The united states of America versus THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

The United States Military Flag

Both systems concurrently exist today.  However, the corporate system has been gaining predominance in the last 70 years.  Many Sovereigns (We the people) have contracted with the corporate system unknowingly, unintentionally, and or without full disclosure given.

The corporate system is a IMPOSTOR GOVERNMENT.

Once you learn the difference, you may have to make a decision for yourself, family and posterity.  That decision may require changes in how you conduct yourself.  You will have to undo what has been done to make your Sovereign status known.  This is not taught in the corporate government’s public school system, because you are not to know.

The elite of the “One World government” corporate system want and need to have power and control over the population (masses) they call “Human Resources.”


The insidious plans to quietly alter our Constitutional Republic began in 1871 six years after the Civil War ended and during one of the country’s most vulnerable periods.

A Democracy exists today in America which is the next thing to “Socialism” and is another form of “Communism”.

When America was a Republic the people were Sovereigns – today we are “subjects” under a democracy.

Under a constitutional republic we are Living Souls coming out of our mother’s womb onto the land of one of the several states of America – are “Sovereign”, “Freemen”, and “Freeborn” unless that right is given up knowingly, intentionally, and voluntarily upon full disclosure.

Subjects are now deemed US citizens (Chattel Property) (HUMAN RESOURCES) and are belligerents in the field and are “subject to its jurisdiction” (Washington DC) – U.S. citizens are 14th Amendment citizens implemented by the Civil Rights Act of 1866 originally established for the newly freed slaves. That is to say: “Now slaves of the corporate government plantation.”

Originally, America had “Unalienable” rights – today the subjects are granted INALIENABLE rights.  Unalienable – (are “not-a-lien-able” condition) meaning “can not be liened” in other words, “cannot be infringed upon” (rights that can not be taken away or lost).  INALIENABLE – (are “in-a-lien-able” condition) – Government given rights, that are really Privileges.  They can be taken away at any time.

Run to this website and study for yourself what happened to our great nation.  Once the people understand how the country was hijacked and begins to realize that they were not born free, then maybe, together we can determine the solutions needed to return our nation to a constitutional republic.

The USA vs Us

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