Understandable Despondency


I think all of us at times go through lulls, feeling despondent and even depressed with all of this darkness. Why would we not? How could we not? After all we are looking a 99% of dark depressive news and material most of the time. At times we think to ourselves, Is there ever going to be some good news? Even when we do see some light, a dash of hope, it soon gets quashed by the darkness.

So please don’t feel alone, strange or isolated when you feel everyone around you (the sheople) are just having fun and you seem to be in this dark vacuum and not wanting to mix alongside these blue pills. You are not really alone, there are hundreds of thousands of us feeling this isolation, maybe even millions of us. It is tough being and thinking so differently. Having completely different priorities in life other than just having selfish fun. It’s almost surreal caring about what is happening to this world, when almost everyone around you doesn’t.

The purpose of highlighting these areas, even though they are negative, is to seep ourselves in the realities of what we have to face on a day to day level being awake. It is important to objectively face this reality. Like a doctor needs to evaluate the condition of a diseased patient, like a surveyor needs to access the deterioration of a neglected property and like a car mechanic needs to inspect a corroding dilapidated vehicle. This has to be done before any improvement, renovation and repairs can be made. This is realism, it is an honest appraisal and it is actually positive in the long run.

But also this will allow many of us to have an understanding why we naturally would feel very downbeat to say the least from time to time.

10 areas of this agenda which at times can make us quite despondent

1/. Viewing the hard kill

Just look at the material we have to view on our computer screens, and even in the main stream media. The maiming of sweet children, the innocents, the gory blood-stained clothing, the wailing of those who have lost loved ones, the fear, the tears. These never-ending wars, with the intensity of suffering of others – others out there. Our brothers and sisters. Such injustice to humankind.

Its bad enough just observing this as a blue pill, but tenfold as bad for those of us in the know. When we know this is all a deliberate destruction by International Jewry, by the dark force. We know these people are innocent and we feel so impotent to help them, amongst this web of deceit and mind control. These poor poor people – so much pain, so much unnecessary endless suffering. And deep in our hearts, we know this is on the menu for us at some point down the line.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

2/. Viewing the soft kill

And if the hard kill destruction wasn’t heavy enough a subject to deal with. We have an equally destructive attack in our own lives – soft kill of the goyim. Behind the facade of fun in the sun, the ice creams, the cinema, the music festivals; we are being slowly systematically murdered. There isn’t really another way of saying this. Perhaps eugenics, depopulation, but its gentle murder all the same. How many of us now know people, or have known people who have died of cancer, or other deadly diseases? Loved ones perished in this soft kill. It’s become the new norm. In fact it’s almost a bonus now to be half healthy. We are being poisoned in every conceivable way. And this is just packaged as modern living. And again we feel so impotent to stop it.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

3/. Sheople around us

Then we try to warn our fellow humankind; and what do they do? – CHOOSE to go into denial mode. Deny the blatant agenda, deny the organised corruption, deny that the people who are supposed to be looking after us have an intent to harm us. Willful ignorance and child-like naive trust in Big Brother. Big brother says everything is ok, so everything must be ok. We have to go about our lives mixing with these idiots. Listening to their insane selfish conversations. Listening to them laughing and giggling away in bars, restaurants and cafes over trivia, whilst the world around them is being destroyed.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

4/. Blue pill loved ones

And what is especially hurtful is to see our loved ones accepting this agenda. Accepting their subservience, accepting the kosher narrative from their gogglebox (TV) in the corner of their living rooms. Trusting their newspapers and repeating this garbage as if it’s their own thoughts. Likewise with their academia (indoctrination) that they have been fed. And to think they have to pay for this mind control. Our spouses/partners, our siblings, our children, our parents, our closest family members; watching all of them suffering, yet pretending to themselves they are not suffering and somehow things will just work out in the end. All of them ignoring or mocking our silly little conspiracy theories.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

5/. Demonization from the media

We have to put up with the JMSM mocking those of us who are awake. They’re crafty bastards because they don’t do it in an obvious way so that the blue pills will notice. It’s always covert. Through comedies and so-called documentaries. They are laughing at us. They are effectively saying “We know you know that we know you know – and we don’t care – ha ha ha.” They taunt us with indirect labels as terrorists, that we’re insane, that we’re ignorant, or even that we’re gullible conspiracy theorists. And that we insult the victims of these atrocities (which are really hoaxes). Such friggin hubris.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

6/. Legal threats

And for those of us who dare to stand up to the beast; we get threatened. We get penalized through fines, penalties, curfews, threats of incarceration, threats of being homeless, threats of losing our slave positions. Intimidation of freedoms and privacy. Watched, spied on, monitored, regulated, controlled. Big brother will just not put up with any awkward slaves. How dare we contest their narrative of events. How dare we challenge the system. How dare we demand freedom. How dare we protest their plans to destroy us.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

7/. Truther apathy

For those of us who are trying to do our bit; it sometimes feels we are the only ones who care – I mean really care. Yea sure we know people around us who are awake and sympathize with us and share all the links. But when it comes to doing something, on a regular basis, we feel so alone. This can be soul destroying; draining. As if we haven’t got enough to deal with, without having to constantly motivate others to try to prevent their own destruction.

But behind all their emotive rhetoric and well-meaning sound-bites, there doesn’t seem to be any drive in them. Like they don’t give f**k about their future. They’ld rather just have fun and enjoy their selfish sense gratifications.

They cannot really care, otherwise they would override their apathy and fear and just do. They would automatically just get on with fighting in this war. Nobody is asking them to do anything outstanding or dramatic, just lots of little on a regular basis. Regular leafleting, design and produce posters, create their own fliers, burn DVDs, attend demos to propagate real Truth, etc. There are a thousand things one can do. But in most cases it’s just moan, moan, moan and whizzing across scary links and lots of rhetoric on what they intend to do and what we should do.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

8/. Half-Truthers and shills

Then when we attend meet ups and demos we have to contend with the half-Truthers. The trusting long-term truthers who refuse to go beyond what their guru David Icke says. They express how irritated they get with the sheople around them for not waking up, but are equally dismissive when it comes to any information beyond the controlled opposition they loyally cling to. It’s insane. Yet more mind control.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

9/. Depravity and destruction

As with both hard kill and soft kill, we have to observe the carnage in this world. However this particular area specifically focuses on the immorality and deprivation we can now see in our society. The sexualization of our youth and even children. The filth which is now sneaking into the main stream media. The normalization of sexual trends away from nature. The zombie themes, the degrading of the human body, the trivialization of traditional values and culture. The MTV talk and culture seeping into our very lives. All this social engineering through predictive programming. Destruction of goodness, values, ethics, morals and a promotion of satanic/demonic driven cultures.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)

10/. In-betweeners 

To me this is one of my most disheartening and frustrating areas of all. That the people in society who are supposed to be directly looking after us, who are being paid to protect us, are the actual ones who are enslaving and oppressing us on behalf of these criminals. Sheep controlling the sheep.

