“They” lied before and “they” are still lying NOW

This awesome post is from my great friend Northerntruthseeker.

Right now, I want to present a fabulous video, that comes courtesy of Youtube user: “theTRUTHprincess” that tells the absolute truth about the present situation in the Middle East and the upcoming criminal war against Iran.  It is entitled: “They Lie And Lie And Lie, But Iran Is Not Our Enemy”, and the message is crystal clear… Iran is definitely not our enemy!  I do have some of my own comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  People should all know by now exactly who our real enemy is… And that is the criminal state of Israel itself!

The fact is that that evil country has its minions in total control over the US Government and the US media.  It is using their control over the United States to get American soldiers fighting and dying in a new war for Israel, and the net result will be American soldiers, sailors, and airmen sacrificed for their glorious Greater Israel and total Jewish hegemony over the Middle East.

And what will be left of the United States if and when they fight this war in Iran?  I can see the US get a bloody nose in the ensuing conflict, and even lose this war due to Russia and China getting involved.

Personally, I am so sick of watching the American people do absolutely nothing to stop this rush to a potential World War III.    I have been in personal conversations with fellow real truth seekers in America and even they are totally disgusted by the nonchalance attitude of their fellow citizens.   It seems that these brainwashed fools are being led down the road to armageddon and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it from happening.

And what about Canada?  Here, the Jewish controlled government in Ottawa is throwing its full support behind any attack against Iran, and when the dust settles, what happens to the United States will be mirrored here in Canada as well.

More to come


Calling Out the Media Liars

Dear Readers,

I have to tell you I went ballistic last night when I turned on Coast to Coast AM and Ian Punnett, who I dislike anyway, was speaking about how the program has always been supportive of Jewish interests and guarded against any and all forms of antisemitism.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the whole story because a listener was talking to Punnett about Bro. Michael Dimond (who is on the program tonight) and Mel Gibson not believing in the holocaust, then Gibson’s belief in Jewish blood libel ritual.

Here is my scathing letter to Mr. Ian Punnett.


To: Ian@ Coast to Coast AM

Subject: You are a liar!


And the worst type. Defending a tribe of people that have literally destroyed and continue to destroy America due to their greed and perversion. This is your country too, but maybe you’re a dual citizen so it probably doesn’t register with you that the American people are suffering in the most needless way – the theft of their hard earned tax dollars by a group of people that could care less.

All you are doing is following what you’ve been taught in primary school and through a Jewish controlled college education.

It’s all lies!

If you had half the brain that God gave you, you would open your eyes and see the truth, or better yet, read the truth.

My guess, you’re too scared to go against the grain of your overlords. No doubt, you would lose your job, friends, etc., and all those wonderful perks not defending a pack of murderers.

You are the subversive, sir, by spewing your lies on international radio.

But some of us know the truth and we have it in writing throughout the little history “they” have not yet managed to revise or destroy.

Your tripe on tonight’s show disgusted me as you spewed more lies about antisemitism.

Do you know that today’s Jews are not Semites? Why do you think they are genociding the Palestinians? Wake up, man! The Palestinians are the Semites not the Israelis. And they are not descended from the 10 lost Hebrew tribes. It’s a perpetrated myth by the Rothschilds and Theodore Herzl. I dare you to investigate that claim and prove me wrong.

How can someone be antisemitic toward a tribe of people that ARE NOT semites? Explain that one?

Another guess is that you are all Jews, so of course, you are going to defend your criminal tribe and continually claim yourselves as victims, when it is we, the gentile Americans, who are their victims.

I will never listen to C2C again and will expose this program for what it is to everyone I know.

The pen is still mightier than the sword.

“What we do in life echos in eternity.”

Postscript:  Needless to say, I did not receive a response.  LOL!