Unconditional Surrender

obamasamericanflagTreason everywhere. Our crackhead queen president is arming what we’ve been told for over a decade is the enemy in the war on terror, al-Qaeda, which means “the base.” That refers to the CIA’s computerized data base of mujahedeen fighters they put together in Afghanistan back in the ‘80s to fight the Soviet Army, which was finally defeated by surface-to-air Stinger missiles the CIA provided to al-Qaeda.

How al-Qaeda could ever be considered “the enemy” is a joke, since the CIA created the group, armed it, trained it and financed it with the help of Osama bin Laden, who was the CIA’s paymaster. Osama said in several interviews leading up to his death of Marfan Syndrome and kidney failure in late 2001 that he had nothing to do with 9/11. He said it was committed by the US government and Israel.

However, al-Qaeda is the boogyman in the Bush/Obama power grab they call the war on terror, except when we supply them with powerful ordnance including chemical weapons.

The crackhead’s popular support is in freefall and his parachute won’t open so he must go to Plan B. His cherished Tomahawk and B-1, B-2 and B-52 attack on Damascus (Plan A) has been delayed by John Kerry’s flip mention of a remotely possible way that Assad’s people could avoid kosher slaughter, which would be for Syria to surrender its chemical projectiles. Assad quickly agreed, with Russian help, to do exactly that, but now with certain conditions which will naturally be unacceptable to the US, which has always, since 1861, stood for Unconditional Surrender. So Plan A is still possible.

I’m pretty sure that Plan B is a declaration of martial law for whatever contrived but believable cause. Believable to the dwindling numbers of Obama lovers. And I suspect that Plan B was/is meant to coincide with Plan A, which would cause the national emergency that is required for a declaration of martial law. Plan A is designed to escalate into a world war with Russia and China, designed by Zbigniew Brzezinski, who by the sheerest of coincidence happens to be the same cat who dreamed up al-Qaeda in ‘79. Brzezinski is, in the words of James Bond, “quite mad, you know.”

With the impending collapse of the Federal Reserve System’s fake currency and bond market, a new currency based on total war may be coming. We might call it the War Buck. Unlike Germany’s debt-free Reichsmark, which was based on production, the War Buck will be based on destruction and reconstruction.

Destruction and Reconstruction, the broken window theory writ large. That has been the American method for profiteering and artificial prosperity for one hundred fifty-two years. The Rothschild syndicate lends fake credit to the military for destruction and more fake credit to industry for reconstruction of what the military destroyed. Most people don’t get ahead that way.

This is leaving out the human element, the totally innocent victims of Obama’s mercenaries in Syria. The grown-ups and children who are at this moment being videotaped as their heads are sawn off (chopped off, if they’re lucky) by Obama’s CIA-armed protégés. Assad’s generals are correct: These vicious lunatics should be gassed as quickly as possible.

Chris Stevens, our “ambassador” in Libya, was actually a CIA gunrunner who was supplying weapons to the Syrian monsters. As such, he deserved what he got in Benghazi, along with his CIA cohorts. The minimum penalty for such hideous treachery is death, whether in Benghazi or San Francisco. But it all originates in Manhattan, whence orders are passed to the DC cesspool, thence transmitted overseas. Orders for Plan A, total Jewish war against the world.

Now we must consider orders created in Manhattan for Plan B – also known as Operation Garden Plot, Rex-84 and just plain martial law. Sheriffs from around the country were summoned to a secret FEMA meeting in DC a couple of weeks ago. This is the signal we’ve been anticipating for the crackdown. Whether it’s based on a predicted natural disaster (real or man-made) or a false-flag terror event (same thing), it doesn’t matter. Martial law has to occur for whatever reason.

The only possible response from us is revolution. Revolution means the utter destruction of every person involved in designing, ordering, implementing, enforcing, participating in and profiting in any way from martial law.

RevolutionMartial law means no law, the law of the gun. Keep in mind that we paid for all the guns that are going to be aimed and fired at us at roadblocks and home invasions.

The reader will recall Brandon Raub, if only because I won’t stop talking about him and his nightmare arrest without charge and disappearance to a mental ward for “brainwashing.” His crime was speculating on Facebook about the traitors running our government. Well, now we have a similar thing that happened a few days ago. Blaine Cooper in Humboldt, Arizona wondered on good old Facebook if America is becoming a police state? Within twenty-four hours he got a call from the local police department and was told to come down for an FBI interview.

He complied with the request for an interview, which lasted 45 minutes. He was released after apparently being determined not to be a threat.

“They had every Facebook post I had ever made in a huge file, along with all my wife’s information and parents’ information,”Cooper said.

Cooper also said that he was told that without “defusing the situation” by complying with the interview, his house might have been raided. “The FBI made mention they came to question me so they didn’t have to kick in my door,” Cooper told PoliceStateUSA.com.

Okay, I’m not a lawyer and don’t play one on TV. But I can give some free legal advice: no FBI interviews. Main reason: the FBI is a homicidal terrorist organization. Evidence: the interview in Orlando of Ibragim Todashev which resulted in seven gunshots into Todashev’s body including one in the top of his head. This is what an FBI interview can lead to.

More evidence: WTC ’93. Special Agents John Anticev, Nancy Floyd and their bomb-making informant, Emad Ali Salem. The bomb that blew up in the parking area of WTC Tower 2 and killed six people and injured a thousand and did a half-billion dollars in damage was an FBI bomb built with explosives supplied by the New York office of the FBI, the same Fire Bombing Imbeciles who fire bombed our neighbors’ house recently to scare them off from being friends with us.

So, what if you get the two options from the Imbeciles? Option A, the interview, opens you up to the threat of being charged with a federal felony of “lying to the FBI” and the other threat of being shot while under interrogation. Option B is saying “Call my lawyer – no interview due to unacceptable risk,” followed by a federal home invasion and grievous bodily harm and probable death by HRT, the Imbeciles’ SWAT team. We saw these sadistic assholes in action at Ruby Ridge and Waco.

There are other options. Option C is to set up an ambush either at home or better yet, before they can get to your home. This is a good job for Neighborhood Watch. We must all prepare and rehearse this option starting right now. Once an interview is demanded by the Imbeciles, the Option C drill begins. The ambush should be at a tight corner or chicane, at which the vehicles must slow down considerably to negotiate it. Heavy gunfire should be poured into the vehicles and no one left alive. Weapons should be retrieved and the vehicles set afire if the fires wouldn’t threaten the property of nearby residents – if any.

Option C requires that everyone in Neighborhood Watch has a pre-determined ambush spot for any terrorist threat to each member.

Then there is Option D. This is also a good option and it requires reconnoitering the headquarters of the enemy. This could be the regional fusion center or the federal building. The demand for a life-threatening interview – and even the possibility of being charged with a federal felony for “lying to the FBI” is certainly life-threatening – should under Option D set in motion an attack on the headquarters from which the order issued. This attack should commence as quickly as possible after the demand for an interview is made. Option D is for the hard-core element among us, obviously.

Captured weapons should be distributed to those among us who have lost everything to the feds, the legal system and to the deindustrialization of America. This writer was one of these millions of dispossessed Americans until he got his job back a couple of years ago. He can easily become one again, as can any of us. Eighty percent of us are reportedly in poverty or approaching poverty, thanks entirely to the Rothschild cartel and its Federal Reserve System which have destroyed the value of everything with the debt-based FRN. The Fed must be destroyed and all members executed by the Hungarian method.

This essay is an announcement that this writer is now fully committed to the resistance and to the total destruction by the resistance of the federal tyranny based in Washington, DC and controlled by the Rothschild cartel which creates federal policy including all wars at the Council on Foreign Relations in Manhattan, Chicago and Washington, DC. The CFR must be destroyed and all four thousand plus members executed, along with all CFR clone organizations, all of which are funded by the Rothschild cartel.

I would suggest that the resistance have a specialist action group known as DAJA (Defense Against Jewish Aggression). This group would be manned by Jew-wise Americans and would reduce to nothing all organizations that are based on Jewish exceptionalism and special powers for and treatment of Jews.

The California legislature in Sacramento has just passed a bill that outlaws most self-loading rifles and handguns. The homosexual tyrant governor will probably have signed the bill and made it law by the time this essay is read by many. This new law exceeds the “assault weapon” ban proposed by California’s talmudic senator, Dianne Feinstein, the bizarre Jewess who suggested that all veterans are mentally unfit to possess guns due to PTSD. She was not contradicted by any Jew in America, or Gentile, for that matter.

The revolution should therefore begin in California. Everyone in a position of power who participates in gun control is a traitor, since gun control is treason. This includes the ones who proposed the bill, the ones who voted for it, the ones who lobbied for it and the ones who would enforce it when the law goes into effect.

There is only one reason that traitors would disarm us and make us defenseless: they want the unopposed power to kill us.

I know what you’re thinking. The same thing I’m thinking: why do these hapless guys with their relatively innocuous postings on Facebook get busted by the feds while this writer is left alone? That’s not exactly true, considering the drone attack we experienced in August, ’12 that resulted in the grave and mysterious lung disease that my wife contracted directly following the drone’s visit outside our office window. But, there have been no demands for “interviews” or HRT assaults on our home.

(I finally talked with the neighbor who had seen a drone earlier in the day of our nighttime attack. He’s an ex-SEAL who really didn’t want to get involved. He described what he saw over his house heading toward our house as being about eight feet long with a four- or five-foot wingspan. But this was probably not the same UAV that was outside our office window for about a minute around ten PM, unless it had some sort of hovering capability.)

Two possible reasons for being left alone: a radical revolutionary such as this writer is needed to justify a martial law crackdown. This possibility will satisfy the cowards among us who want to say, “See? See what you’ve done to the rest of us?”

The second possibility is their perception that an attack wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for this writer, who has been an anti-terrorist for a lot longer than they have been terrorists. I didn’t go half-way around the world for all that training and experience for three hundred a month for nothing.

The federal terrorists know that they will no doubt get the Waco response to a home invasion. Call it Waco Plus, considering that the first responders at Waco allowed their attackers a time-out to collect their dead and wounded. That won’t happen at my place.

On top of that, we’ve got Neighborhood Watch, which means a crossfire with them on the cross.

Once upon a time there was a great American named Gordon Kahl who lived in North Dakota. He drove into a roadblock put up by US marshals and local cops who were offended by some unpleasant things Gordon had been saying about Freemasonry. Despite being ordered by USM headquarters in DC to leave him alone, the terrorists knew better. Didn’t matter that Gordon was a gunfighter and knew how to handle his Mini-14. Long story short, Gordon killed or wounded and ran off every one of the killers who had planned on killing him after abusing him and his family with taunts and obscenities and then suddenly shooting his empty-handed son. They only had to shoot Yorie once to get his dad PO’d. But they really blasted him and he went face down in the mud. We can kind of understand the parental rage on seeing such a cruel and unprovoked thing.

This was what is considered a field expedient response to a hasty roadblock. I’ve made other recommendations for dealing with more formal roadblocks. Roadblockers always get the death penalty.

Our federal terrorists of today know they need to be careful what they wish for. When they’re up against someone who really knows what he’s doing, things can go sour.

Plan A, the mass murder of Syrians, has taken our minds off the revelations of Edward Snowden, who has recently told us that the NSA has been handing over all raw data to Israel. Couple this with the fact that the Mossad is allowed by “our Justice Department” to send its death squads (“kidons”) into the United States to assassinate anyone the Jews consider a threat to the Jew World Order. This writer himself was attacked by an Israeli death squad three times ten years ago with poison on his steering wheel which resulted in severe kidney damage and a mutilated ding-dong. Maybe I should thank the NSA for that.

The NSA is the deadly enemy of all people of the world, not just us. Its demented director, Keith Alexander, hired a Hollywood set designer to make his “war room” identical to the Starship Enterprise from the sci-fi fantasy, STAR TREK. Money was no object, of course. Think of the damage this insane asshole has done to us and virtually everyone in the connected world by not only spying on us but passing on everything to the even more insane Jews.

We here in Idaho learned last month that the NSA is now in the local law enforcement business, hard as that may be to believe. The Idaho Falls PD was beefed up in a car chase by a unit from the NSA. While that one may have been connected to the (federal) Idaho National Laboratory, we’re informed that NSA is doing this around the country, for some strange reason. NSA cops? Cops with alternate FEMA uniforms (federalized locals) were bad enough.

Our rotten, top-heavy government, visible and invisible, must be dismantled as quickly and ruthlessly as possible because the Jews have seized total control over it, as pointed out endlessly on this website and by expert researchers such as Brother Nathanael, who really delivers the goods, year after year. He is under attack by the ADL probably because he’s a better communicator with the public than this writer, who receives no Jewish or federal intimidation. Friends and family, yes, but not this writer himself. His advertised readiness to fight back has no doubt served him well. There must be truth in advertising.

There is no good reason now to delay starting the resistance. On a personal level it means organizing Neighborhood Watch to defend against federal and police attacks starting now. The resistance will show a determination, in some places more than others at first, to punish traitors for any and all acts of treason, uppermost being gun control. But aggressive war is also treason because it only benefits our Jewish enemy and gets normal people slaughtered. Privately owned, debt-based currency and government borrowing are also treason: they only benefit our Jewish enemy and rob us of our savings. Off-shoring of our industries was also treason; it robbed us of our livelihoods and made millions of us unable to take revenge on the filthy criminals responsible for their downfall. Those of us who are still working have the means to do this in our “spare time.” I guarantee that we’ve got nothing better to do.

This writer has never solicited support of any kind since starting on this political adventure in 1968. The militia was a personal defensive decision that didn’t require money but just the determination not to surrender one’s firearms. The resistance will be what the militia should have been, but never was. The militia was ahead of the power curve, forming during a period when the threat, even the possibility, of martial law was not so apparent.

The resistance will go on the offensive against the traitors in government and the traitors who give the government its orders.

Whether Americans support the resistance, either through participation or financially, remains to be seen. This writer has begun to solicit support from overseas, from governments that have been victimized by the US government with its ugly demands for Unconditional Surrender, and will continue to do so. It is in every country’s interest to support the American resistance movement because it will be the purpose of the resistance to make America obey the rules of civilized societies for the first time in its existence. Superpower means unchecked state terrorism. The American government is the master of horror, as we plainly see today in Syria.

The resistance will make no pretentious demands for Unconditional Surrender but will instead work to overthrow the cancerous source of this implacable, sadistic demand given time and again to other peoples who have threatened us not in the least. There will be no demand to surrender because that means prisoners. We don’t want any prisoners.

There’s only one way to beat the house (which we paid for) and that’s to burn it down.

Source: Extremism Online

WW~Notes: I could not agree more with Bruce’s assessment of The United States of Terror.  But if we don’t get off our laurels and do something about it there won’t be any country to save.  Remember the Jewish elites and their minions have those convenient underground bases and tunnels waiting for them once their scorched earth policy begins.  They will do what they’ve always done – hide.  Everyone else suffers the consequences for their actions.  If the good men and women of America sit or stand by and grossly allow America to fall, then you all will receive your just desserts, and will receive no quarter.

9/11: Israel’s Masterpiece

WW~Notes: This article was written in May 2012.

9/11 is rarely mentioned as one of many Israeli manufactured events. The mountain of evidence implicating the Israeli Mossad is overwhelming.. and still growing.

In the annals of history, no event has ever been so thoroughly dissected by as many disparate humans as the 9/11/01 Massacre.  Hundreds of real people were scorched and roasted alive in an explosive conflagration. And yet, with such unprecedented scrutiny tearing at the carelessly pressed seams of the official conspiracy theory fairytale, it’s an ineffable wonder indeed how even a decade after the event, Israel, specifically Israeli Mossad and its extended octopus Zionist terror network largely escape the view of the overwhelming majority of the major researchers.

Lost in the endless debates of how (nano-thermite, directed energy weapons, mini-nukes, TV fakery) is the far more important, who and why.

Obama has used Osama as needed until May Day (May 1st) 2011 when it was announced that he was executed. Bin Laden, meanwhile, had died 10 years earlier in 2001.

It is a mind-numbingly painful exercise to disprove the official fairytale of OBL and his band of 20 jihadists, mostly because no evidence for the assertion exists.  In reality, this is the greatest conspiracy theory ever presented for mass consumption.  Afghanistan asked for evidence of his involvement, repeatedly offering to extradite him to the US upon delivery of the evidence.

Unfortunately, such evidence didn’t exist as Cheney remarked in a rare moment of transparency: So we’ve never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.” Even Bin Laden’s profile on the FBI most wanted list, until his laughably fake execution in May 2011, never mentioned 9/11 as one of his dastardly deeds.

Most of the fake bin Laden videos originate from ex-Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) soldier Rita Katz through her SITE Institute. Mossad asset Ben Venske assists Katz through Intel Center by releasing unintentionally hilarious videos of American Al-Qaeda “jihadist” and ex-anti-muslim jewish extremist Adam Yahiye Gadahn, AKA Adam Pearlman. Pearlman just so happens to be the grandson of a former director of the Judeo-Masonic strong-arm organization, known as the ADL of B’nai B’rith, named Carl Pearlman.  Jewish Al-Qaeda.

“Azzam the American” aka “Adam Gadahn” – Jewish Al-Qaeda bogeyman and grandson of former ADL director Carl Pearlman.

The official fairytale had many incredible highlights. Our personal favorite might be what was originally reported as Mohammad Atta’s inferno-retardant passport floating down, unscathed, after the towers fell, onto the rubble and into the safe comforting hands of the FBI. Atta, of course, had a busy several days prior to 9/11 being titillated aboard Jack Abramoff’s yacht, complete with halal strippers, cocaine and alcohol, essential ingredients to fulfill Jihad on foreign land. Later this report was revised and it was claimed the passport belonged to another alleged hijacker of Flight 11, Satam al Suqami.

Israel politician and 9/11 conspirator Ehud Barak gleefully advocated a “War on Terror” that would ensnare Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran on Zionist-owned BBC news mere moments after 3000 civilians were massacred in the attacks.

On 9/11, Israeli politicians and “terror exports” like Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu were interviewed on globally broadcast Zionist Media.  Barak, visibly unable to control his glee at the start of the interview, mentioned Bin Laden first, revealing prior knowledge of the planned antagonist of the fairytale.  He also stated that there should be a “War on Terror” resulting in the invasion and assault on Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Libya. Netanyahu, giddy with uncontained excitement said “It’s very good”, when asked about the attack. Ehud Olmert, then Prime Minister of Israel flew in on September 10th for a secret, undocumented meeting with Guiliani.  Then, while ALL planes were forced to stay on the ground on September 11th 2001, an El Al plane with “VIPs” was allowed to fly to Israel. So while fake footage of Palestinians celebrating was broadcast in controlled doses of concentrated hasbara, and while 5 mossad agents dressed up as Palestinians, caught with bomb residue and box cutters in their moving van were actually celebrating, some of the globe’s more conscientious citizens, loyal to the truth, were wondering, who really did it and why?

On September 10, 2001 the Washington Times ran a report from the Army School of Advanced Military Studies which said of the Mossad:  “Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.”

Also on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion, yes, trillion with a T, was missing from the Pentagon’s books.  Who was the head comptroller who controlled the funds? None other than Rabbi Dov Zakheim.  It was subsequently revealed that another trillion went missing before his tenure at the Pentagon was over.  During this period Zakheim oversaw a huge military “surplus” deal which sent, among other items, newly minted F15 and F16 fighter jets to Israel at bargain rates. More on Zakheim’s role in 9/11 to come.

Isser Harel’s “prophecy”:

Mossad and ShinBet Founding Director, Haganah Terrorist, and “Father of Israeli Intelligence”, Isser Harel made a prophecy of “Islamic terrorists” attacking the “tallest building in NYC” in 1979.

Osama Bin Laden was thinking quite small when he was recruited by the CIA to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan in 1979.  He had no idea, for example, that he would become the internationally recognized terror overlord blamed for the most destructive attack on American soil in history. He was simply the charismatic figurehead to justify Operation Cyclone. America was providing the funds, the weapons, and the training, to the tune of well over half a billion dollars by 1987. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, right? Right.

Meanwhile some 1900 miles away in Israel…

Isser Harel knew.  He was, after all: 1) the architect and “father of Israeli intelligence”; 2) the founder and first chief of Mossad; 3) the founder and first director of Shin Bet; 4) a leader of the Haganah terror outfit which viciously slaughtered innocent Palestinians and British during the mandate period of Palestine.  Harel was also the top intelligence official implicated in the fallout from Operation Sussanah in which American and British targets in Egypt were firebombed in a false flag attack in 1954.  A subordinate, Pinhas Lavon, was scapegoated in what is now known as the Lavon Affair.  As we can see, Isser Harel’s resume speaks for itself.

In a September 23, 1979 interview with crypto-jew Michael D Evans, Isser Harel, “father of Israeli intelligence”, gave chilling, prescient details of the ghastly plot of the Islamic terrorists blamed for 9/11 almost as if the script was laid out before him… And he was the author.