These in-betweeners: the police, the army, the council officials, the debt collectors, the traffic wardens, the plastic police (Community Support Officers), the social services. All mind-controlled sellouts. Double traitors in costumes. Every one of them have sold their souls to the dark side. They are our own stock, born and bread with us and living amongst us; yet have chosen mammon above ethics and common sense. Shame on you, you traitors.

And we’re not supposed to get down about this(?)


So for those of us who have chosen the red pill, these are the realities we are having to face on a daily basis. So please don’t beat yourself up if you are getting down about all of this. It’s all very well saying “Be positive” and having a stiff upper lip. But at some point we have to acknowledge that it is perfectly normal and natural to feel depressed by this harsh brutal reality. These ugly Truths and insanity are cumulatively going to bring us down from time to time.

You are not going mad – it’s just the madness around you.

However, we really have to try hard and not succumb to the darkness. Otherwise it’s killed us even before our deaths. We must not let this beast destroy our souls, our very spirit. This is ultimately what this war is about. An energy war attacking our very essence – our souls.

Try every trick in the book to defend yourself from potential depression and pessimism. Take weeks off at a time if necessary, treat yourself to a weekend break, have the occasional message, eat well, try to have some fun, do some exercises – especially a walk in nature, regular meditation and prayer. Confine in others who are awake. But most of all, try and connect up to a spiritual position. Tap into your inner strength within.

It is crucial that we try and not wash our sorrows and depression in additions of any form ……alcohol, weed, porn, gambling, junk food, etc. All of these will induce depression and make any depression worse. It will pertain to the darkness – remember this is all about energy in an energy war. Time to clean up and pure up.

One of the best ways of tackling despondency and potential defeatism is by taking action. Physically doing something in some small way to try to combat this beast; especially with others on a regular basis is an enormous antidote to any depression and feeling of lack of hope. It is very motivational and always gives you the knowledge that whatever happens – you know in your heart you did your bit.


WW~Notes: Digger has eloquently provided the primary reasons for my absence of late, these last months being the longest.  Being in this movement is akin to being infected by a lethal virus.  Chances for success, meaning long-term staying power, depend on how we absorb the lethal bacterial information.  Some will be able to fight it off, while others will succumb to its effects.  Unfortunately, I fell to the latter and was forced to retreat until I could build up an immunity, so to speak.  

PHOTO OF THE DAY: June 15, 2012


The Myth of Inevitability, Using Our Emotions Against Us

Police Jackboots

Police Jackboots

By: Peter Chamberlin

The world is awash in news and other daily revelations that all point in the direction of an encroaching police state. The war, the ongoing economic collapse, global epidemics and collapsing environmental systems bombard us from all sides with apparent proof that the end is near and that we are all helpless to avoid it. The world’s richest men have spent a sizable portion of their vast personal fortunes to convince us that a “new order” is mankind’s only defense against the inevitable.

The finest minds available have studied the human psyche, in particular, instincts and reactions, in order to use fear as a way to preempt reason. The idea was to instill a feeling of helplessness within the minds of the people, in order to convince them to give-up, short-circuiting their innate instincts for self-defense. They are trying to make us drop our guard.

The intention was to render us into defenseless vegetables, unable to perform our Constitutional democratic duties and defend freedom against Leviathan. Leviathan, “the Beast,” cannot exist in the presence of a vigilant people. The men of limitless wealth are ultimately, all gamblers at heart. In effect, they have waged every cent they own or control, on their ability to raise-up “the Beast” system within our Constitutional Republic, without raising the defenses of the people. So far, there have been very few facts to suggest that their plan is not working.

Our great hope is in the weaknesses of the master plan, especially in the weakest link of all, the Internet. This was their greatest gamble, but it also held the greatest promise for obtaining the ultimate pay-off. The creation of their “technocratic” dictatorship required the net, but it carried with it a great inherent danger, that their enemy in the great class war, the people, would discover how to use the Internet against the would-be master race. The global technocracy will be totally dependent on cashless transfers from chip-implanted herds of sheeple, siphoning profit to the ever-gathering master class.

In the great Hegelian game plan, opposite ideas prevail over reason. This explains why players often pursue goals that seem to be contradictory to their past moves. The most devious and inhuman parts of the secret plan are not kept secret; they are released into cyber-space in controlled selective leaks. In this way, distrusted government officials can openly leak truth that cannot be hidden forever, while creating an air of scandal around it, to divert attention from more important hidden truth and to discredit the recipient of the leak. Nothing is as it seems; nothing can be taken at face value. This creates an environment of uncertainty, lubricating the fear factor.

By releasing misleading information and by discrediting truth, through selected mediums, especially through the entertainment industry, the government gives life to fantasy and myths. Hollywood, just like the news industry, leads the minds of the people down the path of hopelessness to an unnatural escapist fantasy land of cavalries, heroes, getting the girl and happy endings.

The prevailing theme imprinting everything coming out of Hollywood is hopelessness, the sublimated theme is outside salvation. People are taught to to surrender their own power, their personal thoughts of resistance, to await “the one” who will come forward, bearing salvation. This false hope extends all the way from politics and the nightly news to America’s prevailing religion, Christianity, which offers the false hope of the so-called “Rapture.”

Our hope, the great hope of the entire planet at this point, is that the American people will awaken from this artificial state of slumber that most of us have been lulled into, and reclaim our divine right to fight back. If we don’t defend ourselves against this offensive Beast, then who will? No one will; not even Jesus.

The master class understands the dangers of the Internet, as well as its potential promise. They have bet everything on their ability to read our intentions through the scientific system of dictatorship that they have created, in order to know the optimum moment to shut it down. I am here to tell everyone of you that these assholes have bet wrong. We have to ignite the fires of resistance before they say that we are out of time.

We are at war with the most powerful terrorists in the history of the earth. They have all available information and unlimited power to continue their plan to the bitter end. The seduction of the rewards and the pain of the promised retribution moves most people to accept their lot and to believe what they are told to believe. This willingness to accept the false hope that you are given and to act how and when you are told to act is the sustaining force of the consumer culture that ensnares with its “creature comforts.”

