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The lists are not the be all-end all of jew lists, but they are quite comprehensive, and took a LOT of work to put together.  The good news is, they are still under construction, and more will be added to them as time goes by.  Even more good news is that YOU, the reader, can have names added to, or removed from the list (should there be any errors) if you feel something needs to be there that isn’t.  All you have to do is send me an email, with the proper information, and I will add what is necessary.  Be sure to search the lists before doing so, as I would hate to add duplicates of things already there.

That said, some names might already be duplicated on the lists because they fall into multiple categories, or because they ended up in multiple places during the compiling of these HUGE lists. I’m absolutely positive you will be impressed with the amount of data collected, formatted, filed, and stored in these lists for your benefit.

No longer will someone say “it’s not really jews everywhere” and get away with it.  The information is now at your fingertips in one easy to find, and easy to share location.  For those who are new, or those who have their doubts, these lists should easily put that to rest.  It’s no coincidence when only 2% (officially) of the world’s population ends up being 99-100% of the media, hollywood, entertainment, corporate CEO’s, congressmen, senators, and government staffers.

In each and every case, jews make up numbers in these positions that FAR outweigh their standing as a percentage of the population, and FAR exceed what could ever be possible without something fishy going on.  So now, these things are at your disposal in a nice neat format here at SN, as long as we can keep the jewish hackers and complainers from shutting this fabulous, accurate website down, which they are always actively involved in.  See here and here.


Here are what lists are available to search through.  They are still being updated constantly, and your input on them is still needed, so feel free to help grow these lists.

33 thoughts on “THE JEWISH LISTS

  1. you guys talking about all Jews, or just the Ashkenazi? or, just the Ashkenazi that aren’t really Believers, just as most so-called Christians today, aren’t really Believers? It’s really just a portion of the Ashkenazi, mostly the German branch who are The Elite. Every group of people has it’s Elites and THEY pretty much work out the Cutting of The Pie. Some describe this as the New World Order Conspiracy. Some of you guys are scary. Thank God large numbers of Fundamentalist Christians are getting back in touch with their roots. I know, they’ve been Brain-Washed or what ever.

    • And what is your point, sir?

      If you have a question regarding the lists, please contact the author at the link at the bottom of the post.

  2. Naming names of large corporations, pointing fingers at everybody and everything else, are only trick-up-the-sleeve deflections. What we are looking at is the end run achievement of a small and tightly knit tribe of people, accomplished under veil of secrecy. They walk among us as if they are us but in their hearts that is not what they feel… it’s not what they think or act… they consider us as cattle, as if that somehow justifies what they do to livestock. One could say, they do say… It’s just a business. You could return every brick and mortar corporation to dust and it will accomplish nothing until we realize (real eyes) what it is this tribe has become… something wicked.

    Refusing to assign blame at it’s root only assures it’s continuance… constant and endless turmoil. We must consider, at this late hour, the jews are no more capable of rising to the level of humanity than it is for humanity to continue to abide by the depths of their depravity. We must reflect on what they have destroyed, because they have created nothing. They have cheated, raped, stole, extorted, swindled, pillaged, lied, murdered, conspired… no deed too dirty, no act too low, and for the most base of reasons… and they’re not finished. They destroyed their own blood line for love of money. For two thousand years or more, in defiance of nature herself, they have biologically changed themselves from human into the most deadly parasite on earth.

  3. Unlike most of the people here, Jews do not suffer from terminal stupidity. The primal emotion, the first emotion is fear/hatered. And nothing can initiate those emotions like psychopaths stiring up jealosy. Just ask the Chineese. So, if you are going to be brillians (nobel prizes, chess masters, field metals, patents etc. etc. etc.) it is best to keep as low a profile as possible.

    As to not commenting on attrocities. Remember the 100 years war, the crusades, the prgroms, the manifest desting also known as the only good indian is a dead indian? Of course not, because those were your ancestors actually killing women and children and butchering babies. Often of Jewish belief.

    I suggest that you all take IQ tests, and when you come back with numbers well under 120, go back to what you do best. Watching TV

    • Since this is your first comment, I dare say you are not familiar with the readers of PW.

      No one ‘fears’ Jews that I know of, and I’ve never seen anyone express that ‘primal’ emotion.

      Who among Jewry has kept a low profile? The only action many took was changing their surnames so that they would not be recognized as Jews, such as the Bolshevik leaders Lenin and Trotsky, etc.

      Regarding those Jews that garner Nobel prizes and other academic achievements the odds are a bit skewed based on their access to the best education in the world. And why is that? Because they are the only race allowed to practice segregation in all things, most of all academia. If the rest of the races were allowed to obtain the incredible educations that Jewry is privy to, they would definitely have some major competition, and that cannot be allowed.