On September 30th, 2001 a few weeks after 9/11, in an editorial published in the Jerusalem Post titled, “America the Target”, Evans recalled speaking with the Israeli prophet of doom,

I sat with former Mossad chief Isser Harel for a conversation about Arab terrorism. As he handed me a cup of hot tea and a plate of cookies, I asked him, “Do you think terrorism will come to America, and if so, where and why?”

Harel looked at his American visitor and replied, “I fear it will come to you in America. America has the power, but not the will, to fight terrorism. The terrorists have the will, but not the power, to fight America – but all that could change with time. Arab oil money buys more than tents.”

As to the where, Harel continued, “New York City is the symbol of freedom and capitalism. It’s likely they will strike the Empire State Building, your tallest building [he mistakenly thought] and a symbol of your power.”

Elsewhere in an editorial raging against Jimmy Carter, lately a favorite target of jewish supremacists, Evans related a slightly different version what Harel had told him,

My last question was would terrorism ever come to America.  You have the power to fight it, he said, but not the will. They have the will, but not the power. All of that will change in time. Yes, I fear it will come to New York and your tallest building, which is a symbol of your fertility.

In another interview with Deborah Caldwell, published in 2004, Evans again recalled the prophecy:

He told me that America had developed an alliance between two countries, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and that the alliance with Saudi Arabia was dangerous and would develop a tolerance for terror among Americans. He said if the tolerance continued that Islamic fundamentalists would ultimately strike America.

I said “Where?”

He said, “In Islamic theology, the phallic symbol is very important. Your biggest phallic symbol is New York City and your tallest building will be the phallic symbol they will hit.” Isser Harel prophesied that the tallest building in New York would be the first building hit by Islamic fundamentalists 21 years ago.

Let’s ignore the fact that this prophet of doom, Isser Harel, made some rather obvious blunders in his deceptive assessment of Islamic theology where phallic and fertility symbols are non-existent.  Let’s also ignore the fact that phallic and fertility symbols hold excessive significance in the Kabbalah, or jewish mysticism, and are found littered throughout freemasonic architecture, notably in the Rothschild constructed Israeli Supreme Court Building.

How did Harel learn the intricate details of the fundamentalist jihadist psyche, so much so, that he could derive a vivid prophecy of a cataclysmic event with global reverberations decades later?  We trust the judgment of the reader to draw conclusions from that.

Odigo – Israeli owned instant messaging service used by Hebrew-speaking Israelis to warn one another of the attack before it happened. Only one Israeli may have died. The warning seemed to have work as 4000 Israelis were expected in or around the towers on 9/11 but none showed up.

Odigo: Forewarned Israelis to stay away hours before the attack.

Odigo was founded by Avner and Maskit Ronen, and later acquired by Israeli fraudster fugitive Kobi Alexander’s Comverse, the biggest of many Israeli spying companies embedded in America’s surveillance infrastructure. Israeli-owned Odigo instant messaging service based in Herzliya, Israel, had an office less than 3 blocks from the WTC complex.

Odigo publicly claimed that at least 2 of its workers received text messages warning them of the impending 9/11 attack hours ahead of time. The message was specific and precise: Alex Diamandis, vice president of Odigo said, “The messages said something big was going to happen in a certain amount of time, and it did – almost to the minute.” 4000 Israelis were expected at the World Trade Center on 9/11, according to the Israeli foreign ministry and the Jerusalem Post. None of them showed up to work.  One Israeli allegedly died at the WTC on 9/11, a passenger on a plane. David Frum, Bush’s Zionist speechwriter, however, inflated the number of Israelis dead to 130 and made sure Bush mentioned it.  Alon Pinkas, Israel’s consul general in NY openly refuted this masonic figure.  The passenger on the plane? Allegedly, none other than Daniel Lewin, an elite assassin and “counter-terrorism” hijacking expert of Sayaret Matkal, secret Israeli military intelligence. Nothing weird about that at all.

So who was the message sent to? Odigo allows messages to be sent to anyone filtered by many different categories, including nationality.  It has become apparent that these messages were sent in Hebrew to Israeli citizens working at or near the WTC complex.  Odigo, widely used in Israel, later refused to give more details that would assist with an investigation saying through a spokesman in the Washington Post on 9/28/01, “Providing more details would only lead to more conjecture.

How convenient.  The enraged American public was deceived into venting anger and frustration by killing innocent Muslims, Sikhs and other brown people in the wake of 9/11. Somehow, still, Odigo has been allowed withhold pertinent information that could lead to the real suspects who knew details of the attack and warned some, who incidentally didn’t warn others. This simple act of treason by the company and the dual-citizens has led to the deaths of 3000 on 9/11 and millions more in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan in the endless War on Terror it spawned.

5 dancing Mossad agents

The 5 Mossad agents seen dancing and caught with box-cutters and explosive residue in their van were sent back to Israel, uninvestigated, even after failing polygraph tests. They gloated on Israeli TV that they were there to “document the event.”

On 9/11, eyewitnesses reported that they saw “middle eastern” men “dancing and celebrating” as the towers were engulfed in flames across the river in New Jersey.  Officials were alerted and the men were questioned and subsequently arrested.  Explosive residue, box-cutters, and arab clothing were found in the moving van they were using registered under Urban Moving Systems later discovered to be a Mossad front company managed by Israeli Dominic Suter.  The arrested men, Yaron Shmuel, Omer Marmari, Sivan and Paul Kurzberg, and Oded Ellner, were all Mossad agents.  In the months that followed they refused lie-detector tests and were repeatedly questioned about their involvement.  Eventually, less than 10 weeks after they were taken into custody, these Mossad suspects of 9/11 were rescued by fellow agent and dual citizen Israeli Michael Chertoff, released from custody, and sent to Israel on minor visa violations.

In November 2001, back in Israel, three of the agents, minus the Kurzburg brothers appeared on an Israeli television show.  Oded Ellner speaking on behalf of the crew said, “Our purpose was to document the event.”  At the very least based on this confession, Mossad knew of the attacks and didn’t warn the local authorities, rather they celebrated the event with despicable glee. This direct admission of very specific prior knowledge has gone largely unreported in the Zionist controlled media.  Neither the five mossad agents, nor their benefactor, Dominic Suter, have been extradited to the US to face further interrogation or trial.

Mossad front company, Urban Moving Systems, had this van filled with explosives on 9/11. The sinister mural painted on the van depicts the terrible tragedy in grim detail. Mossad agent Dominik Suter escaped to Israel after 9/11 and has never since been extradited nor brought to justice.

In a separate incident on 9/11, two other Israelis were caught fleeing another Urban Moving Systems van.  This van, filled with explosives, near the George Washington Bridge had a creepy and sinister mural of the twin towers smoking with an airplane shown about to crash into them.  The van exploded after the suspects were apprehended.  After the initial reports there has been no follow-up investigation regarding this incredibly bizarre event.

Israeli “Art Student” Spies:

In addition to the five dancing mossad agents, an entire army of some 200 Israeli agents posing as art students flooded governmental buildings in the greatest spy scandal ever in American History. The ‘agent posing as artist’ model was invented and popularized by infamous Mossad superspy, Peter Malkin, also implicated in planning 9/11. More on Malkin later. These spies set up surveillance at the DEA, defense companies, and over 40 federal buildings, including over 30 sites of the Department of Defense (DOD).   They even approached federal officials in their home.   The DEA published a 61 page report on the Israeli spies detailing over 175 separate incidents in what the DEA described as “intelligence gathering” activities.

The Israeli student spy scandal gave the DEA a massive headache to explain. In this document they attempt to make sense out of what they discovered. The agenda of the Israelis spies centered on gathering intelligence on possible roadblocks to the perfect execution of 9/11.

The Israeli spy scandal was most elaborately exposed by Carl Cameron of Fox News in late 2001. It was revealed in this incisive 4-part series that many of the Israeli spies were army veterans with “explosives expertise.” They all had active ranking within the Israeli army and counter-intelligence with a variety of specialties. Many of the Israeli spies were arrested in connection with 9/11, however, as an FBI official told Cameron, “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is classified. I cannot tell you about the evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information.” Since this time, Fox News has deleted any links to the story and all transcripts of the 4 part series.

More Israeli fore-knowledge:

ZIM, an Israeli state-owned shipping company with a 10,000 sq ft office in the North Tower of WTC vacated its offices on short notice, September 4, 2001, one week prior to 9/11.  This move caused them to break their lease and they were made to forfeit the $50,000 security deposit.  No one was questioned about this sudden move, subsequently, and it has since been quietly forgotten and ignored.

Zelikow’s 98 article:

Philip Zelikow, another Zionist prophet, unrelenting in his support of Israel, penned an article for foreign affairs in 1998, “Catastrophic Terrorism: Imagining the Transformative Event” which envisioned an act of terrorism which:

“could involve loss of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s fundamental sense of security as did the Soviet atomic bomb test in 1949.   The United States might respond with draconian measures, scaling back civil liberties, allowing wider surveillance of citizens, detention of suspects and use of deadly force.  More violence could follow, either further terrorist attacks or US counterattacks.  Belatedly, Americans would judge their leaders negligent for not addressing terrorism more urgently”

How’s that for a prophecy?

Zelikow openly brags about his ability to create and maintain “public myths.” Undoubtedly, his greatest success then is the maintenance of the 9/11 public mythology: ‘Osama Bin Laden and his 20 jihadists.’ At least Zelikow is honest about his dishonesty.

Philip Zelikow’s elite role in the presentation of 9/11 didn’t end there.  After NWO architect and notable jewish extremist Henry Kissinger passed on it, Zelikow was “appointed” the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission which published a fairytale known as the 9/11 Commission Report. This elaborate propaganda didn’t address any of the questions raised by the non-investigation and other theatric anomalies, most notably the 11 living hijackers and the free fall collapse of building 7, the most galvanizing evidence used by the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The 9/11 Commission was aided in the cover-up by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Most specifically, Stephen Cauffman, another Zionist jew, became the lead investigator of the collapse at NIST and the primary author of a nonsensical paper whitewashing, in excruciating detail, the impossible free-fall collapse due to fires.  Building 7, many researchers will recall, had a treasure of secrets buried with it that implicate AIG, Lehman’s Brothers and many other firms in not only 9/11 but also the financial collapse and subsequent recession.


The 1996 Clean Break document was entirely made up of highly influential Zionist Jews and Israeli Dual citizens like Douglas Feith, David Wurmser and Richard Perle, their leader.  The purpose of the document was to chart a new policy and course of action for the rabid Likud government of Benjamin Netanyahu. It strongly advocated the invasion of Lebanon and Iraq, the removal of Saddam Hussein, and antagonistic actions against Iran and Syria, all of which have subsequently come to pass.

The roster of Jewish Neocons that brought us the Clean Break and PNAC-RAD documents and the invasion of occupation of Iraq.

Formed in 1997 by fanatical Zionist extremists William Kristol and Robert Kagan, the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), operated as an aggressive and hugely influential foreign policy think tank. The membership was overwhelmingly militarized Zionists with bulging political muscle.  Some of these were Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Eliot Cohen, Lewis Libby, and the author of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses (RAD)”, probable high level 9/11 architect, Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

In the 2000 RAD document, in addition to prophesizing multiple, simultaneous wars, the suspicious reference to Pearl Harbor reappears and the author, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, seems to clamor for it: “the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic catalyzing event — like a New Pearl Harbor.”

Notice the similarity in Zelikow and Zakheim’s words.  “Transformation”, “Catastrophic Event”, “Pearl Harbor.”

Good serendipitous guess? Probably not.

“United 93”

United 93 is a Hollywood film which exploited the suffering of that day to make money and re-iterate the public fairytale.  United 93 was entirely created and produced by Zionist jewish opportunists cashing in on the carnage and collective catharsis: Kate Solomon, Lloyd Levin, Paul Greengrass, Eric Fellner, Liza Chasin, Michael Bronner, among others.

No justice for 9/11 victim families

Families of the 9/11 victims sought redress immediately after the attacks.  Enter Kenneth Feinberg, highly celebrated and dedicated Zionist extremist, devoted to Israel.  Feinberg was appointed master of a huge $7 billion taxpayer funded Victims Compensation Fund.  Estimates put the total settlement amount at less than $3.5 billion total for all the victims.  Due to the lack of oversight, it’s anyone’s guess where the rest of the tax dollars have gone. Ellen Mariani, a brave and fiery widow and 9/11 plaintiff, included Feinberg in her lawsuit which was eventually forcibly settled.

Kenneth Feinberg aka “The Pay Czar” has administered payout funds for a number of corporate and governmental coverups. Kenneth Feinberg is well-connected to the criminal Zionist network.

Feinberg’s inclusion in the suit was partially related to his success in bribing Mariani’s attorney to try to coerce his client to accept the fund’s payout and attempt to convince her that she was clinically insane.  Feinberg was also appointed as the key clean up man for the BP oil spill and he aggressively tried to strip plaintiffs of legal representation by shrewdly leveraging the power of his dollar coffers. In fact, Kenneth Feinberg has been the money-waving head cover-up artist of many government and corporate crimes like Agent Orange, the 9/11 Attacks, the Virginia Tech Shooter scandal, the TARP bailout, and the BP Oil spill.

For the 96 families who initially chose to forgo the fund in favor of a transparent trial, Sheila Birnbaum was appointed special mediator between Hellerstein and the victims’ families. Birnbaum, another dedicated Zionist lawyer at the Israeli Skadden Arps, effectively railroaded these brave families and forced them all to settle.  Skadden Arps introduces itself with the following on its website:

Many of our attorneys are thoroughly familiar with the legal structure, business environment and political system of Israel, and several (including at the partner level) are Israeli-born, native Hebrew speakers who have been admitted to the bars of both Israel and New York. A number of our lawyers volunteer a significant amount of their time to Jewish and Israeli causes, including the America-Israel Friendship League, the Anti-Defamation League, the College of Management, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Elem, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Foundation and Miklat.

Alvin K Hellerstein and Michael Mukasey have been the Israeli connected, Talmudic tag-team of NY federal judges that have dominated 9/11 related litigation.  They’ve effectively prevented all cases from the victims’ families from being heard in court and ensuring the maximum payout for the Zionist duo of Silverstein and Lowy from the insurance companies.

Radical Zionist Alvin Hellerstein has controlled all 9/11 litigation. Hellerstein, Feinberg and Birnbaum were the triumvirate that formed the Zionist roadblock to any justice for the victims’ families. Hellerstein son, Joseph, worked for the law firm that represented ICTS, the Israeli passenger screening and security company implicated in 9/11. Hellerstein is thus guilty of a criminal conflict of interest in his prevention of a trial in any 9/11 lawsuit.

Alvin Hellerstein is tied to 9/11 directly in his role as head gatekeeper on all 9/11 claims, preventing legal discovery, wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits from trial. Judge Hellerstein is also intimately connected to other key Israeli players of the 9/11 massacre on multiple layers through his son, Joseph. Joseph Hellerstein worked for an Israeli law firm, Amit, Pollack and Matalon, which represented ICTS, the Israeli firm implicated in the attacks via passenger screening and airline security at Newark, Boston Logan, and Dulles, the departure sites of the hijacked aircraft.

ICTS is owned by two Israelis, Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon, who was convicted in Israel of fraud with partner and mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert.  Olmert later became prime minister of Israel. Olmert incidentally also made a secret trip to meet with then mayor of NYC, Rudy Guiliani on the eve of 9/11, ostensibly to oversee their plot.  He and other Israeli officials were allowed to leave the US aboard an El Al plane when all other planes were grounded on 9/11.  ICTS was implicated in the 7/7 bombings in London as well.

Hellerstein and Mukasey just so happen to attend the exact same Orthodox, Zionist, Kehilath Jeshrun synagogue in Manhattan.  The synagogue openly states that it is “deeply committed to the State of Israel and its citizens.”  How would Americans feel if Pakistani Jihadists at the behest of Pakistan were implicated in 9/11 and two Pakistani Jihadist Judges, who attended the same “radical” mosque, were blocking trials for the victims’ families to pursue legal discovery and preventing any presentation of evidence in a wrongful death suit against an airline security intimately connected to one of the aforementioned judges?

Hellerstein recently effectively blocked the last victim’s family, the Bavises, from ever having a day of trial against the government and airport security, forcing them to settle out of court after a decade of his dedicated gatekeeping. His callous quote to the 96 families of victims of 9/11 will live in infamy: “We have to get past 9/11. Let it go. Life is beautiful. Life is short. Live out your years. Take the award.”Both father and son Hellerstein also worked for Stroock, Stroock, and Lavan, a Rothschild funded law firm which, incidentally, represented Larry Silverstein in his bid to lease the towers.  How many conflicts of interests can you count?

1993 WTC Bombing & 9/11: The Two Michaels

Radical Jewish Judge Michael Mukasey presided over the 1993 WTC Bombing Trial of the “Blind Sheikh.” This precursor attack to 9/11 implicated Mossad via Israeli intelligence assets Ahmad Ajaj and Josie Hadas to name two. Mukasey helped expedite the release of the 5 mossad agents of 9/11. Judge Mukasey also ruled heavily in favor of Silverstein and Lowy, forcing the insurance consortium that insured the WTC to pay dual payouts on towers to the tune of $4.68 billion, a very handsome return on their investment.

Michael Mukasey along with Michael Chertoff, both key suspects in the 9/11 cover-up, also worked hand and glove in the first false flag bombing of the WTC in 1993. Chertoff was the lead prosecutor and Mukasey was the judge presiding over the fraudulent trial of the “Blind Sheikh”, Omar Abdel Rahman in the aftermath of the false flag bombing at WTC in 1993. The “Blind Sheikh” at the beginning of the trial asked Mukasey to remove himself from the trial given his severe bias towards the state of Israel.  Mukasey, who had not permitted the “blind sheikh” the services of his choice of attorney and who also prevented the “blind sheikh” from his due process denying him the right to have an expert witness explain Islam to the ignorant jury, curtly refused this motion from the defendant.  After his sentencing, the “Blind Sheikh”, among other anomalies and inconsistencies of the prosecution’s case, patiently explained that it was impossible for him to form a terrorist group while being incarcerated thousands of miles away during its creation. He was repeatedly and rudely interrupted by an irate and indignant Mukasey as the sheikh painstakingly debunked the fraudulent proceedings of the trial.

In the 9/11 attacks Mukasey’s role was multifaceted.  He oversaw the detained witnesses and suspects including the 5 dancing Israeli Mossad agents at the behest of then Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice, Michael Chertoff, the son of a founding member of the Mossad.  Mukasey’s greatest contribution to 9/11, however, might be his judgment in the case of Larry Silverstein, owner of the lease of the WTC complex against his insurance company.  He judged that the two towers were separate instances of terrorism and as such awarded double the insurance settlement to the tune of $4.6 billion.  More on Silverstein later.

Israeli Michael Chertoff whose mother was a founding Mossad agent was directly responsible for the non-investigation and prosecution of the 9/11 massacre. Chertoff was also the dominant author of the Patriot Act, which severely curtailed civil liberties and was written well before 9/11 took place.  The Patriot Act was edited hours before it was presented for a vote to ensure ICTS and other Israeli-connected firms would be immune from prosecution for the events of 9/11. To create a smokescreen, Chertoff rounded up innocent arabs and muslims to solidify the “Islamic terrorist” theatrics and let the mossad agent suspects and Israeli art student spies go back to Israel without investigation.  In addition, Chertoff’s company, “The Chertoff Group” is making hundreds of millions of dollars off the electronic body scanners in airports which were constructed well in advance of the Christmas Day Underwear Bombing false flag fiasco.  The Israeli ICTS also ran the security at the Schiphol Amsterdam airport where the flight on that Christmas Day originated. Problem. Reaction. Solution.

Arguably the biggest 9/11 conspirator, Israeli Michael Chertoff, whose mother was a founding member of the Mossad, let the 5 mossad agents go back to Israel, detained hundreds of innocent arabs and Muslims, wrote the Patriot Act to curtail civil liberties, controlled the 9/11 investigation top to bottom, and even profited in the hundreds of millions of dollars from a full-body scanner, a common new invasive checkpoint solution at all major airports. After 9/11 Chertoff became the most powerful man in America as the head of the Department of Homeland Security. Chertoff was the lead prosecutor in the case of the “Blind Sheikh” in the 1993 WTC bombing as well. His fingerprints are all over 9/11.

Michael Chertoff’s cousin, Benjamin Chertoff ‘coincidentally’ penned the Popular Mechanics hit piece against the 9/11 “truth movement” called “Debunking 9/11 Lies.”