“Good citizens” are willing to invest a small portion of their hard-earned cash on “insurance,” lottery tickets, the latest electronic gadget, a new home, against their better judgment. The possibility of winning an unearned windfall is the sucker’s bait that seduces men to ignore reason. It is this illusory “dream” that continues to draw the suckers into the scam, not just in the United States, but in every nation where leaders sell their souls for their own small portion of the take. They see the seemingly perfect pyramid scheme, where every player takes a tiny commission and then passes on the burden to the next guy.

Even though the world clearly sees that the American economy has collapsed, sustained only by the most outrageous life support that the world has ever witnessed, national leaders throughout the resource-rich regions of the world continue to sign-on to the fraud and to sell-out their own people in the process. Being mere humans, these foreign leaders are subject to the same barrage of inevitability that continually bombards us each day. Perhaps their surrender comes as much from their fear of the inevitable as from their greed.

Through open and covert means, American mis-leaders wage a full-spectrum assault upon the minds of the American people and upon the rest of the human race. Every news story screams of impending doom. The terror war has provided a convenient excuse for almost any action that Obama is ordered to take. The unreasonableness of the American position in the world is taken as a “given.” According to the prevailing theme of all we know and see, there is no rational solution to any problem, our only real hope is in the power of Leviathan to stand rock firm, in order to bring order out of the chaos.

The merger of modern psychological methodology with political science, and the development of a computer modeling system for applying this political psychology have enabled the master class to predict human behavior fairly accurately, in the face of traumatic events. The resultant program, in effect, becomes a window into the future, as well as a tool for reaching into the future and changing the outcome of ongoing events. This “sorcerer’s window,” has endowed Leviathan with a false sense of confidence that our hour of “capitulation” has arrived, that the gates to the police state can now be safely slammed shut, without fear of arousing the wrath of the somnambulized American people. Expect to see a more-or-less sudden move into the dictatorship, anything slower would carry an added danger of the people reawakening in time to stop it.

The faster we can dispel and disprove the false hope that seduces the people into surrender, the faster we can mount an effective resistance to the world war that our government is creating. Whatever calamity they have convinced the people of, we must disprove the illusion they create. The ideas of inevitability and hopelessness are the weakest of delusions, yet their power to paralyze may be the greatest threat of all. Very few things, other than death itself, are inevitable.

Hope flows from an infinite Source and can never be hidden from enlightened eyes. The eyes of God see through the soul of each man. The future cannot be set or determined by the guile or the resources of mere men, no matter how powerful those men are.


By: Peter Chamberlin peter.chamberlin@naharnet.com

Posted at: http://therearenosunglasses.wordpress.com/2009/09/09/the-myth-of-inevitability-using-our-emotions-against-us/

“you need to believe some of the things you read”!

MySpace bulletin received 9/11/08

by David J.

I have done much research about everything from the 911-cover up to the dangers of vaccinations. I have literally spent thousands upon thousands of hours seeking the truth. I own over two thousand books.

I love to teach.
I love to share with others the things I have learned, in hopes that their eyes will opened to the truth.

Unfortunately, MOST people that I speak with don’t want their eyes opened. It’s a curse upon America, people don’t like to face the facts. People don’t like to leave their comfort zone. No one who is comfortable likes change. This is called complacency (being contented to a fault, being self-satisfied without concern). The average American is a lazy thinker, often critical of others who do think and stand up for what is right.

I am disgusted beyond words with the oft made statement “You can’t believe everything you read.” I would be the first to agree, but it is absurdity to use that as a blanket statement to invalidate EVERYTHING you read. What these people are really saying is…”I don’t want to believe ANYTHING that you are saying.” The same holds true for things we see over the internet or on TV. I hear people often say “You can’t believe everything you find on the internet.” If you have even a little sense and desire to know the truth, then you are aware that the internet is the BEST source of accurate news available. The major TV networks and CNN are all highly monitored by the FCC (a government department). All of the news we hear on TV is censored, edited, distorted, and watered down. When someone does slip some truth in (like Dan Rather), he gets castrated by the higher powers.

The average American citizen is woefully complacent, living comfortably, and could care less what is going on in Washington. There’s a saying “If you give the devil an inch, he’ll become a ruler.” Well, the federal government has become that devilish ruler because we gave them too much power. The arrogance of the American people will be their downfall. America is headed for a great fall.

We have become a stiff-necked people, turning a blind eye to the blatant evils being committed by our own government. I wish every American would have lost their life’s savings and retirements like those unfortunate Enron employee’s did. Why?, because then there would have been enough angry victims to bring about justice. Those Enron employees were cheated out of their life’s savings while the government and the rest of America could care less. Very few people raised a ruckus, not enough to make a difference. That’s what America desperately needs, for millions of U.S. CITIZENS to raise a ruckus! What is a ruckus? Glad you asked. A “ruckus” is “The act of making a noisy disturbance.” This is our First Amendment right, to peaceably ASSEMBLE and PROTEST our government. So why aren’t more Americans exercising their rights? Sadly, because they don’t care, they have become indifferent.

But you say, “You can’t believe everything you read or see over the internet.” No, but you’re a complete idiot if you don’t believe any of it. Think about it, everything you believe is the result of things you have either seen or heard (things you have perceived through the five senses). So using your argument, I guess we just shouldn’t believe anything. What is truth? Who decides what is truth? It is our individual duty to our country and our personal responsibility , to do our best to seek and the truth and to act accordingly.

You need to believe some of the things you read. You need to believe some of the things you find over the internet. People are appropriately sometimes referred to as “sheeple.” Did you know that sheep are very dumb animals? They really are. The wolf on the other hand is cunning and crafty. Sheep are the perfect unsuspecting prey for any hungry predator.

Most people don’t want to believe that 911 was an inside job. This would make them VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. After all, if they did believe such a thing, most of their family and friends would think they were a nut, a conspiracy theorist. There have been conspiracies by the billions throughout history. One of the biggest lies ever fabricated was that there are no conspiracies. Folks, conspiracies are an inherent part of mankind’s nature. Anytime two or more people get together and plan to do wrong, they are conspiring. The deaths of nearly 3,000 American citizens on 911 was the result of a conspiracy involving the Bush family, the Bush Administration, the Bin Laden family, the global billionaire elite, and others. Only a fool who is wearing blinders would say that the Bush administration wasn’t involved in carrying out 911. It was president Bush who signed Presidential decision directive W199i to protect the terrorists. It’s been in every publication from the Wall Street Journal to the Washington Times. I guess you can’t believe this either.

