There Goes The Next Generation

The homosexual agenda targeted at America’s children is literally sickening to read about, not to mention, that it will be signed into law in the very near future.

What has this country come to?????  Are Americans this apathetic that they will just sit back and watch as these evil, wicked people in the government place our children in harm’s way – corrupting their minds, subjecting them to forceful exposure of alternative sex acts at too early an age, which will probably result in lifelong psychiatric care, and for some even worse?????

This immoral, depraved government will be directly responsible for killing the soul of the next generation at an untold cost to decent citizens wishing to protect children, and to mental institutions that will be stressed to the limit.

Anyone spouting that this agenda isn’t dangerous to a child’s welfare and to the delicate psyche of a child’s sheltered mind is a LIAR deceiving you all.



By Harmony Grant Daws
18 Mar 10

“I’d rather see a kid die,”a famous Mexican singer responded this week when asked what she thought of gay adoption. The singer, Paquita la del Barrio is now in hot water. Her expressions of personal conviction are described by NBC as “homophobic attacks.” It might be more accurate to describe them as timely (if fiery) critique: she spoke days after homosexual marriage became legal in Mexico City.

The sentiment is timely for another reason. “Every Child Deserves a Family,” HR 3827, is now before the US House. It would remove government money from American adoption agencies if they discriminate against gay would-be parents.

Many, many Americans believe kids do best with a married mother and father. But is it worse to have homosexual parents than no parents? Would it be better, as the Latina singer said, to die on the street? That’s the way the argument is framed by advocates of the bill. They say kids could grow up happy and well-rounded with homosexual parents but instead are aging out of adoption agencies and ending up on the streets.

Would kids fare so happily? Many governments say no. In many parts of the world including Florida and Utah, gay adoption is illegal. This isn’t old-fashioned prejudice or merely religious conviction. It’s also common sense. In 2005 before the Virginia Senate, Robert H. Knight testified to the obvious, saying, “children in single-mother homes can tell you that they don’t crave another mom; they want a father. Kids in single-father homes don’t crave another daddy; they want a mom.”

But there are far darker consequences. This year at a symposium in Mexico, research by neuropsychiatry and behavioral science Prof. George Rekers was presented which reveals that children adopted by homosexuals suffer from greater suicidal tendencies than in the general population. Presenters said “boys and girls adopted by lesbian and homosexual couples show a greater level of stress than that which is already generated by their status as orphans or children abandoned by their biological parents.” Rekers’ study comments on the well-documented fact that homosexual unions “are significantly and substantially less stable and shorter on average compared with marriages between a man and woman.”

Robert Lerner is a social scientist and author of No Basis: What the Studies Don’t Tell Us About Same-Sex Parenting. He says the documented greater instability of homosexual couplings is traumatic for children. In addition, “there is evidence that homosexuality, male or female, is associated with adjustment problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, and attempts at suicide and, of course, there is the risk for gay men of venereal disease including but not limited to AIDS. It is not too large a stretch to conclude at least tentatively that high degrees of: family instability, sexual-orientation confusion, parental emotional problems including higher rates of mental illness, higher risk of disease from high rates of sexual promiscuity, may make gays and lesbians less fit as parents than heterosexuals…”

Lerner concludes,

With respect to same sex parents adopting children, we as a society may have already repeated the mistake we made concerning divorce. When the divorce laws were liberalized (beginning during the late 60s early 70s and extending through the next decade or so), it was claimed that scientific research showed that the children would not be harmed and therefore a high divorce rate would not be a problem…Divorce can and does cause a good deal of harm for children… Although this finding is now widely accepted, the new conventional wisdom does not help the many children who suffered because their parents were told that divorce was perfectly ok. Damage occurred that was not necessary and would not have occurred except for the acceptance of wishful thinking disguised as social science evidence.

Will homosexual parenting damage kids the way divorce does? Yes.

Lerner suggests orphanages as a possible alternative for needy children. His words, like those of the Latina singer, would certainly outrage many. Yet in a great deal of the world, homosexual activity is recognized as a sinful choice that separates us eternally from God. One of a child’s most important needs is to be sheltered from influence into this desperately sinful and addictive lifestyle. And there is clear evidence that being raised by homosexuals does place children at far higher risk for practicing it themselves.