Another more pernicious attempt at a cover-up was advocated by a celebrated Zionist jew, high in Obama’s administration, Cass Sunstein, of University of Chicago and Harvard University, who wrote a paper, “Conspiracies: Causes and Cures.” In the paper Sunstein advocates the “cognitive infiltration” of 9/11 activist groups and the dissemination of propaganda to derail their efforts.  He makes it very clear that these “conspiracy theories” are dangerous, especially the “anti-semitic” ones.

Barak & SPC Partners

Professor Steven Jones of Brigham Young University shocked the world when he announced his discovery of super-thermite in the remains of the towers.  While the molten metal in the basement weeks after the towers fell, the free fall speed of collapse and Silverstein’s own admission were evidence of controlled demolition, the discovery of super-thermite sealed the deal. Codified in a 2009, 25-page, peer-reviewed scientific paper, “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe”, evidence of nano-thermite or “super-thermite” extracted from the dust samples of the towers remains, is bare for the world to see.  This paper proves beyond any doubt that a rare, highly sophisticated form of explosive utilizing nano-thermite was applied to the WTC North, South and Building 7.  In all likelihood this “super-thermite” was applied to the towers as a spray.

Ehud Barak may have known the entire script in the aftermath of 9/11 for good reason: He is the prime suspect involved at the highest architectural level in planning and carrying out at the attack. In 2001 Ehud Barak was working for SPC partners, a venture capital firm. We learned that nano-composite explosives like super thermite were only produced by a handful of companies and the evidence from the towers is consistent with a spray paint application.

Ehud Barak and Benjamin Netanyahu passing secrets. The diabolically insidious activities of this duo may be hard to top. We may have to go back in the archives to the two jewish genocidal maniacs, Lazar Kaganovich and Genrikh Yagoda, who are responsible for the deaths of over 42 million people in the 20th century, to find a comparable historical precedent.

Barak’s SPC partners had two companies in their portfolio capable of producing such an explosive with which they shared their corporate address in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Advanced Metallurgical Group owned several subsidiaries, some that manufactured coatings of nano-composites, and one that specialized in atomized aluminum, a critically important component of nano-thermite. AMG and Metallurg Holdings are under the umbrella of Safeguard International, a management subsidiary of SPC Partners Private Equity LLC. All four share the same address (435 Devon Park Drive, Wayne, Pennsylvania)

And who applied the spray paint nano-thermite composite explosives to the towers? None other than LVI Services, owned and managed by Zionist Burton Fried.  LVI is one of the leading demolition companies in the US. Of course, although overtly they were doing ‘asbestos abatement’ work in the Twin Towers in the months leading up to 9/11, the spray paint application remained exactly the same.  When contacted after 9/11 about this, Fried was indignant and denied it, despite the fact that it was widely reported through an organ affiliate of LVI, the Engineering News Review on September 13th 2001.

1987 WTC Blueprint Heist

A sophisticated, coordinated, and pre-meditated attack like 9/11 requires years, maybe even decades of planning. So fast backwards a little bit.  Remember Isser Harel and his prophecy in 1979?

Isser Harel worked very closely with Mossad superspy Peter Malkin and Avraham Bendor.  Bendor, who eventually succeeded Harel at the throne of Shin Bet, was more of a pupil under Harel’s direct tutelage.  After a highly publicized fallout from the execution of Palestinian hijackers, Bendor stepped down from Shin Bet in 1986. In 1987, Bendor and Malkin, apprentices of Harel, formed a fake company called Atwell Security, as a subsidiary of Eisenberg Group under notorious multi-billionaire Israeli arms dealer and drug runner Shaul Eisenberg. Armed with this Israeli intelligence muscle they found a warm, sympathetic friend in Zionist jew Stephen Berger, executive director of the New York Port Authority who gave Atwell the contract for security at the World Trade Center.  The deal was ultimately scrapped but was in place just long enough to obtain intelligence and acquire blueprints on the structure of WTC for Mossad to carry out the future attacks.

To recap, Isser Harel, the Israeli father of intelligence and prophet of doom predicts an “Islamic” attack on WTC in 1979.  His pupils, Bendor and Malkin acquire the blueprints to the WTC complex in 1987. In 1993 you have the preliminary attacks connected to Israeli Mossad and in 2001, figures closely tied to Israeli intelligence acquire the towers and we have the pulverization of the WTC and the endless “War on Terror” that Israel salivates for, and solely benefits from, commences.

An Israeli superhero, President of the World Jewish Congress, billionaire Ronald Lauder built a school for the Mossad in Herzilya. He helped privatize Stewart Air Force base where the two twin tower-bound planes converged. Also worked relentlessly to privatize the WTC complex into the hands of Silverstein and Lowy.

Ronald Lauder, Israeli billionaire of Estee Lauder fame, who had built The Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy as a training base for the Mossad in Herzliya, was chairman of both New York State Commission of Privatization and the New York State Research Council on Privatization. In 2000 Lauder helped privatize the Stewart Air Force base in New Windsor, NY into the hands of another Zionist, William Rollason and his National Express Group.

In a chilling “coincidence,” the flight paths of both planes which struck the towers, flight 175 and flight 11 converged and crossed at Stewart Air Force Base at the exact same time.  In all likelihood, the planes did not have any passengers aboard and landed at Stewart which served as a safe Israeli-controlled final checkpoint before they were sent on their deadly missions.  Using his power and influence, Lauder then also introduced and aggressively pushed the novel concept of privatizing the WTC complex to the Port Authority.

Waiting for the baton at the Port Authority was its chairman, Lewis Eisenberg.  Eisenberg, who is a shining star of fundraising for Israel, personally negotiated and administered the deal that landed the WTC complex into the hands of Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy.

Larry Silverstein, super-Zionist UJA board member and Frank Lowy, ex-Haganah terrorist, both multi-millionaires billionaires with very close ties to the state of Israel, acquired this lease for the WTC in late July of 2001 hardly 6 weeks before the attack through the efforts of Lauder and Eisenberg.  All four of these men had personal friendships and relations with Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, leaders of the Israeli government and suspects in 9/11. Silverstein had conversations with Netanyahu every Sunday. Immediately after the towers were in his hands, Silverstein took out a $3.5 billion anti-terrorism insurance policy with a consortium of insurers.  After the towers fell, Michael Mukasey who played a critical role in sending the Mossad agents arrested on 9/11 to Israel, worked as a judge on behalf of Silverstein against the insurance company who was awarded the payout for two separate attacks to the tune of $4.68 billion. Not a bad profit margin on the slaughter of 3000 people.

Billionaire Larry Silverstein, along with his partner, fellow Israeli billionaire Frank Lowy, made a handsome profit of over $1.1 billion on purchasing the leases for the WTC complex in less than 6 weeks. Holding conference calls with Israeli politician Benjamin Netanyahu every Sunday, perhaps to discuss progress on the plot, Silverstein was conspicuously absent on the fateful Tuesday of 9/11. He famously remarked that he told the fire chief that it may be smart to “pull it” in reference to WTC 7. This is undeniable admission of controlled demolition, at the very least, in the case of Building 7. The Silverstein group purchased the former Sears Tower in Chicago in 2004.

For two weeks between the end of August and 9/11, a group of Israeli financial parasites placed put options on several companies directly impacted by 9/11 including American and United Airlines and Swiss and Munich Re insurance, involved in the payout to Silverstein. In the two days of Sept 6-7, 2001, over 4700 put options were placed on United. On Sept 10, another 4500 put options were placed American Airlines.  After 9/11, holdings in these companies plummeted and these Israelis made millions.  Among these parasites was Mayor Bloomberg of NY himself who defrauded the exchange with his very own put option scam. These “speculators” still have not been investigated by the SEC, let alone FBI or DHS.

Destruction of Evidence

Soon after 9/11, uber-Zionist, Israel evangelist, Michael Bloomberg became mayor of NYC.  Bloomberg covered up billionaire Zionist fraudster Maurice Greenberg’s own put option scam through Bear Stearns.  Bloomberg also awarded clean up duties to fellow Zionist jew, Alan Ratner and his Metal Management company.

Alan Ratner was able to “purchase” the incinerated remains of humans mixed with the pulverized dust and mangled steel from the towers at $70 a ton and sold 50,000 tons for over 80% profit to China at $120 a ton.  Ratner further subcontracted the collection of the remains to yet another Israeli, Yoram Shalmon of PowerLoc Technologies.  Shalmon sent a fleet of about 200 trucks to ground zero to gather the remains and bring them to Ratner’s metal management scrapyard. Suspiciously fearful of evidence accidentally falling off the trucks, Shalmon had the trucks equipped with his $1000 VLD (vehicle location device) GPS tracking system and watched religiously from a control room in real time.  When one of the truck drivers took a little too long at lunch on his way to the scrapyard, he was fired by the paranoid Shalmon.  In an interview with Jacqueline Emigh of securitysolutions.org he revealed his thoughts:

“Ninety-nine percent of the drivers were extremely driven to do their jobs. But there were big concerns, because the loads consisted of highly sensitive material. One driver, for example, took an extended lunch break of an hour and a half. There was nothing criminal about that, but he was dismissed.”

Why would “highly sensitive material” evidence from the worst terrorist act on American soil be sent to China to be destroyed? By Israelis, no less… the very group overwhelmingly implicated in the attack?

Well… Why not?

Towers Security: Kroll

The security firm controlling the towers has to be a primary suspect if a controlled demolition is suspected because it has authority over the building.  If a demolition team wired the towers, the security firm was certainly fully complicit.  That security firm was Kroll Inc. of Jules and Jeremy Kroll, Zionist Israeli extremists of the highest order intimately associated with other key Israeli and Zionist conspirators in 9/11.

“Who killed John O’Neill” is a documentary that has been floating the interweb memosphere for quite some time.  It details FBI counter-terrorism Chief John O’Neill’s investigation of Bin Laden’s financial trail.  Repeatedly, O’Neill’s investigations were stonewalled as he made startling revelations which dismantled the core public myths of Bin Laden’s supposed exploits.  These roadblocks came to a boiling point when his investigation into the USS Cole bombing, attributed to Bin Laden, brought the hammer down from secretary of state, Zionist Madeline Albright and Barbara Bodine, the Zionist ambassador to Yemen who allegedly “hated his guts.” O’Neill, highly respected among his colleagues, immediately suspected Israel in the USS Cole bombing. An ex-CIA agent would corroborate that the explosion in the USS Cole was consistent with a Popeye cruise missile from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine. O’Neill was repeatedly blocked from re-entering Yemen by Bodine and resigned thoroughly frustrated from the FBI in August of 2001. Thus, the official tale on Bin Laden kept being spun unhindered.

John O’Neill, the foremost Bin Laden investigator, refused to repeat Zionist propaganda on Bin Laden’s alleged role in the USS Cole bombings. His integrity and investigative skills made him a nuisance and he was deliberately put in harms way by Zionist Jerome Hauer of Kroll Associates as the Director of Security at the WTC Complex on 9/11. He died in the tragedy.

John O’Neill, fed up with the FBI, was comforted and offered a job by another Zionist champion fundraiser, Jerome Hauer.  Hauer, connected to the anthrax and West Nile virus scares, was the Managing Director of the security company controlling the Towers, Kroll Inc. Kroll was owned and operated by Jules Kroll and his son Jeremy. Hauer “rescued” John O’Neill’s career by giving him the head security job at the WTC complex and also helped end his life abruptly on 9/11 after less than three weeks on the job.  Jerome Hauer was conspicuously absent on the fateful Tuesday.  He was very busy on 9/11 in the aftermath, giving interviews about Bin Laden’s role in the attack and how the towers fell from structural weakening due to fires, both key points of the public mythology that persists to this day, far outpacing the official fairytale.  A true insider.

O’Neill’s murder is very similar to the murder of Hemant Kerkare. Karkare was the anti-terror chief in India who was assassinated military style as the Mossad orchestrated Mumbai attacks of late 2008 commenced. These were both honest individuals who had credentials and respect as well as a strict code of integrity as lead investigators who would have served as major roadblocks in the cover-ups of the 9/11 and 11/26 false flag operations.  Hauer was also the lone individual responsible for placing the NYPD Office of Emergency Management (OEM) inside WTC7, demolished later that evening. WTC7s demolition buried CIA insider trading secrets as well as the evidence of a gamut of financial crimes with it.

9/11 was a Computer Crime:

The 9/11 massacre wouldn’t have been possible without criminal negligence by the FAA and the domestic security apparatus.  As widely reported, there were multiple war games and drills planned on that fateful day which were near identical parallels to the actual events.  Even still, if the computer network infrastructure had not been sabotaged, many lives could have been saved.  Unfortunately the interoperability between the networks was hijacked by PTech and MITRE.

PTech, a supposed Saudi and Lebanese software company, curiously managed to get their software, which has a unique backdoor “superuser” feature that has the capacity of remote infiltration to override commands, onto almost every governmental agency’s computer networks.  This includes FAA, the White House, CIA, FBI, NORAD, US Armed Forces, NATO and the Secret Service.  If this was truly a Saudi/Arab plot, PTech would have been publicly exposed at the mercy of mass hysteria.  Instead it has quietly faded into the background while questions regarding it are ignored. Why?

Goff, a descendant of 32nd degree Jewish Freemasons, left Sedar and Chandler to direct Marketing for the Lebanese-owned PTech. Within a matter of weeks, PTech was able to get its cyber security software onto all major branches of government. PTech and MITRE hijacked these government networks on 9/11 to prevent and scramble communication and thus delayed reaction to the worst terrorist attack on US soil causing the death of thousands of civilians. Goff is yet another Zionist jewish conspirator among many who should face trial and be brought to justice.

Michael Goff, a Zionist lawyer who worked a comfy job at Sedar and Chandler randomly quit his position to direct marketing for this sketchy Lebanese-Saudi software start-up. Goff was able to install this software on the most secure computer networks.  It is worth noting Goff comes from a line of 32nd degree B’nai B’rith (jewish) freemasons.  After PTech accomplished its purpose, Goff left to work for other Israeli, Mossad-linked, cyber security firms, most notably Amit Yoran’s Guardium, which is financed by Mossad funding operations such as Veritas Venture Partners, Cedar Fund, and StageOne.

MITRE was the other company subject to intense scrutiny by 9/11 researchers which was in the basement of the FAA with PTech working on interoperability issues with NORAD and the US Air Force.  If there was a way to hijack the computer systems remotely and override commands or hide critical information to prevent communication, Ptech and MITRE are the biggest culprits.  MITRE’s chairman was Zionist James Schlesinger whose resume includes stints as Director of the CIA and Secretary of State.  Schlesinger’s father was a trustee of fanatic Zionist Stephen Wise Synagogue and belonged to NY’s Grand Lodge of Masons.

Jeremy Kroll of Kroll Inc. is connected to fellow Israeli 9/11 conspirator Amit Yoran and his brother Elad through Security Growth Partners where he serves on the advisory board.  The Yoran’s helped hijack the computer networks through a myriad of cyber security firms: NICE systems, PTech, and Riptech to name a few. Employees of NICE and Amdocs were also among the Israeli art student spies apprehended in connection with 9/11. NICE was headed by Israeli General Shlomo Shamir while Amdocs’ CEO was Israeli Avihoam Avaranovich.

Mastermind Zakheim

Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the author of “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, the PNAC paper which conveniently called for a “new pearl harbor” in order to speed up the “process of transformation” of American foreign policy, just months before 9/11.  Also a few months before 9/11, he was put in charge of a team of comptrollers researching where $2.3 trillion had “disappeared” to. After the smoke cleared on September 11 in the Pentagon, most of these researchers under his authority were found dead.  More than half of the casualties in the Pentagon were “civilian accountants, bookkeepers, and budget analysts,” precisely the folks who would have investigated the missing trillions.

Interestingly enough, Rumsfeld and Zakheim held a press conference on September 10th revealing that they simply had no idea where the money went.  It was later discovered a majority of the funds were used to secure brand new, state-of-the-art fighter jets and armament for the Israeli military at conspicuously low prices.  Before he left the pentagon, the sum ballooned to $3.3 trillion unaccounted for under Zakheim’s watch.

Rabbi Dov Zakheim: Owned SPC which had developed and tested FTC (flight termination system), a remote-control technology for jumbo jets. Zakheim also authored PNAC’s “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” (RAD) document which anticipates a “catalyzing event” like a “new Pearl Harbor.” Probable 9/11 Mastermind. Would you let Rabbi Zakheim administer your multi-trillion dollar defense budget as shown here?

Zakheim was also CEO of Systems Planning Corporation for the 4 years leading up to 9/11.  SPC patented a remote control technology, called Flight Termination System that would allow an airborne plane to be controlled from the ground.  Ostensibly this would be used to hijack a hijacked plane and land it safely.  The more sinister and obvious application is to hijack a plane from the ground and crash it into whatever target desired, as on 9/11.  Flight 11, for example, flew directly into the Marsh/McLennan/Kroll computer room in the North Tower. This technology was perfected long before 9/11 by Zakheim’s SPC despite repeated denials from government officials including President Bush himself that this was “science fiction” fantasy.  These denials are rendered extremely suspicious in the face of numerous published reports of jumbo jets flying unmanned in the months leading up to 9/11.

As an interesting aside, Rabbi Zakheim was featured prominently in the 1993 bombing of the WTC when his Tridata subsidiary was put in charge of the “investigation.”  Emad Salem and Ahmad Ajaj were the FBI informants and Israeli moles that expedited the “arab-terrorist” narrative for the first attack on the WTC.

Other ancillary evidence of Rabbi Zakheim’s involvement includes a pre-911 agreement between Boeing and the Pentagon.  Many 9/11 researchers have confirmed that it was Boeing 767s tankers which were used on the towers on 9/11. Under this lease agreement, 32 Boeing 767s tankers outfitted with Zakheims FTS technology replaced KC-135s. In images of flight 175 that slammed into the south tower, the FTS pod beneath the fuselage is unmistakable.

Arnon Milchan – Wildcard Liaison

Arnon Milchan floats in and out of Hollywood and the top brass of Israeli intelligence with ease. Stealthy, cunning, and ruthless, Arnon Milchan is arguably Israel’s best Ace in the Hole.

Israeli agent Arnon Milchan is widely recognized in Hollywood as a producer and a staunch supporter of Israel. Milchan, who is connected to celebrities, politicians and policy makers and a myriad of other shady characters, is considered a real-life James Bond. One of Milchan’s “best friends” and business partners through New Regency Productions happens to be Rupert “Mordechai” Murdoch, owner of Fox.  Fox also just so happens to be where the pilot episode of “The Lone Gunman” appeared. Airing in March of 2001, the pilot episode of “The Lone Gunman” was an eerily prescient plot of a plane about to smash into the World Trade Center, masterminded by a rogue group within the US government. Cool coincidence.

But Milchan had kept this idea close until the joke circulated among his closest allies first: the highest echelons in the Israeli political, military, and intelligence apparatus.  Perhaps this is why of all possible suspects, it was of course Arnon Milchan’s first big film “The Medusa Touch” which depicted a remote controlled aircraft crashing and exploding into a skyscraper all the way back in 1978.  Russian Jewish billionaire Lew Grade bought its rights before the idea was even fully conceived.  Recall this is around the same time that Isser Harel made his prophecy of “Islamic” terrorists attacking the “tallest building in NYC.”

Why Afghanistan?

Hollywood Producer and Israeli agent, Arnon Milchan’s first big film, “The Medusa Touch”, depicted a remote-controlled plane crashing into a skyscraper in 1978. This prophetic, visionary plotline would come to fruition in 2001 through Milchan’s close associates in the Israeli political and intelligence apparatus.

One of the main purposes of the occupation of Afghanistan, outside of the global heroin and opium trade, was to create the TAPI pipeline which would sell trillions of dollars of Israeli owned gas to Pakistan and energy-starved India.  In order to construct the massive 1000-mile pipeline the Taliban leadership had to be coerced after negotiations with them regarding the pipeline died down a few months before 9/11. This project was undertaken by the Merhav Group and its Mossad asset CEO, Israeli Yosef Maiman, who employs former head of the Mossad, Shabtai Shavit.  Once the occupation was in place the pipeline’s construction could commence.

Maiman is well connected to other key 9/11 conspirators like Ronald Lauder, Arnon Milchan, and Eytan Barak, director of ICTS, through numerous companies which he chairs: Ampal-American Israel Corporation, Israel’s Channel 10, Eltek Ltd, and Milchan Brothers Ltd to name a few.

Why didn’t we know about this?

Israel and Zionism are the central hubs that tie in the highest level conspirators of the 9/11 massacre to a coherent agenda.  It’s impossible to ignore that all others accused of a role in the attack have no overarching umbrella organization they are all connected to.  Outside of individual gains no other entity or ideology benefits from 9/11 besides Israel and Zionism.  Indeed, Netanyahu wrote his book on “Islamic” Terrorism in 1987 before “Islamic” Terrorism ever even existed.  And it was he who said 9/11 was “very good” for Israel when first asked on that day. But Netanyahu wasn’t the only one delighted. Ehud Sprinzak, an Israeli “counter-terrorism expert” candidly remarked to UK’s “Telegraph”, “From the perspective of the Jews, it is the most important public relations act ever committed in our favour.” Aluf Benn, editor-in-chief of Haaretz, stated plainly that the Israeli “political-security establishment” saw 9/11 as a “Hannakuh miracle” of good fortune for Israel and it was celebrated with delight in those tight circles.