Why would George Bush sign presidential directive W199I to block the FBI and defense intelligence from investigating the terrorists? Several FBI and CIA agents have actually filed lawsuits against the Bush Administration for obstruction of justice and abetting terrorists (their lawyer is nationally known, David Schippers). David Schippers is right, he said “Once you’ve had license, tyranny is next.” What is license? “License” is “Freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices; Excessive freedom; lack of due restraint.” George Bush signed legal documents to protect the terrorists…It’s the smoking gun of 911.

Wake up sheeple!

John O’Neill, former FBI Deputy Director resigned because he felt that the U.S. administration was obstructing the FBI and their attempt to stop Al-Qaeda. Why doesn’t O’Neill go public now? He was murdered! John O’Neill started his first day on the job as Security Director of the Trade Towers in New York City, and was killed that very same day…911! These criminals are so blatant.

And what about World Trade Center building 7, it was never hit by a plane. So why did it perfectly crumble to the ground on the afternoon of 911? The answer is disturbing. The building owner (Larry Silverstein) admitting publicly in an interview that the Feds asked him for permission to “pull” his building (“pull” is the slang term commonly used by demolition crews to detonate a building). They pulled his building alright, and World Trade centers 1 and 2 as well. The engineer who designed the Trade Towers (as well as architects from around the world) have stated that the Twin Towers were designed to withstand a plane impact. The evidence on 911 is overwhelming that those buildings were demolished by the use of carefully positioned bombs throughout the buildings. And we know for a FACT that building 7 was detonated.

Folks, I could go on for hours. The things I have just shared with you are FACTS, not conspiracy theories. You can’t just blindly brush it all away. You can’t just say “You can’t believe everything you read.” I beg you as a fellow American CITIZEN to at least investigate the FACTS and be honest in your heart. I am disgusted at the excuses I hear from people all the time. I recently told a man about Congressman Ron Paul and the HUNDREDS of articles which Dr. Paul has written exposing the coming police state and violations of our constitutional rights. The man simply invalidated Ron Paul by saying that all politicians are liars. Do you see what I mean? People who have never spent even ten minutes investigating the truth will just arrogantly and foolishly explain it all away with some ridiculous cop-out statement.

It’s sickening! Anyone trying to expose 911 who is selling something is being discredited. Folks, just because someone is making a buck off something doesn’t mean it’s a lie. It may be; but how do you know unless you’ve investigated it, read the books, watched the videos, and spent some time thinking things through. Oh I see, it’s just much easier to accuse those people of “saying anything for money.” Alex Jones does sell his videos, but he openly tells ALL his listeners and customers to make all the copies they possibly can and distribute them freely. He doesn’t sound money hungry to me. You’ll never hear Michael Moore say any such thing because he is out to make a buck. By the way, though I like the Fahrenheit 911 Video, Alex Jones’ 911 -The Road To Tyranny is much better in my opinion. Besides, Michael Moore is pro-Democrat. He’s a part of the problem because he promotes the Democrats (which are as corrupt and evil as the Republicans). Michael Moore is simply leading people to an equal evil.

You need to believe some of the things you read my friend, because we are in a pot of water that is headed for the boiling point. By the time the blinded, complacent, careless, irresponsible, immoral, and arrogant American people realize what is really happening…they will be slaves to the New World Order. The police state is coming. Surveillance cameras are popping up everywhere. The interment camps are already here. The Government is recruiting your neighbors to spy on you. America is headed for massive bankruptcy. Social Security WON’T be there for you. You’re children are about to be forced to undergo mental-screening. And to top it all off, we’ve got a heathen phony for President of the U.S. who considers himself a Dictator!

CNN Reported No Plane Hit Pentagon!

Wake up sheeple! It will be too late. The storm clouds are gathering. The dots are in place and the lines are waiting to be drawn.

“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing”
~Thomas Jefferson.

We are losing our country

and our freedom.


The upside-down flag is NOT a sign of



Photo of the Day #2 – Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Look very closely at this image. What do you see? What do you not see?

My perception of this image is as follows:

The majority of children in the classroom are Caucasian, one African-American child and, possibly, one Hispanic. They all look a little coo-coo. One child has a cell phone in his ear with blood running down the same side, which could be a metaphor for the brain tumor he may eventually contract. The boy in the purple hat is also attempting to read a book on indoctrination Herd Mentality Made Easy. The powers that be are insuring that they bring everyone into the fold while they are still young. All the sheeple out there remember that you will be assimilated, herded like cattle unless you get up and DO SOMETHING!

The children in this image are Gentiles and it is also blatantly conspicuous that there are no Jewish children in the photo. And, of course, there wouldn’t be. The Jewish people are the only group of Americans which are allowed to engage in discrimination of all other groups including their own when it pertains to how Jewish a Jew should be. Other than gang-banger American Blacks, I don’t know of another group in this country as racist as the Jews. Their disdain and hatred for anyone non-Jewish is the complete anti-thesis of the founding fathers’ principles that the country was built upon. Then the Jewish upper middle-class to wealthy upper-class segregate themselves from the rest of American society. Did you ever wonder why you never met a Jewish person in your public school? Well, that’s why. Jewish children go to Hebrew academies. They are taught by other Jewish academics and rabbis and are fortunate to obtain the finest basic classroom education from the First Grade to graduation being adequately prepared to enter college and succeed, unlike most Gentiles today. Their segregation insures their autonomy and success in various areas of American society plus it also reaffirms the strength and stability of the Jewish group as a whole.

You won’t see dumbed-down Jewish children in America, ever!

If Jews are subjugated to fluoride like the rest of society, I would bet that they have some type of filtering process, or, purification system to remove the fluoride from the water in their schools so as to protect the delicate minds of their offspring. They know that fluoride effects brain processes and lowers I.Q. This explains why the country is inundated with Jewry in every facet of professional life. Today it’s rare to find a European American in the jobs that they once filled, which have now been replaced with Jews.

I digress…

Our children are being attacked and thwarted at every turn in their precious lives by the very government that was supposed to assist us in protecting them. Deadly fluoride and other aluminum waste by-products float through the veins of our little ones courtesy of the city or town public water works system. Genetically modified food, cloned meat and dairy, and other various drugs being prescribed such as Prozac and Ritalin impair thought processes and physical response time. They experience sluggishness and incoherency at times and they also struggle with the inability to concentrate, or, they become overly aggressive like the boy in the purple hat.