      I also do not know anyone that would disagree that the atrocities committed by many of our ancestors was in any way just because the victims were a different race and/or creed. But then, what about the atrocities your brethren commit daily in Palestine? What about the 20 million white Russian Christians that were butchered, again by your brethren Stalin and his minions? What about the 1.5 million Armenians genocided by the Zionist Jewish Young Turks? And yes, they were Jews!

      FYI, my I.Q is well above 120, thank you very much!

      But, your I.Q. is very much in question since you lack knowledge of basic historical facts combined with your several spelling errors.

  4. Do you suppose that these diseases also account for all their Nobel prizes, and their numerous discoveries in medicine? Since you find them so “disconnected” from the world that you like, I would like to suggest that, in the future, you refuse to use any medication or vaccine that was discovered or developed by a jew. Take a principled stance

    • The Muslim’s did More for Humanity, The harm done in Gaza and the west bank will wipe all the good they have ever done away, It’s not all the Jews, It’s all the Zionist that political sect of racist devils both Jews and Non-Jews alike

      • That may be true regarding the Zionists, whether Jewish or Christian.

        But the entire Jewish tribe’s silence on the atrocities committed by Jews in powerful positions against all humanity makes them complicit in this conspiracy. That is what the Jewish Lists are conveying.

  5. Oh, it is very cool, is it? I think the reason they are number 2 is because that is where they place their attention… i think they love number two. I think we all need to drop a deuce now and flush the jews down the bowl into the sewer where they will feel truly at home. We do see they are socially engineering homosexuality, promiscuity and anal sex perversion into the general population.

    In studying further the 112 genetic/hereditary jewish diseases, i am noticing an inordinate percentage of insanity relative to general population…a preponderance of brain and neurological disorders which appears to stem from their unclean sexual perversions reinforced by their religion which is phallic worship. Sypphilis originated in the jewish population… no doubt tainted the entire lineage and has carried through to today.

    We could be dealing with, and it certainly appears so, the jews are insane. It may be wise to proceed with this in mind… we aren’t going to be able to appeal to any sense of sanity because there is none there.

    • We could be dealing with, and it certainly appears so, the jews are insane. It may be wise to proceed with this in mind… we aren’t going to be able to appeal to any sense of sanity because there is none there.

      I’ve been saying this now for awhile.

      We are also dealing with obsessive, compulsive sociopaths, as well. Any collective population that perpetrates the blatant crimes upon a neighboring population, as with the Palestinians, is devoid of remorse in any capacity. Israelis obviously have no empathy or compassion for the heinous, criminal regulations imposed upon the Palestinians. From young children being jailed for throwing rocks at soldiers to forcing preganant women to give birth at a gestapo checkpoint is grotesquely inhumane. Everyday the world watches as the Israeli IDF animals descend further into perverse brutality, and torturous treatment against a helpless people.

      And just think, the IDF is where new American police officers are sent for training before being let loose on an unsuspecting population. Is it any wonder then, that America is now a police state?

      • My take is that the Jews have been stingy in not giving the Palistinians what they want. Enter the three words we love death into any search engine. Clearly everyone would be happier if the Jews just gave the Palistinians more of what they love.

      • Now, tell me WHO loves death – again.

        And the world I like; well, I think it’s the world most NORMAL people like, which is one without slavery, perversion and threats.

    • Thanks White Wraithe… this is my favorite page to direct people to. Lies do not serve us, i appreciate and respect your efforts.
      And now for some shameless self promotion… here’s my web site:
      My web site is:

      Actually… it is not shameless self promotion, it it something everyone should know… and it offers a part of the solution. To break the illusions some very bad people with some high falutin’ and wrong ideas about themselves and how life here works try to shove on us. For a better future… for everyone.

      • I am learning a lot by studying these diseases…

        I have been going over the 112 genetic hereditary diseases of the jews and i notice an abundance of those diseases affect the lymphatic system. What we learn about the chakras is they are all connected to our lymph nodes from reading about the ancient knowledge found in such writings as Universal Law -the Pymander: – it is a good read, i recommend. Anyways… a quote from Pymander:

        The Seven major CHAKRA system and associated endocrine glands manifested in the Human body and all lower life forms. Source: The Arcanum

        Back to the jewish genetic diseases…

        Have a look around… click around and read about those diseases. What i conclude is that since their endocrine system is so widely effed up, they do not, in fact, possess this connection to the ALL that the rest of us do, what we call our intuition and what is our connection to the universal consciousness.

        No wonder they fear and try to control nature… it would seem that they have, in fact, severed their spiritual connection to the earth through their particular penchant for inbreeding… it would seem to be true. I cannot venture to say how many, but it has been going on for so long, i have to say it is fairly wide spread in their “race”.

        There is much to optimistic in that… that is to our advantage.

