left it to installment number two is it must have its own focus and I didn’t want to make installment number one too long.
Mental preparation for survival is something that deserves its own article and it doesn’t happen overnight. There’s really only one point to make in this essay but I’m going to blab just a little about it to hopefully drive the point home.
First thing to realize is every second of your life is an act of survival. You all know that right? No, you don’t. Not enough of us have focused on this simple realization. One of the major disconnects the destabilization template used against us has accomplished is to disconnect you from the most basic of understanding that everything you do is survival. We know this has been accomplished by addicting us to modern conveniences and redirecting public education to non-essential skills. And its worked. We are so beat down (war by other means) and exhausted, who’s got time time to play survival guy? Its done a real number on us actually and only a truly psychopathic group could be responsible.
I don’t care if your living in a 5 million dollar home with every convenience you could ever want or living homeless on the street. Its all surviving.
Think through it, eventually it comes right down to the only real difference between wealthy people and poor people. The bottom line difference is wealthy people in one form or another pay poor people to do much of their survival work for them.  Even if your one of the wealthiest and most powerful psycho’s running the world show your engaging in daily survival. NO ONE is exempt from it. That’s the harshness of the human condition. What do you think they ultimately want their stated 500 million trans-humanist slave race for? SURVIVAL.
I’m not going to turn this into some unnecessarily complicated rant on mental survival necessities.  Much has been written about this however not simply applied to the survivalist/prepper community.  Notice how many of the survival must have/do lists don’t even mention the mental prep angle? Yet its THE most important skill.
The bottom line is this:
The single most valuable tool in the survival tool box is KEEP YOUR HEAD TOGETHER. That’s it !!!!! And its the only sentence I actually needed to write in this installment.
Keep as calm as possible no matter the situation and think out your problem. Prepare yourself so you automatically do the correct thing for the needed situation with what you have and if you really are not ready for the correct thing use your head to think it out before you act. Just make sure your not frantic because your thrown a curve ball. Sure, there really are life or death situations where you must act RIGHT NOW but if you think it out eventually you’ll realize there’s a bit of time to accomplish most things even in survival.
Its also hard to lead others when your losing it yourself.
A simple example is water. (we will cover water in a dedicated article). Water is hugely important to survival and you do have to get on it pretty quickly…. but you usually do not have to have it RIGHT NOW. (Prioritizing your survival situation is something we will cover). One thing I can assure you though, if your water plan is not in place, being scared and frantic while trying to solve it is only going to harm your situation instead of help. Go about it level headed and realistically to avoid the harsh realities of the situation.
Frankly when it comes right down to it there is only one type of situation that somewhat defies what I just wrote in the above paragraph. That situation is the use of deadly force and its another article. Having said this, even with the application of deadly force you MUST keep your head together. Only reason I mention it here is because deadly force is such an extreme situation it appears to contradict the directive of staying calm and keeping your head together.
The take away from this installment and the second half of the most important realization of this series:
The harsh reality of NOT keeping your head together:
I don’t care how much gear you have (whether cobbled together from stuff around the house) up to the slickest expensive survival tools. I don’t care how many skills you have in your back pocket. I don’t care how many supplies you have stashed away. You will lose EVERYTHING if you cannot keep your head together.
The DOING assignment of this article is start to make a habit of reacting as calmly as you can when you normally get pissed off. Sure, I fail at it far too often too just like you will but when the chips are down you will be surprised how much of a rock you can be for yourself and others to lean on.
Gear is more fun to talk about and play with than mental work. Also, part of re-enforcing mental prep is to have tangible gear and skills in place. A little mental prep will be applied to various skills here and there but that will not be the focus from here on out.
With this in mind lets move onto basic gear and skills  because we need to start pulling the preps together.
Even though we could all do without this war, I’m thankful to be on the same side of the fight with all of you. Someday we’ll use our Bug-Out-Bags for the more enjoyable purpose of family camping and reminisce about how we finally turned our history around. How we rebuilt the world the way we know it should have been all along without any trace of our current psychopathic rulers.
Thanks for reading and preparing.

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