The reason for the varying difference in responses is due, in part, to drug interactions, which is specifically referred to as “adverse reactions” in medical terminology. There is a rare adverse reaction in humans with some drugs. It is called paradoxical syndrome. Paradoxical syndrome occurs when the body reacts in the opposite manner to a prescribed medication. For example, prescription narcotics severely impair the central nervous system keeping most people from driving or operating machinery. However, in a small percentage of people the effect is just the opposite. Instead of feeling drowsy the paradoxical people are more alert and wide awake.

Ritalin and Prozac could also be having dangerous adverse reactions on our children causing them to behave, either, outside the normal realm or in a paradoxical manner. Exposing a young body and mind to these lethal drugs will eventually have far reaching consequences that may affect our children’s future. Furthermore, some children may have adverse reactions being prescribed to both drugs at the same time.

Causes for childhood depression, anxiety and attention deficit range from nutritional imbalances and chemical exposure to home and school problems. Instead of addressing causes, many doctors and psychologists treat the symptoms with powerful medications. Today, almost nine million children, or almost one out of every five children, take psychoactive drugs for their behavior disorders, many of which are questionable diagnoses.

In many areas, one of every five children is labeled with ‘attention deficit’ or ADHD. The number of children so diagnosed increased by 90% between 1989 and 1996! Three-fourths of the doctor visits resulted in drug treatment. Clinical Psychiatric News, July 1998 reported that 223 children under age 3 who enrolled in Michigan’s Medicaid program before December 1996 were labeled ADHD. The author adds: “Amazingly, 57% of these children were treated with one or more psychotropic drugs including Ritalin, Prozac, Dexedrine, Aventyl and Syban. Thirty-three percent were medicated with two or more of these drugs.”

Combining anti-depressants (Prozac or Luvox) and psychostimulants (Ritalin) increases the risk of cardiovascular collapse, seizures, euphoria and psychosis (3). Researchers at the Brookhaven National Laboratory reported that “when Ritalin was given to cocaine users, they couldn’t distinguish the Ritalin high from the cocaine high”.

Why the epidemic? Lack of parental supervision, loss of values, poor role models, too much TV, and outmoded educational systems may all contribute. Schools often receive money for every child they diagnose with ADHD. It seems easier to prescribe a drug than spend the time to investigate the problem. There are other reasons, however, that are well-documented but hardly ever discussed. (http://www.totalityofbeing.com/FramelessPages/Articles/violence.html)

Exercising parental rights is a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. The school system and the medical community are taking liberties that are not theirs to take. Ultimately, your God-given right to raise your child in whatever way you deem appropriate is still the responsibility of every American parent. There are a few steps that can be taken so that our children do not become complete morons.

Get involved again in your children’s lives. Stop putting them in front of the television set because you don’t want to interact with them. Don’t leave your children with other people all the time even if you have a big family. Children should be with their parents 90% of the time. If you have small children talk to them and read to them every single day. Teach them as much as you can before they leave for school. It will provide a stable foundation for a secure future.

Take the time to investigate the local educational system right now. Find out what your area schools are doing: Do they have a good variety of programs? What about violence and drugs? Talk with everyone in the school that you can find, teachers and administration, even other students if possible. Then determine if your child is still going to be in a sea of prejudice and hate. I would not want my child in that kind of situation. If there isn’t a school in your area that you feel would be safe for your child investigate alternative options, such as, home schooling, or, possibly private school instruction.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, parents! Don’t be duped into believing that the school system and the A.M.A. has the last word on everything. Apparently, these offices were set up as apparatuses of investigation and local eavesdropping on ordinary, law-abiding citizens. Research all avenues and possibilities regarding your child or children. Don’t take anyone’s word for anything and always, trust your instincts.

A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. have now been proven to be fraudulent psychiatric disorders.

Actually, it was one more opportunity for our controllers to drug down the next generation creating totally “useless eaters”, which will be more malleable in the coming police state . Moreover, it was another test to ascertain if they could manipulate thousands of parents into placing their children on these dangerous drugs without so much as a whimper. Obviously, that part of their plan was successful.

Right now, begin making inquiries to remove the fluoride and heavy metals from the water flowing into your home, including showers. The warm moist steam from taking showers increases the absorption of fluoride into the body. (http://thewaterexchange.net/) Cleansing our brains and bodies of the toxins that the government continues to inundate us with is a huge step in the right direction.

The Way We Were

These photographs are reminiscent of my carefree school days when teachers had the upper hand and children were courteous, orderly and obeyed their elders for the most part.

We traded in our sanity for political correctness and life in a completely insane world.

God bless the good old days –


You Can’t Handle the Truth!

From a good friend in the Blogosphere, one of his latest articles worth sharing.


Yeah, that’s right: You can’t handle the truth, even when it’s staring you right in your face. No, I’m not talking about all the fine folks who come here that have already made the connection to what’s truly going on. Don’t worry. You people are the real patriots, anymore. No, I’m talking about all those brain-dead people –conservatives and liberals– who see the evidence and pooh-pooh it all away like it means nothing to them. Or they’ll parrot all the anti-White slogans made up by the very same people who are behind the whole damn mess to begin with.

Oh, it’s something, alright. Just look below for a giant, tractor-trailer-size load of hard, in-your-face truth!

It’s all just like 9/11 for crying out loud. Here, you have tons of evidence that says something is just not right about the whole affair and you still suck down the entire government line of BS. And you know what? The real reason for it is that you just can’t believe that your government could be so callous, was so evil as to do anything like that. You can’t even look at the other side’s evidence because of what it actually might mean to your precious little world view. And you might have to get off that fat duff of yours and do something really patriotic, instead of just putting on bumper stickers, for a change.

And then you have the 9/11 Patriots (I hate the term “truthers”) who think the government did something or other, but will go overboard not to name the Jew. Maybe they knew about it in advance, they’ll say (which is still absolutely back-stabbing), or maybe they played some kind of supporting role in conjunction with some evil “Bush-Cheney Cabal for Big Oil” plot. Anything but the obvious because you can’t handle the truth!

But there’s a few things you’re forgetting about all this, right Homies?

One: The US government could never, ever get away with something like this –not in a million years– without the complicity of the Globalist Zionist-owned media to not investigate or report any of the real, in-your-face, truths to the American public. Like the new revelation from the former Italian president that the CIA & the Mossad did it! It’s been the Zionist corporate-down orders, all along –to spin it to the public as nothing but crazy, “tin-foil hat” talk. And you damn well know that’s the real deal, Jack!