Several years ago, two University of California sociologists published research in the American Sociological Review which was hailed by homosexual advocates for proving that kids raised by homosexuals are different. The article said such children are more likely to live outside “gender stereotypes” and to experiment with homosexuality. Boys raised by lesbians will show fewer masculine traits, the study said; youth raised by lesbians are also far more likely to engage in same-sex activity.

Homosexual activists welcomed this study because they believe gender-bending and sexual experimentation by kids is a good thing! More damaging reports are certain to be hidden from view. In Scotland in 2009, a freedom of information request had to be used to get the results of unflattering government research into gay adoption. The report said children of homosexual parents are more likely to be bullied than other children, and that their parents are likely to ignore the situation for fear of being blamed. The Scottish government decided to do the research after the bad publicity of a government decision to place two children with a gay couple despite their grandparents’ desire to adopt them.

What others truths are being hidden by the powerful blinders of a pro-gay agenda in research and media? If HR 3827 is passed, religious adoption agencies will have no choice but to submit and place vulnerable kids with homosexuals. This is a travesty to the rationally sound and deeply held convictions of so many Americans.

Whether you believe homosexuals should be able to adopt children or not, you should defend the right of agencies to serve children the way they believe is best. HR 3827 is nothing short of forcing mercy organizations into social re-engineering, against their conscience. Please protect their freedom of religion.

Protest to your House member now! Call 1-877-851-6437 toll free; 202-225-3121 toll. Also call the crucial members of the House Ways and Means Committee (especially Republicans) demanding they stop the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act.” Names are available HERE at

Tell House members, “Please do not vote for the ‘Every Child Deserves a Family Act,’ HR 3827. It would force all US adoption agencies to place children with homosexual couples. Many homosexuals prey on children. And this bill would force religious adoption agencies to close. I and my friends will vote out any House member who supports this outrageous legislation.”

NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, P.O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

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Now, the pedophiles want the foundlings too to indoctrinate as children into the homosexual lifestyle.  Question – this way of life is being perpetuated as routine, normal behavior when at one time it was considered as and ‘alternate’ lifestyle.  What happened to move it from alternate to now, normal?  In addition, re-read The Protocols as this agenda was clearly spelled out to turn civil society upside down.  WW~

By Harmony Grant Daws and Rev. Ted Pike
15 Mar 10

A new bill has been introduced into Congress, attractively named the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act.”  (Actually, the bill was introduced in October 2009 by Congressman Pete Stark of, where else, California.  WW~) The goal of HR 3827 is “to prohibit discrimination in adoption or foster care placements based on the sexual orientation, gender identification, or marital status of any prospective adoptive or foster parent.”

The bill reports that “one-third of child welfare agencies in the United States currently reject gay, lesbian, and bisexual applicants, citing a conflict with the religious beliefs associated with the agency, State law prohibiting placement with gay, lesbian, or bisexual parents, or a policy of placing children with married-heterosexual only couples.” It says as many as two million homosexuals may be interested in adopting children and may be rejected because of their orientation. The bill will remove federal funding from any placement agency that “discriminates” on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity of marital status.

This means Christian adoption agencies will be unable to operate according to their founders’ consciences. It means closure of Catholic or Christian agencies which refuse to violate their moral principles of placing children with heterosexual or nuclear families only. Ultimately, this will mean fewer children adopted! After a similar law was passed in Britain, multiple adoption agencies closed. The Catholic Children’s Rescue Service was the first to do so. Rather than allowing the free market to potentially create homosexual-friendly adoption agencies (should there really be such demand), this law strong-arms benevolent religious organizations into violating their own principles in favor of a political agenda.

This bill would not only limit freedom of religion for adoption agencies but also for birth parents. A teen mother won’t be able to find agencies which screen for nuclear, Christian families if those are the qualities she wants for her unborn child.

Inevitably, such agenda-driven legislation is used as a force of discrimination itself. In Britain, pro-homosexual adoption laws were passed and are now used against traditional, religious people seeking to rescue children! In 2008, Daily Mail reported a story of a Christian couple told, “You can’t foster if you think it’s wrong to be gay.” Eunice and Owen Johns, a black couple who have cared for almost 20 children and raised four of their own, would not submit to a new hate law requiring them to condone homosexuality in order to continue rescuing needy kids. Eunice explains that she was told she would have to tell foster children that it’s okay to be homosexual.