This is all of course totally taboo. The mere suggestion of this avalanche of powerful evidence is “anti-semitic.” Thus, even movies catering to an already fringe audience purporting to expose an “inside job” of 9/11 either shy away from the explosive and unavoidable Israeli role or willfully obscure it.  A great example of this phenomenon is the “Loose Change” movie that gained global popularity.  The three jewish boys, Dylan Avery, Corey Rowe, and Jason Bermas, who produced the film were treated with respect and adoration for their adventure by the mainstream Zionist media and were given a sympathetic platform to spread their message, even getting their documentary into theatres.  It is easily the most widely consumed 9/11 conspiratorial film.

The “Loose Change” crew. This jewish band of brothers wilfully obscure the dominant Israeli role in 9/11 in every version of their film. Deborah Simon, married to the son of one of Larry Silverstein’s business partners, Mel Simon, is appreciated for her efforts in the credits of “Loose Change.” When confronted about these issues, the trio refuse to debate and hurl insults at their skeptics.

Unfortunately, at almost every opportunity, “Loose Change” avoids and hides the Israeli and Zionist connection, preferring a smokescreen of secret societies and nebulous associations. This is most obvious when the PNAC members are shown and the dominant Israeli dual citizens fade in the background while others with no major role in the attacks are highlighted.  In interviews, the trio behind “Loose Change” attempt to whitewash Israeli prior-knowledge by suggesting they were simply warning the negligent US government of the plot. Perhaps it is no small coincidence then that billionaire Zionist Deborah Simon is appreciated for her contributions in the credits.  Her father-in-law, Mel Simon did business with Frank Lowy and Larry Silverstein, the duo that leased the towers and made billions from its demolition.  Is she a brave closet renegade who married into a billionaire jewish family? Probably not.


You don’t have to take our word for it. With 9/11, all roads lead to the same place. Hamid Gul, former ISI director was one of the first to accuse the Mossad of orchestrating the attacks.  Francesco Cossiga, the former Italian president, said, regarding 9/11, “[the intelligencia] know well that the disastrous attack was planned and realized by the American CIA and Mossad with the help of the Zionist world to put under accusation the Arabic Countries and to persuade the Western powers to intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Former Italian President, Francesco Cossiga accuses Mossad and the “Zionist World” for perpetrating 9/11. He is not alone. Hundreds of notable individuals around the world have joined the fold and expressed their belief that Israel is behind 9/11.

Cossiga is not alone, the former director of the Army War College, Dr. Alan Sabrosky also promotes the Israeli manufactured false flag thesis on 9/11.  This credentialed veteran has defended his views in numerous discussions and interviews and is highly respected among his former colleagues.  Many other notable individuals exist and many more are joining the fold every day as the last taboo of 9/11, the open dissection of Israeli involvement, loudly comes crashing down as the ADL scrambles feverishly to silence it.

2012: Chicago and London?

Unfortunately 9/11 wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last. Since 9/11 many other false flags have occurred in our world. There were the 3/11 (911 days after 9/11) train bombings in Spain. 7/7 in London. 11/9 in Amman.  There were many attacks in India, including the Mossad/RAW-orchestrated 11/26 bombings in Mumbai. More recently, to demonize Iran, attacks erupted in New Delhi, Baku, Tbilisi, and Bangkok. Unfortunately those attacks didn’t do the job and something far more vast and destructive will be needed to provoke a war with Iran. There are many sinister signs indicating the diabolical architects of 9/11 have several more tricks up their sleeve.  As most of the top officials in our military industrial complex have repeatedly reiterated, the inevitability of “another 9/11” is a foregone conclusion.  Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld have said that it’s not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.”

Chicago is widely suspected as the next American victim of Israeli engineered false flag terrorism. Widely known as a hotbed for Criminal Zionism and corruption, Chicago would be a perfect place for a suitcase nuke to explode and give Obama a chance to play superhero just before his re-election. Predictive programming from Hollywood as well as not-so-subtle indications from insiders suggest Chicago is next in 2012.

2012 is another year that has occultic, esoteric and kabbalistic significance.  It’s been marketed to have prophetic “doomsday” displays and end of the world theatrics.  Chicago, a Zionist stronghold, with its new Mossad asset, Mayor Emanuel and its significance to the re-election of the hero Obama is widely suspected.  There are numerous eerie drills, similar to those up to and on 9/11 that have mock tragedies of mass fatalities taking place constantly, which are coordinated with the gamut of federal governmental organizations.  Many of the 9/11 Israeli conspirators are appearing randomly in Chicago, buying up skyscrapers, and taking over the security of buildings, most notably, the Willis (Sears) Tower by Silverstein and Kroll. In addition, Chicago is being threatened in the media with a nuclear bomb from all angles in a classic predictive programming exercise. It could happen during the NATO conference or later in the fall but it is a highly likely scenario.

Completely unnecessary yet absolutely essential. The enigma of cryptically encoded kabbalist and masonic symbolism is a matter of great importance to the operators of the “hidden hand.” When will the masses awaken from centuries of slumber to stop the plunder?

London is another target suspected by researchers given the symbolism in the Olympic Games of 2012.  “Zion” is cryptically encoded into the 2012 London Olympics logo. Massive drills are happening with great frequency here as well.  Excuses are being made by local law enforcement that there isn’t enough intrusive legislation in place to ensure the safety of the participants and observers in the Olympics.  The National Terror Alert Response Center is doing its due diligence by alerting the public that Islamic extremists will be released from prison and running wild in the streets prior to the Olympics, so be ready. Mock scenarios with suitcase nuclear explosives are manufactured and dispersed for consumption, effusively replete with the same symbolic calling card.  Readers may recall this exact same scenario playing out in London prior to the 7/7 simultaneous train bombings with drills and television shows depicting the terrorist acts before they took place under the guise of a hypothetical, “what-if” scenario.  History repeats itself. Again. And Again.. And Again…

WWIII looms ominously on the horizon.  What will you do?

(Special thanks and credit to 9/11 investigative researcher Christopher Bollyn, author of “Solving 9/11” and poet/author/activist Jonathan Azaziah for their efforts in this research)


WW~Postscript:  After reading this how can anyone deny that Israel and wealthy politically enthroned Jews both in America and Israel were not responsible for 9/11 and the intentional murder of nearly 3000 Americans?

Syrian War: The Prequel

2007 New Yorker Article Exposed US-Israeli-Saudi Conspiracy to Overthrow Assad.

by Tony Cartalucci 

  • Muslim Brotherhood is funded by & serves as the primary instrument of US, Israel, & Saudi Arabia.
  • Lebanon was designated as staging ground to destabilize Syria with sectarian extremists.
  • Saudi and Muslim Brotherhood anti-Israeli and American sentiments are feigned.
  • US intelligence knew in advance unleashing sectarian extremists would result in genocide.
  • Saudis & Americans admit sectarian extremists – the foundation of Al Qaeda – are under their control.

May 10, 2012 – As previously stated, the Muslim Brotherhood and various “hardline” sectarian political factions sweeping into power in the wake of the US-engineered “Arab Spring,” have been feigning anti-Israeli and anti-Western sentiments in an attempt to swell their ranks with followers before ultimately forming a united sectarian-front against Iran.

The creation of a united sectarian-front was noted by geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley who has from the beginning stated that the various possible governments resulting from these engineered revolutions “could then be used to support the fundamental US-UK strategy for the Middle East, which is to assemble a block of Arab and aligned sectarian countries (notably Egypt, Saudis, Gulf states, and Jordan) which, formed into a front with the participation of Israel, would collide with the Iranian Shiite front, including Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and various radical forces.”

Image: Red = US-backed destabilization, Blue = US occupying/stationed. Iran and Syria are completely surrounded by either client states or nations occupied by US forces. And while the complexity of West’s reordering of the Arab World is staggering, it is but a part of a grander strategy to eliminate the nation-state and establish global hegemony.

Confirming this is a 2007 New Yorker article recently pointed out by a reader titled, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?” Written by renowned journalist Seymour Hersh, it covers everything from admissions that the US, Saudis, and Israelis are working together, despite the Saudis and their sectarian proxies’ attempts to portray themselves as “anti-Israeli,” to admissions that the US is funding a region-wide network of militants and terrorists, many of whom have literally trained at Al Qaeda camps. The article also describes in great detail the role of the Hariri faction in Lebanon, working closely with the Saudis and Americans, and their role in creating a safe haven for terrorist organizations on Lebanese soil, now involved fully in destabilizing neighboring Syria.

Clearly, what has been recently portrayed by the West as mere “claims” by the Syrian government that the Saudis, Lebanese, and NATO were conspiring against them, is simply the fruition of the US policy exposed fully in the New Yorker in 2007. While many analysts have treated the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and their involvement in Syria’s uprising as a somewhat nebulous phenomenon, the New Yorker’s 2007 makes it clear that the Brotherhood is one of the primary instruments used by the Saudis as part of a US-Israeli-Saudi effort to eliminate Syria and Iran. Not only that, but the report indicates that the US itself has been funding and using the Muslim Brotherhood as well.

Just as the US State Department feigned shock and confusion at the “Arab Spring” it had been preparing for the last 3 years, it is likewise reacting with feigned confusion and dismay over the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the “Arab Spring’s” wake. In reality it is a premeditated consequence of US foreign policy spanning both the Bush and now the Obama administrations.

Photo: The “Free Syrian Army,” whose composition consists of not only Syrian sectarian extremists, but Libyan terrorists from the US State Department listed “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group” led by Abdul Hakim Belhaj, is the manifestation of years of US, Saudi, and Israeli aid since at least 2007.

While in 2007, all of this was, “soon to be,” in retrospect we see just how devastatingly accurate Hersh’s reporting was. It is clear now, with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and the sectarian-extremist dominated, foreign-funded destabilization ravaging Syria, that this policy created during the Bush administration, has transcended presidencies and is being brought to its premeditated conclusion under Obama – yet another example of “continuity of agenda.”

Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States Are Behind Syria’s Violence.

The evidence trickling out of the corporate-media regarding who the armed Syrian opposition is, reveals that it is predominately an extremist sectarian-movement, not only including Syrian extremists, but militants crossing the border from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and even from as far as Libya. An alliance of Gulf States led by Saudi Arabia have pledged funds for Syria’s militants and has repeatedly called for openly arming them. The US is likewise openly equipping Syrian militants.

This reality is not merely a spontaneous reaction by the “international community,” but verbatim what was planned in detail amongst the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia years in advance to topple the Syrian government before moving on to Iran, according to Hersh’s 2007 report:

“To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.” –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh

Hersh’s report would also include:

“the Saudi government, with Washington’s approval, would provide funds and logistical aid to weaken the government of President Bashir Assad, of Syria. The Israelis believe that putting such pressure on the Assad government will make it more conciliatory and open to negotiations.” –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh

This mirrors sentiments included in the Brookings Institution’s 2009 report, “Which Path to Persia?” where it was stated that reaching some sort of conclusion with Syria first was a prerequisite before attacking Iran:

“…the Israelis may want to hold off until they have a peace deal with Syria in hand (assuming that Jerusalem believes that one is within reach), which would help them mitigate blowback from Hizballah and potentially Hamas. Consequently, they might want Washington to push hard in mediating between Jerusalem and Damascus.” -Which Path to Persia? page 109 (.pdf)

Which Path to Persia? .pdf

Clearly, what we are seeing today in Syria is the full manifestation of this premeditated conspiracy against the government and people of Syria, and in turn, against the Iranians. It should be noted that a US intelligence professional interviewed by Hersh for his story, predicted that the sectarian extremists being prepared in 2007 for today’s violence, would most likely go on a genocidal killing spree, as seen in Libya, and now being quietly reported by the Western press in Syria as well:

“Robert Baer, a former longtime C.I.A. agent in Lebanon, has been a severe critic of Hezbollah and has warned of its links to Iranian-sponsored terrorism. But now, he told me, “we’ve got Sunni Arabs preparing for cataclysmic conflict, and we will need somebody to protect the Christians in Lebanon. It used to be the French and the United States who would do it, and now it’s going to be Nasrallah and the Shiites” –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh

That the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia premeditated a regional conflict utilizing militant-extremists with full knowledge they would commit wide ranging, genocidal atrocities, is clearly as much in reality a war crime as the US State Department and US representative to the UN Susan Rice have claimed the Syrian government has committed as it desperately attempts to restore order in the face of an admitted act of foreign aggression.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a Tool of US-Israeli-Saudi Machinations.

The Muslim Brotherhood is often portrayed as being anti-Israeli, anti-US, and anti-West in general. In reality they are a creation of and have been ever since servants of expanding Wall Street and London’s corporate-financier hegemony across the Islamic World. In Hersh’s 2007 report, it is made clear that the Brotherhood was the tool of choice of the US, Israeli, and Saudi elite – with the US and Saudis reported as even then directly funding and backing them – backing that continues to this day, not only in Syria, but in Egypt as well.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s rank and file surely believe in what they are being told by their leaders, but their leaders are professional demagogues peddling anti-Israeli and anti-American rhetoric solely for public consumption while being fully complicit in the West’s designs against the Arab World.

Hersh reports that a supporter of the Lebanese Hariri faction had met Dick Cheney in Washington and relayed personally the importance of using the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria in any move against the ruling government:

“[Walid] Jumblatt then told me that he had met with Vice-President Cheney in Washington last fall to discuss, among other issues, the possibility of undermining Assad. He and his colleagues advised Cheney that, if the United States does try to move against Syria, members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood would be “the ones to talk to,” Jumblatt said.” –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh

The article would continue by explaining how already in 2007 US and Saudi backing had begun benefiting the Brotherhood:

“There is evidence that the Administration’s redirection strategy has already benefitted the Brotherhood. The Syrian National Salvation Front is a coalition of opposition groups whose principal members are a faction led by Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian Vice-President who defected in 2005, and the Brotherhood. A former high-ranking C.I.A. officer told me, “The Americans have provided both political and financial support. The Saudis are taking the lead with financial support, but there is American involvement.” He said that Khaddam, who now lives in Paris, was getting money from Saudi Arabia, with the knowledge of the White House. (In 2005, a delegation of the Front’s members met with officials from the National Security Council, according to press reports.) A former White House official told me that the Saudis had provided members of the Front with travel documents.” –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh

It was warned that such backing would benefit the Brotherhood as a whole, not just in Syria, and could effect public opinion even as far as in Egypt where a long battle against the hardliners was fought in order to keep Egyptian governance secular.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, also interviewed by Hersh for his 2007 article, perhaps described best the geopolitical gambit the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel were and are currently attempting to unfold:

“Nasrallah accused the Bush Administration of working with Israel to deliberately instigate fitna, an Arabic word that is used to mean “insurrection and fragmentation within Islam.” “In my opinion, there is a huge campaign through the media throughout the world to put each side up against the other,” he said. “I believe that all this is being run by American and Israeli intelligence.” (He did not provide any specific evidence for this.) He said that the U.S. war in Iraq had increased sectarian tensions, but argued that Hezbollah had tried to prevent them from spreading into Lebanon. (Sunni-Shiite confrontations increased, along with violence, in the weeks after we talked.)” –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh

Indeed, divide and conquer has been used by empires since the beginning of time, and it appears that the very radical extremists the West has featured as civilization’s greatest enemy in their fraudulent “War on Terror” is a creation and perpetuation of their own design.  The role of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood, betraying millions of Sunni Muslims by exploiting their justified outrage of US-British and Israeli foreign policy, has resulted in terrorism and violence, both spontaneous and engineered, that has destroyed millions of lives. The very “War on Terror” is the “management” of these exploited and cultivated extremists:

“…[Saudi Arabia’s] Bandar and other Saudis have assured the White House that “they will keep a very close eye on the religious fundamentalists. Their message to us was ‘We’ve created this movement, and we can control it.’ It’s not that we don’t want the Salafis to throw bombs; it’s who they throw them at—Hezbollah, Moqtada al-Sadr, Iran, and at the Syrians, if they continue to work with Hezbollah and Iran.” –The Redirection, Seymour Hersh

For Empire, not National Security.

The only fault that can be found in Hersh’s tremendous journalistic accomplishment is perhaps the pandering to the notion that all of this demonstrative deceit and indeed, criminality, may be being done in the interest of protecting Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the United States. In reality, even the Brookings Institution, which was also included in Hersh’s report, admits that containing Iran is not a matter of national security for either the US or Israel (let alone Saudi Arabia), but a matter of maintaining the status quo, namely Western hegemony across the Middle East, with Saudi Arabia and Israel the principle dual benefactors.

While behind closed doors US policy makers admit Iran, even if it were to obtain nuclear weapons, is driven by self-preservation and protecting the influence it is steadily gaining throughout the Middle Eastern region it borders, the message they desperately seek to relate to the public is one of an irrational apocalyptic theocracy eager to usher in Armageddon.

However, reports out of the RAND corporation note that Iran has had chemical weapons in its inventory for decades, and other reports from RAND describe the strict control elite military units exercise over these weapons, making it unlikely they would end up in the hands of “terrorists.” The fact that Iran’s extensive chemical weapon stockpile has yet to be disseminated into the hands of non-state actors, along with the fact that these same elite units would in turn handle any Iranian nuclear weapons, lends further evidence to the conclusion that Iran is indeed driven by self-preservation and self-defense.

Brookings notes on pages 24 and 25 of their “Which Path to Persia?” report, that the real threat is not the deployment of these weapons, but rather the deterrence they present, allowing Iran to counter US influence in the region without the fear of an American invasion. The US and the West in general, have viewed the Middle East as nothing more than a divided, broken Ottoman Empire to be used and exploited, and when nationalism or resistance emerges, to be pitted against itself in destructive conflicts.

The fear of a powerful Iran overturning the status quo of Anglo-American hegemony expressed through proxies and multiple strategies of tension, Israel itself being one of them, would open the door for other nations to climb out from beneath the modern heirs of the British and French Empires and begin down the path of true self-determination. That includes freeing the people of Israel laboring under a hijacked government misleading them into a pointless and perpetual conflict with not only the Palestinians, but with the Islamic World itself.

Indeed, the ploy described in incredible detail by Seymour Hersh in 2007, and demonstratively playing out before our eyes today, is not to protect against existential threats to the people of Saudi Arabia, Israel, or the United States, but against existential threats to their leadership’s self-serving hegemonic ambitions. It is being peddled by a coalition of Saudis, Americans, and Israelis lying not only to the world, their allies, and their enemies, but to their own people about the nature of the conflict they demand troops and taxpayers to facilitate.

Image: Terrorist bombings have recently ripped through Damascus, Syria, bearing all the hallmarks of sectarian extremists, funded and directed by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia since at least 2007, according to Seymour Hersh’s article, “The Redirection.” With the back-story now fully established, and the violence in Syria exposed as not only premeditated, but the devastating consequences of unleashing sectarian extremists being well known ahead of time, those insisting on backing this horrendous crime do so amidst a public increasingly aware of their transgressions against humanity.

Balking these murderous machinations is accomplished by Sunnis and Shi’ia not falling into the traps laid out by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia in the form of the Muslim Brotherhood, and terror groups and “civil society” NGO’s alike, cultivated by these admitted international manipulators. Christians and Jews must likewise avoid the contrived “clash of civilizations” between themselves and hordes of terrorists created and cultivated by their own demagogic leaders.

Finally, it is essential that people around the world recognize that the corporations and institutions they patronize on a daily basis with their time, money, energy, and attention are the ones ultimately devising and driving not only these plots, but the disingenuous politicians and media personalities we’ve mistakenly placed our trust in. We must begin to boycott and replace these corporations and institutions with genuine local alternatives or suffer the tragic conclusion of allowing such deceitful megalomaniacs to construct an inescapable world order they shall presume absolute dominion over.


Caught Red-Handed: Al-Qaeda bomber was CIA informant

From the moment that the news came out about a new “underwear bomber” in Yemen that supposedly was now targeting American civilian aircraft by using explosives that were now “undetectable” by the American back scattering radiation full body sensors, I and others smelled a rat.   The timing of this latest fraud of a terrorist threat was way too obvious, especially when more and more Americans were turning against the groping TSA criminals in their own airports that were making their lives a living hell, and making air travel a nightmare.  