Or two: How about all the evidence of Zionist involvement from beginning to end? Yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about. All the Jews, who’s names keep popping up and being linked to this and that: Dov Zakheim, Philip Zelikow, the Dancing Israelis, Shalom Yuran, Magdy Elamir, Arnon Milchan, Michael Goff, Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey (the new Attorney General, for chrissakes!), and the list keeps going on and on. Add it all up along with my little on-the-spot list (below) and whatta you get staring you right in your little face?

Just think about it: Are you living the disconnect life or what? I mean, how much math do you gotta do, anymore, to figure out the real score? What evidence will it take to convince you? The stuff out there now is simply so overwhelming in scope and points to one very big, shocking conclusion: Yeah, turns out those damn Skinheads were dead right about the whole lousy thing! Look at this list for a hard, cold slap in the face reality –that is, if you have any guts left:

Let’s look at a few things, why don’t we? (I hardly know where to start):

The Israel Lobby and the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) totally corrupted our political process • Mossad spy cases up the ying-yang going back decades • We now shell out 10 Billion a year in blackmail to Israel • The news media conglomerates are mostly owned by Globalist Jew Big Shots or Zionist lackeys and staffed through-out with Jews • Jews have been behind changing the Immigration laws since forever • Jew Activist groups are supporting Illegal Immigration groups, even anti-white racist and traitorous ones like La Raza • Jew Communists started labor and racial strife ever since coming to our shores • The Israel Lobby’s only real care is for a foreign country and does not have the US’s best interests in mind • The Zionist Dov Zakheim, comptroller of Pentagon, oversaw a trillion dollars or more of Military equipment illegally transferred to Israel • Rumsfield announces the Zakheim 1 trillion dollars missing –conveniently on 9/10/01– that’s right, the day before 9/11! We’ve heard zilch about it since • Jews think “Diversity” is just dandy for White nations but patently reject that for Israel • Jews legally operate white prostitution slavery rings in Tel Aviv • Hidden Jews are the majority stock-holders for Banks in the Federal Reserve, International Banking and the government is in hock to them • Jews are always pushing for the New World Order • Globalist Jew Billionaires like George Soros work assiduously to undermine our politics with lefty-commie groups while living in the Bahamas or some such place • Capital Hill is justifiably considered Zionist territory by many • Jews have been kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived in before, sometimes even twice • The Holocaust™ blackmail games and getting governments to jail any historians for questioning it • Jew organizations like the ADL, SPLC and the ACLU suing localities to prevent them from passing laws in dealing with Illegal Immigrants • Uprooting and even commiting massacres of Palestinians • Talmudic anti-Christian writings • The Seven Noahide Laws that will destroy your Freedoms and Christianity • Hollywood Jew Elitists mocking Whites and Christians in the media • The White House “Mega” Mole never found • Jacob Schiff’s financing of the Bolshevik revolution • Commie Jews killed millions of Gentiles during the Russian Revolution but remind you constantly about the Holocaust • The not-too secret desires of Jews to have their own law courts, separate from you • Russian Mobsters (Thieve’s World) are predominately Jewish • Jews use blatant smear tactics to intimidate anyone who criticises Israel • Israeli-funded, high-tech telephone routers (COMVERSE Info Systems) having back-door access to the numbers we dial • Israeli Zionists take our tax-payer’s “Aid to Israel” money and refuse to tell us what they do with it –possibly even using some of it to corrupt our own politics • JDL Thug Squads who attack people on the street that don’t toe their line • Mossad agents high-fiving each other while watching the twin towers fall, obviously with full knowledge in advance • Israel purposefully set-up an intelligence gathering operation called LAKHAM to steal US technological secrets • Zionist Apartheid policies in Israel are worse than South Africa ever was and is mostly ignored by liberal media • Jews privately and often-times openly mock Christians but still expect them to support Israel • Israel stole fissile materials from us to make nuclear bombs • Jew social engineers foisted the whole “Multicultural” travesty on us • Jews have been behind all the race baiting and Civil Rights friction since day-one • A lousy 17 American Jews in the Military have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan • The Jew media is now demonizing Iran • The supposedly American lobby group, AIPAC, had spies passing secrets to Israel • Commie Jews stole our nuclear technology and then gave it to the Soviets • Jews support Radical Homosexuality and Transgenders • Jews promote race mixing for everybody else but not for them • They consider all non-Jews nothing but cattle (Goyim) • They have dedicated groups, like the ADL and SPLC attack and gather any intelligence on private US citizens • Mossad has “Honey-Pot” scams to blackmail our US politicians and other strategic targets • The Mossad has tens of thousands of Zionist collaboraters in the western countries called “Sayan” • The Jews were heavily involved in the African Slave Trade • The Jew-led ACLU attacks Christmas or any Christian symbols and yet erects their menorahs everywhere on public property • The Jews are for the NAU, which absolutely means the end of America as we know it • The number of Israelis killed (3) on 9/11 was statiscally impossible, even more Columbians died that day • They consider only themselves when it comes to Genocide victim-hood, even though many millions more white Gentiles died at the hands of Jew-led Commies • Jews decided quite on their own to turn the US into what they call the world’s first “Universal Country” rapidly turning us into a Third World cesspool • Jews support any illegal Mestizos in this country but kicks out any Black Dafur refugees from Israel • The Jews in control of our Federal Reserve are now rendering the dollar worthless for the Amero to take its place • The Jews are now trying to pass a bill (S-1959) to silence us all • Jews involved in The Lavon Affair purposefully tried to bomb our Embassy in Egypt –to get us involved in another war • Israelis willfully attacked one of our Naval ships (USS Liberty), and tried to sink it to get us into a war • Mossad neglected to warn us when they knew that Hezbollah was going to bomb the Marine barracks in Beirut –to involve us in a war, again • Jewish involvement in 9/11 was a way to get us into, uh, let’s see; another war, maybe?! • etc., etc., ETC

What’s it going to take for you fools to finally wake up and get the big picture? Does any of the above make one lick of difference to you, anymore? Add it all up and what does it say? I’ll answer that for you since the Jews evidently stole your brain and your tongue right along with everything else: Zionist Jews have been nothing but trouble to this country since day-one and you know it. These back-stabbers spit in our face all the time!

