Survival essay #3 – BREAKING it DOWN to PUT IT ALL TOGETHER by BDC

The first survival/prep article was an introduction to some of the unavoidable harsh realities of survival. There were also some points regarding being overwhelmed for several reasons into inaction. The second installment was about rounding out mental preparation.
Survival/preparation is a vast topic and a life time of dedication to it couldn’t possibly master every detail. This is why we have to break it down to its most basic form, but it has to be in a manner that’s realistic for the average person as well as cover the necessary bases. The approach also has to be very honest to not mislead you into a false sense of being ready.
This is the intent here behind installment #3.
12 Elements of Survival 
                       < #2  &  #3 change priority if in Northern Latitudes during colder seasons>
#3- FIRE
#4- FOOD
#8-NAVIGATION  (without gps)
#10-COMMUNICATIONS  (without cell phones)
#12-TRANSPORTATION  (on foot > up to vehicle if possible)
You have to have SOMETHING in place for every one of these points. Bottom line is if you remove any one of these elements from your life you will die. That’s the harsh bottom line of the human experience.  Yes, I just induced fear but you knew you were going to have to DO some stuff. Doing it will take away the fear, just have to make it DO-able.
Some of the above is situation dependent:
For example, if you do not have a gun pointed at you or a hungry bear charging than your life may not be directly threatened. Might be able to remove that one and be covered. You need to be able to protect yourself whether your life is being threatened right now or not. Do I really need to expand on that?
So, it might be situation dependent yet its completely necessary.
The other important point is priority:
#1 to #4 is in order of priority. Often most survival priority lists place water as #2 and it often is. However if you live in a northern climate and have experience you will KNOW #2 and #3 swap during colder seasons. You can easily freeze to death in a few hours. Yet you can typically last a bit longer than that without water. Therefore the reverse applies If you live in a southern latitude. Water remains #2. and fire remains #3.
The one thing that always trumps the survival priority list is an immediate life threatening situation.
It can be anything from a jack-booted-thug pointing a gun at your wife to a buddy who just broke a leg and needs help now. The obvious is sometimes you have to drop everything and deal with it right now because you could lose your life or the life of someone you love.
ALL the elements of the list are bases you must cover to SOME DEGREE, just don’t completely remove any one of them.
If for some reason one of the 12 points is suddenly not covered (lost your tent for example – things happen) you have to get on covering that now missing element asap.
STOP this survival list notion I see on countless prepping sites of how long you can live WITHOUT something. Far better off doing your best to make sure each base is always covered to some degree than spending any time on how long you can live without it.
Take away exercise from this installment:
#1.  print or write out the 12 elements of survival list. Place in a zip-loc bag. You’ll need it for reference.
#2.  Relate all 12 essential elements of survival to your current daily life of convenience.
Your house or apartment is just a complicated “shelter”, but imagine having no shelter what-so-ever. Doesn’t work so you must cover that base SOMEHOW.  The furnace or electric rad is just “fire” (heat), think about how much you depend on your “water” tap. Realize calling 911 is a modern form of “weapons and (protection) tactics”. You know the phone is a “communication” tool, but have you ever thought about walking down your dark hallway to the bathroom in the middle of the night is a simple act of “navigation”?
Your everyday life is already survival, just over complicated. Your doing it now !!!  We just have to break it down a bunch.
Now onto the start of building it back up in a basic yet realistic form.
(Note: if I recommend a specific product I have no connection with the company what-so-ever other than to purchase and use their product at full price, just like anyone else.)
Even though we could all do without this war, I’m thankful to be on the same side of the fight with all of you. Someday we’ll use our Bug-Out-Bags for the more enjoyable purpose of family camping and reminisce about how we finally turned our history around. How we rebuilt the world the way we know it should have been all along without any trace of our current psychopathic rulers.
Thanks for reading and preparing.

Courteous opinions welcome

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