Well, now it definitely seems that the criminals behind this latest “terrorist” fraud have been caught red handed.  According to this new article from the website: “Breitbart” at http://www.breitbart.com, these fraudsters have been forced to admit that this latest “underwear bomber” was a CIA informant!   First, here is that important article for everyone to read for themselves, and I do have my additional comments to follow:

Officials: Al-Qaeda bomber was CIA informant

AP 5/8/2012 10:17:37 PM
(AP) Officials: al-Qaeda bomber was CIA informant
Associated Press

U.S. and Yemeni officials say the supposed would-be bomber at the heart of an al-Qaeda airliner plot was actually an informant working for the CIA.

The revelation, first reported by The Los Angeles Times, shows how the CIA was able to get its hands on a sophisticated underwear bomb well before an attack was set in motion.

Officials say the informant was working for the CIA and Saudi Arabian intelligence when he was given the bomb. He then turned the device over to authorities. Officials say the informant is safely out of Yemen.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive intelligence matter.


Associated Press writer Ahmed Al-Haj contributed to this report from Sanaa, Yemen.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP’s earlier story is below.

In the wake of a failed al-Qaeda plot to blow up a U.S.-bound airliner, the Obama administration on Tuesday sought to reassure travelers that security at American airports is as good as it has ever been.

Overseas, where such plots originate, security is a different story.

While airline checks in the United States mean passing through an onerous, sometimes embarrassing series of pat-downs and body scans, procedures overseas can be a mixed bag. The U.S. cannot force other countries to permanently adopt the expensive and intrusive measures that have become common in American airports over the past decade.

The latest al-Qaeda plot originated in Yemen and used an upgrade over the bomb that failed to detonate on board an airplane over Detroit on Christmas 2009. Officials said this new bomb was meant to be concealed in a passenger’s underwear, contained no metal and used a chemical _ lead azide _ that was to be a detonator in a nearly successful 2010 plot to attack cargo planes.

Working with an al-Qaeda informant and foreign intelligence services, the CIA disrupted the latest plot before the would-be bomber even picked a target or bought his tickets, officials say.

The FBI is still analyzing the sophisticated explosive. But, based on preliminary findings, security procedures at U.S. airports remained unchanged a day after the plot became public.

That was a reflection of both the U.S. confidence in its security systems and a recognition that the government can’t realistically expect travelers to endure much more. Increased costs and delays to airlines and shipping companies could have a global economic impact, too.

“I would not expect any real changes for the traveling public,” said House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich. “There is a concern that overseas security doesn’t match ours. That’s an ongoing challenge.”

The Transportation Security Administration sent advice to some international air carriers and airports about security measures that might stave off an attack from a hidden explosive. It’s the same advice the U.S. has issued before, but there was a thought that it might get new attention in light of the foiled plot.

The U.S. has worked for years to try to improve security for U.S.-bound flights originating at international airports. And many countries agree that security needs to be better. But while plots such as the Christmas attack have spurred changes, some security gaps that have been closed in the U.S. remain open overseas.

Officials believe that body scanners, for instance, probably would have detected this latest attempt by al-Qaeda to bring down a jetliner. Such scanners allow screeners to see objects hidden beneath a passenger’s clothes.

But while scanners are in place in airports nationwide, their use is scattershot overseas. Even in security-conscious Europe, the European Union has not required full-body imaging machines for all airports, though a number of major airports in Paris, London, Frankfurt and elsewhere use them.

All passengers on U.S.-bound flights are checked against terrorist watch lists and law enforcement databases.

In some countries, U.S. officials are stationed in airports to offer advice on security matters. In some cases, though, the U.S. is limited to hoping that other countries follow the security advice from the Transportation Security Administration.

“Even if our technology is good enough to spot it, the technology is still in human hands and we are inherently fallible,” said Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., a member of the House Intelligence Committee. “And overseas, we have varying degrees of security depending on where the flight originates.”

Al-Qaeda has repeatedly tried to take advantage of those overseas gaps. The Christmas 2009 bombing originated in Amsterdam, where the bomber did not receive a full-body scan. And in 2010, terrorists smuggled bombs onto cargo jets, which receive less scrutiny than passenger planes.

In both those instances, the bombs were made by al-Qaeda’s master bomb maker in Yemen, Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri. Officials believe this latest bomb was the handiwork of al-Asiri or one of his students.

The CIA was tipped off to the plot last month by an informant close to al-Qaeda, officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case. The agency recovered the bomb in recent weeks, but it’s not clear what happened to the would-be suicide bomber.

The bomber “is in no position to harm us,” Rogers said.

“Neither the bomb nor any other part of the plot represents an ongoing threat to the U.S.,” Schiff said.

In the meantime, Americans traveled Tuesday with little apparent concern.

“We were nervous _ for a minute,” said Nan Gartner, a retiree on her way to Italy from New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport. “But then we thought, we aren’t going anywhere near Yemen, so we’re OK.”


Associated Press writers Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, Ted Bridis, Bob Burns, Bradley Klapper and Alan Fram in Washington, Verena Dobnik in New York, Paisley Dodds in London, Matthew Lee in New Delhi and Slobodan Lekic in Brussels contributed to this report.

NTS Notes:  I am disgusted at these Associated Press reporters for trying to cover up for the criminality of the CIA in trying to fool the public with this latest fraud of a terrorist attack.  The fact is that these criminals in the CIA and the US Government themselves have been caught in a massive lie,and they should be brought up on criminal charges for such a horrendous act of deception against the American public immediately.

This exposure should also finally call into question the entire “War On Terror” itself and expose it also for the fraud it truly is.   The fact is readers that there are NO real Terrorists at all.. In almost every act of terrorism in the world for the last 1/2 century at least, when the facts come out and expose who really committed the so called terrorist act, we find either the Mossad or the CIA behind them.  The entire war on terror has been nothing more than a lie to strike fear into the general public to support more wars of conquest.  And we can see that the results have been beyond these criminals’ wildest expectations!

People need to wake up and quick.. For right now the criminal state of Israel, and their obedient slaves in the United States, are definitely about to commit a new terrorist act against their own people that could make 9-11 look like a picnic…People must be forewarned, so that if these criminals attempt any such horrendous act of barbarism against the American public,the public will know immediately who the real culprits are and have swift justice meted out against them!

More to come



The Secret You Never Get To Hear

by John Kaminski

(But in your heart, you already know)


The gods keep mankind ignorant of the ways of living, else one would do enough in a day to last for a year. — Hesiod, c. 700 BC

My thoughts keep returning to the strange similarity between the way religions and the government do business. Always some secret reason — something too holy for us uppity slaves to appreciate, or some piece of information too sensitive for us ignorant citizens to be trusted with.

A priest might say, “at the discretion of the holy father”. A politician would use the words “national security”.

What is wrong with this picture? Why are we ruled by secrets we cannot be told? There can be only one answer. All these secrets are lies and deceptions.

The famous Biblical story of Yahweh talking with his cronies about confounding the speech of all humanity “so they won’t become like us” clearly bespeaks the sense of superior men deceiving gullible savages, who simply did not understand what was being done to them and ascribed all these events to magical beings to be worshipped in trembling fear and wonder.

God, in ancient parlance, was an absolute synonym for king. Dead kings, through the clever voices of priests, became gods.

Today we have the mysterious banditos called Al-Qaeda miraculously turning up in every war zone on Earth fighting first on their side, then on ours, but, after ten years of histrionic chest thumping by righteous American politicians, we have not been able to capture and prosecute a single credible perpetrator of the 9/11 attack, which is the linchpin of the Al-Qaeda terrorist pedigree.

Realizing Al-Qaeda is fake means you realize all the ensuing wars are fake. Realizing the Christian liturgy is an exact copy of the Osiris legend means you realize Christianity is fake, invented by the Alexandrian Jews to sabotage and exterminate the Roman Empire.

Somehow our thought process cripples us — is designed to fail — when we attempt to apply critical thinking to our religious beliefs. We are advised not to look too deeply into these matters by our holy men, lest we offend the great power in the sky who rules over us all. The list of dire consequences for offending said entity is endless and absurd.

You can make your own comparisons about the behavior of your own government, selling guns to every available criminal who works for them, but taking them from everyone who it plans on robbing and killing.

But don’t despair. Just because we’re not immortal doesn’t mean God doesn’t exist. In fact, you see the dude a lot clearer when you understand you don’t have much time — only one lifetime; it goes fast — to accomplish it. Be grateful for the chance.

The temptation to keep valuable knowledge secret goes way back before the time of religions as we know them today. But the science of politics, by far a more consistent discipline than religion, has never changed at all. It has forever been ‘get it while you can by any means necessary, then paint a noble, self-serving picture of it’.

The notion about who might get hurt in all this manipulative tinkering has always been and remains today a distant afterthought in the human thought process. That so many of us humans now are seriously feeling the effects of this tendency to make humane concerns of compassion and understanding of lesser priority is a direct result of this practice.

We are suffering because we have, throughout our history, ignored — not to mention exacerbated and reveled in — the suffering of others. What we’re experiencing is simple karmic justice. We definitely deserve what we’re getting — simply by being less informed than the people exploiting us.

And at the center of this exploitation is blind religious belief, molding the populace to accept without question the dictates of the ruling authority, which is kept in place by brute force masked by righteous rhetoric, the theme of which is always ‘we are better than them, so that gives us the God-given right to rob them’.

Could there be a better description of the behavior of your country and its comatose populace, deluded by centuries of misleading information?

As I have written elsewhere, the gods of the Bible, often called the Elohim, were actually members of a worldwide seafaring civilization in the Bronze Age, whose voyages account for all the Great White Father myths — Sargon, Osiris, Jehovah, Jupiter, Deuce, Thor, Viracocha, and Quetzalcoatl were all members of this same worldwide fraternity, imparting knowledge and establishing communities as they fleeced the uncouth local yokels in every corner of the world.

William Blake's 1795 oil painting "Elohim Creates Adam"

If you think the same thing is going on today, you’d be right.

This ancient mystery people left relics around the world including the pyramids, Stonehenge and the roots of our own language. They later morphed into the Phoenicians, whom you may remember invented the alphabet you use today, and who were bulldozed out of existence at Carthage c. 200 BC, although rumor has it they regrouped in Venice and are prominently represented on Wall Street today.

In my own rather acerbic Biblical studies I have come to understand that Yahweh, who was apparently an ancient tribal leader, resisted the takeover of this worldwide seafaring culture, who judging by the available descriptions, were simply not a very nice bunch of slave gathering white giants.

Can you resist the comparison to events happening now?

This hard attitude about infidels and usurpers is reflected in the bloodthirsty certitude of the Old Testament, a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude that permeates human logic today. Previously I thought this tough attitude was unnecessarily harsh on the unenlightened and uninformed of the world; then I read Comyns Beaumont’s description of what the very large and very shrewd invaders of all these cultures were really like — a social picture of prehistoric humans that we are — and should be — afraid to confront.

An “ungainly, misshapen and violent race of ogres whose last king, named Balor, of the Evil Eye, slew his enemies with a flash of his fiery orb” is the way he described the Fomorians who first colonized Ireland and were among many tribes of the world erased from history by the Early Iron Age comet-caused great flood that apparently ended the last Ice Age and caused worldwide destruction, worst of all in North America. (The “fiery orb” reference reveals prehistoric knowledge of firearms and explosives, one of the major aspects of history that is totally covered up.)

But these are all names lost to history in a cataclysm. Some survived. Thoth brought the religion of his lost nation to Egypt. Comyns Beaumont insists this pre-flood worldwide seafaring culture (the ships in 10,000 BC were much larger than in 500 AD) seeded all known civilizations.

Comyns Beaumont’s synopsis of the Book of Enoch’s account of the Early Iron Age catastrophe that began civilization as we know it today goes like this.

1. The Giants, sometimes called the Satans, lived in the Age of Saturn . . . the flood and the hurling of the Giants under rocks marked the end of that age.

2. Their references to women are respectful . . . the surest sign of the culture of a race.

3. They worked in iron before anyone.

4. They manufactured weapons of war for all the world . . .

5. They possessed a considerable knowledge of astronomy and their seers, represented by Enoch and Noah, had watched the heavens and thus acquired prior knowledge of some impending catastrophe. It is portrayed as something falling on the earth, a great commotion, and the earth sinking down into the void, that is drowning.

6. All these events happened in the far north Atlantic, but affected the whole planet in varying degrees.

I couldn’t help but remember Clif High’s Expando planet theory in which earlier forms of animals were much larger because the planet was much smaller, lending credence to the so-called myth of the giants of old, which is confirmed by Comyns Beaumont.

Legends of giant red haired invaders exist from all over the world. Herodotus, for instance, mentioned that the son of Agamemnon, named Orestes, was 12 feet tall.

“In the OT we read of the sons of Anak, or Giant, so immense that the spies sent out by Moses described themselves as “mere grasshoppers in their sight,” implying that the Anakim towered over them.”

Comyns Beaumont insists the pre-flood history of the world is contained in the Book of Enoch. “It describes in dramatic terms the materialism of the age and the growing decadence of the time, of freed, of ambitions on the part of rulers, of the feverish manufacture of munitions of war, and the final collapse of an advanced civilization.”

In the holy books, all these momentous events have been transmogrified into divine intervention by angelic beings. The real history kept from us (most likely in the Vatican Library) is that these were real people, unusually large and possessed of technology unknown to most of the world, and who ran a pattern of exploitation and control over the unenlightened masses.

It has always been the Cult of the Sun vs. the Cult of the Serpent. Now, both are being supplanted by the Cult of the Universal Vibe, which acknowledges its own end as part of the plan and the real secret of eternal life. The only way to attain immortality is to be a part of all life, which as far as we know, has never and will never end.

The lesson we need to learn about is to learn how to help others. Only then are we truly alive. All the rest is just misinterpreted death ritual.

If we don’t take care of each other, we’re not really taking care of ourselves.

Like life itself, today’s crises are something we have to get through, not deny! (Yes, you are being fatally irradiated.)

We have to stop destroying each other in a frantic quest to achieve something that cannot be achieved, and help each other understand that the only thing we ever keep is what we give away. Only then can we be really loving. Anything else is just a self-delusive pose.

Oddly enough, to continue to search for eternal life guarantees our extinction and irrelevance.

Oh, and that secret you never get to hear? There’s only one thing we know for certain. It’s a lie.

Would you give your life for God? Don’t worry. You will.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA. http://johnkaminski.info/


Comyns Beaumont: The Riddle of Prehistoric Britain

Henry Binkley Stein: Priesthood of the Illes


Multi-Billion-Dollar Terrorists and the Disappearing Middle Class

Al Qaeda suspects at Afghan border

The US government (White House and Congress) spends $10 billion dollars a month, or $120 billion a year, to fight an estimated “50 -75 ‘Al Qaeda types’ in Afghanistan”, according to the CIA and quoted in the Financial Times of London (6/25 -26/11, p. 5). During the past 30 months of the Obama presidency, Washington has spent $300 billion dollars in Afghanistan, which adds up to $4 billion dollars for each alleged ‘Al Queda type’. If we multiply this by the two dozen or so sites and countries where the White House claims ‘Al Qaeda’ terrorists have been spotted, we begin to understand why the US budget deficit has grown astronomically to over $1.6 trillion for the current fiscal year.

During Obama’s Presidency, Social Security’s cost-of-living adjustment has been frozen, resulting in a net decrease of over 8 percent, which is exactly the amount spent chasing just 5 dozen ‘Al Qaeda terrorists’ in the mountains bordering Pakistan.

Taliban members

It is absurd to believe that the Pentagon and White House would spend $10 billion a month just to hunt down a handful of terrorists ensconced in the mountains of Afghanistan. So what is the war in Afghanistan about? The answer one most frequently reads and hears is that the war is really against the Taliban, a mass-based Islamic nationalist guerrilla movement with tens of thousands of activists. The Taliban, however, have never engaged in any terrorist act against the territorial United States or its overseas presence. The Taliban have always maintained their fight was for the expulsion of foreign forces occupying Afghanistan. Hence the Taliban is not part of any “international terrorist network”.

If the US war in Afghanistan is not about defeating terrorism, then why the massive expenditure of funds and manpower for over a decade? Several hypotheses come to mind:

The first is the geopolitics of Afghanistan: The US is actively establishing forward military bases, surrounding and bordering on China.

Secondly, US bases in Afghanistan serve as launching pads to foment “dissident separatist” armed ethnic conflicts and apply the tactics of ‘divide and conquer’ against Iran, China, Russia and Central Asian republics.

Thirdly, Washington’s launch of the Afghan war (2001) and the easy initial conquest encouraged the Pentagon to believe that a low cost, easy military victory was at hand, one that could enhance the image of the US as an invincible power, capable of imposing its rule anywhere in the world, unlike the disastrous experience of the USSR.

Fourthly, the early success of the Afghan war was seen as a prelude to the launching of a sequence of successful wars, first against Iraq and to be followed by Iran, Syria and beyond. These would serve the triple purpose of enhancing Israeli regional power, controlling strategic oil resources and enlarging the arc of US military bases from South and Central Asia, through the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean.

The strategic policies, formulated by the militarists and Zionists in the Bush and Obama Administrations, assumed that guns, money, force and bribes could build stable satellite states firmly within the orbit of the post-Soviet US empire. Afghanistan was seen as an easy first conquest the initial step to sequential wars. Each victory, it was assumed would undermine domestic and allied (European) opposition. The initial costs of imperial war, the Neo-Cons claimed, would be paid for by wealth extracted from the conquered countries, especially from the oil producing regions.

The rapid US defeat of the Taliban government confirmed the belief of the military strategists that “backward”, lightly armed Islamic peoples were no match up for the US powerhouse and its astute leaders.

Wrong Assumptions, Mistaken Strategies: The Trillion Dollar Disaster

Every assumption, formulated by these civilian strategists and their military counterparts, has been proven wrong. Al Qaeda was and is a marginal adversary; the real force capable of sustaining a prolonged peoples wars against an imperial occupier, inflicting heavy casualties, undermining any local puppet regime and accumulating mass support is the Taliban and related nationalist resistance movements.

Israeli-influenced US think-tanks, experts and advisers who portrayed the Islamic adversaries as inept, ineffective and cowardly, totally misread the Afghan resistance. Blinded by ideological antipathy, these high-ranking advisers and White House/Pentagon civilian-office holders failed to recognize the tactical and strategic, political and military acumen of the top and middle-level Islamist nationalist leaders and their tremendous reserve of mass support in neighboring Pakistan and beyond.

The Obama White House, heavily dependent on Islamophobic pro-Israel experts, further isolated the US troops and alienated the Afghan population by tripling the number of troops, further establishing the credentials of the Taliban as the authentic alternative to a foreign occupation.

As for the neo-conservative pipe dreams of successful sequential wars, cooked up by the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, Feith, Abrams, Libby et al, to eliminate Israel’s adversaries and turn the Persian Gulf into a Hebrew lake, the prolonged wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan has, in fact, strengthened Iran’s regional influence, turned the entire Pakistani people against the US and strengthened mass movements against US clients throughout the Middle East.

Sequential imperial defeats have resulted in a massive hemorrhage of the US treasury, rather than the promised flood of oil wealth from tributary clients. According to a recent scholarly study, the military cost of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have exceeded $3.2 trillion dollars (“The Costs of War Since 2001”, Eisenhower Study Group, June 2011) and is growing at over ten billion a month. Meanwhile the Taliban “tightens (its) psychological grip” on Afghanistan (FT 6/30/2011, p. 8). According to the latest reports even the most guarded 5-star hotel in the center of Kabul, the Intercontinental, was vulnerable to a sustained assault and take over by militants, because “high security Afghan forces” are infiltrated and the Taliban operate everywhere, having established “shadow” governments in most cities, towns and villages (FT 6/30/11 p.8).

Imperial Decline, Empty Treasury and the Specter of a Smash-Up

The crumbling empire has depleted the US treasury. As the Congress and White House fight over raising the debt ceiling, the cost of war aggressively erodes any possibility of maintaining stable living standards for the American middle and working classes and heightens growing inequalities between the top 1% and the rest of the American people. Imperial wars are based on the pillage of the US treasury. The imperial state has, via extraordinary tax exemptions, concentrated wealth in the hands of the super-rich while the middle and working classes have been pushed downward, as only low paid jobs are available.

In 1974, the top 1% of US individuals accounted for 8% of total national income but as of 2008 they earned 18% of national income. And most of this 18% is concentrated in the hands of a tiny super-rich 1% of that 1%, or 0.01% of the American population, (FT 6/28/11, p. 4 and 6/30/11, p. 6). While the super-rich plunder the treasury and intensify the exploitation of labor, the number of middle income jobs is plunging: From 1993 to 2006, over 7% of middle income jobs disappeared (FT 6/30/11, p. 4). While inequalities may be rising throughout the world, the US now has the greatest inequalities among all the leading capitalist countries.

The burden of sustaining a declining empire, with its the monstrous growth in military spending, has fallen disproportionately on middle and working class taxpayers and wage earners. The military and financial elites’ pillage of the economy and treasury has set in motion a steep decline in living standards, income and job opportunities. Between 1970 -2009, while gross domestic product more than doubled, US median pay stagnated in real terms (FT 7/28/11, p. 4). If we factor in the added fixed costs of pensions, health and education, real income for wage and salaried workers, especially since the 1990’s, has been declining sharply.