I’m not talking about the Jews of the Bible, either. No true Israelite is being called on the carpet. I’m talking about all those Khazari interlopers to the Hebrews of old. That sneaky little group that cloaked themselves in Jewish History to give them THE BIG-CON — the biggest Con-Job in all of history – by calling themselves the Holy People from the Bible. They’ve snowed millions of Christians all over. It’s this same Khazari group from the 8th century AD southern Russia, who’ve plagued mankind forever and are still at it to this very damned day!

Many of those Khazari Jews know exactly what I’m talking about. Hell, the actual Israelites still left, the Sephardi, know all about it, too. Oh, some are going along with the whole con-game, sure, but some are indeed fighting back against those so-called Jews, who are busy running their big-time con-jobs all across this planet.

Oh, it’s bad, alright. Ever since the Khazari Jews were allowed to emigrate (from southern Russia) to America in the 1880’s and was classified as white, they’ve been doing everything they possibly can to screw up the good ol’ USA without being too obvious about it. Many of them know full well that’s true. Why do you have so many feeling all guilty trying to play down being Jewish or doing whatever they can to shut people up by supporting censorship and new “Hate” speech laws? Or how about the new blatant bona fide Jewish Plot to pass Senate Bill S-1959, that may just call you a “Idealogical Terrorist” should you finally figure out these people?

They know that some of us are getting around to figuring out the real deal and they’re mortified that the message might spread. Each one, it seems, works overtime to shut us up. If it was all nothing but crazy talk they would just laugh it off and go on about their business but they know that all of this is true so they will come up with any excuse to justify the actions of their brethren. But what justifications can they possibly give for enormity of it all? That tired, old excuse of altruism for the other races? Please. Everything they do is for their benefit and theirs’ alone. Always has been. Their pretend patriotism for this country only extends far enough for us to fight wars against Jewish enemies and die for their only real country: Israel.

Some of them are undoubtedly laughing their asses off that most of us have yet to figure it all out. But the Jews know that sooner or later their little “Jig” will be up. That’s why we see all the shenanigans going on right now. They have gone into over-drive to prevent us from finally coming to our senses.

All over, people are talking about 9/11, the Dancing Israelis, the Israel Lobby and Iraq. Chat rooms all across the nation are humming away. Brainwashed whites are flummoxed by it all, but some are now thinking twice about their erstwhile, liberal Jewish allies. And the big-mouthed Jews are yapping and typing away, calling us anti-Semites and that BS term they created for whites who don’t go along with their agenda: ”White Supremacists;” or they’ll use whatever instinctual tactics to confuse, obfuscate and deny the real facts. They will fail. Sure, their agents in high-places will soon get us into another war, but people will have had enough BS by then and will come down off the fence, finally.

Then the Zionists will be seen in the harsh light of an awakened and angry America. They will scurry to and fro and then try to instigate a race war to cover their sorry, skinny asses– the final ace up their sleeve. That’s right. They may very well open the media to a full scale propaganda campaign designed to finally get whitey pissed off about the Blacks to start a race war.

They’ve been keeping it at a steady simmer, for years. They may be on the verge of that exact thing right now, with all their race baiting, lately. But, then again, they might direct the propaganda or manipulation tactics in any direction: A economic melt-down (we’re in a recession now), a war for the Southwest (the take-over is underway), a war for our inner-cities (Black crime is sky-rocketing). Anywhere, but in their direction or over anything to do with the sacred State of Israel. The Zionist Jew has always been the real culprit of the demoralization and destruction of this country since the very beginning.

Yep, everyone knows that something just ain’t right with this country. They’ll just sit there and scratch their heads like big ol’ dummies and listen to FOX news as if they’ll ever get around to telling us the real deal. What a joke. They can’t or won’t consider the Jew even if the evidence is right smack in front of them, even if history has shown us this very thing. Their little heads have been so brainwashed, that they just go along with everything –including giving up on everything that once made this country great!

Pretty pathetic bunch, I’d say. Now, drop and give me twenty!

I just thank God that some Americans still have common sense, a straight backbone and can see right through the lies! To those of you that have figured out the real score: Thank you, thank you. Stick around, because we’ll finally get to see all those brain-dead come face-to-face with reality in a big damn way. That’s about the only thing worth it, eh?

–Phillip Marlowe

See how they’ve been doing it without us even knowing it or having any secret, wide-spread conspiracies –that you try to tell yourself explains things. And check out this great article about it all: I want to hear America scream Also: Jews will kill themselves.

*Forget all the planted crazies or real-life loons they have out there. Go read David Ray Griffin’s book “Debunking 9/11 Debunkers” or go to 9/11 websites like: Patriots Question 9/11, Pilots for Truth or a totally revealing evidence Timeline: Cooperative Research Timeline for 9/11, or the media’s connections: The Mossad’s Man in the Middle. And get this: Former Italian President Says CIA & Mossad did it!

Or the new Globalist Zionist efforts at silencing any talk (S-1959): Bona Fide Jewish Plot


Are Americans Completely Incapable of Getting Mad as Hell

I promised to only write about my personal perceptions regarding what is happening in the country, however, I am very aware that I am not the most proficient writer in the world, therefore, let me share a very powerful essay from Online Journal.  The writer’s thoughts emanate my profound feelings and frustrations.

Are Americans Completely Incapable of Getting Mad as Hell

The brilliant, award-winning movie of 1976, “Network,” a satirical film about a fictional TV network, features Peter Finch as the ranting, neurotic anchor who is about to be fired due to low ratings. He needs to vent his anger about this dire situation, as well as his contempt for modern society and the decay of its morality. And so, one night he no longer can contain his intense feelings and begins to shout, “I want all of you to get up out of your chairs, I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your window, open it and yell ‘I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.'”

Will we Americans continue to be the silent majority that stood by and watched as the White House war machine launched the invasion and occupation of Iraq? Will we also continue to be the same voiceless, sheeple-like society that will once again watch as this war machine launches an attack on Iran, the current monster/bogeyman now lined up in their sights? What will it take for Americans to finally have their fill of this never-ending madness and say, “We are mad as hell and we cannot and will not take it anymore?”

In the movie Network Howard Beale was obviously trying to save his job and increase his ratings by using an outrageous tirade to motivate Americans to rebel against the decrepit, decaying state of the American society as he viewed it at that time. Well, we may not have a Howard Beale amongst us today, shouting at us to wake up and get mad, but we do have an American government that is running roughshod over our Constitution, continuing to promote an illegal, immoral war in Iraq and completely refusing to listen to the wishes of the American electorate. While that should inspire an outrage it has resulted in not much more than a general passive silence.