  6. You forgot the nobel prizes. The Jews own this. And they control the internet. For example, if you post to this site without the appropriate software, you will get malware that will, at the appropriate time drain your bank account, while at the same time raising red flags with the IRS — remember stuxnet? Of course you are not technically literate.

    It is not that you repersent any kind of threat, rather you are kind of like a good subspecies on which to run experiments.

    There is a reason that the countrny that is number 2 after the US on Nasdaq is Jewdistan.

    What is really cool is that the jews are testing a way to get computer viruses to work with built in computer hardware to alter the rhino virus and turn it into a deadly pathogen. To cleanse the planet so to speak

  7. I am glad i found this site.

    I just realized that the Jews may be the most brainwashed species on the planet… far more than the goy.

    Take a look at the Jewish Genetic Diseases Consortium page:

    Blindness, spinal diseases, blood disorders, muscular distrophy (Jerry Lewis, you had us all donating to a jewish disease?)… brain, liver, spleen diseases… on and on and on.

    If this race is chosen by God, what’s the deal? God, nature really, doesn’t infect any of his creation with genetic disease… they were brought into this world perfect. Nature -god, if you will, does not reward genetic inbreeding. Genetic inbreeding is not natural, in case you missed the point. Nature has in place a system to destroy genetic mutation… and you only need to look to these jewish diseases to see nature in action.

    The jews seek to destroy the goy and this belief has been reinforced though centuries of controlled inbreeding and strutured religion and dogma. They have been co-operating and this co-operation had brought them vast financial reward and they are good with that… give us everything… we have the right to everything because we are the chosen of God…. wow.

    I think the jews are the ones we need to wake up… they are the ones being destroyed historically, and they are so far gone, they lack the mental acumen to realize it, the chutzpa, if you will… they have been under manipulation far, far longer than the goy… the healthier, more intelligent and genetically speaking, we are the purer ones. To say otherwise is to ignore the facts.

    They need us, and we need them… we have been saying that all along, haven’t we? The racial superiority thing just doesn’t fly.The jews are already in the process of dying off… their demise is well under way… it’s time to turn this ship around.

    • Thank you for that contribution, Wanda!

      You did know that present day Jews are not descended from the ancient Hebrews? They are, in fact, Khazars of Indo-Turkish descent. Read Arthur Koestler’s book THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE here. Koestler, a Jew, first published the book in Britain in 1976, then allegedly committed suicide with his wife in 1981. I believe he was probably murdered. Of course, the Jewish nation is doing their best to refute this information with current DNA testing proving that Jews originated from the middle east and do belong in Palestine. However, look who’s doing the testing: New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. If an independent lab comprised of Gentile experts were allowed to do a second round of tests, I would be willing to reaccess my beliefs, but that won’t ever happen.

      • Well, clearly they are believing lies. Race, for instance, is not a part of the seven major categories of living living things: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.

        Perhaps when they received the admonition to go out in the world and do good, they were being told by nature to diversify their gene pool… who or what corrupted them?

        And right, look who’s doing the testing. There are 112 genetic/hereditary diseases among jews… among black there is one – Myasthenia Gravis – in the interest of fairness, there might be two among blacks, i have not had the time for deeper research… among white there are none. They are trying to give us disease, but we can fend those off and generally clear them up with proper nutrition… is this what all the genetically modified food is for?

      • among white there are none. They are trying to give us disease, but we can fend those off and generally clear them up with proper nutrition… is this what all the genetically modified food is for?

        That is a very interesting question.

  8. […even though there probably is a vast percentage of Jews that disagree with their bretheren’s agenda, they are powerless to rectify the situation due to family obligations and religious protocol.]

    Do you really believe they are powerless? If they are powerless, what are we then?

    Complacency is a choice in their society the same as it is in ours? Complacency is consent. Choosing to keep your head down and go along to get along is to profit from injustice visited upon others… it is complicity.

    • Maybe “powerless” was not the correct term; I should have used ‘prohibited’.

      And yes, their complacency and complicity further implicates all Jewish people even those that may want to stop their bretheren’s juggernaut of destruction against the American people and the world.

      • I agree. That is the only conclusion that can be reasonably arrived at if we are being completely honest with ourselves. Wow… not a pretty picture. Now would be a good time for people to snap out of their stupors… we need them.

        I appreciate and respect the way you responded to my question… i anticipated your response before it came back, but was hoping against hope there was a better one i had not considered. I know it wasn’t easy for you to work through because it wasn’t for me either. It needed to be put out there… thank you.

      • You’re welcome, Wanda, and let me just say it’s been a privilege to correspond with someone who actually wants to understand this conspiracy.