Even greater blows are to come in the second half 2011: As the Obama White House expands its imperial interventions in Pakistan, Libya and Yemen, increasing military and police-state spending, Obama is set to reach budgetary agreements with the far right Republicans, which will savage government health care programs, like MEDICARE and MEDICAID, as well as Social Security, the national retirement program. Prolonged wars have pushed the budget to the breaking point, while the deficit undermines any capacity to revive the economy as it heads toward a ‘repeat recession’.

The entire political establishment is bizarrely oblivious to the fact that their multi-hundred- billion-dollar pursuit of an estimated 50-75 phantom Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan has hastened the disappearance of middle income jobs in the US.

The entire political spectrum has turned decisively to the Right and the Far-Right. The debate between Democrats and Republicans is over whether to slash four trillion or more from the last remnants of our country’s social programs. The Democrats and the Far-Right are united as they pursue multiple wars while currying favor and funds from upper 0.01% super-rich, financial and real estate moguls whose wealth has grown so dramatically during the crisis!


Obama's aides jump the White House ship

But there is a deep and quiet discomfort within the leading circles of the Obama regime: The “best and brightest” among his top officials are scampering to jump ship before the coming deluge: the Economic Guru Larry Summers, Rahm Emmanuel, Stuart Levey, Peter Orzag, Bob Gates, Tim Geithner and others, responsible for the disastrous wars, economic catastrophes, the gross concentration of wealth and the savaging of our living standards, have walked out or have announced their ‘retirement’, leaving it to the smiling con-men – President Obama and Vice-President ‘Joe’ Biden – and their ‘last and clueless loyalists’ to take the blame when the economy tanks and our social programs are wiped out. How else can we explain their less-than-courageous departures (to ‘spend more time with the family’) in the face of such a deepening crisis?

The hasty retreat of these top officials is motivated by their desire to avoid political responsibility and to escape history’s indictment for their role in the impending economic debacle. They are eager to hide from a future judgment over which policy makers and leaders and what policies led to the destruction of the American middle and working classes with their good jobs, stable pensions, Social Security, decent health care and respected place in the world.


Fear-mongering at University of Arizona

WW~Notes: This is a display of how bad things truly are in the country.  It is police state activity and total tyranny on the students of this educational establishment.  The whole house of cards is based on lies and subterfuge perpetrated upon the American people.  And students will not be any safer than before, actually they will be in more danger from their watchers.

college students

University “Campus Watch” Citizen Spy Program Partners With Threat Fusion Center To Report Suspicious Activity

A University of Arizona student sent us the following forwarded message from a professor:

Anthony Daykin, Chief of Police
May 18, 2011
Based upon Osama bin Laden being killed by U.S. military forces, The University of Arizona Police Department, in a joint effort with The Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center, is asking all Citizens to increase vigilance and maintain a heightened awareness of suspicious activities.
The University of Arizona Police Department encourages you to remain alert and aware of your surroundings and the people in your vicinity at all times.  If you notice suspicious activity or persons, please call your local law enforcement agency by first dialing 9-1-1.  Information can then be forwarded to the ACTIC Watch Center at 1-877-2SAVE-AZ (1-877-272-8329), or via email at actic@azdps.gov.

We know that threat assessment fusion centers, represented above by The Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC), have been set up around the country in order to federalize local communities through public and private partnership programs.  On their website, ACTIC states that in 2006 they launched a Community Liaison Program which now includes “More than 4,000 contact representatives from 300 private and public sector organizations participate” to support “the National Homeland Security Strategies of ‘Strengthening Information Sharing and Collaboration Capabilities.’  In so doing they have enlisted the following Participating Partners:

  • Religious groups
  • Block watches
  • Private security companies
  • Tourism industry
  • Financial groups
  • Utility companies
  • Public health organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Community Groups
  • And Many More…

The threat the University of Arizona Police Department states in its letter is couched within the Al-Qaeda reprisal theory, but the threat assessment asserted by other fusion centers already has included suspected homegrown terrorism, which specifically includes universities as a potential source of terrorist recruitment and sympathizers.

Fusion centers are actually a spawn of the Total Information Awareness program banned by Congress in 2003.  It was a program spearheaded by Iran-Contra criminal, John Poindexter, with a logo that left nothing to the imagination about its intentions.

However, the intention remains the same under Fusion Centers, which have been decried by the ACLU for their clear Orwellian structure, as well as being linked to surveillance of political figures, anti-war protesters, activists, and even the ACLU itself.  Nonetheless, the TIA/fusion center program lives on under a new marketing campaign giving it the softer mission as “liaisons” and “partners” within a local community network, rather than a clearly top-down directed surveillance mechanism of the all-seeing eye of the Department of Homeland Security.  At its core it still remains a vehicle through which a vast database of largely dubious information can be compiled by a now terrified public after the assassination of Osama bin Laden.  The University of Arizona Police Department has exploited this recent fervor by stating this right up front as the reason for its grave announcement.  This marks yet another expansion of the See Something, Say Something program kicked off at Wal-Mart, now being prepared to become law.

Most people remain unaware that fusion centers operate completely outside Congressional oversight, after having been subsumed into the NSA under the guise of prototype information systems.  This has, in effect, made the entire initiative a classified “black budget” operation taking on a life of its own.  And buried within their own language, we can see how they are usurping community assets.  ACTIC states their goals quite clearly, with their own emphasis added:

  • Establish and Maintain a Strong “Two-Way Information Flow” that Shares Knowledge between Law Enforcement, Local Businesses and the Public.
  • Provide a Dedicated Public Safety Liaison to Manage the Program and actively promote the Importance of Treating every business like it was a “Critical Infrastructure Business.”

Critical Infrastructure Business is now the code phrase for the complete federal takeover of any business — private or public — in order to protect National Security interests now known as Critical Infrastructure Protection.  Under the Homeland Presidential Security Directive 7 of 2003 it established:

The policy of the United States to enhance the protection of national critical infrastructures against terrorist acts that would significantly diminish the responsibility of federal, state, and local governments to perform essential security missions and to ensure the general public health and safety. The USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 defines critical infrastructures as ‘those physical and cyber-based systems so vital to the operations of the United States that their incapacity or destruction would have a debilitating impact on national defense, economic security, or public safety.’ More specifically, critical infrastructures are those people, things, or systems that must be intact and operational in order to make daily living and working possible. Source

So, just about everything . . . including universities, as surely they could be loosely interpreted to house, “the people, physical assets, and communication/cyber systems that are indispensably necessary for national security, economic stability, and public safety.”

In fact, this is also at the heart of the new cybersecurity strategy (PDF), which is trying to lay claim to the entire Internet as critical infrastructure — intellectually, politically, and economically — while using the threat of state-sponsored cyberterror to justify a presidential shutdown of a National Asset if systems are threatened, despite the fact that truly key infrastructure runs on private networks and is not connected to the open Internet.  It is a pattern of behavior that knows no bounds.

The open tyranny that has been full throttle in America since 9/11 is now using every tool of propaganda and fiat law to implement its permanence.  Through Suspicious Activity Reports from all sectors, the directive to enlist universities as part of their unpaid citizen spy network is the natural evolution of such an integrated system of total control, and it represents one of the true threats of terror on American soil.


Commentary: Anthony Weiner – Attack of Jewish Guilt Over 9/11?


Representative Anthony Weiner at Northeast Queens Jewish Community Council

What caused Rep. Weiner to flip his yarmulke? Could it have been repressed guilt caused by his subconsciously knowing that 9-11 was the fault of Zionists Jews? I suggest that Anthony see a gentile psychotherapist; perhaps Woody Allen could recommend one.

The big deal that got Weiner’s ear-locks into a knot was the Republicans voted down a bill to provide long-term medical benefits to 9/11 first responders. As a result Weiner started foaming at the mouth and speaking in tongues.

Perhaps deep down in that ever-growing cauldron of Jewish guilt Weiner realized that were it not for the Zionist Jews like himself in America, who have taken control of the U.S. Government, the 9-11 attacks would never have happened. This is what Osama bin Laden, Weiner’s Abrahamic brother, said:

“Allah knows it did not cross our minds to attack the towers but after the situation became unbearable and we WITNESSED THE INJUSTICE AND TYRANNY OF THE AMERICAN-ISRAELI ALLIANCE AGAINST OUR PEOPLE IN PALESTINE AND LEBANON.”

And bin Laden is fucking right. The Jewish occupation of Palestine was an act of Zionist colonialism, just like in the bad old biblical days when the terrorist Joshua invaded Palestine and slaughtered its inhabitants, but this time supported and aided by U.S. Zionist sympathizers. And the crime against humanity continues in Israel’s torment and repression of the Palestinian people.

And one could argue that the Jewish control of the U.S. Government, as well as of America’s media, entertainment industry, financial institutions such as Wall Street, and legal system (look who’s going to be our newest justice of the not so Supreme Court) is the result of the Jewish neo-colonization of America by the Jews who invaded America (as they did Palestine) in massive numbers after W.W.II.

So I say let Israel pay those benefits—as well as the benefits for all the G.I.s killed fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq—because the Zionists in the U.S. and Israel are the ones responsible for the Americans who died on Sept. 11, 2001 and who have continued to die as a result in the Middle Fucking East.

And by the way mad dog Weiner voted for the war against Iraq even though Iraq had nothing to do with the 9-11 attacks, unlike the MAIN FUCKING CAUSE, the state of Israel and its U.S. collaborators. His hands are filthy with the blood of American soldiers and innocent Iraqi men, women, and children. And he’s a fucking hypocrite—playing the role of Mr. Nice Guy while authorizing the horror against the Iraqi people and supporting Israel’s Palestinian concentration camps.

Check this out:

What Jewish rant does that remind you of? Go back to Jesus you stupid Republicans! :-)ha)ha)ha)

I say, (f..!) Rep. Anthony Whiner!

And fuck all the Republicans for allowing the Zionist neocons to take control of the American government so that it serves Israel instead of serving the American people.

Here’s one such specimen of a Zionist neocon, that creep Wolfowitz:



And fuck the Democrats for going along with the neocons and for collaborating with the illegal immigrants and for participating in the Hispanic Nation’s overthrow of the American Nation. Don’t you get it, America? The aliens and Jews have stolen your country. Turn off the fucking TV* (that means see the footnote) and pay attention!

America is being colonized by Mexico! The old colonizer has become the colonized, which wouldn’t be so bad if Mexico weren’t a Cro-Magnon society. That’s right. The progress clock is spinning backwards in America. American communities are being de-civilized by the Hispanic hordes. Being colonized by Mexico is like hooking up a healthy person to an I.V. of bubonic plague. What is being pumped into America’s veins is a cultural form of bubonic plague.

And it’s too late, America! You lost because you were betrayed by the likes of Reagan, Ted Kennedy, George Bush, Clinton, McCain, and all the other un-American traitor-crats who have been working so hard to destroy this nation.

Alamo America is under siege just as Iraq was and Afghanistan continues to be. But eventually, the Afghans and the Iraqis will take back their countries because they believed they were worth fighting for. Do you really believe sending U.S. soldiers to fight in the Middle East—while you sit on your couch watching TV—is fighting for your country? Do you really believe Al-Qaeda was ever a threat to America? If you do, you’re a fucking idiot. Destroying some buildings is not the same thing as conquering a nation. Osama bin Laden didn’t allow the hundreds of thousand of Islamists into this country. The Marxist-Zionist traitors running the U.S. Government did that. Blame them and Israel for this:


Not Osama bin Laden.

Lock and load, patriots! America’s end days are drawing near.

*For example, why in the hell would any AMERICAN give a damn about the news of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? Some idiotic female commentator (I believe it was on NPR, but I may be wrong) said that since America has no aristocracy, people like the Clintons become our aristocracy. I say, give me a fucking break—Bill Clinton aristocracy, the guy who got his knob polished in the White House by the tongue of the Jewish princess Monica Lewdinsky? Don’t make me fucking sick. And who did Chelsea marry? Marc Mezvinsky, “former Goldman Sachs investment banker. He works at the hedge fund G3 Capital” (Wikipedia). That doesn’t make you sick?!

And here’s dad:

“[Ed] Mezvinsky was involved in a series of business transactions that ultimately led to his downfall.In March 2001, Mezvinsky was indicted and later pleaded guilty to 31 of 69 charges of bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Nearly $10 million was involved in the crimes… After serving five years in federal prison, he was released in April 2008. He is expected to remain on federal probation until 2011, and owes substantial restitution to his victims.” (Wikipedia)

Will the son follow in his father’s footstep? He doesn’t have to. Dad stole enough money for the whole family and I’m sure his Jewish friends will look out for the kid.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is the new movie about Jewusurer like Ed, you know people who make money from money. No wonder the Jews hated Jesus, you know his condemning a life devoted to money. It was like he was telling Jews and they could be Jews. So JC got nailed to the cross. Michael Douglas stars in the movie. It takes a rich Jew to play one. You remember, he the one with the drug-dealing son, Cameron. I mean it was like the kid didn’t have enough money. Greedy, greedy, greedy. :—) Can’t say Jesus didn’t warn you.

Why hasn’t God punished Jews for being so greedy? Well, he tried. Wasn’t that Hitler’s job? Of course the Nordic botched it given he destroyed Europe as well and allowed enough Jews to live to reestablish themselves, like those small mammals that took over after the big dinosaurs bit the dust. Still, Jews have to bear the cross of hatred for fucking people over. Just take a look at the harm they have done since the end of World War II—to the Middle East, America, and Europe. And let’s not forget that those nutty Muslims are really members of the Jew brotherhood. I know, it’s fucking nuts!

Okay, conclusion. America has no aristocracy (look up the fucking word!). What it has is a PLUTOCRACY run by fatcat Wall Street and political types, like Mezvinsky & Clinton, Inc. They don’t really give a shit about Americans because they don’t associate with you. Like Henry VIII in The Tutors they live in the bubble of the wealthy that floats high above ordinary folks and their silly morality.

Maybe you shouldn’t turn off the TV, America. Reality America is pretty fucking bleak.

Written by Cassandra Veritas


Former U.K. Ambassador Reveals CIA Rendition and Torture in prior Soviet State Uzbekistan

Daniel Tencer 11-4-2009


The CIA relied on intelligence based on torture in prisons in Uzbekistan, a place where widespread torture practices include raping suspects with broken bottles and boiling them alive, says a former British ambassador to the central Asian country.

Craig Murray, the rector of the University of Dundee in Scotland and until 2004 the UK’s ambassador to Uzbekistan, said the CIA not only relied on confessions gleaned through extreme torture, it sent terror war suspects to Uzbekistan as part of its extraordinary rendition program.

“I’m talking of people being raped with broken bottles,” he said at a lecture late last month that was re-broadcast by the Real News Network. “I’m talking of people having their children tortured in front of them until they sign a confession. I’m talking of people being boiled alive. And the intelligence from these torture sessions was being received by the CIA, and was being passed on.”

Human rights groups have long been raising the alarm about the legal system in Uzbekistan. In 2007, Human Rights Watch declared that torture is “endemic” to the country’s justice system.

Murray said he only realized after his stint as ambassador that the CIA was sending people to be tortured in Uzbekistan, country he describes as a “totalitarian” state that has never moved on from its communist era, when it was a part of the Soviet Union.

Suspects in Uzbekistan’s gulags “were being told to confess to membership in Al Qaeda. They were told to confess they’d been in training camps in Afghanistan. They were told to confess they had met Osama bin Laden in person. And the CIA intelligence constantly echoed these themes.”

“I was absolutely stunned — it changed my whole world view in an instant — to be told that London knew [the intelligence] coming from torture, that it was not illegal because our legal advisers had decided that under the United Nations convention against torture, it is not illegal to obtain or use intelligence gained from torture as long as we didn’t do the torture ourselves,” Murray said.


Murray asserts that the primary motivation for US and British military involvement in central Asia has to do with large natural gas deposits in Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. As evidence, he points to the plans to build a natural gas pipeline through Afghanistan that would allow Western oil companies to avoid Russia and Iran when transporting natural gas out of the region.

Murray alleged that in the late 1990s the Uzbek ambassador to the US met with then-Texas Governor George W. Bush to discuss a pipeline for the region, and out of that meeting came agreements that would see Texas-based Enron gain the rights to Uzbekistan’s natural gas deposits, while oil company Unocal worked on developing the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline.

“The consultant who was organizing this for Unocal was a certain Mr. Karzai, who is now president of Afghanistan,” Murray noted.

Murray said part of the motive in hyping up the threat of Islamic terrorism in Uzbekistan through forced confessions was to ensure the country remained on-side in the war on terror, so that the pipeline could be built.

“There are designs of this pipeline, and if you look at the deployment of US forces in Afghanistan, as against other NATO country forces in Afghanistan, you’ll see that undoubtedly the US forces are positioned to guard the pipeline route. It’s what it’s about. It’s about money, it’s about oil, it’s not about democracy.”

The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline is slated to be completed in 2014, with $7.6 billion in funding from the Asian Development Bank.

Murray was dismissed from his position as ambassador in 2004, following his first public allegations that the British government relied on torture in Uzbekistan for intelligence.

The following videos were posted to YouTube by the Real News Network on Oct. 26 and Nov. 4, 2009.

Part 1

Part 2


Washington’s Criminal Cabal Planning another Terrorist Attack?

Obama admits: Attack on US soil likely

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama admits that al-Qaeda network is planning fresh raids on the United States from the militants’ safe havens in Pakistan.

Obama said Wednesday the US would chase and defeat the terrorist organization wherever it is present in the world.

Pakistan and Afghanistan would not be allowed to become a safe haven for al-Qaeda and its allied groups, the US president said while addressing a joint press conference with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London.

Obama’s remarks followed a threat by Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Baitullah Mehsud, who said his group was planning a terrorist attack on the US to ‘amaze’ the world.

“Soon we will launch an attack in Washington that will amaze everyone in the world,” Baitullah Mehsud said Tuesday, giving no further details.

US intelligence officials are increasingly concerned that Mehsud could eclipse even Osama bin Laden as a threat to America.

Obama further urged Pakistan to demonstrate its commitment to rooting out al-Qaeda and Taliban along its troubled border with Afghanistan.

The US president had earlier unveiled a new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, saying the top goal was to destroy al-Qaeda. “Al Qaeda and its allies are cancer that risks killing Pakistan From within,” said Obama on Friday

The warnings come after multiple intelligence estimates warned that al-Qaeda is actively planning attacks on the US homeland from its safe-haven in the violence-hit Pakistan.

Al-Qaeda’s top leaders are believed to be hiding in tribal areas along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, where their Taliban allies have strongholds.

The insurgents have regrouped in the tribal areas after a US-led invasion in late 2001 toppled the Taliban in Afghanistan and sent militants to border areas with Pakistan.

American officials say the mountains along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border threaten the US and its western allies’ security in the western countries.

On September 11, 2001 a series of attacks were launched on New York and the pentagon by suspected al-Qaeda insurgents, killing 2,973 people.



Related reading and video:

Top Ranking CIA Operatives Admit Al-qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication

Israel hopes to colonize parts of Iraq as ‘Greater Israel’

freemasonic-israelBy Wayne Madsen

(WMR) — Israeli expansionists, their intentions to take full control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and permanently keep the Golan Heights of Syria and expand into southern Lebanon already well known, also have their eyes on parts of Iraq considered part of a biblical “Greater Israel.”

Israel reportedly has plans to relocate thousands of Kurdish Jews from Israel, including expatriates from Kurdish Iran, to the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Nineveh under the guise of religious pilgrimages to ancient Jewish religious shrines. According to Kurdish sources, the Israelis are secretly working with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to carry out the integration of Kurdish and other Jews into areas of Iraq under control of the KRG.

Kurdish, Iraqi Sunni Muslims, and Turkmen have noted that Kurdish Israelis began to buy land in Iraqi Kurdistan, after the U.S. invasion in 2003, that is considered historical Jewish “property.”

The Israelis are particularly interested in the shrine of the Jewish prophet Nahum in al Qush, the prophet Jonah in Mosul, and the tomb of the prophet Daniel in Kirkuk. Israelis are also trying to claim Jewish “properties” outside of the Kurdish region, including the shrine of Ezekiel in the village of al-Kifl in Babel Province near Najaf and the tomb of Ezra in al-Uzayr in Misan Province, near Basra, both in southern Iraq’s Shi’a-dominated territory. Israeli expansionists consider these shrines and tombs as much a part of “Greater Israel” as Jerusalem and the West Bank, which they call “Judea and Samaria.”

Kurdish and Iraqi sources report that Israel’s Mossad is working hand-in-hand with Israeli companies and “tourists” to stake a claim to the Jewish “properties” of Israel in Iraq. The Mossad has already been heavily involved in training the Kurdish Pesha Merga military forces.