Following 9/11, Americans watched as Bush & Co. forced the USAPATRIOT Act through Congress; watched as Bush attacked Afghanistan and Iraq; watched as Abu Grahib, Guantanamo, CIA renditions, NSA spying and other highly questionable events took place; watched as Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, failed completely in their oversight responsibilities and totally rolled over as the Bush/Cheney agenda accelerated into high gear.

We are in the midst of a horrific nightmare; a bad dream reminiscent of that tragedy called the Vietnam War. This nation, today, is going through the agony of watching a president, the Congress and a military machine hell-bent on pursuing a senseless, disastrous war with no end in sight — a stubborn, nonsensical direction that is so similar to the illogical decisions made during the Vietnam War when Nixon, Kissinger and other war-hawks just would not accept the reality of that situation. So they refused to stop the bloodletting — not until more than 58,000 of our military died and we were expelled from that country. The current chaotic situation in the Middle East cannot wait for a solution until the next election is held or until Bush & Cheney are sent packing.

The question is who in this nation of 300 million will step forward and map out a logical plan that will finally bring an end to this bloody fiasco and allow our troops to come home? At this point there is no one in Washington, DC, or anywhere else in this country who seems to have the wisdom and courage to make it happen. We as a nation are seemingly trapped in a vicious circle where Bush, with the complicity of the Congress, continues to feed more and more billions of dollars into that Middle East black hole that quickly sucks it in, then demands more and more billions to feed those fires that cannot be quenched.

With the 2006 elections, the Democratic Party miraculously became the majority party in both the U.S. House and the Senate. It was a minor miracle and, yes, a chance that America was on a distinct path to stop the misguided foreign policy of the Bush administration and begin a new, rational direction. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid proclaimed that a new day had dawned. The time for change had finally come. John Conyers strongly hinted impeachment, Henry Waxman could hardly wait to initiate numerous investigations. In the Senate, Carl Levin, Patrick Leahy, and others readied hearings. The scene was set for new, energetic leadership to right the wrongs that had been perpetrated by the ham-handed Republican leaders.

Since that time of euphoria, great hopes and aspirations, what has happened? Basically, nothing and I mean nothing! The insane war goes on without missing a beat, more of our troops and Iraqi civilians die, and billions upon billions of dollars are appropriated time and time again. Democrat leadership holds hearing after hearing, demands more and more information, gets nowhere, and then threatens to issue subpoenas, but does not. Bush & Co. and the Republican minority in both the House and the Senate continue on the course that they had previously set, undeterred by all the hearings, demands for e-mails and just thumb their noses at all the threats to subpoena.

There is something very strange about this entire situation. Pelosi was quick to take the issue of impeachment off the table and often reinforces that very questionable position. Harry Reid has the power to dictate exactly what resolutions and legislation will come before the Senate for consideration. Also does it not seem that Nancy Pelosi, in particular, seems to be more or less paralyzed when confronted and continually challenged by the White House? Is there something very questionable and very alarming going on behind the scenes that has changed this scenario from one of hope and optimism to one of passive capitulation for some reason that we may never know? So far, Pelosi and Reid have completely failed to adhere to the wishes of the American people. The calls for them to step down will soon begin in earnest if this inept duo cannot and will not step up.

I watched the recent Democratic debates, moderated by Tim Russert, someone whom I certainly do not admire. But he asked a terrific question that brought answers from Clinton, Obama and even Edwards that absolutely stunned me and, I am sure, many others watching that night. He asked each of them if they would guarantee that they would end the war in Iraq and bring the troops home before the end of their first terms in office. The answer from each of them was exactly the same (just as if they each had been coached by Bush & Cheney beforehand), they each said no! They could not and would not promise that they would do so. Their response to Russert’s question was simply unbelievable and should cause all of us to fear for the future.

What should Clinton, Obama and Edwards have said in answer to that explicit question? Here is my take on what they should have said: “I will tell you this. No one can predict the future and what conditions will be like when I assume office. But I will promise you this. When elected, I will do everything in my power to stop this war and bring our troops home just as quickly as possible. If some unforeseen, catastrophic event takes place that jeopardizes that undertaking, I may have to use an alternate, temporary strategy. But, I will guarantee that I will do anything and everything at my command to follow the mandate that was given to me by the American electorate and abide by their wishes to bring this war to an end.” I believe that if one of them had taken that position it would have been a grand slam home run, but all three struck out.

One more very important point to make. The Democrats, when they assumed control of Congress, were automatically given prominent access to the bully pulpit, a great weapon and tool for informing the American public of what the issues are and what must be done to solve the greatest problems that our nation faces. Have the Democrats made use of this bully pulpit? No, they have completely failed. Americans badly need to know the Democratic strategies for solving our many problems. In this way the American public can be well informed and support the positions of the Democratic Party — that is, if they feel that those strategies make sense.

But the Democratic leadership, again Pelosi and Reid, have not risen to the occasion. The question is why? Have they somehow been muzzled? Just why do they not use the bully pulpit to the greatest degree possible? Yes, the mainstream, controlled media is an impediment but clever and determined leadership could find a way around that. There are progressive-minded TV and news outlets; for example, Keith Olbermann of Countdown on MSNBC, and others that could be utilized to good advantage if real dedicated effort were put into an intensive campaign to reach the American mind.

What will it take for this society and the American people to finally say, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”? The fact is that neither I nor anyone else in America that I am aware of today has that answer. I sincerely wish that some one of us had that answer because the fate of our nation and the entire world is hanging in the balance. I really believe that the American people, in the end, must be the deciding factor in this immense, most critical issue. There has to be a point at which we as a society and a people completely understand that the direction of this nation is on a course of impending disaster if the actions of this Bush administration cause the entire Middle East to erupt into even more chaos and all-out regional war. And that can definitely happen if those in power make the decision to launch massive air strikes against Iran as they threaten to do almost on a daily basis.

Is there not one person in America that has the courage and the fierce determination to come forward and motivate our society to get mad as hell, to finally vent its outrage and to demand that the Iraq War be non-funded and brought to a final conclusion? And, at this point, I firmly believe that no funding is the only logical way to end it. Funds should be used to facilitate an orderly and safe withdrawal for our troops.

If there is not one such true American patriot in America, then the people will remain largely passive, silent and unable to express their outrage and dissent. And then our democracy will continue its descent into being no more than a pseudo-democracy that will slowly but surely die.

The question remains: is this society completely incapable of getting mad as hell?

Crimes of Empire

Beyond Mental Death.


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“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” –-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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