  9. Interesting… just today i was lead to your website but i have been cluing people into, what i agree is the crux of our problem by citing just what you say… “How is it that 2% of the population globally own, well, EVERYTHING?” It is a very evocative question that de-fangs the anti-semite and racism programming with the added benefit of getting people thinking. It is a valuable and effective tool in our limited arsenal… i thank you.

    The programming runs deep and wide and invariably resurfaces in the form of… “well, it isn’t all the jews”… fair question, so, if these people who are profiting in all this, who do not seem to be out of work and homeless, who can see the destruction happening in their country and around the world, are not a part of it, then where is their outrage?

    • You are correct, it’s not ALL the Jews.

      The tribal mentality of their cloistered lives is the most likely reason for non-existent Jewish outrage over the country’s decline and ruination. I believe there are hundreds if not thousands of angry Jewish Americans that absolutely disagree with the Jewish/Zionist agenda, and the reality is it’s far better here than it is in Israel.

      Orthodox Jewish fathers run a strict household and they have complete autonomy over their wives and children in every way; meaning they control social life, money and finances, education and career prospects, and even marriage. I doubt that most Orthodox Jewish fathers would allow their sons and daughters to be involved in a protest for Gentile interests. And if they did decide to engage in such activity, they would probably be disinherited.

      • Absolutely!

        Which is why he would not want his family involved in anything that benefits Gentiles.

        What I’m attempting to convey is that even though there probably is a vast percentage of Jews that disagree with their bretheren’s agenda, they are powerless to rectify the situation due to family obligations and religious protocol.

  10. You left off Jewish Nobel Prize winners. And Jewish Chess masters. And Jewish patent holders. And Jewish Scientists. Since you dislike Jews so much, how about boycotting anything that jews invented. I will be happy to provide you with a list.

    • I dislike what the high level, powerful jews in banking and government are orchestrating to depopulate the world especially those of white European descent.

      Wouldn’t most normal thinking people??

      Your assumption that I dislike ALL JEWS in general is completely false and INCORRECT, since I quote many jewish academics who are against their brethren and their evil plans.

      Obviously, you didn’t read the post very carefully. I am not the author, but I noted the author’s website – Subverted Nation. The owner is Adam Austin. Contact him if you wish to provide a new list. He did ask that readers grow the lists. You have some good ones that I’m sure he will appreciate.

  11. yes he misses the point entirely or he is pandering doubt in those who are just beginning to be informed on the jew. to comment as he did displays either a diversionary jew interloping wabbitt, or a real nowhere man who missed the last bus to the city dump.

  12. It’s okay to be organized and informed, much like any scholarly Encyclopedia does. But… WHY ONLY THE JEW LISTS? How about other Tribes/ nations i.e., the MOSLEM, AFRICAN, ARAB, ASIAN (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) LISTS??? After all, we might as well be cognezant that being Jewish doesn’t mean Israeli or vice-versa. The same applies to other human conclave species like the Scandinavians, the Scotts, Native Americans, etc.
    So what’s all this business about JEWS label when all they purport is a way of cleanness that the word KOSHER means. For let’s face it, there are all kind of extremists in any society. So why blame it on the JEWS? Why mix religious beliefs with the reality-on-the-ground when EVERYBODY wants to feed his/her family, never mind what religion or beliefs? I started asking these questions, way back, since I was 4 yrs. old and learned that there are more than one language of the mind and of the spirit. As a result, I concluded that my mission should be (and still is):THE WAR ON IGNORANCE!

    • And you, sir, are still ignorant.

      To answer your question about “why only jewish lists,” that is due to the fact that jews on average stay hidden, underneath the radar. For instance, the crimes visited upon the American people and the world in general directly stem from jewish bankers and Wall Street’s jewish stock broker firms. Every owner and CEO are jewish. Now, combine that fact with the teachings from the Babylonian Talmud, which is basically a detailed plan on how to make war against all Gentiles, and you have the prime reason why America has fallen into economic ruin. Yet the jews and their partners in crime, Christian Zionists, are thriving.

      We are not mixing religion into this problem – THEY (the jews) are.

      Every other group from Muslims to Hindus, Asians, Africans, Europeans and so on are an open book. Only the jews and their agenda has been hidden and unknown from all societies. They do not want the spotlight on their malevolent plans against the rest of us, which was one of the reasons we now have a Hate Crimes law. Eventually, there will also be a law prohibiting anyone from academics to laypersons like myself from investigating or questioning the holocaust, just as they’ve done in Europe. It’s now a punishable offense which will squarely place the person in prison for several years. Only an individual or group with something to hide institutes laws of this nature.

      This blog and many others like it counter-balances the ignorance that the jewish tribe has perpetrated against humanity.

      But – it is not my responsibility to convince you or anyone else of these facts. I offer the information and reputable sources for those that want to know the truth.

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