Reportedly assisting the Israelis are foreign mercenaries paid for by U.S. Christian evangelical circles that support the concept of “Christian Zionism.”

Iraqi nationalists charge that the Israeli expansion into Iraq is supported by both major Kurdish factions, including the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan headed by Iraq’s nominal President Jalal Talabani. Talabani’s son, Qubad Talabani, serves as the KRG’s representative in Washington, where he lives with his wife Sherri Kraham, who is Jewish.

Also supporting the Israeli land acquisition activities is the Kurdistan Democratic Party, headed by Massoud Barzani, the president of the KRG. One of Barzani’s five sons, Binjirfan Barzani, is reportedly heavily involved with the Israelis.

The Israelis and their Christian Zionist supporters enter Iraq not through Baghdad but through Turkey. In order to depopulate residents of lands the Israelis claim, Mossad operatives and Christian Zionist mercenaries are staging terrorist attacks against Chaldean Christians, particularly in Nineveh, Irbil, al-Hamdaniya, Bartalah, Talasqaf, Batnayah, Bashiqah, Elkosheven, Uqrah, and Mosul.

These attacks by the Israelis and their allies are usually reported as being the responsibility of “Al Qaeda” and other Islamic “jihadists.”

The ultimate aim of the Israelis is to depopulate the Christian population in and around Mosul and claim the land as biblical Jewish land that is part of “Greater Israel.” The Israeli/Christian Zionist operation is a replay of the depopulation of the Palestinians in the British mandate of Palestine after World War II.

In June 2003, a delegation of Israelis visited Mosul and said that it was Israel’s intentions, with the assistance of Barzani, to establish Israeli control of the shrine of Jonah in Mosul and the shrine of Nahum in the Mosul plains. The Israelis said Israeli and Iranian Jewish pilgrims would travel via Turkey to the area of Mosul and take over lands where Iraqi Christians lived.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

Copyright © 2008 WayneMadenReport.com
Wayne Madsen is a Washington, DC-based investigative journalist and nationally-distributed columnist. He is the editor and publisher of the Wayne Madsen Report (subscription required).


Mumbai based group of intellectuals and human rights activists proclaims: Al-Qaeda is front organization of CIA and MOSSAD

The Mumbai based group alleged that Al-Qaeda is a front organization of CIA and MOSSAD. “There is enough evidence that the Al-Qaeda is a front organization of the CIA and MOSSAD. The Bush junta has used the bogey of terror and of Al Qaeda to justify his unending and ever expanding Global War on Terror, which is only a means of capturing the resources of the world and of establishing the sole hegemony of Israel in West Asia,” said the group of activists and intellectuals. The group is holding a press conference in Mumbai on Wednesday to “expose the links between Al-Qaeda and the CIA-MOSSAD”.

Holding American-Israeli operation accomplices of the 9/11 attack on the WTC, the spokesman of the group said that this has been widely written about in USA and Europe itself and more than 50% of the American people and far more Europeans, now believe and are convinced about this fact. He said that sections of the Indian ruling political and military elite are importing the same Bush-Olmert formula into India. “The increasing terror attacks only serve the cause of the Indian elite and divide the masses along communal lines. It is only the ordinary Indians who are the victims of terror either in temples, mosques, buses or trains,” he said adding that practically no political leader suffers a similar fate, where the terrorists are apprehended and killed in “encounters”.

“Every terror attack is meant to push and drag the Indian masses further into the waiting arms of Uncle Sam and the Israeli Goliath. Every terror attack spreads further hatred for Muslims and Islam and weakens the Indian Muslim community,” he said.



New York Times Misleads on Taliban Role in Opium Trade

Jeremy R. Hammond / Foreign Policy Journal | December 1, 2008



The New York Times reported this week that the Taliban have cut back on poppy cultivation and is stockpiling opium, grossly overstating the group’s role in the Afghanistan drug trade.

“Afghanistan has produced so much opium in recent years,” the Times reported Thursday, “that the Taliban are cutting poppy cultivation and stockpiling raw opium in an effort to support prices and preserve a major source of financing for the insurgency, Antonio Maria Costa, the executive director of the United Nations drug office, says.”

Mr. Costa’s remarks came last week as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) prepared to release its Afghan Opium Survey 2008 report, the executive summary of which has already been available for some time. The now released report shows that poppy cultivation was reduced in much of Afghanistan and is even more highly concentrated in the south, with Helmand province being by far the biggest producer.



The Times states that the Taliban “have for several years ‘systematically encouraged’ opium cultivation as a way to finance their insurgency, the study said.” It notes that the UNODC has estimated that “the insurgents made as much as $300 million from the opium trade” last year.

“But after three years of bumper crops, including this one,” the Times continues, “the Taliban have succeeded almost too well, producing opium in amounts far in excess of world demand.”

Despite production far exceeding global demand, prices for the drug have not fallen as much as might be expected based solely on the supply and demand principle of the market. One explanation that has been put forward is that opium is being stockpiled.

According to the Times’ summary of Mr. Costa’s remarks, “The fact that prices had not collapsed already, he said, was evidence that the Taliban, drug lords and even some farmers have stockpiled the opium, more and more of which is also being processed in Afghanistan. ‘Insurgents have been holding significant amounts of opium,’ Mr. Costa said.”

In addition, “This year, the Taliban are taking a ‘passive stance’ toward cultivation, apparently putting less pressure on Afghan farmers to plant opium poppy. ‘They have called a moratorium of sorts as a way of keeping the stocks stable and supporting the price,’ Mr. Costa said.”

The Times thus acknowledges the role of non-Taliban actors, the “drug lords and even some farmers”, but nevertheless downplays their role and characterizes the cultivation of poppies and production of opium as being predominantly controlled by the Taliban. But this is not an accurate representation of the facts on the ground, as the findings of the UNODC report itself makes clear.

While the Times suggests the amount of opium produced is under the direct influence of the Taliban, in fact the decision to cultivate or not is made by individual farmers.

While the Times suggests the Taliban have “systematically encouraged”, citing the UNODC study, those words in fact do not appear in the report. Nor does it make any similar claim.

As part of the survey, the UNODC asked farmers their reasons for growing or not growing the crop. Most farmers who have never chosen to cultivate poppies cited as their reasons that it was against Islam and otherwise illegal. Of those who did cultivate poppies this year, 92 percent cited poverty alleviation as the driving motivation. Importantly, of those who had grown in the past, but stopped, the government ban was cited as the predominate reason for doing so. The second most common answer was that the choice was based on decisions of the shura and elders.

The two main reasons given in the report for the reduction in the amount of land used for opium cultivation are “successful counter-narcotics efforts in the northern and eastern provinces of Afghanistan” and “unfavourable weather conditions that caused extreme drought and crop failures in some provinces”, mostly in northern Afghanistan, where the Taliban have little or no presence.

Still other factors were the reduction in farm-gate prices for opium, which, coupled with the drought in the north, led farmers to switch to alternative crops. One such alternative crop has increasingly become cannabis. “Farmers growing cannabis,” the UNODC report notes, “may earn the same net income per hectare as farmers who grow opium, or even more, because cultivating cannabis is less labour intensive than opium.”

Furthermore, poppies grown in the south have a higher opium yield than in the north, so another factor in the trend seen this year is simply the result of market conditions. With supply far exceeding demand, driving down farm-gate prices, coupled with drought and lucrative, lower-labor alternatives, it is only natural, whatever other factors are at work, that the cultivation has lessened in the north and east and increased in the south, where the crop produces a higher yield.

Instructively, while the amount of land used to cultivate opium decreased in 2008 by 19 percent, the estimated opium production was still only down 6 percent from last year due to the higher overall yield.

Contrary to what the New York Times suggests, the UNODC report gives no indication that the reason cultivation was cut back had anything whatsoever to do with any kind of direction or control over the crop by the Taliban.

The implications that the Taliban group itself grows the crop and is involved in trafficking are also misleading. According to the UNODC, the Taliban’s profits from the trade come principally from ushr, a 10 percent tax on all agricultural crops, and from offering protection for traffickers involved in moving the opium.

David Mansfield is an independent consultant who has advised governments and organizations such as the World Bank on policy and issues relating to the Afghan opium trade. Mr. Mansfield told Foreign Policy Journal, “Ushr is charged on all agricultural produce and traditionally goes to the mullah for his services to the community. There are reports that this is being absorbed by ‘the Taliban’ – which is not a monlith.” He added that another situation which occurs is half the tax going to the mullah and the other 5 percent to the Taliban.

Thomas Pietschmann, a research officer with the UNODC Statistics and Surveys Section who is credited in the 2008 report, told the Journal that an estimated $50-70 million is made by warlords and Taliban from the farmers. An additional $200-400 million is made from the traffickers. But, he explained, “We do not have any good idea of how this income is divided up between warlords and Taliban.”

Mr. Pietschmann also confirmed to the Journal that, while they did profit from ushr and from offering security, “We also have not seen strong indications of much direct exporting of opiates by the Taliban.”

In commentary attached to the UNODC report, Mr. Costa asks, “Who collects this money? Local strong men. In other words, by year end, war-lords, drug-lords and insurgents will have extracted almost half a billion dollars of tax revenue from drug farming, production and trafficking.”

Notably, Mr. Costa does not answer his question with “the Taliban”, but includes a much broader range of participants who profit from the trade that includes, but is in no way limited to, the Taliban.

When Mr. Costa told reporters, “They have called a moratorium of sorts as a way of keeping the stocks stable and supporting the price”, the Times reported that “They” meant “the Taliban”. But it seems more probable the UNODC Executive Director intended his use of the pronoun to include other groups as well. In fact, the word “Taliban” does not appear in the report outside of Mr. Costa’s comments. The report refers instead more broadly to “anti-government elements” or AGEs.

The Times actually underreports the total estimated amount made by such elements as being $300 million, as opposed to nearly $500 million. But it attributes these profits to “the insurgents” – which it uses nearly synonymously with “the Taliban” – rather than differentiating between warlords, drug lords, and other insurgent groups besides the Taliban. As Mr. Pietschmann told the Journal, the UNODC did not estimate how much of that half million dollars is specifically going to the Taliban.

There are a number of other important facts to consider that the Times does not share with its readers. The total export value of opium and its derivatives (morphine and heroin) this year was estimated by the UNODC to be $3.4 billion. Therefore a logical corollary of the Times’ own account is that the majority of profits from the opium trade are going to non-insurgents.

It should be noted that this conclusion, too, may be inaccurate, as there are simply too many unknowns. But what is clear is that the Taliban, while profiting from the opium trade, do not control it.

The Times misleads on other counts, as well. The UNODC does suggest that opium is being stockpiled as one possible explanation for why costs haven’t dropped in direct correlation with the vast over-supply. Mr. Costa has said that “Lack of price response in the opium market can only be the result of stock build-ups, and all evidence points to the Taliban.” But Mr. Costa himself appears to be politicizing the report’s actual findings with this remark. The market price of opium against the estimated supply does suggest stocks are being withheld, and the Taliban does profit from the trade. But there appears to be only this circumstantial evidence that the Taliban is responsible for the theoretical stockpiling; and even if we assume that stockpiling is indeed taking place, there are also non-Taliban warlords and drug lords who may be responsible.

Mr. Pietschmann, in his comments to the Journal, presented the notion of stockpiling by Taliban as merely a possibility. While there aren’t strong indications of direct exporting by the Taliban, “They may, however, hold some of the stocks in Afghanistan and Pakistan and/or ‘protect’ those holding the stocks as well as ‘protect’ the laboratories and some of the convoys.”

Indeed, Mr. Costa’s own commentary in the UNODC report contains numerous caveats, such as “If the Taliban are holding major drug stockpiles…” (emphasis added), suggesting this is only a possibility, not a certainty.

This is a point Mr. Mansfield emphasized in comments to the Journal. With regard to the suggestion that opium is being stockpiled, he said, “This assumption is based on an estimate of global demand of 4,000 metric tons, but is that estimate accurate? Does it adequately reflect use in what are thought to be growing consumer markets such as China and India? It is of course also based on an assessment of Afghan yields, but how accurate are these? The US would seem to systematically estimate lower yields compared with UNODC, to the equivalent of around 2000 metric tons of opium this year. Is some of the ‘surplus’ which UNODC suggests is stockpiled actually a problem of estimates of supply and demand? How much?”

He confirmed that withholding of opium takes place and that he has come across “some wealthier farmers who keep opium and speculate on whether the price will increase” but nevertheless characterized the notion of massive stockpiling to the amounts of “thousands of tons”, as suggested by the UNODC, as being an “assumption”.

By overemphasizing the role of the Taliban, the Times serves to obfuscate the apparent role of local leaders and, more importantly, government and law enforcement officials in the drug trade.

Mr. Mansfield acknowledged to the Journal, with regard to corruption within the Afghan government and police force, that “some raise the question as to who makes more money from the opium economy – AGE or corrupt government officials.”

Mr. Pietschmann also acknowledged that “Corruption is indeed a problem and there are indications that it may go to rather high levels.” He added, “It is, however, difficult to estimate to what extent the trade is controlled by major players within the government. We do not have any indications that the bulk is being controlled by some of these individuals. There seems to be more of a problem with parliament where drug lords have strong influence over individuals and/or are even personally involved.

“A UNODC study done in 2006 concluded that there may be 35 major criminal groups in Afghanistan, of which 15 are located in southern Afghanistan (Helmand/Kandahar) controlling much of the business. None of them had its criminal head in government. But they seem to influence politics, including who gets the job as police chief at the regional level.”

And while much of the U.S.-led effort to combat the trade in Afghanistan has involved eradication of poppy fields, most experts seem to concur, including in reports from both the UNODC and the World Bank, that at best eradication has had only very limited success and is at worst counterproductive because it targets the farmers, most of whom grow the crop only in an effort to alleviate poverty, rather than the big players who control the actual trade in the drug.

Mr. Pietschmann observed, “Our Executive Director has repeatedly made the point that there is a need to target corruption as well as the drug markets, drug convoys and the laboratories, and not the farmers.”

And yet U.S. policy on counter-narcotics in Afghanistan seems to focus largely, if not predominantly, upon eradication. This may actually help increase the profit margin of the major players, and may actually be used by warlords and drug lords with strong influence in the government either at the state or local level to target competitors in the trade.

A research policy paper for the World Bank by William A. Byrd, for instance, notes that eradication helps drive up the “risk premium”, thereby driving up farm-gate prices and helping to cause “greater extortion of ‘protection money’ from farmers by various authorities.”

The World Bank report also noted “where sharp reductions in cultivation were achieved, physical eradication accounted for only a very small proportion of the decrease in cultivated area.”
Sibel Edmonds’ allegation mentioned at end of article- it also says Peter Dale Scott contributed research.

New York Times Misleads on Taliban Role in Opium Trade

It also states that “most of the limited physical eradication of poppy crops that has occurred has been under the leadership of provincial Governors. There are serious concerns however that due to the close ties between many local officials and drug interests, Governor-led eradication is especially vulnerable to corruption in implementation.”

The paper adds that “such corruption tends to result in eradication disproportionately affecting the poor, who lack political connections or resources to pay bribes to avoid eradication.” Moreover, “eradication can exacerbate poverty” among poor farmers and their families, whom are mostly targeted.

Similarly, a UNODC Assessment of Organized Crime in Central Asia noted that “The leaders themselves usually belong to the leading clans and occupy positions of high status in a family. In addition, the leaders are usually well connected to the apparatus of government power, whether in the political leadership or local administration.”

The assessment also notes that while there is often cooperation amongst criminal groups or organizations, there is also a great deal of competition, and that “What is perhaps most interesting here is the degree to which state actors are often involved. This can be illustrated through examining government crackdowns on competing clans. It is highly probable that at least some of the crackdowns on organized crime by government and law-enforcement agencies are carefully targeted against rival clans, while criminal organizations that are linked to the dominant clan obtain ‘preferential impunity’ and are able to continue to accumulate wealth from their criminal activities.”

And there’s an even bigger picture to consider with regard to the Afghan opium trade. The UNODC report estimates farm-gate prices and the export value of the opium, and also notes that rates of seizure of the drug indicate that it is going to Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey. Some of this opium is “exported by sea or by air,” Mr. Pietschmann told the Journal. “Direct exports from Pakistan go to the UK. The UK estimates that 20-25% comes directly from Pakistan and 75% comes via the Balkan routes and the Netherlands into the UK.”

But, he said, from Afghanistan, “Most of these opiates then go to Iran,” which he confirmed “is a major transit country.” He added, “Most is then trafficked from Iran to Turkey.”

Once the opium has left Afghanistan its cost increases exponentially, which is where the real profits are made. For example a Development Research Group report for the World Bank by Peter Reuter noted that “the principal costs … are associated with distribution rather than production.” In 2000, “A pure kilogram of heroin produced in Afghanistan for less than $1,000, was exported from Turkey for $10,000, and by the time it reached consumers in Western Europe it was priced at $175,000.”

The World Bank report noted that “The cost of production, as opposed to distribution, is a trivial share of the final price.”

Mr. Pietschmann made a similar observation in response to inquiries from Foreign Policy Journal. “We have not as yet done the global calculations for 2008,” he replied, “but it is quite clear that the overwhelming profits out of opiates produced in Afghanistan are made outside Afghanistan,” such as “in the transit countries to Europe and even more so, within Europe.”

The role of the Taliban in the opium trade is often greatly exaggerated by the U.S. corporate media. But even if one was to accept accounts like those the New York Times gives of the Taliban’s role, it nevertheless still remains self-evident that the Taliban’s cut is “trivial” if one considers the bigger picture.

That is not to say the profits gained by the Taliban and other insurgent groups are not significant. As Mr. Costa notes in the UNODC report, given an estimate of nearly $500 million going to insurgents, it is not surprising that “the insurgents’ war machine has proven so resilient”.

While acknowledging that “the Taliban will only receive a rather small fraction of the overall Afghan income from the opiate trade”, Mr. Pietschmann also emphasized, “But even the ‘little money’ of let’s say US$150-200 million is a lot for financing insurgency activities. Our information is that Taliban fighters earn several times more than people in the Afghan army.”

The question still remains of who is really responsible for the lion’s share of the highly profitable Afghan opium trade. Mr. Pietschmann suggested a role of Kurdish groups in trafficking the drug from Iran into Turkey.

In Turkey, some have suggested the existence of a shadow government, or what is termed the “deep state”, that really controls things behind the scenes. Even a former president and seven-time prime minister of Turkey, Suleyman Demirel, has said, “It is fundamental principle that there is one state. In our country there are two.” He added, “There is one deep state and one other state. The state that should be real is the spare one, the one that should be spare is the real one.”

Writing in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, John Gorvett, a free-lanced journalist based in Istanbul, said: “Defining the ‘deep state’ is not so easy, however. Some argue that it is a hangover from the Cold War, when Western powers sought to establish a network of armed groups that would stay behind in countries that might have fallen to the Soviet bloc. While these groups were then abolished in most countries when the Soviet Union collapsed, the theory is that in Turkey this never happened. Instead, the group continues to operate, an unofficial underground army tied to organized crime and a bevy of corrupt politicians, police and bureaucrats.”

In one case, a heroin trafficker on Interpol’s wanted list named Abdullah Catli died in a car accident in 1996 near the town of Susurluk and was found carrying a diplomatic passport signed by the Interior Minister of Turkey. Writing in Druglink Magazine in 2006, journalist and television producer Adrian Gatton commented, “The Susurluk Incident became Turkey’s Watergate, exposing the deep links between the Turkish state, terrorists and drug traffickers. It revealed what Turks call the Gizli Devlet, or Deep State – the politicians, military officers and intelligence officials who worked with drug bosses to move drugs from Afghanistan into Europe.”

Marines in Poppies

Marines in Poppies

That corruption extends to the United States, according to former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. According to Ms. Edmonds, U.S. officials were involved in helping foreign intelligence agents acquire sensitive nuclear secrets. She also says she was approached by a mole within the FBI who attempted to recruit her. The woman who approached her was a member of the American Turkish Council, which was the target of an FBI investigation because it was suspected of being involved in, among other things, drug trafficking. When she went to her superiors with concerns over possible misconduct and espionage within the FBI, she was fired. The Department of Justice then gagged her under the “state secrets privilege”.

Ms. Edmonds later formed the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, which includes as a member Daniel Ellsberg, the former special assistant to the Secretary of Defense who leaked the Pentagon Papers. Mr. Ellsberg has said, with regard to Ms. Edmonds, “Al Qaeda, she’s been saying to congress, … is financed 95% by drug money – drug traffic to which the US government shows a blind eye, has been ignoring, because it very heavily involves allies and assets of ours – such as Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan – all the ‘Stans – in a drug traffic where the opium originates in Afghanistan, is processed in Turkey, and delivered to Europe where it furnishes 96% of Europe’s heroin”.

