Checking in on Election night

Did you cast your vote today?  I didn’t!  There isn’t any point.  Whatever we get will be far worse than what we’ve had the past eight years and more than likely we will be in a full-blown war with Iran by early next year.  Count on it.

My absense of late has been due to personal reasons.  I hope to have some new material and a new online book up on the site sometime this week.  In the meantime, check out John Young’s recent blog below:


Tomorrow there will be no winners

It’s election eve, and tomorrow there will be no winners among patriotic Americans. Certainly, this or that candidate of the oligarchy will win in a spoils system that allows the winners to enrich the coffers of supporters and hangers-on at public expense. But among patriotic Americans — those of us who can see the founding fathers as ancestors, speak English, pay taxes, obey the laws — there will be no winners in tomorrow’s election.

The two major party candidates are, in and of themselves, evidence that “democracy” in this country has become a cruel caricature of itself.

On the one hand, we have the representative of the Republican National Committee, Inc., John McCain. For the past two decades he has proudly and loudly thumbed his nose at even the most basic conservative principles in order to earn the status of “maverick” and become a media darling. Before he co-sponsored an amnesty for illegal aliens with Ted Kennedy, he had infamously empowered George Soros‘ 527 groups while dis-empowering the NRA through his euphemistically entitled “Campaign Finance Reform” act. Most tellingly, John McCain has appeared in advertisements lobbying for civilian disarmament on behalf of a Handgun Control Inc. spin-off deceptively named Americans for Gun Safety. Try not to act surprised if traditional conservative voters aren’t ready to “crawl across broken glass” to cast their votes.

On the other hand, we have the representative of Democratic National Committee, Inc., Barack Obama. Senator Bernie Sanders is a self-described socialist; and Barack Obama has managed to be the only Senator with a more leftist voting record. If he walks like a socialist and he votes like a socialist — he’s a socialist. Thus, some of his more sordid associations ought not be surprising. Along with kicking off his political career in the living room of an unrepentant communist domestic terrorist, he spent two decades in Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, where he literally affixed his signature to a so-called “Black Value System” that specified the “destruction of the white enemy” as a goal of his deity. And, to this date, he still has not even provided evidence of being eligible to be President on the basis of his real birth certificate.

In sum, both of these candidates are domestic enemies of the Constitution of the United States of America; and obviously so to anyone paying attention. Therefore when either of them wins the election, it will be a sad day for this country indeed. The idea that either of them will raise his right hand on January 20th and swear to “uphold and defend the Constitution” is just further proof of both their individual moral bankruptcy and the sheer idiocy of those who voted for them in the primaries.

Meanwhile, both voter fraud and ballot destruction have become major problems. Groups such as ACORN have registered untold hundreds of thousands of voters — many of whom are too young to vote, dead or nonexistent, and will nevertheless show up to cast their ballots. Many have already done so via liberalized absentee voting procedures. In a small town in New Hampshire, a scandal erupted when an entire family voted for Ron Paul during the Republican primary, and then discovered that when the town’s votes were reported, none were reported for Ron Paul.

Taken altogether, things have become so bad politically that many have given up on ideas of reform, and embraced secession and the destruction of the federal union as the only real solution.

But all is not lost.

Because we find ourselves in the ironic position that, as people lose faith in the status quo, they will be more receptive to our message. They will also become more receptive to third parties.

And don’t forget — no matter what the results of the election tomorrow, a vote for Chuck Baldwin will not be wasted.


America’s October Surprise – we’ve just witnessed a coup!

October is the month of demons and devils and if you
haven’t been paying close attention, then you’ve
failed to notice that the real monsters in the United
States government and their masters removed their
masks and revealed their true nature last week.

The vital American Republic has been in a slow,
malignant downward spiral since the beginning of the
last century, but as of Oct. 1, 2008 it is officially
dead. We have succumbed to a fascist police state
with a megalomaniacal child-look fool at its head
with a powerless, intimidated Congress.

It’s time to act, to rise up and retake our Republic,
but only a small window remains.


Please view the following video of Naomi Wolf’s recent interview.

My America Project

End of America Movie

Media use of the term Judeo-Christian

Is is time to set the record straight regarding this term.  When an opportunity arises to express your distain for their use of this oxymoron forward them a brief email, such as, the one I wrote to an on-line journalist regarding a recent article: 

Please cease and desist from using the term Judeo-Christian. 

The term is an oxymoron as neither Judaism or Christianity have one common theological concept and are in direct opposition of each other. 

America is neither a Jewish or a Christian nation.  Our nation’s founders chose, instead, to form the Republic as a non-demoninational state, which granted citizens the right to worship according to their beliefs.

By using the term Judeo-Christian, you and many other authors, journalists and writers are attempting to combine both religions.  This is an outrage to both Jews and Christians. 

It is obvious, that the media is attempting to radically alter both religions’ views of one another according to Evangelical Pastors, such as, John Hagee.  Hagee and his vile diatribes have polluted the charismatic, Evangelical faiths in America and I, for one, am shocked that not one member of the media is questioning this or him!

Jews are NOT Christians and Christians are NOT Jews.

The Bible clearly states this fact.