“But I couldn’t do that because my Christian beliefs won’t let me,” she says, “Morally I couldn’t do that, spiritually I couldn’t do that.” Her husband says, “I would love any child, black or white, gay or straight. But I cannot understand why sexuality is an issue when we are talking about boys and girls under the age of ten.” Because of their traditional values, the Johns were denied the opportunity to continue saving needy kids.

In 2007, a British woman named Sonia Maples wrote for the UK Telegraph about being denied adoption because of the religious “idealism” she shares with her husband. Maples says their home is not “overtly religious” and they have homosexual friends, but this wasn’t enough to make up for their belief that a nuclear family is best for children.

“Long before the current row over whether church-based adoption agencies should be allowed to set their own rules about accepting homosexual couples on to their books, my husband and I felt the cold breath of discrimination,” says Maples. “It wasn’t because of our sexual orientation…we were found wanting because we were Christians and because we hold strong views about the importance of children having both a father and a mother.”

Maples and her husband were investigated for 18 months by social workers full of questions about their religious convictions. They were then refused by the adoption panel because of their religious objection to homosexuality. Maples said, “We later received a letter saying that we had been turned down as adoptive parents, that we were not suitable for any of the children they had to place and that we would have to reconsider our views on homosexuality…We appealed, but in vain. We have since spoken to a fostering agency, which told us that only one or two heterosexual couples get approved by them.”

This anti-heterosexual agenda affects even birth parents who want to keep their own children. In Vermont, ex-lesbian Lisa Miller is currently running from the law with her seven-year-old biological daughter Isabella because custody has been awarded to her previous same-sex partner, who is not legally or biologically related to the child! Miller has become an evangelical Christian and her advocates say this is clearly a case of hard-line “progressives” pushing for pro-homosexual custody rights. Talk show host Wiley Drake, who is familiar with the case, said that after the first court ordered weekend visitation of six-year-old Isabella to her lesbian “mother,” the child returned home to her real mother proudly fondling herself. She related matter-of-factly that she and the lesbian had taken a bath together and watched pornographic movies. She had even been taught how to urinate standing up. Adoptive rights for homosexuals? Such corruption of children by aggressive sodomites will only be expanded to millions of society’s youngest, most vulnerable members if this bill becomes law.

End of Normal Adoptions in America

In the US, the largest adoption agency has already had to pull out of multiple states because of “anti-discrimination” lawsuits. In 2003, was sued by two homosexual men, residents of California, who claim they faced illegal discrimination because the agency won’t serve homosexual couples. The homosexuals won the lawsuit and the agency no longer serves adoptive parents in California. The adoption agency argued it was governed by Arizona law and wasn’t required to violate its own conscience by advertising homosexual couples. But if HR 3827 becomes federal, all agencies will have to submit or close their doors.

To prevent this, one state was proactive. North Dakota, in 2008, passed the “Adoption Agency Freedom to Serve” Act which protects the right of adoption agencies to refuse adoptions that violate their moral or religious beliefs. When the bill was introduced there were six agencies provided licensed services, four of them affiliated with religious organizations. But if HR 3827 passes, this state law will be overturned and North Dakota’s citizens will lose the freedom they have chosen.

Protest to your House member now! Call 1-877-851-6437 toll free 202-225-3121 toll. Also call the crucial members of the House Ways and Means Committee (especially Republicans) demanding they stop the “Every Child Deserves a Family Act.” Names are available HERE at

Tell House members, “Please do not vote for the ‘Every Child Deserves a Family Act,’ HR 3827. It would force all US adoption agencies to place children with homosexual couples. Many homosexuals prey on children. And this bill would force religious adoption agencies to close. I and my friends will vote out any House member who supports this outrageous legislation.”

Note from Whitewraithe – Where is the public outcry on this issue???  I guess decent, upstanding citizens are going to let this deplorable piece of legislation pass too?  Shame on anyone who has the power to change this, but does nothing!!!  The world our children and grandchildren will grow up in is a reality I hope never to witness.

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