The Caduceus Decoded: Secret Symbols Reveal Dark Agenda of Western Medicine


Everywhere in western medicine you find the Caduceus symbol: It’s the staff entwined with two serpents, with wings at the top. You’ll find it emblazoned on medical texts, medical school certificates, medical websites and even in hospitals and medical buildings.

But what does the symbol mean, exactly? I decided to conduct a bit of research to find out some possibilities.

The Caduceus, it turns out, was a staff carried by the Greek god Hermes. Hermes is best known as the messenger of the gods, but he is also well known as the protector of liars, gamblers and thieves. He’s also prominently known as the guide of the dead.

According to Wikipedia, the name of the staff, Caduceus, is adapted from the Greek word kerukeion, which means “herald’s wand” — the staff of the public messenger. It’s related to the words kerux and kerusso, which pertain to someone who announces information to the public.

From a Biblical point of view, the two serpents on the staff are, of course, symbols of evil and deception. There is a Greek myth about the two serpents on the staff which states that Tiresias found two snakes copulating and he beat to death the female snake with his staff.

So far, then, we have a staff carried by the Greek god Hermes, a protector of liars and thieves (who is also the guide of the dead), named as a staff or wand related to announcing information to the public, encircled by two serpents representing evil, and tied to yet another Greek myth about the female being beat to death.

This is the symbol of modern-day western medicine.

The evil of western medicine revealed

The part about the female being beaten to death is especially relevant, given how our male-dominated western medical system considers virtually all female physiology to be disease (pregnancy, menstruation, etc.). Women are treated like animals in many ways, through endless breast cancer screening and mandatory HPV vaccines. Female organs are considered useless or disease-ridden, such as when hysterectomies are performed to remove women’s “hysteria” (madness). That’s where the name “hysterectomy” actually comes from, of course.

That the two snakes representing evil would encircle the staff of public announcement could be an indication that the purpose of the staff is to announce evil (the propaganda of western medicine). At the same time, the mythological carrier of the staff is the protector of liars and thieves (the drug promoters and drug companies).

Once you understand the symbology, it becomes quite evident that this prominent symbol of western medicine was not chosen by chance: It sends a powerful subconscious message, much like the symbols of secret societies used on dollar bills, for example (the all-seeing eye floating above the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill). It might even be said that, through the repetition of this symbol which adorns the most important documents and texts used in the medical schools, doctors are, in a very true sense, being continuously indoctrinated with the powerful symbols of evil and death.

Once these impressionable young doctors graduate from their medical schools, they are given the tools of death to “treat” patients: Chemotherapy poisons, toxic pharmaceuticals, scalpels and radiation machines. They slice off women’s breasts and call it “cancer prevention.” They poison children’s brains with chemicals and call it “medicine.” They damage and destroy key organs like the heart, liver, kidneys and brain through the forced application of toxic chemotherapy agents, sometimes at gunpoint (as with the case of Daniel Hauser).


10 thoughts on “The Caduceus Decoded: Secret Symbols Reveal Dark Agenda of Western Medicine

  1. This is interesting. My wife and I were studying the scriptures were Moses was commanded to put serpents on a pole to stop the plague of snake bits. Israelite’s that were being bitten by serpents, Numbers 21:6 – 9… once they looked upon the snake pole, they would be healed and not die. However I think this means once you see the jews as snakes they are, you will be healed from the poison they have injected into your mind and our society by their evil

  2. Correct. It is two snakes a needle. It is also a representation of a penis with two females. Medicine = “me dick in ecstasy”. It has Satanic origins that derive from the Satanic Trinity. Essentially, the external manipulation of a mother’s bond with her child to force submission into the external authority. A c-section is an example. Separating the child from mother as soon as born. Wrapped in an isolation blanket to stare at the ceiling. A c-section has some emergency uses, however, it is a Satanic ritual.

  3. This is one of the best written blogs on this subject I’ve come across; thank you! If you haven’t walked this path, you can’t relate, it’s that simple. This country is populated with goyem who believe that the government is here to help them. When you watch the medical establishment and big pharma cause your daughter’s body to deteriorate to an emaciated 98 pounds from 140 and healthy, you learn. I have never had a flu shot. My surviving children will never have a flu shot, HPV vaccine, or any other crap these parasites are trying to dish out in large volumes. Don’t believe they hype! Wake up, people! My father, mother, daughter, sister, husband are on the other side of eternity. I used to trust the powers that be. I wiped the crud from my eyes, drank a gallon of coffee and woke the hell up! I advise anyone who doubts the globalist agenda to do the same! Thank you again, Pragmatic Witness for your courage and willingness to convey the TRUTH!!!!!

    • Welcome! Glad you found us and very glad you woke up.

      I watched the veteran’s hospital stand by and do nothing while my father died of pancreatic cancer.

      Then I have a chronic pain condition that the medical establishment knows little to nothing about, but because it is not Fibromyalgia they say it’s untreatable.

      I’m now 54 and have never had a mammogram and I cannot understand why healthy young women subject themselves to this ritual every year. Then after 20 years they wonder why they have breast cancer.