If such allegations are correct – and Ms. Edmonds is not alone in making them – then it might perhaps explain why the U.S. government is so keen on solely blaming the Taliban for the production of opium in Afghanistan and the lucrative drug trade.

Marine amongst the poppies

Marine amongst the poppies

And, as the reporting during the run-up to the Iraq war amply demonstrated, the U.S. mainstream media – not the least of which includes the New York Times – is only too willing to parrot government propaganda while failing to question the official line or critically examine key issues.

Peter Dale Scott contributed research to this report.

Jeremy R. HammondJeremy R. Hammond is the editor of Foreign Policy Journal, a website dedicated to providing news, critical analysis, and opinion commentary on U.S. foreign policy from outside of the standard framework offered by government officials and the mainstream corporate media, particularly with regard to the “war on terrorism” and events in the Middle East. He has also written for numerous other online publications. You can contact him by clicking here.

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“Of Course Bin Laden is Dead”

According to a former CIA Operative…

Warns war on terror could be eternal

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Oct 7, 2008

An important news item that flew under the radar for the most part last week was the assertion from former CIA operative turned whistleblower Robert Baer that Osama Bin Laden is long dead.

The hugely respected intelligence & foreign policy expert told Terry Gross, host of National Public Radio show Fresh Air, “Of course he is dead, where are the DVDs? Bin Laden wouldn’t dye his hair, all these things can be manipulated.”

Baer, who has has previously publicly questioned the official story of the 9/11 attacks, continued “He hasn’t shown up, I’ve taken in the last month a poll of CIA officers who have been on his trail, and what astounded me was not a single one was sure he was alive or dead. They have no idea, I mean this man disappeared off the side of the earth.”

Baer, who’s previous book See No Evil was the basis for the film Syriana, asked “When in history has a country fought another country or another entity when the leader may be dead?” and warned that the so called war on terror could be an eternal war if the goal continues to be to capture Bin Laden.

Baer also warned that the war is shifting into Pakistan, a dangerous precedent that could see the vaguely defined conflict move anywhere.

Last July it was revealed that Pakistan has an agreement to allow CIA-operated Predator drones fly over the country and strike targets in the so called “hunt” for Bin Laden. Since that time many strikes have taken place, killing civilians in the process.

In addition, details of a secret Pentagon plan to send U.S. special forces into the wild tribal regions of Pakistan to find Bin Laden have also emerged. The plans have reportedly not yet been implemented due to White House in fighting.

Listen to the short excerpt here.

Listen to the whole interview here.

There is voluminous evidence to suggest Bin Laden is long dead.

According to French newspaper Le Figaro, Bin Laden was on a kidney dialysis machine after he had one shipped to his base in Kandahar Afghanistan in 2000, and when the CIA personally visited him in a Dubai hospital. Other accounts suggest he was also suffering from Hepatitis C at the time and had only two years left to live.

Journalists who met Bin Laden before 9/11 later proclaimed their disbelief about the fact that he didn’t appear on video after December 2001 to brag about the fact that he had not been captured. Since that time, every single Bin Laden video tape released has contained vague non-specific messages and in many cases the footage is old and re-hashed.

“With an ego the size of Mount Everest, Osama bin Laden would not have, could not have, remained silent for so long if he were still alive. He always liked to take credit even for things he had nothing to do with. Would he remain silent for nine months and not trumpet his own survival?” wrote the New York Times‘ Amir Taheri in July 2002.

A very good reason for Osama remaining silent after the end of 2001 would be the fact that he probably died on December 26 of that year, according to a report in the Pakistani Observer, which cited a Taliban official as stating that Bin Laden died due to an untreated lung complication and that he had attended his funeral.

In 2002 CNN reported on the fact that Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf believed Bin Laden to be dead:

[A Bush administration official] said U.S. intelligence is that bin Laden needs dialysis every three days and “it is fairly obvious that that could be an issue when you are running from place to place, and facing the idea of needing to generate electricity in a mountain hideout,”.

Others have gone on record insisting they believe Bin Laden to be dead, they include:

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, FBI counter-terrorism chief Dale Watson, Israeli intelligence sources, the late former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto, Bin Laden expert Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University’s Religious Studies program.

In addition, a leaked French secret service memo in September 2006 concluded that Bin Laden had died of typhoid poisoning the previous month. The memo cited Saudi Arabian secret service sources who were convinced that Bin Laden had died in Pakistan.

“The information gathered by the Saudis indicates that the head of al-Qaeda fell victim, while he was in Pakistan on August 23, 2006, to a very serious case of typhoid that led to a partial paralysis of his internal organs,” states the French memo.

Judging from all the available evidence, the White House knows for certain or at least strongly suspects that Bin Laden is dead and has been for many years, but they have chosen to maintain his myth for the purposes of political propaganda and as a hook on which to pin the advance of the imperial Neo-Con agenda.


“9/11 Truth Movement” Numbers Increasing

Russian Poll: 84% Say Truth About 9/11 Being

Deliberately Hidden

Steve Watson
September 12, 2008

A new poll from a major Russian news outlet reveals that 84% believe that the truth behind the 9/11 attacks is being deliberately hidden by the U.S. government.

At time of writing, the poll on the Russia Today website indicates that only 16% of readers feel that the 9/11 Commission report represents the full extent of the evidence as to who carried out the attacks over seven years ago.

The 84% figure mirrors almost exactly that of similar polls conducted in 2006 and 2004.

The poll comes on the heels of a survey conducted across 17 countries by WorldPublicOpinion.org that revealed less than half of those surveyed believe Al-Qaeda was behind 9/11, with a full 15 per cent believing that the terrorist outrage was directly perpetrated by the U.S. government.

A recent New York Times article also covered the fact that it has become conventional wisdom across the middle east that the official 9/11 story is a fraud.

Russia Today, one of Russia’s primary news channels also today features a balanced article and video report documenting the activities of the 9/11 truth movement in New York yesterday.

Watch the report:

We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski, and Infowars reporter Jason Bermas have joined hundreds of other activists in promoting the 9/11 truth movement and raising awareness and much needed aid for sick first responders on the seventh anniversary of the atrocities. The events in New York continue today.

The 9/11 truth movement has received much attention in Russia throughout the week with Russian State TV today set to broadcast a feature length documentary that questions the official version of events along with a pre-recorded studio debate on the matter.

Up to 30 million Russians will see Giulietto Chiesa’s ZERO, which covers some of the pertinent unanswered questions and inconsistencies surrounding the received reality of 9/11.

The figures that consistently emerge from the now voluminous polls, surveys and reports regarding 9/11 from all over the globe represent a blow to debunkers who have attempted to argue that skepticism towards the official 9/11 story is a radical fringe belief.

In reality, it is now beyond any doubt that a majority of people believe an explanation other than the official story or at least have suspicions about the official version.


September 11, 2001: 21 Reasons to Question the Official Story

© WW Graphics

Note: Although the points are stated briefly, I give in each case the pages in my most recent book—“The New Pearl Harbor Revisited”—where the issue is documented and discussed more extensively.

(1) Although the official account of 9/11 claims that Osama bin Laden ordered the attacks, the FBI does not list 9/11 as one of the terrorist acts for which he is wanted and has admitted that it “has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11″ (NPHR 206-11).

(2) Although the official story holds that the four airliners were hijacked by devout Muslims ready to die as martyrs to earn a heavenly reward, Mohamed Atta and the other alleged hijackers regularly drank heavily, went to strip clubs, and paid for sex (NPHR 153-55).

(3) Many people reported having received cell phone calls from loved ones or flight attendants on the airliners, during which they were told that Middle Eastern hijackers had taken over the planes. One recipient, Deena Burnett, was certain that her husband had called her several times on his cell phone because she had recognized his number on her Caller ID. But the calls to Burnett and most of the other reported calls were made when the planes were above 30,000 feet, and evidence presented by the 9/11 truth movement showed that, given the technology of the time, cell phone calls from high-altitude airliners had been impossible. By the time the FBI presented a report on phone calls from the planes at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui in 2006, it had changed its story, saying that there were only two cell phone calls from the flights, both from United 93 after it had descended to 5,000 feet (NPHR 111-17).

(4) US Solicitor General Ted Olson’s claim that his wife, Barbara Olson, phoned him twice from AA 77, reporting that hijackers had taken it over, was also contradicted by this FBI report, which says that the only call attempted by her was “unconnected” and hence lasted “0 seconds” (NPRH 60-62).

(5) Although decisive evidence that al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks was reportedly found in Mohamed Atta’s luggage—which allegedly failed to get loaded onto Flight 11 from a commuter flight that Atta took to Boston from Portland, Maine, that morning—this story was made up after the FBI’s previous story had collapsed. According to that story, the evidence had been found in a Mitsubishi that Atta had left in the Logan Airport parking lot and the trip to Portland was taken by Adnan and Ameer Bukhari. After the FBI learned that neither of the Bukharis had died on September 11, it simply declared that the trip to Portland was made by Atta and another al-Qaeda operative (NPHR 155-62).

(6) The other types of reputed evidence for Muslim hijackers—such as videos of al-Qaeda operatives at airports, passports discovered at the crash sites, and a headband discovered at the crash site of United 93—also show clear signs of having been fabricated (NPHR 170-73).

(7) In addition to the absence of evidence for hijackers on the planes, there is also evidence of their absence: If hijackers had broken into the cockpits, the pilots would have “squawked” the universal hijack code, an act that takes only a couple of seconds. But not one of the eight pilots on the four airliners did this (NPHR 175-79).

(8) Given standard operating procedures between the FAA and the military, according to which planes showing signs of an in-flight emergency are normally intercepted within about 10 minutes, the military9/11 failure to intercept any of the flights implies that something, such as a stand-down order, prevented standard procedures from being carried out (NPHR 1-10, 81-84).

(9) Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta reported an episode in which Vice President Cheney, while in the bunker under the White House, apparently confirmed a stand-down order at about 9:25 AM, which was prior to the strike on the Pentagon. Another man has reported hearing members of LAX Security learn that a stand-down order had come from the “highest level of the White House” (NPHR 94-96).

(10) The 9/11 Commission did not mention Mineta’s report, removed it from the Commission’s video record of its hearings, and claimed that Cheney did not enter the shelter conference room until almost 10:00, which was at least 40 minutes later than he was really there, according to Mineta and several other witnesses, including Cheney’s photographer (NPHR 91-94).

(11) The 9/11 Commission’s timeline for Cheney that morning even contradicted what Cheney himself had told Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” September 16, just five days after 9/11 (NPHR 93).

(12) Hani Hanjour, known as a terrible pilot who could not safely fly even a single-engine airplane, could not possibly have executed the amazing trajectory reportedly taken by American Flight 77 in order to hit Wedge 1 of the Pentagon (NPHR 78-80).

(13) Wedge 1 would have been the least likely part of the Pentagon to be targeted by foreign terrorists, for several reasons: It was as far as possible from the offices of Rumsfeld and the top brass, whom Muslim terrorists presumably would have wanted to kill; it was the only part of the Pentagon that had been reinforced; the reconstruction was not finished, so there were relatively few people there; and it was the only part of the Pentagon that would have presented obstacles to a plane’s flight path (NPHR 76-78).

(14) Contrary to the claim of Pentagon officials that they did not have the Pentagon evacuated because they had no way of knowing that an aircraft was approaching, a military E-4B—the Air Force’s most advanced communications, command, and control airplane—was flying over the White House at the time. Also, although there can be no doubt about the identity of the plane, which was captured on video by CNN and others, the military has denied that it belonged to them (NPHR 96-98).

(15) The Secret Service, after learning that a second World Trade Center building had been attacked—which would have meant that terrorists were going after high-value targets—and that still other planes had apparently been hijacked, allowed President Bush to remain at the school in Sarasota, Florida, for another 30 minutes. It thereby revealed its foreknowledge that Bush would not be a target: If these had really been surprise attacks, the agents, fearing that a hijacked airliner was bearing down on the school, would have hustled Bush away. On the first anniversary of 9/11, the White House started telling a new story, according to which Bush, rather than remaining in the classroom several minutes after Andrew Card whispered in his ear that a second WTC building had been hit, immediately got up and left the room. This lie was told in major newspapers and on MSNBC and ABC television (NPHR 129-31).

(16) Given the fact that the Twin Towers and WTC 7 had steel columns running from their basements to their roofs, they simply could not have come down as they did—straight down at virtually free-fall speed—unless these columns had been sliced by means of explosives. Therefore, the official theory, according to which the buildings came down because of fire plus (in the case of the Twin Towers) the impact of the planes, is scientifically impossible (NPHR 12-25).

(17) The destruction of the Twin Towers had many other features—such as the horizontal ejections of steel beams, the melting of steel, and the sulfidation and thinning of steel—that can be explained only in terms of powerful explosives. For example, the fires could not have come within 1000 degrees Fahrenheit of the temperature needed to melt steel (30-36).

(18) Members of the FDNY (Fire Department of New York) provided oral histories shortly after 9/11 in which one fourth of them testified to having witnessed explosions in the Twin Towers. Explosions in the WTC 7 as well as the towers were also reported by city officials, WTC employees, and journalists (NPHR 27-30, 45-48, 51).

(19) Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Peter Jennings of ABC News that day: “we set up headquarters at 75 Barclay Street . . . , and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse. And it [the South Tower] did collapse before we could actually get out of the building.” However, there was no objective basis for expecting the towers to collapse; even the 9/11 Commission admitted that none of the fire chiefs expected them to come down. The FDNY oral histories show that the information that they were going to collapse came from the Office of Emergency Management—Giuliani’s own office. How could Giuliani’s people have known that the towers were going to come down, unless they knew that the buildings had been laced with explosives? (NPH 40)

(20) NIST, which produced the official reports on the Twin Towers and (recently) WTC 7, has been “fully hijacked from the scientific to the political realm,” so that its scientists are little more than “hired guns,” a former employee has reported, and the 9/11 Commission was no more independent, being run by Philip Zelikow, who was essentially a member of the Bush White House (NPHR 11, 238-51).

(21) The official story about 9/11 is now rejected by constantly growing numbers of physicists, chemists, architects, engineers, pilots, former military officers, and former intelligence officials (NPHR xi).

David Ray Griffin. The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: 9/11, the Cover-Up, and the Exposé. Olive Branch Press, September, 2008, ISBN-10: 1566567297

David Ray Griffin is a frequent contributor to Global Research. Global Research Articles by David Ray Griffin


Do you know what really happened on 9/11?

What You Need to Know About What Really Happened on September 11, 2001 Answer either Yes or No and grade yourself accordingly below.

1. Did you know that a third World Trade Center high-rise building also fell on September 11th? WTC Building 7 was a 47-story, steel-framed skyscraper located a full block away from the Twin Towers and it was not even hit by any plane. Nonetheless, it fell at near free-fall speed straight down into its own footprint at 5:20 p.m. that afternoon.



2. Did you know that the owner of Building 7 Larry Silverstein, said “We’ve had such a terrible loss of life that maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it [Building 7] and they made that decision – to pull – and then we watched the building collapse” and yet The 9/11 Commission Report never mentioned a thing about Building 7? ( ‘Pull’ is an industry term for using controlled demolition)



3. Did you know that ‘Lucky’ Larry Silverstein was awarded 4.68 billion dollars in insurance claims for the Twin Towers which he had just leased six weeks before 9/11 from the Port Authority of New York who declined to spend the multi million dollars required to remove the asbestos and bring the Towers up to code required by law?  And on 9/11, he and his family were warned to stay away from the WTC?



4. Did you know that fire has never caused any steel-frame building to collapse in the history of architecture, except on 9/11 when three skyscrapers fell at near free-fall speeds despite the fact that there were 47 massive steel columns in the core of each of the Twin Towers?



5. Did you know that most of the WTC steel was quickly shipped overseas – before any independent investigation – and melted down? (This is unprecedented and contrary to federal crime scene laws.)



6. Did you know that fighter jets routinely are scrambled the minute any airplane loses contact with the FAA or deviates from its flight path and this, on average, takes 20 minutes?



7. Did you know that in the nine months preceding 9/11 there were 67 jet fighter scrambles of wayward airplanes and that on average 100 intercepts occur each year?



8. Did you know that the Secret Service broke established protocols by allowing President Bush to remain in a well-publicized classroom photo op for at least 8 minutes after it was revealed to him that “America was under attack” when Andy Card informed him that the second plane had hit the second tower?



9. Did you know that the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) has never revealed the unidentified traders who made millions of dollars in profits by short-selling the stocks of American and United airlines that were impacted by the attacks?



10. Did you know that there were countless warnings of “impending terrorist attacks” from at least 11 countries prior to 9/11 and that the threat level for such an attack was ‘blinking red’ according to George Tenet, Director of the CIA?



11. Did you know that Attorney General John Ashcroft, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, author Salmon Rushdie and (according to Newsweek) a group of high-ranking generals at the Pentagon were warned not to fly on 9/11 but would not reveal who told them?



12. Did you know that in September of 2000 a group known as The Project for A New American Century (PNAC), many of whom would become key officials in the Bush administration, wrote that their proposed massive military buildup would proceed slowly “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor”?



13. Did you know that at least 6 of the alleged 9/11 hijackers were reported to be still alive according to BBC and UK print media reports in the weeks following 9/11?



14. Did you know that the FBI has said that there is no evidence to link Osama bin Laden to 9/11 and that Osama is not wanted for the crime of 9/11 on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list?



15. Did you know that Bruce Lawrence, the leading scholar of Osama bin Laden stated that the December 2001 confession tape, which the Bush White House flaunts, is fake?



16. Did you know that Colin Powell promised a White Paper proving that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda were responsible for 9/11 back in 2001 – but never produced that White Paper?



17. Did you know that the Bush administration resisted the formation of the 9/11 Commission for 441 days? Or that similar investigations,such as those for Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination and the space shuttle disasters, all started in one week?



18. Did you know that “The Jersey Girls” – four courageous 9/11 widows –finally forced the 9/11 Commission into existence and presented many questions, 70% of which were ignored? Or that under the leadership of Bush administration insider, Philip Zelikow, the final report failed to address any of the evidence pointing to official complicity?



19. Did you know that no official agency (the FAA, FBI or the airlines) has ever released a list of the 9/11 passengers which includes the names of the hijackers, but within hours after the attacks, the FBI released a definitive list of the 19 so-called hijackers?



20. Did you know that multiple air defense drills (war games) were planned for the morning of 9/11 and that these exercises left only a few pairs of fighter jets available to protect the entire North East Air Defense Sector of the United States leaving Washington and NYC vulnerable to an attack?



21. Did you know that there was no visible airplane debris where Flight 93 supposedly crashed near Shanksville, PA – only a smoking hole in the ground, much like a bomb crater, with a pile of scrap metal, but that there was debris from the aircraft found 8 miles away at New Baltimore? And that Shanksville Mayor Ernie Stull said three times in an interview with Gerhard Wisnewski for a 2003 German documentary that there was “no airplane”?



22. Did you know that office furniture burns at low temperatures of 600 to 800°F, and that jet fuel, an ordinary hydrocarbon has a maximum burning temperature of 1200°F, but that steel melts at 2750°F?



23. Did you know that tests have shown that cellphone calls cannot be made at altitudes over 8,000 feet for any meaningful duration and,that more significantly, United Airlines Flight 93 was proven to be 35000 to 40000 feet high when calls were made?



24. Did you know that a bomb reportedly went off in the North Tower in the basement a few seconds before the first plane hit according to Willie Rodriguez, a janitor who became known as the last man out and was awarded a medal by President Bush for his bravery in rescuing dozens of people from the North Tower before it collapsed?



25. Did you know that Hani Hanjour was known as an incompetent pilot to his trainers and yet he pulled off an unprecedented 270°-330° turn at 500-530 mph, diving 7,000 feet in 2.5-3 minutes? And crashed Flight 77 into the least populated, most reinforced section of the Pentagon?



26. Did you know that the mainstream media in the US is owned and controlled by five or six major corporate conglomerates and that there has been very limited and sporadic coverage of alternative views about 9/11? Any time they are raised, the MSM accuses the questioner of being a conspiracy theorist or even a traitor?



TOTAL SCORE (Give yourself one mark for each YES.)

How did you score?

1 – 6 You may be suffering from corporate controlled mainstream media brainwashing. Try and wean yourself off Rush Limbaugh

7 – 12 Your brainwashing is wearing off. Seek further enlightenment, weedhopper.

13 – 18 You’re on your way to becoming a 9/11 truth expert. Keep digging. The truth is out there.

19 – 24 You should be leading the 9/11 Truth movement in your community and helping spread the word about what really happened on 9/11! Hallelujah, brother!!

25 – 26 You might consider running for President of the United States and restore the justice, freedom and democracy for which the Republic stands. That is, if STUPID doesn’t first set off thermonuclear war.