WACO – A New Revelation

Updated 5/17/2012

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been fighting depression and a sense of hopelessness that I cannot explain, other than the fact, that I might be reacting spiritually and psychologically to the terrors that this country is perpetrating against its own citizens and countless others around the world. I feel sick all over just being aware of this tragedy knowing that I can do nothing to help these innocent victims, and one day it might even be me or a member of my family suffering under the yoke of the looming police state.

Recently, I watched a documentary on the government debacle in Waco, Tx. in 1993. Shaking my head at the monitor, the film disclosed that nearly all communication from the FBI and the ATF to the outside world on the developments in Waco during the 51 day siege was a ‘pack of lies’. Then the FBI and ATF continued their tirade of lies at the Senate Subcommittee Hearing in 1995. The film makers uncovered shocking and startling new evidence in 1999, which prompted a new Senate investigation in November, 2000.



WACO: A New Revelation

Part 1

Part 2

2 thoughts on “WACO – A New Revelation

  1. What happened here? There’s no text, or content to the Part 1 or Part 2.

    I’ve always wanted to find out more about this crucial and mysterious event, as I’d actually had personal connection to a key individual in the story (Steve Schneider), who had earlier tried to recruit me to the Branch Davidians.

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