  4. How the insurance company defines a pregnancy, menstruation is a different issue. Insurance company is not an institute/University of western medicine. I found it interesting that “hysterectomies are performed to remove woman’s hysteria”. Do you have any documentation about this statement? It is true that “hysteria” (the word does not exist in medical terminologies now-a-days, check ICD-10 and DSM-4 of psychiatry) is seen mainly in female sex, so past scholars linked its association with hysterus i.e. uterus. But I have not read anywhere that women had to undergo hysterectomy because of hysteria only.
    We are human beings and we learn newer things with the passage of time. None of the medical knowledge is programmed in our brain from the birth. So, it is obvious that there must have been many misconceptions since the beginning of western medicine. However, it is also true that many misconceptions are abolished as new knowledge prevails.
    You have said a child’s brain is poisoned with toxic drugs. Thanks to these toxic agents, which can cure ALL, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a common blood cancer of childhood. Ask with this child who have survived of blood cancer. Is there any other form of medicine /therapy other than western medicine which can cure a blood cancer like ALL. If yes, can you show me the documented evidence? Please do not show me the bluffing videos or articles of Swami Ramdev or Saibaba of India who claims to heal any incurable disease of the world.
    Baba Ramdev’s yogic techniques can control many chronic diseases or prevent many chronic diseases. Yoga has this capacity and western medicine accepts this fact.
    Just ask to yourself, if you have a compound fracture or organophosphorus poisoining or malaria or hypertension not controlled by exercise or yoga alone; where will you go to seek the help? Obviously you will go to face radiation of x-ray for fracture, you will take the anti-dote for posion, anti-malarials for malaria and anti-hypertensives for your uncontrolled hypertension right? Else you will suffer the consequences.
    I truly accept that western medicine is still developing and we are not perfect. All the doctors do not necessarily follow the medical ethics. This does not mean that Western medicine has hidden evil intentions or all the doctors have evil mind.
    Bear this in mind, if you happen to be treated by a doctor who is really fanatic for western medicine, he may do more harm than good for you or your family. This is just a human nature (and doctor is also a human).
    Stop writing the articles which attacks the western medicine community as a whole. You can choose to attack the negative sides of pharmaceutics or unethical behaviors of the doctors but do not dare to blasphemise the whole discipline of western medicine and whole community of doctors.

    • Alright, remember sir, I am just the messenger.

      Since you seem to have a problem with this information I suggest you contact the author, which is provided at the bottom of the page under “source.”

      However, would you be surprised to know that American doctors are only taught two college credits on nutrition? What we put into our bodies means the difference between being healthy or sick. Western Doctors never even mention nutrition because they are taught that only drugs can cure illness and disease. Western doctors work for the pharmaceutical companies hands down.

      I watched a new documentary that I discovered quite by accident recently. It’s titled THRIVE and it might interest you about half a dozen doctors found several cures for cancer between the 20s and 30s. So guess what happened? Their reputations were destroyed and the cures were confiscated and destroyed by the government. Suppression of medical cures should be a crime, but it’s not. They want cancer to thrive because it means billions of dollars for the medical and pharaceutical industries. If you’re interested in watching this informative documentary you can find it at this link while it’s still available. Eventually, it will also be suppressed and pulled from the internet.


  5. Here, a link for a video with a little more information about the “Caduceus Symbol”. What I have to say is:

    1) The medicine symbol is a little bit different from the Caduceus Symbol – witch, in fact, is the Kundalini Symbol;
    2) Read a little bit more about History & Hermes, my brother… In the wikipedia website, source of your “research”, there is much more information then you provided.

    Sorry to post this, but maybe it will be good for your knowledge.

    Best regards & Be happy!

    • Hi, Daniel,

      Thanks for forwarding the video, however, I did not write the article.

      Please look for the source link at the bottom of page.

  6. This is a joke right? Either it’s a joke or it was written by a feminism extremist. Come on. Treated like animals by being subject to endless breast cancer screenings? Why don’t you ask any breast cancer survivor what his or her (yes, men can get breast cancer too) opinion of mammograms are. Ask another survivor who has been given the gift of time with their family, friends, and loved ones how he/she feels about the chemotherapy that saved their life. Ask them if they would accept double mastectomy as a prophylactic against the suffering they endured through their chemo and radiation therapy and I can pretty much assure you that in retrospect they would have no objections if they could go back in time. Do you have any citations that you can produce that confirm your assertion of modern-day western medicine considering pregnancy, menstruation, etc… diseases!? I find that a ludicrous and arbitrary statement based solely upon ignorance. If I wrong, then prove me so and I will gladly concede. As for Daniel Hauser; this case was more a travesty on the part of the State of Minnesota refusing to recognize the separation between church and state. It was not based solely upon a doctor’s point of view. The judge who ruled on the case failed in his duty to protect the constitutional rights of Daniel and the Hauser family. This is becoming more and more prevalent and we, as a society, do nothing to prevent things like this from happening. How may you ask? By simply failing to vote and sitting idly by and watching our government take advantage of us. Why is it that the residents of the City of Austin, Texas allow their law enforcement personnel to force suspected drunk drivers to have their blood drawn when it clearly violates the religious ideals of some of those suspects? They allow it because they refuse to take action to put a stop to it and, by doing so, they allow the legal system to continue to think that they are God and that they can do whatever they want. Hey, i’m ALL FOR getting drunk drivers off the road but not at the expense of violating a presumably innocent person to be subjected to having their blood removed from their body against their will. Unfortunately, there is no “presumably innocent” person according to the justice system today. We are guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of the law and not the other way around. Mr. Hauser was failed not only by the justice system, but he was also failed by a doctor who chose to treat him against his will which was wrong. It was not only the doctor’s fault and the decision is one which should be deferred to the Supreme Court for further analysis and adjudication. All in all, it seems as though little or no thought, research, or fact went into this essay. It appears as though it is nothing but a wild rambling by someone completely ignorant of the fundamentals, principles, and objectives of western medicine as a whole. IMHO, pure speculation, opinion, and BS.

    • I’m just a messenger. Direct your ravings at Mike Adams, health ranger of Natural News. The source link was provided.

      However, I will address your question on female physiology in the medical industry. Since, I was a claims analyst for several years in the 80’s I can assure you that insurance companies specify that pregnancy, menstruation, etc. are considered “diseases.” If they were not underwritten in that manner then claims for delivering babies would not be covered.

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